Will Joss Whedon Direct ‘The Avengers 3′?

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Joss Whedon Directing Avengers 3 Rumor Will Joss Whedon Direct The Avengers 3?

It seems like just yesterday that the success of The Avengers had led Marvel to sign Joss Whedon to a three-year deal, tasking him with writing and directing The Avengers: Age of Ultron as well as overseeing the creative direction of Marvel’s universe alongside producer Kevin Feige. But time marches on, and with Age of Ultron approaching, the studio has yet to comment on Whedon’s involvement in their universe once his contract ends in 2015.

So with no insight coming from Whedon or Marvel (and all eyes focused on how Guardians of the Galaxy and Age of Ultron will blow open Marvel’s universe), will The Avengers 3 hand the reins over to another director?

Although Whedon is still hard at work on Age of Ultron, many – as is so often the case with comic book fans – are already more interested in what the next five Marvel release dates will bring, with The Avengers 3 expected to hit theaters in May 2019. The main question being: will Whedon make it through the most intense three-year span of his career – having written and directed two blockbusters, as well as offered assistance on the Thor series and Captain America – and agree to another dose?

Even those averse to rumors or speculation would agree that some time off may be needed (perhaps to direct more award-winning, smaller-scale films like Much Ado About Nothing), and with Marvel’s film universe only picking up steam with the momentum Whedon helped it earn, perhaps an all-seeing ‘creative godfather’ is no longer needed.

Official Guardians of the Galaxy Set Photo Director James Gunn 1024x681 Will Joss Whedon Direct The Avengers 3?

Director James Gunn

The success of Whedon’s tenure wasn’t the only case of Kevin Feige calling on an unlikely hero, with writer/director James Gunn (Slither, Super) being entrusted with the oddball super-team Guardians of the Galaxy. At first that film seemed like a consummate underdog, but with positive early reactions and a free IMAX preview spreading positive word of mouth, Gunn’s future with Marvel seems all but certain.

But in what way – or which franchise – that relationship will grow remains unclear. Gunn has explained that he is completely on board with a Guardians sequel should Marvel request one, but also explained that until the film is released, he’s forced to hold off on committing to any projects. And there’s one more fact worth mentioning: Gunn is signed to another film, but it doesn’t have to be another Guardians entry.

Putting two and two together – the lack of a concrete deal with Whedon, and Gunn being signed to another Marvel film (whether or not it’s a Guardians sequel) – BadassDigest took the chance to ask Gunn directly just how far along negotiations on The Avengers 3 were going.

Gunn’s response: a moment of stunned silence, followed by – “It was great seeing you!”

Official Guardians of the Galaxy Photo James Gunn Brother Low res 620x370 Will Joss Whedon Direct The Avengers 3?

Brothers James & Sean Gunn

That response is far from conclusive, and fans are likely to read into it what they wish; those hoping to see Gunn take over will see the silence as being caught in the act. However, it’s worth pointing out that Gunn has made some candid comments in the past about conspiracies spawned about the story he wishes to tell with Guardians. After attention has finally turned to just how good his first Marvel film may be, being asked how close he is to replacing his close friend and colleague in the director’s chair for an Avengers movie could elicit a number of reactions.

That being said, there is a very real possibility that Gunn could be Marvel’s next-in-line – and a replacement that Whedon would surely endorse, having been a vocal supporter in the first place. Gunn has also made no secret of the fact that Guardians leads into The Avengers 3, and has complimented the freedom he was given by Marvel to inject his own voice and style into the film.

But would he be able to do just as much with the studio’s most famous team? Only time will tell. Whedon has yet to reveal his own future plans for the Marvel movie universe, so at this point, anything is possible. What do you think of the possibility? Could Gunn do the Avengers proud, or would you prefer he get a follow-up to Guardians instead?

Guardians of the Galaxy opens August 1, 2014.

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  1. I am completely fine with this.

    • I am also completely fine with this.

      That being said, if it does turn out that the third Avengers film is coming later than anyone might expect (or want) as has been theorized, then that gives Whedon that much more extra time to step back and take a significant breather. Certainly far longer than the couple of weeks’ time off he took during the first Avengers to decompress and make Much Ado About Nothing.

      That way, he’s got substantial time to do something completely different project-wise, while still keeping some sort of supervisory eye on the MCU (or, even, not at all), and thus making it that much more viable for him to take the director’s chair again for the third Avengers film. While at the same time we get the pleasure of Gunn working on a second Guardians film.

    • Iam not, fine josh whedon needs to see this through
      Until downey is done with his final avengers movie. Its
      Tough but he has to cap off the first and epic encounter
      With thanos.

      • JOSS Whedon. Can’t you read?

  2. why not that’s all he does that was any good all his shows sucked or failed…

  3. Oh for fks sake, we don’t even know how well is Guardians going to do at the bo office.

    Seriously, this rumors are more and more ridiculous.

    • it really does upset me when they do this, I assume only a handful of the top critics in cinema saw the film and gave their opinion of it, there is still the large number of youtubers and small website critics to give their say.

    • not that ridiculous of a rumor really. a lot of industry peeps are suggesting whedon most likely won’t come back for part 3, and gunn (or the russo bros. ) is the likely choice for replacement. guardians will make bank at the BO, and its already getting critical acclaim. Plus, Avengers 3 is clearly gonna have a more space slant on it, with thanos being the main villain. so gunn would actually be perfect for it. plus, whedon may be peeved about how marvel treated wright

      • Another director or actor upset with how Marvel does business with the talent? What a surprise. Marvel really has a rep. Even with all exposure they get, it’s not worth getting hosed paycheck-wise (unless you have Robert Downey Jr.’s agent) and there’s no job security.

      • I wonder if Whedon WILL leave after this one and then say more about the Wright situation once Ant-Man releases. He clearly was in “Camp Wright” with that Cornetto shot he took.

        Besides, he can rest, he’s set Marvel Studios up to go wherever with The Avengers franchise, maybe he could go and write another script for DC like he did with that Wonder Woman script?

        He seems like the kind of guy that would change to WB, plus it would prove that this “Marvel vs DC” thing is completely ridiculous with Whedon leading by example.

        Haven’t liked any of his creative output so far but you gotta respect the guy.

        • I see comic book writers working on both DC and Marvel titles at the same time and getting them released within weeks of each other. Don’t see why directors can do the same.

      • Really which “industry peeps” would those be exactly? Thus far the only ones making these kind of claims anywhere is the dude who wrote this article and the blogger who originally asked the question. I checked. No offense SR, but neither are what I would call industry insiders. So please tell us all about these “industry peeps” which according to you there are a lot of apparently.

        • devin faraci.

        • and no offense, SR prob knows more than you do about the situation. hate fanboys like u

      • b said: Plus, Avengers 3 is clearly gonna have a more space slant on it, with thanos being the main villain.

        uh – what ?? how exactly is it “clear” – NOTHING is clear about ANY of the films in production (Avengers 2 or Ant-Man)
        and even less is “clear” about ANY of the films after that – especially Avengers 3. there is NOTHING Zero NADA that is for certain that Thanos will be the “main” villain for Avengers 3.

        most people seem to think Thanos MUST be a villain for an Avengers film – why?? he’s a cosmic villain – where EVERYONE must join the fight – thus he requires special consideration – including most likely 1st – the introduction of Captain Marvel and/ or Adam Warlock, as well as may be Quasar and/ or Rom (especially since Silver Surfer is out for now). Marvel is most likely in no desire to rush things and doesn’t it make more sense that they’ll introduce even more cosmic characters before they all join together to fight Thanos? – as well allow solo films to introduce more villains – ie. Mephisto, Death or other cosmic beings – ie. Uatu The Watcher – and any other of the Immortals (fyi – the Collector is an Immortal).

        also – as in the comic books – it would be more cool if Marvel breaks new ground and creates the 1st film where the villain is the main lead. or also to have a separate film or may be even two films where all the heroes join and battle Thanos …
        1 – The Infinity Gauntlet followed by the sequel – 2: The Thanos Quest

        google The Infinity Gauntlet and realize there are TONS of other heroes that could be part of the MCU before they should make Thanos the main villain.

        I never understand why readers on this site or any others seem to think they know so much about any of the films in the future – many/ most of which probably aren’t even written yet by the people who are making the films!!!

        and always realize – no matter how many films certain actors have on their contracts – Marvel can and will most likely try to extend those contracts and no matter what the actors say – NOTHING is certain until it’s officially confirmed by Marvel

        • fyi – by Immortals I meant Elders of the Universe.

          • As for a film focused on a villain, since Galactus, Dr Doom, Magneto, Apocalypse, Norman Osborn AND Venom are all away (Cot Damn Marvel!) A Hulk/Red Hulk mystery would be dope, a Winter Soldier/Bucky Cap movie would be dope….a Kang the Conqueror time travel movie would be hands down insane!
            But 1) a movie about Madam Masque and The Hood gathering an army of random villains for a “Master’s of Evil” but in the end being used by Dormammu’s cape.
            2) Loki traveling through time (Kang cameo!) to cause Odin to adopt him, Thor to kill his gramps, and somehow bring Asgard to Earth, Surtur to Asgard. While somehow getting turned into a kid!
            or 3) a movie about The Sentry going from being a happy, new, Avenger to just psychotic breakdown nuts destroying New York and getting hurled into the sun!
            I hate dreaming when it never comes true.
            Hopefully Ultron is the $h!t tho.

        • It all depends on the corps Avengers cast. If they want out sooner rather than later, later being 2019, The Avengers won’t fight Thanos. If Downey Jr and Evans and Hemsworth and Scarlet Johansen are down to film again in 2017-18 for a 2019 Avengers 3 than Thanos will be the primary villain of Avengers 3. (Although Kang the Conqueror could be dope as well, so would the Sentry.) But if they wanna be done by 2017, Thanos can be saved for later.
          Marvel/Disney has Dr Strange, Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver, Ant-Man, Starlord, Falcon, Hulk, Hawkeye, Don Cheadle, The Warriors 3,Colbie Smulders, Rocket&Groot, Winter Soldier, Vin Diesel (possibly Ms Marvel and Black Panther and The Inhumans) all cast, usable, and ready to go, with multiple films on their contracts. Marvel can use them in three solos and three team ups I’m assuming.
          Unless they have a Samuel L Jackson 9 picture deal of course. That’s a lot of stories to tell over the next few years.
          And five dates over three years…
          What do you think they’ll do?

          • well I think they’re going to keep everything very close to the vest and there’s really no reason they need to announce anything prematurely – aka the Sony method !!

            I definitely think they’ll save Thanos for Phase 4 & 5. He is NOT a one and done character that is squeezed into 1 film.
            but as has already been hinted – he’ll be in the background of some films – they way he was in Avengers.

            Avengers 2 – Ultron & Baron Strucker and Ant-Man – who knows who the villain is??

            Cap 3 – w/ Baron Zemo hopefully …. and 99% sure Crossbones will show up among others villains – may be Taskmaster – in search of resurrecting the Red Skull (who in reality was transported … somewhere to another galaxy)

            the Daredevil show (or any of the other Netflix shows) could introduce attorney …. Jennifer Walters
            and in one of the other TV shows – may be Agents of Shield .. enter Air force Officer Carol Danvers
            yes one or more sure fire film characters could/ should be introduced on the TV shows

            and then they expand the universe and continue the Thanos story and cosmic characters – in no specific order
            Doctor Strange — Baron Mordo or Dormamu
            Thor 3: Spell of The Enchantress — Surtur or Mephisto and/ or another Elder of the universe

            Guardians 2 – expanding Thanos – introducing Adam Warlock & Nova
            Captain Marvel and/ or Quasar solo films or may be briefly introduced in Guardians 2 and then solo films in phase 4

            Avengers 3: Masters of Evil – including Ms. Marvel OR She-Hulk – one of them, but not both
            and hopefully also introduce Black Panther … with an ending may be leading to ….

            Phase 4
            The Inhumans ….
            Ant-Man & The Wasp – villian: Klaw

            Captain Marvel solo film
            Hulk — vs The Leader and may be also The Thunderbolts ??

            Black Panther solo film
            Dr. Strange 2
            Thanos Quest

            Phase 5
            Ms. Marvel solo film
            Inhumans 2

            Quasar 1 or 2
            Thor 4

            Adam Warlock solo
            Thanos: the Infinity Gauntlet
            Thanos: the Infinity War

            Avengers 4

            and by then Marvel is probably hoping they can get Spiderman and Fantastic Four back !!! and then reboot those films

          • Agree that thanos doesn’t have to be in A3. In fact, this epic thanos battle could take place over more than one movie.

            • I definitely think the films that will feature Thanos as the main villain – finally wearing the Infinity Gauntlet
              will end up being a multi-part film – one long story at least 2 (may be 3 films) – like Lord of the Rings, Matrix 2 & 3
              and it will NOT be called Avengers 3 or 4 – but as I mentioned – it’ll be the Infinity Gauntlet and other titles and featuring all the heroes

              before Thanos can be the big bad they need to have many more heroes so he can kill them and then only a handful are left to defeat him and revert all the bad stuff he does – Thanos’ goal is literally to kill EVERYONE in the universe.
              and once he gets the Infinity Gauntlet he becomes omnipotent – until he leaves a small opening to stop him.

              and then after all the Thanos stuff … THEN they’ll get around to another Avengers film and “solo” Guardians of the Galaxy 3, etc

              the only thing to expect from Marvel is …. they’ll do the unexpected like GotG and Ant-Man.
              And that they’ll always think outside the box – ie. Chris Pratt, Paul Rudd, the Russo Brothers, ground breaking shows on Netflix, Agent Carter 8 episode winter season fill in mini-series – one year of non-stop new episodes – in the same universe, basically like a 32 episode season of tv Sept – May without a repeat (minus 2 – 3 weeks in Dec) yes they’re different shows but they’ll connect them somehow —

        • calm down, dude. writing essays and crap. it’s not that big of a deal, dude. holy hell. and thanos has been teased thus far. they’re clearly building up to it. why do you think they’re doing guardians and teased him at the end of avengers 3? Downey is only locked for one more avengers flick, so it makes sense to do the big bad during avengers 3 before he leaves.

        • and if thanos wasn’t gonna be the villain in avengers 3, why did marvel cast a big actor like Josh Brolin? of course they didn’t just cast him to play a small bit in gotg

          • yes they cast a big actor for a big role – same as all the other lead actors Josh Brolin is signed for multiple films
            and as I said – Thanos is a COSMIC enemy – ie. multiple films – not a one and done

            and his expected role in GotG is “behind the scenes” – the puppet master
            they still need to build to all the heroes and his sub-villians (like Ronan) for all the heroes to eventually join forces against him and not just the Avengers and GotG

            but also – Captain Mar-vell, Quasar and all the others I mentioned
            personally I think all the leads – RDJ, Chris 1 & 2 and all the actors will eventually add at least 2 more films or more
            Kevin Fiege has certainly danced around the issue – read the recent interview on Collider – he basically answers EVERY question – exactly as I have presented the possibilities – ie. that the actors may extend their contracts

            and even if they don’t – they’ll probably just recast the roles – you don’t build all these characters and the “everything is connected” theme – with a plan to reboot stuff just because certain actors decide their done – like James Bond – the wiser option is just find excellent new actors that will glide right into the roles when it eventually become necessary

            this is Marvel – try not to think so limited …. ie. Thanos big bad spotlight – does NOT have to be in a film titled Avengers – but it can certainly and would be more cool – to have it be called The Infinity Gauntlet – like the comics
            and do a 2 or 3 part multi-team series – like LofR

            and eventually down the line (15 years from now ??) …. they’ll do a film version of Secret Wars or some other story with all the MCU characters

            • also in that Collider article interview w/ Kevin Feige – he confirms that Josh Brolin DID intact do the mocap work for Thanos and that James Gunn basically lied in the past when he said his brother did the onset work
              look up the article – as I don’t remember if that info has been written about on this site

              James Brolin has been cast since last year when the film was in production

  4. I would be fine with Joss and James co-directing Avengers 3, they could bring in their Avengers and Guardians elements into the final show down against Thanos together.

  5. Lol you imagine if studios worked like the mafia, lol Whedon leaves but then Disney beats him up and buries him in the Nevada desert so that Wb can’t their hands on him. hahahahahahaaaa.

    • “can’t get their hands” I meant.

    • He would probably get the empty room treatment where he thinks hes getting made.

  6. I’d rather Joss do a third final Avengers installment to round it out to a trilogy. Then we get New Avengers. And I think Gunn will be bringing us a Guardians Sequel for one of those release dates.

  7. Until I see GOTG, I would lean to the Russo brothers taking up the helm. But I would prefer Whedon to complete this phase and direct Avengers 3. If rumors are true, he will have at least 2 1/2 yrs or 3 yrs before Avengers 3 starts shooting.

  8. That’s dumb. If we can expect Guardians 2 and Inhumans before Avengers 3, wouldn’t this mean finding a new director for those?
    Gunn needs to focus on his followup to GotG while Whedon works on splitting Avengers 3 into a two-parter. And if Gunn were to combine GotG and Inhumans into one massive crossover he’ll have an Avengers level task on his hands.

  9. Wow this article is just about the dumbest thing I’ve ever read. So if I understand correctly the central “logic” behind the idea, and I’m using that term very loosely these are the bullet points:

    A. Whedon has done other things since the Avengers.

    Well he is a film director and these days indentured servitude is in fact illegal at least here in the U.S. So him doing other things doesn’t mean anything. Like at all. Also maybe the reason he has been doing small projects is because the MCU, his bread and butter keep him pretty busy. That doesn’t mean he’s doing it as a reaction against large scale film making it could be as simple as he just doesn’t have the time to set up a large production. That doesn’t mean he necessarily wants to but can’t either. It just means he hasn’t.

    B. James Gunn has been told that unless GotG completely flops he’ll be doing the second one.

    I’m guessing the supposed implication being that just because we haven’t heard that Whedon has yet to be confirmed as continuing the franchise he is currently working on and Gunn has means his footing at Marvel is somehow steadier or that Whedon is getting tired of the MCU. Has anyone heard Whedon gripe about Marvel? He supported Wright sure but did he ever say I’m out? No he posted one picture on twitter. Looking at the other side does anyone think that if Marvel was dissatisfied with the job he was doing that they would have him look in on every production they have going? We literally have no indications of unhappiness on ether side. So thats a bunch of bunk too.

    C. Some idiot blogger asked James Gunn a question from so far out in left field no one could have saw it coming and it caught him flat footed.

    Seriously? Considering the circumstances that question was so insanely stupid he’s lucky Gunn didn’t hit him both barrels. I don’t know if you’ve noticed but the guy kinda has a mouth. He probably couldn’t have answered even if he wanted to due to contractual reasons. He like everyone else probably assumes Whedon will at least do the first Avengers trilogy before he leaves Marvel Studios. So I’d imagine it was a little confusing at least. Gunn has a movie coming out in little over a week so it could be as simple as he didn’t want the bad press for asking the reporter if his mother and father were brother and sister.

    I don’t usually climb up on my high horse but this article is just pure hackery. Rehashed fan speculation with a few unrelated and irrelevant factoids to make it look like “journalism” I’ve seen more intelligent discussion on 4chan. Seriously Screen Rant if you’re just paying people regurgitate what they read on some crappy fan board I can copy and paste with the best of them.

    • Some decent criticisms against the idea of Gunn taking over but you lost it by pretty much insulting Screen Rant’s writers and calling people dumb.

      I have a feeling this article got you really heated but hopefully next time, you won’t be so riled up there. Relax, take a breath, it’s ok, no need to explode over this.

      The only criticism I could have with the site is that sometimes, news is days late (hell, I posted a comment about Karen Page being cast in Daredevil last week and it got deleted and the news was only reported last night apparently on this site) but you know what? It’s cool, fact-checking is required, more info necessary to flesh out an article.

      Think of it this way. If SR HADN’T reported on this, BS or not, there’d be people viewing the site and wondering why no one had mentioned it already.

      • Yeah I got a little out of hand. Originally it didn’t go up so I figured it wasn’t going to. But honestly I may have been ungracious about it but I’m not wrong in spirit. The whole idea is ridiculous based and on absolutely nothing. As far as what SR has to do, no other reputable website has this supposed “scoop” and I’m betting that they won’t. The second websites start quoting bloggers its just a matter before you basically turn into INFOWARS. Honestly this article amounts to crackpot fan speculation, I can read that plenty of places that have fewer annoying ads. Sorry rude or no there is no excuse for this kind of stuff on a site that claims to feature movie news, emphasis on news. Like I said this is more like what I’d expect to find on the boards at 4chan.

  10. Joss Whedon isn’t just the director of Avengers. He’s the main writer on both of them and I really hope he writes the third Avengers. Truly, it would be ideal to have Joss Whedo work with Marvel till phase 3 is complete.

    So would the next phase after 3 be phase 4 or would the clock start over and it’ll be phase 1 again? If not I can see us getting quite confused with what’s what by phase 7 or 8. Perhaps we’ll need to give the trilogy of phases each their own name. This could be Planet Avenger since these first three phases are centered around The Avengers. But phase 4,5,6 won’t have anymore Avenger movies, correct? By then there will be a whole bunch of new characters taking center stage.

  11. You know Screen Rant if all you need is someone to rehash some nonsense they read on some fan site’s theories page I can copy and paste with the best of them.

  12. I created my own “MCU Algorithm” to determine the next two phases lol. This is my prediction..
    Avengers 2
    Captain America 3
    Dr Strange
    Inhumans/Guardians 2
    New Avengers/Secret Avengers
    Thor 3 (which will probably release in Nov again although I think Thor deserves a Summer release for his finale.
    The Avengers 3 pt1
    The New Avengers 2
    The Avengers 3 pt2

    • Your schedule looks realistic until you reach the avengers
      Titles. No that will even happen, marvel has a long
      Shelf life left to do corny crap like pt 1 and pt 2.

      • It’s not just about milking more money out of the movie by having part 1 and part 2.. Its about carefully setting up each character and each element in this really big crossover event.. Its hard to fit every character into a single movie.. They might fell into the dangers of being shoe-horned..

        But with the MCU growing bigger and bigger, my guess is that The Avengers won’t just be a trilogy with a two-part finale..

        • @redhood
          Yea, that’s what I was thinking. There’s a lot of characters to fill 5 movies. They’re gonna have to split Avengers 3. If they want it to be good.
          A lot of actors want out, new actors coming in. (Josh Brolin, Anthony Mackie, Paul Rudd.)
          If the nerd grumblings are heard, and Ms Marvel and Black Panther are eventually introduced, I highly doubt they’ll get solo adventures (those two specifically) before Avengers 3. But in order to feature every character, the actors can share the load with “ensemble” films.

      • What did you mean by titles? There will be a subtitle on the film I’m sure.
        Tooo Avengers: Infinity and Beyond!
        It’d be cool if Buzz Lightyear was in Guardians of the Galaxy. Like when he popped up in the crowd in that Adam Sandler movie.

  13. Ok I can see Marvel signing what they see as a guy who GETS their style to a longer contract (first director to start with a 2 picture deal) along with a storyline that impacts the rest of their characters.

    This Director (Gunn) is also good buds with their current big kahoona and someone sideswipes him with a question about stepping up to Avengers 3? Are you serious?

    Lets at least let Age of Ultron commence and Whedon decide if he’s interested in sticking around.

  14. This is for that cornetto picture I bet. Don’t cross the boss, joss.

  15. I love Whedon, so I’m ecstatic that he’s doing Avengers 2, and I do hope he does Avengers 3. That being said, if he does, I think they should give him some time off between 2 and 3, and don’t force him to oversee all of the other projects too. The guy needs a break, I remember him saying making Much Ado About Nothing felt like a vacation after all the work with Marvel.

    But even if he doesn’t do Avengers 3, I’d be fine with that. Because that means I’ll be able to see Whedon go back to other projects. Maybe start a Kickstarter campaign to make a sequel to Serenity (or some other new Firefly project), or make Dr. Horrible 2, or just do a new project altogether, whether it be a new movie or a new TV series. The guy just makes so much cool stuff, and while he does really well with Avengers stuff, I feel like he’s going to want to move on to something he’s more passionate about soon.

  16. I don’t know about Whedon’s status at Marvel, but I hope Gunn doesn’t get his hands on the Avengers franchise. The tone for Age of Ultron has been described as dark; and Mark Ruffalo gave an interview about how the Avengers are facing negativity from the world at large despite their heroics. Gunn has made GotG as a comedy – how is he going to blend his movie into the progression the Avengers have gone? I feel the Avengers franchise will be a mess in his hands.

    • You’d be surprised. He usually does insane humourous stuff but if you watch Super, it’s pretty dark. Just remove the humour and it might be what Whedon could have planned for Avengers 2 (although we don’t know what Marvel’s idea of “dark” is, especially because IM3 is their darkest film so far and people still complained that it was “too funny and comedic”).

      • Outside of Ben Kingsley shooting a guy on live television, there was nothing dark about the movie. It started out with the promise of being really dark and serious but then movie leaned more towards comedy. I read that originally Stark was gonna go full blown alcholic in IM 3 but disney didn’t want that and instead replaced it with panic attacks, which I honestly couldn’t take seriously, in fact I took that one scene outside the restuarant as a joke cuz of the way Jarvis calmly tells stark “nope, no posion, just a panic attack”, I half expected him call Stark a wuss or some other vulgar name.

        • I forget that Disney is part of this. You’re right; Marvel/Disney wants those 13 and under dollars because the kids help run up the box office tally. To be honest I hope they follow the tone of the Winter Soldier and the last few episodes of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.. Both were at the level of storytelling where an adult can enjoy them.

    • Your forgeting he wrote the dawn of the dead remake with Zack Snyder directing. No laughs or giggles in that film.

  17. Based on what i’ve seen for GotG, it looks like it’ll be pretty cool. So I would mind seeing Gunn’s take on the Avengers at some point down the line. Whedon’s done a good job so far shepherding things, or so it appears… well, except Iron Man 3, but that’s the exception. I highly doubt Whedon and Marvel will be parting company any time soon… but if they do, Gunn could be the next shepherd for the MCU.

    Either way, who really cares, it’s all going to happen however, whenever it does and nothing anyone says on a forum about the rumor matters one way or the other…. to be honest, I wish SR would stop post gossip rumor stuff. Personally I prefer it when SR just post things that are confirmed fact. But that’s my opinion.

  18. It’s probably just me but I don’t like this whole multiple directors route. The entire atmosphere of the movie changes & to some extent, all these movies don’t feel like they occurs in a single universe. That’s just how I feel.

  19. I hope he does step away. He has the respect after the movies now and he has quite a bit of money and support to be doing his own movies. I can’t wait for this to happen!

  20. I don’t see how that will work. HELL NO. Save Gunn for Avengers 4 or something. WHEDON has to tackle the TRILOGY.

  21. Obviously, if Whedon wants to direct AV 3, he should do so.

  22. Micheal Bay to direct Avengers 3

  23. No-one touches what Joss Whedon brings to things. I’d like to see him stay at Marvel just simply on the basis of him being a deity in the geek world that includes comics..