New Details on Vision’s Costume in ‘The Avengers 2′

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Vision Fan Art Marvel New Details on Visions Costume in The Avengers 2

Joss Whedon’s “brother-sister” act of new characters Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch aren’t the only super-powered roster additions for The Avengers: Age of Ultron as we learned yesterday. The returning heroes from the first team-up will also be joined by the voice (and body this time) of Paul Bettany who will play the android Avenger known as Vision – a character who shares a lot of history with the titular antagonist Ultron in the comics, not to mention his romantic relationship with Scarlet Witch.

Like Captain America: The Winter Soldier, Thor: The Dark World and Guardians of the Galaxy before it, The Avengers 2 is mostly shooting in London’s Shepperton studios and it is there where Paul Bettany was spotted (alongside fellow cast mate Jeremy Renner who plays Hawkeye) undergoing make-up tests.

With filming on The Avengers: Age of Ultron set to begin next month, writer and director Joss Whedon – along with members of the cast – have been in and out of Shepperton for make-up/costume tests and meetings. It is here where a trusted source of Comic Book Therapy claims to have seen concept art and the actual costume that Bettany will sport when on screen as Vision.

It has a helmet akin to the Iron Man armor, but it’s designed more like a face than a smooth Stark helmet. The iconic yellow and green are present in the design, but it’s more metallic shades than bright ‘comic book colors.’ They said it reminds them somewhat of the T-100 from Terminator 2 but it’s not as shiny. The yellow metal “liquid” bits seem to light up. This may or may not happen since there are two designs for that section. One lights up the other doesn’t. That’s the only difference. The cape is present, but they say it appears to only “pop out” when in flight mode. The cap sports some similar shades of yellow as the body. The “neck pieces” are the same yellow but they seem to shift positions from “standing” (for lack of a better word) to “flight mode.”

The initial report of Bettany’s casting had him sporting “chalk white” makeup, lending credence to the idea that Vision’s design in the Marvel Cinematic Universe may be largely based on his white outfit from the books rather than his more vibrant, yellow-green-red get-up. But now it seems more elements from his traditional design, from the cape to the colors, will be present.

Marvel Avengers Comics Vision Crying New Details on Visions Costume in The Avengers 2

The report continues, explaining that Whedon and co. are still deciding on is how to handle the mask/helmet as to avoid Vision appearing too similar to whatever armor Iron Man will suit up in.  The bigger question is how Vision’s origins and story arc will play out. Is he being introduced as one-off character in the battle against Ultron or is he in it for the long haul as a key player future Avengers installments as the roster inevitable evolves and rotates characters.

In Marvel Comics it’s Ultron who creates Vision before Vision eventually joins The Avengers but since the movies are giving a new and different origin to Ultron (i.e. Hank Pym aka Ant-Man does not create him in the movies). There were hints of Ultron/Vision in the original story boards of The Avengers but they didn’t make it into the film. Either way, it’s clear that Tony Stark’s tech and his JARVIS AI assistant are seemingly integral to however Ultron and Vision come into play.


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Captain America: The Winter Soldier hits theaters April 4, 2014, Guardians of the Galaxy on August 1, 2014The Avengers: Age of Ultron on May 1, 2015, Ant-Man on July 17, 2015, and unannounced films for May 6 2016, July 8 2016 and May 5 2017.

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Source: Comic Book Therapy

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  1. Sounds very promising. Let’s hope they give him a “face”

    • I’m so glad honestly I didn’t want him to become Ultron the fan theory was cool and all but I figured why waste him on Ultron keep the guy around it’s a voice we’re used to. I hope someone calls this guy and say’s “Hey we’re going to do a Constantine show and you’re the most qualified person alive” lol wishful thinking got a movie production company based on our tastes in 1995 would anyone have imagined Sam Raimi’s Spidey lol?

      • Techincally… that theory could still stand. Its still too early.

  2. … its marvel, if you aint convinced yet then you will never be.
    they always make costumes to the best of their abilities, they really never disappoint.
    they made costumes like thors look amazing and not weird.

    hawkeyes costume is the only one they really had to change but it was nothng drastic.
    they just decided to go with the ultimates version and they will probably do the same with Scarlet witch

    • Yep, the only thing missing for Hawkeye is his glasses… which he eventually wears at the end of the movie. I’m really curious to how Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver will look

        • those designs seem very bland, I kind of hope they steer clear of more militaristic SHIELD outfits and go colourful like the main cast.

        • Naw.
          Naw. Naw. Naw.
          That looks plain and just plain knaws,
          So naw…do it like in the early comics…genuine SUPERHERO costumes.

        • The dude on the right is hideous, and Quicksilver seems like he had a stroke.

        • Is it me or does Quicksilver look like Alan Cumming in that image?

        • His outfit looks just like Ultimate Quicksilver and her’s looks like a mix of Ultimate Scarlett Witch and Marvel Cinematic Universe Black Widow. What was this traced from?

        • Regarding your link to a tumblr drawing, the Scarlet Witch looks pretty interesting. But who is the woman standing next to her?

      • Just like the early comics, I hope!

        Next up to bat (I also hope): Goliath and Wasp!

  3. Iron man this iron man that.. Why is everything an ironman influence

    • maybe cause iron man is a mechanical suit and vision is a robot? XD
      its not hard to see the reason they would discuss them both in the same sentence about hte look.

      • I am just getting sick of everything ironman.. Why not go a different direction. RDJ is not gonna be around forever. Why not think of a different way. Or better yet just follow the source material

        • DjVader, I definitely agree with you. They are focusing on Iron Man because he, and by that I mean RDJ, is viewed as the face of their cinematic universe so tying in anything and everything they can will most likely make it appeal to those who don’t follow comics. Wish they would stick closer to source material as well, but they obviously don’t care about that all too much

          • I know I get he is the face of MCU n doing that way will get bums in the seats .. But come on everything has to be ironman or influence by him. Can’t they be a bit original or go a different direction. Its getting tired some.

              Honestly I think he is by far the best part of the movies, he has the best and most complex character besides the HULK and they are not very interested in fleshing out his character so 1) USE your money maker, they only have him for 1 more movie after this Avengers movie (if all the reports are correct) and 2) Without him, who knows if there is a MCU and if Marvel is even it’s own production co. So they kind of owe him for most if not all of their successes!
              Personally I do think the possibly could still be around w/o RDJ but who really knows the answer to that? and he is a HUGE draw for them! DC uses Batman in their CBM’s I sure know that I am completely OVER him in EVERY sense of the word but without Batman DC does not have a real money maker and it has been that way for what? 30 years, Sue we get an occasional Superman film but those are far from a sure thing. Besides RDJ WHO is as bankable in the MCU? they do not have another actor or actress that can eclipse a billion dollars in 2 movies let alone 1, I wouldn’t mind a little less of RDJ in The Avengers:AoU but I’m not sure that the GP really wants less of him and that is ALL Marvel studios is thinking about or WHAT they are thinking about $$$ and more $$$ and if you think otherwise you are delusional.

              If these movies stop being as lucrative as they are now BYE BYE CBM, I would be willing to bet the farm that if that happens in the next 3yrs lets say BEFORE A3, people will be begging Marvel to give RDJ whatever he wants to get him back into the Red and Gold suit that made them both so damn rich!

              Everyone knows that he will be done with the suit very soon and it will be very cool to see some new and different heros, I would love for Marvel to find someone that can take RDJ’s place as the face of the MCU but of all the names ppl have thrown out there I have yet to hear a name that I think could do it… But I must admit when I heard he was going to be playing Tony Stark I immediately thought Marvel didn’t have a clue what they were doing, Little did I or anybody know that he was EXACTLY the right guy and the only one that I think can be Tony Stark! I know they will find someone to be the next IM but I really hope they don’t try to re-cast Tony Stark, just have a new actor become the next IM but not the NEW Tony Stark IMHO that will be a very big mistake

            • I hope it not only gets bums in the seats, but “buns” as well! But I suppose why not if the bums have the price of admission….!

              • Haha, this is why I love the times when there’s a misunderstanding between English and American people.

                I hate using the word “bum” to describe the buttocks by the way. I dunno, maybe it’s spending so much time around American and Canadian friends but my vocabulary is more suited to that side of the Atlantic than this one.

                • i’m fascinated with our differences in the english language. i like the UK spellings of words, like colour [i thought it was a typo when i first bought Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon], and different words like lorry/truck and nappy/diaper.

                  • I also find it fascinating how we use parentheses differently. Here in the US, we use “This is a quote.” while they use “This is a quote”.; with the period on the outside. I’ve always used the parentheses the same as the Euros do and don’t see the logic the way we use them.

                    • Whoa, Kahless. Good to see you’re still around. Hope all is well with everything.

                    • My understanding of it is that in England, we put the period after the end of the quotation marks because it signals the end of the sentence while placing it before (as in “This is a quote.”) gives off the sense that there’s more to the sentence (“This is a quote.” said the professor).

                      As an Englishman and a stickler for grammar (it’s the writer in me), it feels weird but I honestly don’t see the need for silent letters like the “U” in “colour”.

                    • The U in “colour” isn’t silent, it’s just that the American spelling excludes the U even though it helps the pronunciation. We spell it “color” but say “colour.” If you said “color” the same way it’s spelled, you’d would be saying “Col-Or.”

            • You want them to be original yet stick close to the source material.

              First off that isn’t possible, if they stick too close to the source material they lose any suspense in the films, any major fan of the films will know what will happen before the movie even makes it to previews.

              You say you want them to be original yet you are bashing them for trying to do exactly that.

              • Well, at first you might think you would lose the suspense, but maybe not so much. We “oldster faithful” fanboys (and fangirls) all seem to like the source material, and the newer readers or non-comic-readers who are not familiar with it have no surprises to lose, since they are not privy to the original stories in all likelihood. So it won’t disappoint them to stick to canon, and we ancient artifact readers will be thrilled, because it is what we are familiar with.

                • +1

                  *gives Goldilocks extra porridge*

                • “oldster faithful” do not require a film adaptation to stick 100% to the source. They enjoy changes.

                  • Yeah, this is one of many reasons I was glad IM3 didn’t do a recreation of the Extremis story like we all assumed on this site.

                    It can annoy me when they make too many changes and then people who don’t read the books use a TV or movie term instead of the one I’m used to from the source material but thankfully, movie studios haven’t annoyed me much in terms of their comic book adaptions other than whatever the hell Fox did to Deadpool.

                    • I’m glad they didn’t do a racist Mandarin.

                  • Speaking for myself, as an “oldster”…require, no, prefer, yes.

                    • Canon – When Ultron was first created he was disguised as the Crimson Cowl (leader of the Masters of Evil) and his first act was to mind control Jarvis, their was NO MENTION of Hank Pym.

      • Also Banner is with Stark so this could be something they work on together

    • i can give a BILLION$$$ reason

  4. Personally, though I hope it will stay true to the popular visual, I don’t mind the looks cause just having Vision in the movie itself is already a thrill and exciting stuff. I mean, I won’t be asking too much, otherwise I might end up be disappointed :D

    Beside, I’m sure many of us have been accustomed to be treated with altered looks for superheroes, especially thanks to the X-Men franchise haha

  5. Has anyone considered that they might use the marvel One shots to introduce either Quick Silver & Scarlet Witch, Ms. Marvel, Ultron, or Vision. It would make sense because the one shots are getting longer and more integrated into the story. We could get a one shot of Tony creating Ultron or Vision, or Mrs Marvel getting her powers, or even Baron meeting Quick Silver and Scarlet Witch. We honestly have 2 post credits scense and 2 marvel one shots, from GOTG and CATWS.

    ***********SPOILERS BELOW***********
    It’s been already rumored that Quick Silver, and Scarlet Witch, “The twins” are going to appear in CATWS post credit scene.

    Also in the One shot for TDW, it’s already been leaked and reveals that the Mandarin is a real character, so we could potentially get a 20 minute one shot about Ms Marvel, Vision, or Ultron. One of them can be introuced in the GOTG oneshot or post credit scene, and finally only one person is introduced in Ultron!

    • I hope that these theories come true, those would be amazing.

      • Hummm, that posted in a totally different place! Sorry.

      • I dunno, the way I understood it, if Ultron is a corruption of JARVIS then he could possibly have knowledge of Stark’s engineering of his suits, build its own body then build Vision in a similar fashion as a silvery white thing that later gets some sort of paint job as a show of defiance when it becomes self-aware and separates from Ultron to fight against its creator.

        I’m also still under the impression that Bettany will appear as if he’s “stuck” inside the armour while actually, the human face will be attached in lieu of a face plate on the helmet.

    • The one-shot did not impress me. However, I find myself holding out hope that a “real” mandarin will appear out of the void somewhere, rings a-zappin’ and mean as heck, ready to duel it out with Iron Man!

      • I have a huge feeling that we are never going to see this “Mandarin” and I really don’t think we were ever meant to! they just wanted to appease all the “They ruined the Mandarin and turned him into a clown all for a few laughs” People!!
        I really hope we see him, but I just don’t think it is in the cards.

        • Those people are wrong though because the actual Mandarin was a badass who had to be taken down by an Extremis infected Pepper Potts and was definitely NOT a clown in the slightest.

          It’s almost like people didn’t bother staying to see the second half of that movie to actually find out these things.

          • Killian was not the Mandarin, he was the inventor of Extremis and a member of the A.I.M think tank decided to blame Extremis related explosions on the Ten Rings terror group as a cover up.

            The real Mandarin is the spiritual leader of the 10 rings.

            • It’s up for debate. Killian said “I am the Mandarin,” but it’s up for debate whether he meant “I’m that person,” or he meant “I’m the guy behind that idea, I’m the real threat here…” It’s not exactly clear if he’s calling himself The Mandarin or he’s saying “That was all me!”

              • Yes, Killian stated that he was the Mandarin; however, based on the All Hail The King one-shot, we will discover who the true Mandarin is in a future film. We know it isn’t Killian because Super Pepper killed him.

                • I’ve never claimed Killian was the real mandarin, I’ve always defended the “non-literal” interpretation of his statement.

                  Also, thanks for giving away too much about the one-shot before I’ve seen it.

            • Wasn’t Maya Hansen the inventor of Extremis and Killian simply hooked up with here and used it to raise funds for AIM?

              • That should be ‘simply hooked up with her…’

              • Yup, I stand corrected, she (and Tony Stark) did invent Extremis.

        • I believe the point of the one- shot was not to set up the plot point of a real Mandarin, but to reconcile the differences in the interpretations of the Ten Rings. In the first 2 movies, they were a legit terrorist organization and worked behind the scenes of the villains. Then suddenly in IM3 they were all just a cover- up?

          Nah ah. That creates a plot point. While other things in IM3 can be explained if one thought about it enough, that Ten Rings difference is jarring, hence the one- shot.

  6. I really hope they dont use Scarlett Witch’s Ultimate costume.

    • 90% of the other character designs form the MCU have been based on the Ultimates, so why not those?

      • @Rad, Personally I just like her original Red/Pink costume better. I understand it may be hard too adapt into live action, just never been a fan of her ultimate costume.

        • Agreed. I always picture that original costume as well when I think of SW!

  7. I LOVE what I am hearing. To be clear, I personally would have been fine with Agent Coulson turning out to be the Vision, but Paul Bettany as the Vision is just the right choice. This is why I love Marvel Studios films. They are “doing it” their way with no compromises. They aren’t letting fans dictate terms but at the same time, most of their decisions are fanboy approved. That takes serious skill. They’ve made a couple of minor mistakes, but they haven’t yet made a “bad” movie IMO. As long as they keep taking risks and marching to the beat of their own drum, they won’t have anything to worry about. This is AWESOME news!! I’ve also heard that Whedon’s versions of the Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver are going to knock fan’s socks off. I CAN”T FRICKIN’ WAIT!!!

  8. The stone or gem that is traditionally on Visions forehead…

    Could it be an infinity gem?

    • Yea i’ve Read that it’s the Soul gem, If I’m not mistaken..

      • Vision’s gem on his forehead was originally just a device to absorb solar energy for his power (its name is the Solar Jewel). Warlock was given the Soul Gem by the High Evolutionary.

    • @Clay, which stone though, the Tesseract was Blue so im guessing thats mind, the Aether red so Power, Space will more than likely be in Guardians, Unless Aou decides too feature the yellow/reality gem which could be interesting.

      • I’m thinking Scarlet Witch will have the reality gem (bend reality…AKA magic)

        Quicksilver the time gem (allowing him to bend time)

        Then Vision the Soul gem (Giving him life)

        • I was thinking soul gem, Thought they might keep that for Dr Strange if he gets a movie in phase 3, maybe its the last gem Thanos needs to get for the Guantlet, though vision also makes sense.

          • Yeah good call. I just read up on the gems. It’s been awhile since looking at their descriptions.

            But the more I read up, I saw that the Mind gem is about psionic powers. If Dr. Strange had that one that he would have abilities like astral projection, clairvoyance, hypnosis, teleportation, aura reading, etc. That sounds closer to Dr. Strange.

            SW having reality gem is good because it could be used along with her ability to use chaos magic or bend scientific laws in her practice.

            • Those gems will attract Thanos to Earth maybe around phase 3 or Avengers 3.

      • The Tesseract always struck me as the space gem, what with the space portals and all. They’re not calling them gems and I get the feeling they aren’t sticking to the color scheme either.

        • The Tesseract IS the Space Gem. The Time Gem will be featured in GOTG. The Power Gem is featured in Thor: The Dark World as the Aether.

          They’re considered “stones” in the MCU.

      • Feige has already stated that the colors do not necessarily dictate which stone/gem is which! So for everyone thinking that this stone was this color in the comics that does NOT mean that they will be the same colors in the MCU.

        So maybe The Vision will just be a one movie throw away character, because if Thanos needs to collect all the gems and if somehow Ultron ends up working with or for him then Vision might be the “DEATH” Whedon has talked about for 2 years! Just a theory, and probably not a good one but we do know that all of this is supposedly working toward the infinity gauntlet then these movies all need to connect and there is not much room for any of the movies NOT to have a gem.
        We know of 3 gems/stones so far right?
        1) Tesseract
        2) Aether
        3) GOTG Gem
        So there are 3 movies left A:AoU, Cap2 and GOTG and there is only 1 gem of those 3 movies that we know about so far, Right?
        so then we have Ant-Man (Maybe a gem) 2 movies in 2016 and 2 in 2017 and probably Avengers 3 in May 2018 MAYBE later in the summer of 2018, so there are plenty of movies to get all the infinity gems/stones in there for sure, I am not a big follower of the comics so if anyone would or could explain any plausible theories to me it would be very appreciated and it could get a pretty good discussion going on this very COLD Friday night!! :)
        There are 6 gems/stones in total, Correct? that would be 1 stone for each 2 movies, could be a good way to tie in the existing titles with the new IP’s they have talked about for their plan on how the movies will be laid out!

    • Bet it gives him a splitting migraine!

  9. I’m really excited to see Scarlett Witch’s costume, I agree with alchemy, i really hope its not adapted from her Ultimates costume, also quick silvers, i wasn’t very impressed with his in the upcoming x-men

  10. The more I’m hearing about this the more angry I’m getting. Why because they are making iron man e center of the universe!

    Geez are rdj and joss wheden butt buddies and crap. I mean iron man was awesome but 2 and definitly 3 were trash. Avengers made tony even more annoying.

    Now they are taking all of hank pyms glory and giving it to stark. And don’t say he will be playing behind the scense in avengers 2 cuz they already say he has no link with them.

    I wasn’t thrilled to begin with but now.I’m really not for this.

    • I’m not thrilled either about making it the “IM-MCU”. The Avengers needs to be a harmonious chorus, not a spotlight front man and his back-up singers. Guess they were afraid to take a risk and base A2 around an un-introduced character.

      Plus if the RDJ Stark is on the way out, making him the focus is a bad idea. When he finally leaves, it will leave a HUGE hole that Stark 2.0 will not be able to fill. That’s why the Avengers needs to be, as I said above, a chorus. So if one person leaves, someone else can fill that position without interruption.

      Pym would have been a new character that Marvel could have created a multi-picture deal with and started it off with a bang with Ultron.

      • Perhaps Kang could appear and being a time-traveler, bring Pym into the present day to become Goliath? Not sure how they would handle the change in age, though.

  11. What are the chances he sports BOTH costumes?? The white at first or for most of his screen time but at the end.. mid or after credit scene OR just in the final act where he switches allegiances (if that is the case) where he finally gets the green/yellow that most ppl Want??
    HOW does that sound?

    • That’s what I proposed in the original thread. :)

  12. Keep hearing a lot about RDJ and iron man. Some people are tired of his “monopolizing” the MCU. Some say he is the billion dollar man. While I agree that he being a lot to the table what people seem to forget is that RDJ needs Iron Man as much as people think the MCU needs him. Can you think of any recent truly successful RDJ vehicles other the Iron Man?

    • ummm, Kiss Kiss Bang Bang? Zodiac? Both pretty good movies with RDJ.

      • Sherlock Holmes comes to mind, even if it isn’t as “true” to its source as it could be, and it must have been successful enough that they made a second one already, as well (I think another is planned?).

        • also, Chaplin…

          • Most of those movies were pre-iron man. I see the Point not much other then Sherlock Holmes since Iron Man. Unless you count Due Date which wasn’t a hit.

            • Successful critical or successful box office? Because you can;t always keep the two together and both have their defenders.

  13. I knew they were going to turn Jarvis into Vision. I’m so excited about this movie. I have a hundred percent faith in what they are doing. These movies have yet to disappoint me, except Iron Man 3 but even at that it was still a good movie.

    • As great as that would be sadly I don’t think Adam Warlock has made the cut. They’re most likely going to give his arc from the Infinity Gauntlet to Dr. Strange I’m about 90% certain. Of course none of us Warlock fans are crying and whining and blowing up comment threads over it unlike some fanboys of a certain hero with an upcoming feature who will never be in the Avengers ever.

    • I would tend to agree as well. I am a big canon guy, as well as a Pym/Goliath/Giant-Man/Wasp fan, and am not too happy with some of the changes they are making. I am still very pumped for this movie, what with Quicksilver, Scarlet Witch, etc. appearing, but if i were king, we would not have some of these Whedonesque changes (even tho I basically like MOST of Wheadon’s stuff, except IM#3, which I blame Shane Black for as much as anyone). I would stick much closer to the source material, from plot to costumes to personalities.

      • I’ve been gradually losing trust in them since Phase 2 started. I hope Disney doesn’t take a big poop on comic book canon with Avengers 2 and future projects. I’m disappointed they aren’t doing the original Guardians of the Galaxy team, making Ant-Man not totally Pym-centric, making the Mandarin into Killian, and forcing a little too much humor into the past couple films (Iron Man 3 and Thor 2 — although I think Iron Man 3 is somewhat more justified since Iron Man is fairly well known for his wit).

  14. @ Rob Keyes & the rest of the screencast staff,

    I think you guys should do an article on what possible marvel movies could be released on the dates that Disney/marvel already confirmed (may & July 2016, may 2017) and the other dates they most likely will confirm (later in 2017 & both 2018 release dates). That would be a great article to speculate on all of phase 3, and even when you need to repeat movies for different dates (for example, listing thor 3 for possibly may 2016 and may 2017), you can still list all the different reasons why it would and wouldn’t work for each date. Im assuming the movies listed would include thor 3, doctor strange, cap 3, black panther, planet hulk, the inhumans, guardians 2, & ms marvel since those r the most talked about and rumored by you guys, us fans, other sites, and the ppl at marvel. So what do you guys think about doing this?

      • @ Rob Keyes,

        I’m a fool haha thanks!!

  15. I wonder if Jarvis modeled himself on all of Stark’s positive qualities and separated out all the negative. The positive AI becomes Vision, with the unintended consequence that the “leftovers” evolve into a very angry Ultron. Reminds me of Star Trek:TNG, when they encounter a sentient oil slick that turns out to be all the negative traits of a master race of ancient beings.

  16. I’m guessing that Vision will be all-white at first, then gets his traditional green/yellow/red paint job later. Or the person who saw Bettany getting white face paint didn’t realize it was a base coat or some kind of other prep for the red face.

  17. You people sure do whinge a lot about changes being made from Comics to movie adaptations, The Marvel Universe has garnered almost $5 billion in ticket sales, not too mention toy sales, DVD sales & more comic sales. Clearly if they are making this much money then they are doing something right with there Cinematic Universe, You guys/gals need to quit your lil girly whining and just deal with it, They’ve done a cracker job bringing these movie’s to life, And I cannot wait for the rest of Phase 2 & 3, It could be worse, You could have Michael Bay directing and producing, Then maybe you sooks would have something to seriously cry over..

  18. I think this is gonna be so cool I love the vision and I think Bettany is a great choice, as for how Vision will play into the story I’m assuming that Stark will build Ultron and then Ultron turns on Stark and creates a human body for Tony’s A.I J.A.R.V.I.S I think it is also possible that the second villain who they cast Baaron Von Wolfgang (forgive me if I got the name wrong or mispelled it) could create Ultron, I read somewhere that Ultron wants to develop a humanity based off of the only family that he knows in the comics this was Hank Pym, Scarlet Witch, The Vision, and I forget the others so maybe something like that will happen. Can’t wait this is gonna be awesome!

  19. I wonder if they will use the human torch from captain America for the vision’s body

  20. I have no problem with him being a one- time character. Although if that one time appearance is in AoU, I wouldn’t mind seeing him in a [erhaps larger role in another film.

    And this costume description is a lot better than that Green Goblin description we heard a while back. If only we could get substantial reports of that new Batsuit instead of more xerox interviews of people saying wow.

  21. if he looks anything like that pic it will be badass…plus i love the name Vision

  22. I’m really hoping this will be the last bit of Tony Stark ruling the MCU. I understand why they would make him the creator of Ultron and Vision, but I don’t like it. As others have pointed out, Robert Downey Jr. is not going to stay forever. If Marvel continues to try to keep him in the spotlight for as long as they possibly can, they’ll never be able to start bringing the other existing heroes out of the background and into their well-deserved spotlight, whilst simultaneously making room to introduce new characters. The general audiences are gonna look at the future Avengers movies that don’t have Iron Man and they’re not going to go see them, simply because Marvel is not taking the time to focus on the rest of the Avengers and make average moviegoers care about them too.

  23. I just want to say how I love Marvel & how they are making all these classic characters come to life after all these years – I always loved The Vision & his design.

  24. Soooo how about this for thought. I don’t agree with the seemingly shared conclusion that Stark makes Ultron, I just think it’s too focused on Stark. Which has lead me to believe this.


    Ultron-banner. Or potentially shield/hammer/aim.

    Whendon stated banner would have a big role this movie, what bigger role than making the movie titular villain. It would also be interesting if there was a creative battle between Stark and Banner in this movie.

  25. It would be interesting and curious to see Bettany’s metamorphosis from a subservient/valet-like JARVIS to the commanding presence of Vision. The tone of voice should be slightly different. Recall that this synthezoid once led Earth’s Mightiest Heroes. So with the rather soft voice Bettany has as JARVIS, I can’t quite picture it but it would be quite a personality transformation indeed.

    I suspect that Vision will align with Ultron in this movie as his ‘acolyte’, like in the early comics. I suspect that he’ll be Ultron’s creation. Ultron will take over Stark’s artificial intelligence and using it against him, the Avengers and SHIELD. Of course, in the end Vision will switch camps-probably with Scarlet Witch’s influence or participation.

  26. everyone assumes Iron Mans the maker of Ultron & Vision, How do we know SHIELD are not upto something? Using Iron Mans armour and tech from the winter soldier?, Bought to life by the Scarlett Witch, Who Ultron then turns on, (good reason for them to change sides) Ultron then uses Starks tech(Jarvis) & Shields tech (KGB, Winter Soldier)to create VISION…? Maybe? No one has said 100% how Ultron comes about, your all speculating the same thing, Have a broader mind, Think outside the box, Ultron MAY not even create Vision, For all we know, Stark builds Jarvis a body and calls him Vision..