‘The Avengers 2′ Introducing Another Villain; Potential Story Spoilers

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Baron von Strucker Marvel Captain America Game Design The Avengers 2 Introducing Another Villain; Potential Story Spoilers

Just last week it was unofficially confirmed that Don Cheadle (House of Lies) may get his wish of joining his armored partner Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jr.) onscreen again in The Avengers: Age of Ultron after their box office smash buddy cop adventure in Iron Man 3. For a roster of heroes that’s seemingly growing, the villainous Ultron (James Spader) may need some backup in his vendetta against Earth’s Mightiest, and backup he shall get.

It’s not just the dangerous AI – that may or not be created in part by Tony Stark – that The Avengers need to re-assemble to defeat. With next spring’s Captain America: The Winter Soldier serving as a bridge of sorts between The Avengers 1 and 2, there’s a lot more at play. We know the secretive S.H.I.E.L.D. organization is on shaky ground, and part of that we can expect has to do with the return of familiar enemy faction – a faction that may show up in The Avengers: Age of Ultron as well.

Latino-Review has the scoop on another villain that Marvel Studios is looking to cast for The Avengers: Age of Ultron and if true, we can expect the evil organization known as H.Y.D.R.A. to re-surface after their first appearance in Captain America: The First Avenger. The insider info reveals that Baron Wolfgang von Strucker, another Hydra villain from Captain America’s WWII days will pop up in The Avengers sequel.

Click here for a High-Res image of Baron Strucker for the Captain America movie tie-in game.

Recognizable by his facial scarring, Baron Strucker uses a combination of HYDRA supersoldier serums and a special bionic arm (called the Satan’s Claw) to maintain his strength and youth throughout the ages. The ex-Nazi served in both World Wars, carries a sword and is dangerous in every sense of the word, as a melee, ranged or undercover combatant/spy. Having this character in The Avengers sequel but not introduced The Winter Soldier would seem an odd choice for the obvious reasons of being able to include him flashbacks for both Cap (from the WWII days) and in flashbacks with Black Widow (Scarlet Johansson) – a character Strucker helped become the dangerous assassin she’s renowned as.

Knowing how The Mandarin was adapted in Iron Man 3, Strucker’s abilities and history from Marvel Comics may have nothing to do with his onscreen incarnation but LR’s scoop also points to two actors Marvel is interested in for the part that fit their casting call for someone in their forties: Dougray Scott (Mission: Impossible II) and Marton Csokas (Sin City: A Dame to Kill For).

Dougray Scott Marton Csokas 570x285 The Avengers 2 Introducing Another Villain; Potential Story Spoilers

Scott (left) and Csokas (right)

The handsome gentlemen share an obvious similar appearance. Now for some potential spoilers…


Page 2: Potential ‘Avengers 2′ Spoilers


Captain America: The Winter Soldier releases on April 4, 2014, Guardians of the Galaxy on August 1, 2014The Avengers: Age of Ultron on May 1, 2015, Ant-Man on July 31, 2015, and unannounced films for May 6 2016, July 8 2016 and May 5 2017.

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Source: Latino-Review

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  1. I AM GROOT!!! I… AM… GROOOT!! (Come on ScreenRant, where’s the news for Vin Diesel’s Groot announcement?! ;D)

    • Sorry, idk why but this comment was sent twice :(

  2. I AM GROOT!!! I… AM… GROOOT!! (Come on ScreenRant, where’s the news for Vin Diesel’s Groot announcement?! He just posted official picture ;D)

  3. If they mess with Strucker as bad as they did the Mandarin I probably won’t even see the movie. I really don’t feel like getting physically ill over a movie again

    • Pretty pathetic that you got “physically ill” over The Mandarin to begin with considering he was never a very interesting villain inn anything and is more on the F list of Marvel characters….On top of the fact that the Extremis story should have been a clue that it was going to be more so about Aldridge Killian….Hell it was even better that they made the Mandarin into the joke that he actually is

      • As a (former/childhood) comic book fan I fealt that the moviemakers did the character of the Mandarin unjustice. However I DID like the comic plot-turn for the character. In the Movie Kingsley’s character is once refferred to as “the Master”. I have a theory that that was the orinigal alias for Trevor Slattery, but because of fan-pressure the producers fealt that they had to make Ben Kingley “the Mandarin”. If they had keapt the name of “the Master” no one would have bean disappointed, and they could have saved the Mandarin for Iron Man 4 or 5.

        • @Andy It’s an interesting point but I kinda doubt it, just because so much of the pre-release hype was built around the Mandarin confrontation. Add in the original “10 Rings” terrorist group from the first movie and it seems like an intended tease with no payoff for the audiences and no apparent reason other than misdirection to play up an otherwise pretty bland, formulaic villain.

          All of which would be fine if they had just put out better movies. Sorry, but that was my problem with both IM2 & IM3, they had pretty solid casts (or even a stellar cast, in the case of IM2) that felt wasted by mediocre, confused story arcs and lackluster scripts that quickly degenerated into a seemingly never-ending diatribe of forced one-liners and general quippery. By less than midway through IM2 RDJ’s acting felt like he was on autopilot for his $50m pay days and the audiences ate it up.

          But yes, I understand many people liked both movies for various reasons, and they are perfectly within their rights to do so. I didn’t and hope they aren’t turning the Avengers into the jumbled mess it felt like the Iron Man series degenerated into.

          • I think IM2 was inserted into phase 1 because Ant-man was not ready. The lackluster script you speak of was most likely a rushed work. A little known fact is Terrence Howard was paid more the RDJ for IM1, which lead me to believe that Marvel planned on developing the Demon in the bottle arc for IM2 with Rhodes taking over as Iron man for Phase 2. They most likely wanted Stark to return as IM for Phase 3 with Rhodes then becoming War Machine and the Mandarin and the 10 rings terror group as the villains. But all those plans were laid to rest because Ant-Man was not delivered in time for Phase 1 (or 2). Which is why Terrence Howard was asked to take a pay cut, and subsequently canned and IM2, and the Trevor Slattery twist was added to IM3 in Phase 2. Marvel will most likely re-introduce the demon in the bottle story arc in an upcoming Avengers movie, then the Mandarin and the 10 rings story during a later Phase (most likely Phase 4 with Rhodes as Iron Man).

          • “hope they aren’t turning the Avengers into the jumbled mess it felt like the Iron Man series degenerated into.”

            Two Words.
            Nuff said.

        • You should have known because the Mandarin gets his powers from the Infinity Gauntlet and Thanos, The Mandarin will be saved and be a darker villain down the line for another Iron Man film (With or without Downey Jr. Of course we all want him but nothing last forever…)

          • God-willing, right, he’s is one of IronMans’ arch-enemies, and he’s probably pretty high on the list of top IronMan villains to a lot of people if not the number one villain in some minds, so I’m not getting the Mandarin bashing so whatever to that and, if the movie does come to be, where they do redeem him and hash all these other things out, as a secondary villain and perhaps in conjunction with Mandarin, I think a Fing Fang Foom appearance wouldn’t be too demanding and of course some on the ground troops, possible the ten rings terrorist group from IMI, that’d be a kick-ass movie, and for God sakes can IronMan actually be the hero in his own movie this time around 3 was good for everyone on a whole but, for Tony Stark himself, there was no final victory that was his alone to own, it was missed, it’s his movie, the last ten minutes should be nothing but, him crushing skulls and breaking bones that’s why his name is in the title.

          • Uh, no.

            The ten rings of the Mandarin are not the Infinity Gems, nor are they remotely as powerful.

    • It really doesn’t matter if they change back story some. As long as the character personality is true the original and the overall moral of the characters and story are the same that is what we should be caring about. Just think about how many times the comics have made story changes. There isn’t truly a single cannon. Sure there are some stories we might like better than others, but if we got the story we wanted EXACTLY it would be even more predictable for fans than the movies already have been. And I found them all to be predictable except for what they did with mandarin(which while disappointing I still liked it). That’s because I’m a big fan of superheroes in general. Even the DC movies have been predictable for me. If fans can predict it somewhat that means they are capturing the essence of the characters and stories we all love. And that in my opinion is what should matter the most to us.
      I didn’t always think about it this way but it has actually eased my tension and increased my love for the new movies. It’s somewhat like getting to rediscover your favorite characters all over again but with some sense of familiarity. It’s really refreshing if you get into it.

    • I’d be more upset that they bastardize the comics like they do with every “comic” movie. I would actually be more upset that they make Stark the creator of Ultron when it was Ant-Man who created the homicidal robot. I was never a big fan of Iron Man other than liking all of his sweet suits, his villains were always beyond lame

  4. Cool. No to both casting choices though. I say just go hard and choose the obvious choice and let him own the role. Christoph Waltz for Baron. If not then maybe Viggo Mortensen.

    • or maybe Aaron Eckhart. if they weren’t wanting someone in their forties they could use Liam Neeson

  5. Each time DC news hit the interwebs, it creates huge ripples in the CBM fandom/blogs. Is this Marvel’s response to stay relevant?

    • Obviously. I mean, they only have 4 movies coming out with the next 9 months from 3 different studios, 4 new Netflix mini-series in the works and a show on a major network getting solid ratings; in comparison to DCs mediocre product on a YA niche network, no new movies in the next year and complete over-reliance on the Batman fanboi quotient to seemingly keep any big budget movies in production… but it’s obvious Marvel is the one that’s gotta work hard to “stay relevant” here.



      • HA! Spot-on!

  6. Csokas. I’ve seen him on stage – the man can camp it up with the best of them.

  7. If AOU adapts the Ultron Unlimited story arc; however, with Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver as the only citizens to survive Ultron’s genocidal occupation of Slorenia, then I suspect that possibly Volkvhy and Ember could be cast in the film (if Ember is in AOU, then that explains why War Machine has such a major role in the film). Baron Van Strucker could be cast as the creator of the Targoth; (and possibly a substitute for Volkvhy, the leader of the Black Brigade).

    • They won’t be. It’s been said that Ultron will come from each Avenger. somehow.

      Exclusive: Marvel Chief Kevin Feige Talks Avengers: Age Of Ultron
      The thoughts behind the title.

      • Well, War Machine was after the “Program” when he first entered Slorenia, and the Program is used to transfer a humans life force into something else; so technically, the Ultron Unlimited story arc does include a device that can be used to transfer powers.

        With that said, I thought Ultron is supposed to be created via Stark Technology. The comic-con AOU teaser showed Ultron’s head being forged from an Iron Man helmet.

        I think the most plausible Scenario for the AOU plot is the SW has been possessed by the power of the Triptych, and someone on the other side of the Slorenian / Dudaks ethnic war begins using Stark Technology to level the playing field by using the program to create an Army of Ultrons to defeat the SW, QS, Volkvhy and the Black Brigade. The Avengers join the battle only after Ultron threatens to take over the world.

        • I think you are wrong about Ultron’s origin in the movie. I thought the end of Iron Man 3 made it clear that Tony will create an army of Ultrons to keep the peace. The house party protocol and his revelation that he is more than just a suit point to this scenario.

          • Actually, Ultron is a S.H.I.E.L.D. project. In the beginning of the first Avengers-movie S.H.I.E.L.D. note that “Project Ultron” isn’t ready, so they’ll have to go with plan B and let Fury rally his superheroes.

            • Wow, a swing and a miss. They never said anything about “Project Ultron”, Captain Observant. The line was “Phase 2 isn’t ready.” I just this second watched that scene to verify that. You were way off, pal.

  8. ^Iron Man 2 was a rushed sequel to a successful movie, and the jumbled plot was a result of poor planning. So far Mandarin has been the planned villain of each of the 3 films, however they never knew how to pull it off in a manor tasteful to the Chinese and satisfying to fans. They thought they had it in Iron Man 3 (by modernizing him from anti commy propaganda to anti terror) but clearly that wasn’t the case. Demon in a bottle was also what they attempted to adapt in Iron Man 2, and was included in Iron Man 3 (alc being Tonys anti-anxiety treatment) but Disney said no, so don’t hold your breath on that plot thread. Terrence Howard was paid more than Downey Jr because the guy was the male equivalent to Lindsay Lohan, he was a pariah and no one would hire him. Ant-Man has been slated for release since like 2006 and it’s gone from the 60s, to modern day with Scott Lang, and now to Hank Pym once again, so that production has been a mess.

  9. Joss Is Boss

  10. i just like it…not much not bad i mean..>!!

  11. I’ve seen him on stage – the man can camp it up with the best of them….not that bad…!!

  12. “will pop up in The Avangers sequel.”

  13. In regards to the grammar and prose, this was a very poorly written article. The author and his editors should care a little bit more about how they present themselves.

  14. Maybe Baron Zemo shows up and creates his Masters of Evil including Quicksilver, Scarlet Witch, Von Strucker, and the real Mandarin.

    Maybe Baron Zemo uses his moonstone or bloodstone to collect DNA from each of the Avengers to create Ultron.

    Maybe the stones he uses end up being infinity stones.

  15. wow…with all the new characters being featured and some old ones, like Rhodey..one thing i hope the most from Avengers 2…LOOOOOOOOONGER running time..maybe nearing 3 hrs. tops.

    • Well, The Avengers was 2 hours and 45 minutes and it wasn’t nearly as complicated a plot as AOU. Hopefully, Black Widow and the Winter Soldier somehow will be tied to the Black Brigade Special Ops Unit in CA:TWS and the the Slorene / Dudak civil war will have an AOS tie-in as well. (if Marvel is indeed going with the Ultron Unlimited story arc).

      If that is the case, AOU can start off with SW, QS and Volkhvy turning Dudak rebels into Targoth zombies. The US government sending in War Machine to destroy the program, and Stark attempting to help the rebels by giving them Stark Tech. (That alone is an hour)

      The Ultron builds an Amry of Ultrons and wipes out all the citizens of Slorenia (minus SW and QS) and threatens World War (That is 30 minutes)

      Then the Avengers assemble an invade Slorenia (that is another hour and a half), so yes this movie will most likely take 3 hours plus.

      • ehh…I would rather see a Civil War story line before some of that new stuff. Even if it lacks X-Men and FF. That or a Kree / Skrull story. Or even Masters of Evil.

        However, I truly believe that Fox, Sony, and Marvel studios would sooner or later be into all agreeing to do that storyline. It would be a massive money making endeavor and would be the first time in history something in Cinema like that has been done. Crossing over “property” from Sony, Marvel Studios and Fox?…

        Oh a nerd can dream…

  16. BTW, anyone else here watch Agents of Shield and think that that black guy is going to end up being Luke Cage?

    I am stoked about the potential for Daredevil as a crime drama too!

  17. The heck with The Age Of Ultron, Ant-Man, Guardians Of The Galaxy, and Captain America 2. When is Thor 3 coming out? And is there any truth to the rumors that Thor 3 is going to center around Ragnarok?

  18. “The insider info reveals that Baron Wolfgang von Strucker, another Hydra villain from Captain America’s WWII days will pop up in The Avangers sequel.”

  19. How are scarlet witch and quicksilver supposed to be in it if they’re owned by fox?

  20. I’m glad Marvel is expanding the MCU. While Loki was/is a great villain, he’s not what I’d consider “evil”, just interested in what’s best for himself. There are, however, characters out there that ARE evil and that’s going to be interesting to see. There’s one panel in the comics I can’t get out of my head and I’d love for that to play out in the future. (Thor and Loki both shouting “Father!” as Odin falls while battling Suture…)

    • Surture, not Suture. Stupid autocorrect…

  21. They should have cast vin diesel as Drax… Instead of big useless Bautista

    • He’s not big enough.

    • Vin Diesel will be casted as the leader of the Inhumans.

  22. I thought that paul bettany was to be the Vision when did it become James Spader.

  23. they need to make the super heroes movies faster, i may be dead in 2015

    • Damn, where’s the “like” button?

  24. why can’t they release the movies faster, and why haven’t they made a new star trek series for tv

  25. In the Marvel one shot short, All Hail the King, they clearly said there is a REAL Mandarin behind it, and he’s pissed that Trevor has been impersonating him. That will be cool to see in the next Iron Man.

  26. The Mandarin in Iron Man 3 is not the “Mandarin”. Watch the Marvel One-Shot called “Hail To the King” where the Ten Rings grab the impostor out of prison in preparation to meet the real Mandarin.

  27. I thought Thanos was gonna be in Avengers 2

  28. Tell me how John Malkovich shouldn’t be case as Baron Strucker.

  29. i miss terrence howard. tbh, one element that made me not enjoy iron man 2 and 3 that much. i mean, cheadle can act, just doesn’t work for me. so i hope hes not in avengers 2.