The Avengers 2: Who Should Play Scarlet Witch?

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Quicksilver Scarlet Witch Ultimates Avengers The Avengers 2: Who Should Play Scarlet Witch?

Putting aside speculation and hints about supporting characters from the Marvel Cinematic Universe – like Don Cheadle’s War Machine – appearing in The Avengers 2, over the last two weeks it’s been hinted at and seemingly confirmed that there will be at least two new “heroes” joining Earth’s Mightiest for the sequel.

It’s the mutant children of X-Men villain Magneto known as Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch. For a variety reasons, they may be quite different from the Marvel Comics version of the characters and the studio may already have an idea of who they want for one of the roles.

SuperHeroHype has the inside info on a few pre-production notes regarding the “brother-sister act” Whedon is excited about writing for The Avengers 2. First and most notably is that the current design of Scarlet Witch is reportedly being based off of young Irish actress Saoirse Ronan, who after hitting the spotlight with an Oscar nomination for her performance in Atonement, has been working consistently on large projects ever since, including City of Ember, Hanna, The Lovely Bones and most recently, The Host.

Saoirse Ronan The Host Eyes The Avengers 2: Who Should Play Scarlet Witch?

According to the description of the film’s version of Scarlet Witch, known as Wanda Maximoff in the books, Whedon and Marvel will be looking for someone in their twenties to play a British version of the character. Ronan turns 20 next year and is incredibly talented, can do action, and is very familiar with the sci-fi genre.

Wanda, like her twin brother Pietro, is actually of Eastern European decent in the books but fans should expect changes to be made. Not only will her accent and background be altered when it comes to her nationality and family ties, but her origins and powers could be revamped as well. In Marvel Comics, Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver are the offspring of Magneto but due to rights issues those important details cannot be included. This likely means that in The Avengers 2 – if the reports and hints prove true – we’re going to see a pair of British super-powered people who are not mutants and have no relation to Magneto.

We expect that their powers will remain the same, but we don’t know how they will be explained in the film. Quicksilver has superhuman speed but his sister’s ability is much more complex. She can change probabilities and rewrite reality.

The Avengers 2 Scarlet Witch Quicksilver 570x357 The Avengers 2: Who Should Play Scarlet Witch?

Unless by some fanboy miracle Marvel Studios and Twentieth Century Fox are working a deal – much to the happiness of X-Men producer Lauren Shuler Donner and Fox consultant Mark Millar – to have their Marvel film universes crossover or share some semblance of continuity, expect significant changes to be made. Without delving into spoilers, Iron Man 3 took major liberties with key stories from the Iron Man comics and since it represented the first chapter of Phase Two, we shouldn’t be surprised if future films do the same.

If Whedon is excited about including these two characters in particular, there will be very important story implications as to why. In the comics, Scarlet Witch rewrote reality, erasing abilities from most mutants on Earth in the major crossover event
House of M. She also has close ties to other key Avengers characters including Wonder Man and Vision – the latter of which was namedropped as a possible theory for how Clark Gregg’s Agent Phil Coulson could return from the grave.

Wanda’s also shared a unique relationship with the villainous robot Ultron, a creation of original Ant-Man Hank Pym, who of course is getting a debut right after The Avengers 2 in late 2015. Let the speculation run rampant until we know more, but like Marvel President and producer Kevin Feige said, the current first draft of the script could change drastically in six months, much like the Wasp character was dropped from the first team-up in favor of Scarlet Johansson’s Black Widow.

Iron Man 3 releases May 3, 2013, Thor: The Dark World on November 8, 2013, Captain America: The Winter Soldier on April 4, 2014, Guardians of the Galaxy on August 1, 2014The Avengers 2 on May 1, 2015, Ant-Man on November 6, 2015, and Doctor Strange sometime after that.

Let me know on Twitter @rob_keyes what new characters you’d add to the roster of The Avengers 2!

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  1. Wanda – Morena Baccarin or Summer Glau or Jessica Alba
    Pietro – Robert Pattinson or Sean Maher or Alan Cumming

    special bonus characters:
    Dum Dum Dugan (director of mutant ops for SHIELD) – Neal McDonough
    Doctor Philip Lawson (Mahr Vehl: Kree Spy/defector)- Nathan Fillion

    Fox and Disney needs to set aside all the contract crap and negotiate a shared world licensing scheme that will allow them to cross utilize characters.

    • ROBERT (SHOVELFACE) PATTINSON???? are you kidding me? lmoa good one!

    • ROBERT (SHOVELFACE) PATTINSON???? are you kidding me? lmao good one!

    • While I like Jessica Alba just no to that. I don’t think she could pull Scarlet Witch off after we’ve seen her in FF. Then again Chris Evans pulled off Captain America. I think I would still take Summer Glau over Jessica. Sigh talking about Summer makes wish Terminator: TSCC was still on the air.

      • Not fair. Chris Evans was actually great as the Torch, even though the film sucked. Alba stunk.

        • Alexandra Daddario. Google her and tell me she doesn’t look just like SW. At least the new version of the Witch, without the frizzy seventies hair.

            • For me Mila Kunis 😉

    • I get the feeling you MIGHT be a firefly fan… haha

    • I’m sorry NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO Freeking Rober Pattinson He is NOTHING but a Stain. I don’t want some TWIHARD invading my Marvel Universe.

    • Rooney Mara seems like a better choice for Wanda. I like the idea of Pattinson being QuickSilver only I hope they do a better job with speed than Twilight did.

      As much as I love Saoirse; she’d be a better Songbird, if Marvel wants to add that hero to the list. But can’t see her as The Scarlet Witch. It wouldn’t work.

  2. Ronan would be great love her work in Atonement and Hanna.

    • She was a total BAMF in Hanna! The girl is talented to boot!

  3. Rachel Nichols for Captain Marvel and Amanda Righetti as Scarlett Witch…

    • Amanda Righetti would be awesome as her, though, I’m not sure what age group that they’re aiming for.

      • ^@!@^ Good point, now I’m wondering.

  4. My picks (other than Saoirse, who would be awesome in that role I think) would be Amy Acker for Scarlett Witch
    Kit Harrington as Quicksilver
    Hayden Panettiere as Ms Marvel and
    Michelle Trachtenberg as Wasp

    • Yeah Kit Harrington, or even Richard Madden would be good as Quicksilver. I think Yvonne Strahovski would make a good Ms Marvel.

  5. My picks (other than Saoirse, who would be awesome in that role I think) would be Amy Acker for Scarlett Witch. Kit Harrington as Quicksilver. Hayden Panettiere as Ms Marvel and Michelle Trachtenberg as Wasp

  6. Wow, I don’t see her as Scarlet Witch at all. Way too young.

    • Agreed.

      • Wait Illyria from ‘Angel’?? I don’t get it she’s like 36. How’s is she too young? You go much older and you’ll be bumping up into the age of when she first appeared in comics…

  7. How in the world can Marvel use Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch? I thought that anything mutant/X-Men related was FOX property?

    • Because they are only supporting characters in the X-Men universe and have featured in the Avengers comics, they are individually licensed and those rights belong to Marvel :)

      • That’s right. The deal is Fox can use them but can’t make them or mention they have or had any association with the Avengers whatsoever. If Marvel Studios uses them, they can not make any reference to them being the children of Magneto or that they are mutants.

    • Both Marvel and Fox have access to the characters, but Marvel, if they do end up using them, have limited access to their histories and back stories. Anything mutanty or X-Meny is out.

      • Changing “mutant” to “born with superpowers” or “weird chemical accident” is simple enough. It’s not as if we really need to know how they got their powers or who their parents are.

  8. I would go with Charlize Theron for Ms Marvel…she could definitely stand out in the Avengers

    • Love it!

    • considering Charlize gets around £18 million per film and taking into account that Marvel like to low ball everyone, I seriously doubt that we will see her anywhere near a Marvel film. However if it was part of a bigger deal where Captain marvel AKA Carol Danvers were to get a stand alone film then yeah i’d go for that, shes already blonde and can handle action but one thing concerns me and thats her age, she is 38 now, by the time they do Avengers 2 she will be 40 and if there is a stand alone film in the works for Phase 3 that wont get done till 2016 – 2017 at the earliest so she would be a little long in the tooth I think to play the part.

      • Charlize doesn’t usually make that much.

        • Yeah, that should be $, not £. That’s still too much for Marvel to consider. Unless she opts for a pay cut. I am sure they would just go for a lesser known actress. However, I don’t even think Ms. Marvel is going to appear in the film.

          • I still do not think that she usually makes that much per picture.

          • yeah, was meant to be $’s not £’s mt bad, and that is her fee according to Forbes

            • I checked what you wrote. And, I found that from May 2011 to May 2012, she made 18 million. And, she was only in one film during that time. Still, just because she made 18 million for that movie doesn’t necessarily mean that her usual quote is 18 million. And, even if 18 million is her quote, that’s for a movie in which she’d be the main star. Obviously, in Avengers 2, she wouldn’t be the main star.

              • Right, that was her last polled salary.  And it’s probably hovered around that number since 2003 when she won an Academy Award for Monster.  She surely takes a pay cut when appearing in Independent and low budgeted films such as Young Adult and The Road.  However for large budgeted, blockbuster films, such as The Avengers, whatever salary she might request would probably be more than Marvel is willing to shell out, especially since they could just cast a lesser known actress without worrying about it effecting the box office draw of the film.
                In short, Theron would be a less likely choice for the role as opposed to a younger up and comer who could more easily be secured for a modest contract that includes appearances future installments.

                • Yes, we agree that it’s unlikely that Marvel would shell out the money necessary to land Theron.

    • Yup.

    • Ms Marvel?
      There can only be one: Yvonne Strahovski (‘Chuck’ & ‘Dexter’)

  9. The girl from tron legacy

    • Olivia Wilde is who you are thinking about, erm…. I dont see her in that role, she is way too tiny and looks ill with blonde hair. lol
      Maybe someone up and coming like Gina Carano (Haywire, Fast 7 Furious 6) she is very adept at action as she is a martial artist and has competed in women’s MMA.
      I still think emily blunt will get the part though as she is rumored to be in talks for the role as it is.

      • It think Olivia Wilde would be nice for Jean Grey or Rogue if Xmen ever gets rebooted

      • It think Olivia Wilde would be nice for Jean Grey or Rogue if Xmen ever gets rebooted.

    • I’m thinking about that actress form ‘Another Earth’. She looks just like Carol.

  10. Rooney Mara

    • LMAO, really???? hahaha Do you even know what Captain Marvel look like? she is a smoking hot blonde with ample assets, I dont see how getting a human skeleton with a flat chest and long black hair would do the part any justice, she looks more like the chick from The ring that Ms Marvel hahaha

      • This is about Scarlet Witch. I don’t know where you got Ms. Marvel from.

        • My bad, The conversation switched to Ms. Marvel earlier and I just presumed it was carrying on…lol Rooney Mara still doesnt fit the part of Scarlet Witch either so alls good 😉

  11. They’re keeping it exciting at any rate! =)

  12. I can totally see Ronan as Wanda.

    They can always do what the did in the X-Men 90s cartoon and have Wanda and Pietro not know who there father was. They don’t even have to mention their heritage.

  13. I can see Olivia Wilde as Scarlett Witch.

    • She was my choice, too.

  14. I love Saiorse Ronan,but not for Scarlett Witch.I would much rather see Amber Heard.

    • If the objective is to attract a younger generation to the Avengers by introducing new characters who are around 20 years old, then most of the actresses suggested by posters for Scarlet Witch are too old.
      Saoirse Ronan ticks every box: she’s the right age, she’s a phenomenal actress and she has proven she can headline a movie.

  15. Personally I love Saorise. I don’t know if she’s who I picture when I think Scarlet Witch, but Saoirse is crazy awesome at everything she comes in contact with.

  16. I say Lyndsy Fonseca from Nikita as Scarlet Witch

  17. peitro = jared leto ala fight club
    wanda = olivia wilde

    • Jared Leto for Quicksilver? Hmmm, not bad… but they’ll need a lot of make-up because on his face is a map of the world… from yesterday.

  18. Yea I hope their not in this. Avengers 2 should only be gaining War Machine and Falcon. Maybe Ant-Manand Wasp. But thats a huge maybe. Now, Avengers 3…

    Captain America
    Iron Man
    Black Widow
    War Machine
    Black Panther
    Doctor Strange

  19. I don’t know if the gal in the picture really looks like Scarlet Witch material looks-wise (I grew up on the old original comics), but she sure looks cute enough for me to forgive her for that if she is selected!
    “Darling, dancing and dinner for two?”

  20. Yvonne Strahovski as Ms. Marvel seems like a no-brainer to me.

    • Yeah!

  21. Malin Akerman = Ms Marvel
    Eva Green = scarlet Witch

  22. Yeah!!!! great news and a great character to use been waiting to see some great female Super heros and Female supervillains, thery do not have to be super strong but maybe have some unique abilities, and mental powers.

  23. Now ima tell you all this, straight up – Solange Knowles (Beyonces lil sister) for Scarlet Witch!

  24. Alexandra Daddario to me looks most like the Scarlet Witch.

    This is a perfect segue into the “magic” Feige wants in Phase 3. And I’m seriously hoping it is her who resurrects Agent Coulson.

  25. Saiorse would be great. panettiere is too short for the statuesque Ms Marvel(sorry). No more 6’4″ wolverines and 4’6″ storms! Fans won’t put up with that crap going forward. The last BIG miscast was the horrific, chipmunky-wooden choice for Miss Frost in XMOW. As busy as A2 will be, why would they need to flesh out SW & QS back stories? A little mystery is fine in gargantuan casts, plus, by then, Marvel may own the EMYIRE CINEMATIC UNIVERSE, chuckles…..

  26. Olivia Wilde would make a perfect Scarlett Witch! great suggestion!

  27. Ronan to me physically looks like Don Heck’s Scarlet Witch I think she would be awesome in the role I refuse to see the host because it looks so awful to me and I heard it was awful to many othes but I am glad to hear that she is a talented actress that just did a bad movie. I hope she gets it wonder who they’re thinking if fir Quicksilver maybe garret gedlund wold. E good but he’s expensive. Ah well let’s just fantasize

  28. Sounds cool

  29. They could ask Rowan Atkinson’s daughter. She has that Wanda-look on the few pictures i know of her.