The Avengers 2: Who Should Play Scarlet Witch?

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Quicksilver Scarlet Witch Ultimates Avengers The Avengers 2: Who Should Play Scarlet Witch?

Putting aside speculation and hints about supporting characters from the Marvel Cinematic Universe – like Don Cheadle’s War Machine – appearing in The Avengers 2, over the last two weeks it’s been hinted at and seemingly confirmed that there will be at least two new “heroes” joining Earth’s Mightiest for the sequel.

It’s the mutant children of X-Men villain Magneto known as Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch. For a variety reasons, they may be quite different from the Marvel Comics version of the characters and the studio may already have an idea of who they want for one of the roles.

SuperHeroHype has the inside info on a few pre-production notes regarding the “brother-sister act” Whedon is excited about writing for The Avengers 2. First and most notably is that the current design of Scarlet Witch is reportedly being based off of young Irish actress Saoirse Ronan, who after hitting the spotlight with an Oscar nomination for her performance in Atonement, has been working consistently on large projects ever since, including City of Ember, Hanna, The Lovely Bones and most recently, The Host.

Saoirse Ronan The Host Eyes The Avengers 2: Who Should Play Scarlet Witch?

According to the description of the film’s version of Scarlet Witch, known as Wanda Maximoff in the books, Whedon and Marvel will be looking for someone in their twenties to play a British version of the character. Ronan turns 20 next year and is incredibly talented, can do action, and is very familiar with the sci-fi genre.

Wanda, like her twin brother Pietro, is actually of Eastern European decent in the books but fans should expect changes to be made. Not only will her accent and background be altered when it comes to her nationality and family ties, but her origins and powers could be revamped as well. In Marvel Comics, Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver are the offspring of Magneto but due to rights issues those important details cannot be included. This likely means that in The Avengers 2 - if the reports and hints prove true – we’re going to see a pair of British super-powered people who are not mutants and have no relation to Magneto.

We expect that their powers will remain the same, but we don’t know how they will be explained in the film. Quicksilver has superhuman speed but his sister’s ability is much more complex. She can change probabilities and rewrite reality.

The Avengers 2 Scarlet Witch Quicksilver 570x357 The Avengers 2: Who Should Play Scarlet Witch?

Unless by some fanboy miracle Marvel Studios and Twentieth Century Fox are working a deal – much to the happiness of X-Men producer Lauren Shuler Donner and Fox consultant Mark Millar – to have their Marvel film universes crossover or share some semblance of continuity, expect significant changes to be made. Without delving into spoilers, Iron Man 3 took major liberties with key stories from the Iron Man comics and since it represented the first chapter of Phase Two, we shouldn’t be surprised if future films do the same.

If Whedon is excited about including these two characters in particular, there will be very important story implications as to why. In the comics, Scarlet Witch rewrote reality, erasing abilities from most mutants on Earth in the major crossover event
House of M. She also has close ties to other key Avengers characters including Wonder Man and Vision – the latter of which was namedropped as a possible theory for how Clark Gregg’s Agent Phil Coulson could return from the grave.

Wanda’s also shared a unique relationship with the villainous robot Ultron, a creation of original Ant-Man Hank Pym, who of course is getting a debut right after The Avengers 2 in late 2015. Let the speculation run rampant until we know more, but like Marvel President and producer Kevin Feige said, the current first draft of the script could change drastically in six months, much like the Wasp character was dropped from the first team-up in favor of Scarlet Johansson’s Black Widow.

Iron Man 3 releases May 3, 2013, Thor: The Dark World on November 8, 2013, Captain America: The Winter Soldier on April 4, 2014, Guardians of the Galaxy on August 1, 2014The Avengers 2 on May 1, 2015, Ant-Man on November 6, 2015, and Doctor Strange sometime after that.

Let me know on Twitter @rob_keyes what new characters you’d add to the roster of The Avengers 2!

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  1. Ok, interesting enough, dont really know myself. But Say, how about you guys do a little info peice on Ant-Man’s Rouge gallery(both from his solo run, and from his time in the Avengers), while its not huge, there are some good ones(like Whirlwind, Black Knight, and Porcupine; and his Nemesis Egghead of course)

  2. Surely Amanda Bynes is the only person crazy enough to play crazy wanda?!

    If not then maybe an actress of some kind

    • “If not then maybe an actress of some kind”

      That would be like if a girl got hired to play the part of a girl, or a boy casted for the role of a boy.

      That is just crazy talk.

      • @Bigbabyjesus. That was an attempt at a joke, but being British it might have come off a little dry :)

    • Wanda is only crazy in later years. Actually, a number of the suggestions are probably the posters up on people’s bedroom walls, like pin-up girls. If one looks way back at the first adventures of Wanda in The Avengers, she is stoic, introverted, regal but a bit stand-offish, and somewhat subdued, almost haughty at times, a bit like Storm at times in the X-Men (I don’t mean when Storm looked like a punk-rocker, either). Pietro was cynical, introverted, and dedicated to his sister, as she was to him. The actor and actress should fit the look, and personality, for these parts. I expect, however, that marvel will rewrite, reboot, and reformulate them. I would not change them if i were in charge, but keep them their original way, but I am just happy to have them represented. My other two I have been waiting for, Goliath (Hank Pym) and Wasp, hopefully will not be too far behind.

  3. I’m still not sure about this Quicksilver & Scarlet Witch thing. I just don’t see how they can effectively be introduced. The only way I can see them working out is if they start off as villains.

    • I had the same thought. Since those are not really characters I too fond of, this news doesn’t thrill me that much, to be honest. The only thing I could think of when I heard the rumors is that they’ll be taking the “spot” from other heroes I find more interesting, and who have either not been included before or not been given enough spotlight (like Hawkeye).

      • Yeah. More than likely Hawkeye & Black Widow will play a small role, or not be in the movie at all.

      • I could see them either being introduced as villains or, for the sake of time, Fury saying, “We’re going to need to try something radical,” and then we cut to Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch being released from S.H.I.E.L.D. cells.

        • I could see that. But we would need to know about the whole backstory on why they were locked up in S.H.I.E.L.D cells in the first place.

          • It wouldn’t take much of a backstory to explain why they were locked up. Just a debriefing on them could pull that off.

        • The villain thing was more when they were insecure and lost and was a Magneto thing, which is X-men, which they can’t use. The Avengers presence had them as heroes, where they first truly felt they belonged. Stick with them as good guys. And bring in Whirlwind to give Pietro a run for his money, until DC can get a Flash movie going, with hopefully Professor Zoom (the Reverse-Flash) as the Flash’s nemesis.

          I remember a few times when Cap and Wanda had to break up scraps between Goliath, Hawkeye, and Quicksilver, when they started bickering between themselves, much as the Fantastic Four’s Thing and Torch sometimes quarreled, or occaisionally members of the early X-Men (in fact I remember Cyclops and Wolverine having it out a couple times).

  4. Speaking of fallen actresses. You know what, I want Lindsey Lohan in one of Marvel’s movies. Don’t know where, but they should rescue her life and career. She was totally watchable once and marvel could probably pay her NOTHING.

    • You, sir, just ripped my thoughts out of my head! I was going to say something similar. And for that, I thank you.

      • No problem. I think some insane outside the box thinking may be required here.

        • Alexandra Daddario… She IS the Scarlet Witch. Same hair, large breasts, and those piercing blue eyes.

    • why would you want her in a marvel movie? shes aterrible actress now, did you see her in the liz taylor biopic? terrible work. attaching her name to something almost instantly turns it into a crap spectacle, why would you want that egomaniac to get mixed up with such a good franchise? the cost to insure her is reason enough for no big name studio to ever consider her for anything. she needs to fade into obscurity, her time is up.

      • I could not possibly agree more or improve this comment. She’s a train wreck that got hit with a nuclear bomb and then sunk into a volcano. No Lindsey Lohan anywhere NEAR a Marvel film please!!!

        • I hear they are looking for people to sell star maps on the walk of fame, perhaps Lindsey Lohan would be better suited to doing that.

        • Whoa! A big fat hairy-mambo-sized agreeal there, folks! NO LL!

        • Oh guys, guys, guys. Once upon a time…… Not so long ago…………..

          People said EXACTLY the same stuff about Robert Downey Jr.

          And now look where we are.

          And besides, I never said cast her as Scarlett Witch… Just something, someday.

          I agree she isn’t good at the moment.

          Maybe Dazzler in an X-Men movie!

          • I know RDJ had his issues but the man has always been a solid actor, something Lohan has never been.

            • @damo. I dunno man, air america’s pretty bad. Everyone gives her such a hard time, but it’s not like she hasn’t justified her existence. We’re not putting her on the same table as Farrah Abraham, Kim Kardashian, Rebecca black and honey boo-boo are we?….. C’mon :)

          • Ah, now dazzler was cute in the comics. I can just imagine what she would look like transcribed in real life to the big screen! I think I would be swallowing my popcorn whole (carton it came in and all!).

    • Her work ethic is highly questionable. I don’t think Marvel would risk a production delay…

    • She would be stellar in the Doctor Strange movie! No—not as Clea, but as a pedestrian who gets knocked off by a Mindless One. :p

  5. Ummmmm….. Ok… Here’s what I genuinely want… Don’t care who thinks it’s terrible it’s what my heart is screaming for… Rachel McAdams

    • It sounds like you just need to rent Mean Girls.

      • Mean Girls was awesome. Under-rated flick.

      • Mean Girls IS awesome. No doubt about it

        • HELL yeah my 13 Y/O loves mean girls….. ROFLMAO, are you guys?? I have NEVER heard of ANY guys thinking mean girls is “AWESOME” my wife thinks it is OK but that is as far as that movies goes!!

          • ^^^^^MY 13 y/o DAUGHTER that is!!!^^^

          • Mean Girls is awesome because LL was still hot then.

  6. This entire thread displeases me.

    Stick to the original line up, or swap ALL the characters.

    Whedon said ‘Don’t go bigger, go deeper’. It seems to me these rumours completely contradict that statement…

  7. Amber Heard?

    • Amber Heard is a FRIGGIN GODDESS!! I always wanted her playing Enchantress in one of the Thor movies! God she’s ridiculously gorgeous.

  8. Scarlet Witch – Evangeline Lilly
    QuickSilver – Josh Holloway

    • ^yes yes yes

    • I never thought of that. Evageline Lilly could be a really good Wanda/Scarlet Witch.

    • As a massive Lost fan, I think that is a great idea.

    • Great choices my friend!

    • Evangeline Lilly was one I thought about, but I eventually settled on Olivia Wilde.

      I’m totally stumped on Quicksilver though. Too bad James Marsters is too old for that role now. I’ll just leave that one to Marvel.

  9. I like the thought of Miss Ronan as Wanda Maximoff.

  10. Haha, “liberties”. I, like many many other comic fans, was displeased about how Marvel decided to treat The Mandarin. So I am now fearful based on IM3 of how much more they are willing to deviate from their canon in order to make a few extra dollars.

    Is it really that hard to make a good movie while not compromising pivotal villains/stories so much? Really sad they aren’t willing to go that extra mile to please both the casual movie goers and comic fan (and I’m not asking for a 100% here becasue I know that’s impossible but I think we can all agree The Mandarin was a big fat ZERO for those who know his background)

    So now I have to struggle with my desire for having Ultron be in Avengers 2 and using the Ultimates version of things or to go with the more traditional Ultron story arc.

    • Every comic book movie in existence has changed things from the source material.

      • I agree. Staying 100% true to the source material is an impossible task. That’s why I included the disclaimer, “I’m not asking for a 100% here because I know that’s impossible”

      • Not as much as Iron Man 3 did though.

    • I want Ultron in the mix there somewhere. I am just worried he will be reduced to saying, “Danger, Will Robinson. Danger!”

      • I’m a comic book fan but I enjoyed the Mandarin twist so….

        I can’t wait to see who they choose.

        • That’s why I said, “many” and not “all”. Those who liked it are definitely in the minority.

          I even liked it on a certain level but it was a disgraceful waste of a great villain.

      • It is my hope that Ultron is the villain in the Ant Man movie. I will be there on opening day if that happens. Otherwise, I couldn’t care any less about seeing it. Never cared for him…

    • I don’t recall that Iron Man 3 is the first comic-book-movie to ever twisted their story with liberty?
      And as far as I can see… the REAL Mandarin hasn’t even showed up yet: That bad guy in IM3 is more like a Fin Fang Foom interpretation (hint: dragon) rather than the real Mandarin… The future is still widely open for the character, so I don’t get why some people can’t simply get over this easily.

      • I’ve seen this line of reasoning but feel it’s grasping at straws at this point.

        • Yeah, that Mandarin is probably all you’re getting so take it or leave it.

      • Better yet, there is an early Iron Man villain called The Actor.
        Wouldn’t it be funky if Kinsley came back for IM4 as the “actual” Mandarin?

  11. Zooey deshanel (did I spell that right?) for either Ms. Marvel or She-Hulk. I think her (annoying to some) kookiness would translate well to the sitcom-like nature of their secret identities. I really want marvel to start making some surprising and weird casting choices.

  12. Lyndsy fonseca?

    Really want her in a marvel movie. Huge fan of hers.

    • Great idea! Place her and the guy who´ll play Quicksilver on a couch and have Fury talk to them.

      “Kids, there came a day. A day unlike any other…”


    • I’d be happy enough with emily blunt for Ms. Marvel

    • Emily Blunt is already in talks to join The Avengers 2 cast as Ms. Marvel ;)

      • I’m pretty sure that was an unsubstantiated rumor that was mentioned once from a random source and never heard from again.

        • well according to virtually every news source we have here in the U.K there are only 2 people in the race for the role of Ms. Marvel. One being Emily Blunt and the other being Ruth Wilson who im guessing isnt well known in the states. Point being if its only those two in the race then Emily Blunt takes it hands down, she is a bankable star in America thanks to roles in Looper, The 5 Year Engagement and The Adjustment Bureau to name but a few.
          So from a monetary standpoint (and we all know thats what Marvel Studios is all about) it makes more sense to cast her as she already has a fan base……

    • Emily Blunt as janet Van Dyn/The Wasp, and John Krasinski as hank Pym/Ant-Man. Real life husband/wife symmetry, right there.

  14. Who should play Scarlet Witch? How about my girlfriend? She certainly can enchant me! (Luv-U-2!)

  15. Gemma Arterton looks the part and she can really act (like, really, Hansel & Gretel was clearly not her best but that wasn’t her fault). Ever since I saw her in Prince of Persia I thought she should be Wanda one day.

    • You win. I’d love that

    • Guys, guys, guys… Face it. We all want Kate Beckinsale as the Scarlet Witch. Red spandex with red leggings…

      Lost my train of thought.

  16. She has to be able to be gorgeous but also kind of grim and serious-minded, if she is to match the slightly aloft and moody Wanda of the early comics. Pietro likewise has to be all seriousness and not a wise-cracker. I am not sure who should play them…have to give it some thought. However, as far as the characters of Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch go: excellent choices! A pair I have hoped for for a long time. I also equally want Goliath (Hank Pym) {Giant-Man} and Wasp. And all four need their costuymes just exactly like in the early comics (for Goliath I especially like the blue/yellow suit with the semi-goggles. He wore this when the 4 of them were all teamed up). I am very excited about this.
    Can we also get Ultron, Kang, Skrulls, Diablo, Whirlwind, and the “real” Mandarin, rings zapping away, at some point?

  17. Eliza Dushku would make a great SW.

  18. Scarlet Witch:Rhona Mitra
    Quicksilver:Ben Foster


    Ms. Marvel:Sarah Michelle Geller

    • Sarah Michelle Gellar needs to be something… Maybe she could be daisy Johnson or something

      • She could play Mockingbird.

        • Hawkeye had several good-looking gals in the comics, Scarlet Witch and Mockingbird among them. I guess a macho arrow-shooting, bow-slinging archer makes the ladies “quiver”….!

        • @Daniel. good call

    • I kinda love the idea of Ben foster as Quicksilver! Hells yea!!!!!

  19. They already said someone around the age of twenty. I dislike ronan but she is the logical choice. Id much prefer an older more established actress like others in the comment has named but it wont happen

  20. Lake Bell would make a great Scarlet Witch

  21. One of the things that makes the Marvel movies so good is that they don’t change the characters (that much) from the comic books. If you saw Thor, then picked up a Thor mag, you would recognize them. It sounds like here, that the Children of the Atom wouldn’t be recognizable as the characters from the comics, and that would be downright disappointing. Her not being a mutant, and not be Magneto’s daughter, really takes away a lot of the relevance of the character.

    • Thor’s origin was actually heavily altered from the original comic book version for the movie. In the comic, he sort of possesses a gimp doctor named Donald Blake. That character was only mentioned briefly in passing in the film as Jane Foster’s ex-boyfriend. They gave a nod to this fact by giving him a fake ID with Donald Blake’s name on it.

      • I was hoping they would go that route with the jane Foster-Donald Blake/Thor-Sif love triangle… Would have been interesting with two ladies having their boyfriends share the same space but not the same time.

    • Tell that to everyone that has seen IM3 lmao ;)

  22. I’m a die hard Avengers fan and love the classic books that portray Wanda and The Vision as a husband and wife.

    But Marvel does have a problem when it comes to the general movie going audience who have no clue who The Scarlet Witch is. Same thing with Ms Marvel and The Wasp.

    Aside from die hards like us, who really has any real understanding of these characters?

    Marvel doesn’t have a solid and well known roster of FEMALE characters. But if you say ” Wonder Woman ” and ” Cat Woman ” the general audience KNOWS who these women are. This is one of DC’s strengths.

    So far, Marvel has set up Black Widow. But still, she’s no Wonder Woman. Black Widow isn’t getting a movie all her own.

    That says a lot.

    • Wonder Woman isn’t going to have a movie any time soon either. Heck, at this rate, Wonder Woman is pretty much a C status hero now because DC/WB only like to use Batman and Superman.

  23. I’m not in favor of this. Yes, I know that there are deviations, with varying degrees, from the comic books in just about all cb movies. Still, the reported deviations go too far, in my
    opinion. Furthermore, Zi much rather see the introduction Ant Man, Wasp and Black Panther in Avengers 2. If those three characters aren’t in the movie, I am going to get angry. And, you wouldn’t like me I’m angry.

  24. ^ when.

    One again, I will point out that SR needs an edit button!!! Okay, I am turning green. I need to relax… ;)

    • …and Justin turns into…the Little Green Sprout!

      • Aww, still butt hurt that I called you out before? And, have the guts to post under your real name.

        • Come on people, play nice.

          • I usually do, but I refuse to do so in this case.

            • Hee-hee, can’t take a joke, can he…?

              • If it were funny, then I could.

          • Are you off of your meds?? Didn’t your doctor warn you about the ill effects of not taking your meds?

  25. I don’t see why they need to change anything. They could still explain their origin and refer to their father as a “radical mutant” they’d rather keep their distance from. Unless they write them as villains, then daddy would be their inspiration…

    Sure, Marvel can’t cast anyone as Magneto. Namedrop? That wouldn’t hurt anything or damage Fox’s movies (Fox damages their own movies as-is). If anything, it would induce more fan boy geek-outs.

    • Zipper, Marvel can’t mention mutant(s) or Magneto.

  26. Along the lines of costume, we give Thor and Cap a bit of slack for the way they dress due to where they hail and the times they hail from, but our street level, grounded on earth now characters ~ will that head piece work for Scarlet Witch if you go old school. Or are you tired of the Xmen leather clad? Hopefully they find something grounded in their upbringing/heritage but modern enough to not be too comic bookish. It was hard enough for the cops to take Cap serious until he busted some heads, how improbable would it be for them to do what the Scarlet Witch commands.

    • I myself would put hawkeye in his blue and purple togs, Quicksilver in his green lightning-bolt suit, Scarlet Witch in her outfit from the early comics, and Goliath in his blue and yellow costume, just like in the early comics of the 60s. I believe Jan should be in a “slightly” more modern rendition than her first wasp costume. I prefer maybe something like she wore in, I believe, the early 70s.

        • Well, perhaps a compromise on the costumes would be acceptable, and not enough to send me “lemming-like” leaping over the edge of some dire precipice…at least not too much).

          • I would HATE it if they went the X-Men route, copped and went a completely different direction from the classic look.

            Seems like Hollywood is unwilling to go the extra mile to update a look because it’s just easier to toss it out completely.

  27. Prob emma blunt, shes been rumored for a marvel part for ages now.

  28. Charlize Theron for Scarlet Witch or Ms Marvel.

    • I dont think The avengers would be up her alley. Plus has already began to look a little old on film considering she is 38 now, she will be 40 by the time Avengers 2 comes out plus The Scarlet Witch is supposed to be in her twenties.

    • Charlize Theron for my date this Saturday night…!

      • I´ll send her over when I´m done with her…

      • Yeah, right, more like a date with your hand. What a pos you are.

        • Takes 2 hands to handle a whopper. And what is a “pos”…”positive influence”?

          • Don’t you have better burger spots near you?

            And, you know full well what pos stands for.

  29. Ashley Greene or Stana Karic as Witch