Will Ms. Marvel Be Introduced In ‘The Avengers 2′ or Phase 3?

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Ms Marvel 31 Marvel Comics Will Ms. Marvel Be Introduced In The Avengers 2 or Phase 3?

More female characters! That’s something superhero films genuinely need more of. While Scarlett Johansson’s Black Widow stole a few scenes in The Avengers, she did so as the team’s only non-white-male combatant. Her screen time even helped push out the only other female teammate Wasp, a founding member of the team in Marvel Comics, who was in earlier drafts of The Avengers screenplay.

For next year’s sequel, The Avengers: Age of Ultron, Elizabeth Olsen suits up as Scarlet Witch and will join the team as one of its new members, alongside Aaron Taylor-Johnson who will play her brother Quicksilver. We found out today that Vision will enlist in Earth’s Mightiest in the fight against Ultron as well, to be played by Paul Bettany. Still, with the growing Avengers roster and new characters being introduced before and after with Guardians of the Galaxy and Ant-Man, respectively, there’s a significant gender imbalance, and a female character has yet to headline a Marvel Studios feature film.

Captain America: The First Avenger fan-fave Hayley Atwell, one half of Marvel Studios’ best love story to date, got a chance to shine in the Marvel One-Shot Agent Carter and the positive response helped Marvel greenlight a TV series based on it on ABC. Also on TV, Jessica Jones will be one of four characters getting their own series on Netflix, so it’s clear the studio is taking strides to bring more powerful female characters to life. In theaters however, this has yet to translate.

Ms Marvel Carol Danvers Marvel Comics Will Ms. Marvel Be Introduced In The Avengers 2 or Phase 3?

Thor and Thor: The Dark World star Natalie Portman hinted months ago that Marvel is planning a female superhero movie and the most talked about candidate for who could lead their own feature one day is Ms. Marvel. With Vision joining The Avengers sequel, there’s another long-running rumor we’re revisiting that Ms. Marvel could also be introduced. She’s been namedropped by Marvel co-president Louis D’Esposito as a character of interest for a Marvel One-Shot and Hollywood talent ranging from Yvonne Strahovski and Katee Sackhoff to Emily Blunt and Ruth Wilson have all at one point talked about or been rumored for the role. There’s even been rumors of Black Panther showing up in The Avengers sequel in some small way – all of these things potentially laying the foundation for larger roles for them in the future.

Add to this the report that Marvel Studios may be planning a quick release for the Guardians of the Galaxy sequel with it taking the tentative May 6, 2016 slot claimed by Disney last summer and that leaves either a third Captain America/Thor movie for May 2017, and two unannounced titles we’re told will likely be new franchises coming later in each of those two years. Doctor Strange is the unofficially confirmed title potentially taking one of the two and the other has remained quite a mystery. For a while it seemed The Inhumans might be the obvious choice, but as we learn more and more about properties and characters the studio is interested in, Hulk, Black Panther and Ms. Marvel are all candidates too, albeit less likely ones.

If Ms. Marvel gets her introduction in The Avengers 2 next year – and we don’t know how her origin story will fit with so much focus being placed on Scarlet Witch, Quicksilver and new villain Ultron (James Spader) – it could be a late addition by writer and director Joss Whedon to quickly setup her own solo film. At the same time, Marvel could also be attempting to beat competitor Warner Bros and DC Entertainment to the punch in getting a female-led feature greenlit (i.e. Ms. Marvel before Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman). Coincidentally, Warner Bros. turned down Joss Whedon’s Wonder Woman script years ago – a good motivator to launch Ms. Marvel first.

Kamala Khan Ms Marvel Comics Will Ms. Marvel Be Introduced In The Avengers 2 or Phase 3?

What could also lend credence to the idea of Ms. Marvel getting a big screen debut is in how the character is getting a big push in the comics. Marvel uses all of their entertainment mediums to help promote the films – just look at how Guardians of the Galaxy exploded in the comics front and how it’s getting an animated series (reportedly airing next fall). Carol Danvers has traditionally taken up the Ms. Marvel alias in the comics but new character Kamala Khan, Marvel’s first Muslim character to headline a book, has taken up the mantel for the third volume of the Ms. Marvel series which debuted to critical acclaim this week. Danvers meanwhile, lives on as Captain Marvel.

If Marvel Studios wants to boost the diversity of The Avengers, bringing in not only a super-powered female, but a Muslim character (i.e. Khan instead of Danvers) would be a very smart way to go. Could even have them both in a Ms. Marvel film. And yes, we all want Black Panther to join the Marvel Cinematic Universe soon too! Did I mention that Khan is an Inhuman? Let the obvious speculative connections to an Inhumans movie and the source of Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver’s powers begin!

For comparison sake, Carol Danvers is a little overpowered for the film universe. She can fly, move super fast, has super strength and can absorb and fire energy blasts. Kamala Khan on the other hand, is a little more grounded and can almost be compared to Mr. Fantastic in that she can stretch her limbs and change her shape.


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Captain America: The Winter Soldier hits theaters April 4, 2014, Guardians of the Galaxy on August 1, 2014The Avengers: Age of Ultron on May 1, 2015, Ant-Man on July 17, 2015, and unannounced films for May 6 2016, July 8 2016 and May 5 2017.

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  1. The pressure is on now for a super-powered female.

    FOX could have been the first to do this with Rogue… but… yeah…

    If only Trish Stratus could act. *sighs* I’ve been referring to her as Ms. Marvel for years.

    • So disappointed how they made the Rouge/Character out to be, weak, useless. I hope they do a way with Black Widow in place of Ms. Marvel or She Hulk.

      • Was just thinking the same thing yesterday when I read a comic that had Rogue throwing a train off the track. Ah well, if there’s ever a reboot, they can probably do her justice.

      • I loved the Anna Paquin Rogue, because she was a real, believable character.

    • Don’t know about act, but she sure can kiss (*sigh*)!

    • did rouge steal her powers (strength, flight) from miss marvel thats how it was explained in the 90s cartoon? maybe there was some contract problem like how marvel cant say that QS and SW are magnitos kids?

      • Yeah, Rogue did absorb Ms. Marvels powers in the comics as well, and they’ve had an interesting love/hate relationship since.

    • You’re kind of ambiguous with your meaning. Do you mean in a lead role in their own feature film? Because otherwise besides Rogue, the various studios putting out Marvel-related comic properties have had Jean Grey, Storm, Mystique, Invisible Woman, Emma Frost, Angel and Sif in various films (with varying degrees of success). I would never say no to more well done female characters but, once again, “first” isn’t really up for grabs anymore.

      • Oh, don’t intentionally act like you don’t understand what I’m saying.

        There has yet to be any female character displayed on film that can do what Ms. Marvel can do, by any studio.

        • Actually, I didn’t understand what you were trying to say because you weren’t clear in any way, shape or form. I mean, “super-powered” includes an awful lot, you know? Switch to decaf there doc.

    • re: Vision …. as all other rumors, etc – when did Marvel or Joss Whedon formally announce Vision will be in the movie?
      why is everyone assuming this is correct ? Even if the rumored reports are true and Paul Bettany was on the set and even if he was being done make up test on (which in itself is kind of hard to believe that so many people would be privy to – that a spy would be able to report so specifically on). Is it likely and possible he Bettany went to visit the set – sure of course. Is it plausible he’ll play Vision and that was Marvel’s plan all along – DEFINITELY (considering he fits the role perfectly – including his height – he’s 6 foot plus).

      BUT …. please all readers – stop assuming every rumor is true. Here’s how’s casting works for major movies: there are at 1st very few people in on it – ie. the casting director (and their small staff) – the main producers, directors & top level crew. So few people that any potential leak can be determined very quickly – especially this early in the process. So always take any & all rumor with a major grain of salt – or least do go making SOOOOO many assumptions based on VERY little facts (if any).

      Do I hope the rumors are correct ? SURE – he’d be great – is there a chance he might just be meeting with Joss for possible future movies – also – very likely. And also – please stop trying to assume you (or any average reader) or ANY websites – know for sure anything about the actors contracts – unless you have it in your hands (which you don’t) – and even if you do – FYI – contracts can be extended, amended at anytime – very common for such large movies.

      So also stop assuming RDJ, Chris Evans, SLJ or any of the actors – might not just extended their contracts and increasing their paychecks, etc – as Marvel will likely do whatever they can to keep all the actors for as many movies as they can (yes even as they get older).

  2. I think this is just dumb, its like having the character New Line, or Warner Bros showing up in the movie, its a little to spot on. I mean how does she explain her name? “Oh I was named after a comic book publishers wet dream, but come meet my friend Ms Nike, she runs really fast!!!”

    • kinda like how captain america is THE american, or batman looks like a bat therefore is batman? superhero names have always been obvious and cheesy, this isn’t a new thing whatsoever.

      • Look! It’s “The Flash”! And he is shooting the moon with no clothes on! Names must make the man (hee-hee!).

      • You forgot Ant-Man, LOL. I think that’s the most ridiculous superhero name of them all even iron-fist sounds more intimidating and interesting. The title names that you brought up are a poor example of lame names for super heroes there are a lot worse names out there like captain boomerang. What insertoil is trying to say is if you want to be taken seriously as a title hero you should have a name that sounds intriguing to catch the audiences attention or they’ll laugh at first reaction at the same time I understand what you are saying that execution is key to turn things around but ultimately the title name will always be a joke. I personally don’t see anything wrong with the name Ms. Marvel I always thought that was an interesting name meaning the character is practically impervious to anything thrown at her. For a character named ant-man is just ridiculous and sounds like a parody title for super hero genres.

        By the way Stan Lee himself stated he loved the name Batman because it sounded mysterious.

    • @cricker If you find the naming conventions so problematic maybe comic book-based movies, especially ones focused on super heroes, aren’t really for you. After all, we live in a world where people come up with crazy screen names, and crazy to outright stupid nicknames for themselves all the time, to say nothing about some of the absolutely inane names they give their children… so yeah, someone getting super powers and naming themselves Captain or Ms. Marvel shouldn’t be that big a deal in comparison.

    • Wasn’t Ms Marvel something invented while Marvel and DC had that trademark battle in court over the Captain Marvel name as their way of having a similarly powered character but gender swapped and with a slight name tweak to keep the books going until the lawsuit was settled?

      Saying that though, Marvel didn’t come up with the Captain Marvel character that debuted a year after Superman did but their 60s creation with the exact same name was the reason they had the lawsuit, won it and got to keep the name while DC’s Captain Marvel was unofficially named Shazam! on his front covers.

      That’s as far as I always saw it anyway so yeah, not sure if it was vanity or just laziness on the part of writers coming up with literally hundreds of new characters all the time and a deadline to meet for the new book (most likely the latter, as I know from personal experience with my own characters and pieces of writing that number into the hundreds).

    • Didn’t she get her powers from the Kree known as…wait for it…Mar-Vel? 😮

  3. The only Ms Marvel I’m interested in is Carol Danvers. The American blonde that can fly.

  4. With the number of Superheroes in the next Avengers, it is really running the risk of becoming the next Spiderman 3

    • Every screenrant post about The Amazing Spider-Man 2 called and wants their complaint back…

    • No… Amazing Spiderman 2 is running the risk of becoming the next Spiderman 3.

  5. This movie is getting way too crowded. Its starting to look like Batman vs Superman.

    • ??? Avengers 2 already has more characters on the roster than Batman V. Superman. Stop using baseless arguments to bash DC. It’s getting annoying.

      • You know you are right. This movie is getting way too crowded, its starting to look like Spiderman 3.

        • Did you just respond to a previous comment you made an hour before just so you could agree with yourself?

    • I never understood this argument either. People quite easily watch a 20 min episode with 10 or more superheroes in it and understand the plot fine and enjoy it. But woah wait a minute, a 2-3 hour film with more than 5 superheroes…brain can not compute…

      • Dangit you just got me in trouble with the boss because I just laughed out loud in a quiet office afternoon! DOH!

  6. If they add her, it should be because she’s a great character, not because they need to boost diversity.

    It’s a movie, not the census.

  7. I guarantee Margot Robbie ends up getting cast if this actually happens.

  8. My attention span is pretty good, so I wouldn’t mind a number of superheroes in one movie. If I can sit thru animated movies that have alot of characters, then I can sit thru a movie with that as well. No different than any other movie with multiple characters. (ex. The Godfather, The Outsiders, The Warriors)

  9. I’m all for a Ms. Marvel movie but not before Black Panther. She needs to take a number. A movie shouldn’t be made simply because they want a female hero movie before WB’s wonder woman, but if it fits into the Thanos/infinity gauntlet storyline… then that’s the only reason I would accept this film before T’Challa’s. With Guardians 2 taking may 2016 and Dr. Strange likely in summer 2016, then with Thor 3 in may 2017, Ms. Marvel could be the summer 2017 release. Then Cap 3 in spring of 2018 and avengers 3 in summer 2018. Ms. Marvel would bump Panther and hulk to phase 4.

  10. A muslim Ms. Marvel would be awesome with Sarah Shahi in the role

  11. I can see them having a cameo introducing Carol Danvers as a non-powered Shield agent in the Age.

  12. Yeah I think she’s only appearing as Carol Danvers. Rhodey is in the film so she might be introduced as a colleague of his. And I doubt this is a late addition just to compete with WB/DC, Marvel is known for planning things in advance. If you think is a late addition you’re only kidding yourself.

  13. When the “need” for diversity trumps the natural progression of a good story I lose interest. Placing such an importance on forced diversity actually hurts the cause itself. I know superman’s white, but tbh I know latino kids and black kids who pretend to be him. Superheroes don’t embody their race or gender, they embody their ideals. If we think people are too stupid to pick up on that I’ve lost all hope in humanity.

    • “Placing such an importance on forced diversity actually hurts the cause itself.”

      Sarcasm: Yeah, that’s why the entire Star Trek franchise isn’t popular at all… smh

      • Star Trek wasn’t shoehorned or forced. That was giving a fair shake to groups and peoples who up to that point had very limited representation in the industry and lead roles in general. I would argue that there is no shortage of that these days.

        • “Star Trek was an attempt to say that humanity will reach maturity and wisdom on the day that it begins not just to tolerate, but take a special delight in differences in ideas and differences in life forms. […] If we cannot learn to actually enjoy those small differences, to take a positive delight in those small differences between our own kind, here on this planet, then we do not deserve to go out into space and meet the diversity that is almost certainly out there.” -Gene Roddenberry

          It was indeed forced. It was forced to be the theme. To teach viewers the lessons in diversity.

          The studio even held them back on several points bcuz in their minds, “it wasn’t believable.” Such as having a female second in command.

          They pioneered diversity on television. Today we should enforce it and keep it going.

          IMO what drew me to Sam Alexander (Latest Nova) was that he was Hispanic. He turned out to be a great character and I’m an ongoing reader with his awesome new series.

          • I see you have missed the point. Good day sir.

            • Then I am missing your point. Examples wouldn’t kill ya. Sorry if my mind is being overflooded by all the other comments on anti-diversity. Thought you were one of the fold.

              • Yeah I’m not anti-diversity, but I do have an issue with the affirmative action model when dealing with the issue. Rather than reflecting reality and taking an approach that doesn’t see race, color, gender, whatever and bases merit solely on ability and character, I find most modern attempts to show diversity to be unrealistic and forced. That’s all.

                • Oh okay. So you’re open to a realistic approach.

          • I realize you won’t understand this, but that mindset is part of the problem, not part of the solution.

            It worked flawlessly in Star Trek because Roddenberry based the series around the concept AND because it was a simpler time. It was almost ridiculously natural because of that, which is (imo) no small part of it’s enduring appeal. It wasn’t a wide variety of races getting together preaching about racial/ethnic/cultural diversity (which is what it always degenerates into nowadays), it was a crew of PEOPLE on a mission.

            For it to work as well and as naturally in the comics and comic-related movies it would have to have been an original part of the premise, it wasn’t and the person to blame for lack of diversity in comics, Marvel especially, is Stan Lee. The irony is he wanted to make all these grandiose social statements in his books but he chose not to in what would have probably been the way that would have made the most substantial, lasting impact: character creation and team building. We wouldn’t be going through many of these debates now if he had made an original member of the original team of Avengers, Fantastic Four or X-Men anything besides Caucasian. It took almost 15 years and Len Wein’s work on the “All New” X-Men relaunch to do that.

            You can also blame recent comics. With all these relaunches and retcons they could easily… EASILY I tell you, have added plenty of diversity, but both the major companies have largely chosen to go with the safer status quo, and that is what the movies are going to be largely based off of, what’s going on in the actual comics. Until there’s a larger, sustained movement in that industry any progress in movies/tv is going to be slow and contentious.

            “They pioneered diversity on television. Today we should enforce it and keep it going.”

            Problem number 1: only American/white culture is expected to diversify. There’s no movement to incorporate such a diversity of other races and/or cultures into Japanese or African American or Hispanic film or television. It’s apparently only if it’s all or mostly white that it’s not considered alright.

            “IMO what drew me to Sam Alexander (Latest Nova) was that he was Hispanic.”

            Problem number 2: the double standard. Substitute the word “Hispanic” in that sentence with any other term but “white” and the general consensus from the PC police is that it’s ok. Then try to replace it with “white” and it magically becomes a completely racist statement. Double standards don’t create diversity, they create more divisions.

            Until people realize this, any potential progress will be fitful and yes, forced, at best.

            All that said, I really don’t care either way. I’m just tired of the one-sided “diversity” argument. They make Johnny Storm African American I’d still go see a FF movie (and hope it’s better than the first 2). And changing Captain Marvel’s ethnicity wouldn’t bother me because it’s been done before… and Monica Rambeau is, in my mind, still the best CM Marvel has had. But I hope they make sure the story works, because doing it just because… DIVERSITY!… is just a bad idea and will lose them more support in the long run than it gains.

            • /discussion

            • @iamgroot
              sir, that was brilliant and insightful.

            • “It wasn’t a wide variety of races getting together preaching about racial/ethnic/cultural diversity”

              Then why was Bones (Human) at a constant conflict with Spock’s Vulcan mindset in every episode? They’d always preach about the differences between the Vulcan and Klingon cultures. Vulcans mostly.

              Let alone mostly every episode would take you to a foreign/alien planet with different cultures that would conflict with an Earther’s mindset.

              “Problem number 2: the double standard. Substitute the word “Hispanic” in that sentence with any other term but “white” and the general consensus from the PC police is that it’s ok. Then try to replace it with “white” and it magically becomes a completely racist statement. Double standards don’t create diversity, they create more divisions.”

              I’m Mexican, the fact that Sam has descendants from a Spanish speaking culture made me think, “Nice! A superhero who’s household is just like mine!” Therefore that’s what drew me into reading about him in the beginning. An as I got to know him as an individual I liked him even more and also for other reasons/Nova Corps related.

              Also, Sam is of a Spanish cultural descent. They never really used any labeling words in the comic to tell you. I used the word “Hispanic” bcuz that’s what wiki had used to describe his descendants. Sorry if I offended you in some way shape or form.

  14. Yvonne Strahovski would be a PERFECT addition to Avengers universe.

    Scarlett Johanson and Yvonne sharing screentime on the same movie would be awesome, and an action scene involving Ironman, Thor and Miss Marvel could be mindblowing

    • I agree, Yvonne Strahovski to play Carol Danvers is a perfect fit!

      • YS is awesome. i finally got finished with Dexter,[the ending sucked!] and she was terrific in that, and i’m going to re-watch chuck because of her.

  15. They can just power-down Carol Danvers a bit, I’d rather have her than Kamala Khan.

  16. OK first. Call her Carroll Danvers, Ms Marvel is a ridiculous awful name. Make her brunette. Get rid of the stupid, cliche garbage useless mask, so stupid and awful, especially for live action. Next, make her costume and overcoat or body suit like Jim Lee Rogue. Voila! Success!

    • Why change her hair color? There are no blonde female heroes as of now in the films.

  17. I have to ask, when did Ms. Marvel (and Black Panther for that matter) gain such a huge following? I feel a little out of touch since my comic book collecting days were 1990-2002 (ish). I have read about every avengers book prior to 2002 and never were either one all that great or popular. Was there newer stories that made them so amazing?

    That being said, I would enjoy seeing Carol Danvers on screen. I think with Wonder Woman coming up in BvS that this would be a good way for Marvel to also show that women are strong and intelligent people not just the typical Eye Candy they have used them for in the past.

    • Yea, If you ever read Marvel’s Civil War, or Secret Invasion, they really made those characters shine and became (at least for me) very interesting and bad ass characters!

  18. If they bring in Ms. Marvel, it better freeking be Carol Danvers. What an insult to fans to even think about making a movie about a week old character that bears little resemblance to the name.

    Man just thinking of them making a movie about a Muslim superhero right now irks me. Maybe in ten years when were finally out of Iraq and Afgan, maybe, but right now? It would flop.

    • You can still have Yvonne Strahovski play a blonde superhero who also happens to be Muslim.

    • What do Iraq and Afghanistan have to do with anything? Kamala Khan is from New Jersey.

  19. “Doctor Strange is the unofficially confirmed title potentially taking one of the two” Talk about an oxymoron. It isn’t confirmed if it’s still unofficial, lol.

  20. Phase 3! Please!

    Ms. Marvel needs her own introductory movie. She’s that god damn awesome. Wonder Woman awesome.

  21. TOO MUCH! Personally I think all this superhero stuff is becoming too expanded. It’s fine to make a few films about heroes or heroines that the average cinema-goer knows but all these minor characters are just pointless. Who cares about Ms Marvel, or Spidergirl or whatever they’re just re-treads of what has already been. It’s only comic-geeks that really care about them. Ultimately the comic book world, in cinematic terms, will end up blowing itself out. Oh and then they will be rebooted… yawn.. Don’t get me wrong I do love a bit of escapism with a good action flick like Avengers or MoS but I really couldn’t care less about minor characters having their own crack at the limelight.

    • Wow. Not much optimism there.

  22. WTF? Let’s just call this movie what it really is…


    • If it were up to me, I would track both Black Panther and Ms Marvel ahead of Dr Strange.

  23. I want Carol Danvers.

    And she should have her own film as Ms/Cpt Marvel. It seems like the idea female solo vehicle for Marvel Studios.

    But they can easily sneak her into a previous film, Age of Ultron or otherwise, as a brief cameo. No need for it to be a monkey wrench.

    • Ouch ! That actually hurts.