The Avengers 2: Aaron Taylor-Johnson Confirmed For Quicksilver

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Quicksilver Marvel Comics White Hair The Avengers 2: Aaron Taylor Johnson Confirmed For Quicksilver

Breaking: It’s only a matter of time before Marvel Studios makes it official, but it looks like Joss Whedon has found his “brother-sister act” of The Avengers: Age of Ultron. Whedon, who’s directing and writing The Avengers sequel while pulling triple-duty launching Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. television series on ABC and overseeing other elements of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, first revealed that he intended to expand the roster of Earth’s Mightiest in the sequel while doing press for Iron Man 3.

While being vague at first, Whedon was quick to confirm this summer that Captain America, Iron Man, Hulk and Thor would be joined onscreen by two new characters in Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch come 2015, and now we know who’s playing each character.

It was almost four months ago when Aaron-Taylor Johnson (Kick-Ass) was listed as a top contender for the role of Quicksilver, a part he later confirmed to be in talks for – not only for negotiations, but with Whedon himself to determine how they’d adapt the super-fast character for the film. After months of being questioned about the role, Johnson will soon be able to do it with a little more confidence since – according to Latino-Review – it’s a done deal and the casting is confirmed.

Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver as Avengers The Avengers 2: Aaron Taylor Johnson Confirmed For Quicksilver

With Samuel L. Jackson, who plays SHIELD director Nick Fury in the franchise – slipping word yesterday that Elizabeth Olsen is also “confirmed” for The Avengers 2, an actual “official” announcement for the pair from Marvel should be coming imminently. LR recently scooped the Bradley Cooper casting for Guardians of the Galaxy the day before it was made official, and in this case since they are a duo, it would be a logical to announce both at the same time.

Interestingly, Marvel and Whedon are going for proven and high-in-demand talent for the two supporting characters, instead of using the established franchise stars – who are already proven at the box office and among fans – to help propel the careers of relative unknowns (a la Chris Hemsworth). That being said, the acting talent of Olsen and Johnson is unquestionable, and their additions help bolster – and add youth to – an already all-star roster.


Thor: The Dark World on November 8, 2013, Captain America: The Winter Soldier on April 4, 2014, Guardians of the Galaxy on August 1, 2014The Avengers: Age of Ultron on May 1, 2015, Ant-Man on July 31, 2015, and unannounced films for May 6 2016, July 8 2016 and May 5 2017.

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Sources: Latino-Review

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  1. Hell yeah! One of my favorite young actors, and Elizabeth Olsen is phenomenal too.

  2. Good. That is all.

  3. Oh man, Robert… Oh man…

    Confirmation is better than saying official.

    I dislike El, he banned me for voicing my opinion, sorry it’s so strong.

    • El Mayimbe is a dick. He “banhammered” people even when they politely disagreed with him or voiced their concerns about his lack of journalistic integrity.

      • Exactly. I called him out on it, but he didn’t respond.

  4. But I’m very confident that Aaron is/has been in final negotiations to play the speedster, which is fantastic.

    Funny thing is, Aaron is 23, and Liz is 24 (they’ll be 25 and 26 once the film hits)

  5. Is it just me or is it going to be SUPER weird seeing Aaron Johnson and Elizabeth Olsen as a potentially romantic couple in Godzilla and then play brother/sister in Avengers 2?

    • Think that’s weird? Just wait until Oldboy comes out… that is all.

      • LOL

    • Actually they have an odd relationship if you check out the Ultimate universe (INCEST).

      • Haven’t read the Ultimates books beyond the initial team building one right at the beginning (including that movie casting conversation with Stark suggesting Johnny Depp for himself and Fury saying “Samuel L Jackson, of course!”).

        Was it obvious or implied?

        Only ask because in Hellboy 2, Luke Goss said he thought of his character’s relationship with his twin sister as incestuous, explaining the motivations for wanting to protect her as well as the potential to jealously slaughter anyone who got near her.

          • Well we don;t know the story yet. I’m sure that the writers would like nothing better than to put those characters you suggested in, but they have to consider if they’d work with the story they have in mind.

          • I had to hold my breath for a second while reading that.

      • Ultimates are not that great. And they better keep incest out of this flick (I think they will keep it out). Let’s just stick to the way these characters were in the comics in the 60s and early 70s.

        • Seriously doubt they would bring in the incest factor when Marvel tries to cater to all ages on the big screen. Don’t think the kiddies will be getting a glimspe of brother and sister making out.

    • Well, I have zero interest in seeing Godzilla. But, you’re right about it being weird.

    • They’re actually MARRIED in Godzilla. so yeah, even weirder.

  6. This simply amounts to cheap and inexpensive talent because of rdj huge
    salary, because who the heck would cast godzilla’s actors in A2 when there is more talent out there that can actually resemble the characters. They as well
    cast godzilla as the vision while they are at it.

    • Resemble the characters? Jesus, you sound like the Hunger Games fans when Jennifer Lawrence was casted. Calm down, Aaron Johnson and Elizabeth Olsen are great talents. If you don’t believe me then watch their dramatic work. They’ll do perfect fine.

      • Yeah, but Olsen’s dimensions are nothing like Wanda Maximoff. Its like casting Kate Moss as the lead in a Kim Kardashian Bio flick.

        • It’s called diversity. Some actors have it.

        • dimensions? wtf are you on about?

    • That’s how they cast a LOT of their actors. Look at Chris Hemsworth, Jeremy Renner, Chris Pratt, ScarJo, etc. They pick these actors up on the cheap who are about to become big, sign them up on a monster contract and watch them explode into A-list stars. It’s worked like magic so far!

      • Whooa there… Renner and ScarJo were already Oscar nominees when Marvel sign them up.

        • Well, Renner was but they signed him up that same year of his Oscar nomination before he became really big.

    • Wha?

    • Your comment just proves how underrated these actors are, these actors are very talented.

      • Yea I cant beleive this guys comment. Olsen is a phenomenal actress and Aaron is great as well, def a young up and coming star.

  7. Aaron Johnson and Elizabeth Olsen? I am greatly satisfied.

  8. Yea I cant beleive this guys comment. Olsen is a phenomenal actress and Aaron is great as well, def a young up and coming star.

    • Anyway, this is great news. I still dont really know why they decided to add these characters but they did get two great actors/actresses to play them so thats good. Sounds pretty greay so far; I mean Spader, Johnson, and Olsen? Thats some great casting additions.

  9. Just one thing left; let Wright announce Benedict Cumberbatch is playing Ant-Man and let the internet run rampant. Please *cross fingers*

    • Pretty sure the role of Ant-Man is ultimately between Ewan McGregor & Simon Pegg.

      • +1

        • I’ll +1 that too, mainly because I’m so over Cumberbatch. The internet has completely overrated and fawned over him to the point that now, talented or not, I just don’t want to see him on screen for a long time.

          • Thank you for saying that.

          • just like the WAYYYY OVERRATED Nathan Fillion! Im so over that clown.

      • Oh my, Ewan McGregor as Hank Pym? If that’s for real, I’m gonna have a seizure of excitement XD “Come what may…”

  10. Latino-Review confirmed it? hahahahahaaaaa

    • Before you laughed at LR, please count how many leaks they have announced that has been right lately. Rocket Raccoon, Groot, Saorise Ronan in Star Wars, and several others. Sure, sometimes they miss, but doesn’t mean they are a complete failure, and no I’m not even defending them because I like them. Just saying this because many people only points on flaws just because one slipped one or two time, nobody’s perfect so don’t judge them one-sidedly just because of that :)

    • Latino Review is right on a lot of their stuff. There’s always some jackarse who comments when they’re mentioned, it’s usually someone who isn’t informed enough to be aware of their great track record.

      • They have missed on a couple of things.

  11. Was an interesting story until I read – “according to Latino-Review”….

    • Latino Review is usually right on their scoops.

  12. I`m excited about this news still bummed about Quicksilver in X-MEN though but I`m sure it will turn out to be interesting


  14. Told you so… I said Marvel intentionally halted their announcement for Olsen to wait for the ‘brother’ so they can be announced together. I’m sure sooner or later, official word will be out. And yes, this is how you treat a brother-sister duo. I’m looking at you FOX… (cause I’m still annoyed with how you treated Quicksilver when you had all the rights and chance to utilize him the right way).

  15. After reading the article, it appears that they have new information that nobody else is yet privy to, because of the use of the word “exclusive”. The problem is that author then fails to follow it up with how he received this information and precedes directly into giving some backstory about Olsen and Taylor-Johnson. So it all comes down to the reputation of Latino Review, which I would say is weakly reliable at best. I wouldn’t mind waiting for a more reliable source.

    I have always questioned Latino Review’s reliability, because they always say they have the “exclusive” but never claim how they got this information, as I know they don’t receive exclusives like Deadline, Hollywood Reporter, and comic-based sites most of the time.

  16. I am greatly pleased to see Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch in this flick! About the only thing that could make me happier is if Goliath (Hank Pym) and Wasp were in there as well!

  17. I’ve seen Johnson in several movies. He’s very good. It’s going to take a lot of talent to portray Quicksilver, who can be a very flawed and unlikeable character. I do hear good things about Olsen’s acting chops. I personally see Scarlet Witch as a possible crazy polarizing character. She is either a super seductress with crazy powers or a super crazy damzel in distress, who forgot to take her meds. Not exactly superhero character types. The big question here is how are they super powered. Fox owns the rights to all mutants in the Marvel universe. That may be how their parts move the bigger acts of the Avengers overarching storyline. It may also explain why characters like Black Panther, Ms. Marvel, etc, etc, are not apart of the story thus far. End of Line.

  18. I haven’t seen a lot with Olslen and Johnson in it but I think they’ll be awesome in the roles

  19. Hm… I dunno. Seems forced.

    • They have been in talks for months. How does it seem forced?

    • I would say “it seems forced” to that person because they haven’t been following the developments over the past months, but I know for a fact FILTHpig is up to his tlts in Marvel movie obsession.

      So I don’t know the reason he would say it.

  20. It would be really daring if they actually went with the incestuous relationship between Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch in the movies. Having them keep that secret and being so close would really effectively highten the drama. It would also force the audience to face the question of “forbidden love” in a modern version.

    Before in history it was love between persons from different social classes, interracial love, then gay love… now incestuous love is basically the only really forbidden love left for drama.

    And also, it would probably make the audience feel conflicted. Having a sibling pair help to save the world, putting their lives on the line…. and then we reject them and are disgusted by them because they deeply love each other? Or could we find it in our heart to accept their love?

    Anyway, would have been interesting. But of course they won’t go that route in the safe PG-13 superhero universe. But… as mentioned, would have been pretty ballsy to do so.