How ‘Planet Hulk’ & ‘World War Hulk’ Could Factor Into Marvel’s Phase 2 & Phase 3

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World War Hulk vs Iron Man How Planet Hulk & World War Hulk Could Factor Into Marvels Phase 2 & Phase 3

When Mark Ruffalo joined Marvel Studios’ The Avengers, taking over the role of Bruce Banner from Edward Norton, he signed a six-picture contract with the studio. Since Iron Man 1, it’s become the norm for Marvel to lock up their stars long-term for franchising purposes, but in Ruffalo’s case, there was seemingly no chance of The Incredible Hulk 2 becoming a reality anytime soon since both Hulk solo films didn’t bank big numbers at the box office.

With Marvel interested in up to six appearances of the character however, and seemingly no hints of Ruffalo popping up in any of the pre-Avengers 2 Phase Two (2) films, where does that leave Hulk in the coming years?

Latino-Review’s El Mayimbe is steamrolling the Marvel movie cosmic scoops and if this latest double-report (which I will dub the gamma radiation bomb) proves true in the coming years, then Marvel Studios will be very unhappy about these long-term plans leaking early. The following report details a possible future of Mark Ruffalo’s Hulk and where the character may fit into the studio’s Phase 2 and Phase 3 plans.


***Potential Spoilers Ahead – You  Have Been Warned***


 Planet Hulk 2010 1 570x320 How Planet Hulk & World War Hulk Could Factor Into Marvels Phase 2 & Phase 3

Of the core heroes that form The Avengers the only character that’s been recast so far is Bruce Banner AKA The Hulk. Before Marvel Studios became a self-financing production house, Eric Bana played the character in Ang Lee’s adaptation and a quasi-sequel of sorts had Edward Norton star. Norton couldn’t maintain a relationship with Marvel and the studio replaced him with Mark Ruffalo for The Avengers and fortunately for everyone involved (i.e. Not Norton), he nailed it and became scene-stealing fan-favorite.

Despite the wonderful performance and Whedon’s take on the character pushing Banner in the story to have more control over his big green alter ego, the character failed to bank big numbers in both of his solo outings prior. And even before The Avengers dominated the worldwide box office, another Hulk-headlining feature seemingly didn’t factor into Marvel’s plans up to 2017 which we heard about two years ago from Paul Gitter, Marvel Entertainment’s President of Consumer Products for North America.

New Hulk Movie in 2015 How Planet Hulk & World War Hulk Could Factor Into Marvels Phase 2 & Phase 3

According to El Mayimbe however, Hulk’s character in The Avengers 2 – a film which Whedon says will take the characters to a dark place – will hit an all new low when it comes to losing control and it’ll force Earth’s Mightiest and the Marvel cinematic universe’s version of the Illuminati (secret council of high-profile superheroes) to launch the big green giant into space where he can do no harm. Fans of the books know what this means and yes, Planet Hulk is what these actions result in – Hulk will, according to LR’s sources, have another standalone film and it’s one that Marvel President of Production Kevin Feige publicly expressed interest in last year, when he said the following to MTV about there being no new Hulk movie until after The Avengers 2.

“I don’t think there’s a lot that we couldn’t do someday, as the cinematic universe continues to grow and expand and get as big as the comic book universe. ’Planet Hulk’ is a cool story. ‘World War Hulk’ is a cool story… I think there are pitfalls of continuity-overload, and mythology getting so dense that it almost collapses in on itself. It happens every few decades or so in the comics. Apart from that, I’d say everything is on the table.”

“Do I think Hulk can carry a movie and be as entertaining as he was in ‘Avengers’? I do believe that. I do believe he absolutely could. We certainly are not even going to attempt that until ‘Avengers 2. So there’s a lot of time to think about it.”

The release slate for Phase 2 is locked down after being completely unveiled at Comic-Con last summer. Unlike Phase 1 which had six films, Phase 2 houses five:

  • Iron Man 3
  • Thor: The Dark World
  • Captain America: The Winter Soldier
  • Guardians of the Galaxy
  • The Avengers 2


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  1. I would be so excited if this ends up happening. I love the Planet Hulk storyline and think it would make a great, fun film.

    • +1 on beta-ray Bill, I am hoping for him too! say screenrant, you guys should do a 10 supporting heroes/villians we would love to see, like beta-ray bill, Thunderstrike, the Beetle/Mach5(still not sure who his rights belong too), and Photon perhaps?

    • @ShowNuffDaKing, I was thinking the same thing. That totally makes sense. Have Planet Hulk as two movies. The end of the 1st movie would be when Beta Ray Bill destroying all the obedience discs and the slaves run free.

      However they would have to introduce the Inhumans and Beta Ray Bill before the Planet Hulk movies.

      • That doesn’t happen in the comics though, its silver surfer

  2. this is insane… i dont know how they could top this. i was wondering what could be bigger than thanos and we have already had him… THE HULK!

    planet/WWHULK is just insane, if at the end of the avengers 2 hulk does something crazy and unpredictable like going to an even crazier and uncontrollable place then this would be perfect. at the end of the avengers 2 sent him away.

    biggest problem though is like you say, hulk would be the BAD guy and how can you translate that into a hulk movie, where he is the star? its would be hard. maybe get us to sympathise with the hulk? i dont know, this is just awesome.

    hope this turns out

  3. Love the Planet Hulk idea, but I don’t think the World War Hulk being Avengers 3 is a good idea.

    They get you to root for Hulk From Incredible Hulk, Avengers and Planet Hulk and then want you to root against him in Avengers 3?

    If its me planning it out, I have Thanos be the one who is responsible for sending Hulk to war planet via the Infinity Gauntlet at the end of Avengers 2. At the end of Planet Hulk have the Guardians find him and bring him back to Earth. Avengers 3 could be World War Hulk, but have Hulk’s sons be the bad guys who the Avengers have to fight against.

  4. Maybe we should get one more earth-set Hulk story before we dive into Planet and World War Hulk. I would like to see how the Leader and other villains would play out in a Hulk movie first.

  5. YES Beta Ray Bill.

  6. I could see the higher ups ( the shadow figures who talk to fury on screens) be responsible for the decision to send hulk after a massive wide scale destruction caused by him and whoever the big bad in #2 will be. End with him on the nex planet, set up for planet hulk. End planet hulk with ship explosion – mid credits Hulk emerging from the debri.

    P.s. would love to see Starks Hulk Armor from the comics

  7. I could see this working in Avengers 2.

    Hulk goes “beserk” during the climax fight, has to be restrained and is deemed unstable. But they can do it less from a Illuminati betrayal and more of a Banner understanding and willing to be punished. So they end the movie with Stark & Co shooting him out to space.

    Planet Hulk stays mainly to the comic premise with the self-destruction of his ship killing his wife/kid and Hulk going back to Earth for revenge at the end (*now* thinking that the Illuminati betrayed him and wanted to kill him rather than just send him to a deserted planet).

    Avengers 3 starts with them battling Hulk (and shows Iron Man Hulk Armor) but eventually he finds out that whoever the big bad for A3 is was responsible for the bomb on his ship, Hulk re-aligns with the Avengers 3. So A3 starts a bit like WWHulk but ends up an Avengers movie.

  8. Who says this has to end with a phase 3? Can there not be an avengers 4 without a whole other phase? Lol

  9. If they do a WWH movie, I bet that the counsel, the one that Fury was talking to in The Avengers, will be the one that puts Hulk in space and not the illuminati.

    Unless they get Fox to team up with Marvel.

  10. Personally, I would LOVE to see these 2 Hulk films happen. They would brilliant, and even though yes, Whedon has been branding Hulk as a hero with all the tie-in merch, I know that Joss would easily change that in order to provide a good story. And Mark, as an actor, would be fantastic as playing an exiled hero in space. OOOOH I want this so badly!!!

  11. I wonder why no one has mentioned The Sentry. Was he not a big part of this story line?

  12. “Bring on the Hulkbuster Iron Man armor”

    Yes, yes, a million times yes!!

  13. I’m not sure I’m liking the idea…
    but if it’s a chance to see Hulk in action again (as well as Mr Rufallo)… then I’m in! XD

  14. I love the frame work of this possibility. One thing, though. You’ve see where Stan Lee and Jack Kirby placed Thor in the Marvel hierarchy. He was really up there. He even challenged Galactus back in 1968 with the mystic power of his hammer.
    Look at the character now. He no longer has his incredible strength (though it seemed he was a few steps higher that Iron Man) His hammer is reduced to an object that he can only throw and retrieve. And he’s out-and-out stupid. In the Avengers, he immobilizes Hulk’s one arm with BOTH of his arms. Of course, ol’ greenie is gonna wallop him with his free hand.

    As a Thor fan I fear that Blondie is going to descend further down the power and intelligence scale to make Hulk look better. Shame, though. If Marvel had the vision, Thor could be Marvel’s answer to Superman (strength), Batman (battle Savvy)and Dr. Fate(mystic power). Guess they’re banking on Hulk, Captain America and Dr. Strange for that, huh?


    • I dunno about that. Whedon pumped him up big in The Avengers. He literally went hand-to-hand with The Hulk.

  15. That is truly cool that their finally making a planet hulk movies but he will be the avengers 2 he go wild ,crazy that get him bashing on earth in planet hulk and he will return in the avengers 3 and world war hulk movies and their two more marvel movies that he wiil appears and future maevel their is doctor strange,black panther,inhuman,ant-man 2, guardians of the galaxy 2.

  16. And still no word on a Black Panther movie, I guess Marvel is not comfortable with having a minority character shown in a positive light on the big screen but until then inhumans, doctor strange & planet hulk will have to do.

    • It’s starting to look that way, huh?

  17. They could bring in the Sentry to fight the Hulk, but that seems like overkill since you could just have Thor fight him to a standstill. Honestly, having Avengers 3 be the Civil War and Avengers 4, with not as long of a break, be WW Hulk makes the most sense. But I can’t wait to see what they do. They haven’t let me down yet, but Guardians may be the first.

  18. Wait Captain America is dead during WWH so avengers three would have to be civil war. I hope that all the studios can come to terms, economically they all benefit. So I don’t see why not?

  19. So what about Samuel Stern? Didn’t he turned into the Leader on The Incredible Hulk?

    • They had a comic called “Fury’s Big Week” that tied all the Phase 1 movies together and showed what happened “behind the scenes”. It shows the Samuel Sterns incident when he became the Leader and SHIELD actually took him into custody. This could, and should, show up at some time. The Leader is actually responsible for the Red Hulk and Red She-Hulk, so that may play at some point.

  20. Planet Hulk? So, he steals a few scenes in one movie and now we’re going to have to sit through Bruce Banner of Mars?

  21. I DO NOT WANT TO SEE HULK AS A VILLIAN!! that will be very stupid, but if it happens he needs to be not a long term villian, I like the thought that Thanos could be controling him BUT I DO NOT WANT HIM COMPLETELY BAD! because there is NO WAY the avengers could take out the CRAZY POWERFUL HULK AND AN ARMY…. NO WAY, That will ruin ALL of this for me, and there is NO bigger fan of the Marvel Movie Universe than me Even my kids think Im crazy about all of this!!!

  22. This may be a heresy to some, but I did not think the Hulk was all that spectacular (I admit The Hulk is not one of my top-tier favorites). Neither Norton or Ruffallo impressed me all that much, and I do not think Hulk could carry another movie solo on his own. Keep him just as a supporting character through maybe one more Avengers installment, then move him out and make room for others like Quicksilver, Goliath, Scarlet Witch, and Wasp. I would not do Planet Hulk, or World War Hulk, and in fact would not do another “Hulk only” movie. He gets ticked off, tuns green and knarly, and clobbers everyone in sight. Sounds like every Saturday night in a college town bar to me. Other characters (like the Avengers I mentioned above) are waiting in the wings with more “developable” storylines, so let’s not get bogged down too much with the Little Green Sprout jacked to the cumalo-nimbuses on steroids!

    • OMG girly-locks! HOW many posts are you gonna say the same babbeling crap on?? HUH?? this is a Planet Hulk WWHulk article and you post 10times saying that it is a bad idea and you dont know who beta ray bill is HOW THE HELL DO YOU KNOW WHAT PLANET HULK IS THEN?? HOW CAN YOU SAY IT IS A BAD IDEA hen you have NO CLUE what it is? that is just stupidity right there.

  23. This just blew my mind

  24. No it wouldn’t. World War Hulk was complete garbage. And is that really an Avengers movie you want to see? One in which Marvel makes the audience hate the Avengers and have them fighting the Hulk? Stories like World War Hulk and Civil War only succeeded in making the fanbase absolutely loathe half the characters in the Marvel Universe. How much worse would it be in the MCU? They’d end up tarnishing multiple movie franchises.

    Not to mention that it wouldn’t make sense. Why would Tony Stark decide to just out-of-the-blue banish the Hulk into space? Does that jive at all with the guy who developed a strong friendship with Bruce Banner? Nevermind the silliness of this “Illuminati” nonsense. It was a bad idea in the comics and it’s an even worse idea in the movies.

    PLANET HULK is a good idea. And it’s one which isn’t dependent on ruining the character of Tony Stark or anyone else they ram into the MCU Illuminati, as the Hulk can end up on Sakaar either through an accident or because an enemy sends him there, like Ross or the Leader. But to have his fellow Avengers shaft him and send him out into space? That’d be atrocious, and if Marvel did that it’d be a sure sign that the MCU was going down in flames. I know that the last thing I’d want to see in an Avengers 3, which’ll likely be Robert Downey Jr’s last turn as Tony Stark, is to see them ruin the character of Tony Stark in the MCU the way they ruined him for years in the comic universe.

    • @Nick:

      I addressed this in my earlier post. Instead of making it like the Illuminati or the Avengers betrayed the Hulk, Banner willing accepts being sent into space because of a widescale “temper tantrum” incident (like in the Avengers movie). Banner is afraid of losing control, it’s a big theme in the Norton Hulk movie, so he willingly goes into space.

  25. But how can they do these two movies (POH and WWH) before they do the classics,like the civil war…In the comic of WWH cap is believed to be dead and thor has left earth after Asgard’s ragnarok…There are many pieces to be told yet before they can move to a step like that with success…That’s my opinnion.

  26. Please don’t go crazy with this and make Hulk the uber-being of the entire universe, which is essentially what happens in these stories. It’s these damn stories that Hulk fanboys always point to when they want to argue that Hulk can defeat Galactus or Thanos or Silver Surfer all by himself… it’s ridiculous.

    • Puny human… Hulk is the STRONGEST there is!!! :)