How ‘Planet Hulk’ & ‘World War Hulk’ Could Factor Into Marvel’s Phase 2 & Phase 3

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World War Hulk vs Iron Man How Planet Hulk & World War Hulk Could Factor Into Marvels Phase 2 & Phase 3

When Mark Ruffalo joined Marvel Studios’ The Avengers, taking over the role of Bruce Banner from Edward Norton, he signed a six-picture contract with the studio. Since Iron Man 1, it’s become the norm for Marvel to lock up their stars long-term for franchising purposes, but in Ruffalo’s case, there was seemingly no chance of The Incredible Hulk 2 becoming a reality anytime soon since both Hulk solo films didn’t bank big numbers at the box office.

With Marvel interested in up to six appearances of the character however, and seemingly no hints of Ruffalo popping up in any of the pre-Avengers 2 Phase Two (2) films, where does that leave Hulk in the coming years?

Latino-Review’s El Mayimbe is steamrolling the Marvel movie cosmic scoops and if this latest double-report (which I will dub the gamma radiation bomb) proves true in the coming years, then Marvel Studios will be very unhappy about these long-term plans leaking early. The following report details a possible future of Mark Ruffalo’s Hulk and where the character may fit into the studio’s Phase 2 and Phase 3 plans.


***Potential Spoilers Ahead – You  Have Been Warned***


 Planet Hulk 2010 1 570x320 How Planet Hulk & World War Hulk Could Factor Into Marvels Phase 2 & Phase 3

Of the core heroes that form The Avengers the only character that’s been recast so far is Bruce Banner AKA The Hulk. Before Marvel Studios became a self-financing production house, Eric Bana played the character in Ang Lee’s adaptation and a quasi-sequel of sorts had Edward Norton star. Norton couldn’t maintain a relationship with Marvel and the studio replaced him with Mark Ruffalo for The Avengers and fortunately for everyone involved (i.e. Not Norton), he nailed it and became scene-stealing fan-favorite.

Despite the wonderful performance and Whedon’s take on the character pushing Banner in the story to have more control over his big green alter ego, the character failed to bank big numbers in both of his solo outings prior. And even before The Avengers dominated the worldwide box office, another Hulk-headlining feature seemingly didn’t factor into Marvel’s plans up to 2017 which we heard about two years ago from Paul Gitter, Marvel Entertainment’s President of Consumer Products for North America.

New Hulk Movie in 2015 How Planet Hulk & World War Hulk Could Factor Into Marvels Phase 2 & Phase 3

According to El Mayimbe however, Hulk’s character in The Avengers 2 – a film which Whedon says will take the characters to a dark place – will hit an all new low when it comes to losing control and it’ll force Earth’s Mightiest and the Marvel cinematic universe’s version of the Illuminati (secret council of high-profile superheroes) to launch the big green giant into space where he can do no harm. Fans of the books know what this means and yes, Planet Hulk is what these actions result in – Hulk will, according to LR’s sources, have another standalone film and it’s one that Marvel President of Production Kevin Feige publicly expressed interest in last year, when he said the following to MTV about there being no new Hulk movie until after The Avengers 2.

“I don’t think there’s a lot that we couldn’t do someday, as the cinematic universe continues to grow and expand and get as big as the comic book universe. ’Planet Hulk’ is a cool story. ‘World War Hulk’ is a cool story… I think there are pitfalls of continuity-overload, and mythology getting so dense that it almost collapses in on itself. It happens every few decades or so in the comics. Apart from that, I’d say everything is on the table.”

“Do I think Hulk can carry a movie and be as entertaining as he was in ‘Avengers’? I do believe that. I do believe he absolutely could. We certainly are not even going to attempt that until ‘Avengers 2. So there’s a lot of time to think about it.”

The release slate for Phase 2 is locked down after being completely unveiled at Comic-Con last summer. Unlike Phase 1 which had six films, Phase 2 houses five:

  • Iron Man 3
  • Thor: The Dark World
  • Captain America: The Winter Soldier
  • Guardians of the Galaxy
  • The Avengers 2


Click to continue to page 2 to see how Hulk will factor into Marvel’s Phase 3!


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  1. This is so damn ballsy and will only work if they take major liberties with the storyline, but I am confident in Marvel and Ruffalo to bring it.

    • One of the reasons why I like these movies, they’re willing to take it all the way and be risky!

    • One of the reasons why I like these movies so much, they’re willing to take it all the way and be risky!

      • unlike the balless Coward that killed Batman, Chrissy nolan.

        • (facepalm)

          • And the award for the ‘facepalm’ of the year goes to…

            Kahless the Unforgettable!!!

  2. Lol if they ever make it to the civil war storyline. Everyone will be in their mid 30′s through 50s by then and possibly Robert Downy Jr could be hitting 60… unless the film back to back like they did with Lord of the Rings.

    • No Civil War storyline, please. Let’s stick to better material than that.

  3. I think I just pooped myself. This is insane! I love it! If this turns out to be real…

    • it this turns out to be real it would be insane

      • This would be crazy if it were not make-believe.

    • Oh, is that what it is that smells? I thought it was some of the ideas mentioned here: Civil War storyline, Planet Hulk, World War Hulk…etc.

  4. Of course, massive liberties will be taken if these story lines are adapted. However, I don’t know what the Hulk could possibly do in one movie to kick him off the planet.

    • Watch planet hulk. Kinda of give you an idea

      • You mean the animated movie? I’ve seen it and it was terrible. If it weren’t for that chick and her dark background the story would be as stupid as that of a regular Masters of the Universe episode, with dialogue that made me cringe and plot twists that I saw coming from miles away. It’s probably great for kids, but as a grown man I felt embarassed for even watching that crap.

        As for the Hulk in the live action movies: I think he’s a great supporting character, but he can’t really stand on his own.

        • i agree the animated planet hulk movie diddnt do the actual storyline of it any justice, they skipped out an most of the best parts and i doubt the live action story could be told correctly in one movie alone though, but i am excited to hear about this anyhow

  5. This would be great! I loved the Planet Hulk and World War Hulk stories. Even the animated feature was brilliant despite not having Silver Surfer (btw why was Surfer not in that? don’t Marvel own all the rights to characters for animated productions? They used Wolverine after all). Maybe they couls use one of the GoTG in surfers place?

    As much as I would love to see this on the big screen I wouldn’t bet on it because of the suggested vilification of the Hulk. Merchandise, especially toys and the like aimed at kids, are big money generators and turning a break out fan favourite into a bad guy may alienate children from him, I just don’t see Marvel taking the risk.
    I don’t see world war hulk but I could say Planet Hulk working though. Perhaps if it was the illuminate who get rid of him (seeing as they can’t use Prof X and Reed anyway) but a villain who wants jolly green out of the way banishes him to Planet Hulk etc etc Hulk comes back just in time to save the day (perhaps too similar to Avengers 1) and remains a hero.

    As much as I would love to see this brought to life, my main reason for not wanting it would be the potential to interfere with Ultron being the big bad in Avengers 3 which is something I am DYING to see (perhaps Ultron could be the one to orchestrate Hulk being banished)

    On an unrelated note: Screen Rant, is it really necessary to split articles into multiple pages? Maybe it’s just me but I would personally like articles on one page as the default. Especially articles like this that aren’t overly long. Just curious

    • I’ve posted this a couple times on different articles but this has been my Planet Hulk adaptation idea since seeing Thanos

      I agree,,,,It doesn’t make sense to villainize him now really….lets see the Hulk and Banners path to fully come together so we can have a more intelligent hulk in the future…..which to me is needed if we ever want to get a better earth based Hulk movie. His next solo movie after this would be against the leader.

      I’ve said it for awhile but just have Thanos zap him across the galaxy to Sakaar mid A2 with the Space/purple gem….first meeting between them it makes sense that the Hulk would try to Loki-smash him….and it fails miserably….so Thanos sends him to one of the most dangerous planets in the galaxy

      But Gives the appearance of his death to the audience and The rest of the Avengers…..then the Easter egg at the end is him popping into the sky falling towards the camera, cut to a hooded figure (Hiroim) standing up to see…alien sky all around…cut to black…hulk yell

      Simple clean, requires much less build up and Hulk gets to continue down his more heroic road

      The movie can stay mostly the same except I’d drop the love story bit, and make the main emotional focus on Banner and The Hulk coming together to get out of this place. That tossed in with the giant monsters for him to smash…’d be awesome. Then of course have him go after the Red King.

      The Warbound could be tweaked I guess if they wanted to add a more recognizable character to it…but at any rate it would be full of little seeds about the cosmic side of things..races, history, etc. I’m not sure which characters they’d add but there are other GOTG members and plenty of cosmic heroes they could put in there.

      Then just have the GOTG find him near the end…..maybe with Stark too..who knows how to track large amounts of gamma radiation from A1… so it makes some sense….and supposedly will be out there anyway according to rumors.

      They could even make that another movie, if GOTG does well, adding Ironman would only make it bigger. That’s what’s happening in the comics now so it’s definitely possible.

      • we’re on the same page, i like the idea of redskull being the red king but would they go that route?

        • Some nice ideas there Ace. Just goes to show that the stories are do-able. By the time this would get into production Wallbanger perhaps Hugo Weaving would be up for another super-villain part, you never know..

      • I love this idea!! Good work good sir!

        • +1 Bravo

    • i get what your saying there, but from how i read both planet hulk and world war hulk, he diddnt seem vilified in either story to me, starting out with the illuminati sending him off to another planet and the hulk feeling verry betrayed, to be put in a hostile world he eventually taking over just to be stabbed in the back again when his ship destroyed his planet, wife and child, he becomes something of an anti-hero at this point similar to the punisher in the sence that he goes back to earth to seek his revenge, i just hope that if this is true to happen that they dont screw it up by making some lame changes to the story lol, and actually tell the whole thing instead of the abridged animated version of planet hulk

    • i dissagree kids love bad guys and hulk has never been the real good guy he smashes and saves the day but i wouldnt call him a TRUE Good guy

  6. With the pace they are moving I think we will not see much hulk,or hulk the grandpa version !:(

  7. Heres what i’d like to see.

    Avengers 2 would include Hulk character, but at the end he ends up sacrificing himself for the greater good and strand himself on another planet. One more comfortable with his strength and where he can really help the native people (aliens?). This would be similar to the ending of “Thor” or “Disney’s Hercules” This would then explain his absence from any further Marvel movie, while at the same time let him do his own thing in a live action Planet Hulk movie sometime in the future.

  8. Bring on the civil war. Maybe by that time we might have a deal made out with sony and/or fix with maybe doing a few movies together to make a big crossover event. It doesnt necissarily have to have every charachter in the same movie. Maybe have 1 or 2 movies with all the characters, and each seperate studio makes their films with cameos from some of the other studios heroes. I think that would be awesome. You already have fox trying to bring all their properties together like marvel studios has done. And why wouldnt they want ti get in on it. Look how much money would come out of that. I think its very do able.

  9. This is why I like Screenrant: You guys get it. I’ve been seeing people everywhere crying out how it doesn’t make sense to make A3 completely centered around the Hulk. But they don’t realize that anything that deals with the Hulk coming back to attack Earth will be rolled into a much bigger scheme, and the WWH plotline will just be a part of it.

    • This is also why I like Screen Rant!

  10. Yes this is big news, but I have some even bigger news. An overlooked “Super Bowl Scoop” Christian Bale will be reprising his role as Batman in the upcoming Justice League movie. Insiders say Warner Bros Pictures and Legendary Productions have ended their feud and are pushing forward to bring “The DCSU” to life, no matter what the coast.

    Christopher Nolan has come onboard as the creative “Overseer “ of the DCSU. A Warner Bros spokesmen in a statement given to me in my own mind has said “ We at the WB are dedicated to our fans and will hold true to the decades long storytelling and tradition that DC Comics have provided for multiple generations, to do otherwise would be criminal.

    • Why would you waste your time even typing that?
      Get a hobby dude

      • @Shamose

        • My post was a legitimate question and as such a valid use of my time.
          I am generally interested in the mindset of someone who posts a complete fabrication with no citation on an article that made no mention of Batman, DC or Nolan

          I then offered advice on how you could make better use of your time.

          so it’s not really a black pot/kettle situation

          Though if you were simply using those things as a metaphor for my hotness, I am flattered

          • @Shamose

            Shamose = Internet nerd.

            • I think the “nerd” has a point… do you have any proof to back up your claim?

              • The Avenger: I would advise you to take a harder look at my first post before you judge. Otherwise you are making a fool of yourself.

                • @Stabber, This is a thread about the Hulk, Marvel Studios, NOT DC. I’m not a DC hater but it would make more sense to place your post on a DC oriented thread.

                • @Stabber: I’m the fool huh? Well, at least I’m not a troll making up a bunch of BS on an unrelated article and pissing people off.

                  • I agree with everyone. I hate trolls. Plus there’s been no news on justice league. As of now, they’re waiting to see how man of steel does before moving forward with anything, which makes me wonder if that movie will even come out. So stop making up stuff even if u are just kidding around or trying to be funny (which u aren’t)

    • Thanks Kanye.

    • you wanna cite the reports?

      Because both Nolan and Bale have repeatedly said they are not doing another Superhero movie are a long while, especially not Justice League. They made enough money and in demand enough that no matter how much money WB throws at them, they will not be doing it. They both have too much integrity.

      Nolan didnt even want to do a trilogy when he started “Batman Begins”, his brother talked him into it with his script.

      • Dude, if you take a hard look at the story I just broke, there is no disputing it. Facts are facts. Whether they are in my own mind or if for some reason they scare you. DC will always rule over Marvel.

        • Stop tricking people with that bullsh*t, its not going to happen. Bale and Nolan have BOTH said they have nothing to do with the upcoming Justice League film. Nolan’s trilogy is set apart from this new movieverse DC/WB is doing and Bale has said he is not returning as Bats. So stop it with all these freakin’ rumors about Bale being Batman in JL. Just stop

          • On an unrelated note…….i’ve discussed the possibilities of a Planet Hulk movie with Ace. Im not sure which article it was but if you want to read a better description of his idea, poke around the GotG or Antman/Doctor Strange articles. His theory seems pretty solid and legit. I would be beyond happy if Marvel does a Planet Hulk film and can pull it off right. As for the World War Hulk film, i dont see why making Hulk the ‘villain’ would be less profitable. When a kid goes to Toys R Us or something, do you really think he’s going to pick an Ironman action figure over a Hulk one after seeing Ironman get his ass beat by Hulk? In my own opinion, i’d say in most cases the answer would be no. Bring on Planet Hulk and World War Hulk, it would be epic and would add to the hype for the final showdown of the Avengers 3.

        • what is it with idiots on the internet not knowing the definition of the word “fact”
          You typing something on an internet comment section doesnt make something a fact, just like typing “there’s no disputing it” doesnt automatically make your argument iron clad. You provide no sources or evidence of any kind to back up your “big story” that you “broke” Yet there is plenty of evidence and quotes that directly refute your claim
          I suppose you think that “DC will always rule over marvel” is also a “fact”

        • Oh and Name one good movie DC has out aside from The Dark Knight trilogy? Which was great dont get me wrong and I’m still waiting to see , if the Man of Steel will bank or bust. You Probably have a screenplay that you wrote and I bet your trying to get it off the ground to be made into a movie. Oh wait! You live at home in your moms basement and Think your opinion on movies is bettter then every one else.


          Just stating the facts. You don’t have to sound like an ass every time you post either.

          • Thank you, i honestly cant think of a DC film that wasnt Batman or Superman before Green Lantern came out. And that bombed horribly

          • *cough* “WATCHMEN” *cough*


            • But technically that doesnt count, its not the same universe as the regular DC. Whatever, to hell with it. Its a DC movie, but other than that and GL most DC movies are Bats or Supes

              • “Swamp Thing” and “Return Of The Swamp Thing” (^-^)

            • the animated movies are very good, btw

          • OK, one good movie? Green Lantern! (yes, you rea that right!). It was a good first attempt, that granted could be improved on (better script for #2, dump the bedroom scenes and cornball humor), and better than the Batman movies, which do not impress me much. We need Reynolds as a more serious Green Lantern and playing Hal Jordan vs. Sinestro, and I hope DC gets it together and starts working on that first thing in the morning. And a Flash movie. In fact, I will go way out on a limb, and suggest, how about a team-up movie with Green lantern (Hal Jordan/Ryan Reynolds) and The Flash (Barry Allen) vs. an evil Sinestro and the Reverse Flash (Professor Zoom)? You could make a heck of a movie right there with that, with a super two-on-two “cage match”! Oh my gosh, be still, my palpitating ventricles!

    • wb/dc isn’t that bright & you need a life.

  11. See, this is why I love Marvel Studios! Do you think Fox could ever pull something like this off with the X-Men? Of course not. I can’t wait for this to happen. Marvel FTW!

  12. I am all for the appearance of Beta-Ray Bill, but I still think that there is a chance that we could see a thunderbolts movie. Some would say it isnt super likely, however it would provide a good break from the general makeup of the other movies, and provide a good another new title, that involves characters that are normaly the antagonist. And we would gain some more heroes that dont need/already have a backstory that you dont realize till later in the movie

    • I am really not up on what Beta Ray Bill (dumb name) really is, or his back-story or anything. He kind of looks like Thor with a horse-head. Did Odin breed with Mr. Ed and produce that dumb-looking thing? Someone enlighten me, please.

      • Beta-Ray Bill(AKA Beta-Ray Thor) is the Champion of the Korbanites, a race of aliens whose homeworld was destroyed by Surtur(Nasty guy from the asgaurdin firerealm, is believed to be showing up in Thor2) hs was cyberneticly enhanced(thus his current appearance which is different from that of other korbinites) he is on his refugee ship Scuttlebut protecting the rest of the Korbonites who are in statis,
        when thor shows up and is beleived to be a threat(appaerently to thier sensors thor looks the same as a fire demon) Bill fights against thor, and seperates thor from his hammer and he turns into Doctor Blake his alter-ego(at this time more than 60seconds away from his hammer will do this)

        He then proceeds to beat down thor with his own hammer, defeating him, then odin spirits them both away, has them do a battle to the death, which bill again wins, but refuses to kill thor. Odin then rewards him with his own hammer stormbreaker.

        And there is the balad of beta-ray Bill, there is more to the story however its enough to say he became an ally of thor, and fought by his side again…. he also has a spaceship would could be usseful, I could really see him showing up in this. if you want more, look him up yourself

  13. this is insane… i dont know how they could top this. i was wondering what could be bigger than thanos and we have already had him… THE HULK!

    planet/WWHULK is just insane, if at the end of the avengers 2 hulk does something crazy and unpredictable like going to an even crazier and uncontrollable place then this would be perfect. at the end of the avengers 2 sent him away.

    biggest problem though is like you say, hulk would be the best guy and how can you translate that into a hulk movie? its would be hard. maybe get us to sympathise with the hulk? i dont know, this is just awesome.

    hope this turns out

    • bad guy*

      dont know how i messed that up XD too excited

  14. You gotta give Latino review especially @elmayimbe credit for dropping what now has to be the scoop of the year so far. Marvel really isn’t going to like the fact that this broke out, cause this has been all over the net ! If they pull planet hulk and world war hulk off, then this is going to be some sensational cinematic stuff coming from Marvel in the next coming years.

    OK WB /DC let’s announce the cast for the justice league film to steal some thunder from this scoop!

    • So true.

      But man, if this proves NOT to be true…

  15. we seem to be forgetting that due to the events of Planet Hulk, Hulk actually (in a separate story arch) has a son named Skar. He could be the villain for a World War Hulk film…its a pretty interesting story…I would look into it.

  16. Sweet

  17. Bout to watch planet hulk animated on Netflix instant.

  18. I kind of wish news like this wouldn’t leak.

  19. …and the Lord said unto me… “ Stabber, you must build an Ark, for Disney is flooding the market with, cheap, rushed, garbage. And lo I say unto you, beware the temptations of Star Wars, for the force is indeed strong.

    • do you hve nothing better to do? cause last time i checked they have been planning this franchise since iron man 1. also unlike some companys out there *cough*DC*cough* marvel like to stick as close to the comics as possible.
      you wanna talk about rushing… just look at the rumors for justice league.

      • …and the Lord spoke once again onto me and said…” There are many voices in the wind, such as those of COREY_1993 fear not, for Nolan is with thy, and Superman shall show the way.”

        • Okay, you’re scaring me now. You username isn’t helping any either.

        • As it was written, so shall it be. 12 years past the begining of the second millenium, The false idol Nolan shall be replaced by the One. He will bring forth a golden age of comic book movies. And he shall be called Whedon. All who come after the epic Avengers shall speak the words, “Batman who?”. So shall it be.

          Book of Serenity 3:11

          • …A cry came forth from the masses…” what oh Lord have we done to deserve this flood of Marvel Movies, there are so many, how are we to determine quality from quaintly?

    • How can you call all Disney films rushed. The MCU has been built slowly over a number of years. Yet WB are rushing to do a JLA movie and you’ve already stated that your a DC fan boy. Seriously man i’m not sure if your trolling or trying to be funny but from the style of language your using I guess you are 12 so maybe its better if stop commenting on screenrant and do your homework.

      • I’m just having a little fun with you new fanboys. Oh my hell, I wish I was 12 again.

        BTW: I am an origenal fanboy: Star Wars, 77, b****.

        • ???

          So am I, but I don’t go bragging about it!

          • I see what you did there.

        • Who says we’re new fanboys? We prob kno just as much if not more about marvel comics than u. Plus ur not havin a little fun, ur bored and being an ass.

    • Do you have any Idea how Ignorant you sound when you post? You sir are a downer.

  20. Planet Hulk is basically “John Carter: A Princess of Mars”, or at least inspired by it. If they make this movie, they will virtually be making “John Carter” again, but with The Hulk.

    At least it will probably do better than JC.

    • Thats exactly what I thought. Maybe Disney are planning a massive crossover of their films in a similer vain to the Family Guy Parallel universe episode. The plot could be that Stark and Banner are working on device for the Hulk and Ironman in R&D , during the testing faze something goes wrong and Hulk ends up getting transported to the John Carter Universe and Ironman goes to the Star Wars universe where they believe he has the force because of Extremis and give him light sabres which he mods into his suit. Erm on second thoughts probably not, although Ironman with light sabres could make for interesting visuals.

      • That sounds stupid, what are you 12?

        • It may sound off the wall but again I see an ass in our midst -points to Stabber-

  21. im a big fan of the marvel cinematic universe, iv read the planet hulk & world war hulk story arches, watched the animated planet hulk cartoon, iv been thinking that if thanos & the full force of the chitauri army is in avengers 2 he would win & beat the avengers easily & uses the infinity gantlet to send the hulk off planet, or just sends hulk to a prison planet ran by the red skull (who got sucked into the negative zone much like loki did & could be working for thanos) aka the red king or sacarsun whatever you wanna call him, what if every prisoner would be put there by thanos, what if hulks motivations could be change from destroying the earth but instead be the hero of it, hulk & his warbound can overthrow the redskiull, king hulk (the true sacarson & though his blood the planet will be healed) & his new army can return to earth to smash thanos & his army, i always felt that the redskull could be the baddy in the avengers 2 or in guardians of the galaxy (gotg), hell the prison planet could be in gotg, thanos is said to be in gotg so it could work, beta ray bill could be a prisoner on the planet, the oldstrong could be in there too but shes not necessary to the story as i see it, but this could all be the ravings of a fanboy

  22. :o Holy spaceballs. Now that I think about it, this makes PERFECT sense.

    Another terrific article Rob.

    Hopefully Avengers 2 could still have Ultron as the main villain, and then they can do this arc/plan for Phase 3! I’m so excited!!!!

    • @Avenger
      I don’t know bro.if this story is accurate, then it could be awhile before we see ultron.hope not because I want to see how ultron pans out on the big screen as well. Maybe they’re saving him to do the age of ultron story line that’s going on in the marvel books soon.

    • This arc (Planet Hulk, WW Hulk, etc.) is dumb, but Ultron is a great idea, and a popular one at that. I’d also still like to see Skrulls, tho, and kang as well.

  23. This is going to be insane!!! They can bring back Red Skull and introduce Champion of the Universe and Gladiator. It bothers me a little that in the Avengers he just turned smart Hulk but now he’s going to go crazy again. Oh well, still super excited.

    • I wonder if Marvel are allowed to use Gladiator and the other Imperial guard/Shi’ar characters. Or do Fox own them?
      For that matter what about Ms Marvel?

      • I’d go Ms Marvel. They could do the new Captain Marvel or Quasar or Adam Warlock. Or Ronan the Accuser. He’s awesome.

        • The black female Captain Marvel from the older comics could be played by a real foxy gal (anyone got any ideas who would qualify?), and I could promise to spill lots of popcorn in my excitement in the movie theater!

  24. In future movie’s The Hulk has to have his own peronality & dialogue – In the comics we get to know what he thinks…talks about..and feels.
    So far all movie versions have missed this out…just having him appear suddenly to smash things up isn’t enough. The Avengers Hulk was the best yet…I for one would love to see more Hulk movies with The Leader…and all his superpowered villians showing-up along the way.
    I would also be in heaven…if we see the Hulk taking on Thanos for a scrap in the next Avengers !

  25. i think i just squealed like a litttle girl

  26. I ready the entire article. Only one word stuck out for me.


    A live action version of this Iron Man armor would allow me to die a happy and fulfilled man.

  27. I Think IF’s pretty obvious..
    In the comics, Maria Hill becomes the head of S.H.I.E.L.D and she probably Will in the movies as well.. She doesn’t agree with Fury’s methods and is probably the one who makes the decision to send the Hulk away to Sakaar. The World Council could replace The Illuminati.
    The decision could be made, because The Hulk is to aggressive in hos way of being af hero, and they send him away. The whole time, he will believe that the Avengers are responsible…
    Just my two danish cents :)

  28. This is what I dont get. People are screaming for Drama and Realism and all this other fine story telling but you think it will be hard to turn the Hulk into a villain….

    He is not a villain. He is a character (well in the books and it appears somewhat in the movies) that is not trusted. He is a character that is feared. He is a character that is (for the most part) misunderstood.

    He is a character that was wronged by the so called heroes. Which he started to live with until SPOILERS *************************************************************************

    It appears his life again is mangled by the so called heroes of earth. He is a character that is fed up in being the ‘Frankenstein’ of the group.

    Please I would love to see the Hulk come back to Earth after being shot into space by the heroes. I would love to see him beat the snot of the heroes.

    How to end it.

    It it almost the way the book ends it. Have him find out the mistake (or semi mistake) and sacrifice his ‘life’. Of course he lives but is being kept in a stasis.

    This could effectively end the MCMU with most of the characters reflecting on themselves ushering in more heroes form the Marvel stable.

  29. Phase 3 might be the biggest gamble in cinematic history……

    • I agree