‘The Avengers 2′ Will Be Written & Directed by Joss Whedon

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 The Avengers 2 Will Be Written & Directed by Joss Whedon

[Update: Read Marvel’s official statement on Joss Whedon’s 3-year deal.]

In what’s easily classified as good news for Disney shareholders, the parent company of Marvel has officially announced that Joss Whedon, the director and writer behind The Avengers will be back to helm The Avengers 2. Whedon will also be writing the film, just as he did in rewriting Zak Penn’s script for The Avengers along with editing parts of Captain America: The First Avenger.

What does this mean for the other Marvel Studios projects over the next few years?

When Whedon initially came aboard to help Marvel Studios’ most ambitious film to date, there was understandably some skepticism due to his track record at the box office and with his latest show. Serenity, as awesome at it was, didn’t bank well, and Dollhouse wasn’t quite up to snuff with his previous television endeavors. On the comics side however, Whedon’s resume is top notch and his work on Astonishing X-Men and Runaways helped him land the gig. More than that, his ability to handle ensemble casts and his knowledge of the Marvel universe made The Avengers and its group of characters work, creating chemistry that’s hard to come by.

With The Avengers, Whedon laid the groundwork for “Phase Two” of the Marvel cinematic universe and there’s no better choice to direct The Avengers 2, a film quickly confirmed after its predecessor became the biggest box office opening of all time. He already has ideas about how to make The Avengers 2 more personal.

Phase One Avengers Blu ray Art 570x281 The Avengers 2 Will Be Written & Directed by Joss Whedon

We know the events of The Avengers directly lead into Thor: The Dark World and Captain America: The Winter Soldier, and the mid-credits scene featuring Thanos was a tease for Guardians of the Galaxy. So, after shooting the post-credits scene in Thor and helping out with the first Captain America before The Avengers, the question now becomes, is Whedon being confirmed now so he can lend a hand or oversee these Phase Two films that are paving the way for The Avengers 2?

While this shouldn’t come as a surprise despite Whedon’s admittance that he needs a break and was unsure of the sequel, what may be of surprise is that he’ll also be developing a live-action TV series for ABC, one that ties in with the cinematic universe. This news comes at a very convenient time after Guillermo del Toro provided an update on the ABC Hulk series, stating that they’re just waiting on a certain writer’s (“a very, very concrete name”) schedule to clear up so they can revise the script.

Iron Man 3 releases May 3, 2013, Thor: The Dark World on November 8, 2013, Captain America: The Winter Soldier on April 4, 2014 and Guardians of the Galaxy on August 1, 2014. The Avengers 2 will likely release in the summer of 2015.


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Source: Slashfilm

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  1. YES! Fantastic! My worries are over! For a time I was afraid Whedon might not return but Yeah! Phase 2 is gonna be AWESOME!

    • I’ll say it over and over again…with his newfound clout and resources, I wish he would return to his first and longest love, Firefly/Serenity.

      • Wrong, and wrong again. (Oh hi btw, dunno if I’ve posted on SR before, though a long-time lurcher) First love, hardly as that would be Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and longest love, that goes to Buffy too. Firefly is okay, perhaps even good, but it didn’t sell well as it doesn’t travel well. I watched it here in the UK, and it was a bit ‘meh’. Undeniably good at times, but the whole Western concept doesn’t work for many people. Like perhaps virtually everyone who isn’t American. The actors have all moved on now, admittedly not to the greatest of success (none are now A-listers), but I seriously doubt that they could be reassembled. Also there’s a strong possibility with his greater access to financial backing, he could overdo it, a la Lucas. Although I feel his sensibilities are clearly far better. Which ultimately leads me to where we are at, and I suspect where we shall remain. The show is dead, long may it stay dead, and stay the show that it was, not some distant cousin in fancy pants.

        • Damn, I spelt lurker wrong :/

        • We disagree, Hawkeye, as do the facts with you. Whedon himself has indicated on multiple occasions, most recently at Comic-Con 2012, how much Firefly/Serenity has meant to him. It is clearly his favorite property. The fanbase has also grown through the years, despite the show being canceled, many say without ever being given a proper chance, after only one season. Most, if not all of the actors, have also shown a great allegiance to it and hinted that they would return in an instant. So, although you may not have thought much of it, don’t comment erroneously…

          • You said “first and longest love” and I correctly corrected you on being incorrect on both counts. Which you were, and remain still. I didn’t say it wasn’t his favourite past project, I picked you up on it being the first, or longest. I don’t dispute that some of the actors would readily rejoin a Firefly/Serenity show or film, I simply said that they would likely not reassemble the original cast. I would consider, given the dedicated fanbase, that anything less would be a deal breaker. There could be a Serenity sequel, but that also seems somewhat unlikely. Clearly Joss is more bankable than he ever has been, but that doesn’t extend to the cast, who remain largely unknown outside of the US. Also the format, as I say, doesn’t travel well. What some of you yanks might be fervent about, is not of anywhere near the same interest to other countries. To extend this franchise, presumably in a movie, would cost at least tens of millions of dollars. For that kind of money any studio in their right mind would want a good return. If the film is not going to do that well outside of domestic (US) box office, they are not fools for being sceptical.

            Incidentally, you said ‘we’ disagree – I see no others agreeing with that sentiment. Just sayin’.

            • @hawkeye – I agree with Jeff. Also don’t appreciate being called a yank…I’m ‘merican, you red coat. Firefly recently was in EWs top 25 cult TV shows. I’m pretty sure it was in the top ten on that list. It’s Whedon’s baby and it’s a shame that it was before its time. Its fanbase continues to grow with new media outlets like Hulu and Netflix. I got hooked on it this year, I’m proof of that fan growth. And I (along with many others) would love Serenity 2.

            • We, meaning you and I, disagree, and we can do so cordially, Hawkeye. Joss Whedon was at Comic-Con 2012 here in the states, promoting the 10-year anniversary of the show/movie with some of the actors. He would not have done this if, as you erroneously claimed, the show were “dead”. The turnout would also not have been so large if this were the case. It continues to have a large following here, and it does not necessarily need an overseas market to be a success. Are we not allowed to produce anything for ourselves? Does everything over there translate well here? Certainly not…

  2. Fantastic News!!!
    Joss has proven to be the right choice in every way for Marvel.

  3. Great news!! I would like to see Whedon in a consulting role on all Marvels upcoming movies.

  4. Awesome! And it makes sense that he’d be writing for a Hulk TV show since he did so well with the character in the film

    • I don’t wanna brag (but I’m going to anyway ;))
      When it was first announced that the new Hulk series is getting a new writer, I had a feeling Whedon would be the writer del Torro was talking about…

      • Yes you did, I saw that!

      • Yep! You made a good call my Friend!!! :)

      • You called it! ;)

      • Well it hasn’t been confirmed yet, but yeah, I’m thinking you were right! :-)

  5. All that was needed was a blank check and that arrived certified.

    I was starting to get worried he didn’t want to do another Avengers flick, so this is fantastic news.

    I just hope he tones down the humor in the next one (just a teensy-weensy bit ;)) and adds a bit more depth to the story. I loved the story and humor in The Avengers, but as with any franchise of films, there’s always room for improvement. The characters are now firmly established in the same universe and they KNOW this type of team up movie is possible (those were two big concerns in the first outing) so now they can rest assured with that and shift their focus to other things.

    • This. Although I laughed very hard at every funny scene in the Avengers, I would of much prefered a more serious story where you question yourself who is going to make it out alive. Not TDK kind of serious, but not to far behind. Not saying no jokes, because as I said I loved them and want them again, just less.

    • Yeah the jokes, while great, came out of left field at times and almost undermined the more serious parts of the story.

      I think he’s nailed the characters and interactions/dialogue, so what he really needs to put in Avengers 2 is a kickass plot/story and more creative action scenes. Because as entertaining as Avengers was, I found the action to be pretty standard popcorn blockbuster fare – I don’t like to compare it to Batman, but TDK had more memorable action set pieces despite not having flying ships, alien armies or Norse gods.

      And also…I seriously don’t want to see Black Widow fighting another army with just *hand guns*. :P

      • She didn’t – she took their weapons and fought them with them.

        • Yeah I know…it’s just that one scene that always gets me, where they ‘assemble’ and she’s holding the gun (and Hawkeye’s pulling back an arrow). I was totally sceptical at how silly that looked, but admittedly when I saw the movie I thought she did okay (I still much prefer Black Widow in one-on-one combat situations, or in a spy role, rather than an outdoors brawl/war scenario though).

          • The thing about that scene is it lead right to them disbanding. They were just playing a little defense until they had a plan.

        • She used the Widow’s Bite in her bracers at least once but only when grabbing a Chitauri directly, not at range, and no tear gas or other gadgets. Personally, I would like to have seen her shoot and swing on cables instead of needing a shield “boost” to get onto an alien vehicle.


  8. This is indeed great news. Hopefully he will keep a watchful eye over things and lead them nicely into Avengers 2.

  9. this is good news but now its time for him to kick up to the next high gear and bring it on.
    1. hawkeye needs to have a personality and a smartmouth like the comic
    book, while he was cool i got more of a batman with glasses and a bow and arrow, needs his unique marksman costume back.
    2. we need the cut and muscular distinct looking hulk from incredible hulk, not like the one we just got because of budget concerns.
    3. the action sequences need to be more massive and no more of this one or two aliens and a few ships spitting out every few minutes, and a alien dragon every so often. if 1996′s independence day can do it, so can avengers.

    • i agree with you on all points except Hulk. This was far and away the best looking Hulk. More like the comics than IH. He was so defined you could see every finer of his muscles with every movement, it was distracting.

      • It was my favorite Hulk, hands down, as well. I thought Ruffalo’s facial characteristics looked most like the Hulk I recognize from the comics and the detail on the Avengers Hulk was impressive; the stills I have that show minute body hair are crazy.

  10. YYYYYYYEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *plays “Low Rider” music*

  11. Awesome. We all know Avengers is going to be a trilogy and that is a very good thing. . .

    Star Wars (New ones don’t count) – Empire Strikes Back = Awesome
    Lord of The Rings – Two Towers = Awesome and highly under valued, I think.
    Nolan’s Batman – The Dark Knight = Perfect Storm
    The GodFather – Part 2
    Terminator – T2 = Duh
    Alien – Aliens = Space MArines
    The Mighty Ducks – D2 = “Knuckle Puck Time!” How could you not like it?

    See? How could it be bad when looking back at past trilogies.

    • I cannot believe you included The Mighty Ducks. I support its inclusion 100%.


    • I guess we will have to just ignore all those bad sequels and not pay the bad 3rd installments any heed when Avengers 3 starts. ;)

  12. gonna get a lot of hate for this but i would like some more experienced director to take over, but josh to write it..

    • Joss, not Josh. I know from interviews its a pet peive of his, being called Josh.

  13. If Whedon needs to take a break i suggest he do so or else he will get burnt out and come out with a subpar Avengers sequel then watch how many people turn on him.

    • I think this is a dangerous possibility..

    • He co-wrote the worst (so I am told anyway) Alien movie, his first movie was an unmitigated flop, he had some success on TV mostly because his shows were on a starting network that was happy somebody was watching their programming…….however as soon as he moved too a real network he put out two flops. He puts out a movie based on one of these properties which promptly bombs.

      Yet despite all this he is one the geeknets most celebrated heroes. What makes you think they are going to turn on him.

      • Buffy lasted 7 years, and Angel lasted 5. Shows dont last that long, just because a new network is has nothing else to put on. Shows only last becuase people watch. He had success on TV cause he is a incredibly talented writer.

        Dollhouse bombed, but Firefly was cancelled prematurely. The amount of fan outrage got a motion picture on the big screen. That doesnt happen cause it bombs and no one liked it.

        As for Serenity, the film based on Firely
        * Film of the year awards from Film 2005 and FilmFocus.
        * IGN Film’s Best Sci-Fi, Best Story and Best Trailer awards and runner up to Batman Begins for the Overall Best Movie
        * Won the 7th annual “User Tomato Awards” for best Sci-Fi movie of 2005 at Rotten Tomatoes.
        * Won Nebula Award for Best Script for 2005.
        * 2006 viewers choice Spacey Award for favorite movie.
        * Voted as the best film of 2006 by the writers for the website Box Office Prophets and it came 12th Best film of 2006 in the website’s readers poll.
        * Won Best Dramatic Presentation, Long Form at the 2006 Hugo Awards.
        * 2006 Prometheus Special Award.
        * SyFy Genre Awards 2006: Best Movie Runner-Up
        * Best Actor/Movie Runner-Up: Nathan Fillion
        * Best Actress/Movie Runner-Up: Summer Glau
        * SFX magazine’s best sci-fi movie of all time


        And his latest film, total worldwide gross for The Avengers: $1,461,368,487. Number 3 in highest grossing films ever. Even Nolan hasnt done that yet. The man knows what he is doing.


        • Yes, shows do last longer on fledgeling networks. Look at Mad Men – the show is losing AMC money yet AMC keeps renewing it because it is their number one show. Buffy would of been cancelled season 1 (and deserve it to tell the truth) anywhere else. On the WB it was a big fish in a small pond.

          Firefly didn’t draw the audience it needed to keep it on the air. Serenity might be the most critically acclaimed movie ever but at the end of the day it didn’t make enough money to warrent a sequel. They have built a passionate fanbase, but not a big enough one to keep it going.

          Avengers is perhaps his first real bona fide hit. Which is par for the course, most successful people have more failures than successes.

          I don’t disagree – he does know what he is doing, but you’ve missed my point.

          • You forgot about the multiple award winning web series and #15 on Time’s Top 50 Inventions of 2008….Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog.

  14. This is great news, I just hope they don’t go with another alien invasion storyline, involve loki. I do want to see another member added to the team though.

  15. THIS IS FREAKING AWESOME NEWS!!!!!!!!! Or should I say Marvelous!!!!!!! I was worried that Joss would not return to direct Avengers 2 and now we know he is writing and directing, my worries are over. :D Phase 2 is gonna be one EPIC kicka$$ ride.

  16. Whedon is Marvel’s equivalent to DC’s Nolan.

  17. Two things…..

    Drive over to Wright’s house and punch him in the face until he rewrites Ant-man to use Pym as the primary character.

    Then you can use Ant-man and Ultron in Avengers 2.

    …end of line

    • @Mongoose, LMAO!!!! Awe man you made me visualize that! Like that scene in “Goodfellas where Tommy walks over to his wife’s neighbor’s house and beats the crap out of face repeatedly or like a similar scene with Ray Stevenson in “Get The Irishman.”

      • /takes a bow

    • … and after he punched Wright in the face he should go over to Kevin Feige’s house and punch him in the face until he agrees to move forward with Black Panther!

      • Well a BP movie can still (and probably will) happen. Ant-man however seems to be moving forward as we speak with the Scott Lang, “Greatest American hero” angle so we need to nip that in the bud asap.

        If they are going forth with it and then plan on using Ultron in Avengers 2, I’m just afraid of how much they will have to compromise the story to get it to work without Pym.

        Yeah, I just generally pissed off at the situation. :P

        • I’m with you man… I’ve been trying to be positive about it but it does seem like Wright has his mind set on Lang.
          At this point I’m just hoping for the best… :(

          If someone starts a petition or something I’ll be sure to sign ;)

          • I’m resigned to the fact it’s too late at this stage. Wright already stated he was excited about doing a movie based on “To Steal an Ant-Man” and mixing the silver age version with the current one.

            To do what we want would require an entire script rewrite from basically the ground up but they are close to pre-production so I’m not seeing it.

  18. YAY!!!!

    I don’t know what else to say

  19. Very cool. I think I’m more excited for another Whedon TV show, but Avengers 2 is plus as well.

  20. Great the avengers two will suck just as much as the avengers now.

    • I’m ready for all the hate replies now.

      • the problem with me was that everybody got enough screen time but there where so many of them so it was to little of everybody and it didn’t have that epic movie scene that you remember… but it was great and certainly it did not suck…

      • Everyone is entitled to their opinion, and my opinion is that yours is wrong.

    • Yes, it will “suck” just as much.

      Considering Avengers didn’t suck at all, that means Avengers 2 will be just as awesome….so yes, I agree. :)

      And before you say it did suck again……both critics, the general audience and the fact it made 1.5 BILLION kind of proves you wrong. ;)

      Just because you didn’t like it doesn’t mean it was a bad movie.

      • He’s just trying to get attention people, don’t worry about it.

        • Everybody is entitled to their opinion, but looks like nowadays you can’t express yours without being called an attention seeking troll or a hater.

          Ohh, I don’t get fanboys. I really don’t.

          • Saying something “sucks” is not what I would call an opinion.

            There are much better ways to communicate your point of view without such sweeping,overly generalized and inflammatory words.

            And while I loved Avengers, I am not a “fanboy” (at least no more than the rest of the world that saw it….repeatedly ;) )

            Now if you would care to refute my “fanboy” evidence I’m all ears.

      • So then based on your the reasoning of your opinion you also believe that Donald Trump is the ultimate would all be all super financial genius and everything he says and does should be taken as scripture. Cause he makes jobs, money and numbers move like water in a river…..even if the river always ends up drying up in the end.

        • No, but it does mean I would rather take finacial advice from Trump, instead of you. Just like after the success of The Avengers, I would rather have Whedon in charge than someone else. Doesnt mean its going to be as good or better. But the best chance of that happening lies with Whedon.

          • Except Whedon didn’t have to do anything to make it the success it was. The analytical work done by Disney/Marvel proved it would be a success considering it was a piggy back off of not one but nearly a dozen predecessors who already did the work of bringing in the fan base. You make a movie that appeals vastly to multiple levels of clientele from children age 3 to adults age 75 and you base it solely off already proven successes it is guaranteed to be a success. Schumacher could have written and directed it and it would have been the same financial success. And don’t give me the firefly fanbase junk either cause most of them had to wait for the dollar theatre to afford to go see it. Just because everyone loves Picasso doesn’t change the fact his art still looks like drunken scribblings of someone who couldn’t follow the color-by-numbers instructions.

            • You honestly believe that any other director could of handled RDJ, ScoJo, and Sam Jackson on the set, let alone balance the creative concerns of Marvel/Disney? You really truly believe that, after all of the other well known directors that have left or just plain walked away from other Marvel projects? So you think Uwe Boll could of written AND directed Avengers to the 3rd highest gross of all time? So you think (someone not a stranger to comic book universe) Kevin Smith could of written for and controlled RDJ?

              Joss Whedon is/was the right person for THIS movie franchise and it shows. Yes the continuity ground work was laid by others but I think the “Avengers” is a much better film than any of its precursors (with the exception of “Iron Man” and that is mostly due to RDJ’s performance).

              • So you’re saying that because he couldn’t handle charisma carpenter and sarah michelle gellar to the point he actually had to be willing to destroy his own tv series just to spite gellar? Whedon didn’t balance anything. There was virtually no character interaction outside the half assed whedonite child’s wit humor that was half the reason all his work was fanbased around prepubescent drama queens that were too half witted and spoiledly b*tchy to even make it in with the Trekkies, Star Wars fan bases so they had to go off his Outlaw Star, Dune ripoff. In fact he actually removed some of the build from the character interactions introduced by other Directors previously with the poor group dialogue moments, inaccurate fight scenes which show characters spanning over a dozen feet in the process of standing up and making characters like Hulk from a monstrous brute beast of radioactive destruction into a green mean Barney. He had terrible control of his own set, proof by the allowance of the loss of Norton and by the featuring of some of the worst costume since the original live-action captain america. His star was peeling off in one scene cause it wasn’t sewn on right. AND IT WASN’T EVEN A BATTLE SCENE! Saying Whedon controlled and maneuvered Jackson is like saying Kevin Smith can demand performance out of Bruce Willis. You can dream it all you want but when it comes down to it it ain’t gonna happen. So once again I reiterate that Joss Whedon couldn’t direct his way our of a well lit hallway and the entire success of the Avengers was based solely off previous writers and directors work and the natural acting talents of some of the most popular names in hollywood today. The only thing Whedon didn’t do to ruin the Avengers movie was hire every person that’s ever been willing to work with him more than once to be in the movie….but he started by hiring the dude who played Wes to be Thanos….so that’s already begun.

            • ” Schumacher could have written and directed it and it would have been the same financial success.”
              So basically, what you’re saying is the writers and directors don’t matter? – with all due respect, that’s just wrong on so many levels man…

              Obviously the good filmmaker’s writing and directing makes a contribution to a film’s success lol (a frickin big contribution at that)!
              The Avengers was a huge success because it was well received by critics, fans and the audiences. The reason it was well received was due to the characters, the actors, the action, the dialogue, the humor, etc. – who’s responsible for bringing all those elements together in a fluid and creative way? yup, the director. And who’s responsible for coming with the story, dialogue and humor (the latter two being huge factors in the film’s success), yup, the writer.

              I completely disagree with your comment.

              • Wow, way to try to take my words out of their direct context in order to try to make it appear I’m insulting REAL directors and writers and not just a super fanboy who gets all his major plot points and character developments but other tv shows like Whedon is. And to answer your second question. The Editors, Cameraman, Special FX artists, Actor and choreography coordinators and the talents themselves who were making box office successes back in the day when Whedon was still whining for another chance cause Buffy the Vampire Slayer was taken as a B-Rated bomb of a comedy in the theatres instead of the next Anne Rice adaptation like he actually believed it was gonna be. And I wont go into the fact that whedon has, oh so obviously, no previous studying or history with the Marvel universe since he got many BASICS of the Marvel universe wrong. And I’m not talking things that were changed for the movie universe. I’m talking things that knock the entire movie lineup off balance.

                • Oh okay, so you’re not oblivious to the work, impact and importance that directors and writers have (must have misunderstood)… you’re just a hater?
                  I guess you’re entitled to hate Whedon… you’re certainly in the minority lol, but you are entitled to that opinion.

                  Aw well, I’m sure your ticket price won’t influence the next movie much… have fun watching Electra ;)

                  • And now that you’re argument has been proven moot you’re jumping right into the ‘hater’ name bashing segment of this. If it makes me a hater because he’s on a list of directors, creators and writers that have proven themselves to be inadequate writers both on screen and on t.v., poor directors whose success was largely based on the natural capabilities of the talent given to work with and pop culture popularity to back it up. Than I’m not a Hater. Because fact is Whedon is on a long list of writers, directors and show creators that I consider to be in need of some serious ‘direction’. And before you claim the success of Buffy or Angel I’ll refer you to IMDB where you’ll see that he wrote and actually directed a very small amount of the actual successful episodes and seasons and it’s success was largely based on many guest directors that were hired to lead the show and Dollhouse is only decent compared to the remake of Hawaii Five O and Knight Rider.

                    • Let’s run through his career:
                      -Creator, director, writer and producer of the very successful and multi-award winning series Buffy The Vampire Slayer.
                      -Creator, director, writer and producer of the cult-favorite series, Firefly (which only got cancelled due to Fox’s messed up schedules)
                      -Co-creator, writer, director and producer of the spin-ff series Angel which ran for 5 years – again, very successful.
                      -Creator, writer and director of the multi-award winning sci-fi film, Serenity.
                      -Creator, writer, director and producer of the series Dollhouse – IMO his worst effort to date.
                      -Co-writer and producer of the instant horror hit, Cabin in the Woods.
                      -Writer and director of the third highest grossing film of all time with an 93% freshness rating on Rotten Tomatoes, The Avengers.

                      I’d say with all that, he’s “proven” to be the exact opposite of “inadequate”, when the biggest percentage of his work has been well received…

                      Like I said, you’re entitled to your opinion. The reason I call you a “hater” is because you’ve been bashing the guy (no other word for it, if you read back your comments you’ll see it would have been simpler to say “I really didn’t like what Whedon did with The Avengers” instead of typing long rants where you diminish his accomplishments and heavily over-criticizing his work) on this thread.
                      If I offended you by calling you a hater, I apologize, but I only did so because of the manner your comments come across (which is a hateful manner IMO – hence, “hater”).

                      Good day.

                    • He said good day.

              • “And who’s responsible for coming with the story, dialogue and humor (the latter two being huge factors in the film’s success), yup, the writer.”

                What does that comment say for the abilities of the Actors?

                • I don’t get what you’re trying to say…
                  Whedon wrote the script, not the actors (he came up with the dialogue, the character interactions, the jokes, etc.).
                  The actors acted out what he wrote… under the direction of Joss Whedon.

                  • Okay, now that you got the list of his ‘acheivements’ take at look at what he actually contributed to it. Not much. 90% of his work falls under creation rights. Well Leonardo may have invented the helicoptor but he doesn’t get squat for credit cause his idea was inadequate to a working design and it took someone else to come up with the working application of it. And it would be so much of a ‘bashing’ if you didn’t go off a fanboy half defense based solely on the fact you take his work as gold when your really just taking credit from the people who actually made his works anything near the success they are considered to be.

                    Now if you want real bashing go into a breakdown of how little work he actually did in those series and moreso to point out that Firefly is so over dependant on a fanbase, that didn’t exist until years after the series got canceled cause no matter the timeslot no one would watch it (That’s why they moved it around, by the way.), that if anyone were stop and think about it they’d realize he took his favorite parts of Dune and than put it to the (nearly exact) plot point of the characters from Outlaw Star down the girl in the box.

                    Avengers made mad money because it stared Robert Downey Jr., Samuel L. Jackson, Chris Evans, Jeremy Renner and Scarlet Johanson featuring the roles of Iron Man, Captain America, Nick Fury, Black Widow and Hawkeye under a the title of the Marvel’s Avengers lineup utilizing decades of comic fandom buildom and the previous feature films that had already built of a success over the last decade. This isn’t the first movie that made money on Name and Titles alone and it wont be the last.

                    And if you look back originally it started out as description as to why the success of the Avengers was not soley dependant on his name alone. Cause despite what fanboys believe he is very very very far from a tv/movie god.

                    • buildup*

            • Exactly!

              I don’t think Whedon has anything to with the success of The Avengers. The predecessor did the job for The Avengers.

              For me It’s just the opposite.

              His medicore writing and directon ruined the movie for me.

              Whedon is a TV show director and the movie was like an overcgied episode of generic sci-fi series for me.

              • predecessors*

          • Donald Trump for Doctor Doom :P

  21. Appreciate the heads up. I’ll not only not watch but wont even bother looking forward to this up and coming sequel upchuck of some half @$$ed whedonverse ultimate style avengers featuring some of the worst character interactions, character development, plotline handling and directing since Manos The Hands of Fate. I’d rather pay double the normal ticket price to watch all three X-Men movies and Elektra in 3-D before I’d even considering watching another Marvel…I mean Disney movie written and/or directed by “““`Whedon.

  22. I`m very glad he decided to continue his project, smart move by Joss Whedon

  23. Whoa whoa whoa….. there was a chance he would be in charge of the sequel? I just assumed he would be i mean he is to the avengers what Nolan is to batman. it would be wrong without him

    • Yes there was a chance. He had said that he might not interested in doing the next one. Fortunately Disney/Marvel has a lot of money to throw about.

  24. Wouldnt*

  25. Bootable yes awesome this is fantastic

  26. Yes! This is great!

  27. Don’t know how legit this info is (you guys at ScreenRant would probably be able to find out), but there’s new reports further detailing Whedon’s deal with Marvel Studios:
    Disney CEO: “Joss Whedon has signed an exclusive deal with Marvel Studios for film and television through the end of June 2015. As part of that deal, Whedon will write and direct Marvel’s The Avengers 2 as well as help develop a new live action series for Marvel Television at ABC. He will also contribute creatively to the next phase of Marvel’s cinematic universe.”
    Source: http://www.hitfix.com/news/disney-ceo-joss-whedon-to-write-and-direct-avengers-2-and-create-marvel-series-for-abc

    The thing that strikes out as even better news is that he’ll be involved with the creative decisions of the entire Phase 2, not just Avengers 2!
    Also, if the deal is till June 2015, does that indicate a possible release year (2015) for Avengers 2?

    • That’s what I took out of it. Though I would rather have Avengers in 2016 with BP and IH2 in 2015, I’ll take it.

  28. this is great news I’m no longer worried about the sequel. I just wish they’d find some time to do a Black Panther movie as well as ant man and my personal favorite that I’ve been waiting on for years, a Hulk sequel

  29. This is not actually good news for me.
    If the studio didn’t force him to make the movie that light-hearted, then I have to say I disliked the because of Whedon.

    The storyline was very cliche that and I can count on my one hand the one-liners that didn’t make me roll my eyes.

    Was he worried about that if he dooesn’t put one in every two minutes in the heat of the battle the movie would be dark or something.

    So, no I’m not glad He is returning for the sequel, unless as i said the studio forced him.

    • Not every comic book movie/franchise can be “Nolanized”. Yes, you can have themes that are more thought provoking and cerebral, but in the end you still have superpowered men, women(eventually) and intergalactic aliens. There is only so much “dark” and “gritty” you can put in there before it becomes Sci-fi/Horror and not a super hero movie.

      • I get it, but many people just cannot comprehend that a movie can be more about than just action and snappy dialogue.

        Seeing the trailer Man of Steel is trying to do that.

        They associate these themes with Nolan’s Batman saying it’s just a copy of them beacuse the trilogy was the first hugely succesful franchise that dealt with these themes.

        So, yeah I’d like to see more “dark” superhero movies that touch upon these them.

        • Go watch DC movies then. That is not Marvel’s M.O.

          • I will watch both DC and Marvel movies. I’m just saying I prefer the darker ones. In this case DC’s.

      • I think mscei isn’t talking about it needing to be ‘Nolan-ized’. He’s talking about the seriousness and non-cartoonish yet not so ego bound that it can’t make fun of itself outlook on the Marvel Movie Universe directors like Raimi, Favreau, Johnston, Branagh and Leterrier had spent the last decade building up for Marvel(And don’t give me that SpiderMan was Sony it was still Marvel) before the Disney acquisition was complete. And it’s not JUST Disney because, even though it made me want to pull a Stewie Griffin Will Ferrel moment on the it’s creators, the Amazing Spider Man did manage to maintain most of that visual concept….even if it was terrible in so many ways that I would have required numerous repeated kicks from a strong legged mule to the back of the head just to enjoy it for five minutes without cringing.

    • Whedon captured the essence of a comic book onscreen. Have you ever read a comic book with just an action scene and no dialogue? It’s just pictures and in my opinion very boring (not to mention a waste of money because you skim through those pages so fast). The addition of witty dialogue is what makes these types of characters work as a group. I know I joke around with co-workers…why can’t superheroes do the same?