Joss Whedon Teases ‘Death’ in ‘The Avengers 2′

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Captain America Death Marvel Comics Joss Whedon Teases Death in The Avengers 2

Outside of it including a reunion of familiar heroic faces and a return appearance of Thanos, little is known about the story of The Avengers 2, how it will conclude “Phase Two” of the Marvel cinematic universe, or how it will lay the groundwork for Phase Three, which kicks off with Ant-Man in 2015.

In fact, we don’t even know the official title of the sequel, but we expect it not to go with the standard Iron Man style numbering scheme. What we can expect, from Joss Whedon’s vague hints, is that it’ll be darker, more personal and more emotional. And we know that that means when it comes to Whedon.

During a Q&A at the Carlton Cinema in Dublin on February 23, 2013 for the European premiere of Much Ado About Nothing, Whedon couldn’t avoid receiving at least one question about about his goals for The Avengers 2.

“When I actually considered doing Avengers 2, my first question was what can I do that’s new? Because I can’t make it bigger [audience laughs], but I can make it better, so that’s where I’m sort of going with that.”

When asked what his general philosophy is for the sequel, without getting into details, Whedon followed up with a dark voice:

“Death, death and death.”

You can listen to the raw audio here – start at 14:10 for the brief Avengers 2 snippet and listen to the roaring crowd reaction.

Looking back on Whedon’s track record, two characters didn’t survive the run length of Serenity; fan-favorite Agent Coulson took a death blow to the chest courtesy of Loki in Whedon’s first Marvel movie; and fans are still sad of Felicia Day’s demise in Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog (is that sequel still happening?). Even when writing Astonishing X-Men for Marvel Comics, Whedon couldn’t resist quasi-killing off a main character at the end.

It’s very likely – expected even – that some of of Marvel’s greatest heroes may meet their end in The Avengers 2, making room for new character introductions during Phase Three of the Marvel cinematic universe. Ant-Man and Dr. Strange are (officially) on the way and we’re still holding out for other introductions for characters including Black Panther.

Thanos Death Marvel Comics 570x380 Joss Whedon Teases Death in The Avengers 2

However, there’s always a deeper meaning to be found in the jokes and teases dropped by the creative minds behind each Marvel film. And by “death,” we don’t expect Whedon to be just referring to the passing away of the likes of Captain America or Hawkeye. Even in jest, Whedon is name-dropping the character of Death, personified in the books as a cosmic creature, one who was referenced in the post-credits button in The Avengers by The Other which resulted in that now infamous Thanos grin.

Thanos loves Death and aims to prove his loyalty to her. In the comics, he even destroyed half the Marvel universe thanks to the power of The Infinity Gauntlet (An object in Odin’s vault from Thor)  in an effort to earn her favor. Her name and Thanos’ reaction to hearing it at the end of The Avengers is very intentional and we’ll find out more in Guardians of the Galaxy next year, if not, sooner.

What character(s) could you see Whedon and Marvel Studios “killing off” in The Avengers 2?

Iron Man 3 releases May 3, 2013, Thor: The Dark World on November 8, 2013, Captain America: The Winter Soldier on April 4, 2014, Guardians of the Galaxy on August 1, 2014The Avengers 2 on May 1, 2015 and Ant-Man on November 6, 2015.

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Source: Whedonesque (Hat-tip Chris S)

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  1. well, killing off one or several of the main characters (if done right) could be one of the best bits of the next Avengers movie.. so I’m not fully against it :)

    • I’m not opposed to killing off some of the main characters. But I hope we don’t get an origin story reboot in five years after.

      • oh that too. I like surprises, but if the characters is killed just for the sake of having a major death, that’s just dumb. it has to contribute to the story imo

        • Fabulous thing about Whedon: His deaths are always soul crushing and brilliant. They always have meaning.

    • As long as it’s not Iron Man or Thor, I would not be opposed. I thought the casting was great, but Chris Hemsworth and especially Robert Downey Jr. are why I liked The Avengers as much as I did. I would be so pissed off if it was either of them.

      • wasn’t there a Thor dies and wakes up in Valhalla rumor going around last year?

  2. Think we’ll get to see on-screen adaptations of Eternity and the Living Tribunal while we’re at it? Yeah, me neither. I also doubt that “death” will get her actual embodiment.

  3. When i think about it, they cant kill off the leader Captain America, They cant kill their God Thor, they cannot kill off hulk if the rumors are true and the cant kill of the only female aveger… I think it may be Hawkeye or Iron Man.

    Iron Man is entering his third movie, as big of a draw he is i cant see him getting movies through all the the phases that im sure marvel wants. they need to make way for new blood. but the only thing imo keeping tony off the chopping block is the fact he is really the marvel universe. RDJ made that character lovable and they do need him no matter how big the movie is. too big of a draw.

    Hawkeye really isnt anything specail. he was a good character but he has really done nothing to make anyone get attached to him. which also could make them not want to kill him off since it would not be as impactfull like coulsen.

    then theres nick fury… we have already been introduced to his succesor in the comics so it is probably him. but he isnt really a member of the team. i dont think they can afford to get rid of any characters because each have their own thing going for them.

    sorry for this long post.

    • I agree is has to be Tony who dies in a epic “saves the day” moment…i feel that will be the only death to really have a huge impact on both the fans and franchise. We can then have War Machine or heck even Tony and Pepper’s son/daughter take up the Iron Man/Maiden mantle later on (Avengers 3 or4). and remember nobody stays dead forever in the Marvel Universe if RDJ wanted to make a cameo appearances in flashbacks etc.

      time to make room for Antman, Dr. Strange, Black Panther, Wasp, guardians of the galaxy etc.

      • They can’t kill Tony. He is the most interesting part of the movie. Studio Execs will not let Joss ruin Avengers 3.

      • SORRY GUYS, but From what I have read on this site IronMan will make an appearance in GOTG, so IDK how often you read articles on this site but IT WILL NOT BE TONY STARK

        • Guardians of the Galaxy on August 1, 2014
          The Avengers 2 on May 1, 2015

          Tell me again why it couldn’t be Tony Stark?

          • Because RDJ is contracted for six films. Thus far he has done five (Iron Man, The Incredible Hulk, Iron Man 2, The Avengers and Iron Man 3). If what the commenter above you is saying is true then Guardians of the Galaxy will be his sixth movie.

            Therefore, to appear in Avengers 2, Marvel would have to renew his contract past the original six. Being money hungry individuals, if they renew his contract they’re gonna be asking RDJ to come back for a few movies as opposed to just the one.

            It’s not to say that Iron Man can’t die, but more that it’s unlikely. Especially in light of the above information (if it’s true, which I don’t know, he didn’t source).

    • They could do Steve Rogers “death” where he comes back later, and Sebastian Stan can put on the suit. That’s going to happen at some point. Count on it :)

      • I was about to suggest the same thing, but Evans would HAVE to come back at some point, right?

      • I think Cap Will die in a Kree Invasion storyline with Thanos killing him. It would then be revealed that Cap was actually a Skrull who was replaced after the events of Cap 2. Cap 3 will be Bucky becoming Captain America and Avengers 3 will be split into 2 parts for a storyline like the Secret Invasion

      • This is exactly what I was thinking. Especially since they are making CA2 about Bucky pretty much. I see Cap getting killed and Bucky taking over. At least for a little bit

      • wouldn’t the event of Civil War have to happen first? Unless they change the death of Cap completely.

  4. Death in any comic universe is often reversable.

  5. I think by death he probably is just teasing thanos and his story. Idk if anyone will get killed off. Maybe renner cause he is unhappy with his character

  6. Not to mention the deaths in Buffy and Angel…

    • Yup!

  7. If space looks like that in Guardians; the visual effects is gonna be amazing!!!

  8. i think its iron man…RGJ’s gettin too old to play ironman.this move might be better than just using another actor for stark…

    • *RDJ*

  9. I could see fury dieing and stark taking over that kind of role IM cant act forever

  10. In the above clip, why does Thanos’s hand look HUMAN?!?

    • thought the samething….

    • You know a lot of humans with purple skin?

      • I watched the clip multiple times and even stopped the video right at the point when his hand is clearly shown. The hand is human flesh-colored, NOT purple.

        When I originally watched the film, I did not notice, because I was caught up in the whole Thanos reveal.

        • Maybe your display colors need adjusting?

          The hand is purple, just not neon purple like the comics. It’s muted “what you might expect real purple skin to look like” purple.

          • Nope.

            TWO HD monitors, colors set properly.

            HUMAN flesh-colored hand on both. I’ve now checked multiple times on both monitors, full-screen.

            Thanos’s hand is human in the clip.

    • Doesnt he have hands like humans ?

  11. I’m sure whoever they kill we return in a TV show spin offf produced by Whedon.

  12. Black Widow and Harkeye most likely as they are B listers compared to the other three… Although it would be a nice thought for a major character to be killed off that would be too risky to ask for such a huge behemoth of the franchise… Plus if they can bring back Agent Colson back from the dead it won’t spell the final reel for whoever is knocked off no doubt.

  13. I meant to say other four as Thor didn’t register for me…

    • What do you mean by He didn’t register for you?

  14. If anyone even remotely thinks they will kill off any of the characters in The Avengers 2, etc please think again.

    It is quite simply a nod to Death and the Thanos angle. So they wont kill them off they may have a few die but the power of the cube/gauntlet/gems will roll it back.

    Think of Dragon Ball and the one wish type thing. My guess it will be left up to Cap and he will make the wish that he wishes the Cube remained hidden in the ocean. That will roll back any deaths, remove the cube from the equation allowing everyone to still be around within reason.

    It will allow for the Avengers to be reformed with other members, etc.

    • I’d rather not think of Dragon Ball.

  15. Yah, I’m pretty sure it’s a reference to Death, the character.

    There will probably be one or two death scenes (my guess is Nick Fury or Hawkeye), but I really hope Whedon isn’t just going to kill off main characters for the sake of killing off main characters. IMO it has to serve a purpose, like Coulson’s death for instance.

  16. Since Whedon said “Death, death, and death” …one would think he meant both the character and perhaps a lot of mayhem that leads to a team member’s demise. After Wash in Serenity and Coulson in the Avengers, I can’t say that I could ever predict who (if anyone) Whedon would kill off.

    • Thing is how much creative pull does he have. Again I don’t believe Marvel/Disney has given him carte blanch to kill off characters without a good reason and the ability to bring them back.

      I would fall back to Nolan and Batman. I would almost guess (just me) Nolan wanted to actually kill off Bruce in that final scene. It would only drive the point of the Batman being a symbol even more.

      • Your definition of “kill characters” is not the same as what it means in Marvel Comics, or in this case, comic book movies ;)

        • If he “kills” anyone other than Cap, I will be kinda PI**ed…lol maybe Iron Man and then at the end we see himalive flying into space type thing?… Rob, How many movies is Chris Evans contracted for? also any news n RDJ’s contract situation

          • Evans is contracted for 6 movies.

          • Evans was actually contracted for 9 movies at one point, then it got brought down to 6.

        • Rob was that to me or the Prof.. still cant grasp this comment thing.. I know its probably simple but well…..

      • Marvel/Disney also pays RDJ a lot more to be in these movies than the other actors, and we all know that studio executives like their money.

  17. “Kill” Cap, like they did in the comics.


  19. Someone’s pulling a Wash again…

  20. Whenever Whedon is asked about death again, he will have to say whether it’s capitalized or not.

  21. My guess? Thanos turns Thor into glass, then shatters him. Thor 3 could be about Thor escaping from Hel or something.

    • He could also knock Stark’s head clean off. If it follows the source material that is…

  22. They kill Cap and then Bucky takes over as Cap. Then instead of Thor escaping from Hel. Thor is sent to rescue Steve Rogers and bring him back from wherever he was. He takes Hulk with him.

    • didn´t Bucky die in Cap america?

      • Khm… Winter Soldier…

      • He fell off the train into ice water. No on-screen death, and the 2nd movie is called “Winter Soldier.”

  23. Has to be Hawkeye or black widow. Those two are interchangeable with other B lister. The main 4 (IM, Cap, Hulk, Thor) however are not

    • in my opinion it is not black widow who is being killed off, she actually marries captain america and has a child with him, she does die but not that soon she has to have his baby first.most of the avengers are dead anyways

  24. I think he is talking about death and billions of people Thanos will kill to please her.

  25. Hawkeye for sure !
    He really doesn’t like Renner !

    • Doesn’t like Renner? Where’d ya hear that?

      • They don’t like Renner after he said that he wasn’t happy with the amount of screen-time Hawkeye got (He’s not the only one..!) and that it wasn’t the character he signed on to play.

  26. Hmmm the ones i see getting killed is black widow or hawkeye or maybe fury

  27. To court death? Could this be Hela The Asgardian Goddess of Death? (Loki`s Daughter)or is she even in the Marvel Universe anymore?

  28. Think of it like this:

    Cap dies and Bucky takes his place as CapII

    iron man dies and doctor strange takes his place

    hulk gets sent into space

    black widow won’t be apart of the team

    Hawkeye lives

    Nick fury foes into exile

    and that leaves Hawkeye,Falcon,Wasp or other female hero,Ant-man,Capt America,Doctor Strange, and maybe one/two extra’s.

    • IF THAT HAPPENS….. SAY GOODBYE TO THEIR BILLION DOLLAR MONEY TRAIN,they will not kill off their 2 main characters for these other ones! MARVEL WILL NOT LET BOTH BE KILLD IN ONE MOVIE! I’m calling bologna to your post, LOL but really that is a HORRIBLE IDEA to say the least!

      Who else thinks killing their 2 main characters, 2 main money makers off would be a good idea for marvel or whedon??

  29. They can’t kill tony, iron man, cause if rumors are true and they plan to do avengers three as world war hulk iron man is essential to that story line. I think if its gunna be anyone it will be captain America and then you’ll see Bucky Barnes the winter soldier take over as captain America.