Joss Whedon Teases ‘Death’ in ‘The Avengers 2′

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Captain America Death Marvel Comics Joss Whedon Teases Death in The Avengers 2

Outside of it including a reunion of familiar heroic faces and a return appearance of Thanos, little is known about the story of The Avengers 2, how it will conclude “Phase Two” of the Marvel cinematic universe, or how it will lay the groundwork for Phase Three, which kicks off with Ant-Man in 2015.

In fact, we don’t even know the official title of the sequel, but we expect it not to go with the standard Iron Man style numbering scheme. What we can expect, from Joss Whedon’s vague hints, is that it’ll be darker, more personal and more emotional. And we know that that means when it comes to Whedon.

During a Q&A at the Carlton Cinema in Dublin on February 23, 2013 for the European premiere of Much Ado About Nothing, Whedon couldn’t avoid receiving at least one question about about his goals for The Avengers 2.

“When I actually considered doing Avengers 2, my first question was what can I do that’s new? Because I can’t make it bigger [audience laughs], but I can make it better, so that’s where I’m sort of going with that.”

When asked what his general philosophy is for the sequel, without getting into details, Whedon followed up with a dark voice:

“Death, death and death.”

You can listen to the raw audio here – start at 14:10 for the brief Avengers 2 snippet and listen to the roaring crowd reaction.

Looking back on Whedon’s track record, two characters didn’t survive the run length of Serenity; fan-favorite Agent Coulson took a death blow to the chest courtesy of Loki in Whedon’s first Marvel movie; and fans are still sad of Felicia Day’s demise in Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog (is that sequel still happening?). Even when writing Astonishing X-Men for Marvel Comics, Whedon couldn’t resist quasi-killing off a main character at the end.

It’s very likely – expected even – that some of of Marvel’s greatest heroes may meet their end in The Avengers 2, making room for new character introductions during Phase Three of the Marvel cinematic universe. Ant-Man and Dr. Strange are (officially) on the way and we’re still holding out for other introductions for characters including Black Panther.

Thanos Death Marvel Comics 570x380 Joss Whedon Teases Death in The Avengers 2

However, there’s always a deeper meaning to be found in the jokes and teases dropped by the creative minds behind each Marvel film. And by “death,” we don’t expect Whedon to be just referring to the passing away of the likes of Captain America or Hawkeye. Even in jest, Whedon is name-dropping the character of Death, personified in the books as a cosmic creature, one who was referenced in the post-credits button in The Avengers by The Other which resulted in that now infamous Thanos grin.

Thanos loves Death and aims to prove his loyalty to her. In the comics, he even destroyed half the Marvel universe thanks to the power of The Infinity Gauntlet (An object in Odin’s vault from Thor)  in an effort to earn her favor. Her name and Thanos’ reaction to hearing it at the end of The Avengers is very intentional and we’ll find out more in Guardians of the Galaxy next year, if not, sooner.

What character(s) could you see Whedon and Marvel Studios “killing off” in The Avengers 2?

Iron Man 3 releases May 3, 2013, Thor: The Dark World on November 8, 2013, Captain America: The Winter Soldier on April 4, 2014, Guardians of the Galaxy on August 1, 2014The Avengers 2 on May 1, 2015 and Ant-Man on November 6, 2015.

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Source: Whedonesque (Hat-tip Chris S)

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  1. Remember, Joss Whedon’s words were, “Death, death and death”. I think he subtly refers to all of 3 things:

    1. the character of Death that Thanos is in love with (I think we can all agree on that one),
    2. a first character dies (whether good or bad), and
    3. another character dies.

    It’s the way of the Whedon: revealing hints to a secret without actually giving anything away. The real question is, “which 2 characters will die off?” Maybe I’m wrong, but it sounds like something Joss would do.

  2. We already love Joss…an we’re feelin kind of truthsome right now, so them as feel need to, don’t be missin the movie when she comes out. The last ‘un were a rip snorter.
    Doncth’a all think?

    • Pls Add in this website If Captain America will die?Will Thor die? will Johansson die(Blackwidow) ? will Hulk die? And will they win the war and how?? If they don’t defeat ULTRON, How will they lose?? Thanks!! pls don’t send plenty stuff to my E-mail and Just please add the Answer of my Questions in the Site. T H A N K S ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

  3. Ant-Man doesn’t die. His solo movie comes after Avengers 2. Maria Hill won’t die because we wouldn’t care. Nick Fury can stage his own death, and go underground and appear as model decoys in his cameo capacity. Then Hill would step up, and Civil War can begin. Thor won’t die, Hulk won’t die (although Bruce Banner could be laid dormant as an unstable Hulk remains big and green – which could set up Planet Hulk and World War Hulk.) Iron-Man and Captain America must remain for continuity. No point killing Coulson again. Loki could be killed, as promised for his failure – later to be revealed that Enchantress saved him, as they return with the Executioner in Thor 3. Selvig shouldn’t be in it, nor Foster, nor Potts. Happy should die in IM3. Killing Hawkeye would piss off Renner. Black Widow could be too useful to remove… Although she is a spy*.

    If we go on three “deaths”, my guess would be Loki first at the hands of Thanos, (but saved by Enchantress – unrevealed.) Death, who may not need appear but be the obvious motive for Thanos, as the second. And the third, Nick Fury, who’s job is at risk anyway, and is known to have “died” in comic series, have decoys and likes to inspire through sacrifice. Killing Fury doesn’t mean Fury is gone. Thor can leave the Avengers to mourn Loki or find Loki – Enchantress arc. Hawkeye and Black Widow can leave the Avengers, (the latter to be a double agent for the Leader,) and so can Hulk. Opening up three or four positions for Avengers 3 – my suggestion, Giant Man, Ms Marvel, Black Panther, and Wasp. Other candidates being Power Man, Namor and Dr Strange.

    Death, death, and more death. Awesome, awesome and more awesome… Potentially.

    • So reading your reply got me to thinking. What if Hulk kills even by accident Banners supposed love interest in Black Widow. That would set off the a chain of events that would make Tony and the gang see the Hulk is too dangerous. And the guilt of killing her would set off a “Rage” that would make Banner crazy. That being said I still want to see iron man level a building.
      I would say Killing off Rhodey iron Patriot,Black widow or Hawkeye. I think they will show Banner in a leadership role in the new Stark – Shield but will find out that the Hulk cant be depended on.

      Thinking like a Dark Knight ending that puts the Avengers down a road of solitude. Not just saving the day and the happy ending.

      • My best best is that Ultron manipulates JARVIS and turns the whole STARK cache of IM suits plus weapons against Avengers. One of the avengers may die to provide them the necessary impetus to fight.

        I have not read the comics so this is just a wild guess.

  4. My money is on Black Widow. TA2 will mark at least her third movie, depending on whether or not she makes an appearance in phase 2 or if her and Hawkeye get their film green lit. This will spark reason for a Hawkeye film in phase 3.

    Captain America is too obvious. May be overestimating Whedon though.

    Iron Man is too big right now. Don’t bank on him being safe for TA3 though. His contract expires before TA2 now apparently, so that’s not a factor as they will renew it.

    Thor and Hulk won’t die. Though many people have speculated that Hulk is getting spaced. Again. Maybe.

    Nick Fury will at the very least go underground.

    Falcon is almost certainly doomed I’d say. But he still isn’t the most likely to bite it.

    Loki will live, considering he is the pushing force in Thor’s arc. And yes Thor will have a third movie.

    My big theory is that The Guardians of the Galaxy move is being used as a tool to hype up Thanos. And that really the film is devoted to the villain and spent depicting how powerful and terrible he is. Therefore I’m expecting the heroes to lose this one. I think either all of them will meet their demise at the hands of Thanos. Or – more likely, everyone dies except Star Lord. Making him a prime candidate for the roster is TA2. The audience will emphasise with him due to his undeserved misfortune of having his team/family killed and more importantly he has strong ties to the villain of the story.

    Star Lord will die. That’ll be the big one next to Black Widow and Falcon I believe.

    Expect there to be absolute decimation in TA3 though.

    • Ha! so howd that theory work out for you lol?

  5. Lets not forget people… The major actors Downey Evans hems worth and rufflalo all have 6 movie deals… 3 individual movies and three avengers movies… If they die it will be in avengers three so they will end their contracts properly. I doubt major characters will die.. I love hemsworth but I can see him being in Asgard for most of avengers 3… You could play off black widow as Russian double agent to expand her character and leave her out and go along with hydra so most of the movie… Cap and IM won’t go anywhere.. Hulk will need to stay and wait for red hulk because the general is still pissed that shied, is making him stay away… I can see red hulk showing up in avengers 3 which leads to hulk going nuts and then planet hulk can occur because they they can bring in other characters… We will all see who is in the movies soon because the cast listing will always be out before and people will be going nuts thinking about who is actually in the movies

    • I HIGHLY doubt they are doing Planet Hulk. As you can see, Bruce can control his anger. He’s not gonna go crazy

      • I really hope your right Justin, it would be a true shame to see Banner go bad.

  6. I think, personally, if they go the route that people I know personally want them to, it will be an interesting movie. They would, of course, have to fast track a Doctor Strange movie as well as fix the atrocity known as the Fantastic Four as well as give the SS his own movie. But for Marvel the more movies the better, right? Anyway, the story I’m referencing has been noted in a few of the recent movies to date, mostly in Thor and The Avengers. I am, of course, talking about The Infinity Gauntlet.

    The reason I think that this could be true is threefold:

    1.) The Infinity Gauntlet is shown in Odin’s vault in Thor, which is quickly broken into by Loki. Which actually leads me to believe that Thanos could force Loki to break in again and steal it, though that could defiantly be wrong. But I can imagine it as an end-clip at the end of another Thor movie.

    2.) Obviously the end of Avengers, which shows Thanos, and introduces the idea of his longing/lust for Death.

    3.) Wendon’s statement “Death, death, death.
    – The character Death, as also shown in Avengers
    – Death of over half of the Marvel Universe in an instant
    – Death of Thanos at the end of the movie

    Just speculation…

  7. I’d like to see Tony Stark Killed. He was the main hero in the first Avengers movie and I think it would shock people to see him try again and get killed. It would be poetic I think in a way that movie audiences have never seen. Tony isn’t known for his ability to be a team player so why not have him try to be the movies hero again only to be killed by it. It would open the door for someone maybe Thor to take on a larger role.

    • Tony Stark cannot be killed. Besides he lives in the comics and also the actors are promised 6 movies which means three group ones (Avengers) and three individual ones which means if Iron Man is going to be killed then he will be killed in Avengers Three. Also I don’t think that Whedon will kill a major character like that yet. Plus the only two heroes to die in the comics are Hawkeye and Captain America so it would more than likely be one of them. Also it might also be referring the the Gauntlett where half the heroes are killed and then Thantos dies hence bringing back the heroes. I believe Captain America, Iron Man, and Thor are safe until Avengers Three then it’s anyone’s guess.

      • Avengers 2 is the last movie Robert Downey Jr. is contracted for.

        And he has said he has no intentions of renewing.

        • correction: RDJ has recently signed a 2-picture deal with Marvel Studios for The Avengers 2 and 3.

  8. I would only agree Stark being killed if Downey could play Dr.Strange. Did you see that animated film..Strange look like Stark.

  9. I would say if a main or supporting character dies, it would be Hawkeye, Black Widow, Nick Fury, Winter Soldier (Bucky, again), or Hulk. The others are too valuble both as Avengers members and as individual franchise heroes (Cap, Thor, Iron Man). Now the new ones we need to have appear would be Goliath (Hank Pym), Wasp, Quicksilver, and Scarlet Witch. I suppose later on down the line we could have Black panther (prefer he co-star in a Captain America movie or a solo flick, actually) and Vision, but these two would be more like in Avengers #3 or something. For villains, I would like to see Ultron, Kang, Skrulls, Whirlwind, and Diablo, as well as the Mandarin zapping away with his 10 rings in a battle against Iron Man. Maybe later Grey Gargoyle, Titanium Man, and Crimson Dynamo could put in an appearence, and of course Radioactive Man would be welcome as well.

    • Hulk won’t die. Ruffalo has a contract.

  10. presenting a new character to the mainstream audience would be very hard except for those who read and knows the comics. This is why if robert downey failed to make a contract they would follow the comics wherein rhodes take place of starks identity after stark’s misfortune and succumb to alcohol obcourse tony stark will be back just like in the comics but that’s just how i see it. if there is no iron man at least war machine will take his place for the time being.

  11. I hope that rumors is not true , that Captain America will die on Avengers 2 That will be Awkward the success of Captain America 2 and looking forward to see Captain America 3 but then seeing a new Captain America is weird I hope they will keep Chris Evans .

    • They already played out the whole Cap shot in the gut scene in Cap 2. It won’t be Cap.

  12. Is going to be captain America and the winter soldier is going to take his place Bucky the new captain America so spoiler alert captain America dies and comeback as a agent for shields mentor and leave Bucky as captain America Bucky aka winter dolfier

  13. Iron man don’t gonne die

  14. Maybe they’re referring to killing off Leader, who’s been wandering around aimlessly since 2008.

  15. I love all the characters, I would absoluteley hate Marvel if anyone died, (unless it was fury) More importantly, I love the actors who portray the characters, you get rid of a main crowd pleaser, you lose it all even if many fans may want death, I don’t.

  16. My best bet is that Ultron manipulates JARVIS and turns the whole STARK cache of IM suits plus weapons against Avengers. One of the avengers may die probably hawkeye to provide them the necessary impetus to fight.

    I have not read the comics so this is just a wild guess.

  17. If Joss kills off one of the ‘Main’ Avengers it will prove that he’s not the wonderful writer fans claim him to be! He should be able to write a compelling story without us losing one of our heroes! Well, maybe Black widow. 😉

    When it comes to Whedon I loved Buffy and Angel. I loved Firefly and Serenity, but Dollhouse was a waste, so I am hoping he won’t screw Avengers 2 up.

  18. well chris evans third movie would be cap 3.. which would make the winter soldier taking over the cap role esp since sebastian stan has a 9 movie deal with marvel. so my money is on hawkeye. although… the second coming of ultron just happen in the comic universe and hawkeye was all but good and alive. sooo i d k.

  19. Cap will go bye bye for sure :( Good news is that there will be a resurrection later on! Woohoo!

  20. I don’t believe cpt america will die bc there has been speculation for Captain America 3 to be based upon Civil War, which at the end, Cpt America “dies” in the comics. This would lead into avengers 3 will red skull and Thanos teaming up and bring Steve back to life then controling him until thor, iron man and hawk eye bring him back. A huge battle ensues that leads to Steve to step down and give his title to bucky which will lead into avengers 4 with bucky in charge.
    However, I have no idea with the theories of guardians of the galaxy being included in avengers 3 but this is my theory. Hopefully I’m right!

  21. One Thing is for sure, Iron Man and Captain America won’t and can’t die. Just excited for their face off in Civil War. Just wish that they would acquire the film rights to Spider-man and X-men, cause we all know that Spidey and the mutants play really big roles in the marvel universe and it would be a really big slap in the face if we won’t see them side by side together with the Avengers.

  22. I’m a huge Hawkeye fan so it hurts that he is the most likely choice for one of the deaths. I think that I would be okay with it if they started the Young Avengers up though. That way we would have Kate Bishop as Hawkeye. If they wait until after Thor:Ragnörak then we could also have a young Loki as he could die/reverse age then. After AOU, there will be NOT ONLY Scarlet Witch BUT ALSO Vision which leads to Billy and Tommy. A Guardians of the Galaxy 2 movie and they could introduce Kang and Skrulls/Kree empires and then we would have Iron Lad (who is young Kang) and Teddy (who is a kree/Skrull). Patriot would be very simple to introduce either in Agents of SHIELD, Captain America: Civil War (where Cap could die), or even just in the Yoing Avengers movie! In fact, Marvel may already be setting this movie up. Patriot is originally the grandson of the black Captain America and had no real powers until a blood transfusion, what if Deadshot’s son from AOS (who already loves superheros and has access to the technology that his father was given) became Patriot? For Iron Lad, a quick story change and then Harley could become Iron Lad (intelligent, warehouse full of stark tech, red and silver car). Stature is being introduced in Ant-Man as his daughter Cassie. Young Loki was shown in Thor.

  23. Hawkeye dies because Whedon hates Renner.
    Renner is alpha and a great actor who actually learned archery to better play Hawkeye.
    Whedon and his tiny liberal penis are intimidated by this and will make eliminating the alpha archer his one equally tiny legacy.