Disney CEO Confirms ‘The Avengers 2′ is In Development

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The Avengers 2 Confirmed Disney CEO Confirms The Avengers 2 is In Development

With Marvel Studios delivering Disney the biggest theatrical opening ever with The Avengers this weekend, there was nothing but smiles of the faces of those at The Walt Disney Company sharing the corporation’s second quarter earnings today.

The Avengers has banked over $700 million worldwide in less than two weeks, having been open only five days in North America. Disney Chairman and CEO Robert A. Iger announced today that The Avengers 2 is already in development.

The reality of The Avengers 2 is a given, the only question is when. The film is such a massive hit at the box office that we wonder how it’ll affect Marvel Studios’ plans going forward. Next year they have Iron Man 3 and Thor 2, and the following year, Captain America 2. Do they want The Avengers 2 so badly that they’d put it in 2014? Or will they use their branding to start expanding the franchise and introducing other characters?

disney marvel logos Disney CEO Confirms The Avengers 2 is In Development

There are are still two summer slots in 2014 that Marvel could use for in-development and recently teased Ant-Man, a SHIELD movie or something totally different, like Guardians of the Galaxy, but the earliest we’d find out more is likely around time for Comic-Con in July where we hope Marvel Studios will hold a panel for the upcoming Iron Man and Thor sequels.

We doubt any serious development has actually occurred for The Avengers sequel outside of ideas Joss Whedon, Marvel President Kevin Feige and others at the studios have already discussed in their planning out of the franchise’s future. At this point we don’t even know of Whedon will return to direct although we expect that Marvel will pay what’s necessary to make that happen. Another reason The Avengers 2 shouldn’t release until 2015 is because they need a lot of time to develop it and to lay down more foundation in other films before they can gather everyone together for long shoot.

My money is on The Avengers 2 coming in 2015. There’s no word on John Carter 2

If you’ve seen The Avengers and want to share your thoughts, join our Avengers spoilers discussion and read our explanation of the post-credit ending scenes.

The Avengers stars Robert Downey Jr., Chris Evans, Chris Hemsworth, Mark Ruffalo, Scarlett Johansson, Jeremy Renner, Samuel L. Jackson, Cobie Smulders, Clark Gregg, Tom Hiddleston and Stellan Skarsgard. It is of course written and directed by Joss Whedon.


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Source: Disney (via Reuters)

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  1. Marvel Studios has its very own Dark Knight laying in wait. His name is T’Challa and he is one of most perfect concepts that Jack Kirby and Stan Lee ever imagined. Make a Black Panther movie a priority for the Summer of 2014.

    • I just got off doing a podcast that will go up on Comic Related this week and I said the same. Black Panther is most most desired solo character film.

      • Black Panther would be OK by me.

      • alot of people on twitter wanted the Black Panther in The avengers :P

    • Thank you, I’ve been saying that forever!!!

    • Yes!!

    • I don’t think there will be a Black Panther film till at least 2016.Hopefully it will be worth the wait.

    • Thor 2= MY CRACK

      • Iron Man 3 = My crack ;)

  2. what about moonknight :P

    • I would not mind a Moon Knight movie, either, but they *MUST* make the costume as identical as possible to the comics..that comic costume rocks!!

    • Hell yeah if they make him as crazy as he is in the comics.

  3. Awesome! Can’t wait for the Avengers 2 !!!

    • Avengers #2: now’s you chance, Marvel! quicksilver, Wasp, Scarlet Witch, Goliath (Hank Pym in cool yellow/blue costume from early comics). And don’t forget the baddies: Ultron, Kang, mandarin, Thanos & Skrulls!

  4. ok here’s my opinion

    Hulk works best when he has something to play off so in his movie he can’t just rehash what happened in the incredible hulk with him on the run. it needs to be more interesting. they could bring in she hulk and it could be them recruited again by shield to deal with the leader who’s escaped and caused some kind of gamma problem so they need banner and the hulk just as much.

    Guardians of the Galaxy seems like a terrible idea to me. a talking racoon in space? really? that’s stupid. it might work for a comic but it won’t work for the big screen. if they do go ahead with it they need someone like guilermo del torro attached to give it the right visual flaire that might distract people from how stupid of a premise it is.

    i see no reason why a Black Panther Movie hasn’t happened. it could be a great political revenge action adventure type thing. needs to be an Actor who was born on the african continent or born from 2 african natives, african americans look way different to african nationals. might sound picky but it’s true. also needs to have that african accent. i’ll excuse the lack of speaking in an african dialect since the germans in captain america didn’t even speak german (do americans hate subtitles that much?)

    Dr Strange could work well if done right. i thought animated film did it exceptionally well. if they just stay away from new york or somehow mention the events that transpired in the avengers even if it’s just on a tv in the background. not sure who as an actor would be a good choice

    it would be cool if all the villains from now on reported to thanos in some way and that each movie lead to a small victory for thanos to appear and reap havoc in avengers 2 OR influence the trigger for a version of the Civil War which leaves the world defenceless for a take over by THANOS in Avengers 3.

    also it would be cool to see winter soldier, heroes for hire, a shield movie as a change of pace. dealing with the new rising super powered villain threat, be a great way to introduce a bunch of minor characters. don’t need a back story movie on hawkeye or black widow. spies work best with mystery, small flash backs maybe but only to show how dangerous they are or what crazy stuff they’ve had to do.

    i’m up for an Ant Man movie mainly because edgar wright hasn’t done anything s***** yet and joe cornish did an awesome job with attack the block. could be really funny and cool.

  5. Take your time please. No need to rush a project. Rushing usually hurts the movie.

    • You’re right. But disney like any other film company (esp. Publicly traded st that) have to generate profits to keep investors etc happy. They will do everything they can to push out another one mark my worlds. If they can get it done for 2014 you can bet they’ll do everything they can to make it happen.

  6. It’s to bad Marvel doesn’t have the movie rights to Spidey, Daredevil, Xmen and Fantastic four, silver surfer, Namor?

    There’s still Powerman and Iron fist, would be nice to see a retro 70′s movie about those two as I grew up reading those books, but an up to date Luke Cage and Iron fist of today seems more likely. I also would love to see an “Inhumans” movie, “Kazar of the savage land” the savage land portrayed like Peter Jacksons Skull island with all the trimmings. Oh and like mentioned before “The Black Panther”. To bad the new “Defenders” has Namor and Silver Surfer as I think FOX owns those characters for films.

    Who owns the Rights to the Micronaughts? Hasbro? who remembers those toys and comics? I loved those guys. Heard though JJ Abrams was producing so old news I guess.

    • Marvel has the rights to Namor and Fox Studio got the rights to Silver Surfer

  7. Is this the biggest ‘no brainer’ of all time??

  8. Well, that was fast.

  9. Avengers 2?! How’s that possible? Wait… it’s made over $700mil in the world-wide box-office and is set to cross the $1billion mark by the end of this weekend?! – oh… that explains it then… ;)

    All jokes aside, this isn’t really surprising. I doubt it’ll get the 2014 slot (Feige already said they know what that movie’s going to be and that they would announced it at/near the time of SDCC – he said that about a month ago).

    I’ll place my bets on a 2015 release date for Avengers 2 – as long as they get Whedon to do the sequel, and they don’t rush production (*cough*Iron Man 2*cough*) then I’m fine with waiting a few years…

  10. They should make a Black Panther movie as quickly as possible, possibly Anthony Mackie or Edi Gathegi for the part (admittedly despite the fact they lack a heavily martial arts background).
    Yes, Gathegi was in X-Men First Class but they cruelly killed his character off so he could play BP.

    • Black Panther = Djimon Honsou. Or Black Panther = FAIL

      • Djimon Honsu is the voice actor for the Black Panther animated character and also the life model for that said animated character.

        • He’s too old though…
          He should play T’Chacka (the original Black Panther and T’Challa’s father).
          For about half the movie, we’d see him as the king of Wakanda until Man-Ape or Klaw kills him, leaving T’Challa to take up the mantle as Black Panther and regain the throne.

      • I always dug that idea but I think he may be too old for the role, assuming Marvel wants the character around for years to come.

        • Djimon would have been perfect I agree, but he’s definitely too old for the part now hence why I thought Mackie or Gathegi.

        • dont u think Djimon Hounsou is the go to guy for everything African. i like him but he is too predictable casting plus you are right he is too old. remember Marvel Studio casted Scarlett Johansson a American actress to play a Russian spy. i wont be surprise Marvel might choose a African-American actor to play Black Panther.

          also what u think about Aldis Hodge or Chiwetel Ejiofor for Black Panther.

  11. Here’s what I’d like to see from Marvel Studios in the next few years:
    2013 – Iron Man 3, Thor 2
    2014 – Captain America 2, Black Panther (with Pym and Van Dyne as scientists), Dr Strange
    2015 – Incredible Hulk 2, SHIELD (with Hawkeye & Widow), Ant-Man (if people warmed to the characters in the BP movie)
    2016 – Avengers 2, GotG, Heroes For Hire

    Here’s what I’m expecting Marvel Studios will release in the next few years:
    2013 – Iron Man 3, Thor 2
    2014 – Captain America 2, Ant-Man
    2015 – GotG, Dr Strange
    2016 – Avengers 2 (yeah, I know I said 2015 in my above post… I changed my mind ;))

    Also, I think the short-films will keep coming as well: I heard a rumor the other day that (apparently) Feige said one of the producers of Avengers has recently directed “a little something” that’ll be released “in the coming few months”.

    • MARK MY WORDS. Avengers 2 will come in 2015 at the absolute latest.

    • Four years for Avengers 2? You do realize Marvel’s executive producer is Scrooge McDuck, don’t you. How old will RDJ be? 2015 at the latest, maybe even 2014.

      • I really doubt it will be 2014.
        The only reason I’m saying 2016 is because Marvel Studios only does one movie at a time (and they only release 2 movies a year.) – if that changes however (i.e. if they start making 3 or 4 movies per year and start doing some of them simultaneously), then I can see Avengers 2 coming out in 2015.

        • Okay, 2014 is a little too soon. They do have to clear everyone’s schedules.

  12. I’d like to take this moment to express my happiness for Joss Whedon, finally the recognition he deserves! -Those of us who already knew of him were well aware of his capabilities. …it’s shame no one else would listen. Avengers was their wake up call, and oh what a slap in mouth it was!

  13. Mr. Joss Whedon certainly exceeded my expectations!!!!!

  14. Why not introduce new Avengers in Cap 2, Thor 2, IM3, etc instead of making a solo film for each one? While I think Black Panter could definatly do well with a solo treatment, I tend to think characters like Ant Man and Wasp could be introduced in a way similar to the way Black Widow was introduced in IM2. I personally do not want too many solo films holding back the next Avengers movie.

  15. No word on John Carter 2 is bad news !
    Really hope something happens,Loved that Movie !

  16. Marvel should put Capt America 2 & Thor 2 on hold – and just focus on Iron Man 3 & Avengers 2 – keep it solid now – Avengers has to be a trilogy of some-kind so it’ll sit along-side Lord of the Rings & the 1st 3 Star Wars movies.

  17. Seriously, how much “set up” do they need for Avengers 2? Movies are made all the time that don’t require multi-movie set ups. They’ve introduced the characters. They already have Thor 2, CA 2, and Iron Man III. The plot of Avengers was not that complicated, to say the least. Of course, the idea that each movie is a piece of a future Avengers movie = $$$.

    Also, how many super-heroes will be in Avengers 2, assuming they don’t remove anyone present?

  18. i doubt we are going to see a dr.strange movie, if its not tied in with avengers and the wider cosmic aspect of marvel universe, its not happenening-strange is more of a mytical character and was in the defenders not the avengers iirc.
    black panther? no solo movie, maybe a shield movie will introduce ant man/goliath and black panther but he doesnt have the same weight as captain america, thor, iron man or hulk and as such not likely to be seen unless part of some ensemble cast.
    marvels going to busy making thor, cap,hulk and iron man movies in between avengers- antman and wasp could be in gotg that would make it easier to ditch groot and rocket raccoon, i cant see them working on screen.

    • “i doubt we are going to see a dr.strange movie, if its not tied in with avengers and the wider cosmic aspect of marvel universe, its not happenening-strange is more of a mytical character”

      *cough* Blade *cough* Ghost Rider *cough*

      • whilst the first blade imo really kicked off the interest in marvels movie adaptions, and it was sweet, spontaeneous applause at credits, me and a few buddies queued up and watched it straight away after watching it the first time, back to back viewings, our marvel geek love was overflowing.
        but blade 2, and 3 especially. no, they lost the magic blade had and reflected it in terms of takings and critical reception.
        ghost rider 1 and 2 are the final nails in the coffin of that aspect of the marvel universe imo.
        even more so with the popularity of marvels mainstream vanilla heroes in the avengers.
        im just being realistic, after this success, do you really think disney are going to say righty ho, green light blade4, buy the rights to ghost rider, and get me a damn strange movie.
        most people think gotg are a bit of a gamble, but that and thanos point towards the cosmic side of the marvel universe.
        and the black panther would have to be in the queue behind antman and wasp if they all get solo movies, which isnt guaranteed.imo those three may be written into gotg and then subsequently into avengers 2.
        because the market is going to be saturated with marvel solo movies inbetween here and avengers,if they have to make solo movies for the iindividual avengers inbetween what everyone is waiting for now, avengers 2.

        • While I agree that Disney wouldn’t take on this aspect of the Marvel Universe, I could easily see Fox (GR, X-Men) or New Line (Blade) taking a shot at it

    • what u talking about Black Panther has the same weight as the others. the character has culture, magic, great fighting skills, technology

    • I don’t know if you’ve ever actually read a Dr Strange comic book, but he has a lot of ties to the cosmic side of the Marvel Universe…
      Also, Dr Strange has been an Avenger.

      • If it wasn’t for Dr. Strange, I don’t think they would have gotten the Infinity Gauntlet back.

      • yes i have,hes been on the defenders longer than his recent dealings with new avengers.
        hes more likely to appear in a defenders movie, with hulk and sub mariner.
        get ruffalo out and about.

        • Well, he isn’t more likely to appear in a Defenders movie since Marvel Studios will probably never make a Defenders movie.

          He has the potential to carry his own film (and Feige has said that the Dr Strange movie is in development) and since he has so many ties to the cosmic side of the marvel universe, I could easily see him in an Avengers movie (since Marvel Studios seems to be “going cosmic” with their movies).

          • In the event the good Doctor does get his own film, who has thoughts on casting? Personally, I can easily picture Johnathan Frakes as Stephen Strange, but…

            • Personally, I think Luke Evans would be great as Dr. Strange.

  19. I thought Thor really made the Avengers film work. And I’ll be sure to see the Thor (and Avengers) sequels — but an announcement from Disney about giving us “John Carter: Warlord of Mars” is the news I would most love to hear. The first John Carter was a film to just enjoy and forget everything else.

  20. While a Black Panther movie would be cool (casting ideas?), I’ve been hearing rumors (and nothing more, sadly) about a Dr. Strange film…

    • If you want casting ideas for BP, we have been discussing it quite a bit on the first page.

  21. Here is an idea for the people that would like to see a Black Widow and Hawkeye movie. Why not just do the SHIELD movie and have someone that is in the Council betray them by secretly trying to shut SHIELD and the Avengers down? The Avengers don’t have to be in it but this could possibly give us a back story on SHIELD and Black Widow and Hawkeye on how they got to where they are today. Basically I am proposing an exposure type movie.

  22. please dont make another Hulk movie. the first 2 were horrible. and please dont make another ghost rider, part 2 was a disgrace to comic book fans. How many times can you tell the same story? Hope the new spider-man isnt a let down. Only remakes that are good is the batman’s Nolan did a outstanding job with the series

  23. on any posts about crossovers, i will know negativity for spidey to make one `till he finsihes a franchise. before creating a “marvel ultimate alliance film”, all the superheros should finish the same #franchise they`re in, for example, the maguire spidey, captain america, iron man, and hulk each had seperate 1st films. the thor didn`t, his 1st appearance was with the big team-up in the box-office film that just came out 1 week ago. they should be introduced seperately, then spidey should finish at his top villain then make a crossover. i hated the guy they portrayed for hulk, i liked the white-skinned actors of the other 2 hulk films better. remakes of a film are a mistake, like with hulk they finished one film then made a non-sequel film. there was a talk about remaking spidey 3. the only character that i will be ruiningly devastated by giving a crossover without finishing a franchise of 4+films is spidey.

    • “for example, the maguire spidey, captain america, iron man, and hulk each had seperate 1st films. the thor didn`t, his 1st appearance was with the big team-up in the box-office film that just came out 1 week ago.”

      Um, with all due respect, Thor (the movie) came out before Cap did; it was previewed(ish) in the credit scene in Iron Man 2

  24. wow, so i presume there`s `bout hundreds of stan lee`s marvel superheroes, if i`m correct stan lee is the one who created all the marvel known comic book superheroes,right? i guess marvel has only 1 movie making team which is why seperate marvel superheroes can`t be introduced closely together at a time and/or by many. the marvel comics started 1961 with fantastic 4, then august 1962 with spidey, then after that i`m not sure. x-men came in 2000, spidey in 2002, hulk in 2003, fantastic 4 in `07 iron man the next year, and so forth… they never created any films earlier because it took a while for`em to become famous. well, it happens as it is, the watchmen contained all dc characters which few of were introduced before,batty and supes, so in this case, if sony, disney, and marvel had split themselves they could take 1/3 of the marvel heroes, then lots more films from the studios could be released at the same time. then that`d make it easier for a croosover.

  25. some day there may be an anticipation or idea of a “marvel superhero alliance” film but some characters have their own iconic unique stories with their own villains, like spidey and x-men, so like with spidey and venom, i thought we liked seeing the heroes take`m down individually before a film which they all team up and take down all their villains of all the superheroes because it`s fun to see it that way with the challenge of seeing the superheroes taking down their villains on their own. i like spidey and hulk because neither can fly or shoot automotically defeating weapons toward their villains or move so fast you can`t see it-like superman. i would love to see the individual heroes take down their top

  26. continuing from that-villain before making any team ups. oh well, they can make as many reboots as they want as long as these superheroes stay popular. the avengers film`s ending credits paused with a scene that set up for another sequel. that`s why i`m excited to see a thrilling,scary, suspenseful,still keeping it at pg-13 rated, film but the avengers film was “intense” and extreme” there needs to be more suspense to make it seem more closer to downfall in the film making it end unhappily.

  27. I really don’t understand any enthusiasm for Black Panther. I’d love for someone to explain it to me ’cause I just don’t get it.

    My point of view is his concept is silly since his homeland is a super high-tech monarchy in Africa. To me, it’s about as believable as Namor the Submariner’s origin under the sea.

    If you take away the silly idea of his being a high-tech king, you’re pretty much left with a Catwoman/Wolverine character, aren’t you? I’m not into pure realism, of course, but I like a decent dose of realism in my heroes.

    So why not a cool version of Deathlok or Falcon if you want a certain kind of hero? Falcon could be really done well.

    Anyone able to explain the allure of Black Panther above and beyond the posts above?

    • The silence is my answer, I suppose.

  28. Do you think they could make the secret wars into a movie?

  29. Okay, I’ll be perfectly blunt: the only reason I’d want to see a Black Widow/Hawkeye movie would be if they pulled Anne Hathaway or Milla Jovovitch for Bobbi/Mockingbird