Disney CEO Confirms ‘The Avengers 2′ is In Development

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The Avengers 2 Confirmed Disney CEO Confirms The Avengers 2 is In Development

With Marvel Studios delivering Disney the biggest theatrical opening ever with The Avengers this weekend, there was nothing but smiles of the faces of those at The Walt Disney Company sharing the corporation’s second quarter earnings today.

The Avengers has banked over $700 million worldwide in less than two weeks, having been open only five days in North America. Disney Chairman and CEO Robert A. Iger announced today that The Avengers 2 is already in development.

The reality of The Avengers 2 is a given, the only question is when. The film is such a massive hit at the box office that we wonder how it’ll affect Marvel Studios’ plans going forward. Next year they have Iron Man 3 and Thor 2, and the following year, Captain America 2. Do they want The Avengers 2 so badly that they’d put it in 2014? Or will they use their branding to start expanding the franchise and introducing other characters?

disney marvel logos Disney CEO Confirms The Avengers 2 is In Development

There are are still two summer slots in 2014 that Marvel could use for in-development and recently teased Ant-Man, a SHIELD movie or something totally different, like Guardians of the Galaxy, but the earliest we’d find out more is likely around time for Comic-Con in July where we hope Marvel Studios will hold a panel for the upcoming Iron Man and Thor sequels.

We doubt any serious development has actually occurred for The Avengers sequel outside of ideas Joss Whedon, Marvel President Kevin Feige and others at the studios have already discussed in their planning out of the franchise’s future. At this point we don’t even know of Whedon will return to direct although we expect that Marvel will pay what’s necessary to make that happen. Another reason The Avengers 2 shouldn’t release until 2015 is because they need a lot of time to develop it and to lay down more foundation in other films before they can gather everyone together for long shoot.

My money is on The Avengers 2 coming in 2015. There’s no word on John Carter 2

If you’ve seen The Avengers and want to share your thoughts, join our Avengers spoilers discussion and read our explanation of the post-credit ending scenes.

The Avengers stars Robert Downey Jr., Chris Evans, Chris Hemsworth, Mark Ruffalo, Scarlett Johansson, Jeremy Renner, Samuel L. Jackson, Cobie Smulders, Clark Gregg, Tom Hiddleston and Stellan Skarsgard. It is of course written and directed by Joss Whedon.

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Source: Disney (via Reuters)

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  1. If it turns out to be Ant-Man and S.H.I.E.L.D. movies, I’m going to be disappointed. I’ve never liked Ant-Man or Wasp– although I do understand their significance– but I don’t think SHIELD, or characters like Black Widow, Nick Fury, and Hawkeye, need their own films. Let these guys get development from being supporting superheroes.

    Instead, I want Black Panther and Doctor Strange films. Strange could introduce a whole new side of the Marvel universe, and a magic-based hero would be a good flipside to tech-savy heroes like Iron Man. Black Panther could also be good because we’d have our first black superhero leading a franchise since Blade, and his combination of smarts, tech, and fighting skills, plus the unique and beautiful setting of Wakanda, would offer tons of new stuff. He’s basically Marvel’s Batman, to be quite honest.

    Anyone else agree?

    • u also forget Black Panther also deal with magic he even had a mystical connection with the Wakandan Panther god.

    • I definitely agree. I don’t know much about Dr. Strange, but I’m down for Black Panther and everything you said about him. I kind of want them to use a new/rising actor for Black Panther, because there are way too few mainstream black actors today, and any already-known black actor would probably just look like an already-known black actor in a costume.

      Mace, he was juxtaposing Dr. Strange and Iron Man, not D.S. and Black Panther.

      • @ The Realist

        I’ve heard rumors that the guy who played Mr. Eko from “Lost” was campaigning for the role of Black Panther, and although the guy’s a little too big, he wouldn’t be a horrible choice. (I forget his actual name because it’s impossible to spell, lol)

        Doctor Strange would be awesome. Seeing Dormammu on the big screen would be EPIC. Give it some good actors and a good budget and Doctor Strange could easily be the new Iron Man.

        • That would be Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje (google ftw!)

          and yes, he’s both a bit too big and old to be playing the prince. The person needs to be closer to 20’s – early 30’s and have a martial arts background.

          He might make a good M’Baku however (aka Man-Ape)

          • u dont need someone with a martial arts background to play the role it would be good if they do. but remember Scarlett Johansson and
            Jeremy Renner aka Black Widow and Hawkeye dont have real martial arts background they had training for the movie plus they also have stuntdoubles 😛

            • Nor does Chris Evans so point taken 😉 but if ANYONE on the Avengers needs to know Martials irl it would be the person who plays Black Panther. That’s why Wesley Snipes made such a convincing Blade, because he is a practitioner and could do the moves needed without any faking.

          • I definitely agree with Adewale Akinnuoye Agbaje (good luck fitting his name on a posterm, haha) for Black Panther. But yeah, he is a bit old for the part. but if Marvel chose not to go the young route (which I doubt they do), I think Djimon Hounsou would be a great Black Panther. Might be a bit too much to wish for, but hey, he fits the part nicely in my mind.

            • How about Djimon Hounsou as the King of Wakanda? That way he would be the Black Panther until he loses to Man-Ape.

          • @ mongoose, When I think of Man Ape, I think of a guy as big as a house.

            As for Black Panther, I think Micheal Ja White would be a good choice (Even has the martial arts background), same with the Old Spice guy (although he does not have the martial arts background as far as I know)

            Dr. Strange? I dont know who would be a good Stephen Strange, maybe the guy who played Mr Fantastic? After all, Evans and Reynolds played two marvel characters in movies, why not him. But I dont really know anyone who could play him off the top of my head.

            Zachary Quinto as Ant Man? (If they go the way of the Ultimates) Or Benedict Cumberbatch.

            I have no opinion of who should play Wasp, I never liked her so much.

            • Yeah I know but there are only a few “big as a house” African American actors out there. I guess I’m a bit tired of Michael Clarke Duncan playing all those roles.

              Actually……Dwayne Johnson would be excellent in the role. He even has the crazy angry look which fits.

              The problem with Micheal Ja White is the same as many others listed, he’s just too old to be playing a young Wakandian prince. I’m sure there are a lot of qualified young black actors out there that could play the part.

              And DR. Strange……I’ve been lobbying for Liam Neeson to play the part ever since the project was first suggested. He has the correct look, has an imposing screen presence, a calm but solid voice and probably the only one that can pull off a Sorcerer Supreme incantation without sounding silly.

              For Ant-Man I know The Avenger has his heart set on Nathan Fillion but I think he still needs to be a bit younger. Nathan isn’t exactly “old” but he hasn’t aged very well in the last 10 years. And Benedict Cumberbatch for me is a bit too cerebral looking and needs to have some physicality to him (remember he also has to be Giant-man)

              The only person I could think of was James Marsden. Yeah I know he’s already played Cyclops but he fits my criteria and that’s all I got. :)

              • Dwayne Johnson??? He dosen’t look like he’d from Africa.

              • I was pretty surprised when you mentioned The Rock, mongoose (very disappointed ;)). He doesn’t even look African (and he’d NEVER be able to pull off the accent).
                People are forgetting that the Black Panther is an AFRICAN prince.

                As for the others:
                I agree, Liam Neeson is a good choice for Dr Strange (but I’m guessing the role will inevitably go to that guy from that medical-drama… Mc-something)
                And Nathan Fillion for Henry Pym – IMO age doesn’t really play a factor for that character.

                • I believe mongoose was proposing that Dwayne Johnson plays Man Ape.

                  • Even if that’s the case, Man-Ape is also African. Dwayne Johnston isn’t, nor does he look the part.

                    • most likely Marvel aint going to hire a African actor. Black Widow is not been played by a Russian 😛

                      the best person imo to play Man-Ape is actor, screenwriter, and comic book writer Kevin Grevioux. he has the size to play the character also he work with Marvel comics creating Blue Marvel. if u cant remember him he starred in Underworld movie as the character Raze.

                  • Yes, Lurker is correct. We were discussing Man-Ape.

                    And I think you will be truly pressed to find an actual black actor from Africa. Not that they aren’t out there (Djimon Hounsou is the only one that comes to mind) but just rare enough that finding one with acting talent and be “big as a house” might be an impossible task.

                    So why not Dwayne Johnson for Man-Ape? He IS half black and looks ethnic enough (at least I think so) to pull of the part (better than playing Hercules! /facepalm). He also isn’t a bad actor and will be playing the role of a crazy warrior so it’s an archetype he has a lot of experience with and won’t be reaching to far from his comfort zone.

                    Now if you want an actual black African actor that’s 6’5, 275lbs lets her some names because I don’t know of any that fit the part……HA, I did a bit of googling to see what I could come up with and found someone who had matched Man-Ape with Kevin Grevioux (played a werewolf in Underworld: Rise of the Lycans). He even has an awesome deep voice.

                    Too bad James Earl Jones is too old else he would have been a great King but what about Laurence Fishburne as the King? (or maybe John Amos?…lots of great black actors who could play the King)

                • well the Rock is half black . his dad is African-Canadian :P.

            • Micheal Ja White too old

          • how about David Oyelowo from red tails and rise of the apes, he is a young and talented actor. he would be excellent as black panther

      • what about Aldis Hodge for Black Panther he is young and bright star.

        • He looks promising (and even has a martial arts background). He even bears a passing resemblance to Adewale Akinnuoye Agbaje so maybe he could play the King?

          Not to be all “affirmative action” but the more I think about it the more I think The Avengers NEEDS Black Panther on the team to bring some more variety to the group.

    • Black Panther at the very very least needs to maintain his African accent, unlike how Black Widow does away with the russian accent.

      Doctor Strange would be awesome, i can see a cool dynamic between him and Stark. The whole “magic is just a science i don’t understand” makes for an interesting back and forth in which Stark may not come out on top.

    • How about Luke Evans for Hank Pym? I liked him in Immortals.

  2. Marvel Studio should not rush to do the sequel they need to take time to create a good script.

  3. I think it will be coming in 2016!
    In 2015, two new heroes will be introduced (Guardian of the Galaxy, or Inhumans or Doctor Strange) 😉

  4. I think Marvel should make sequels for all the main avengers, Iron Man, Thor, Captain America, and Hulk, and develop solo films for Hawkeye and Black Widow(or a Hawkeye/Black Widow team-up flm) and even Ant-Man(which would introduce Wasp), then maybe Guardians of the Galaxy, and then Avengers 2.

    Maybe we could even have two-hero team-ups like Captain America and Thor, Hulk and Iron Man, etc.

    Then after Marvel has $2-3 billion in the bank they should buy the rights to X-Men, Fantastic Four, and Spider-Man back and reboot X-Men and Fantastic Four into the Marvel Movie Universe, and weave Mark Webb’s Spider-Man into the Marvel Movie Universe as well. But that will probably never happen.

    • serious whats the point of Hawkeye and Black Widow solo movie. they are more supporting characters.

      • The point is that they are interesting enough to showcase in a film. Especially one they do together, like how Hawkeye got Black Widow into shield. There is already fandom/ship etc. just since the movie came out.

        • But would they do much on their own? It wouldn’t be a superhero movie. SHIELD was largely a regular spy agency before the Avengers (the heroes, not just the movies) came.

          I would really think that their fandom coming so soon since the movie’s just been released largely comes from the fact that…the movie’s just been released. I would give it a lot of time to see if there’s still lingering interest a few months from now to bank anything on a solo/dual movie.

        • not really they dont need a solo movie. Hawkeye and Black Widow cool characters but they dont need a solo movie have them appear in other movies. doing a movie about them stops other characters who deserve a solo movie Dr Strange, Black Panther, Ant-Man, Heroes For Hire, Ms Marvel

        • personally not many people besides you would like to see them in there own film. They are more supporting characters and you know it

          • I’d like to see a SHIELD movie…
            It’s been a while since I saw a good action-spy thriller (and a SHIELD movie has the potential to be one).

            • Don’t expect the US military to support it though. SR just started a thread on why the military pulled their support for SHIELD. It can still be a great movie, but it would be better if the real military aided in the development.

              • Yeah, I read about that a few days ago…
                IMO it doesn’t really matter.
                Marvel Studios would still be able to use military vehicles and weapons though, if I’m not mistaken.

            • @ The Avenger

              eh, both Skyfall and Bourne Legacy are coming out soon so those should satiate your desires. Coincidental that you’ll get to see your beloved Jeremy Renner in BL instead of SHIELD? I THINK NOT!! 😉

    • Iron Man 3 and Thor 2 are already confirmed for next year, Cap 2 is scheduled for 2014 and judging from the response of Ruffalo’s Hulk I wouldnt be suprised if he gets a solo film too.

      The only members that deserve their own solo films are The Big Four. Hawkeye, Widow, Fury, Hill and SHIELD are just supporting characters.

      And as cool as it would be to include Spidey and the Fantastic Four in the MCU, I dont really want them anywhere in an Avengers Sequel

    • That’s the thing that’s always confused me. Marvel is a huge corporation and they are backed by Disney, an even HUGER corporation. Why doesn’t Disney just BUY Spider-Man, X-Men, Fantastic Four, Daredevil, and Ghost Rider back? That way all of their characters will be their’s an we can see Spidey and co. in an Avengers film.

      • its not easy cause of the contract

        • Well actually is is easy. The difficult thing would be agreeing on an amicable price. Afaik, there is no “buy back” clause in any of the contracts. So if Marvel/Disney wants the franchises back it would be up to the owning studios to determine a price (which of course would be some astronomical and unreasonable number that Marvel/Disney would never pay)

          It was the sacrifice Marvel had to make so that we could now at least enjoy the Marvel Studios movies we DO have.

      • something none of you are taking into account is the age of the actors especially RDJ. He has already stated he can’t play Ironman forever and is already creeping up on 50. Not that I want the movies rushed either but its something to take into consideration on how long they can wait to bring out a 2nd and possibly 3rd Avengers.

      • I would love for Disney to buy back those franchises, but I’m pretty sure Sony, Fox, and whatever other studios that currently hold the rights to Marvel’s other franchises would probably charge ungodly sums that even Disney and Marvel couldn’t swallow (and this is assuming that they even want to sell them back in the first place, which they probably don’t). Both Spider-Man and X-Men have respectively made boatloads of money for Sony and Fox and I honestly doubt that either of those two studios would easily part with those franchises, considering how they can still make millions of dollars from those franchises based on name-brand alone.

      • Arg!!!
        It’s not as simple as “buying back” the properties.
        Yes, Disney has enough money to buy back the FF, X-Men, etc. but why would they do that?! – It’s a waste of money. Why? because the price to “buy back” the rights would be astronomic – they would never be able to turn a profit unless every single movie is a huge success like Avengers.

        Most of these movies only make around $300mil in the box-office. Disney would have to fork over a lot more than that to just buy back one set of characters.
        (That’s even IF they CAN buy back the rights – those contracts are very specific and )

        Feige’s already said they don’t have any plans to buy back any of the characters. He said X-Men, Spidey, etc. are in good hands where they are now, and that if any of the rights were to revert back, then they’d make a plan with them… but until then (according to Feige) Marvel Studios is more than happy with the characters the yhave.

        I mean, they’re already backed up with movies (Ant-Man, SHIELD, Black Panther, Luke Cage, GotG, Avengers 2, Inhumans, Runaways, Dr. Strange, etc, etc.) – I really doubt they’d be able to focus on other characters until those have all taken off – which would make “buying back” the rights redundant – since it would just be sitting on the metaphorical shelf until the day Marvel Studios either branches out and makes more than 2 movies per year, or the day when all their other franchises are exhausted.

        • Even though the rights would cost Disney a lot (an exact figure is very hard to estimate so we are reduced to using hyperbole) it is forgivable for us to dream of Marvel owning the film rights to their entire universe. If Thanos is indeed the next big bad it would make me sad for there to be no Silver Surfer.

          Personally I think that it would be well worth buying back the rights to spiderman just for the possibility of a New Avengers film and the guaranteed earnings of the individual films with a splash of MCU input. You can’t say that a New Avengers film won’t make a ridiculous amount of money. After seeing The Avengers most of my friends (non-comic geeks) immediately wanted to see spider man involved.

          • Had hoped for a spidey cameo in the avengers but I knew it wouldn’t happen since Sony owns the rights. It would of been awesome though I wish the studios could find a way to work out some kind of deal to allow these characters to appear in the next film.

    • Michael, re: buying X-men and Webb’s Spiderman and integrating them…it’s like you broke into my wet dreams and typed them out on Screenrant for all to behold.

      Webb’s Spiderman (heck, even Wolverine) seem like they could fit directly into Whedon’s world without any changes (i.e. like Batman or Green Lantern movies’ costume styles don’t look like they’d mesh well with his world [and yes yes, regardless of the Marvel/DC thing])

  5. Crossing my fingers for Thanos and the Infinity Gauntlet.

  6. First thing to do is sign Joss for the sequel and also make his Wonder Woman script in to a movie…finally!

    • I seriously doubt Marvel would be wanting to turn his Wonder Woman script into a movie 😀

    • She-hulk can be introduced in IH2. Black panther and Doctor Strange need to be made. Djimon Hounsou is too old, so Anthony Mackie is my choice for BP, all he needs is the accent. Jason Isaacs should be DS.

    • Joss is one of the few writers that could do Wonder Woman justice, but it wouldn’t be done right unless he also directed the movie, and with little studio interference. Otherwise we’d probably get another Buffy situation (the 1992 movie, not the TV show).

  7. I honestly dont want to see avengers 2 until 2016. that would give marvel studios plenty of time to develope their universe more as well as develope what will be the story for avengers 2. this would be ideal for me, especially if they move up to 3 films a year in 2014.

  8. my ideal movie line up
    2013: Iron Man 3, Thor 2
    2014: Captain America 2, Ant-Man, Doctor Strange
    2015: Hulk 2, SHIELD, Black Panther
    2016: Heroes for Hire, Guardians of the Galaxy, Avengers 2

    in that order please.

    and I honestly dont see Inhumans ever happening. way too complicated and it wouldn’t be actiony enough for a big blockbuster movie.

    • if it was done right it wouldnt have to be actiony or even a major blockbuster. they could make it on a smaller budget. not every MCU film has to be a major blockbuster, action packed, huge budget, movie event. they should start having smaller films for their lesser known characters.

    • I thought that Thor had a too much of a complicated past before seeing the movie, but it can be done, and it can be done right.

      I think Inhumans would be tough, but no harder then Thor’s background was. IMO

      • The Asgardian background is relatively simple compared with the Inhumans and all the Marvel Universe threads that they are tied to (Kree, Skrull, Celestials) not to mention Attilan’s society and culture.

        I suppose they could just say they were the end result of an undisclosed alien race but then we start thinking about lame little green/grey men. It’s their ties to the larger Marvel universe that make them work.

  9. i would like to see a few more solo sequels and intros to other characters first. and i really dont care who the new intros are as long as they get some new characters into the franchise. and i wouldnt mind seeing and shield and or hawkeye/black widow film. the story wouldnt have to be as big and they could make it on a smaller budget, like in the 80-100 million range. and i think 2015 or 2016 would be nice for the avengers 2. the whole franchise started in 2008 and avengers was in 2012, thats 4 years so i think another 4 years would be perfect to round out the next step of the franchise and get people excited again.

  10. They need to play their cards carefully on this. Just as Iron Man 1/2, Incredible Hulk, Thor, and Cap America all played a part in promoting the Avengers movie (successfully so, it would appear), they now need to allow Iron Man 3, Thor 2, Captain America 2, and Mark Ruffalo’s Hulk to profit from this success while not making them just more Avengers advertisements. I’d also be happy to see a SHIELD movie featuring Fury, Maria Hill, and perhaps, Pym/Ant-Man & Janet/Wasp (I think it would be a nice way to introduce these guys rather than in their own movie) as well as a Black Widow/Hawkeye movie (though I could also do without it).

    I also don’t actually think the Avengers needs any other characters to join the team. I’m a bit surprised to say this, but the current group is fascinating enough. People want to come back to see these guys, not any newcomers. Except, of course, Ant-Man and Wasp, who I still feel should be involved in the sequel in some degree.

    So I’d say just concentrate on these sequels and then Avengers 2 and after that, work on other superhero films. All these great actors also, unfortunately, can’t play these characters forever. Make it count right now. For the next decade.

    • Actually, the more I think about it, I think a S.H.I.E.L.D. movie featuring EVERY one of these characters – Fury, Maria Hill, Hawkeye, Black Widow, Ant-Man and Wasp – would work better than two or three separate films.

      Pym and Janet could make their origins as superheroes within that movie, when Pym discovers Pym particles. Then, who knows. If we like them enough, they can move on to their own thing (and of course Avengers 2).

      • That’s an idea I’ve been championing on the site for a while, a SHIELD movie to bridge Cap with whatever comes next, and a place where Ant-Man and others could play a part as well.

  11. I’d like to see more women in Avengers 2 since Joss is good at writing them. Spider-Woman seems like a good choice since Sony rights prevent us from seeing Spider-Man added to the team. Her HYDRA ties even allow for a Captain America 2 lead-in. Perhaps the original experiments leading to her development could be foiled by Captain America, resulting in their being delayed for a few decades? Another possibility is She-Hulk, an easy lead-in if they decide to develop a Hulk 2 with her in it.

    • I’d rather see Ms. Marvel – and actually, if Thanos is involved – this would work wonderfully within the context of the possible story. Just instead of Captain Marvel, we get Marvel Girl, sort of merge their histories together. No offense Mar-Vell.

      • I don’t think he wrote black widow that well most of the movie I felt like he was at a loss at what she should say… I don’t see how that’s a party is the worse line in the movie

        • Oh, I thought he did a great job of writing Black Widow. Definitely better than what we saw in Iron Man 2.

        • Having watched all of Buffy, Angel, and Firefly, I know that Joss is really good at writing banter between female characters. I didn’t think that was the worst line, but I would definitely like to see more, and writing for the only girl on the team is different from writing one of the girls on the team. Not sure if that makes sense, but I know that adding a few more women to the team will be a good thing.

        • I don’t think one line ruins a whole character. I thought she did really well getting the information from Loki and her opening was done well to, IMO. While I agree that her character in IM2 was mostly forgettable, I think she really rose to the occasion in The Avengers.

      • I thought of Ms. Marvel, but I couldn’t think of an easy way to bring her in besides a solo film, which I don’t see succeeding. If Ms. Marvel were going to be included, it would probably have to be as a part of the plot of Avengers 2.

        • Ms. Marvel could be part of the Guardians of the Galaxy movie, if they do make that – she could be the central character, the girl on Earth who gets “chosen.”

          It doesn’t necessarily have to match Ms. Marvel’s original comic book history – you’re definitely right in that it’s very complicated, and so I think they can simplify it by sort of re-writing her origin to be something kind of similar to Captain Marvel and Quasar’s – she gets chosen to be Protector of the Universe. In this character’s case, I wouldn’t mind, and I don’t think most fans would either. She’s a very strong Marvel female character.

          Wouldn’t mind seeing She-Hulk, but I think two Hulks would be a bit overkill for an Avengers sequel.

          • Also, the Wasp HAS to be part of the Avengers movie. I demand it! I still can’t believe they left her out in the first movie.

            They’ve got to get on top of that ASAP. I want Hank Pym and Janet Dyne to be introduced at some point in the next three years before the Avengers sequel.

            • I support your demand.

      • Ms Marvel FTW! 😀
        Yvonne Strahovski for Ms Marvel!

  12. I think Ant-Man and the SHIELD film should be merged together.

    Have the film line up be:
    2013 – Iron Man 3, Thor 2
    2014 – Captain America 2, Ant-Man/SHIELD, Black Panther
    2015 – Hulk 2, Doctor Strange, Avengers 2
    2016 – Heroes for Hire, Guardians of the Galaxy, Inhumans
    2017 – Iron Man 4, Thor 3, Captain America 2

    Have all of the films before Avengers 2 lead up to that, and then all of the films after be the result of. Have Joss Whedon direct at least Avengers 2 if not all of the group films. I disagree with a few of the people on here, the Inhumans would be a workable film.

    • Please no ironman 4 stop at a trilogy

      • I’m totally up for a Iron Man 4, and I think RDJr is too. (In much the same way that Johnny Depp was up for doing more Pirates of the Caribbean movies – but in RDJr’s case, he’s having a better track record so far.) Of course, Avengers 2 would make the fifth time RDJ would don the Iron suit, so he might be pretty tired of it by then – but I can see him doing a fourth film to finish off the franchise, and then Avengers 3 being his final time as Iron Man.

        He did jump-start the entire Avengers promotion and he’s probably the biggest reason Avengers was even made, so Marvel will want him to be Iron Man for as long as he wants to be.

        • i remember a couple years back robert downey jr saying he wouldnt mind doing iron man and sherlock holmes for the rest of his career, though this was right after the first iron man and sherlock holmes came out and hes done 3 more films in those two roles since then so who knows what he feels like doing now.

          • I can see him being Iron Man for a couple of more films no doubt but its up to him wanting to do it and him aging.

            Also Djimon Hounsou has to be Black Panther, forgot to put that in my post.

    • I sort of think the Inhumans should be more closely connected to the Fantastic Four, so it’s a bit of a shame that apparently won’t happen.

      • I think so too, hopefully Disney/Marvel can buy back the rights or Fox wont make a movie in time before the rights go back to Marvel.

    • i dont want them to release captain america 2 twice…even if it is really good

      • lmao sorry I accidentally hit 2 twice.

      • ha!

  13. Even though I really liked The Avengers I’d rather wait until 2015.
    This movie was an event, a cultural phenomenon and the films leading up to it served a purpose.
    If they rush another they run the risk of loosing that event feel and in all honesty it could lead to a burnout when it comes to the general public.
    If they take the time to do it right everybody wins in the long run.
    And who knows, waiting until 2015 may make it more likely that Whedon will come back. He has got to be pretty burnt out right now. I wouldn’t be surprised if when the world is in the middle of Avengers Mania he probably doesn’t want to think about another film yet.

    • I agree and in fact I’d go as far to say 2016 should be when the next Avengers movie comes out.

      I’m ready to see them all in solo films again, for sure.

  14. The More The Avengers makes, the sooner we will see Avengers 2.(Maybe)
    Id like to see an Avengers sequel by 2014, the “heck” with having
    to wait 3 or 4 years for another Avengers film. If they can’t see
    they have struck pure refined gold with this Avengers film, they
    are truly blind. Something this good, with this high in demand, they
    shouldn’t make the fans wait 3 to 4 years. Avengers 2 should be out by 2014. Add Spider-man, Black Panther, Storm, maybe even Wolverine to the group if possible.(I know Easier Said than done, even though they were ALL members of the Avengers at one time or another). Avengers 2 2014.
    Fans of Avengers, Let’s continue to Assemble and make boxoffice history.

    • Spider-Man is owned by Sony Pictures and Wolverine, Storm (and the rest of the X-Men) are owned by Fox.

      • Like I said Easier Said than done. But if there is some way that
        it can be done. Let it be done. I think if the Fans really let
        their voices be heard, it could happen. Money talks, There is
        high demand for The Avengers. Adding Spider-Man , Wolverine, and
        Storm would only make that demand even greater. Everyone write
        Sony and Fox and tell them to work with Marvel/Disney and make some serious box office history.

  15. In my opinion, I think they should stick to a very small group of characters. Not having a go at you all, but some of you are saying have the original MCU avengers, on top of spiderman, ant man, doctor strange etc. Don’t think it would work, I mean I liked the build up in all the films. In 2008 I see Iron Man, and when Nick Fury appeared in the after credits it was a confirmation of an Avengers film. Waited 4 years, and it PAID OFF and exceeded my expectations. Ideally would like the same wait with sequels to the build up films, then roll out Avengers 2. Then maybe introduce 4 other main heroes, build it up, then Avengers 3 etc.

    I don’t want to see a film with anymore heroes than were in the Avengers. It was a great balance, everyone had a very nice set of time in the film. If more characters were incorparated in the MCU universe ON TOP of IM, Thor, CA, Hulk, characters would be shunned to the side and it would all be very vague. The time proportions of each character were absoloutley perfect, everyone had amazing moments. Introducing new characters ON TOP of the originals would limit that. I say start with a group of 4, unite that group of 4, sequels individually for that group, unite groups of 4 and end the groups’ archs, then introduce new heroes.

    Too many characters in one film is a disaster waiting to happen. Maybe if films were longer, but it just wouldn’t work. Maybe in that theory, weave the characters together but keep it at 4, e.g Hulk, Ant Man, Iron Man, Doctor Strange, instead of the characters we have together thus far.

    Desperatly do not want them to rush Avengers 2. It was way more enjoyable because fans looked forward to it for so long and it paid off. Usually films that build similar hype just don’t meet expectations, and Avengers is finally an amazing exception.

    Marvel, get back to basics and please don’t get cocky. Maintain the awesomeness and take my your time delivering amazing films.

  16. I’m loving seeing the desired release date lists.

    Want me to write up something on my expectations and the possibilities?

    • Go for it, Rob :)

    • yes please that would be cool

    • yeah, that would be a good read!

    • That would be cool.

      Also, since you’re reading this thread, hows about someone at SR writing an article about who should be cast in a Justice League movie? I would be very interested to know who everyone thinks should be playing the iconic characters.

      Not trying to divert attention from an Avengers sequel, just trying to give DC a bit of a kick in the pants to get moving! 😉

  17. I’d much rather Black Panther and Ms. Marvel join the team and get their own movies. If they’re gonna introduce Antman then do it like they did Hawkeye in Thor.

  18. I think you really have to take into consideration the age of the actors, and how long they should wait for a 2nd or 3rd Avengers. RDJ has already stated he can’t play Stark forever, and he is pushing 50 already. As much as I would love to not see them rushed I do think there is a window that has to be watched as the actors get older. Unless of course you change up the team as they do in the comics…

  19. It was awesome!! And that’s an understatement. It was like watching an actually comic but in real life. I’m going again to see it tonight. And Please make a hulk/iron man movie!!!

  20. Looks like marvel will rule the next 10 summers. I see the need for a shield movie only if it’s to introduce other not so well known characters to the masses.. But I surely would live to see a black panther film.. I believe Idris Elba has like a 5 film deal with marvel if I’m not mistaken.. So something has to come from that and hopefully it’s black panther

  21. i think that people don’t need the S.H.I.E.L.D movie as they know what theyre about even those who arent fans, the next avengers should have if possible in some way just like the comics spiderman and wolverine attached defo, as they are making another spiderman movie after this one this year and another wolverine is yet to come out, therefore to link them, also this will be a big turn over as when superman comes out next year the dc boys will be thinking about the justice league therefore only bring important and well known heroes to the sequel of the avengers followed by a mix and mash from comics and reality to the next story line

  22. I wish they brought Ultron into the picture.

    • Would need Pym first, would be a great idea if they brought both into the SHIELD movie, having Ultron be part of PHASE 2 or another entity and it goes berserk.

  23. Rob that was a cruel stab at John Carter!

    • Lol. Too much?

      When hundreds of millions of dollars are being spent to launch film franchises, I wish I could serve as a consultant.

  24. I think a S.H.I.E.L.D. movie could be done in a way that could be awesome. Don’t make it about SUPERHEROES, but make it an awesome SPY movie, a’la the Bourne and Bond films.

    • i think a spy type film, with SHIELD dealing with AIM or HYDRA could make for an excellent movie. but i think they should still deal with unnatural, comic book type situations, otherwise it would just be a spy movie.

  25. I hope they don’t rush into the avengers 2 and I hope Joss Whedon returns to direct. They need to take their time and get it done as epic as the first. Joss did a phenomenal job with TA and I’m pretty sure Disney will want him to return. I gotta honestly say that if Whedon doesn’t return to direct I will be extremely disappointed. I’ve already seen the avengers and I will still feel truley excited when I return to the theater for another epic thrill ride!!!! I’ll be watching it at least two or three more times, I can’t wait for the avengers to release on Blu-ray, all I can say is that on release day you better get there early cause I’m pretty sure its gonna sell out pretty fast. I’ll be picking up my Blu-ray at a midnight release which I’m pretty sure several places will be having one for the avengers. :)

  26. Thankfully for Marvel, and US fans, DISNEY isn’t stupid and won’t rush Avengers 2. They’d sooner make us wait ON PURPOSE. (ahem.. “Vault Disney”)

  27. all i can say is Avengers 2 2015 directed by Joss Whedon. same cast as the first avengers and no new avengers like ant man. adding more characters will make it to chaotic and then there will not be enough screen time for each character since there are 4 primary and 2 secondary characters.

    • introducing more characters will give the cinematic universe a larger sense of scope if done right. before the Avengers came out, skeptics were thinking that there were too many characters to balance in one film (look how marvelous that turned out to be). so basically, with good writing and character balance, a good director could easily do more than four main heroes.
      *i personally would not recommend going over seven or eight main heroes (same big four, but add Hank Pym and Wasp, Mrs. Marvel, and Black Panther)

      • Remove Ms. Marvel and insert Vision at the end of Avengers 2 and we have an agreement.

  28. Hope to see Giantman,wasp,Namor,the Inhumans get their owen films and be part of the avengers films as well. also hope to see ultron and winter soldier show up some where, and abomination,and Leader. Bring on the marvel solo hulk sequel, and the rest of the marvel univers films.