Does Tony Stark Create Ultron in ‘The Avengers 2′? [Updated]

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Age of Ultron Art Marvel Comicsjpg Does Tony Stark Create Ultron in The Avengers 2? [Updated]

[Update: Tony Stark is involved in the creation of Ultron. Details here.]

Loki (Tom Hiddleston) was the big bad villain of The Avengers, the motivating force between Earth’s Mightiest forming together as a superhero team to save New York from an alien invasion. By the end of the film we learned that Thanos, an even greater cosmic threat, may have been behind it all, and we’ll learn more about him next year in Guardians of the Galaxy. While Thanos is expected to finally get more screen time going forward, he’s not the antagonist of The Avengers sequel. Instead, a dangerous robot named Ultron aims to fracture the heroes in what we learned at Comic-Con to be titled The Avengers: Age of Ultron.

As for Thanos, he’s sticking around for the long-run and into Phase Three of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Kicking off that phase, oddly enough, is Ant-Man, a film that will include the character of Hank Pym who created Ultron in Marvel Comics. How exactly does Ultron feature into Age of Ultron if its creator isn’t introduced until later?

Outside of the obvious possibility that Hank Pym could be introduced in The Avengers 2 in a limited capacity before becoming Ant-Man – that would be a smart way to help increase the profile of the obscure project – we know that Joss Whedon, writer and director of The Avengers: Age of Ultron, has crafted his own origin story for the character. In the film universe, it’s not Pym who creates Ultron. The brief teaser and title card played at Comic-Con when Whedon unveiled the name of The Avengers sequel is our biggest hint.

Here’s what we wrote last week:

While elements of Marvel Comics stories over the years relating to Ultron may be used, his origin will be entirely different since his original creator, Hank Pym, won’t be in the film. From the teaser introducing Ulton as the villain of The Avengers sequel, it’s clear that Ultron is formed from Iron Man armor so it’s our belief that Tony Stark – and perhaps something to do with his AI assistant Jarvis going rogue – will be used to create the new antagonist. But that’s just speculation on our part.

Feature Film Casting seemed to have concocted their own synopsis for the film which also points to the obvious that Stark is somehow involved with the creation of Ultron.

In “The Avengers: Age of Ultron” Loki is gone and the new villain will be the evil robot Ultron, who has the ability to keep upgrading his own strength, making him extremely fearsome. Tony Stark/Iron Man becomes the unwitting creator of Ultron. The brother-and-sister team of Quicksilver and the Scarlet Witch become the seventh and eighth members of The Avengers. Quicksilver has extreme speed, while Scarlet Witch can cast spells and has telekinesis ability. Black Widow and Hawkeye will be key figures in the film.

Ultron Marvel Comics Annihilation Conquest 5 Does Tony Stark Create Ultron in The Avengers 2? [Updated]

The idea that Stark is responsible for a lethal and dangerous villainous artificial intelligence would provide the story a good reason for getting Stark back into the Iron Man armor after the events of Iron Man 3, and it’s clear that it is his technology involved with creating Ultron. Whether he’s wholly responsible for creating Ultron or some other force at play is partly to blame, we’ll have to wait and see.

If Whedon really wants to get geeky and maintain ties to the cosmic side of the Marvel universe, perhaps even laying seed for future plot lines to explore, he could bring in other cosmic threats like the Phalanx – an aggressive cybernetic alien species who have ties to Ultron (he leads them in the Annihilation Conquest story) and the Guardians of the Galaxy (who help stop them) during an attempted invasion of the Kree empire (who’s leader will be featured in the Guardians of the Galaxy film). 

As for Loki, while Whedon previously went on record claiming Loki isn’t a part of his script, Kevin Feige was a little more coy about the possibility at Comic-Con. We may have a better idea on that front after Thor: The Dark World hits theaters this November.


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Thor: The Dark World on November 8, 2013, Captain America: The Winter Soldier on April 4, 2014, Guardians of the Galaxy on August 1, 2014The Avengers: Age of Ultron on May 1, 2015, Ant-Man on November 6, 2015, and unannounced films for May 6 2016, July 8 2016 and May 5 2017.

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Source: Feature Film Casting

Ultron Phalanx cover art by Aleksi Briclot for Annihilation Conquest #5.

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  1. I want Pym to do it, not Stark. Need Pym, need Janet V.D., need Goliath/Giant-Man, need Wasp.
    Do it!

    • +1

      • +1

        • +9,001 (its over 9,000)

          • +∞

            • +∞ + 1

            • well you sneaky b*stards!

              +ೲ x ೲ!

    • Sure thing. If you are King of Hollywood with all the money and creative teams at your command.

    • Pym’s always been odd to me, dont get me wrong but hes a physics genious.. But also biochem/genetic AND Robotics/AI? Seems a bit ridiculous to within the context of the marvel movieverse. I mean its a little much.

      • And a robot which wants to conquer the world and destroy all mankind isn’t much right? Got it…

  2. I’m pretty confident that Hank Pym is going to be in The Avengers: Age of Ultron in one way or another. It could be in one scene, it could be with S.H.I.E.L.D. and Ultron, it could be mid or post credits, etc. They’re not going to waste an opportunity to at least show him off leading into Ant-Man for Phase Three.

  3. Maybe Pym and Stark made it together? Pym – software, Stark- hardware?

  4. Why is everyone suprised? They wont be following comic mythos that much… its like no one watched and learned from ironman 3′s mandarin… tech wise stark would be most likely to create ultron.. as much as i want pym to create ultron whedon will be the one to decide on what happens … i cant see pym’s hand in the creation of ultron.. maybe stark consulted hank for the creation of ultron’s a.i but jarvis already exists.. so what can pym contribute for ultrons birth…
    I think i wont be calling it a lazy move… they should have teased ultron early so pym can have a hand in creating ultron like in iron man 3

  5. I think Stark is going to build Ultron to replace himself (Iron Man) on the Avengers after seeing him blow up all of his suits of armor in the previous film (sad face).
    I couldn’t care less if they follow comic book canon. I have faith in Joss to create a fantastic super hero movie.

    • Agreed, i dont see why Pym ‘has’ to create ultron in the cinematic universe, the whole point of the movies is to tell us these stories with different twists so both normal movie goer and comic fan can be equally surprised at what happens. If they’re just gonna make it a carbon copy of the comics why bother make the movie at all :/

      • @wade


      • Cuz.

        • Hank Pym is one of the most boring characters in the marvel universe

          • +1

        • +1

          I don’t see the hate for Pym myself?

      • Well, if they use Stark as the creator of Ultron the no one will be “surprised” anyway since it’s the next logical way to go.

        It’ll be different. That’s it. Not surprising. Not “original”. Just different. I guess that’s cool for some people, but if that’s the only reason they’re doing it, then it’s no bueno in my books.

        • it makes more sense not to use pym, it wont impact if this new character creates the bad guy, it has to be personal and pym isnt personal, that said i dont think it will be stark as thanos had a hand in the chitari invasion id say he’ll have something to do with ultron also

      • Well you see, that was the biggest thing for Pym and they just take it away. Its like Lucius Fox would build suits and Tony would just fly in them and drink.

  6. Well, in the animated movie, Next Avengers: Heroes of Tomorrow, Tony Stark is the creator of ultron. I thought is was a well done story. Gave a good reason why tony created Ultron and how it took over. Will be intresting to see!

  7. I usually take issue when the source material is altered, but when I think about it, origins are just about always tweaked in comic reboots. While it makes more sense to introduce Pym and have him be Ultron’s creator in Avengers 2, I don’t mind if they change the origin for the film. I will be happy as long as the origin makes sense and the movie itself is good.

    • +1

  8. I really don’t mind this change although I would rather have Pym as the creator it will be good to see Stark taken down a notch or too. It never really made sense that Pym was the creator anyway since he was primarily a molecular biologist and not a robotics expert. I do hope we might get at least a cameo however.Not too excited about Quicksilver or Scarlet Witch. I’m betting Vin Diesel was meeting with Marvel about voicing Ultron along the lines of his Iron Giant work.

  9. i dont even know why they’re making an Ant-man movie, iv always found him completely boring, i think id enjoy a squirrel girl movie more :P

    • “Squirrel-Girl”?! What, is she gonna chase yer nutz?! I am not so much into Ant-Man, as I am into Goliath (Pym), one of my favorite “older team” Avengers.

      • She is stronger than Thanos dude.

    • In the hands of Edgar Wright it’s a different story. Could be really good.

  10. i would think theyd do it with Pym to keep fans happy…just seems like marvel is now really just what can we do with iron man today

    • where did you get that notion? As far as i see its all been well handled, iron man has the most solo movies cause it started phase one, but in terms of the avengers he wasnt the main character, to me they gave each character a good amount of screen time (bar hawkeye), now in november we’ve got thor 2 so i dont see where your coming from.

      • I think it’s a perceptual thing. Even though IM is not the main guy in a scene RDJ tends to steal the show.

        • Cause the man is a scene chomping, acting colossus at the moment and whenever he’s on screen it’s interesting.

          Him and Idris, the most intriguing actors about at the moment.(that I’m aware of…. as the list of other individually respected actors flame in)

          • Iron man vs green lantern (john stewart)!
            An abomination I know…but oh so good! :)

            • hell yeah, or swap Stewart for T’Challa.

              Idris for BP, there said it.

  11. Sick report! Annihilation: Conquest’s Ultron was my favorite version of Ultron. The fact that he was infected and leading the Phalanx was badass! It would be a crazy idea for them to use that plot line.

  12. Please be Jarvis uploading himself into one of Ironman’s armors either he or vision should do that in the films. Then Ultron can continue to upgrade himself threw the film. Also hope to see The Hulk. Would be cool to see Ultron releasing S.H.I.E.L.D prisoners like The Leader and Abomination then make a HULK/S.H.I.E.L.D movie where they are tracking these villains down with the aid of Hulk.

  13. All i can say to this is “to all fans and fanboys think of this as an alternate universe different from the comics much like whedon said comicverse and movieverse much like DC’s new 52″ those who fear change wont survive the future
    If we follow the comics religiously the hulk will debut on the avengers in a clown suitand iron man in his mk. 1 armor

    • The movies ARE their own universe. There’s a book which describes the Apeverse, Ultimates universe, Zombies universe and movie universe as separate things.

  14. Ultron? What’s that? Like all those Transformers combined or something?

    @@@@@@ W H A T E V E R @@@@@@@

    Batman and Superman is a BILLION times more interesting than Hero team vs. Evil Robot.

    • Superman wasn’t very interesting in his own film, so …

      • Just leave, please. I’m really tired of you annoying troll fanboys. This a Marvel thread, DC has nothing to do with this so why being them up? Just please leave already

        • *makes a note of this comment to troll if an article in future mentions Justice League taking on Brainiac-5 in a future WB/DC movie*

          • Oh… I get it…

            Ultron is a Brainiac rip-off… is that it? Is that why Marvel is insisting on Ultron? To do it first?

            Evil Robots and Black Widows and Norse Gods and FAIL! OH MY!!!

            • Well Aquamans pretty much a ripoff of Namor, get over it, both companies have similar heroes and villains

              • Yeah but Marvel was still cruel for getting the rights to the character name Captain Marvel before anyone else could. The worst part is how Stan Lee got all annoyed when DC did the same thing with Power Girl as if Marvel hadn’t started the whole thing.

                It’s one thing to copyright the name of someone else’ character, It’s another to try and complain when they give you a taste of your own medicine

            • So are you just a troll who couldn’t work out if he wanted to insult DC or Marvel fans? Firs you mock Ultron and brag about how Batman and Superman’s film is going to be better then Avengers 2 (where as I’ll be watching both) and then you talk if your angry that someone would compare Brainiac to Ultron.

              Plus Marvel isn’t really copying DC seeing as Marvel showed off Thanos in the first Avengers film before DC even mentioned having a Justice League movie. NOTE: I’m not attacking the idea of a Justice League movie, I’m not a DC Fan but if they can do a good job of it then I’ll be more then happy to watch a Justice League movie.

      • Well I thought that too until I watched it a second, third, fourth time…

    • Another DC slappy wanting to start the Vs. thing!!! Un-FU(*ing-believable, you clowns get 1 decent movie and think that DC has Marvel on the ropes or down for the count! But the way I see it is DC are the ones grasping at straws putting Batman Vs. Superman in their next movie! THAT is as desperate as Marvel doing a Cap Vs. Iron Man movie! That is probably the best comparison in the 2 universes—- Well if that is what you would call DC’s ONE movie (a universe)but whatever!!

      I liked MOS! but all the DC peeps really should stop talking SH*T, At least until you get 1 maybe 2 more quality films!!

      ALSO DC don’t have nothing on Marvel right now!! NOT EVEN CLOSE, go sit in mommy’s basement until MOS 2 or Batman Vs. Superman (or whatever) it will be called comes out, THEN come back IF IT IS ANY GOOD!

    • Iron Man and Batman both ripped off Howard Hughes.


      Howard Hughes is a BILLION times more interesting than fake kiddy comic book heroes.

      And stuff.

      This is basically you by the way.

      Just making sure.



      • This might just be the greatest comment I have ever read. I’m a fan of Marvel but your right, both Marvel and DC fans put too much of a focus on who made whom first.

  15. What if.. The rights to transformers never left marvel’s hands?! IMO, one of the coolest comic covers is the black suit Spider-Man swinging around megatron! This is about as non-canon as it is, I would love to see Ultra Magnus or Grimlock fight along side the Avengers!

    • Transformers 4 = Spidey cameo

      SOLD!!!! :) lol

  16. That second pic of Ultron looks similar to the forerunner Didact from Halo 4.

  17. Even though there is a side of me that really wants to seem Pym make Ultron, they still laid out some decent ground work in the films for Stark to create him. I can accept a change like that because they will still, obviously, stay true to Ultron’s personality and characteristics. I still feel as if not having Pym involved will be a missed opportunity, but I still have very high hopes for what they’re doing with this film series

  18. so basically………….stark creates ultron….pym creates vision?

    • DC creates better non-crayola covered movie?

      • DC creates an overly serious movie that is the opposite of fun?

    • I hope Pym creates something besides making Janet breathe heavy when they are…well, uh–you get the picture…!

      • You know what? I’ve changed my mind. I want Pym that’ll make Janet breathe heavy in 3D using all their abilities. Suck it Ironmanish Ulron!

  19. Looks like Stark will be in an interesting place by the end of Avengers 2. The inventor will certainly be racked by guilt knowing that a weapon he designed with the best intentions ended up killing innocent people; when have we ever seen him in that position? Whedon you genius, I think you’ve done it again!

  20. This story is starting to feel like Spiderman’s symbiote storyline. Jarvis was just getting to a point where he could read Tony’s intentions before Tony spoke (possibly related to the headpiece Tony wore in IM3). And now that Tony has walked away from the suits Jarvis wants to continue on as IM without him.
    When Tony steps in to tell Jarvis to stop, Jarvis goes rogue.

    • Jarvis decides based on Tony’s actions in IM3 that humans are not suited to be iron protectors of humanity due to their emotional need for personal relationships which hinder their efficiency as a superhero. i.e. A superhero can’t have “me” time.

      • Lets face it this emotional connection to another is the weak link in the chain for everyone (Thor,IM, Banner, etc). Jarvis understands he can be a better Avenger than any of them (or even a whole army of Avengers since he can make more of himself on demand).

        • Jarvis will have to be taught the age old lesson that these emotional links while looking like weaknesses are actually our greatest strength allowing us to go beyond our perceived limits to protect them.
          Only the Avengers united with their new frienemies (witch and silver and maybe others) will be able to take down Jarvis.

  21. I would be fine to see Stark create it but Pym needs to be involved. Maybe Stark mentions him as helping with it if we don’t see him? And then a big plot point for Ant-Man is Pym dealing with the consequences of Ultron’s actions.

    • Pym does not ‘need’ to be involved, the story can be just as interesting and engaging if someone else creates him

      • Tony doesn’t have to be a genius that built his armor.
        Banner doesn’t have to a genius to becoome Hulk, he could’ve been a guy with piza that went in the wrong room.
        SHIELD doesn’t have to exist as a whole, they still do nothing but guide. Could as well have an office with a girl that would share some info. Also it would take away the plot hole of why they do nothing at all in solo movies but somehow are always there in team ups.

    • In the more recent comics (and the animated show), Stark and Pym work together to create Ultron. I’d be down with that:
      Stark helps out Pym with weaponising the robot and maybe even provides the power source, BUT the core reason why Ultron went nutso was because his AI was based off Pym’s brain patterns (and Pym isn’t a stable person). It only really makes sense if Pym is the one who programmed Ultron. Sort of like Dr Frankenstein and his monster, if you will.

      It’s funny how people keep insisting that Pym doesn’t need to be the creator of Ultron, because if they pick up a comic book or go read about it, they’ll find that Pym is the reason Ultron went bad. If Stark makes Ultron, I can’t see how things could go wrong. He’d have contingency plans (’cause that’s the kind of guy Stark is). Pym on the other hand, is a loose cannon.

      It’s all about the character’s motivations and characteristics. It’s sad how people just overlook those things :(

      • Are we confusing two issues here.

        Pym’s not in Age of Ultron according to reports.

        How does that stop him creating Ultron.

        Ultron 1 hypnotised Pym into forgetting about him then buggered off to evolve and improve.

        Who says that Pym doesn’t create the Ultron AI, which sits in cyberspace evolving, expanding, Pym’s instabilities magnifying until Ultron achieves actual awareness

        Seeking a corporal existence he locates a remaining suit of Iron Man armour and possess it, booting JARVIS out.

        Apparently Pym is now in Edgar’s Ant-man film (it was going to be about Lang dunno if he still features) so maybe Edgar’s been “asked” cough cough to incorporate Pym into his film to deal with any fallout from Age of Ultron

        We’ve got no idea of how Joss is going to play this.

        • If you read the context of what Whedon said: “We’re doing our own version of the origin story for Ultron. In the origin story, there was Hank Pym, so a lot of people assumed that he will be in the mix. He’s not.”, it’s pretty clear that he’s saying Pym isn’t at all involved, unless he’s purposely misleading us, as many directors do to keep some mystery intact .

          I do hope you’re right though. I don’t mind if Stark creates the “body”. As long as the actual AI of Ultron is Pym’s doing, I’ll be a happy fanboy. Somehow I doubt that’ll be the case though :(

          • Yeah I know…. it’ll be evil Jarvis zzzzzzz

            Doesn’t hurt hoping for a more imaginative alternative though.

            Got no problems with Ultron’s origin, I’m more interested in the character portrayal than the origin but evil Jarvis, IF that’s the route they go, is a bit lazy and predictable.

            • V’ger!!! ;-)

  22. Ant-Man is one of my favorite characters, so I would’ve loved to see him create Ultron. Nonetheless, I can see why, from a story standpoint, it makes sense to have Stark build him. He creates Ultron as an upgraded Jarvis to do shtuff for him, Ultron goes nuts and forces Stark out of retirement.

    OR, as I’ve been saying for a while and will say again, it could be SHIELD who creates him as part of their ‘Phase Two’ weapons. Built from old Hydra tech and components of the Extremis virus (which remember is supposed to play a role in the movie), they build him as a peace keeping force, he goes rampant, Avengers clean the mess up and then split from SHIELD from lack of trust. Avengers Mansion gets built, yadda yadda the end.

    • Which brings up another question, could Marvel secretly be building up to a Civil War adaptation? It would be pretty cool to see on screen and could easily be split into a multi-movie story-arc.

      • I certainly hope not. They don’t have enough characters in their cinematic universe to make as much of an impact as the comics.

    • I keep seeing this ‘it makes sense’. NONONO throughout history we had many inventors that dabble in more than one field of science and invented things more than own field. So Pym created a simple robot isn’t out of realm of possibility,especially in comics or real world.

  23. Big comic movie mistakes include Mandarin (potential great villain, but wait–not Chinese like the name implies and the comic character is, and no rings except around his bathtub, and then he is not even, well, “him”?). Ultron is not created by his creator, missing a great opportunity to get Goliath, Wasp, and Vision in on the eventual action? Galactus is a cloud? Captain America, Mr. Fantastic, Hal Jordan, Tony Stark, and Spiderman/Peter Parker are all either crying, dancing, making dorky jokes, or fornicating? You know, one thing I notice about big mistakes like this is (**takes deeeeep breath and prepares his Hippo Hurricane Hollar like Peter Potamus**):


    (..someone oughta take a cannon to the writers and directors over this, by golly!)

    • Wow, your so right….im surprised you havnt won an oscar with thinking like that, who needs fresh thinking and originality when we could just copy everything line from line from the comics.

      What comics have you been reading anyway? you’ve never seen heroes cry, dance, make jokes or have sex? tony stark alone has copious amounts of sex in the comics and regularly makes dirty jokes, as does spiderman

    • Please. Comic books don’t even stick to canon. Or they just reboot it every five to ten years. Or they just reboot it whenever a new writer comes along.

      And what the hell is wrong with fornicating?

    • and that matters why? Marvel has a series called What if showing altering versions of their own storylines, having someone come along and tell their version of certain events in the storyline is half the fun of Marvel.

      We don’t need the movies to stick to canon, we have the original comics for that. I don’t want to watch a movie I’ve already seen in comic book form otherwise there’s nothing new there. Take The Winter Soldier, if they were to do that panel for panel then we’d know the entire story.

      Also as others have mentioned, Ultron’s origin wasn’t mentioned when he first appeared. It was some time later that Hank Pym was shown to be the creator so he could quite easily be involved in the creation. It says that Tony Stark is the unwitting creator of Ultron so maybe he just assumes he made the robot and then in Ant-Man it’s shown that actually Ultron’s A.I was created by Hank Pym.

      Again (and I’m still hoping this is what’s going on here) Joss Whedon does not owe us the truth. AT ALL.

  24. Man, Marvel has their eye on the ball. They’re doing things so well; not using Thanos until a third film and they’ll probably build up Thanos in Guardians of Galaxy.

    Marvel also acquired the rights to Galactus and Silver Surfer wich means story lines for Avengers 4-6.

    Then there is all the other awesome marvel characters–they can literally go one for ever.

    • I also love that they’re saving Thanos for the third act (and by that I mean the third movie). It’s going to be epic!

      I don’t believe they got the rights to Galactus and SS back though. There were rumors a while ago that they wanted to make some sort of deal with Fox, but that never happened. The only character they got back recently was Daredevil.

      • yeah, Galactus and SS would be under the rights of Fantastic Four, which is currently held by 20th Century Fox, who are working on a reboot

  25. Am I the only person who could care less if Ant-Man and Wasp are incorporated into the Avengers? They can only put so many people in and I’d rather see Black Panther, more War Machine, and Ms Marvel.

  26. A friend of mine insists that the kid from Iron Man 3 is going to appear in Avengers 2 and actually help Tony create a new suit or something like that. How ridiculous is that?

  27. A friend of mine insists that the kid from Iron Man 3 is going to appear in Avengers 2 and actually help Tony create a new suit or something like that. How absurd is that?

  28. Sorry for the double posts

  29. I just think they’re relying on the Tony Stark character WAY too much.
    As soon as RDJ leaves the cinematic universe is going to turn to s***
    because everything is about him.

    • Well, Iron Man 1-3 were about him. Parts of The Avengers were about him, because well he is an Avenger. The Avengers had a role for Thor seeing as it was his brother doing all the mischief, Hulk had his own little sub-plot about being “always angry”, and Capt. America was shown doing quite a bit.