Does Tony Stark Create Ultron in ‘The Avengers 2′?

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Age of Ultron Art Marvel Comicsjpg Does Tony Stark Create Ultron in The Avengers 2?

Loki (Tom Hiddleston) was the big bad villain of The Avengers, the motivating force between Earth’s Mightiest forming together as a superhero team to save New York from an alien invasion. By the end of the film we learned that Thanos, an even greater cosmic threat, may have been behind it all, and we’ll learn more about him next year in Guardians of the Galaxy. While Thanos is expected to finally get more screen time going forward, he’s not the antagonist of The Avengers sequel. Instead, a dangerous robot named Ultron aims to fracture the heroes in what we learned at Comic-Con to be titled The Avengers: Age of Ultron.

As for Thanos, he’s sticking around for the long-run and into Phase Three of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Kicking off that phase, oddly enough, is Ant-Man, a film that will include the character of Hank Pym who created Ultron in Marvel Comics. How exactly does Ultron feature into Age of Ultron if its creator isn’t introduced until later?

Outside of the obvious possibility that Hank Pym could be introduced in The Avengers 2 in a limited capacity before becoming Ant-Man – that would be a smart way to help increase the profile of the obscure project – we know that Joss Whedon, writer and director of The Avengers: Age of Ultron, has crafted his own origin story for the character. In the film universe, it’s not Pym who creates Ultron. The brief teaser and title card played at Comic-Con when Whedon unveiled the name of The Avengers sequel is our biggest hint.

Here’s what we wrote last week:

While elements of Marvel Comics stories over the years relating to Ultron may be used, his origin will be entirely different since his original creator, Hank Pym, won’t be in the film. From the teaser introducing Ulton as the villain of The Avengers sequel, it’s clear that Ultron is formed from Iron Man armor so it’s our belief that Tony Stark – and perhaps something to do with his AI assistant Jarvis going rogue – will be used to create the new antagonist. But that’s just speculation on our part.

Feature Film Casting seemed to have concocted their own synopsis for the film which also points to the obvious that Stark is somehow involved with the creation of Ultron.

In “The Avengers: Age of Ultron” Loki is gone and the new villain will be the evil robot Ultron, who has the ability to keep upgrading his own strength, making him extremely fearsome. Tony Stark/Iron Man becomes the unwitting creator of Ultron. The brother-and-sister team of Quicksilver and the Scarlet Witch become the seventh and eighth members of The Avengers. Quicksilver has extreme speed, while Scarlet Witch can cast spells and has telekinesis ability. Black Widow and Hawkeye will be key figures in the film.

Ultron Marvel Comics Annihilation Conquest 5 Does Tony Stark Create Ultron in The Avengers 2?

The idea that Stark is responsible for a lethal and dangerous villainous artificial intelligence would provide the story a good reason for getting Stark back into the Iron Man armor after the events of Iron Man 3, and it’s clear that it is his technology involved with creating Ultron. Whether he’s wholly responsible for creating Ultron or some other force at play is partly to blame, we’ll have to wait and see.

If Whedon really wants to get geeky and maintain ties to the cosmic side of the Marvel universe, perhaps even laying seed for future plot lines to explore, he could bring in other cosmic threats like the Phalanx – an aggressive cybernetic alien species who have ties to Ultron (he leads them in the Annihilation Conquest story) and the Guardians of the Galaxy (who help stop them) during an attempted invasion of the Kree empire (who’s leader will be featured in the Guardians of the Galaxy film). 

As for Loki, while Whedon previously went on record claiming Loki isn’t a part of his script, Kevin Feige was a little more coy about the possibility at Comic-Con. We may have a better idea on that front after Thor: The Dark World hits theaters this November.


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Thor: The Dark World on November 8, 2013, Captain America: The Winter Soldier on April 4, 2014, Guardians of the Galaxy on August 1, 2014The Avengers: Age of Ultron on May 1, 2015, Ant-Man on November 6, 2015, and unannounced films for May 6 2016, July 8 2016 and May 5 2017.

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Source: Feature Film Casting

Ultron Phalanx cover art by Aleksi Briclot for Annihilation Conquest #5.

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  1. if the falcon will be in a winter soldier wont he probably also be in age of ultron

  2. beyond the argument over ultron’s creator, I’m much more interested in ultron’s makeup. what are they going to incorporate into it’s creation? it figures it could be tech, both terrestrial and alien, from the last couple of marvel films. that should cover enough ground to counter the assorted abilities of the avengers.

  3. I hope not. It becomes pretty lame if every villain they face is something one of the heroes created.

    Why not just kill off all the heroes and get rid of all the villains that way.

    It worked in Iron Man 3 where the villain came about because of Stark. It won’t work if they keep doing it.


    • Thats what i think

    • James Spader is Ulton, at least thats what the news says.

  5. Tony Stark could build Ultron to try and replace Iron Man so people would still be ptotected but he wouldnt have to be in the suit but then idk maybe he has Jarvis control Ultron like the suits in Iron Man 3 and Jarvis betrays Tony or Ultron just goes haywire

  6. So now it’s been confirmed? Yeah I’m a little annoyed about this, I mean the last time Iron Man was the main focus and now their making him the creator of Ultron? I get that it seems more realistic but still it’d be neat if Hank Pym had at least something to do with Ultron’s creation.

    I’m thinking maybe Ultron tricks Tony into thinking he made him so as to make Tony more vulnerable. I know Joss Whedon has said Hank Pym isn’t involved but I’m still not believing that.

    • It’s not been confirmed. The only official thing is that Ultron gets a new origin and – at some point – takes on the form of one of Stark’s armors. The rest is speculation.

      • Really? Ah I wasn’t aware of that, when I heard about it on Machnima they talked as if Tony Stark being involved was confirmed. Thanks for clearing that up for me

      • I think Ultron took over Iron Man in Avengers, EMH. Of course, Iron Man is always getting jacked up. I hate that Pym isn’t creating Ultron, but they have my attention until they start screwing up on the reg.

        • Exactly. It’s not really a challenge tricking Tony Stark or Hank Pym or Reed Richards or Peter Parker. Most of the smart characters in Marvel are really easy to trick.

          Maybe that’s why The Avengers let Wolverine hung out with them, they like having someone dumber then them around. (Sorry Wolverine fans but Logan is an idiot, he knows martial arts yet he still lunges around like a five year old playing Street Fighter)

  7. Oh who said that Pym is going to be Ant man, there has been 3 and personally Scott Long is the better pick for storyline purposes. That being said Wright also stated that he was using “To steal an Ant man ” storyline, which also would lend nicely to having both Pym and Lang in the movie. Which would have worked even better if Pym was in Avengers 2. They could have had him as partly responsible for ultron with Stark, and him reluctantly coming his other creation the Ant man suit, which helps stop Ultron. Guilt ridden Pym swears never to use his creations for violence. Ant man opens with a little girl in a hospital and a single father ( Scott Lang) desperate to find a way to save his daughter, TV flashes to interview with Empire States Professor Pym and his Ant man suit. Pym (Nathan Fillion) Lang ( Chris pine).

    • Edgar Wright and Kevin Feige both confirmed Pym is in Ant-Man. They didn’t say if he was the only character becoming Ant-Man in it though.

  8. Stark/Shield creating Ultron definitely fits into the continuity the movies have developed so far. I know theres a lot of hatred for IM3 over Mandarin but i think it was a good twist on it, I was let down at first but when i walked out of the theater i enjoyed what i had seen. I might seem fanboyish but i have absolute faith Wheldon knows how to handle this story, I don’t believe Marvel Studios would entrust him with a multi-billion dollar movie if they had any inclination of a huge backlash from the story or direction he has for a franchise that will soon take over as the largest grossing movie franchise of all time.

  9. i think ultron/aka jarvis is going to try every possibility to engage his role as a new iron man. This is why tony removes shrapnel(just a guess)in IM3
    thus ultron is getting more knowleged on how tony used his mind and as he learns he becomes more powerful yaddayada iron man and the avengers must stop his maniac army… maybe.

  10. I think they went with Stark for one important reason… Everyone know him, who he is, what drives him, and what his failings are. We’ve seen these develop over 4 films.

    This is important for the Ultron story, and trying to get to this level of intimacy with an new character – its a lot of wood to chop. It is also why I’m not buying the Jarvis or SHIELD versions… Ultron needs to the tragic result of a single inventor using his own mind as the basis for it AI, not just a “robot gone rogue”.

    When things go bad, its on Stark… down to his neurons, that is to blame.

    Ideally it would be Pym, but by making it Stark it opens up a lot of storytelling real estate with significant portions of the ground work already laid down. Pym will get his time soon, we shall see how they develop his character apart from “the creator of Ultron”.

    • The Stark creates Ultron story line is NOT new. It is shown in the 2008 animated movie “Next Avengers: Heroes of Tomorrow”.

    • Now you’re thinking like a Hollywood exec and putting all your eggs in the tried and true instead of taking a “slight” risk and giving the audience something new. Hollywood needs to stop running a good thing into the ground and learn to keep things fresh. I keep hearing ppl say, “no one knows who Ant Man is.” Heck, most ppl in the main stream didn’t know who Iron Man was until they saw him. If you write an interesting character then people will accept it, but lightening struck once, and now they’re like Stark-crack whores where everything has to be IM centered.

      They already have people’s trust, or there’s no way they’d even be considering a “Guardian of the Galaxy” (which has characters that no one outside of comic fans know what they are). Hank Pym as Antman would have been the obvious choice for Ultron creator.

  11. also in earths mightiest heroes, Tony and Pym create Ultron.

  12. How cool would it be if the mechanical arm Tony was going to “donate to a city college” in IM1 is the first version of Ultron?

    • If you notice at the end of Iron Man 3 Stark picks up a flathead screwdriver on the ground and hauls away that same mechanical arm you spoke of after he Deep Sixes his Arc Reactor. Good theory.

  13. Hopefully people at Disney have learnt from their errors and develop a story that is both believable and engaging. I still think it was a mistake to have made a farce of the Mandarin character. That twist of the screw was not well received among many fans.

    My guess is that Hank Pym will make a brief appearance working along Tony Stark to create a program that can control a suit automatically but since the program has a bit of both its creators in its CPU it will start making its own choices. Or lets use the same theory of Hank working with Tony but using the technology of the Chitauris and that’s how Ultron is born/made.

    • Mistake? That’s weird because for a mistake the movie was well received, made tons of money and is praised by a lot of people. Not everyone thought the twist was bad.

  14. From Wikipedia…

    A storyline in the Avengers, dealing with the secret background of its android member, the Vision, gradually revealed that the Torch’s body had been found by a renegade robot named Ultron 5 and modified to become the Vision, his mind wiped of past memories and his powers altered with the coerced help of the Human Torch’s original creator, Phineas Horton. The seed of this idea was planted by artist Neal Adams and worked out in detail in The Avengers #133-135 (May–June 1975) by writer Steve Englehart.
    A later story by Roy Thomas in What If? #4 (Aug. 1977), planted the suggestion that the Vision was actually made from a second android created by Horton, named Adam II. This freed up the Human Torch for a possible revival. This was followed up by John Byrne, who had the Scarlet Witch revive the Torch in Avengers West Coast, seeking answers about her husband, the Vision, and to help Ann Raymond, wife of Tom “Toro” Raymond. In these stories, it was determined that the Vision had been made by Ultron out of the Torch’s spare parts, which explained their physical similarities.

    Could this Whedon storyline involve the original Torch?

    The android Human Torch makes a three-second cameo in Captain America: The First Avenger at the Stark expo as a Synthezoid on display in an oxygen-deprived glass tube.

    • This is the first storyline reference I have seen which would put The Vision (Vin Diesel?), Scarlet Witch, and Ultron in the same movie. Throw Quicksilver in because they are siblings and you now have the latest cast rumors. It possibly even adds the original Torch. This storyline also does not tie to Pym directly and doesn’t necessarily have Iron Man creating Ultron.

      • And the image of Ultron made out of Stark tech is fan made. Marvel has released nothing but the title image so far.

  15. Has anyone played with the idea that Ultron could be a version of (or actually) Jarvis.

    Perhaps going haywire or infected when Tony when through the worm hole.

    Maybe Hammer/Sheild version of Jarvis which turns out evil. Couple of possible new origins stories there.

    • Not a bad idea. I know the Iron Man cartoon had Jarvis get jacked but not by Ultron. I know it’s happened in the comics, but it wasn’t like Ultron’s origins were tied to him.

  16. I think there will be some similarities to tron – tony wants a Jarvis controlled suit to “save” people but the suit takes things to far so the avengers are needed…
    I just don’t get where quicksilver and scarlet witch fit in?? In the comics magneto does make an ultron but that’s unlikely

    Maybe they will be introduced in the captain america tws post credit scene – though they should keep those for Bruce banner as the hulk doesn’t have his own movie

  17. Black Widow might be forced to kill Tony Stark

  18. After seeing Iron Man III I realize we all could have been seeing Ultron all along in the form of Jarvis. He is very powerful AI that has the capability to control machines including satalites and dozens of Iron Man armors at once. After he got damaged during the attack on Stark’s home could have caused the calamity that is to come.

  19. I know Tony Stark did not create Ultron in the original story line, but I remember seeing an avengers animated movie about him doing just that.

    In the animated movie “Next Avengers”, an old Tony Stark admits to have created Ultron –

    Link to movie wiki –

  20. Hank Pym is a loser as a hero, and as a man is an egomaniacal wife-beating loser. And as a film “Ant-man” would also be a loser.

    By the way: The picture you post is seemingly of “The Destroyer” armored robot creadted by Odin et al; not in any way related to Ultron.

    Second by the way: Ultron should’ve already destroyed every lesser asshole he had a grudge against including his wife-beating pappy Hank Pym (probably beat baby Ultron too), except every iteration was beset by the deus ex machina curse.

    Seroiusly. When has Ultron ever been legitimately defeated in battle, rather than defeated by some contrived b*******?

  21. Ultron is Ant-Man’s creation. An Ant-man movie would have been great with Ultron as the villain who created the Vision and where Ant-Man and the Vision team up to defeat Ultron.

    Ultron should be the villain for Avengers 3 when Hank Pym/Ant-Man and The Wasp are introduced in Avengers 2. But I guess that is not to be anymore. In that case, they should at least introduce Hank Pym as the scientist that Tony Stark meets to create Ultron using Stark’s armor with pym particles that Hank created. The premise will be since Stark doesn’t want to be Iron Man anymore, they will create a cyborg (Spader?) to replace Iron Man. Of course the plan backfired and Ultron goes against them but is too powerful to stop so they have to assemble the Avengers again. Ultron creates the Vision (Vin Diesel?) to help him fight the Avengers. Ultimately, Hank Pym helps the Avengers defeat Ultron and the Vision by turning himself into the Ant-Man and programming the Vision to turn against Ultron. THAT’S IT!

    • Oh…I don’t know where Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch come in in this story but I don’t think they are necessary when The Wasp should be introduced before them. Perhaps in Avengers 3.

  22. looks like hawkeye is going to be killed. but these movies went to the sh#$ hole. it’s about the writers trying take the credit for the movie.. so they have to make their own character and stories.. it’s just stupid. Iron Man III was bad for it’s studio centric approah. the enemies were these generic foes and there no values. 20 suits fighting ? what was that? more awesome? no.. just bad writing. blow stuff up cause we’d love it? no. the movies shouldn’t have to “all fit in like a master planned plan.” that is stupid. everything centers around the one writer.

  23. Iron man gets killed. he gets replaced by the Rhodes

  24. I think this is all interesting about but i think tony and brue banner will create Ultron in the new origin as Tony and Bruce are the most clever scientists in the avengers therefore i think tony still wants to be iton man but without being in the suits like the prototypes in iron man 3 but i think some on the Hulk will go into it turning ultron rouge and out to kill all the avengers and anything in his way..

  25. Iron man does great ultron watch iron man 3 the head is on the table in the back ground!!!!!

  26. There is a movie about Ultron i believe. It involves the next avengers (The super heroes children taking their places as the avengers). In which it states that indeed stark created Ultron.

  27. Hank pym built ultron not tony stark.

  28. This is a decent twist to things and it makes sense to get Stark back in the story, but I don’t see the point. Marvel is notorious for making prequels and sequels and such, why not just keep Ultrons origins the same and leave the creation/ creator as a cliff hanger. Then “reveal” it in the Ant Man movie that’s rumored to come out. Then Stark isn’t the jerk, the movies stay closer to comic book origin, and it builds interest for Hank Pym and Ant Man. The only problem they would have is getting Iron Man and Stark back into the plot.