The Avengers 2 Teaser: First Look At Ultron Design From Comic-Con

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Coinciding with the release of Iron Man 3 on home video this week – and the premiere of Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. on ABC – Marvel released a free app for iOS devices titled JARVIS: A Second Screen Experience. Featuring the voice of JARVIS from the Marvel Cinematic Universe, played by Paul Bettany, the app uses voice recognition to let users interact with the apps features and unlock additional content hidden away on the Iron Man 3 Blu-ray.

Some rumors and speculation even had Marvel releasing this app to eventually be used as a source of viral marketing come time for The Avengers: Age of Ultron where the Ultron AI (the villain of the sequel) could take over the app. While that rumor is far off, the app does actually tease The Avengers sequel in a big way.

Official JARVIS app description:

Ever wonder what it’s like to be Tony Stark? Download the one-of-a-kind, interactive experience app hosted by JARVIS to your iPad or iPhone and find out. Just like the real JARVIS, you will be able to interact with him using your own voice. Create customized alarms to wake you in the morning, download ringtones, check the weather, post to Facebook and more! Sync the app to your Blu-ray player to unlock hidden files and suits embedded throughout the disc, and experience the first-ever voice controlled Blu-ray!

In addition to unlocking details and images on the many armor suits from Iron Man 3, users can unlock the official teaser trailer for The Avengers: Age of Ultron that played exclusively at San Diego Comic-Con this summer, the one which features Iron Man’s armor taking the shape of Ultron as the official title for the sequel was first revealed to the world. That teaser trailer (up top) offers some interesting hints about the origins of the next villain Earth’s Mightiest heroes will face off against.

Writer and director Joss Whedon had planned for Ultron to be the villain of The Avengers 2 while he was working on the first one, and there was even an eerie scene hinting that JARVIS could have something to do with Ultron’s creation that was cut from the film. Whedon has since confirmed that since the character of Ant-Man won’t be introduced until after The Avengers: Age of Ultron that Ultron’s origins will be entirely original (Hank Pym aka Ant-Man created Ultron in Marvel Comics). Ultron was also never a part of Edgar Wright’s Ant-Man script. This led us to believe that perhaps Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jr.) could be responsible for his creation since obviously his armor has a big part to play in Ultron’s physical form and he’s the guy who builds and utilizes AI in his armored suits and lab – this would also give him the motivation for suiting up again after essentially tossing his armor out at the end of Iron Man 3.

The Avengers 2 Ultron Face First Look Teaser Trailer The Avengers 2 Teaser: First Look At Ultron Design From Comic Con

That AI we know so well from The Avengers and the Iron Man trilogy is of course JARVIS (Paul Bettany) and we speculated that perhaps JARVIS could go rogue. With James Spader being cast as Ultron for The Avengers sequel, it’s not going to be that simple of a story – it never is – and Ultron’s cinematic origins remain a mystery. There could be ties to magic (from Scarlet Witch who’s also going to be introduced in the film) to the cosmos (to be explored in Guardians of the Galaxy) but JARVIS and Iron Man do have some part to play, regardless.

The Ultron design is seemingly not only faithful to the Marvel Comics design, but is an exact adaptation of it, which makes us curious as to the potential different versions of him in the film and how they’re going to have Ultron emote and go beyond Spader’s voice. Does the Age of Ultron teaser trailer excite you?


Thor: The Dark World on November 8, 2013, Captain America: The Winter Soldier on April 4, 2014, Guardians of the Galaxy on August 1, 2014The Avengers: Age of Ultron on May 1, 2015, Ant-Man on July 31, 2015, and unannounced films for May 6 2016, July 8 2016 and May 5 2017.

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  1. I’m ready for this, by golly, and can hardly wait to see Hank Pym create Ultron, and Goliath and Wasp in action, and…uh, what? You mean…?

    {…and where’s Cyclops?!}

    • joss whedon said pym is not creating ultron , that would or could be tony stark ,

      • Apparently markus doesn’t recognize sarcasm…

  2. Glad we will be seeing Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch in action. Now if we can just get Goliath and Wasp up and flying for Avengers #3!

    • yeah, but its the wrong kind of action, if ya know what i mean. pg-13 really limits these movies alot!

      • Would you prefer some humping kind of action? Quickie and Widow going at it in the Quinjet? Or maybe Coulson and Wanda? Seriously, yeah, PG-13 limits these movies, but it guarantees the most dough and that’s sadly the only thing that matters to the execs. Then again, it can be done cleverly, like The Dark Knight which I still can’t believe was approved for PG-13.

  3. All that is almost sure, is that the possibility of Ultron controlling Jarvis will be very high. Just watch the episode of EMH, where Ultron took control, or in fact, possession of the Iron Man armors. That’s the exact episode where I realized that Iron Man 3 was hinting about Ultron, and that was before the title of the sequel was announced. Iron Man3 might not please everyone, but it’s indeed a part of or a lead in to something big in Avengers 2.

    • Ultron also hypnotized Jarvis (the butler, not the AI) to make him his puppet during his first appearance in the original comics. Not to mention that at some point, one version of him stole an old Iron Man armor to use as a body.

      Still, I’m slightly disappointed that Whedon chose to link Ultron to Jarvis/Iron Man. It’s a bit too logical for a guy who made a habit of using unexpected plot twists in his previous works and honestly, he could’ve come up with a better idea. But I’m keeping my faith in him to give us one hell of a rockin’ sequel.

      • @bfg666
        …Or maybe the studio took the decision. After all, Whedon is just an employee of marverl… :)

        • He is indeed but they specifically picked him for a reason, which is he’s a great writer who understands the comic medium like few people. Why hiring such a talent only to rein him in afterwards? Makes little sense to me.

          • You make a lot of sense I agree. Yet, The person you employ for a job is still Under you after all. I will say he definitely have a power over the orientatoin of the stories, However, he may not have the final say. Then again he may… After all, he is just an employee.

            • Kevin Feige is the producer and Stan Lee and Jeremy Latcham are the executive producers. They make the final decisions but they’ve said plenty of times that Whedon is telling his own story. He chose to add QS and SW instead of Wasp and Ant-man and make Ultron Iron Man’s creation.

              • Plus it was Whedon who approached Feige with the Ultron idea so….

                Just stop blaming Marvel for anything because if you hate the idea, it’s all on Joss.

                • Also yes

                • Yeah, it’s all on Joss.

                  You’re missing the point. There is no throne. Yeah, maybe Avengers 2 is great, maybe it’s not, but it’s all on Joss. Cause if the nerds can’t defend his idea, you can be darn sure they’ll hate it.

  4. strong chance that ultron will be tied to tony and no one else b/c in this preview we see the ironman suit being smashed, deformed and transforming into ultron… almost a dead give away that the 2 entities will be tied together, which is cool b/c they’re going to be taking someone/thing that already exists and using that to introduce the new bad guy, rather than introducing a new character whom we don’t know much about (or at all if you aren’t into comics) and wasting time on an origin etc etc just for one movie :P

    i just hope that this time around whedon focuses more on character growth instead of flashing looking scenes :P, i know the individual hero movies are used to show the character growing, but there should be more growth when they come together and fight with people equally if not more superior to themselves :)

    • The video clearly shows Ultron punching through and breaking out of the IM helmet. Take that along with the deleted scene in Avengers between Stark and Jarvis and you have Jarvis going bad. The question is whether Jarvis has a flaw, Jarvis is evolving, or Jarvis is being manipulated by someone else (AIM, Hammer, Leader, Thanos, (insert baddie here)).
      Don’t forget by the time this movie comes out we will have learned (been exposed to) a lot more from other currently unreleased movies. We could see new characters good and bad, etc….
      At the credits in Avengers Thanos smiles when he is told going up against earth means inviting Death. Death is who he is in love with. He could be involved the backstory creation of Ultron in an effort to bring Death to Earth. I’m not saying he creates him directly but he could be manipulating people in the background that leads to Ultron’s creation.

      Here also is a little blurb from Wiki on Ultron.
      “The Ultron robots reappear as butlers to the Ultimates, with one unit developing an independent mind and emotions as a result of a chance encounter with the Scarlet Witch”.
      So we know Scarlet Witch is in Avengers2. It could be that she is the one that “gives him life” (AI).

      • Probably you’re right about scarlet witch being the creator of ultron. They don’t need to touch Thanos at all because they’ve already introduced him in Avengers and will soon beef him up in GoG 1 and 2. Thanos will be saved for Avengers 3 & 4.
        Avengers 5 and 6 will be about Galactus and Silver Surfer, Thanos may appear as a surprising ally for the Avengers.

        All I know is that Marvel is going to stretch out and milk out as much $$$ from all the characters as possible. Let’s face it, Avengers and Avatar will go on and on for several sequels even if they eventually become direct to DVD or direct to Netflix type things. $$$$$$$. That’s what it’s all about.

        Jokes on me the economy will probably collapse before any of that were to happen.

        • Wow, wow, wow, hold your horses, amigo! GotG 2, Avengers 4, 5 & 6?! Though there’s no doubt that there will probably be more than 3 Avengers movies, Marvel has planned nothing beyond Phase 3 yet. Also, a possible sequel to GotG will be highly dependent on the success of the first movie, which is not to be taken for granted.

        • @Dude

          So Disney/Marvel Entertainment have bought the rights to use Galactus and Silver Surfer now? Fox let them have those two characters? Where is this news so I can read it for myself?

          • so, youre being sarcastic right? considering the silver surfer and galactus are marvels/disneys property

            • Umm, no. Since Galactus and Silver Surfer are bundled with the Fantastic Four franchise, Fox still owns them.

      • “…with one unit developing an independent mind and emotions as a result of a chance encounter with the Scarlet Witch”.

        Yeah, Jeph Loeb came up with that. That was his first step before he raped the entire Ultimate Universe (with Ultimates 3, Ultimatum and all the crap that came after it). I really hope Whedon stays away from everything Loeb came up with.

        • The entire Ultimate universe raped the regular Marvelverse first.

  5. Ugh… two years away. :(

  6. Between the utter disappointment of iron man 3. Ultrons origin being retconned. And scarlet witch and quicksilver being shoved in. It is really hard to muster any positive emotion for this.

    • Write and produce your own Avengers sequel, then. The rest of us will happily enjoy watching Whedon’s version. Let us know how that works out for you.

    • IM3 was deliberately sabotaged by Marvel because they wanted to downplay Downey’s popularity due to all the contract disputes they had with him(which he ended up winning by the way).

      Thor 2 will be good.

      And screw Ultorn’s original origins, I mean, come on, “Ant-Man” is the creator? Do you really want the avengers to get their a$$es whooped by something created by a guy whose name is “ant-man”?

      • @Filth. That is a weak response. He is entitled to his opinion. He doesn’t need to be a filmmaker to note the negatives in a project.

        @Dude. Hank Pym is an awesome character. Don’t let the 50s Sci Fi powers fool you. There’s a lot more to the character then that.

        • Except Jitzul didn’t voice an opinion, he spoke like he held the absolute truth. And like Dude, I always found Ant-Man a bit too silly to really connect with him, whatever the character grew into (no pun intended).

          @Jitzul: Ultron’s origin ISN’T retconned since he didn’t exist in the MCU yet. It’s a different origin from the 60′s comics, just as well as it is different from the Ultimate origin, the Avengers cartoon origin and so on. Think of each iteration as an alternate reality: things are globally the same yet different.

          • @ bfg, You’re allowed to speak like you hold absolute truth when you’re saying how you feel. Which is what Jitzul said, that’s how he feels which is the truth to him. Stop trying to be the smartest guy in the room. Re-read his comment.

            • I’m not trying anything. Granted, I happen to have an above average intellect but I don’t boast about it and I especially don’t pretend to be superior to everyone else. I’m not Octopus. Who’s to say intellect is better than, say, kindness anyway? Certainly not me.

              And I’m sorry but speaking like your opinion is the definitive answer (which I admit I’m guilty of sometimes too) is just plain wrong, no matter how many times you read the perpetrator’s comment, and you can’t blame someone for being irritated by that attitude.

        • Who says the things jitzul listed are negatives, Duh? Not me… but of course that’s just MY opinion.

      • @Dude

        IM3 was deliberately sabotaged?

        How so?

        I mean, the alleged sabotage must have failed then since it was a great movie. Or did you mean it was sabotaged in the way that clueless gorillas like you would think it was a bad movie because it was way above your intelligence level?

  7. That footage was awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Was it just me, or was there the sound of fans screaming at the end of that teaser? I mean literally, after the Avengers:AoU title came out and faded, I’m pretty sure I heard some screaming or fans cheering, which would be odd because it’s not like they recorded this at Comic-Con…

    But anyway, awesome teaser. DOFP better have its teaser out soon too, it’s ridiculous to hold it off so long.

    • Yep, there was screaming… it seemed to imply that Ultron was murdering a large group of human beings, or at least trying to.

      • Ooh, ouch. Bit weird that I’d find the screams of murdered people the same as the screams of crazy fans…haha.

        • ^^^
          Yeah, it is.

        • Crazy fans are brain dead anyway.

          • That would explain some of the comments on here.

            • Indeed.

      • not at all.. the screaming was from the fans of Comic-Con… Their reaction..

    • A few weeks ago, there was a DOFP teaser online for a couple of hours. It was mostly dialogue, but it gave me goosebumps.

      Xavier: “I was a different man back then, Logan. Teach me. Guide me.”

      • Xavier losing his arrogant know-it-all smirk and actually acting humble? No way!

  9. i loved the idea of ultron stemming from jarvis going rogue,it would be such an emotional reaction from the unknowing audience and an amazing reason for stark to don the armor full throttle, but now i’m thinking it’s more of a gov. creation that others have been speculating from the tech of tony stark. and possibly jarvis becoming vision. that deleted storyboard scene of tony with jarvis showed an “android like”? model resembling alot more that of vision. Either way they go, i’m excited about it.

  10. All that is almost sure, is that the possibility of Ultron controlling Jarvis will be very high. Just watch the episode of EMH, where Ultron took control, or in fact, possession of the Iron Man armors. That’s the exact episode where I realized that Iron Man 3 was hinting about Ultron, and that was before the title of the sequel was announced. Iron Man3 might not please everyone, but it’s indeed a part of or a lead in to something big in Avengers 2.

    • All the movies, in some part or another, lead into the next Avengers movie. I don’t think ultron is going to take control of the Iron Man suits. That teaser shows him transforming from the suit into Ultron.

  11. Like I need another reason to look forward to this, haha.

  12. Pretty lame teaser trailer. Sound clips from the first movie with Ultrons head… woopty doo. I’ve seen fan made trailers that’re 10 x better.

    • Considering it was the trailer that officially announced the movie to SDCC and nobody had a clue where Avengers 2 was going until this clip was shown….

      You know?

      • Um, what are you talking about? Everyone already knew that its about Ultron, nothing new. And it was a teaser, not a trailer.

  13. That was one of the best teasers I have seen. It got my heart pumping, I can not wait for Ultron!

  14. The acting looks terrible in this teaser!

    • lmfao this comment makes no sense as there isn’t ANY one person acting at all in this teaser. It’s dialogue from past films (mostly The Avengers), not sure where the Thor Dialogue is coming from, but, you’re dead wrong. lol.

      • Hasn’t it occurred to you that it might be a joke addressing the absence of actual actors?

  15. Daaaaamn. James Spader may not look great if they decide to give Ultron the human (Spader version) of his face, but his voice is definitely spot on for the character I will admit. James Spaders face isn’t too intimidating though. Benedict Cumberbatch was lucky at playing Khan because of his deadly blue narrow eyes, his deep voice, and the superhuman powers he had. With James Spader (albeit a very talented actor) has only his voice to be intimidating, thankfully that is only the case with him only voicing Ultron, I hope.

  16. LOLOLOLO….IM3 great movie,that’s hilarious buddy

    • What’s hilarious is someone yelling LOLOLOLO (and not even being able to type it correctly) while allowing himself to criticize someone else’s taste.

  17. Who is to say that they might somehow keep the origin of Ultron a bit if a mystery in AOU. The big source reveal could come in Antman. I wouldn’t rule anything out this early in the game. And what better way to keep the fan chatter up than to add an ending scene, like the avengers did with Thanos then to have an Ultron head sitting on the desk of Pym whose eyes light up even after they think they have defeated Ultron… Would add some hype going into Antman.

    • Heads don’t sit, asses do.

      • Now I remember why I rarely comment on these threads…

        • Why, don’t you like a bit of humor?

  18. Boy howdy…the comments on here kept making me wince as fights as usual broke out..

    Regardless, I feel the need to intrude with a bit of speculation.

    Does anyone remember the plot from the Iron Man 2 video game? The one where A.I.M. stole the archived version of JARVIS, or as they called it the Dataspine, and was utilized to create Ultimo? What if it was something similar, except that S.H.I.E.L.D. were the ones to access/steal an archived version of JARVIS and try to use the combined tech of the archives, some scattered Stark-tech from the Extremis vs Iron Man battle, and the Destroyer tech to create Ultron, which then gains self-awareness and goes rogue and becomes even more powerful? That would have both Stark and S.H.I.E.L.D. semi-responsible while keeping the current JARVIS on Tony’s side (who I can’t see as betraying Tony as JARVIS saves Tony’s life multiple times in IM3).

    • I like it. Change S.H.I.E.L.D. to HYDRA & A.I.M. and I’m all in.

      Hail HYDRA

  19. The teaser shows very little and takes a long time about it… I’ll wait to see something more substantial before building up any hopes or expectations.

    • “The teaser shows very little…” That’s why it’s called a teaser, not a trailer. Yet, that Iron Man helmet morphing into Ultron’s head is pretty cool.

    • Xandra,

      You gotta remember that this was designed and showcased for a live audience of 6000+ people – the cheers at the end are the actual live reaction. Trust me, it played extremely well at the end of the panel as a bonus for fans. I was there :)

  20. ***SPOILER***
    The after credit scenes for Thor 2 starts off with someone giving one of the jewels to Thanos for the infinity gauntlet. So I’m guessing Thanos will have something with Jarvis going Rogue. Thanos might also be the Villain in Avengers 3.

    • If you really want to mention spoilers, make sure you have them right. This is not what happens in the credits scene.

  21. I was reading through all the posts and something came to me… First, Jarvis is actually the one that “manufactures” Tony’s IM suits. Second, Jarvis already controls a good chunk of IM’s suits even with Tony in them and in IM3 we seem him control a bunch of the suits by himself. Third, if I remember right in the comics somewhere, Ultron-15 creates an army of Ultron copies. See the connection? Also, you wouldn’t need Thanos to “corrupt” Jarvis. That’s way below Thanos and not his style at all. That’s more of a Loki or even Hammer type of thing to do. Remember Hammer still has access to all the work Vanko did. In fact, I wouldn’t doubt that Tony and Jarvis both have access to all that given that they were trying to break into the system (via pepper in the control room) to shut the “drones” down. There are a lot of ways to corrupt Jarvis and Im surprised it hasn’t happened before now actually. You also can’t leave out that SHIELD has a tendency to make big messes in their endless pursuit of control for “security’s” sake. It wouldn’t surprise me at all if they corrupt Jarvis by trying to break into him or something. I’ve noticed that, other then the timelines, Marvel tries to keep the comic logic within the movies somewhat based on logical possibilities (like the Mandarin being an actor or the science of Tony’s new power source being based on a, relatively, newly discovered element). If Thanos is involved his is more likely a puppet master rather then having a direct impact (like going to Hammer and offering whatever if he screws with the Avengers somehow). Think Thanos/Chitauri and Loki from TA1. Thanos was involved but Loki was the go to guy to make the movie flow. See what I’m getting at? Think more smooth storyline that could flow from scene to scene.

  22. Actually in one marvel animated film called the next avengers tony stark makes a reference to being the creator of ultron…

  23. Ultron is made out of adamantium. I hope they remember that when the movie is made. I’m pretty tired of every marvel movie completely deviating from the original story line.

    • Not in the beginning, no. He rebuilt himself with adamantium for his Ultron-6 upgrade.

  24. With ANT-MAN coming straight after AVENGERS 2 give or take a few months, Marvel/Disney be stupid not to have PYM connected to Ultron…

    Not only is it the best move, its the only move, you don’t have to have HANK PYM in AVENGERS sequel to have him connected to Ultron, just background stuff, if its connected to IRON MAN it’ll be sad and pretty much very unoriginal, we don’t want IRON MAN Marvel Studios WOLVERINE, Like Wolvie is to Fox.

    End of the day the more connection ANT-MAN has with one if not the biggest movie of 2015, is nothing but good for Wrights ANT-MAN, DISNEY and fans alike.

  25. If he is part Destroyer, the Avengers are in trouble. I think Destroyer in the comics actually cut Thor’s hammer in half…

  26. I can’t believe the hating and trolling that is going on on the interwebs.
    Who cares if they change the origin of Ultron, as long as the movies are as awesome as they have been up till now who cares?!

    Man when I was a kid I never thought there would be an Avengers movie, it couldn’t be done. But they did it and it was freaking awsome, it couldn’t have been made better imo. Now Marvel is in fase 2 and it is all getting bigger and better, if that is possible. Iron Man 3 was pretty entertaining, Thor 2 was awesome and Cap Am2 en GoG both look great.

    Avengers 2 will blow part one awy and avengers 3 will probally have Thanos and the infinity gems. So that will be godsmacking awsome. Man I just hope there will be a fase 4,5 and 6. I also would like to see the rights of X-Men, Spiderman and the FF go back to marvel so they can make an über-crossover movie.

  27. Iron Man Suit + Jarvis + Soul Gem = Ultron

    • or possibly the aether

  28. I thought ant man created ultron?also why is there no ant man?he’s a pretty integral part of the animated series of avengers

    • He did. In the comics. This is a different universe. The Mandarin is Slattery/not Slattery, Iron Patriot is Rhodey and Ultron’s creator is not Hank Pym. Deal with it. Also, have you been hiding in a cave? We all know Ant-Man is coming, it’ll be the first Phase 3 movie. And about the animated series, Ant-Man wasn’t here from the beginning either.

  29. They will keep Avengers 2 easy for the movie goers. Not everyone and myself know who or what this Ultron person is.