Captain America & Iron Man Share Leadership Duties in ‘The Avengers 2′

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Captain America vs Iron Man Marvel Civil War Captain America & Iron Man Share Leadership Duties in The Avengers 2

Writer and director Joss Whedon teases that in the sequel to his (and Marvel’s) most successful project ever, The Avengers: Age of Ultron, there will be much angst and friction between the roster of heroes as a result of “awful” things happening to them. That doesn’t mean their first meeting and team-up wasn’t without its hiccups either.

Before Earth’s Mightiest unified in New York to thwart an army of alien invaders, their leader Loki had several members of the hopeful team at odds with one another – most notably Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jr.) and Steve Rogers (Chris Evans). By the end, despite Stark’s ego, he gladly encouraged and accepted orders from Rogers aka Captain America, a proven war hero.

According to Marvel Studios Co-President and Producer Louis D’Esposito, who also directed the Marvel One-Shots Item 47 and Agent Carter, the pair may have a strong working relationship in the sequel as well… or at least for part of the film. D’Esposito tells IGN while promoting the Iron Man 3 home video release:

“Well, [Tony Stark is] leading the team with Captain America and… I don’t know where he’s at 100%. We’re still developing the screenplay and Joss Whedon is writing furiously to get that finished, but obviously I’ve seen a couple of drafts. It’s hard for me to say at this point what he is doing and what his emotional mindset is, but you can see where it was at the end of Iron Man 3; He’s in love with Pepper, he’s made a grand gesture to blow up the suits at that point, but at at the end he couldn’t help himself. I think he will go back to tinkering – that’s what he does.”

Stark’s experience in battle, from all three Iron Man stories, The Avengers and whatever events occurred in between off-screen – in addition to his leadership and confidence from his upbringing and role in Stark Industries – make him a vocal and proven leader as well. It’s no wonder that in the comics he’s always depicted in a position of authority, even becoming the Director of S.H.I.E.L.D..

avengers german trailer Captain America & Iron Man Share Leadership Duties in The Avengers 2

Whether Stark’s shared leadership of The Avengers stems from an improved relationship with Captain America, or sheer need based on the origins or motivations of the new robotic villain Ultron (James Spader), we don’t quite yet know, but we don’t expect the team to be affable with one another from Whedon’s words about “twisting the knife” and introducing new characters (Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch) who may not necessarily agree with The Avengers’ methods.

D’Esposito’s words could also simply refer to the possibility of there being more than one team, based on what may be happening with some of the characters and the SHIELD organization in Captain America: The Winter Soldier, a movie that’s described as Avengers 1.5. Perhaps Stark and Rogers each have to lead a team of their own as part of the story (see: Secret Avengers).

As for Robert Downey Jr., while Whedon and other Marvel execs have teased more screen time and story for Jeremy Renner’s Hawkeye character and Scarlet Johansson’s Black Widow, RDJ remains their most marketable, fan-favorite onscreen asset. The poster boy of the Marvel Cinematic Universe extended his contract to appear in both The Avengers: Age of Ultron and the untitled Avengers 3, but what that means for the future of the Stark character beyond that, we’ll have to wait and see.


Thor: The Dark World on November 8, 2013, Captain America: The Winter Soldier on April 4, 2014, Guardians of the Galaxy on August 1, 2014The Avengers: Age of Ultron on May 1, 2015, Ant-Man on November 6, 2015, and unannounced films for May 6 2016, July 8 2016 and May 5 2017.

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Source: IGN

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  1. Good. Cap’s whole creation was based on him leading troops. Makes no sense for him to be reduced to telling cops where to go like in The Avengers

    • +1

  2. In the Avengers Tony realized he was out of his league. That’s why during the battle he told Captain to call it. Cap. was born/designed/trained to lead. With all that said; can’t discount Tony’s experiences. Delicate balance. Just make it work and don’t over think or over sell it in A2.

  3. Do it like both Avengers shows do it with Cap and Iron Man as the leaders pretty much. Both share the duty. Sometimes one more than the other but its always clear that there both the ones in charge.

    • Agreed, but Cap should give the order while in combat, lie he did in the battle against the Chitauri, he should be the moral center of the team as well

  4. Not that big a surprise… maybe they’ll add some nods to ‘Civil War’ to keep the dynamic interesting?

    • Too bad we’ll never actually get Civil War thanks to Fox. Nods maybe, but not the event itself.

      • True. I just wish they’d give back the Fantastic Four. That alone would make up for all those mediocre Wolver… I mean “X-Men” movies. ;)

        • Orrr they can just get over themselves and do a team up of not only the characters but the studios. But that ain’t gonna happen. Disputes with screen time and all that stupidness will start.

          • I’ve often thought that if marvel really wanted to do a civil war in films by themselves they could
            Xmen aren’t that critical for the story
            Fantastic four – mainly Reed Richards – could give his part to another scientist
            Spider-man – could pick another hero to unmask rather than Peter

            Granted such changes could or would result in a significant out cry from fans of the comic (as usual) – but they’ve already shown that they don’t mind creating a film universe that differs from the comics
            I’m not necessarily saying that I would be pleased if they did do civil war without some of the characters from fox or Sony (the lack of Spider-Man in particular would be disappointing) – but some changes from the source and it could be done

            They don’t seem to be going the civil war route for a while though (not till sometime after avengers 3 if at all) and good thing to as they would need to increase their film character roster before even trying something like civil war in order to give it the necessary impact the story deserves

            • If they did do the ‘Civil War’ story line, I hope that it would be spread over 2 – 3 films. IMO its just too big of an event to jam into 1 film.

              • Civil War couldn’t work at this point because they just don’t have enough superheroes in the MCU right now, if they did it now it would be five heroes against five heroes, that’s why I’m hoping the rights to the Spider-Man films and the FF films return to Marvel.

            • I would love to see Civil War, I think maybe for phase 4 or 5 so decades down the line I imagine but have the entire phase about it showing how different people deal with it?

  5. Cap and Iron man balance each other well. Cap is a natural leader and Stark helps out with the technology that Rodgers isn’t use to yet.

  6. I see Stark more a strategic/technological leader and Cap as more of a tactical/battlefield one.

    I don’t think that Cap was reduced to ordering cops, he was using a tactical resource to limit damage and life loss. Cops aren’t superpowered, but they can set up road blocks and evacuate people. Cap respects their ability to contribute by saving lives and understands their limitations in the actual battle.

    Of course, if Widow was dropping Chitauri with her pee shooters, I’m pretty sure the cops/SWAT/national guard/army could have provided some ordinance to the proceedings. But then, we wouldn’t have a superhero movie, we would have The Siege.

  7. as much as i love the avengers movie but the scene where chris evans looked like a dumb teenage kid picking a fight with his school teacher (RDJ) was unimpressive and not at all the captain america. not even close to the one mark gruenwald wrote back in the 80′s. heck evans cap is not even the civil war version. captain america is the heart of the team, its moral compass.
    but then again marvel got him on the cheap and he only got about 300k
    for first avenger and he recently negotiated his cap roles down to six films.

    • rod, he agreed to 6 films before they ever filmed the 1st CA film. they tried to get him for 9 films. it wasn’t “recently” as you say.

    • He wasn’t picking a fight, if you listen to the dialogue between the two, Stark had been insulting him quite a few times before the argument broke out. He was just sic of Star’s selfish crap.

      • How was Cap picking a fight with Tony? Tony was wrong in that argument and Cap calle him out on it. Cap should be the leader he has more experience leading a team than Tony has. The battle scene at the end of Avengers proved that when Tony told Cap to give the orders.

  8. this is my guess as to what guardians of the galaxy cast is getting paid.
    1. zoe saldana- 3 million due to her success of avatar and two star trek
    movies plus she is playing a live action character.
    2. bradley cooper- 1.5 million for voicing rocket raccoon.
    3. vin diesel- 1.5 million for voicing groot.
    4. chris pratt- 300k for playing starlord
    5. dave battista- 250k for playing drax.

    • LMFAO…. Bradley Cooper and Vin Diesel each getting 1.5 mil. for voice overs??? you are stoned, Marvel would NEVER pay that for voice work!

      I’d bet that the most they are getting half a million, NO MORE!

  9. Cap is a member of the greatest generation and has proven himself the leader of the avengers as well as the embodiment of all they stand for . I wish they would show us some invaders flashbacks to show why ( not to mention open up a cool new franchise ! Namor , human torch , union jack , HELL YEAH ! ) .

    • The Invaders as a superhero team don’t exist in this universe, he lead a military strike force consisting of some of the best soldiers including Dum Dum Dugan, also Union Jack was there as a soldier using his normal human name

  10. I have a hard time seeing tony stark shouldering the bulk of leadership. as one guy said above, the tech stuff, cool. beyond that, it’s like yeah he’s become the face of marvel’s cinematic world, but let’s not make him into Genghis Khan or General Patton.

    • Agreed, Cap lead military attacks in WW2 for years, he’s the best leader in all of Marvel Comics. Most people say that Stark was the reason the Chitauri were defeated but no, it was Cap, by the time Iron Man showed up with the nuke the battle was already won.

      • Yes THANK YOU!!! You make a great point it was already over. I think that scene was only used to see if Tony would make the sacrifise play. And he did which is what I can respect about Tony. But CAp is their one and true leader.

  11. I suppose, for long time fans, Cap will always be the leader. I don’t have an issue with Stark having a big say, but changing the overall story just because some of the newbies like Iron man better is a mistake. Besides, there is much more chance of drama from a miffed Stark, who THINKS he should be in charge, but isn’t.

  12. Sharing leadership is pretty stupid. Does Superman share leadership? No. Does Cyclops share leadership? No. Just Make Cap the official leader, he is a better strategist. In Whedon we Trust? That’s cute.

    • Superman shares leadership with Batman. Both have their pros and cons. Batman is a better strategist and crime solver, but he’s a loner and doesn’t trust anyone. Superman is the more inspiring and trusting but usually hits first and ask questions later… which can get him into trouble. I think they need each other to be effective.

      • Agree with you 100%. Tony and Steve are sort of similar to Bruce and Clark in that respect. Cap and Supes are more respected among the other superheros because of their loyalty and old school values, where as Iron Man and Batman could still definitely lead, dont really have as much respect.

        Yes I realise I’m comparing DC and Marvel. I’m a marvel fan, but that doesn’t mean I can’t enjoy DC too :)

        • I mean that the other characters rally behind Cap and Supes more because of the ideals that they represent: whereas Iron Man and Batman don’t really inspire people as much… if that makes sense. Not that I’m hating on Iron Man or Batman.

      • That’s true with Superman and Batman, but not with Cap and Iron Man, Cap has is just as inspiring as Superman, and is a strategic genius like Batman, Stark doesn’t bring any leadership skills to the team, he’s the tech expert, but that’s about it.

    • Justice League does not have a leader, per se, they whole team votes on issues that need dealing with. In the field, whichever member that can best control the situation takes the lead.

      I don’t know about recently, but all through the 90s and early 2000s when I read X-Men, Cyclops and Storm were co-captains.

      So the answer to both of your posed questions is yes, yes they, in fact, share leadership.

      • Exactly.

        The Justice League is just an organization designed to protect certain areas of the world and the universe. Sometimes, only 2 or 3 members handle the problem. Other times, it takes all of them.

    • Is Superman in The Avengers? Is Cyclops? No. Irrelevant. It would make no sense for the character of Iron Man to meekly stand by and let Cap take total control. Cap was defiantly in charge at the battle of New York, when it counted. Ironman knows when to step down, but he’s always going to be stepping forward and pushing his opinion.

      And yes, in Whedon we trust. The Avengers didn’t break box office records and make it to number 3 despite Whedon. It did it because of Whedon.

      • +1

  13. WAR CLOWN , superman does share leader with batman it does matter because if you think it about in the comics black panther a king can lead, Thor a prince or king can lead , captain america a leader , tony stark Captain of indrustry a leader there are many leader not even including wolverine and hulk the point of the avengers is that everyone is equal can , could and should lead

  14. One thing that was established in The Avengers is that Cap and Stark worked well together. It seemed as though they went from rivalry, to begrudging respect, to team work, to an actual understanding of one another.

    Personally, I’d like to see more quiet moments between some of the characters. It’d be interesting to see Stark helping Rogers overcome his difficulties adapting into our modern world; perhaps even offering offbeat advice on Rogers’ unresolved feelings for Peggy, now in her ’80s.

    These are the kinds of moments ― interspersed between the action ― that really bring the characters to life and make us care about them.

    • I concur. The more personal moments make the action sections just hit that much harder. When Stark was willing to sacrifice himself toward the end of Avengers, “to make the sacrifice play”, after being berated by Cap, that made it actually mean something. Would love to see more interplay with the members that doesn’t always involve beating things up.

  15. Not only that, but Steve could also possibly offer Tony some first-hand insights about his father, Howard. Again, these are the moments that endear audiences to the characters … and the sort of stuff that Joss Whedon does so well.

    • I agree Mardock, I was hoping that during one their arguments in The Avengers, Cap would end saying something along the lines of “youre not half the man your father was,” man that would have gotten under Tony’s sin

  16. For some reason I feel this is only because rdj is the biggest actor in the set and they have to come up with some kind of tension story for them to give cap something.

    • Yeah, I get what you mean. Most of my friends who saw The Avengers didn’t really see Cap as the leader even when he technically took charge, firstly because Cap just isn’t as ‘impressive’ and secondly because, well, RDJ.

      But hey, from a story point of view it does make sense so I’m not complaining. I think IM3, whatever anyone may think of it, showed us that when it comes down to it Stark does have a lot of ingenuity and old-fashioned smarts, which was part of what made the first IM great anyway. Sometimes that gets lost in all the tech and comedy that the character does. I think he could lead pretty well.

  17. Leadership duties….”I’ll do it!!!”

  18. Two teams? Hmm… this could work…

  19. Perhaps they’ll have a west coast avengers team, with Stark leading, and Cap leading the home team in New York. Bring on Wonder Man & Mockingbird!

    • Good idea… just add Spider-Woman, War Machine, Hawkeye and the Scarlet Witch!

  20. They need to show cap being saluted by Shield staff and troops, as well as giving them out orders. In “The Avengers” he kinda looked like a fish out of water. They need to show that he has rank within a military-like organisation. That way they won’t have to worry so much about showing him ordering the other Avengers around. We will already be looking at him as a captain (But kinda with major status).

  21. Cap is just lame compare to IM or Thor.

  22. What an amazing piece of news worth my time

  23. I wonder this will lead,just like the comics,in electing a chairman.

    Also,it will be cool,just like the comics, after A3 picking a new team members.