The Apprentice Finale: Wow!

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I have to say I really enjoyed the season finale of The Apprentice. Thank goodness I have a DVR because my wife and I were “pausing” the episode every 5 minutes to add some comment.

I can see that “The Donald” and I have the same thought processes when it comes to reading people. So why is he a billionare and I’m running this website? icon wink The Apprentice Finale: Wow!

Selecting Bill was a very good call…

He has a combination of street smarts, education, and business experience that’s hard to beat. I was rooting for Troy early on, but Troy, I know Bill, and you’re no Bill. (Sorry, don’t know where THAT came from)

My comments yesterday reflected part of Kwame’s downfall: His selection and handling of Omarosa. Those two items definitely made him a questionable leader. I hate to say it, but it felt great to see Omarosa get her just desserts at the live gathering. Trump asks her a straightforward question about getting caught lying, and she immediately starts to tap dance around it… whereupon Trump says “Excuses, excuses. Enough with the excuses.”

One shining moment was the (in my mind) complete vindication of Ereka Vetrini concerning the slander suit against her by Omarosa. Erika positively glowed as she sat right next to “The Diva” and stated that Omarosa is a liar, and has been a liar throughout the entire series run. You go!!!! icon smile The Apprentice Finale: Wow!

As a testament to the selection process, I have to say that given the building project that Bill selected, I would run screaming from the room in terror at the prospect of managing that. Supervision or not.

On a final note I have to say I was VERY disappointed to see Omarosa shown as a returning person for next season. Fine, she adds tons of drama and she’s “the person we love to hate”, but I just thing it’s plain wrong to reward her hideous behavior by keeping her in the limelight.

It’s the same issue I have with athletes who act like complete asses, but because of their skill (and the controversy they generate), they continue to be rewarded.

P.S. Sam slays me. $250K to Trump for the opportunity to work for him? Brilliant. icon smile The Apprentice Finale: Wow!


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  1. Yeah, the finale was pretty decent. I kind of sided with Bill on the project choice, though. Renovating a golf course that has partially fallen into the ocean is not my idea of a good time. Constructing a building isn’t exactly easy going, either, but that’s what Trump’s company does, like it or not. Bill knew what he was getting into.

    Omarosa will be coming back because of the very reasons you (and most of the rest of America) can’t stand her. She gets people watching the show and talking about it. In other words, she’s a ratings booster. She has also started some lively discussions right here on this site.

    Sam’s offer of $$$ to Trump was disturbing; the fact that Trump actually took the $$$ and entertained the offer was even more disturbing. Sam has claimed in some interviews that he’s getting offers from companies to be their VP or CEO. I want to know which companies those are so I can make sure I don’t do business with them. Ever.