The Apprentice cast: Season 2

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Anyone ready for round 2 of The Apprentice?

Here are the new contestants according to E! Online:

The women:
Pamela, 32, an investment firm partner from San Francisco
Jennifer C., a 31-year-old horse-loving real-estate agent from New York
Stacie J., 35, a Harlem Subway franchise owner and former model
Lawyers Jennifer M. (a 29-year-old from San Francisco) and Stacy R. (a 26-year-old from New York)
Business owners Sandy, 28, who hails from Rockville, Maryland, Elizabeth, 31, from Marina Del Ray, California
Virginia Beach-based marketing exec Maria, 31
Ivana, a Subway franchise owner

The men:
Raj, 28, a bow-tie wearing real-estate developer with homes in Philly and Vail, Colorado, who claims not to watch TV
Bradford, a 32-year-old lawyer from Fort Lauderdale
Chris, a 30-year-old stockbroker hailing from Long Island
Andy, 23, a newly minted Harvard grad from Boca Raton, Florida
John, 24, a marketing director from San Francisco
Wes, 27, an Atlanta-based wealth manager
Kevin, 29, a law student in Chicago
Rob, 32, a Texas branding salesman
Kelly, 37, a software exec from Carlsbad, California.

Here are my early predictions…

Not having yet seen these folks, and just based upon what I’ve seen online, here’s my list of who’s who:

Final two:

Rob: Looks like he’s got some varied real-world experience.

Kelly: Unless his personality conflicts, another good bet.

Those who I think will make it beyond the initial cuts:

John: Looks like he might go far, but his age will work against him.

Wes: Unless his personality is abrasive, will be in the half that survives.

Pamela: Experience a bit narrow, but will probably go far.

Sandy: Not degreed, but I think she might go pretty far here.

Elizabeth: She’ll go far, but won’t win.

These guys are toast:

Raj: The guy wears a bowtie. ‘Nuff said.

Bradford: Commutes in a gas-powered golf cart with monster truck tires. Too out-there.

Chris: High school degree only. See ya.

Andy: Too young and inexperienced.

Kevin: I don’t see anything that stands out at this point.

Jennifer C.: Sales skills alone do not make a VP.

Stacie J.: A model who runs a Subway. Might last a while, but not all the way.

Jennifer M.: Lawyer and not much else. Probably very personable, but it won’t take her all the way.

Maria: She just looks…. like she ain’t gonna make it.

Stacy R.: Another lawyer. Won’t make it far.

Ivana: She is so gone. There totally due to the name thing.

For more info on the contestants visit’s Apprentice 2 page.

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  1. Your predictions make sense, but would you have predicted that a cigar-store owner with no MBA would win the first season? Still, I think it’s wrong for Trump to count people out just because they only have a high-school education. In that case, why even let them qualify for the show?

    I hope the contestants this season are less annoying than the ones from last season, but I doubt it.


  2. I wouldn’t refer to Bill’s business as a “cigar-store”. It was an online cigar of the month club with enough subscribers to generate million dollar plus revenue which he built from scratch.

    Based on that, I probably would have put him in the top half of the list. :-)


  3. Hi! I would love to have the Season II of the Apprentice. I love the Apprentice and have been waiting patiently for Season II to come out. Please let me know where I can get a copy of the Season II Apprentice. Thank you!

  4. I just did a quick search for it and apparently not only is season 2 not yet out but there isn’t a tentative release date for it yet, either.


  5. That’s weird… considering that Trump was in charge, I would think he would want to capitalize on the show ASAP. Perhaps there are legal issues behind the scenes? It wouldn’t be the first time a DVD has been put on hold for such a reason.


  6. It does seem odd, doesn’t it?


  7. Hey Producers where is the Season II DVD set? You dropped the ball on this huge money maker and I have to say… You’re Fired.

  8. I have to say I’m shocked as well that Season 2 isn’t out yet.

    Not that I would buy it… 😛