The Apprentice: Bradford was robbed!

Published 11 years ago by , Updated February 9th, 2012 at 8:23 pm,

I couldn’t believe what I saw last night on The Apprentice. Bradford was on the losing team, but he received immunity from The Donald ™. (Is this show looking more like Survivor or what?) He was so confident in his performance that he gave up his immunity and made himself vulnerable to being called into the boardroom. Ivana chose to bring him into the boardroom, at which point Trump fired him. I was shocked. I knew Trump was a better entertainer than a businessman, but to fire the best guy on the team?! That was insanity. Let me get this straight — mediocrity is okay, as long as you play it safe? What a great message to send. Ivana and Stacie J. were so entrenched in “catfight” mode that they might as well have begged Trump to fire them, but he chose to fire the guy who brought in most of the business for the team?! What a disappointment. I just lost most of my interest in that show. Trump has no interest in choosing the best business mind. He doesn’t want someone who will take risks and stand behind his performance. He wants people who will play it safe and blame other people for their mistakes. What a letdown…


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  1. >Let me get this straight — mediocrity is okay, as long as you play it safe? What a great message to send.

    Well, you take risks in business if you’re going to get something in return. What was Bradford expecting to get back when he decided to waive his immunity? Why take a risk with no rewards?

  2. I agree, it wasn’t the smartest thing he ever did in his life, but to be fired because of it?! Especially when Ivana and Stacie J. were beyond incompetent… It just didn’t seem like the right decision to me — not even close.


  3. Woah… I just watched the episode. That was indeed a shocker.

    I think Bradford has a serious issue with knowing when to speak up and when to shut up. If I had been him I would have been sitting there with a zipped lip.

    I understand what he was trying to do, but WHY did he not defend his position? He should have stated that the reason he gave up his exemption was because he felt so confident in his performance that he didn’t need it. That having an exemption was the “weak” way to go. The speech he gave in the cab if given to Trump might have swayed The Donald (I don’t know how to do that trademark thing) as well.

    What he was trying to get (as he explained too late) was the respect of his teammates.

    I dunno… seemed like a bad call to me, too.


  4. I have a theory that was terribly unpopular in the Yahoo group so I’ll bounce it off of you:

    Like last year the ehnicity of the starting line-up is almost 90% lily white. Like last year, DT feels obligated to carry them as long as possible to avoid charges of racism. Already in round 2, it seems almost certain he has to fire one of his 3 minority contestants but the show’s execs concoct a way out. I have a hunch that one of the staff had a chat with Brad hinting that DT would be extremely impressed if he gave up his exemption. What the heck, DT knows Brad was the top performer so there’s no way he’ll fire him. Right? Wrong! Brad takes the bait. DT practically orders Ivana to bring Brad back into the boardroom. From the look on Brad’s face, he only then realizes he’s been had. The rest is history. DT got rid of his best player because he didn’t want a phone call from Jesse Jackson in the morning.

  5. I’m sure there’s much more going on behind the scenes than we know about, even for reality shows. Remember when Omarosa burst into the boardroom last season before Trump had called everybody back in, and he scolded her for it? She later said a producer had told her to go back in because Trump wanted to speak to her alone.

    Could Bradford’s departure have been planned all along? Possibly, but I thought it was to shake things up and keep people watching, rather than to avoid accusations of racism. I can’t see how firing Ivana would have been viewed as racist. Practically everyone in the room agreed that Ivana needed to go.


  6. This is a Blue print on how some of them(White folks) operate. take note and always “Know thy Self” and then you will understand them that much more. Peace and Love people………

    King Tut

  7. As long as you have the state of mind of “us” vs. “them” you are helping to perpetuate what you perceive to be the problem.