I just watched the series finale of Star Trek: Enterprise.Let me just come right out and say that I am so angry and disgusted that I don't know where to begin. A while back Jolene Blalock (who plays T'Pol on the show) was quoted as saying that the final episode of Enterprise was "appalling"... Jolene, how right you were. What a sad, sad ending to a series that was just starting to find it's voice. What a slap in the face to the cast and the fans of Enterprise. I can't stop shaking my head in disbelief and the only conclusion I can come to is that Rick Berman and Brannon Braga have truly come to hate Star Trek and it's fans.There, I've said it. " />I just watched the series finale of Star Trek: Enterprise.Let me just come right out and say that I am so angry and disgusted that I don't know where to begin. A while back Jolene Blalock (who plays T'Pol on the show) was quoted as saying that the final episode of Enterprise was "appalling"... Jolene, how right you were. What a sad, sad ending to a series that was just starting to find it's voice. What a slap in the face to the cast and the fans of Enterprise. I can't stop shaking my head in disbelief and the only conclusion I can come to is that Rick Berman and Brannon Braga have truly come to hate Star Trek and it's fans.There, I've said it. " />

The Appalling Finale of Star Trek Enterprise

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tripp tpol The Appalling Finale of Star Trek EnterpriseI just watched the series finale of Star Trek: Enterprise.

Let me just come right out and say that I am so angry and disgusted that I don’t know where to begin. A while back Jolene Blalock (who plays T’Pol on the show) was quoted as saying that the final episode of Enterprise was “appalling”… Jolene, how right you were. What a sad, sad ending to a series that was just starting to find it’s voice. What a slap in the face to the cast and the fans of Enterprise. I can’t stop shaking my head in disbelief and the only conclusion I can come to is that Rick Berman and Brannon Braga have truly come to hate Star Trek and it’s fans.

There, I’ve said it.

Up until the last couple of weeks I’ve given the benefit of the doubt to B&B, but no more. The awfulness of “These are the voyages…” (title of the series ender) was even more evident in that it was broadcast immediately after the “Terra Prime” episode, written by Judith Reeves-Stevens & Garfield Reeves-Stevens, authors of countless Star Trek novels and finally brought in this season as writers for the show. Sure, “Terra Prime” had some stuff in it that bugged the heck out of me, but overall it felt like Star Trek. It seemed like finally, with that episode characters that had been marginalized for 4 seasons came alive at last.

But then came the final episode…

I had read bits here and there about the finale and the fact that it involved Riker, Troi, and a holodeck recreation of the Enterprise crew, but I didn’t want to spoil the episode for myself so I left it at that. I had read a lot of the reaction to the episode as well, but my thought was “Hey, go easy, you haven’t even seen it yet.” I had also read that the cast was (to put it mildly) unhappy with the episode and they didn’t feel it was about Enterprise.

I’m here to tell you those voices of outrage where on the money.

The difference between the Coto-helmed “Terra Prime” and Berman and Braga written “These are the voyages…” is absolutely jarring. In no uncertain terms it showed on the one hand why the show had finally become worthwhile and on the other why fans left it in droves and led to it’s cancellation.

And still Berman refuses to take responsibility in any way shape or form. He actually had the gall to refer to the episode as a “valentine for the fans”. What a load of crap. I don’t know about you, but I don’t recall anyone clamouring for the return of Will Riker, Deanna Troi or the Enterprise D.

I suppose I should get around to the specifics of the episode. It opens on the bridge of Enterprise 6 years after “Terra Prime”, and 10 years after the start of the show. The ship is going to be mothballed after 10 years of service, and is heading back to Earth for the signing of the declaration that is basically the founding of the Federation. Suddenly we see Will Riker on the ship and soon after that we realize that what we’ve been watching is a re-creation of events on a holodeck on the Enterprise D.

The episode ties in with something that happened during Star Trek: The Next Generation, where Riker had a crisis of conscience and was struggling with a decision. Apparently he felt the need to visit Archer’s Enterprise during a pivotal sequence of events in order to help him make the right decision. Immediately this marginalizes everything going on with Archer’s crew and makes the show about Riker. Seeing him pop up here and there on Enterprise is positively jarring and just feels COMPLETELY wrong.

As things progress we discover that Shran (the ever-excellent Jeffrey Combs) was thought dead for three years but has actually been in hiding with a wife and daughter. His daughter has been kidnapped and he demands Archer’s help in getting her back.

While we are watching this, they keep intercutting Riker and Troi on the Enterprise-D with what’s happening, and then when returning to Archer’s crew, skipping ahead to the parts that are relevant to Riker.

This leaves the story feeling rushed, choppy and disconnected. To add insult to injury, the cook aboard ship, who has been talked about over four seasons but never shown, and is all of a sudden is referred to as the crew’s confidant, is portrayed by… Riker.

I can just imagine the actors grinding their teeth during these scenes in the ship’s kitchen.

Here and there cute little comments are thrown out like Archer toasting and saying “Here’s to the next generation.” Ooooh, did that give you chills? Yeah, me neither.

But wait, there’s more… how about the death of Tripp just because, well, you know… killing someone will make the episode more interesting. You remember that is the same deep thought process that went into the death of Captain Kirk on some backwater planet.

By the end of this episode I was so thoroughly pissed that I could just spit. icon evil The Appalling Finale of Star Trek Enterprise

I can only hope to God that when the next iteration of Star Trek surfaces neither Berman nor Braga are let within 100 miles of the show. How Paramount continues to entrust this franchise to this pair defies logic to an extreme degree.

Oh well, I’ll always have classic Trek on DVD…

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  1. I never watched this series ten years ago when it first appeared, never being a Bakula fan, but I had nothing to do in my dotage but catch it on Hulu recently. Back in the day, the theme song was offputting and weird, similar to the theme for Patch Adams, there wasn’t a lot to offer in backstories about the characters, the storyline didn’t take off until the Zindy arc, the earlier stories being villian of the week. Spock with boobs was just so shudder inducing, a female Vulcan struggling with emotions so obvious, pandering and banal, I just wrote it all off then. I should have given it a second chance, but frankly B and B were running out of ideas, and the show became stale, and it wasn’t exactly news. Still, last month, I had nothing else to do. After a while, the series felt like an expensive Saturday morning kiddee series. It’s no wonder the fan base stayed small.

    But however slow it was to take off on a decent arc, Enterprise didn’t deserve this final episode to wrap up the story line. The only way to take the finale without gagging and throwing the TV on the floor (more difficult these days at 82 inches, no matter how light the LED’s)–the only way to do that was to consider it an “Epilogue” and the two previous episodes the real season finale. The Combs character plotline seemed torn from a Law and Order SVU script that probably was tossed, and the sacrifice of Trip was a total throwaway–the rhyme and reason of it, to get Archer to the meeting on time?? totally unsatisfying. We already know real life doesn’t have happy endings, people move on. We come to our fiction to restore a balance we’d like to see, not foment more unrest. It’s not fair or true to life? That’s why it’s called fiction.

    The TREK franchise is a half century old. It’s hard to imagine where this might have gone, I think the prequel reboot 2009, and the movie coming out 2013 Summer, are better ideas to keep the franchise alive.

    Had they withheld the last show from airing and saved it for a DVD extra, it might have been an interesting odd addition to the series. If this was supposed to be a Valentine for fans, it’s more like an anniversary present where the husband buys the wife a new vacuum cleaner.

    It looks like the husband meant well, but the wife is going to give him hell for it.

    Ten years later.

    • Yeah but T’Pol is just one hot Vulcan

    • I strongly disagree with you that the series took off slowly. To me it started much better than TNG, DS9 or VOY, which all needed until the third season to become exciting. Of course, the quality of Enterprise increased, I think the last season had an immense density of quality. I liked the fact that there were a couple of double or triple episodes. The Xindy arc in season 3 was a bit too much for me, I felt they should have ended it in the middle of the season, so season 4 had the perfect story lengths for me. In the first two seasons there were more episodes that stood isolated, but in contrast to the previous series they DID include episodes that opened up storylines and did not fully close them, which were referenced later in the series.
      I really wonder why this series did so bad, but I guess it is just because the Star Trek franchise had its climax in the nineties and the majority of people had enough of it in the first half of the 2000s. The whole concept of the show (i.e. not having another sequel to TNG but showing the historical events that led to the founding of the Federation) was very good, it’s a shame they cancelled the show.

      However, I agree that it’s an even bigger shame that they finished it with such a bad episode like “These Are The Voyages”. In particular Tucker’s death was as stupid as the death of Tasha Yar and the whole Shran story did not fit in at all.

    • FINALLY!! I know im late to the party but i just started watching it, i tried during the first season and i dont know just couldnt get into it, but that theme song bugs the everloving snot out of me. Its distinctly NOT a star trek theme at all. Every new episode i either fast forward or leave the room because the song is so offputting, other than that season two has started to catch my interest and i actually like the show much more as time goes on. Can i state again that theme song is HORRIBLE and i “hates it” .

  2. I have been a major Star Trek fan for 30 years. I watched each series eagerly. For some reason, I gave up on Enterprise a few episodes into its first season when it first aired — a big mistake on my part. I don’t remember why I had stopped watching.

    Now, more than 10 years later, I decided to watch the entire series for the first time. After all, it was the only “new” Star Trek out there.

    I was surprised by how much I got to like Enterprise. Whereas romances on other Trek series had a major lack of follow-through (think Riker and Troi, or Picard and Dr. Crusher), that was not the case with Enterprise. T’Pol and Trip had a beautiful relationship, and I was eager to see them end up together.

    Season 4 of Enterprise was simply magnificent, with several of the best episodes I’ve ever seen in any series.

    I sat down eagerly to watch the series finale, hoping that they would leave an opening for a follow-up series taking place right where they left off.

    There are so many good things they could have done. To say the finale was poor or bad would be a vast understatement.

    To say the finale was the worst Star Trek episode of any series, by far, would be a vast understatement.

    It is not simply the case that the episode did not entertain. Rather, it tortured. Watching this episode was excruciatingly painful.

    The Enterprise characters appear only as holographic recreations. While I am a big fan of Will Riker and of Star Trek: The Next Generation, I sat down to watch an Enterprise finale, not a STTNG episode. I felt cheated.

    Each time Will or Deanna showed up, it was distracting. I wanted to be in the Enterprise universe, and they kept pulling me out of it to be in the Next Generation universe instead. This trivialized all of the actions that took place aboard Enterprise — since they had already happened, in a sense nothing they could or would do would matter; the outcome was predetermined, or at least predestined.

    Will Riker and Deanna Troi would choose to skip ahead in the simulation to parts that interested them, which further fractured the narrative.

    Then for no good reason whatsoever they had Trip killed while defeating a group of thugs onboard Enterprise. Really? Common thugs?!

    Connor Trinneer is a gifted actor, perhaps the second best in the show. If they were going to want to make a movie, they would want him. Why kill his character and limit their options? Why kill his character at all? Why not let Trip and T’Pol have a nice life together?

    For that matter, why not just end the episode in an upbeat fashion?

    The episode is a frame story, in which the main conflict to be resolved is that Riker has a secret he is not sure he should tell Captain Picard. While we’re watching Enterprise and trying to get our last glimpse of these wonderful actors and characters who made Season 4 of Enterprise so outstanding, we’re forced to focus on a conflict about whether Will should talk to Picard or not.

    I have one hope. Perhaps the Enterprise D recreation that Will was alternately watching and participating in was wrong. Perhaps someone else named “Trap” or something is the one who was killed, and the historian who wrote that simulation got it wrong. Or maybe it was Trip, but he was really completely fine, and he and T’Pol did end up together, but they pretended he died so no more thugs would go after them. If some future writer decides to take that approach, I think many of us would breathe a collective sigh of relief, after applauding the writer.

    If you have never seen the Enterprise finale, I have one piece of advice: never see it; it is not a finale, and it is not even an Enterprise episode, as quite literally the characters never appear in it except as holograms in a simulation.

    Perhaps one good thing has come of it — perhaps the writers of that last episode have made MANY writers think, “Hey, that was sooooo bad. Even *I* could write something better than that awful episode. Maybe I should become a writer, and I should write Star Trek…”

    And, perhaps, with many people thus motivated, some of these writers will produce good Star Trek we would not otherwise have seen or read.

    Thank you to the wonderful actors and writers who made Star Trek: Enterprise great, for 4 seasons minus one truly unforgivable finale.

    And thank you to the runners of this website for giving us a place to sound off and share with others. I felt better reading what others had written, much more eloquently than I, about this abomination of a finale. I was happy to see I am in good company.

    I felt Enterprise Season 4 was outstanding (except the finale, obviously), the best of the series.

    I wish we could have had the full 7 years. With 3 more years’ worth of episodes, now that they had really hit their stride, we would all have been treated to a lot of excellent Star Trek. And this could possibly have become the best Star Trek of them all had the rest of the show been as good as Season 4 was.

    • I will echo, what an awful finale.

    • I have to agree, that last episode was so out of place that the best thing anyone can do is never to watch it.
      It’s a shame, i was never much of a Star Trek fan, but still i followed all the series, original included. This was the first Star Trek series that managed to really interest me with flawed real human beings, making mistakes, bad decisions, relationships on board that were not portrayed in a superficial decorative way, there was so much more to be explored with this cast of characters.

    • Read the follow up books to Enterprise. Far from perfect but it basically flushes that pitiful ending down the toilet via a classified Starfleet record – Old Will on the holodeck was nothing more than a fabrication to protect an undercover officer.

      You won’t be sorry.

      The Good that Men Do – on amazon.

    • People who claim to be diehard Trekkies and don’t like ENT have some issues. I found Capt. Archer refreshing compared to bi-polar Janeway and poon-hound Kirk. I liked how tormented he seemed during the Xindi wars but nevertheless did what he had too to get the job done(think Mal Reynolds). Honestly this Trek was raw and I loved it. No directives that had our explorers with their hands tied around their genitals trying to get things done cough, cough, JANEWAY(the caretaker array). I liked VOY but my goodness ENT was such a breathe of fresh air without all the directive(s) bondage. You know like the early explorers. Did I mention how annoying all the directives are to me?

      • It’s ok to like a character without trashing others DIB. I like Archer as well but I find it amusing that you claim people who don’t like Archer “have issues” then you proceed to trash Kirk and Janeway, does that mean you have issues as well? In particular Kirk was a pretty good character especially by the time the movies rolled around.

  3. Hear hear I couldn’t have said it better myself.

  4. I’ve just watched the finale for the first time – I remember the terrible reaction from the fan-base at the time, I can see why now.

    One of the most jarring aspects of the ‘story’ is that when Troi suggests that Riker watches the Enterprise simulation, she has no idea what it is that’s bothering Riker aside from a vague moral dilemma. When Riker Divulges the true nature of his concerns to Troi, she should have said “Well this simulation really doesn’t have anything to do with you committing treason against the federation – here watch this one about a space station commander fabricating holodeck footage to trick the Romulans into the Dominion war instead….”

    I also hate the way Archer has become the ‘father of the federation’. He almost got killed along with his ship in every episode – one of the most un-dynamic Captains since Janeway or that Enterprise B captain.

    This final episode reminds me of the awful ‘emergency wrap’ Episode Babylon 5 did when they thought the show was going to be cancelled – I kind of miss the old days of television, where shows didn’t always wrap with the main characters being needlessly killed or the ship blowing up but instead left you as the ToS did – boldly going on.

    If Enterprise did anything at all, it heralded in the Nu-trek by showing that the ToS uniforms and ships look good on a 21st Century TV – and love or hate it, I’m grateful for that!


  5. I just recently started watching Enterprise on Netflix. I’ve always refused to watch it. Kirks ship was the first Enterprise space vessel and that premise made me angry. Then the opening theme music was horrible. So I never gave it a chance.

    I LOVED THE SHOW. It was simply amazing. I’m now sadly done with it. I got to the last episode last night and something kept me from it. On the selection screen it had a picture of Riker and I immediately got a bad feeling. So I googled it. Here I am.

    I’m not going to watch it. I’ll just leave it off at the episode before the finale. I liked Enterprise too much to have all the many weeks of enjoyment ruined by a sorry idiotic finale. It’s something I will never see or subject myself to. I prefer to remember Enterprise the way it was. Really good show. I could have stood to see a lot more of it. But I won’t be watching the finale. No thanks.

  6. I last watched Enterprise when it was still airing and finished airing in 2005.
    I came to this exact website then to read people’s comments.

    8 years later, I decided to rewatch Enterprise to refresh my memory. Some of the episodes are just amazing. And, again after watching the finale, here I am , reading through people’s comments again.

    See you guys again in another 8 years! Until then, aim to boldly go where no man has gone before

  7. I totally agree! The worst part to me was at the end when the (remaining) crew are sitting down to watch the ceremony. They’re all upbeat and excited, even though their best friend and crew member for 10 YEARS died like FIVE MINUTES EARLIER!!! WTF??? Are they all Vulcans now? And T’Pol didn’t even bat an eyebrow, they all basically danced on his corpse and celebrated! I, too, didn’t give Enterprise much of a chance until recently on Netflix despite being a huge Trekkie my entire life. I’d finally decided to give it another try and actually enjoyed the 3rd and 4th seasons very much. Then came the last episode. The writer of that last episode should be thrown in the Targ pit!

    • Hehe, I totally understand what you mean. I also thought: “Hey, weren’t Archer and Trip supposed to be buddies who went through a lot of s*** together since the time of the events shown in ‘First Flight’? And now he just ignores the fact that one of the most important people in his life has been killed and comes to talk to T’Pol without dropping a single tear?” Remember the episode with Trip being cloned by Phlox using some Larva? The clone had a very emotional funeral and people regretted his death a lot even though he wasn’t the REAL Trip! And now they are all fine, only T’Pol is a bit sad and refuses to watch the conference with the rest of the audience.

  8. Trip is my favorite. This show was good. That last episode is as Jolene said APPALLING. DISGUSTING. WTF? And the KILLLED Trip while making the show more about RIKER (my least favorite Trek character). Just grrrrrr. A lot of years later but GRRR. In my head Terra Prime was the last episode.

  9. Read micheal a Martin’s books the good that men do an kobi ashi maru actually give u good closure to the series and manages to cunningly revive the characters trip and tpol

  10. I agree with you feelings about the finale of Enterprise. I guess I do not consider it even canon with the rest of the show. I loved all the series but for some reason, one I do not understand, I found I enjoyed this one the most. Initally it was due to Scott B as Archer, but as the stories and the series developed I found I like the interaction between Trip and T’Pol. I know, I know I sound like a girl but I still liked that part of the series, especially how Trip grew as a character and T’Pol changed as we learned she was rebellious (spelling. So I was shocked and very angry. So I will say that I do not consider it part of enterprise but part of Next Gen and feel it was a flawed and inaccurate holo history. Anyway. I always wondered what happened to Trip and T’Pol and what plans were in store for them if a fifth season had been done.

  11. Comments on this blog post are 8 years and counting. Amazing!

    I originally started watching ST:ENT way back in 2001 because I was super excited about the show at the time, having been a big Star Trek fan for years prior. But, it really didn’t dazzle me much and I found myself watching it less and less as the seasons progressed. I probably watched Season 1 and then only part of S2, then maybe one episode each in S3 and S4. I really had no idea what was going on in that last two seasons and didn’t care.

    I just recently decided to give this show another chance on Netflix and I can now definitively say, “I’M DAZZLED!” This show is magnificent, even if it had a slow start for the first 2 seasons. But, when I realized I had to divorce the series from Star Trek, it became an enigmatic story about the earliest humans to explore the galaxy. I found I could watch and completely fall in love with it, even if it had many bouts of poor writing along the way. But, no show is perfect.

    Every episode made my knuckles white with fear for how the ENT crew were going to get themselves out of some new scrape for which they were the underdogs, again. Because they were always the underdogs, I wanted them to succeed more, and even feared they might not make it. This series made me truly feel like I was on that Enterprise ship with all those other characters who were overjoyed just seeing a star nebula up close. I know I would be trying not to wet myself if I ever got to see one up close, myself, and therein lies the magic of this show.

    Even better, Captain Archer went through the most growth and development as a Star Trek captain. He deserves all the schools and planets named after him in the ST universe. He saved Earth from getting blown up and came out of it with a reluctant grin on his handsome face. He had to violate his moral code a few times in order to protect his world, but you end up realizing the pioneers are the ones with the hardest job and all that matters is that they succeeded. Because they blazed the trails for the others to follow after them.

    By Season 3, I really felt the writing took off with the Xindi arc and all the hard choices Enterprise had to make. Season 4 happened and I realized how much I missed that these characters never felt like they belonged in the Star Trek universe, until then. What a fantastic season it was and it’s tragic that it never made it to Seasons 5, 6, or 7. It would have continued to be glorious with Manny Coto at the producer helm.

    This last and final episode was so bizarre and out of place, it made me rewind it several times just to figure out what was going on. It ended up being a ST: The Next Generation episode with the ENT crew as a holodeck recreation/video game for Commander Riker to play out. Was the entire series just a holodeck video game? It made me question that, which trivializes the entire show. By itself, this idea for an episode is actually clever, but as the series finale? Absolutely not. It was in poor taste and didn’t give the fans any real closure on Trip/T’Pol’s relationship, Chef’s actual identity, Archer’s Federation speech, and what had happened just a few years earlier when the Romulans fought with Earth.

    I feel like Berman/Braga were not real fans of Star Trek and simply didn’t bother looking into the already established canon in order to not trample all over it. Manny Coto should have taken over the series much earlier. He would have had time to salvage the show and I would still be watching episodes from Seasons 5, 6 & 7 on Netflix right now. It’s such a shame.

  12. ST:Enterprise deserved to be cancelled. Scott B. and Jolene B. were just awful. The writing was poor and the acting was worse. Captain Archer had one look and one monotone voice and that was it. T´pol needed to go to acting school. Sure, she is a beautiful model, but she could not sell the Vulcan character at all. I sometimes get the impression that Trek fans are so desperatate that they will embrace anything with a Starfleet signature. The final episode was at least entertaining with Will Riker observing the crew. C´mon guys and girls, we go from Patrick Stewart to Scott B. never looking in the camera and shuffling to and fro nervously all the time? The one saving grace of the show was John Billingley´s excellent performance as Dr. Phlox. Let´s hope that we get a new series someday that lives up to Gene Roddenberry´s expectations.

    • Lol. Pascal is out of her mind!

  13. I am happy to know that I am not the only one to think the finale was an of cruelty towards the fans. I just keep thinking about the episode where we met his and T’pol’s son. We met T’pol as an old lady and in this episode he died when his son was 14 and he and T’pol married in a small Vulcan chapel. Did I not understand this episode or did the makers of this show make a big mistake?

  14. They had no choice, the creators of the show had to conclude the series because it was at the brink of cancellation. The network simply didn’t like it and wanted to drop it, there was originally suppose to be one more season. So yes the last episode sucked because it was indeed rushed.

  15. I enjoyed Enterprise, sure some episodes were not great, but the finale was the worst episode of any of star trek..

    I prefer to ignore that it exists.

  16. What really got me about this episode is that, like all the previous comments, Archer’s crew were all pushed in the background. I didn’t really mind Trip dying. Don’t get me wrong, he was one of my favorites, but to be killed by common thugs is a disservice. I do think that it was kind of like he finally found total peace after his sister’s death, and I never felt that would happen until he did die (just my opinion).

    I think this entire episode would’ve been just fine if they left the whole Riker/Troi part out and turned it into another two-parter. Also, in TNG, there is never even a mention that Riker visited a simulation to help him sort out his demons with the Pegasus incident.

  17. I found season 3 to be highly offensive, justifying torture and murder and all kinds of evil… felt like cheney was on the writing staff and was planting pro-war propaganda (as they are widely known to do)… sickened me that they would use startrek for that kind of propaganda…

  18. I loved the show – it was screened in UK last year on channel 5 – It wasn’t shown here before then = if it was it wasn’t advertised or on a main channel, so never saw it, I managed to catch a couple of shows and was gripped – brought all 4 seasons DVD’s at xmas and haven’t stopped watching them over and over again – was very upset by the last show – how could they end it like this – it WAS BAD VERY BAD – I just watch the other 97 shows and leave that one out – Seasons 3 & 4 were definately better than seasons 1 & 2 but there were some goods ones among them too – Broken Bow was excellent – Archer was a great Star Trek Captain – Trip & T’Pol were fantastic together – the rest of the crew gelled together and made the show worth watching – Its the network’s loss….

  19. I love Enterprise. I’m glad that I finally got around to watching the show almost nine years after its cancellation, and I enjoyed all 4 seasons (especially 3 & 4). I especially enjoyed watching the changes that T’Pol went through as she begun to foster a relationship with Captain Archer…and more so with Trip.

    The final episode does not do this show and its fans any justice. There really wasn’t any need for Trip to die. The only fitting moment of the episode is towards the end when Archer hugs T’Pol, signifying the bond between the two- this is what I will take from that episode.

    I will miss Enterprise and her crew.

  20. I disagree that Trip and T’Pol being together is against cannon — I have watched every bit of Star Trek (I had the The Original Series episodes memorized as a teenager, when the idea of ST movies or TNG was a pipe dream), and I don’t recall it being said anywhere that Amanda and Sarek are the first human/Vulcan couple, or that Spock is the first human/Vulcan child, only that Vulcan children teased him because of his human half. In fact, I believe Trip and T’Pol are the first — at least that’s the way the show was heading before this DREADFUL ending.

    I saw this awful episode when it originally aired. I was so disgusted that I ignored Enterprise in the years following. I blocked it out of my memory, and just thought of Enterprise as a big disappointment if I bothered to think of it at all. This episode tainted the entire experience for me, because I felt B&B were being so disrespectful of their property and of us, the fans who stuck with them for four years.

    Now, a decade later, I’ve completed a marathon series rewatch on Netflix after rewatching ALL the other ST shows. I have loved so much of Enterprise!! (I am one of the minority who tear up at the original version of the theme song, so sue me.) I remember now how much of a Trip fan I was (and am again!), and a Trip/T’Pol shipper (and am again!).

    For me, “Terra Prime” is the true finale — it had Archer’s moving speech, Trip and T’Pol bonding, deep emotions, a threat against Earth, a tribute to Carl Sagan (!) — I loved all of it, though it was so very sad. Stupid me, I went ahead and finished my marathon with “These Are the Voyages” when I should have stopped after “Terra Prime”. I’ve been upset all day, and found myself here.

    There’s only one solution. I’m going to read “The Good that Men Do,” a novel that FIXES IT! Yes, fellow fans, Charles Trip Tucker III is NOT DEAD. The last episode is actually a Section 31 lie! I know I will never believe anything differently.

  21. Well, I don’t know if this will make anyone feel better or not, but I have heard that CBS has quietly “disavowed” TATV as canon. That means it never happened, it was a poorly-programmed hologram episode and Trip did not die. So consider “Terra Prime” as the series finale.

    I always have. And yes, I hated TATV with the firey hatred of a thousand super-novas. What an appallingly bad episode for any series!

    For those of you who may not know, there is a a campaign going to get Netflix to reboot Enterprise much in the same way “Jericho” and “Arrested Development” were resurrected on Netflix.

    There’s a page on Facebook devoted to this. If you like this idea, please go to that page, “like” it and keep checking back to see what you can do. People are in talks with both CBS and Netflix. Netflix is willing, this much is known. Now CBS/Paramount needs convincing.

    And before you ask, all the actors have indicated they would return, including Scott, NCIS:New Orleans notwithstanding.

    This might be our best bet for more Trek.

    • That would be awesome. Not holding my breath, but I did LIKE the Facebook page. I admit it wouldn’t upset me much if Scott B. couldn’t return. Heh.

      Also good to hear of the “disavowal” of the final episode. I wish it was public knowledge. It’ll have to be if they bring ENT to Netflix with a living, breathing Trip.

  22. I’ve been violated by this abomination, never disliked B&B until now. This was sooooo bad , it must have been done on purpose . Nothing this bad could not have been done by accident. What a horrible way to end a great series, Long live Enterprise!!!

  23. I don’t think the final episode was bad, and it was better to put in some kind of end episode rather than just cancelling the series all of a sudden. Even it did end in the middle of it all.

    Personally I liked TNG better, but it was an ok series.

    I don’t mind Riker showing up, it just connected the two series imo.

  24. Just watched it on Netflix for the first time (like most of you, I tried to watch it during its run, but the theme song and the initial scene of a Klingon running through a cornfield just made me go, “ugh” and I was out. Trip’s country accent didn’t help much.

    It got good in Season 3 (as most Treks do), and had a solid final two years/seasons. But that finale: wow. Old/fat Riker and Troi in a sidestory sandwiched into a TNG episode? And, if you look up that episode about the Pegasus, Riker DOESN’T tell Picard about the cloak, so he watched the final mission and…did the wrong thing/nothing?

    How bad. Those producers should be smacked.

  25. Just finished watching it on Netlfix.

    I did watch Enterprise for the 1st few episodes when it aired, but quickly abandoned the show.

    -The intro theme rubbed me the wrong way.
    -The “dark age” of technology rubbed me the wrong way. (seriously, harpoons instead of tractor beams?)
    -The 1st few episodes rubbed me the wrong way… (What is this Babylon 5?)

    1st impressions etc…

    Admittedly, after watching all the episodes on Netflix, the show did improve quickly after I had abandoned it, and alot of the concepts were excellent… but ugg… that last episode.

    If it was just a regular episode, it would have been a great oddball tie-in during the middle of the season. But as the last episode? A 1 part farewell that included a hefty amount of TNG crossover “noise”, the disingenuous death of a main character, and a nonsensical character development in Shran? (Shran, name taking and butt kicking hero of the Andorian Fleet, went into hiding from the mob, had his daughter kidnapped and needed Archer’s help to give them a fake space gem…WTF’ing F)?


    • I watched the whole 4-season Enterprise series in about 3 months. Netflix. Watched the original series (Kirk etc) as it came out on TV, and then numerous times later. Also watched the other ST series. Voyager, DS9, Next Gen, and of course, all the movies. I liked them all with some reservations on particular episodes. Never had a chance till lately to see ENT.

      I agree with everyone else: the finale was the biggest load of garbage of any ST show. Idiotic. I did not want to see a fat Riker & fat Troy in this horribly done piece. Killing trip really was a low point. This show dishonored the entire franchise. Stupid.

      Personally, ENT did a great job respecting the original series. (Which I think J Abrams & co. do not do, and I felt like ST into Dark was the Poseidon Adventure in space. Boring movie. Just my opinions.) In ENT, I actually felt like I was on a ship instead of a stage or corporate boardroom (like Next Gen). I liked the cast of ENT, although for some reason I never warmed up to Reed.

      One thing about them all: I get tired of the lack of creativity of the writers by continually blowing up the ship. Oh, and how easy it is to take over the ship by just going down to engineering. Whatever we do, let’s don’t guard the place.

      Overall series rating: 95/100
      Finale rating: -10,000/100 Stupid.

  26. Ok, this one is going to sting a bit…

    So many here that didn’t give this show much of a chance at the time, and yet now say how’s an amazing show.
    How could it be previously uninteresting but awsome now? And yet this show is exactly the same as it was 10 years ago, so what changed? All of you, at the same time? It doesn’t make sense, and I whish I knew what’s the real reason for me only having 4 seasons of this great show…

    Then again, and I’m sorry but let’s say things as they are: you are the main reason this show only had 4 seasons (the low ratings, remember?), because you didn’t care at the time. Had you had a little more patiente and we would have not only the almost-mandatory 7 seasons, but we most certainly wouldn’t have this hated finale, and speaking of which, you don’t like it? you reap what you sow.
    Instead of complaining now, next time if you want to invest on a show, see it, not just 1 or 2 episodes but give it some chances, and don’t Tivo it since that doesn’t show on the ratings (Enterprise had bad ratings and yet was one of the most Tivoed tvshows at the time).

    Enterprise really grew on me, and I didn’t see at the time only because it didn’t passed in my country tv networks.

    I liked the stories, the characters although at the beginning they were trying too hard to show how the humans were not TNG-like, more real, blábláblá, which made them a little irresponsible (Archer was initially between naif and stupid and Trip had hints of a hillbilly); I also liked the chemistry between them, and T’Pol was becoming interesting and hotter by the day.

    I whish they could have pick again those themes about that mysterious alien race that just kept coming attacking enterprise without any reason and used their own comm system to comunicate them to surrender. Or that vulcan leader who was conspiring with that romulan. I’m sure those were bound to come back later. Oh well….

      • Yes, the finale wan no good. Funny enough, as the series grew on me (I watched it 2 times, the 2nd right after finishing the 1st, which is unusual for me), the finale “ungrew” on me, meaning although I didn’t like it much at the begginning, know I’m disliking it more and more. And I hated Trip’s stupid destiny: a main, beloved and loyal character that faced danger so many times, to just stupidly die because of a half-baked, not that dangerous race? That’s a “love letter to the fans”? I would hate to see their “Dear John letter” :P I knew that actor first from Stargate Atlantis as the hybrid Michael.
        As for Riker and J. Frakes, I have nothing against them, he even apologised for that finale, because it was more like a disservice than anything.
        I for one couldn’t care less about the music, since it received from me the same treatment the other series intros: fast forward. That said, I think the 2nd version is worse.

        I liked DS9, it was all about war and danger to the federation, although it took it’s sweet time to become interesting (they had to, because finally they weren’t the only ones, Babylon 5 was the new cool kid on the block)
        TNG was ok, but it had a LOT of fillers too. And contrary to most people I too like Voyager.
        I wish there was a chance to more seasons of Enterprise, or at the very least a wrap-it-up film. The same for Stargate Atlantis that was axed so they could make that awful Galactica-Stargate freak (AKA, Stargate Universe) which got the incredible achievement of having 1 season in which absolutely NOTHING happened!

        Out of sci-fi I would love Chuck to come back, I couldn’t believe that amazing show has struggled since almost day 1. Now *that* show was a love letter to fans, geeks and nerds of popculture from the 80s and 90s, starting with the guest stars.

        Now that J.J. Abrahams is solely dedicated with Star Wars what will happened to Star Trek? We need fresh blood. That fan made Axanar trailer shows promise but it’s not enough -if you don’t know it I strongly advise you to watch that 22 min short movie, Soval makes an appearence and Richard Hatch is a Klingon

        • Pedro. Thanks for informing us about the 22 minute film, Axanar. Loved it. I hope the funds are provided to complete the entire film…hell, it would even be an excellent series. I was very impressed with what they were able to do with $73,000.00. High quality work. And it looks like the normally well paid actors were totally on board and donating their time. Now that is Starship dedication. ;-)

  27. I agree! I just now watched the entire series on Netflix. I was very upset about the ending! And why did they have Trip die on the last mission.
    It was completely annoying to have Riker in the future for the last episode.

    Also, I wanted T’Pol and Tucker to get together.

    I invested quite a bit of time and got attached to the characters (when shows end I go through some time when I miss them, like friends that you say goodbye to and know your never going to see them again).

    Oh well, we can’t always get the endings we would like.

    • When this show was initially on I was drowning in graduate school and then trying to survive in a new job right out of school. I wanted to see it at the time but couldn’t even afford a television set, much less cable. So I just power-watched the series over the last 2 weeks.

      Enterprise is probably my favorite Trek title and my most hated Trek title all in one. Brannon and Braga need to be shipped off to a Siberian prison. Their final episode is treasonous for writers and they need to be banned forever from writing ANY television episodes or movies of…ANYTHING!

      Four years of building a touching and conflicted relationship between T’Pol and Trip only to fail in bringing it to a fitting and moving conclusion, but to kill Trip as well? Holy crap. This is the worst episode of anything I have ever watched ever. Simply criminal.

      It ruined the entire series for me since it absolutely destroyed the entire series in a mere few minutes. That takes some real skill to be that horrible of a writer. Congratulations Brannon/Braga, you win the award for “Worst Writing Ever.” I hope you’re proud of yourselves.

      As an aside, I think too many people misunderstand the T’Pol character. They mention that she always struggles to keep her emotions in check (implying bad acting skills) when the reverse is true. This time in Vulcan history was one where it was so obviously explained that the entire race was struggling with emotions…that they had strayed from their original teachings of logic. I thought that was brilliant; and that thread throughout the years is the ONLY thing saving Brannon/Braga from capital punishment.

      • Actually I think T’Pol’s character was very well acted by the actress. Emotions just under the surface, but with still a big enough control to generally hide them and being more “cold” than anyone on that ship. I love in the 2nd to last episode, when she says to her baby while holding her “Hello…. I’m your mother”, with such a disafected but at the same time nervous tone, and utter inexperience at being a mother :D. That couldn’t be done with a bad actress.

        And it was just the case that the entire vulcan race was struggling with emotions, she was more emotional than the others, as her mother atested once. If I remember correctly, Tuvok from Voyager also had the same issues.

      • Most agreed! The final episode had me saying WTF through the entire episode…almost the entire episode. I dast forwarded it through quite a few scenes hoping for some kind of redemption for the writers. …but no. I wanted to puke. I was so disgusted. In total disbelief. Absolutely horrible. To make something so terrifically grand and then to utterly destroy it all. God awful. It gave me PTSD and a form of grief matched only by the death of a close friend.

      • If you discount the last episode, which everyone should, clearly the previous episode tied things off for Trip & T’Pol. They’re bonded, and they know it, so they’re in each other’s heads and each other’s hearts. They both know they can have more kids if they want them, courtesy of our Denobian doctor. Clearly Trip is devastated by the death of his kid, T’Pol is trying to shut the entire horror out, maybe as a step to trying to shut Trip out as well, but in the end, when she reaches out for Trip, making the first move and taking his hand, it’s apparent she’s accepted that the only thing to do, both logically and emotionally is for her and Trip to make a future together, and likely a family after a few more years of action aboard the Enterprise. Now that the series is over, expect her to be either a high level administrator with Star Fleet or a professor at Star Fleet Academy, while Trip is teaching Star Fleet engineers about warp mechanics and sharing real life experiences and knowledge.

        As far as T’Pol and her emotional control, one of the books handled this topic, I think ‘Sarek’. Mastering emotions might be their goal as a species, but in real life Vulcans fall all along a spectrum, much as humans have varied devotion to religion. Some are fanatics, some commited, some luke warm, some agnostic/atheist.

    • «when shows end I go through some time when I miss them, like friends that you say goodbye to and know your never going to see them again»

      I know what you mean… :)

      To the sys admins: I am not receiving any new comment notification in my email about this thread(yes I check the notify box when submitting, yes it’s the right email, and yes I checked the spam folder)

      • Pedro, I am getting all of my notifications. I agree with Stuart too. It does feel like we have lost close friends. Cruddy feeling. Definitely. It’s such a shame that such a great series had to end and end the way that it did. Uhng!!!

        • Is there any serious talk of an ENT movie? Or is the whole thing dead?

            • Alright!!! That would be awesome!!! I shared the Star Trek Enterprise FB page with a heading requesting LIKES to help bring the show back. My fingers are hard crossed. “Live long and prosper”, Star Trek Enterprise! Thanks for the update, MzPip!

            • Unlike many people, I didn’t mind the Temporal Cold War, I think it was a refreshing and original story arc. I didn’t mind the Xindi arc either, but the one thing I disliked is that the Xindi got away with it too easy. You don’t attempt (and succeed in that alternate reality) to wipe out an entire race, civilization, culture and whatnot, *COLONIES INCLUDED*, just because some guy “more evolved” said so and showed some footage. Like footage couldn’t be fabricated, and that one *was*.
              Apart to (some of them) helping to stop the weapon, no formal apologies, no compensations, nothing, they could very well said:
              “Oops, I guess we’re wrong, next time someone poses himself as a god and shows us fancy-pantsy videos of our destruction we’ll be more suspicious; well, bye-bye, see’ya around, hope you forgive the test weapon and 7 million dead”… WTF?
              At the very least the reptilian and insectoid races should have been destroyed.

              And the future-to-be partners of the Federation didn’t do much to help us at that time either.

              Anyway, glad to know Trip’s death is non-cannon.

        • I guess I’m the only one not receiving the notifications, then. That’s why I only replied now. Trying a different email now.

  28. For those of you who maybe weren’t fans of Enterprise, I want to start off with the reasons why I always loved the series. I started watching because I’ve always been a Bakula fan (I’m such a Quantum Leaper XD). And while it did have some writing issues, it stuck VERY true to TOS. (If you don’t agree with me, stick with me for a few minutes.)

    One of the things that I loved about Enterprise was the fact that they showed the way that the technology evolved into what we’d see in later series:

    -We see the holodeck technology and where it came from,
    -The force field comes about because ‘hull plating’ wasn’t enough,
    -The ‘Reed’ alert (which I thought was a very funny play on words) protocols is created,
    -Several items on the bridge were things that would still be in use later on in TOS – like the viewing scanner that you had to bend over and look into,
    -The transporter is JUST beginning to be used, and we meet the person who created it, and deal with the reactions of people going through it for the first time – several of which mirror what I would think, like: OMG what happens if I’m brought back wrong?

    In addition to that, there were things, characters and creatures that would later be in TOS, or at least be talked about there. For example:
    -T’Pol is constantly eating Plomeek broth, which is something Spock’s eaten,
    -We actually SEE things about Zephram Cochran,
    -T’Pau in Memory Alpha is the same character who later in TOS is there to officiate Spock’s wedding ceremony in Amok Time,
    -Phlox feeds some Tribbles to other animals in his menagerie.
    - We see evidence of the trouble between the Andorians and the Vulcans, and some stuff with the Romulans.
    -We see quite a few familiar aliens on here that get focused on in later series.
    -And let’s just remember the awesome tribute to TOS that is Through a Mirror, Darkly pts 1-2 are, shall we? The clothes, the bridge, the entire original Enterprise recreated for only 2 episodes,
    -We meet Dr. Soong, creator of Data and his brothers, who brought the Eugenics into play for a few episodes.
    -There are several references to a set of ‘directives’ that should be created because of inter-species contact.

    In addition to all of this, Enterprise gives us great character and relationship development, information about things in history, leaves a bunch of stuff open ended – that somehow help give closure to things that happened in TOS- AND manages to give an almost completely consistent plot throughout all 4 seasons. They didn’t focus on many individual stories, and chose instead to focus on an overall story arc.

    While I felt that, yeah, the opening song kinda sucked, and the writing lacked finesse more often than not, the main idea behind it and the talent in both the acting and set design made up for it – most of the time.

    Back to the topic at hand, I completely agree with almost everything being said about the finale. This episode felt disjointed because of Troi and Riker – Riker taking over the role of chef made me spitting mad because I wanted to finally see him – and killing off Trip right when it looked like he and T’Pol might have gotten back together and had an almost happy ever after was like a slap in the face. The only thing I really liked in this episode was the blend of the ‘Space’ sequences at the end (and seeing Shran’s daughter, because she’s so cute!!!).

    All in all, yeah, an appalling end to a show that didn’t get as much credit as I think it deserved.

    • Well written, Deanna. Enjoyed reading. I too loved/love this series for a thousand reasons. Still hate the theme song though. Pedro wrote about a Star Trek trailer and 22 min film called, “Axanar”. I checked it out. Loved it. Oh if I had the millions of bucks to pour into that film. It is a high quality 22 minute film. You will enjoy it. Anyway, I hope like hell CBS and Netflix will take on the task of bringing back SS:E. Need our family back. Live long and prosper!