‘The Amityville Horror’ Getting Remade… Again?

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The Amityille Horror header 570x298 The Amityville Horror Getting Remade... Again?

The Amityville Horror is one of those classic horror flicks that just should never have been remade. No, it doesn’t ruin the original per se, as it’s not literally DOING anything to it and you can just ignore the remake and watch the one you know and love all you want. However, it hurts the name as those who only see the remake will wrongfully consider that as THE film. Its reputation is forever tainted by a remake that was nowhere near as good as it (personally, I HATED the 2005 remake).

However, did anyone think they would go back to the Amityville remake well again? If anything, I would have thought they’d just make a plain sequel to the 2005 film starring Ryan Reynolds. But that’s not the case: According to sources of our friends at Bloody-Disgusting, the Weinstein Company and Dimension Films are planning yet ANOTHER remake of The Amityville Horror, one which will presumably (in the vein of The Incredible Hulk) pretend the last one doesn’t exist.

Andrew Douglas was at the helm for the $100 million-plus box office grosser, and BD‘s sources say they may already have someone in talks to develop and (presumably) direct this new remake. No more information is available on the film, although if it turns out to be true, we’ll probably hear word of more details soon. Stay tuned.

An interesting thing to point out is that MGM has different Amityville Horror rights, and were planning to develop The Amityville Tapes at some point (really?). However, with their recent financial troubles (that phrase doesn’t begin to cover it), that has been put on the back-burner until it all gets sorted out. Besides, MGM has far higher priorities than some Amityville project – The Hobbit and James Bond, anyone?

I know I’m not gonna’  be the only one who thinks this, but I think this is a bad idea, for two reasons: the first is I don’t think the original 1979 Amityville Horror needs anymore done to its reputation (how many people who just know the 2005 remake are even aware of the original? Not many, I suspect). And two, what’s the point? At least in doing a complete REMAKE, as opposed to just doing a sequel of some sort (I know most of the sequels made already went straight-to-video, but still…). I could maybe understand them doing another in 26 years (the amount of time that passed between the original and the Ryan Reynolds one), but it’s only been 5 years – what’s the rush?

The Amityille Horror original and remake The Amityville Horror Getting Remade... Again?

The Amityville Horror: 1979 original - 2005 remake

What do you think of Hollywood apparently doing yet another remake of The Amityville Horror? Is another one warranted, never mind as a remake? Did you like the remake that was made in 2005?

Source: Bloody-Disgusting

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  1. I think they should do an “Amity Horror” film.. like this family moves into this house in a lovely fishing village off the coast of Maine, and it turns out the house is haunted by a giant shark…

  2. Is that cause the house is built over an indian shark graveyard?

  3. I have always said that if you are going to remake a movie, remake a bad one. the original Amityville Horror is generally regarded as a terrible movie. The remake wasn’t much better. So I guess the are going to see if they might be able to make a good version. Maybe they are taking the angle of what really happened, like the hoax that the whole Lutz story was. Or maybe the story of the original murders.

  4. Ban any remakes, boycott them right now. Come on people, all it does is diminish the way people feel about the original, and we are going to end up with a whole generation who think Jackie Earl Haley is Freddy Kruger, and that Michael Bay is responsible for Texas Chainsaw!

    Also just realised, Jakie Earl Haley, kind of a girls name!

  5. I like remakes, cause people of my age havn’t seen the old classics, and when we do, it’s a let down cuz the acting and visuals back then were no where near as good compared to today’s technology and skill sets.

    Let the quality people do remakes so the new generation can appreciate why some films were the classics in their times.

    • You think that acting is good today? Acting has gone downhill due to lack of talentActors today mostly concentrate on looks instead of talent. Megan fox would be a good example. So that’s why I think there should be no remake and I go for the original.

    • And that’s the problem with the younger generation.

      They want all kinds of flash and special effects and gore to entertain themselves. They don’t understand or appreciate that the originals relied solely on the acting and subtle nuances of the set, lighting, timing, background music/sound, and creative filmography (mediocre effects) to bring a creepy and truly scary feeling to the movie.

      As a youngster I remember all of us watching it when it came out on VHS at my Aunt’s house and when we got home that evening my mother made me stand guard in the hallway outside the bathroom while she took a shower it was so frightening for all of us.

      Have you even attempted to watch the original one?

      How about a movie called The Changeling with George C. Scott? THAT movie used very little special effects to create a truly scary, oft frightening, story of its time. I’m actually surprised that they haven’t tried remaking that one yet.

      Give it a try. You may like it.

  6. Greenlite

    I’m sorry but that is a ridiculous statement, Star Wars is still great and its over 30 years old now! Or Indiana Jones! Or hundreds of other films that were better! Is Terminator 4 better than 1+2.
    And as for acting being better now than it was, that is a really silly notion, acting styles may have changed but acting in of itself has gone way down hill in the last 10 years, people are cast these days solely on looks rather than actual talent. Megan Fox and Orlando Bloom are perfect examples! Niether can act but are attractive enough to scrape by!

  7. Since when were these murders a hoax Jstoldr?

    Greenlite, the original Amityville was pretty freaky even today it holds up,,,

  8. The original holds up a hell of a lot better than the most recent remake!

    And the murders were no hoax, the demonic forces behind it, they might be falsified a tad.

    Also, technology can hamper a film as well as help it, just because todays effects are more impressive visually doesnt mean they are neccessarily better. The ships in the first Star Wars trilogy look better in some ways than their CGI counterparts in the prequels.

    And The Fly, while kinda being a remake itself, they are planning a new version, and I am willing to be a million pounds that a CGI transformation isnt half as scary as the make up and prosthetics.

    New film making is lazier, better is not the word i would have chosen.

  9. Im all for remaking the remake.
    I Loved the original.
    I enjoyed the 2005 version, but I couldnt help but think it was a missed opportunity on many levels.

    I say, ignore the 2005 film and replace Ryan Reynolds with Josh Brolin in the new film.

  10. I never said the murders were a hoax. Just The Lutz’s story. There were no murders when they lived tere just the so called hauntings. They moved in after the murders.

  11. Liked ang lees hulk

  12. remakes are just the nature of the bussiness. whatever sells/sold will be remade. it has always been this way. for some part films titles were at least reworked and changed in the past unlike now where we are getting this plethera of well known classics being remade by the dozens each month. It all feels like some sort of technological/commericial raping to the public with an overload of fat people dispensing feces to no end at a constant. can you believe they are increasing the number for best picture acacademy award nods to ten. So now plenty of horrible films remade or not will get the precursor oscar nominated. what a sad state it all is. so my answer is lets all just make movies and have fun doing it. lets bring back the independent spirit that ruled the 70’s and 90’s with original ideas people!

  13. Why not just release both versions in a box set, call it “The Amityville Boredom”?

  14. Meh I liked the remake more I thought the original was terrible. The remake was better, but still bad either way no need to remake it again.

  15. Wow, Josh Brolin to play the lead in the remake of the remake would be an outstanding idea, gdw 298. I’m all for that! His dad, James, was in the original 70’s version as George Lutz. Very cool idea.
    As for the story focus…I thought it would be interesting to tell the tale of the Defeo family murders. They’ve only used it as a kickstart in the first 5 minutes in both the original and remake…why not use that story for an entirely new Amityville film. It was a true story told from many different perspectives. However, I think it would be a more compelling film if you subtract the Lutz characters, possibly the hauntings too, and portray the real people(The Defeo’s)and what lead up to that inevitable tragedy in the next installment. The real challenge would be finding the correct story or at least something that holds a light of truth to what really happened to the Defeo family. If you can do that…I think we’ll finally get the Amityville film that was supposed to be made a very long time ago.

  16. You think that acting is good today? Acting has gone downhill the more time has passed. Mostly the only thing that actors care about nowadays is looks. Megan fox would be a good example. That’s why I go for the original Amityville Horror.

  17. I have not seen the 1979 yet, as I didn’t know there was a original. But the remade one (2005). But really don’t think Ryan Reynolds fit the charactor. I always thought that he was a sensitive man. But being in Amityville horror it just did not fit him. But the other charactors fit well. 😀

    • @ xHorrorKittenx

      The 2005 remake was an “all flash and no cash” movie. Honestly, it wasn’t just Ryan Reynolds that made the movie mediocre at best it was the whole premise of the movie.

      NO movie stays 100% to the alleged “facts” surrounding true paranormal events. BUT the 2005 version went WAAAAYYYYY into left field on the subject. That’s not to say that the original wasn’t filled with its fair share of “artistic leeway”. It’s just …. in my opinion … the original was better. If you haven’t done so this Halloween season yet, go ahead and rent it from Netflix or pick it up at Wal-mart or somewhere. I can’t say that you will agree with me, but I think you’ll enjoy a good old-fashioned scare from it.

      Let me know how it was for you. And also check out that aforementioned movie I suggested, “The Changeling”, with George C Scott.