Final ‘Amazing Spider-Man’ Trailer Premiering with ‘The Avengers’

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The Avengers Amazing Spider Man Trailer Discussion Final Amazing Spider Man Trailer Premiering with The Avengers

U.S. audiences need to get to the theater early when they head out to see Marvel’s The Avengers. There is the obvious challenge of having to find a good seat in a theater packed for one of the most anticipated movies of 2012 – but there’s also the added reward of being able to see the new trailers for both The Dark Knight Rises and The Amazing Spider-Man to consider. By the time Avengers actually starts up, fanboys in the theater will likely be whipped into a comic book movie frenzy.

The news that Amazing Spider-Man is premiering a new trailer was revealed on G4’s Attack of the Show by director Marc Webb. No details of the trailer or preview footage have been revealed yet, but it is speculated that it could in fact hit the Interwebs (no pun) before it reaches the big screen. Check back here at Screen Rant next week for a chance to see what new and epic material both Dark Knight Rises and Amazing Spider-Man have to offer in their new trailers.

 Avengers and TDKR have no undoubtedly been the big ticket items at the movies this summer – at least as far as superhero blockbusters go. The last Amazing Spider-Man trailer convinced a fair number of people that the reboot isn’t the complete disaster they thought it would be – but insofar as hype goes, ASM is still the (literal) middle child of the bunch, and has been largely overlooked as a contender in both the critical and financial arenas.

The Amazing Spider Man close up Final Amazing Spider Man Trailer Premiering with The Avengers

Admittedly, Sony’s timing for releasing this do-over for their flagship superhero franchise couldn’t be more tricky; Avengers and Dark Knight Rises are not just potentially great superhero films, they’re actual moviegoing events ( i.e., the culmination of Marvel’s construction of a shared superhero universe, and the finale to what is arguably the best superhero trilogy of all time). Compared to that, how much appeal could a retread of a Spider-Man origin story possibly have? Even if it turns out to be a good retread?

Sony no doubt realizes that question is still hanging over The Amazing Spider-Man, which is why we expect that this new trailer will go for broke showing off the action and deeper story about how (and why) Peter Parker becomes a web-slinging (and trash-talking) superhero.

The Amazing Spider-Man will be in (3D) theaters on July 3, 2012. Check back next week for the new trailer.

Source: G4 (via SHH)

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  1. Not that I need another reason to go see The Avengers but this makes it even better!!!

    • I’m really excited to hear this. I’m really wishing that TASM had been pushed back to an early October or November release though. I don’t think the monetary benefits of having the most lucrative opening weekend of the year exceed the monetary benefits of having a long and steady theater life. TASM would have had to compete with the last Twilight movie, but an early October release would’ve guaranteed well over a month of time for Spider-man to earn its money.

      The more I look at things, the more likely it seems that Spider-man will not be able to pull in as much money as its predecessors. Not because of quality, but rather, because of timing. 4th of July weekend or not, it simply doesn’t have enough time to pull in as much money. The 3D should help, and I’m sure it’ll have a strong opening. But, unless Sony really starts to catch people’s attention with this final trailer, I don’t see that happening. Viral marketing doesn’t seem to be changing many people’s minds at this point, and how many new people (people who weren’t interested in the movie before) will be reached through that method of advertisement anyway? Which is fine, I mean, if the movie pulled in a solid 500 to 600 million, a sequel would be warranted at least financially. And at 500-600 million, we’re still talking at least 20% less overall box office profit, which sounds plausible.

      • I disagree that the timing is a bad thing for TAS. With your proposed Oct/Nov release, most of the movies target audience will be in school whereas the 4th of July release date has generally been a boon to blockbuster movies like this. If I remember correctly, many of the Transformer movies released around that time and despite their quality still made a killing.

  2. Well, there’s the upside for people who’ll be seeing Avengers in the US: you guys get brand new TDKR and a TASM trailer.
    The rest of us will probably get the old trailers…

  3. That seems to be the trend nowadays lol

  4. I find the constant negativity for this film baffling and annoying. It’s Spider-Man, the character has massive brand recognition, has had a smart viral campaign which neither TDKR or The Avengers have bothered with, which is a real shame because the viral from TDK was a real highlight.

    I think that all this internet negativity, for a film that isn’t out yet, could really hurt it. Much like Green Lantern, not perfect by a long shot but very enjoyable, got killed by this website in paticular.

    TAS is going to be truly “Amazing”

    • You find the constant negativity for this film baffiling? When for a year now you have been constantly negative on every DKR post… sounds slightly hypacritical

      • The difference is, I don’t want TDKR to be bad, I’d love it if Nolasn made an awesome Batman movie and really knocked it out of the park. I don’t want it to fail I just see nothing so far that says otherwise.

    • I would kill Green Lantern everyday of my life if that was asked of me. Having re-watched on cable several times… that movie is abysmal. Worse thing to happen to GL since Hal Jordan went nuts in the ’90s.

      • I liked it.

    • I think most of the negative comments are from people who liked the first Spider-Man movies.
      Since I DIDN’T like those three movies (because they didn’t star the Spider-Man I grew up with – the funny, wise cracking wall crawler), I couldn’t be more excited for the new (and hopefully, more CB faithful) iteration.

      Bring on the REAL Amazing Spider-Man this July! 😀

      • I’ve only seen a few trailers for the new Spider-Man movie, but I gotta say it doesnt look like the jokes will be any better than the ones in Raimis trilogy.

        “If your going to steal cars, don’t dress like a car theif.”

        Is that the witty Spider-Man banter that was missing from the original trilogy? I realise humor is subjective, but really?

    • This is what happens when you reboot thinks too quickly and then say your are going to make SPIDER MAN of all people “dark and gritty”

      and it decided to come out near two of the biggest comic book movies ever. It looks way out of place compared to Avengers and TDKR

      I will definitely see it and hope it is better than the very “meh” other three movies, but this isn’t an opening weekend must see like Avengers and TDKR.

      • The thing is, I’m not sure Sony ever said their reboot was going to be dark and gritty. Entertainment Weekly or some other press junket said that of the screenplay they read back in late 2010 or early 2011, but I don’t recall Sony ever saying that. But whoever said it (again, it wasn’t Sony) got everybody else saying it and now its stuck in people’s minds.

        Then of course, these past several months, Sony, Marc Webb and co. have been saying that the series isn’t darker, it’s more grounded. The teaser trailer didn’t help to dispel that “dark and gritty” notion though, I admit that. Then again, I don’t really blame Sony because I think they had to establish a different tone from Raimi’s series without giving too much away too early. I actually enjoyed the teaser.

      • It’s not going to be dark and gritty. Not the way you think. A bit more grounded perhaps

    • JUDGING BY THE original spidy box office TASM is bound to be big…so is TDKR

  5. Regardless of what the trailer has to offer this has been on my must see list for a while. Smart move by Sony though to up the ante to show the world there is one more superhero movie making its push to be a major summer blockbuster along with TDKR and the Avengers. My spidey sense is tingling out of control. This Spiderman reboot will undoubtedly be a awesome movie. 😀

  6. Vwey smart move and also i am thoroughly excited for this reboot. I always felt raimi was missing something and being a huge slider fan MU entire life this looks awesomea and I didn’t need another excuse to see the avengers but this will just add to the already great night.

    Plus we get a new batman trailer. I’m excited for it but idk I guess I’m just a marvel guy.

    • HUGE SLIDER FAN? (oooh typo man!) any who raimi had toby cry and dance to much sooo it was missing A HALF DECENT SPIDERMAN !!! all villains (except venom which had CARNAGE’S personality) were extreamly goood.

  7. If i go to see the avengers after may 4 in my country, would i be able to see these trailers.

    • don’t wait SEE IT IMMEDIATELY

  8. I don’t see why anyone would really bash this film. Im actually more excited for The Amazing Spiderman than the Avengers. Joss Whedons script for alien resurrection was one of the worst i’ve ever read, but hey the flick is getting good reviews. These latest Marvel movies just has the same shtick, pointless non memorable action mixed in with non funny humor. At least with The Amazing Spiderman, Man of Steel, The Dark Rises, I’m getting a serious movie, rather than a CGI sausage fest. I hope the Avengers does good, not only does it help the film industry, but it helps get comic book properties like Ant man, Wonder woman, Aqua Man get made.

  9. I’m going to watch the avengers tomorrow! Holy crap I’m excited. Great reviews so far I just hope all superhero films this year blow our minds!

  10. I agree with this article 100%. The footage I’ve seen so far hasn’t been bad, but most would have to agree it looks a little underwhelming compared to ‘The Avengers’ and TDKR. Still you never know…

  11. didnt see a new trailer of this or TDKR, possibly b/c they dont want it leaked prior to US release *swears under breathe* and damn did bane sound bad in the trailer, if nolan is still going to blame us and not change the voice of bane then i wont be watching that movie, it’s bad enough we have pt put up with rock voice now he goes and adds mumble man to the list of worse voice work/alteration in history.

    • You can’t understand Bane? Well we can’t understand you lol

  12. I may need to bring a change of shorts when I go

  13. avengers to come next friday, may 4. Amazing Spiderman to come tuesday, july 3. i thought i wouldn`t care for the spidey reboot although let`s see how it turns. maguire didn`t fully convince me becuz he was too short, also both the portrayed spidey actors can`t/couldn`t go for 5+ films. if garfield has a kid and wife he`ll have more people having to protect. i think the next villain should be doc ock if they wanna have villins like venom.