‘The Amazing Spider-Man’ Teaser Poster Promises ‘The Untold Story’

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Andrew Garfield in The Amazing Spider Man Poster The Amazing Spider Man Teaser Poster Promises The Untold Story

With all the discussions surrounding Warner Bros. viral marketing and sneak peek footage for The Dark Knight Rises, it’s easy to forget that 2012 is also going to be the year of a number of other superhero projects as well – including Marc Webb’s webhead reboot, The Amazing Spider-Man.

Columbia Pictures has officially unveiled the teaser poster for Webb’s Spider-Man film – and, while it might not offer another detailed look at Andrew Garfield, aka Peter Parker suited-up and ready to fight crime, the one-sheet is sure to provide plenty of buzz for the film.

While production on The Amazing Spider-Man hasn’t been quite as public as its superhero competition, The Dark Knight Rises and The Avengers, the production still offered-up some intriguing details on the Lizard’s transformation as well as some cool looks at Garfield (as well as stunt doubles) in costume. That said, the official images from Webb’s Spider-Man movie managed to put the set photos to shame – and, due to a great redesign of the Spidey-suit, quieted some fans who were sill frustrated that the series was getting a reboot so soon. Positive buzz for the project, which as mentioned has flown somewhat under the radar thanks to Marvel’s superhero mash-up and Nolan’s final Batman film, was further buoyed when Peter Park himself, Andrew Garfield floored the SDCC 2011 audience with a charming appearance and sincere speech about how much the character means to him.

Check out Andrew Garfield in The Amazing Spider-Man teaser poster below, courtesy of SuperHeroHype (click to enlarge):

The Amazing Spider Man Teaser Poster 570x845 The Amazing Spider Man Teaser Poster Promises The Untold Story

The only potentially controversial aspect of the poster is the tag line, “The Untold Story.” Really? As if the the Spider-Man origin story wasn’t adequately explored in Sam Raimi’s trilogy? Obviously there are going to be a number of differences between the two feature film series – web shooters and romantic love interests to name a few. That said, isn’t it a little weird (or maybe it’s just ballsy) to overtly address the primary criticism of your film directly in the marketing – i.e. that it’s a “too soon” 3D retread of a film trilogy that debuted less than a decade ago?

Some casual moviegoers are already confused about where Webb’s film fits-in with Raimi’s well-received Spider-trilogy – so focusing on the origin story angle is certainly a bit of a gamble here. There’s little doubt that Webb, and his star Garfield, will probably end-up delivering a solid entry in the franchise. However, Spider-Man is not James Bond (where audiences are used to different actors), and putting the origin angle front and center could be a risky marketing move.

With so many moviegoers already familiar with how Peter Parker became Spider-Man, it’ll be interesting to see how less-informed film fans respond to the fact that Columbia Pictures is straight-up telling potential audiences to prepare for new Spider-Man rules (those mechanical web shooters) and relationships (Emma Stone’s Gwen Stacy).


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The Amazing Spider-Man will hit 2D, 3D, and IMAX 3D theaters in the U.S. on July 3rd, 2012.

Source: SuperHeroHype

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  1. “The Untold Story” of how Spider-man got his powers and why he became Spider-man. I’m guessing that’s the “untold” part of it? Because we’ve seen that many times before.

    • No “The Untold Story” is that this follows the comic book story much better then the previous ones

      • The fun part of movies is that they stay true to the comics without following them exactly. If it’s exactly like the comics, than it’s something we’ve already seen and not enjoyable. Take Watchmen, that movie wasn’t any fun to sit through because it was almost identicle and to the letter of the comic. You knew what was coming before it happened, and wasn’t even worth finishing. I finally finished it, and the altered ending wasn’t anything special.

        And from the trailers, this new film isn’t going to follow the comics any better than Raimi’s did.

  2. Love the poster! The ” Untold Story” bit, is cheesy though.

  3. “The Untold Story”? I bet Dylan Baker loved that one…

    • Dylan Baker is all I think when I think Spider-Man. Was so looking forward to his performance in the fourth installment, oh well.
      If it is good put him & Hugh Jackman in the next Avengers ’cause that would be bad ass.

      • Dylan Baker was’t gonna become the Lizard in Spider-Man 4. The Vulture wa goig to be the villain. Baker likely wouldv’e ever gotten to be the lizard anyways.

  4. When they mean “The Untold Story” I’m guessing they’re talking about Peter’s parents and an explanation of their absence in the universe. Because most likely everyone who has seen Raimi’s original trilogy really haven’t an idea on what happened to Peter’s parents. And since they played a dramatic role in the trailer, then I’m calling that the tagline has to deal with that.

    Still, cheesy.

  5. I really like this poster, but I think I’m going to only rent this one.

    • poster looks pretty kool but im still gonna see it in theaters for the hell of it =D

  6. I keep forgetting that there’s going to be another spider-man.I think that’s a good sign.

  7. This is purely a marketing decision. They have to try and differentiate themselves from the previous trilogy to the average movie viewer to generate interest and get rid of what no doubt alot of people are feeling when u tell them a reboot is coming so shortly after like was said in the article, a well received trilogy still fresh in people’s mind.

  8. The poster is REALLY good, awhile you did the best and worst posters of the year, this should be one (or a honorable mention)

    The tag line “the untold story” is the weak part…

    Maybe its because he is still in HS the entire movie and still lives with his aunt, it might take place BETWEEN getting his powers and fighting the green goblin? but then again, I thought that this was not related to Raimis movie, I confused myself…

    Bottom line, poster good, tag line bad

    • I’m with you on that. I am glad that Sony is being so ballsy though. Jon Stewart made a comment on The Daily Show when Dennis Leary was his special guest. He basically said that the new Spider-man is going to be the same as the 2002 one, to which Dennis Leary just kind of laughed it off. Then SNL did the same thing to Emma Stone. While these guys are just having a good time, they are echoing the sentiments of a lot of concerned fans. So I’m kind of glad that Sony is putting the correct thing out there. My problem is that aside from being cheesy, the tagline makes this series sound like an extension of the Raimi series.

      • As long as its not an extension of the musical!!! LOL

    • I don’t understand your comment. Have comics/comic book movies not been treated serious? That’s kind of funny seeing the Batman trilogy was more a thriller than a comic book movie.. and seeing as Nolan version of batman is quite different from the comics. I love the films I do, and I think the reinvention of the villains have been done quite well. But it is not needed. And batman is supposed to be the world greatest detective. And where are all his gadgets? And computer skills? I would love a movie like that. You know, a comic book batman.

      And as for the “The untold story”, I don’t get what’s so cheesy about it (not pointing at you). It’s a story that haven’t been told before.. clearly. Yes sure we all know how he got his powers. But we don’t know his relationship to his parents. We don’t know what happened to them. This movie will tell a story closer to the comics that we haven’t seen in a movie before. I’m guessing we’ll see spiderman and peter parker from another angle. And people.. there are more to Peter Parkers story than just how he got his powers. Come on.. open your eyes.

      • Am pretty sure he had all his gadgets in the movie and the reinvention of the villians is necessary because you can’t fit most comic characters in the big screen and they would work.

        • What? “and the reinvention of the villians is necessary because you can’t fit most comic characters in the big screen and they would work.”

          Why reinvent The Joker? What would have been wrong with the origin of the Joker most people are familiar with?

          The Burton (Comic) formula in Nolans ‘dark and gritty’ real life world would have (IMO) worked very well.

          I have to concur with Mag, I got all giddy when he ‘detected’ a little with the ballistics.

          I also agree with Cranium7, I have read comics for a long time. what is wrong with believing in (and following) the source material?

      • I meant comic book films weren’t treating the source material seriously.

        • I wouldn’t say it started with Batman Begins, I would say it started with Blade (or X-Men saga if Blade was too violent).

  9. Personally I love this poster and have very excited to see this movie. I’ve been a huge spidey fan since I was 5 and love this character. While I loved the raimi films I always felt that they sort lacked something special tht made spiderman great to me. So I have high hopes for this reboot. I think it will deliver. The poster is already better then the original raimi poster. I’ll probably get shot at for saying that.

    • I´ll be your bulletproof vest.

      • thanks for having my back scape. :)

  10. Mighty, I’m with you on that one, personally what I felt they didnt get right was the fact that spiderman was a little too emo. As peter parker, fine, but when wearing the suit another side should have come out (granted the wise cracking spiderman did pop up here and there in the end i just think it might have come down the the choice of actor).

    • Agreed. I think it does come down to the actor as well as the writers. I think it just didn’t fit for me. The tone of the movies and the direction they took just idk not what I expected.
      Don’t get me wrong they are great films. Just great films that lacked good acting from its main cast except James Franco and lacked good writing. But I guess well see if we get another trailer anytime soon. Really enjoyed the first one. Have it memorized by now I’ve seen it so much.

  11. Mighty, I’m with you on that one, personally what I felt they didnt get right was the fact that spiderman was a little too emo. As peter parker, fine, but when wearing the suit his wise cracking side should have come out alot more.

  12. Love the poster, have lately been dodging stories of the upcoming comic movies but the image was intriquing. I do agree with the tag line is somewhat cheesy or whatever. I do remember i beilieve on superherohype had an article saying that one of the producers from the trilogy hinted this might not be a reboot at all but who knows. If the official trailer looks promising then most defiently will watch and yeah i am a spidey 3 hater till i die.

  13. Quit trying to cause some kind of controversy

  14. funny, I hated the costume redesign and am not the least bit quite about it.

  15. Cool poster but come on the tagline “The Untold Story”, everyone knows what happened and how Peter Parker became Spiderman.

    I still don’t this reboot is a good idea but still a dark tale on Spiderman just like the Nolan Batman series would be awesome.

    Let’s hope this doesn’t turn out to be the next Batman and Robin.

    • As someone else said earlier probably has to do with what happened to his parents. People that aren’t comic book fans outside the movies probably don’t have a clue. Most people anyway. Some people may have looked it up or asked someone they know what happened. It has been a while since I have watched the movies but to my knowledge no one ever referenced Peter’s parents once in Raimi’s trilogy.

  16. Why is this poster so dang dark? This isn’t Batman.. its the joking, jovial, never shut up, Spider Man.

    I expect jokes during fight scenes and lots of them. not emo darkness

  17. Along with Superman & Batman, Spidey’s the next big time superhero worldwide, everyone knows who he is and has some idea (in general) as to how he got his powers so I’m curious to see what the producers of this movie consider “untold”? Or are they going to cover the Ultimate origin? Not that it’s different but it would make sense to go with an alternate spidey.

    • The movie is based on the Ultimate line for the biggest part.

  18. “The only potentially controversial aspect of the poster is the tag line, “The Untold Story.” Really? As if the the Spider-Man origin story wasn’t adequately explored in Sam Raimi’s trilogy?” ~ Ben


    Actually, the origin of Spiderman was not fully explored. “The Amazing Spiderman” comic books had an expanded version, which talked about the death of Peter’s parents. Within this particular Spiderman movie, we will get the entire story about the man behind the mask. Sam Raimi’s “Spiderman” movie contained the campy version, and “The Amazing Spiderman” will contain the darker origin story. Realistic, gritty, and filled with despair.

    • Also, if you look at the Spiderman suit, you will also see some major visual ques. Logo is elongated, web stretches through the blue sections, web launchers, and red lines down the leg. Important ques for “Spiderman” comic book collectors. “The Amazing Spiderman” story is not 100% the same as “Spiderman;”, “Web of Spiderman”, and “Spectacular Spdierman”. We are going to see the death of Peter’s parents, Peter’s first love interest, and a conflicting family unit.

      • Fixed: …is not 100% the same as “Spiderman;”, “Web of Spiderman”, and “Spectacular Spiderman”…

  19. sad, sad indeed.

  20. I think “The Untold Story” is referring to the fact that they’re gonna dive a little deeper into his childhood and wHo he is and such. I mean the Sam Raimi films were good for sure, but deep they were not haha

  21. as the real comic book fans out there know, the event involving Gwen Stacy is probably the 2nd biggest influence in Spider-Man’s life after Uncle Ben’s death. She was his first love after all.

  22. plus, he created his wristband web shooters in the comic books. It showed his ingenuity and intelligence. In other words, Spiderman is more than a guy in a suit with powers. He’s a smart kid too. Raimi made up the mutant power interpretation of the web shooters. I’m glad that this new version of Spiderman is going back to the source.

    • I liked that he had organic webshooters in Raimi´s movies. But I really dig that they´re now self made. That points out Peter´s genius. You can also see how he makes the suit in this film. That was always something that I didn´t like about the first trilogy. Where the heck did he get that suit? It certainly didn´t look home made.

      • Peter had a sweat shop we didnt know about to tailor the first trilogy outfit.

  23. Very nervous about this “Untold Story” thing… but I think TAS is going to be great.

    Don’t like the poster at all though…

  24. Here’s how I see it, in the trailer we are given a look at Peter Parker’s parents, anyone who read the comics would know that his parens were agents for a governement organization, if the film(s) explore this storyline the audience is already recieving a gigantic piece of “untold story”, this also opens up the storyline that involes Parker’s clone the Scarlet Spider, and much much more that hasn’t been explored at all.

  25. Question…….. will Webb’s story tie into S.H.I.E.L.D./Avengers storylines that Marvel has been doing… I know that Spidey is currently separate, but… could they be anticipating a move toward Marvel Studios?

    • No way they ever give spider man back to marvel. Makes too much money

    • They would have to get Marvel Studios permission to feature S.H.I.E.L.D. in TAS. And to do that, Marvel will probably want their property back after the movie finishes its run.

  26. From the “untold story” to the shadow, it reminds me of the Star Wars Ep 1 poster with the young Anikin that has the shadow of Darth Vader. That may not bode well for TAS (j/k).

    Not saying TAS will be bad (I kinda like the trailer), but this piece of marketing doesn’t do much for me.

  27. I don’t know when the comics introduced the parents angle, but there was never any mention of his parents when I was reading them. They didn’t matter to the story then, and they don’t matter to me now. To me, this is still an unnecessary reboot. I’ll wait for HBO to get it, so I can skip all of the origin stuff that I’ve already seen, and get to the fighting with the bad guy part. If it’s any good, I’ll look forward to a new sequel. Unless they just plan on rebooting the Green Goblin or Dr. Octopus all over again….

    • There was a really excellent arc late in the 90′s when Peter Parker’s parents “returned” ( though they were unfortunately dupes ) but in the process, the story of his parents – who were spies – were told, and it was a very fascinating little tale that I think really added a lot to Peter’s background and helped you understand why Peter himself is such a tough guy. He really did get it from his folks.

      I’m not surprised this idea is being used for a movie.

      • Also the Ultimates parent (story) is a little different.

        In the Ultimates line the Parkers and Brocks were working on a suit that would help stem cancerous cells in the body. Helping to regenerate tissue if I am not mistaken.

        Needless to say a prototype was created and ‘lost’. Parents were lost and Parker went with his Aunt/Uncle and Brock went (?) cant remember. Peter and Eddie hook up later with Eddie finding the prototype of the suit. (which is what im hoping is in that damn bag!!! Notes on the venom project so he can contact Eddie and leave that as the last hing in this movie… eddie calling back wanting to meet with Pete….. for old times sake)

        Well you kind of know the rest. They tie Peter/Venom/Brock quite nicely together along with the Super Soldier formula etc.

        I would LOVE to see a collaboration between Sony/Disney/Marvel. I mean if DC and Marvel can do crossovers etc why cant movie studios?

        • I would love to see a DC/Marvel crossover on film. Just think what a Hulk vs. Superman battle would look like, or a Batman vs. Capt. America. They could do a whole string of versus movies, all ending with both parties coming together to stop their arch-enemies. It will never happen but a nerd can dream.

  28. It’s an OK poster, but honestly I think the latest Dark Knight Rises poster wins this battle.