‘The Amazing Spider-Man’ Spoilers Discussion

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 The Amazing Spider Man Spoilers Discussion

While our readers are already talking about this movie in the comments section of our The Amazing Spider-Man review, this is the place where you can discuss Amazing Spider-Man spoilers without concerns about ruining the movie for people who haven’t seen it yet.

If you’re posting comments here, assume that anyone in the conversation has seen the movie – if you haven’t seen the movie, we would recommend you don’t read the comments here until you have. 

For an in-depth discussion of the film by the Screen Rant team check out our Amazing Spider-Man episode of the SR Underground podcast.

We’ve set up a poll below where you can rate The Amazing Spider-Man for yourself. Other than that, feel free to discuss the film and all its surprises!

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  1. Pros:
    -Andrew Garfield knocked it out of the park as Spider-Man.
    -You actually give a hoot about the love interest.
    -It has a darker tone and is alot less campy than the Raimi trilogy.
    -Great action sequences where Spider-Man is actually funny and kicks serious bootay.
    -Peter is an actual genius and not just a nerdy science student.

    -Slightly underdeveloped villain with okay CGI.
    -Too much was given away in the trailers.
    -Some things were in the trailers and not in the movie.
    -Spoiled end credit scene.

    I’m sure that all of the unanswered questions with Peter’s parents and Uncle Ben’s killer will be revealed in the sequel and there is no question that the man in Connor’s cell was Norman Osborn. I think that we can expect to see Harry and possibly Mary Jane and JJJ in the sequel as well. Altogether the cons are pretty forgivable and I think that this was a far better origin story than Spider-Man(2002). 8.8/10

    • “there is no question that the man in Connor’s cell was Norman Osborn.”

      I have to disagree here. Osbourne is said to be “sick”. The man in the cell seems very healthy.

      • I thought the guy seemed sick. I could be wrong though. Of course, if he already had the Goblin juice he is already healthy again.

    • Marc Webb has confirmed it is not Osborne. Which is sayhing something because he refuses to confrm or deny anything else.

  2. Am I the only person who thought the “Man in the Shadows” was Norman Osbourn???

    • Exactly, why is evryone else speculating some odd people like mysterio, heck I dont even want to see him in a movie, most likely osborn

      • Well, they reboot the Franchise. My guess is that they want to make more than three movies with it. Eventually, they will run out of super known villains and they will have to use some less known. Of course Green Goblin will show up, but my guess is he will on the third movie, and then Gwen will die (they won’t kill her off in the next one imo). OK, maybe Mysterio, Elektro, Scorpion, Rhino, etc. aren’t great enough to have their own movie, but together, there’s a lot of potential. I seriously think that having Mysterio AND Elektro in the next movie would be awesome (not to say amazing). I reaaly think the audience would like those characters to appear since they’re very interesting, especially Mysterio, it would be great to watch his tricks/illusions on the big screen, and it would be refreshing from the experiment turned bad we always had so far. And I think the hard fans would appreciate to have those underdogs in a sequel to this movie. Plus, I really see Garfield’s Spidey confronts a guy like Mysterio, since he’s gotten more humoristic since Raimi’s.

        And I don’t say Norman won’t/shouldn’t be in the sequel. He should, yeah, so that we get to know him before he transforms. Kinda like we got to know Harry before he transformed in the third. So, having Norman trying to cure himself by testing on Elektro and being responsable for his transformation, while Mysterio tries to get to Spidey for the parents storyline (him maybe being the guy in the prison). And then in the third one, we get Green Goblin.

        I know a lot of people don’t like this movie because a lot of questions are left unsanswered. I personnally think it’s because it,s a whole story and it’s just continuing from one movie to another, kinda like a tv series. This movie was like 8 episodes, and each trilogy would be a season. I felt the movie didn’t end, it was left on a cliffhanger, not only on the parents’ story and the thief’s, but on what Peter does of his life. It won’t be like Raimi when every flick is at a different time and each one stands on its own. I see it as a big story. But we have to wait two years to see the rest :P But yeah, having Ratha say a lot of things to (probably) Peter in the trailer and not see it in the movie, it’s kinda lame. Like they planned to tell us a little bit more, but changed their mind at the last minute.

        But coming ack to the point, who else is there to be a villain? Goblin. Maybe they’ll try Octopus, but it was, honnestly, so greatly done in the second one, it takes guts (but Ledger put on the Joker’s make up even though the last one who had was Nicholson, so you never know). Sandman, no way he’s coming back. And Venom, yeah, maybe the chance they have, with Carnage, but I don’t think both these villains can have their own movie, it would be too repetitive for the general audience. To most people, Venom and Carnage are the same s*** (I know they’re not!! :P )

        So I only see two roads for this Franchise:

        - Use the Venom storyline as well as the Green Goblin’s, and then (or in between) go get some less known characters like Mysterio, Elektro, Rhino, Scorpion, etc. Maybe commanded by some KingPin, or Osbourne.

        - When they run out of very popular villains, they cross over with the Avengers.

        I seriously want some fresh villains, not just the ones who were used a few years back. I think Elektro and Mysterio and great choices for that, but with Norman keeping an eye on things before jumping in.

    • while it could be norman osborn, nothing in his abilities grants him the power to appear and dissapear at will and, he doesnt have white hair. what i DID notice though was before the man in shadows appeared lightning crashed and boom, he was in the room. then, lightning crashes again moments later and he is gone. that sounds A LOT like electro to me.

      • Exact same thing I thought, but then Electro would probably be a cross-species (electric eel/human).

    • Hell, that’s exactly what I was thinking.
      Osborn clearly plays an important part in the movie and the actor did sound the way I would imagine Osborn sounds (an very much like he DID in fact sound in Raimi’s Spider-Man movies).

      I’m actually quite surprised at some of the suggestions that people are coming up with…

  3. Why is everyone talking of what they could have added here and there, did y’all watch the same movie cuz the one I saw was the best they could do with what they got, liked the end credits scene cuz of the suspense, dont want a hint abt who it is, only problem was that mask coming off in the middle of the street and everyone still not knowing who he is, in this day, that is not believable

  4. Odds are that it is Norman Osborne in the end credits scent. But there was a couple of Spiderman novels published several years ago involving Spiderman and the Sinister Six. The man behind the Sinister Six was called the Gentleman and he was directly involved in killing Peter’s parents. He also corrupted Peter’s sister, Pity. While interesting for a future installment, I can’t believe they’d go that route.

  5. I thought Sam Raimi’s spiderman was better in almost every way. I really didn’t start getting wowed By the movie until the end. People were saying how much Marc Webb’s spiderman was funnier but that wasn’t the case. What was better about the amazing spiderman was Emma Stone, the webbing was amazing, and the fact that Andrew Garfield is young enough to grow with(although he looks real out of place at times). The untold story wasn’t really told I know that’s for the sequels to come but it was just teased. The movie seemed like it borrowed from many other superhero movies like IronMan, Batman Begins, And Captain America. With all this said I did enjoy the movie because its spiderman and I am excited for part 2. I also think at some point he will become the big spider from the cartoon series but that’s just a feeling.

  6. sorry i also don`t think the theme music can be as good as the music danny elfman composed. The music sounded very much with the tone. I thought this music sucked compared to danny elfman`s music. I think the music needs more drama and adventure and seriousness in later films.

  7. i enjoyed the film but only after i thought about it more i loved it, unfortunatly i seen in a chris brown song with lil wayne today some characters that will obviously be making an appearance, (unless the song was for an old spider man film but i dont think it was), am liking the suggestions on here but i would like to see kingpin in the films bossing rhino and the likes with the battle of whos the best villan whilst both trying to be the first to beat spiderman and go for eachother. and mj has to appear for me as well as chameleon. would like to see morlun, jackel (which means we may see the punisher) and kraven. hey i can dream cant i?! thing is there are so many villains they could all get a slot and interact with other villains or heroes to make a never ending story, i am expecting nick fury to turn up at any minute though i kept looking out for someone not running away but watching from a distance (an agent not fury himself) etc

    • Please don’t take offense, but it’s very difficult to understand what you’re saying…

      • the avenger – was that comment for me? if so which part?

        • Again, I don’t mean offense, and I hate being a grammar snob, but it’s very difficult to understand and follow what a person says when their comment is just a wall of text with telegram style sentences.
          I’m assuming you posted your comment from a cellphone?

          • ok no its my first time commenting on here,

            on other sites if i press “enter” it sends the post half written, so my bad on that plus i do tend to waffle on a bit! lol

            here it is again… hopes its easier this time,

            i enjoyed the film but only after i thought about it more i loved it,

            unfortunatly i seen in a chris brown song with lil wayne today some characters that will obviously be making an appearance, (unless the song was for an old spider man film but i dont think it was),

            am liking the suggestions on here but i would like to see kingpin in the films bossing rhino and the likes, with the battle of whos the best villan, whilst both trying to be the first to beat spiderman and go for eachother at the same time.

            mj has to appear for me as well as chameleon. would like to see morlun, jackel (which means we may see the punisher) and kraven.

            hey i can dream cant i?!

            thing is there are so many villains they could all get a slot and interact with other villains or heroes to make a never ending story,

            i am expecting nick fury to turn up at any minute though i kept looking out for someone not running away but watching from a distance (an agent not fury himself) etc for an avengers2 or 3 movie set up.

  8. the last sentence was obviosly so he will join the avengers films

  9. At Vecto) Exactly what i was thinking. (and then some)

  10. The next villain has to be Electro (i really hope so) those lightning strikes seemed to be to controlled. One when he appeared and then one when he left.

    My other thought was that its Mysterio just because you couldn’t see his face and that kinda what the guy is about but you also didnt see Normans face either earlier in the film.

    I dont think its Norman and if it is he wont be the Green Goblin and i hope so too because i want other villains unless they do Venom again because that character got no big screen justice at all. He was a total failure.

    But if they happen to do Green Goblin again which makes a lot of sense since he kills Gwen they should go through that route and have her be killed but it may be to reminiscent of Spider man 1 with the Green Goblin and the bridge scene and you know what the internet is like, they would complain about anything which pisses me off sometimes.

  11. Am I the only one who thinks VENOM deserves above all the be placed next to the iconic Hero? its Superman’s Lex Luthor, Batmans Joker, yes the Goblin was always a powerful enemy and i agree that the previous Version of Venom was an epic letdown, but after seeing what was done with the Lizard, heck Venom really doesn’t seem that much out of place.
    Having said that if they really want the movie to work I still think they should place at least 2 Villans similar to what they did with BATMAN BEGINS and whatnot

    and as for the Man in the shadows, i have no reason why but for a second i thought it might be VULTURE but that was just because of the voice again no idea really why but throwing it out there.

    • How is that in any way a confirmation?

  12. haha from the interview with marc webb, i would definitely say that it is Electro or Mysterio, DEFINITELY NOT NORMAN, as from the line ” How he gets into that cell and how he leaves that cell without the guards knowing? We have yet to find out “, i interpret it as a hint to what the next villain is capable of (: and electro/mysterio both have the abilities to get the hell out easily haha

    • hmmm how would Electro get in and out easy? Or is he now a being of pure electricity and or can transform to such a state?

      Well considering it is an asylum and not really a jail the assumption is it is not as secure.

      Maybe he owns the place, maybe he can pay off guards, etc and so forth.

      Why would all of these people (Electro, Mysterio, etc.) be just regular errand boys to pass messages?

      I dont know. I like to think Norman felt he had to address the issue himself. He is the one everyone supposedly fears/respects.

      • there isn’t anything that stated he was in an asylum instead of jail, I think you may be mixing up DC chars w/ Marvel chars

        • If I’m not mistaken, director Marc Webb stated Connors was in an asylum

        • Lol, so in the marvel world ‘asylums’ don’t exist? I don’t think so ;)
          It’s very likely that Connors was sent to an asylum of sorts (he did go crazy after all).

  13. I thought the movie was well done. Despite the longer run time, I did feel that some scenes seemed a little bit rushed. I would have liked to see a little more screen time given to Gwen and Peter getting to know each other earlier on, rather than just one or two scenes. I also would have liked to see Uncle Ben’s death handled in a similar way to the original comics where the criminal that Peter fails to stop later breaks into his home and shoots Ben for trying to scare him away. I did think that they handled his death better than they did in the original movie though. I have a small pros and cons list as well:


    - Web-shooters – It was nice to see them in this movie. I think it was just downright lazy for Raimi to not include them in the original as they could have easily been written in and explained in the plot much like they did in this movie
    - The battle scenes – It was good to see Spidey take on a villain that actually put up a fight that lasted longer than a couple of minutes. The sewer, high school and rooftop battles were better than anything we saw in the originals save for maybe the first encounter with Doc Oc in SM2
    - The actors – I don’t need to say much here but the acting and casting in this movie was way better than the originals
    - The web-slinging – obviously CGI has come a long way, but this time around it seemed like they really captured Spidey’s slinging as it should be seen. The double web launches were awesome


    - I would have liked to see Spidey deal with running out of web fluid at some point. I kept waiting for it in the end sequence. I did like how the Lizard crushed his web-shooters though.
    - The campy scene with the crane operator. I felt that although the set piece with the cranes was cool to watch, the whole lead-in with the crane operators seemed a little too campy for a ‘darker’ and ‘more-grounded’ Spider-Man movie. It did seem a little too convenient that the guy who’s kid Spidey saved was exactly where he needed to be at the right time to help Spidey in the end.
    - The Lizard’s face – I think a lot of us would have preferred him to have the snout. It is something that should have been included and would not have changed the movie in any way other than to make it look better.
    - The Lizard men – I would have liked to see them wreak a little havok before being reverted back into humans

    All in all a great movie. I’d give it 8.5/10

    • The sewer battle???? That was incredibly short and as for short fights the burning building fight with Goblin in Spiderman 1 was more entertaining than the sewer fight imo of course.

    • I disagree about the snout. I’m glad they went with the Steve Ditko version instead of the Todd McFarlaine version.

    • Yes, yes, yes. I thought the film was great right up until the Crane scene. They should have just had the cranes conveniently in place for him. Instead, the crane operator was conveniently the guy who had his son saved by Spiderman and the operators were conveniently still at work.

  14. IMO a fantastic movie. Certainly in my top 5 comic book movies.
    I laughed so hard during the Stan Lee cameo that I missed most of the background fight. Best cameo so far for old Stan.
    I loved watching the fight scenes… the way spidey moved was perfect.

  15. All in all it was a good film. It was uneven and the structure was a bit off, but overall it was a very serviceable film.

    The main problem that I had with it was the fact that Uncle Ben’s death was used as merely a plot device instead of being the event that shaped Spiderman’s entire existence. Also, I would have liked to see more ambivalence on the part of Dr. Connors.

    The Villain (The Lizard) felt contrived at times. He never felt like a real villain and that’s probably because he never did anything.

    I’d hate to be the person that compares this to anything Christopher Nolan does but you would think that after Batman Begins and The Dark Knight and hey, even Spider Man 2 for that matter that more effort would’ve been put into this reboot especially for the fact that most fans don’t understand why you’re doing a reboot only ten years after the original came out.

    There was a real chance for this film to do something “amazing” and it didn’t live up to it.

  16. Let me preface what I’m about write with this; I loved this movie. I think that the actors nailed their respective parts, without exception. The visuals were fantastic and the overall feel of the movie had me emotionally invested throughout the entire film.

    Having said that, the editing in this movie was terrible and left me feeling not as though the movie was setting up future installments in the franchise, but as though very large parts of the story were missing.

    The first: What ever happened to Ratha after the scene on the bridge?

    The Second: It felt like the search for Uncle Ben’s killer was dropped and there wasn’t a continuing thread that lead the audience to believe that the question would be answered later.

    The Third: What happened to the SWAT guys between the time the Lizard exposed them to the Lizard Gas, and the time the antidote was administered via the cloud dispersion thingy? It seems to me like there should have been a short scene or two here that would have cut between the Spiderman/Lizard battle on the roof of Oscorp.

    The fourth: There were a few lines/scenes for the trailers that felt like they were huge parts of the story, if not the main story, that were completely left out or not addressed at all:

    The tag lines themselves: “The Untold Story” and “His past was kept from him. His search for answers has just begun” (This story has been told before. Though, in my oninion, better this time).

    The line:[from trailer] Dr. Curt Connors: Do you have any idea what you really are? (To Peter)

    The line: [from trailer] Dr. Curt Connors: If you want the truth about your parents, Peter, come and get it!

    These taglines for the movie and lines being left out/cut leaves the audience, or atleast me, feeling like I wasn’t getting what I was promised or I’m not be told the whole story and I’m definately NOT getting the “Untold” story.

    All in all, I guess what I’m saying is, whoever cut this together was either hoping the audience would be too dumb to notice or really bad at their job. All of the peices were there… but someone dropped the ball.

  17. i absolutely loved the film, i loved andrew garfields performance, the costume, the lizard, their fights (especially the library part!)netter than raimi’s in my opinion.

    btw rhino should be in aa sequel but how? the game takes place in the continuity and he is in it so he would have to already spiderman if he is introduced. electro sounds really cool but i think by himselfit wouldnt be so good so he should be with someone else (like the rhino!). green goblin for part 3. venom for 4 then his own spinoff. carnage introduced in post credits scene of his spinoff. carnage in part 5. and yes please put spiderman in avengers 3 (he is a new avenger (even though he operates on main team as well alonng with wolvey) and cant just jump in in part 2) at least put nick fury monitoring him on the news or on camera as a cameo

  18. Eh. The reviewer called Rami’s Spider-Man cartoony. Well it’s based on a comic book. This one was more WB-teen drama-y. The aborted storyline with Spidey’s parents was useless. The idea of “hey, we’re fixing those old movies by having mechanical webshooters” is for naught. Instead of inventing them as he did in the comics, Parker basically steals them from Oscorp. That’s not gonna lead back to you there champ.
    Emma Stone is charming, but Garfield doesn’t come off as a lovable loser as Parker, and his Spider-man is kind of an @$$hole. His whole hipster geek thing doesn’t work for me. Also, why does the high school look like it’s located in Beverly Hills?

  19. Liked the more realistic tone, the chemistry between Garfield and Stone in this film was top notch, Garfield was AMAZING as Peter, pretty much loved all the cast and thought they did great with the exception of Sally Fields and Curt Connors. Sally Fields, sorry but Rosemary Harris is a better Aunt May to me anyway. Connors was good starting out but when he transforms, I kind of lost the character, why didn’t we get to see his wife and kid (seeing both could have helped us care for Connors more). Also anyonelse felt they were watching Spiderman 1 when the bad guy starting talking to himself (Green Goblin) and not to mention I thought that Connors couldn’t control the transformations because in the 90′s cartoon series I remember he couldn’t control it after his first transformation. Also I agree with the screenrant review on the action, it wasn’t as well done as it was in the Raimi films, the sewer fight is super short and the end fight is anti-climatic, the high school battle was pretty sweet but I feel they need two directors for the next one, Webb can handle story and characters and get someone who has had plenty of experience to direct the action. I know its a trilogy or whatever but marketing it as the untold story when after you see the film it is still untold, because we learn like barely anything about what happened to his parents. I think during that scene at the end when Spidey is swinging after that but before the credits we see Uncle Ben’s killer hanging by a web in front of the police station, but that seriously annoyed me that he didn’t find him. I thought the film had great humor and acting was top notch but the Raimi’s Spiderman all in all gave a more well rounded origin tale. Btw Sony don’t ruin the secret end credit scene by putting it in the frickin trailer!!!!!!!!!

  20. Haven’t gone through all 3 pages of comments, so excuse me if this has been beaten to death already.

    Is anyone making a deal or even seeing the camera focus on Spider-Man’s blood trail? They clearly make attention to that. I can see they want to make it clear Spider-Man was hurt but they make it pretty obvious when he could barely jump, swing and etc after getting shot. Anyone else think this could be something to use in the later films or was it simply showing that Spidey was injured badly?

    Also… Anyone else getting the vibe that they are really going to go down the Venom route? Flash was very buddy buddy with Peter and wearing a Spider-Man shirt. If you haven’t kept up with the comics recently, Flash goes to war, loses his legs and becomes secret Agent Venom all because of his idol Spider-Man.

    They better develop Peter’s relationship with Gwen. Fast Forward a few years and make them in college or just freshly out. You have to introduce Mary Jane in the next one I’d assume, or hint at her in some way. And I guess that Morbious was in the cell with him. As to how he got out? Fairy Dust.

    Lizard should have been in his true comic form. I don’t care what people say, audiences would have reacted to it just fine. It would have made his character a lot more terrifying than it really was.

    The story was so so for me but the CGI, action and just having Spider-Man swing through the city made it worth it. The film really showed the scale and how huge the city is for Spider-Man to navigate through. ASM is leaps and bounds better when it comes to action than the last 3 movies. Bravo to Webb and the rest of the crew for presenting Spider-Man in the right way.

    • Also, the guy that robbed the store had a Tattoo star on his arm. Electro’s old mask was design with a star shape and his new design has that theme as well. I will give them credit for leaving a lot of stuff open, I know that makes a lot of people mad that there isn’t closure but it does give them lots of options for the future.

  21. Although I liked it overall (about even with the first Raimi flick, although very different in tone so i’m sure many will like it more or less than the original), it felt like 30 minutes could have been left out. Primarily the events around Uncle Ben’s death, it felt like they could have essentially used the same script from Raimi’s film and it wouldn’t have mattered. Some of the changes just felt like they were changed just to make it different than Raimi’s. But it did make more sense in this one (are there still amateur wrestling matches in NYC?), but just didn’t need the retelling IMO

  22. Pros:
    -Excellent chemistry between Garfield and Emma Stone
    -Appropriate atmosphere (Such as the technology in Oscorp and the darker skaterboy Peter Parker)
    -Balanced screentime (good balance to develop each plot point, with the main focus being Peter’s change into Spiderman, also the side plots of Peter/Gwen romance, Curt Connors/Peter’s Parents/Oscorp and the hunt for Uncle Ben’s killer)

    -Too many unresolved issues, similar to the Hunger Games. The movie was more like the first episode of a three part series. (What happened to Uncle Ben’s killer? What happened to Peter’s parents? Whose the man in the mid-credit scene?)
    -Somewhat unbelievable – i.e. Certain CGI scenes at Oscorp didn’t really fit well with the story, too many scenes where Peter doesn’t have his mask on(to allow Garfield to better convey emotion I assume), the crane scene towards the end