‘The Amazing Spider-Man’ Spoilers Discussion

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 The Amazing Spider Man Spoilers Discussion

While our readers are already talking about this movie in the comments section of our The Amazing Spider-Man review, this is the place where you can discuss Amazing Spider-Man spoilers without concerns about ruining the movie for people who haven’t seen it yet.

If you’re posting comments here, assume that anyone in the conversation has seen the movie – if you haven’t seen the movie, we would recommend you don’t read the comments here until you have. 

For an in-depth discussion of the film by the Screen Rant team check out our Amazing Spider-Man episode of the SR Underground podcast.

We’ve set up a poll below where you can rate The Amazing Spider-Man for yourself. Other than that, feel free to discuss the film and all its surprises!

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  1. So this is the spoilers dicussion? Okay… I might as well start out by saying it:


    • Man, I can’t wait for the sequel! if they decide to follow up with the original comic-story arc, then its going to be good. Gwen Stacy’s part is going to be traumatic if they choose to replay it, since its one of the most controversial plots in the comic world. I loved the movie! everybody clapped by the end of it.

      • in the comic the green goblin throws Gwen Stacy off a bridge, and Spider man in throws off a web-sling to try to save her, but instead she gets a whiplash from the pull of the web-sling and snaps her neck by accident. its one of the most controversial deaths in the comic -world… its going to be traumatic if they decide to go with this in the sequel.

      • theres no chance of Gwen dieing, Emma stone has signed to multiple spiderman movies! They got rid of the mary jane idea!

        • I don’t know guys, you can’t have Gwen Stacy without her death coming sooner or later (unless you’re Spider-Man 3, in which case you completely ruined the character). I think Mary Jane will be in the third one and Stacy will die at the end of the second. Even if she’s signed for multiple pictures, she doesn’t actually have to appear in a specific number of movies; she’s just on reserve should the studio need her. So after being in two movies and the writers choose to kill her off, that’s perfectly fine, as she’s essentially paid her dues.

          • Well in the comics Mary Jane is brought in to make Gwen jealous, and to mess with her so maybe what could happen is that Mary Jane and Gwen are both in the second or third (third more than likely) and towards the end Gwen dies, and for the next movie Mary Jane’s character has already been somewhat developed and she consoles Peter. Just an idea.

        • Well, Emma Stone did say she thinks her character should die in the next movie so if that’s anything to go by…

      • So did the people at the Swedish premiere here in Uppsala :D

    • I don’t think its Norman, a man (who is supposed to be dieing) mysteriously appearing then disappearing, even being as rich as he his doing that in a prison in his state doesn’t seem likely to me. Although Norman is likely to know about the Parker’s past since they used to work at Oscorp.

    • I think it’s Kraven the Hunter in the cell. I’m kidding, but he is one of my favorites behind Carnage and the Lizard. Well, I did always love Doc Ock too but he’s already been done.

  2. More of a question than a comment for you Kofi. Is there a post credits scene attached to the movie?

    • Yes there is. And it is quite confusing.

  3. Was there just the one mid-credit button or was there a post credit scene as well?

  4. Saw it yesterday.

    There is not much in the mid-credits scene. Not a lot of dialogue I mean. The only thing we know for sure is that one man (looking a little bit crazy) wants *not to leave Peter alone* in the future, but will *let him be* for a while.

    I think we should focuss on the symbols given by this scene. And for now, I have noticed two majors elements:

    - The lightning (striking twice)
    - The man appearing and disappearing at will (or so it seems)

    I think we can’t ignore those two. You don’t get to add a mini scene like this with no real content without throwing some hints on the vilain. I’m not saying the vilain they have in mind will be the one in the next movie, they surely could change it at the last minute. But it’s fair to assume we can already theorize.

    How about Elektro?

    I would really like to see a vilain like this in the next chapter.

    I know a lot think this is Ratha, but if that’s their plan, they took another actor to play the credits scene. Hobgoblin? Not sure. Not sure the audience wants another Goblin so fast. And just think of the color of the Lizard, and then the Goblin. We need something else for the sequel, not another green monster. So for Norman Osbourne, I say no. He wouldn’t have any link with lightning nor would he disappear at will. And he wouldn’t just go in the cell and threaten Connors, being sick as he was. Osbourne would have been on the other side of the cell.

    My prediction?

    A vilain à la Mysterio or Elektro for the second movie, building up for a Goblin/Osbourne being *cured* in the third installment. And since Connors is the only vilain to survive in the Spiderman movies (aside from Sandman, but seriously, SM3′s Sandman?), I think he still has a role to play, probably by helping Peter in a future movie.

    Oh, and don’t forget that Peter is the only one to know about the secret lab still in the sewers. It could also play a part eventually.

    And as for the movie, I loved it. Great special effects, great story, great acting, especially Andrew and Emma (together), and I did like the 3D even if there are lots of complaints. It was a beautiful AND an interesting movie. And thrilling as well.

    • That’s a pretty good theory, but I can’t help but think that it was just Conners talking to himself, because you could see the scales on his neck again. Much like the comics I believe that it turn out that Conners wants to help Peter but when ever he gets threatened he will turn into the Lizard. Which would be both great help to Peter if say Morbius was to come into the Sony’s cinematic universe. Even Kraven the Hunter would be a good reason to keep Conners seeing that he is a scientist and at one point Spider-Man alone can’t develop a serum for him, but Kraven’s wife helps with that. It wouldn’t be impossible for Conners to help in that matter.

      For the Electro theory I think that he wouldn’t be a major villan, he definitely has the potential to, but in “The Death of Spider-Man” even Peter says he barely ever gave him a moments thought.

      Mysterio is one of my favorite villains, but I doubt that they would include him as the major villain, Conners/The Lizard is bigger than Mysterio, but it could be reimagined.

      I think that the next villan could probably be Carnage. I say this because its mentioned that Flash could get a movie as Venom, meaning that if its reimagined to where the next movie takes place after graduating high school, like a lot of young people go to the military to pay for school Flash could go into the military being inspired by Spider-Man. In the mean time Peter is in college and helps pick up where Conners left off with his research when he comes across the symbiote, brought to earth via space shuttle (how it should’ve been), and uses the suit for a short time, without the whole gothic part, and gets rid of it or the government rips it from him. That way there’s a reason it has the similarities to Spider-Man. Then during Flash’s tour he loses his legs during an explosion, and is sent home. Then because he was such a decorated and honored soldier the government reveals to him that they have been using the symbiote with powers similar to Spider-Man’s, or that could happen during the Venom movie and bring both character’s together in like a “Spider-Man vs Venom” (Alien vs Predator type poster). It’s a way to lead into it, and we all know we want to see Carnage finally make his appearance on the silver screen.

      In reality it was left pretty much wide open for any other villain to come in for the sequel.

      • Connors talking to himself? I know he did in the movie, but we never saw another person. Why would they show us a person this time in the credits scene? And why would Connors says to leave Peter alone if he knows he’s in jail and can’t get to him? And it’s not like Connors was like Osbourne and have two big personnalities, one that like Peter and one that hate Peter. Connors likes Peter, and now that he’s off with the Lizard, for now, he wouldn’t see himself as a threat. Or else every person contamined by the serum in NYC would be a threat.

        Carnage is very interesting, but maybe too fast for a sequel. Like you said, we need to introduce Venom before (everytime I saw Flash I thought of him becoming the Venom eventually). I would love Carnage as a fourth movie villain. But of course, having Connors so involved since the first film helps for the rise of venom/Carnage!

        I think Elektro or Mysterio couldn’t be enough alone to support the movie, they’re not well known for everyone. But together, hmmm… I would love it! Their powers are interesting enough put together so that the audience appreciate the movie. Imagine, Mysterio, ohhhh gawd! It would be so epic! :)

        • Eddie Brock is Venom, I don’t think they would make a change that big to the story and Carnage deff can’t come before Venom

          • Well actually the Venom symbiote is used by more hosts than just Eddie Brock and in the new Venom series it uses Flash as his host, and Flash uses him for missions. Its a really interesting series. And of course Carnage can’t make an appearance before Venom but the symbiote for Carnage from Venom can.

    • I believe they wont bring the Green Goblin into the 2nd movie, the Green Goblin will likely result from an attempt at a cure for whatever illness he has. Because he was changed by an aerosol, it may be a variation of Doc Connors serum since they have plenty of it to work from.

    • They quickly cut to the figure hand and it’s covered in a blue glove. This guy took the antidote. So Norman Osborn is indeed a possibility

  5. @Vecto

    Norman is just that rich and powerful that he has people on the police force and or access to jail. That way they can have some test subjects….

    Im thinking of course it is Norman and his face is disfigured from the rejuv chemicals.

    Ok and im not a stickler for things but was the “Great Responsibility” phrase uttered?

    • I know Norman could have been in the cell, I just don’t think it makes sense. If you watch the scene closely, you see that he just disappears at the end. And I don’t know why he would have been inside the cell instead of outside.

      Plus, Norman is his boss. A dying boss. Connors wouldn’t have talked to him that way. It’s like he was afraid of what the man could do. I’m thinking the man already has some powers. Personnally, I would like to see a sequel with a vilain already in place, with no clear origin. Like the Joker.

      And the lightning. There’s no way to know if I’m right for at least a few months, but I think it’s important.

      And I don’t think Norman is up for being the next vilain. We need more build-up, and it doesn’t fit for the sequel. I think the plan is to have him on the third one.

      The *great responsability* was kinda used. Ben said it in other words, but it meant the same thing.

      • Understood but (and you remind me of someone else on the forums – not a bad thing) we cant look into everything as hidden easter eggs or hints to later down the line.

        While they are great/neat if it happens it is not always why something particular happened in a movie.

        Build up? Like what? We have a dying man that probably took some sort of serum that has adverse side effects. He knows (probably) Peter is SM and hires him at Oscorp only to see the relationship blossom between Peter and a coworker (Gwyn).

        All this time he is changing mentally and physically while trying to find a cure (expierementing on prison people he has inside help Dr. Connors) creating who (PLEASE) kills off Gwyn and Spidey saves the day.

        Norman decides to embrace the change and we get the 3rd movie.

        I just hope the people that wrote and directed the first one are not involved.

        It did not mean the same thing to someone as old as me. ;) To not utter that iconic phrase in a Spiderman movie is idiocy. (imo)

        • What do you have in mind? What do you think Obsbourne would create in prison? A mid-level villain like Elektro/Shocker/Scorpion? And then Norman/Goblin rises in the third movie? I don’t see what the big plot would be aside from killing Gwen. I actually like the sound of that, having Obsbourne trying to cure himself, again, testing on others, creating Elektro. But I would like it more if Elektro had already been created and was just waiting for his moment to shine, and maybe we’d get some flashbacks in the movie to explain what happened to him.

          Yeah, not everything is easter eggs, and my guess is that they aren’t sure what they wanna do for the sequel (but the script is written, right?), but they’re planning on bringing an electricity guy. It would be fresh and interesting for visual effects. But in a credits scene, everything is a hint, even if it may not end up like that. Just look at Green Lantern, the hint about Sinestro, but now I don’t really think a sequel will be made.

          And for having watched again the trailers for this SM, I realize there’s a lot that was cut at the last minute.

          - Ratha saying *d’you have any idea what you really are?*
          - The scene where Peter tries to enter the building where Gwen lives.
          - A footballer asking Peter if he wants to play, and Peter saying it’s too dangerous.
          - Etc.

          Obivously, the first one is more revealing. Seems like Ratha had a scene with Peter, and it was cut off the final movie. Or maybe he’s saying this to Connors, because he is also a kind of mutant…

          And don’t forget there’s a lot left to answer. The parents of Peter. We still don’t know a lot about them. I think they’re gonna be the main story of the first trilogy. And it will explain more why they were working on spiders amongst others living creatures.

          Also, the man who killed Uncle Ben was never found. So they’re keeping this plot as well.

          I think we should get to know Norman in the second one before his rise in the third. And during the sequel, having a villain like Electro or Shocker. And at the end of the third, Norman goes to prison (an idea I prefer to having them killed already, because it leaves the possibility of bringing them back, maybe all at once!) and Harry, introduced in the third one, rises to follow his father’s way. Gwen dies (at the end of the third, because we need a little more time to feel the attachment between the two of them, and then to feel how lost peter feels). And as we foresaw another Green Goblin with Harry in the fourth, we might get a hint about some Venom/Carnage, or maybe Mysterio!

    • 1. Of COURSE the audience clapped when it was over. It was OVER. Seriously, yeah, you think? A bunch of geeks and fanboys so committed to the movie that they would haul their asses out the night before the night before the official rollout?
      2. The fact that most of the lead comments are talking about the mid-credit scene tells you more than “the whole audience clapped.” It was confusing, I have no idea who it was.
      3. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE no more Green Goblin. This “Oscorp” crap with it’s messianic picture of the company founder is so comic-bookish. What actual company deifies its brilliant leader like that? You wouldn’t see a billboard or neon sign of Bill Gates or Steve Jobs–maybe at a convention, tailored by vendors–certainly not in their own corporate headquarters. Why did the Green Goblin become the next Lex Luthor–as if he’s THE Spider-Man villain. It took 4 movies to get to ONE OF the most signature Spidey villains.
      4. I missed the snout and DAMN THEM for putting him in a labcoat 2 or 3 times and never for more than a couple of seconds…it could have at least hung their in shreds for a bit of a scene.
      5. Sorry, dudes, like, wahayay too much reworking of the story here. Characters, generations, geeks, fine
      6. No, the “With great power” did not “make it into” this movie. That’s what sucks.
      7. Did I somehow miss it, or did he never find his uncle’s killer?
      8. Reworking the circumstances of Uncle Ben’s death was just wrong. Having Peter land in a boxing ring and never actually boxing–really really wrong.
      9. 3.5 was .5 too generous.

      • i am completely with you on this. They f***** up numerous times on origins.

      • I think what we are all forgetting is that this is based in a completely different UNIVERSE then the first Spider-man. The First Spider-Man (Sam Raimi) was based off the comics called “The Amazing Spider-Man”, Mark Webbs was based off of “Ultimate Spider-Man”. I feel everyone is trying to compare this re-boot as a re-boot of Sam Raimi’s film, when in reality that version of how Spider-Man got his powers is only ONE version of the story. But all the versions of how he got his powers follow similar events. He is bit by a radioactive spider, it gives him powers, the death of his Uncle propels him forward to being the hero he needs to be. The different between the comics of “The Amazing Spider-Man” and “Ultimate Spider-man” is EVERYTHING. “Ultimate Spider-man” is WAY darker then the other. In it Norman Osbourne is the Main antagonist, much like the Joker to Batman. There is more at play Osbourne is the puppeteer. If you look over the description of events for Ultimate Spider-man you will see that the villains have different origins and have different lives. Everyone just seems to be talking like it was horrible because it didn’t follow what origin they were introduced to in Sam Raimi’s film. People need to realize that there is more then one origin story in comic book worlds.

      • The character of the Green Goblin IS Spider-Man’s nemesis! Batman and the Joker! Spider-Man and the Green Goblin! If you are so hung up on the fact that they didn’t actually SAY the classic line, yet Spider-Man and the movie hammered it home over and over again…

        Incidentally, Peter landed in a wrestling ring.

    • that phrase was altered to be something like if you have the power to protect you have a responsibility to do so or something along those lines (don’t try and quote me on it). To be honest I never fully like the original phrasing of with great power comes great responsibility because Unc Ben has no clue Pete got super powers so making the phrase more applicable to everyone.

      • It was altered to where it was explained more, it had a deeper meaning than it did in the original series. It was said in the ASM much like it was said in Ultimate Comics – The Death of Spider-Man

  6. Electro is my bet for the mid-credits scene. The Lighting spells it out in my opnion.

    I would love to see Shocker/Electro in the next film.

    • I’ve never really liked Shocker, but Electro would be cool. The lightning is solid evidence that it could be him, but my first assumption was that it was Norman Osborn because he looked old (it was said in the film he was dying, which usually gives off an older appearance to grown males), and obviously has a connection with Connors since he worked as Oscorp.

      But in all honestly, that scene really didn’t make any sense at all.

      • Id really like to see the shocker, i think he has to come up at somepoint

  7. Norman was mentioned multiple times and the guy in the end of credits scene asked if Peter knew about his father. I feel like this points to the Green Goblin. In addition to this, the movie was true to the comics in many regards and it proved that they are willing to kill off the good guys if it happened in the comics (Captain Stacy). This being said, don’t you think that they will use the Green Goblin to kill of Gwen Stacy at the end of the sequel and bring in Mary Jane in the third film? I really feel like Spider-man is taking a leaf out of Christopher Nolan’s book: They use a lesser-known villain in the first movie and then once they have have a solid fan base, they bring in the main villain.

    • I agree that Norman will eventually become the Goblin, but I don’t think it’s for the sequel. Your analogy with Nolan’s Batmans makes sense though. BUT, and here’s the major difference between Nolan and Webb, the Spiderman movies don’t have a deadline. Nolan wanted to make three and stop, while Webb, or maybe other directors may go on and make more than three movies with this particular Spidey. If you see the franchise for the long haul, you don’t necessarily throw the biggest villain on the second movie. Let’s say they aim for at least 5 movies. I think Goblin should arrive on the third one. And then Gwen Stacy will be killed, and MJ would have been briefly introduced to be thr main love interest in the next films.

      And I hadn’t thought of the Shocker. That’s also a good possibility. I don’t know which one I prefer yet (Shocker or Elektro), but it’s safe to assume it’s a strong possibility.

    • Okay, Emma stone has signed to multiple spiderman movies, so they are probably getting rid of the idea for a Mary Jane. They are getting rid of the idea because Mary Jane character has changed so much and the character itself is too latered and weak by the previous spiderman trilogy that they disregard it in the new movies. I think the guy in the mid credits is the Norman OSbourne because he was present in the previous trilogy and i think they want to revamp the idea of the osbourne and bringing in Hob Goblin and such , so thats my pick!

  8. Did anyone else groan aloud during that stupid scene when the crane operators moved their cranes so Spidey could get to Oscorp faster?

    • yes but my groan was not heard above people cheering and clapping…. go figure.

      • That scene was just completely unnecessary. Spiderman could have just as easily gotten there using the buildings on the side.

        • Again just one of the things that made this a subpar movie (imo).

          1. Cranes
          2. Guy in Limo. What happened?
          3. Webs, really Parker could buy a box of the line from Oscorp?
          4. The phrase was not uttered
          5. Bens shooter not caught
          6. Everyone finding out Peter is SM. (thought Alfred was going to pop up)
          7. Spider fighting…
          8. Never actually seeing Norman. (not cast as they want to see if the movie does well?)
          9. Everything at night. (seemed like they were hiding something)
          10. Flash.
          11. Death of Stacy would have been better from a street level thug.

          It had a few nice moments. Stans appearance was fantastic, attempts at jokes were better but still not on a SM par.

          It jsut overall felt unpolished and rushed.

          • I’m unable to recollect “the guy in limo” that you people are talking about. Anybody care to explain the scene?

            • Lizard on the bridge.

            • The guy who fired Conners.

            • The limo was one of the cars hanging from the bridge by spideys webbing

          • I always thought Spider-Man fought like a spider/acrobat so I was pleased.

            • Yes and no. He is fluid and agile. But I never recall him scampering around webbing as he goes like he did in the school scene with the lizard.

              Bouncing around, swinging around, jumping… yes.

              Next thing you know he will be hiding under a manhole cover waiting to snatch bad guys… ;)

              • @Aknot, i would pay to see this.

          • So much pointless points made here that are just so irrelevant.
            Who cares what happened to the guy in the limo?
            The shooter was likely left open on purpose to be come back in the sequel.
            No one other than Captain Stacy saw Spidey’s face. You’ll notice he hid his face the whole time and that’s what made the scene quite impressive.
            Was the phrase really that much of a big deal?
            What was wrong with Flash’s character..?
            The fact everything was done at night added a sense of realism and a darker and grittier vibe to the film.
            Fair point though, the cranes scene was irritating.

            • Yes, Cranes lined up on a single street working on different buildings is much less believable than getting super powers from a spider of a man turning into a lizard

              • Somehow, it really was less believable.

            • “Who cares what happened to the guy in the limo?”

              It was a fairly strong plot line in the movie. That is why some people may care.

              It was the reason Dr Connors took off and possibly had less of a lab to work with only deepening his condition.

              Also that man in the limo was also I believe on his way to see Osbourn to possibly give him the serum and or news about the serum.

              Also the Lizard was after him but just gave up? Killed him? Tracked him down later?

              Everything at night adds realism? For that why not shoot all films at night so they can all have a sense of realism?

              Spiderman is not a dark and grittier character why try to add that vibe?

              Was the phrase that big of a deal? Yes it was. It is a pivotal phrase in the growth of the character and iconic throughout the years.

              Couldn’t put my finger on it but Flash was…. meh. Seemed like he was there just to be there.

              Why would the shooter come back in the sequel? Again him catching the “burglar” is a pivotal growth point in the character.

          • Aknot
            I agree with you on all except the spider fighting, which I thought was done very well.

            I would add:
            1. Captain Stacy’s death scene (“ok, you’re gonna die here, so, just close your eyes and go limp, should only take half a second of film”)
            2. Connors/Lizard’s motivation – any explanation for would have been good (at least say that the gene splicing serum makes you mad – anything)
            3. reptilian mouse – did Peter just let it go? kill it and bring it to Stacy as proof? Or just kill it because it looks evil, anything.

        • I did not like the movie, so you know.

          I think Spider-man is meant to be more “realistic” and swinging from building to building would be a lot harder and more awkward in real life. The Raimi movies didn’t sweat it, but this is Spider-man Begins. Otherwise it’s because he had been shot in the leg. (Why were the cops shooting at him? I don’t know. Seemed excessive to shoot at a fleeing, unarmed ‘suspect,’ in the back)?

  9. For any of you who may not read the comics or own a marvel encyclopedia like this guy, I know a lot about the the marvel universe. Curt/lizard doesn’t die, he helps him out a few times. But he also has access to his lab after a possible breakout from his cell in jail/mental institution. He recreates his lizard serum and terrorizes the city from time to time. As far as the movie review goes, this movie kicked ass. I loved it. It’s blew raimi’s movies out of the water. They screwed up the trilogy in my opinion. They were good, just not accurate but in the slightest. Although I did miss seeing harry in ASM. He should have been in it in some way or another. The only possible choices for the sequel villain could be Normie(of course), electro, mysterio, allistair smythe(he was in the video game), tombstone, and maybe kingpin. That’s who I think anyways. Curt will more than likely have a role in the sequel as aid to spidey. Another option for the mysterious dude could be Fury but it may not be the black one cuz petes dad and mom used to work for the cia with fury before shield was established I believe. It all boils down to if you know the characters well or not and if you know their annuerisms*. I know my characters well but that mid scene thing was too open for damn near anyone. Unless somewhere in the movie it mentions possible villains names out of nowhere. Overall tho, I thoroughly enjoyed the movie and its accuracy. I’m a stickler for accuracy when it comes to comic book movies. That’s my two cents. I would love to hear input from anyone. O yea, whichever movie they do decide to bring Normie and his alter ego in, that means the end for gwen. She dies in every comic book alteration. Thanks for reading if anyone is actually reading this.

    • I loved the movie. Batman and Spider-Man have been my favorite heros since I was a kid and when word broke about the Spider-Man reboot I was ecstatic. I felt this movie finally did Spider-Man justice on the big screen in comparison to the other three films.

      First, we had a Burton/Nolan debate and now we have Raimi/Webb debate. To each his own, but I thought the trilogy was silly, borderline stupid at times. The current film is not without it’s flaws, but what movie is perfect?

      To simply put it, I’m one very happy Spidey fan.

      • Very well said Timm, I completely agree.

    • I agree completely. I have always had a fondness for Spiderman. He and Daredevil are definitely some of my favorite Marvel Heroes. Mysterio seems like a better guess for a villian, Shocker is too small time and not worth Spiderman’s time (as mentioned in all the comics, games, etc.) Alistair Smythe is a very interesting choice for a villian since he created the Spider Slayers. And with this movie they combined The Amazing Spiderman storyline with Ultimate Spiderman, so his origin and and parents death is a little different with what is normally seen. Bolivar Trask, while mainly being an X-Men villain, pops up all the time in Spiderman. I’d love to see the rivalry spring up between Eddie Brock and Peter, especially since their dads worked together in the Ultimate universe. All in all it was a great reboot, had a few bumps but was worth the money. Sequel villain will most likely be Mysterio, Electro, Alistair Smythe

    • YES, I really hope they bring in the kingpin and have him fight a few small fries to start off with then having the kingpin have them all attack spidey at once. Plus having spidey save Wilson Fisk before Spidey finds out hes the king pin and having to deal with those consequences would be a nice aspect to add in there. One of the lesser bad guys used could be the Hobgoblin who’s flyer was made by Oscorp (which Osborn later improved when he created his own). At the end they could setup Norman to take the serum to cure his illness and turn into the goblin for the 3rd movie which gwen could be killed off in. They should also bring in Mary Jane, who I believe is one of Gwens Friends and the death brings Pete and MJ together.

      • Unfortunately, I think the Kingpin is currently licensed to Fox along with Daredevil. Its unlikely he could find his way to Sony, though Tombstone made a suitable stand in in the Spectacular Spider-Man animated series.

        • That’s too bad, the Dare-Devil was (imo) easily the worst super hero movie followed closely by electra and the punisher (again imo). Wasting the King Pin (Spidey’s Lex Luther) on DD was sad.

    • Anyone thought the guy mid credits could be Loki an the thunder was Thor or is that just wishfull thinking as I knew Sony on spidey

  10. I left after the mid-credits scene. Was there more?

    Mysterio seems like a better guess than Elektro — and Shocker is too lame/obscure for movie treatment, IMHO.

  11. I havnt cn it yet but im one of those dudes that loves hearing about spoilers b4 i watched da movie (no sarcasm intended) i jus prefer ta b smarter than ppl wen i go to c it lmao im prolly seein it tonite or later in the afternoon then ill post my own lil spoiler comment lol btwww if i had ta choose one of my sll time spidey villains is electro, so lets c if dat happens

    • “i jus prefer ta b smarter than ppl”

      Please focus your superior intellect on spelling and sentence structure. Reading this made my head hurt

  12. @vecto shocker definitely won’t be in it cuz shocker uses sonic waves or some kind of waves. He’s a small time guy too. Barely good enough to make the reserve roster for the sinister six. Lol Herman shultz I think is his name. I know too damn much. Sorry everyone. Don’t mean to bore anyone.

  13. How can you spoil a movie where every major scene is shown in the commercials….

    I am tired of the film industry showing anything from the third act in the advertisements like when Hulk grabs Iron Man, that is like the last few minutes of the movie…

    The worst offender ever was The Grey, the scene with Liam Neesom and the wolf with the bottles on his hand was the very last seconds of the movie before it fades to black…

    I will not be seeing Spiderman in the theatres because I have seen most of the movie in the ads…

    • Dude I can’t believe you just spoiled an entirely different movie on this page. Your comment out to be rubbed by Kofi or whoever. FRIGGING WARNING CREEP, but on the other hand thanks for sparing me a viewing. It was on my “C” List but still. way. uncool.

    • How can you criticize a movie for revealing all the best parts in the trailer IF YOU HAVEN’T SEEN THE MOVIE YET?! Dude… come on.
      Also, (and this might seem like a ~crazy~ idea ;)), if you don’t want to be spoiled, don’t watch the trailers!!

      Sorry for sounding condescending and rude, but really man, it’s nobody’s fault but your own.

  14. It’s still worth seeing.

  15. It’s worth the admission price. I thought it was a fun movie but for some reason, I always think that they should never reboot something that came out not so long ago. I kept trying to just enjoy the movie but I couldn’t help but think about Raimi’s version. I loved “Spider-Man” when it came out but this new version is not so bad. Couple of thing that bothered me:

    1. Like people said before, Peter buying the webbing from Oscorp just kind of annoyed me.
    2. Not many scenes portraying Parker as a intelligent teenager.
    3. The famous line that is one of the greatest quotes ever in literature, not being at least said once, was disappointing.
    4. The way things got resolved quick. (i.e.) Peter discovering his new powers. Uncle Ben’s death.

    Other than that, it was a great movie. can’t complain because it’s way too hard to please such a big fan base for this character. Just my 2 cents.

    • He didn’t buy it, he created his own variation.

  16. I’m looking forward to seeing this either later today or later in the week. I DO, however, find it quite funny (and quite telling) that most (certainly, not all, but MOST) of the comments in the SPOILERS thread have to do with the mid/post-credits instead of the film, itself. It’s as if many of you saw the film and have already moved on to the next one.

    It amuses me… :P

    • I could be wrong but I think it has to do with the fact that everybody is very well versed in the whole origin of spidey regardless of the variations this movie interpretation may have added, slightly altered. I think people are happy it was a good movie but are more excited at the prospect of were the story can go as that will be fresh and new (hopefully).

      Personally like a modified sinister six type angle for the next one. The mid credit scene is in a prison and many of spidey villains are criminal upgraded in one way or another. Electro would be different but why stop there rhino/scorpion would be great in my opinion. All oscorp “experiments” being thrown at spidey.

      I always liked the story line tht had peters mutation grow out of control as its unstable and have him essentially turn into a giant man spider. Connor and the secret lab could save the day so to speak.

  17. end

  18. The movie surprised me, I actually thought it was going to be okay but it was really good. Was anyone else surprised on how Andrew Garfield was so great in this movie?

  19. I’m glad this movie got a 3.5 review score as it should have. Many things in the new spiderman weren’t right and were missing. What was the point of having mechanical web slingers if he never ran out of them? What ever happened to the guy in the limo who fired conners? Who was the sick man they were trying to save and why was he so important? Too many people saw spideys face. How did his parents die/ disappear. The fighting was confusing and lame. I understand they were trying to make it look realer/darker but don’t next time cuz it doesn’t work. Peter and Gwenn were like 2 little kids around each other and peter cryed alot (thats what u get with a romance director). What was the point of turning others into reptiles if they never showed any other reptiles? I can go on. Another thing I noticed was that it copied alot from raimis spiderman movies 1 and 2. Conners DID have split personalities same as osborne. Peters uncle died from a thief that he let go(in a very similar fashion). Conner suddenly becomes good at the end same as dr. octavious. Personally, the original spiderman 1 and especially 2 (spiderman 3 was bad)were much better movies. It had much more awe inspiring moments and didn’t try to be so dramatic.

    • Oh and as for the actor, he did a great job but he could have got a little bigger for the role he looked as skinny as a spider in that suit.

    • Bobby I’m sorry but if you don’t know who the “sick man” (Norman Osborne) is, you opinion isn’t really worth jack. And all the things “copied” from Rami’s movies were because they apart of the Spiderman story from the comics. Dr. Conners helped Peter bc he is friends with Peter, but struggles with the evil personality of the Lizard. As for certain things that were unexplained and not shown, that were Hollywood expects us to still have an imagination and doesn’t have to show every little scene to make the audience understand the point. The infected people were not shown bc it had to be clear that Spiderman needed to disperse the antidote and not merely give it to the Lizard. I though this movie was amazing as per the title! Ive been a huge spiderman fan since the comics, shows and the movies. But like Nolans Batman, i never realized what these movies were missing till i saw it with some real world colours and grit.

      As for the mid-credit scene i don’t even feel that it sets up a villain, but more so a plot that Peter’s parents did more then just couldnt cure Norman. Althought at the time i was hoping to see some Mysterio magic!

      I would love to see Webb start combining villains in moves. Like having smaller villains like Rhino, shocker and scorpion in little fight scenes. Cant wait to see the next one!

      • I agree. Something like the sinister Six. Maybe only three of them, maybe others being referenced to, and maybe they’d cross over in later films.

        • Maybe it was just in the cartoon from the 90s, but i though Peter’s parents were double, if not triple agents working for a government org., athough it’s been a good 15 years since I saw that arc so I’m a lil fuzzy on the deets.

          • After looking it up on wiki it said they used to work for shield, that’s where they met each other and they went undercover as double agents to stop the red skull.

  20. I saw a prescreening yesterday, and I will just say that while I enjoyed the film AS I was watching it, once it had time to settle in my head, it left kind of a bad taste in my mouth – and I’ll tell you why. There were just a few huge discrepancies that really bothered me.

    - Curt Connors was a good man and his brain mutation or whatever happened that turned him evil wasn’t explained well enough. Then at the end they just brush him off by sending him to jail. It was my understanding that transformation into The Lizard comes on and off with the randomness of the Hulk. As well, I didn’t believe that The Lizard was sentient. I didn’t like how Connors as the Lizard had an obvious (and really kind of weird) agenda. The Lizard is…well, a lizard that is giant. A dinosaur, more or less. Maybe my facts are wrong, but that didn’t seem right to me. I just wish the “Lizard not being voluntary” angle was played out, so it could have been Connors’ cross to bear.
    - It was already said, but the guy who shut down Connors did not get killed but instead literally just got left swinging in the wind in his car.
    - No J Jonah Jameson at all. Unforgivable.
    - Peter Parker was rather unlikable
    - If you think about it, the guy who wouldn’t sell Peter Parker the milk at the shop is indirectly responsible for literally every bad thing that happened in the film. Really, consider that. None of this would have occurred if he hadn’t just gotten so hung up with 2 stupid cents. It would have been satisfying to see The Lizard disembowel him.

    And most of all, Gwen Stacy’s life got completely and irreparably ruined – in two ways. Think about that, too – her dad died and her mentor (and meal ticket) Curt Connors went to jail within the same day. Now what does she have left beyond the relationship with Peter Parker who she barely knew less than a week before the final showdown? And if this new franchise follows the comics, we will see Gwen Stacy get killed by Spider-Man himself. Peter Parker has and will literally destroy Gwen Stacy’s life, and it’s unfair.

    Just my thoughts. Bring on Electro, please. He is my favorite.

  21. this movie sucked if you’re an old school spidey fan, even the 90′s. if all you know is ultimate spidey and twilight and stuff then you’ll probably like it. IMO it was the worst spidey yet.

    • what the hell does ult spider-man and twilight have in common. You’re opinion is rendered useless. I enjoyed the movie. I never liked Spiderman as a superhero but his character is written well. I have no real gripes about the movie since it was a fun ride. The only part I didn’t like was when the New Yorkers helped him with the cranes. As someone who lived in NYc my whole life, that would NEVER happen. All we’d do is selfishly stand by and watch. One more thing…Emma Stone is still gorgeous even with blond hair.

      • Crazy part is, she is a blonde. Just that EVERY movie role keeps saying, “lets make you a redhead”

      • In order for something to be “rendered useless,” something has to actually render it useless. Nothing you said invalidated the above opinion.

        People comparing it to Twilight are likely talking about the current trend of “high schooling” things up in order to attract teenage girls with overdramatic romance. Ultimate Spider-man is also trying to reel in a younger crowd. Having Marc Webb direct, really only known for the romantic 500 Days of Summer, is pretty good evidence that this is the case.

  22. I tire of the “hero gets disabled” angle on all, especially Spider-Man, superhero movies. Let’s see…there’s the depressed and hated by the public so hanging up my “unitard” angle. There’s shot in the leg, there’s he/she/they/they all know my secret identity. There’s my relative is in danger/my relative was just killed. There’s I have an evil mutant alien something in me/after me. There’s suddenly I can’t stick to walls, suddenly my webbing fails, suddenly the bad guy shorted out my webslingers. Geesh. I know war is hell, but aren’t our heroes supposed be larger than life? Enough with the kryptonite, kryptonite is a sign of a lame-ass hero.

    • Chill the hell out…sheesh

      • Is this guy actually complaining about a hero overcoming an obstacle to save the day? THAT’S WHAT MAKES A HERO A HERO(super or otherwise). The fact the Superman’s only weakness is kryptonite is the reason i dislike Superman as a Hero, he never has to risk anyhting which doesn’t make for a good hero.

  23. B-b-but I LIKED the crane scene (especially the music). I thought it was great and emotional. Yeah he could’ve gotten to Oscorp using the buildings, but as emphasized in the movie, Spidey was srsly hurt, he could barely climb up the building. He needed a more direct way to get to the building.

    ANYWAY, I loved the movie. The Lizard was kind of disappointing, but Garfield was an awesome Spider-man/Peter Parker. I was really impressed with both his and especially Emma Stone’s performance.

    I wasn’t expecting them to kill of Captain Stacey just yet. I thought that would happen in the sequel. I was actually pretty sad. Denis Leary was really good in the role.

    I was pretty peeved at how much the trailer gave away. Like when they were fighting over injecting the antidote or toxin, there was almost zero tension as the audience already KNEW which one make it in the end thanks to the trailer. The action was also kind of rough around the edges, but I generally really liked the fluidity and agility that Raimi’s Spider-Man lacked.

  24. Was I the only one who hoped tht it could have been jackal? I mean considering the fair amount of time spent on the bloody hand print of Peter that was left behind after he was grazed by the bullet in my mind suggests maybe the cloning will come soon? Or maybe its just the love of the scarlet spider talking lol

  25. The credit mystery man was the Chameleon! Think about it, he’s sneaky enough to get in and out of jail cells, has the whole “men who wear masks” connection, and could tie nicely into Peter’s parents’ mystery.
    But overall, this reboot was SUB-PAR! None of the characters felt true to their comic book counterparts, and there were TOO many loose threads left for a movie that promised us the “untold story” of Peter’s origin!!

    • I was thinking exactly the same thing!

      Chameleon is one of my favourite Spidey villians and he could be great in a sequel. Perhaps pair him with a second villian as his enforcer, a second tier (Rhino/Shocker/Scorpion) badguy or someone like Kraven (the connection is there)… Maybe even have him appear to be the mastermind only to reveal him working for Norman or Hammerhead(or other NY Gangsters)

  26. This was a waste of 137 minutes in my opinion worst spiderman movie to date if webb and company are back for the next reboot sony will not get a penny of my money!!!!!

  27. when i was watching the post credits scene on youtube i freezframed it and it looked like the mysterious guy was wearing a smart kind of a hat can u think of a spiderman villain who wears smart hats

  28. Fan-f***ing-tastic. Now THATS how you do a Spider-Man movie. Very well done. And love that it leaves some mystery to it. Will be seeing it again and probably again. BTW, did anyone else’s theater play The Dark Knight trailer twice, back to back? Cinemark was a lil screwy with that lol.

    Also, the few names I heard bounced around my theater were Norman, Otto, Chameleon

    • I don’t think they will bring in chameleon before Kraven.

      • Chameleon and Kraven arent exactly dependent on each other to work. The relation is cool but you can have one without exploring the other as opposed to say introducing Carnage without mentioning Venom

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