‘The Amazing Spider-Man’ Producers Planned for (At the Very Least) a New Trilogy

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amazing spider man andrew garfield The Amazing Spider Man Producers Planned for (At the Very Least) a New Trilogy

Now that The Amazing Spider-Man has web-grabbed the record for the highest Tuesday opening in box office history (an impressive $35 million), and continued success expected throughout the coming weeks, some moviegoers are already looking forward to more Andrew Garfield Spidey action. Critical response has been equally enthusiastic (read our Amazing Spider-Man review) as many reviewers claim the film is the best Spider-Man movie yet – even if it does retread a lot of story beats from Raimi’s first installment.

The other major criticism levied against Marc Webb’s The Amazing Spider-Man is the film’s attempt at paving the way for future sequels – at the expense of the current narrative arc. However, according to producer Matt Tolmach, that was the idea all along – claiming that  the filmmakers have “at least three” movies planned.

Audiences will notice the current film is unapologetic about setting up larger story beats and subsequently withholding resolutions for the already announced Amazing Spider-Man 2 (set for release on May 2, 2014) and, assuming both films perform, other installments down the road.

According to Tolmach, who spoke with SuperHeroHype last week, the producers didn’t approach The Amazing Spider-Man as a standalone project:

“We knew that it was going to be more than one, and at the very least three. We’re going to let this movie tell us what the story is.”

The film’s Facebook page made a similar assertion in a recent post:

“It’s finally here! The Amazing Spider-Man is the first installment in a movie trilogy that will explore how our fave hero’s journey was shaped by the disappearance of his parents.”

The notion of a larger Parker-family storyline is evident for anyone who has seen the current film and, in keeping with Marvel-based movies, a mid-credits scene foreshadows other potential plot points for the sequel(s). That said, it’ll definitely be interesting to see how reactions to The Amazing Spider-Man movie “tell [the producers] what the story is.” Presumably, this means that if the Emma Stone/Andrew Garfield relationship fell flat or viewers complained about Webb’s approach to The Lizard villain, the producers and screenwriters (including fan-favorites Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci) might adjust the planned trajectory of the franchise to accommodate different options.

Spider Man Web Slinging in Amazing Spider Man  e1336150156462 The Amazing Spider Man Producers Planned for (At the Very Least) a New Trilogy

Of course, even if Sony wants to present The Amazing Spider-Man as the first installment in a new film trilogy, nothing is set in stone at this point – since the movie (or its scheduled sequel) could fail to bring in enough money to justify keeping the series going. Though, don’t count on that happening. Movies don’t just make money at the box office or on store shelves – especially a kid-friendly film like The Amazing Spider-Man which will pull in truckloads of dollar bills through merchandising.

Purely from a business standpoint, it’s unsurprising that Sony is positioning the wall-crawler for another trilogy – since the studio is required to make a new Spider-Man movie every five years (or the rights revert back to Marvel). It’s a tricky business scenario that we detailed in our article Why are the Spider-Man Movies Starting Over? As a result, having learned from past mistakes (i.e. inflated budgets for the Raimi film trilogy), Tolmach’s “at the very least three” comment is pretty telling – meaning that Spider-Fans could see the series extend well-beyond a trilogy (with a possible Avengers 2 cameo thrown into the mix).

If you want to talk about the future of the franchise, head over to our Amazing Spider-Man spoilers discussion and check back here at Screen Rant for future updates.


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The Amazing Spider-Man is currently in theaters.

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 is web-shooting for a May 2, 2014 release.

Source: SuperHeroHype [via Coming Soon]

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  1. I’ve noticed a lot of people belonging to 2 camps regarding the Spider-Man movies:
    (1) “I loved TASM. Raimi films were crap. Thank god we finally got a good spider-man.”
    (2) “Raimi’s films were awesome. I hate how they had to reboot it. TASM sucked.”

    Why do we have to choose? I personally loved TASM, and I loved the Raimi trilogy, which I grew up on. I even liked Spider-Man 3, which was a fun and action-packed movie, albeit disjointed at times. I’m a fan of all superhero movies, and if a good quality superhero movie comes out, I’m not afraid to say I enjoyed it. You don’t have to compare it previous films or vice versa. Just enjoy the movie for what it is, and that doesn’t mean you have to forget about Raimi’s movies either.

    I liked the previous Spider-Man movies and I liked the Amazing Spider-Man. There. The end.

    • I do love the Raimi trilogy, but I’m not close-minded to the reboot. I simply thought this was a bad movie. I could tell it was a sincere effort, whereas I think Green Lantern was more of a cynical calculated “money-grab” with no real passion. But this was bad. It was glum and slow. I completely disagree with anyone who says the Raimi movies lacked emotion, or as Kofi Oulaw used the word “hollow.” If anything it was an amped up hyper-emotional (which the early comics were also, both effectively IMO). This movie generated zero emotion for me. I was so annoyed and bored with it. The scene in Spider-man 2 with the girl offering a piece of chocolate cake and a glass of milk to Peter packed ten times the emotion of this entire movie.

      Not trolling here. Like it if you will. If you liked it, great.

      • I guess we’ll have to agree to disagree. I personally thought there were a lot of moments in this film that packed an emotional punch. I’d list them here, but this is not a spoilers discussion, so I don’t wanna ruin things for those who haven’t seen it yet.

      • I still don’t agree. The 90′s animated series was more serious and (dare I say) gritty than the Raimi films. When a cartoon has a more interesting and compelling plot in one episode than an entire movie, then something must be wrong.

      • “If anything it was an amped up hyper-emotional (which the early comics were also, both effectively IMO)”

        Then you’re opinion is unvalidated. The amazing spider-man stayed true to the early comics while the others did not even come close. Everything was changed for hollywood hype and appeal, which you clearly bought. It was nice to see this movie stay true to the story and I hope it continues in the trilogy and they re-do the Green Goblin properly and actually have him kill Gwen Stacy.

    • My opinion is to either put in Electro, or Carnage. Except have Carnage come from a different person (not Eddie Brock Jr). Just rumors I have heard.

  2. I liked Raimi’s trilogy it was just a different Spidey universe and it was more of a drama, TASM was very good it reminded me a lot of the Ultimate Spiderman comics, which were awesome, hope they keep doing it and intertwine with the Avengers like in the comic, they’ll need all the help they can get

  3. I enjoyed Spider-man III tons more than this. In fact I’m going to actually purchase it. I recently watched the first two movies again with a niece and nephew who had never seen it. Okay the six year old boy mostly wouldn’t pay attention unless Spider-man was fighting, but the 11 year old girl was completely into it, especially all the melodramatic side stories (which I think effectively amp up the stakes of the action). She turned to me at the end of the second movie and said, “tell me you own the third one.” She wants to know what happens.

    This movie won’t “stick.” Marvel has to be happy. I think it is a sincere effort, but it’s going to “fail” like Incredible Hulk or Superman Returns. That is, it will win comic-fans loyalty like IH, and it will make money, like SR, but this movie, to the chagrins of fans, will renew interest and loyalty to Raimi movies among the general public.

  4. They ALWAYS say they’re planning a trilogy or more. Unfortunately it seems like the sooner and more earnestly they announce it, the less confidence they have. They’ve already scheduled ASM 2, and I expect within a week they’ll announce that a team is writing the sequel.

    I don’t see a big chance of a sequel, but there are some factors to consider. I think this movie will make money but not a lot. I think they might want to take a chance, believing they’ve got the origin out of the way and the series will build over time. On the other hand, this is an expensive movie (didn’t look it IMO). They had originally said they were going to make quickly produced “smaller” films with a budget of less than 100 mil per film (a great idea IMO). But I can’t see them wanting to spend more on the next movie.

    The other factor is the “rights” contract. Columbia doesn’t have another option. They can’t reboot. They can’t make a “bad” movie just to keep the rights, I imagine Marvel has some say in quality for it’s brand.

    I think Marvel will have the rights back within ten years or less, maybe sooner. If they continue this style into a sequel, it won’t last to see a trilogy.

    • Well, ironically it will take probably 10 years to find out. If they do make a sequel it will be in <5 years and if that bombs they will let the time expire and not just turn it over prematurely, so another 5 years after that.

      • What is the time limit for them having a movie in production? Are you saying it’s 5 years?

        Unlike you Mongoose, I actually saw the movie (I’m assuming you haven’t), and I’m not strongly for or against Marvel getting the rights back, except that the production would feel more settled. I just want a good Spider-man movie. Or more anyway. I ordered Spider-man III. I watched the first two with a niece and nephew and the older one immediately asked to see part 3. Also, ASM made me appreciate Raimi even more. Whatever the problems with fidelity, SM 3 entertained me in theaters, and Raimi managed to tell every single one of the stories in it. Overstuffed and too goofy at times, I won’t argue.

        Anyway, I expect they’re going to make a sequel. This movie will make enough money, and there’s a lot of room for improvement. ASM II might be great.

        • From what I know they have to begin pre-production no less than 5 years after the launch date of the last one. This is, of course, second hand knowledge since I have never actually seen these contracts with my own eyes.

          And I didn’t feel I could, in good conscious, continue to discuss the movie so I saw it today. (my review of it is in the most recent Spider-man thread)

          I also agree there will be a sequel. They have made 341 mil. thus far so they are well into the black and everything else is pure profit. More than enough to justify making another one……stupid movie watchers! Not that it matters too much because Marvel wouldn’t be doing anything with the IP (other than maybe a cameo) for quite some time. They have a LOT on their plate and planned for the foreseeable future.

  5. TASM was a good movie, I’m not saying it wasn’t, it looked good, the acting was good and as a story about ‘insert hero here’ it was OK. It wasn’t about Spiderman, if they were going to do a story about Spiderman they should have done it about Spiderman, not this.

    The whole point of the Spiderman comic books was about a guy that nothing went right for, he got picked on, never got the girl, etc. Once he got ‘power’, instead of using it for profit or to get even he learned to use it to help people -end of story. Even after using it to help people, things still didn’t go right for him, and yet he still continued to do the right thing, this is what made the character so easy to relate to – Raimi totally got this.

    The point these guys don’t seem to get is there is no other way to tell that story, there’s no point to the character without that story. Hey maybe once Nolan is done we can have Batman show up as an average guy with a great family life?

  6. Yo guys I’m just curious about this for the sequel casting and all, most likely they’ll include Mary Jane (hopefully Emma stone isn’t playing her I like her as Gwen and all) but and this is just a thought I had, I noticed in this movie they tried to use young stars who were rising up in popularity from Stone to Garfield and it got me thinking about MJ could any of you picture Jennifer Lawrence playing MJ and doing a good job, can you picture her with red (died hair) and the famous MJ attitude could you see her doing a good job. Just although there are photo shopped images of her as MJ online if your interested. I can actually see Mary Elizabeth Winstead as MJ but hey that’s just me let me know what you think about that. And who do you guys think would make a good Harry, and of course Jameson (said with anger and hatred in my voice like they say Newman on Seinfeld lol). I ironically say Dave Franco for Harry again really ironic and still thinking about Jameson maybe John Slattery or even David Schwimmer watch the first episode of Band of Brothers and you’ll understand why. They were right when they said Jameson is the hardest to cast man its hard to picture anyone but Simmons playing him huh and it’s funny because he only played him for a few minutes in each movie and were all so attached huh lol, but hey anything is possible right let’s see what they come up with. Oh and I’m just curious why is everyone suggesting Electro for a villain in the sequel he’s a cool bad guy but I wouldn’t say he’s on the level on Venom or the Green Goblin i probably sound stupid but what makes him so bad please let me know I’m interested.

  7. I think Kraven is a great villain for Spider man I’m not sure how he’d fit into this new series but if they use him in the sequel I say Jason Momoa would make an awesome Kraven

  8. I think Electro will be the next villain. I don’t think he will be the only villain. I think Norman will be introduced and transformed into The Goblin based on the Ultimate Comics. Connors will be a major part and will be The Lizard again. Gwen will break up with Peter and then Goblin will kill Gwen and will introduce Mary Jane. Peter will work for The Daily Bugle and Jonah will be a hostage. Lizard will help Peter an they will save NYC

  9. @Ezra,
    I am the kind of guy that likes to compare things, such as Spiderman and Batman. I know that Christopher Nolan is the best Batman director (in my opinion). I feel more like Sam Raimi’s Spiderman did a better job. You can like both if you want, but I agree with you on how Sam Raimi’s Spiderman wasn’t crap. I even think it was better. Just my opinion on this. Please Sam Raimi, come back for more Spiderman. All I have to say.

    • @Spider-man fan

      I hear ya man. Raimi’s films has somewhat of a nostalgia factor for me personally, as I very much grew up on those movies. Also, the CGI was fantastic for its time, and I loved the theme music. But overall, I think I prefer Webb’s take. I liked the darker tone, the individual performances, and the action. While it did retread over many plot points of the original series, very often too much so, it was a pretty good movie IMO.

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