Sony Schedules ‘The Amazing Spider-Man 2′ Release Date

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The Amazing Spider Man 3D Logo Marc Webb Sony Schedules The Amazing Spider Man 2 Release Date

Marc Webb’s Spider-Man reboot, The Amazing Spider-Man, is still eleven months away but while fans debate how much first-person “Spidey vision” they’ll be seeing in the final film, Sony (through subsidiary Columbia Pictures) has been busy firming-up a date for another Spidey sequel.

While the jury is still out on Webb’s first Spider-Man film, as well Andrew Garfield’s portrayal of fan-favorite nerd Peter Parker, Sony is planning another round of web-slinging action for May 2, 2014.

The brief report comes courtesy of The Wrap – confirming “Sony has set a May 2, 2014 release for the second ‘Amazing Spider-Man.’

The announcement certainly seems a little premature, considering it’ll be almost an entire year before we know whether or not general audiences are ready to embrace an all-new Spider-Man franchise. However, given the number of superhero films already rumored for the 2014 slate (Captain America 2, Dr. Strange, and Ant-Man, among others), it’s not entirely surprising that Sony wants to mark Spider-Man on the calendar – ahead of potential competitors.

The Amazing Spider-Man trailer certainly hints at possible sequel potential (especially the mysterious exodus of Peter’s parents). Of course, at this stage of the game, any information about the sequel (director, storyline, etc) is purely conjecture – though, if Sony is listening, Electro (or a more satisfying version of Venom) would be near the top of out list of potential villains.

Still, there’s no doubt that, over the course of the last twenty months (since we first learned Sony would reboot the Spider-Man franchise), fan response to The Amazing Spider-Man has been somewhat mixed – with some moviegoers complaining about everything from the casting to the costume, the director to the use of 3D, and the list goes on. As a result, coupled with the short time period between the prior trilogy and the new franchise, it’s hard to know if general audiences will be just as picky – will they miss Tobey Maguire’s portrayal of the character? Will they be confused by the romance between Gwen Stacy (Emma Stone) and Peter Parker? Not to mention, in a genre over-saturated with origin stories, will moviegoers lose interest after sitting through a second Spider-Man creation narrative – only a decade after Raimi’s first film?

The Amazing Spider Man Trailer Sony Schedules The Amazing Spider Man 2 Release Date

It’s a strange time in Hollywood where even commercial failures like Green Lantern or lesser-known characters such as Thor (at least when compared with high-profile favorites like Spider-Man or Batman) have seen pre-production sequel development begin before a first installment has even finished a full box-office run. Time will tell if if studios can genuinely keep churning out sequels to superhero properties in rapid succession (get ready for Iron Man 3 and Thor 2 in 2013). However, given the exciting footage we previewed at Comic Con 2011, it’s likely that, as far as The Amazing Spider-Man is concerned, casual moviegoers – much like the press and fans in Hall H – will be won-over by Webb’s film, paving the way for Sony to make good on their May 2, 2014 sequel.

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The Amazing Spider-Man web-swings into theaters on July 3, 2012.

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 is web-shooting for a May 2, 2014 release.

Source: The Wrap

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  1. All YOU PEOPLE Here don’t understand is that it’s f**king Spider-Man and the film will make alot of money based on that alone…You can even make a spider-man soap and it will still make more money than half the movies this summer, so why not plan ahead when they know the film will make money anyway.

  2. And just like the first Spiderman 2, because there was no origin story this time around… the movie will be epic

    If they ever kill off Gwen Stacey that will be the most powerful scene of all time

    • I think they should have the scene where Gwen dies from the whiplash or green golbin from snapping her neck, but either way, it should follow what in the Amazing Spiderman comic book.

      • This version of Spider-Man is actually being highly based off the comics. And unlike the majority of fans for this movie, it would only be right for her to only die in the hands of Carnage.

      • This version of Spider-Man is actually being highly based off the comics. And unlike the majority of fans for this movie, would only be right for her to only die in the hands of Carnage.

  3. Sorry but for me, my spiderman will always be Toby McGuire.. He was a perfect Peter Parker.
    Why all the re-do/remakes? Doesn’t Hollywood have any original ideas left???

    • Why? I found McGuire depressing and boring… the REAL Spidey has always been a fun-loving joker… even in the midst of battle (he even manages to crack a joke when things get quite serious)

      • Seriously. Last time i heard spidey cracking jokes in a fight in a tobey spidey film was when he was battling bonesaw in the wrestling match.

        • My point exactly… the Spider-Man films were badly written (not enough humor) and they cast the wrong actor (McGuire isn’t funny)

          Any fan of the Spider-Man comics will say the same thing: ANY Spider-Man movie should have a lot of humor and a funny actor… because that’s who Spider-Man is (a funny guy – not some emo).

          • @The Avenger, I agree 100%. The guy who played as the apprentice in “The Sorcerer’s Apprentice” with Nic Cage reminded me of Peter Parker all throuout the whole movie. Everything about him, the science geek thing and cracking apropriate jokes to the situation was Spider Man all the way.

            • I actually didn’t think of him (but now that you’ve mentioned it… I agree, he could’ve made a great Spidey :D)

              • I will join in my fellow comic book geeks and agree that Tobey (although a decent actor) didn’t nail the role of Peter Parker/Spider-Man. It wasn’t his fault though, so don’t blame him. The writers for the original trilogy made it that way….and Sam Raimi was originally a horror/thriller film director… the odds were all against the Peter we all wanted to see……but in the new Spidey film, I know for a fact we will see alot more humor….Judd Apatow (one of the guys behind Superbad, Knocked Up, Pineapple Express….all the great Seth Rogen movies) actually wrote alot of the Web-head’s jokes for ASM…..can’t wait for that…..but they have to do some cheesy one liners….just for the sake of the comics…

                (mugger tries to shoot Spidey)
                Spider-Man back flips onto a wall
                SM- “Dude, watch the threads!…You know how expensive dry cleaning is for these tights!!!”

                • I respect your ideas of jokes. Here’s one for the same situation;
                  SM- Hey! Don’t point those things on me. They might go off!
                  Guy robs bank:
                  SM- Guys, I don’t care how much the rent sucks, hostage situations won’t change the land lord’s mind.
                  Venom meets Spidey:
                  SM- Ya know, you see those identity theft commercials on TV all the time. But you just NEVER think it could happen to you! :P

  4. I don’t know if Sony is being arrogant, optimistic or just a good Boy Scout (always be prepared) but I won’t be seeing either in the theaters. I HATE the ridiculous and nonsensical gold soles/gold eyes and I saw the trailer in the theater yesterday and noticed Parker was sewing his suit (that any Hollywood costume designer would be jealous of) in his bedroom? Really? Give me a break.

    Adding back in the traditional web shooters but then changing other things for no reason is just beyond irritating.

    • Gold Nikes aside… :D Parker is intelligent. VERY intelligent I mean he creates his web shooters and the gunk that goes in it.

      Why cant he be intelligent and creative enough to sew his own costume?

      What other things are they REALLY changing that brings it beyond irritating?

  5. Didn’t another studio test drive this ill-advised path with another comic book hero called GREEN LANTERN only to find out its not wise to count your box office sales before the opening?

  6. Am I the only one who feels that superhero movie sequels haven’t been as good since Spider-Man 2? (excluding Nolan’s Batman flicks) There just too excpected these days. Its sad, really, because I’d rather have one solid film, than have several bad, milked-out sequels.

    Money, money, money…

    (Also, Maguire > Garfield as Peter Parker so far. Maguire’s performance felt genuine. He was a believable geek with a rough life and a high school crush. He wasn’t some pretty boy wearing fake nerd glasses.)

  7. don`t make spiderman have web parachutes or huge solid web balls please also use your imagination to make the films as realistic as possibility but that doesn`t meen use the most realistic/weakest villains just means imagine the most realistic way for spidey to take down his villains as if were a reality.

  8. b*llsh*t though who the h*ll other than maguire can portray the hero although i won`t be asking the original cast to return as the trilogy can`t triumph over the woundbursts by the crash of its 3rd part.

  9. P.s. one thing i don`t recall about the spidey franchise-as if harry actually knew spidey killed his father when he didn`t see the actual scenery himself?

  10. I like maguire as an actor, but I didn’t think he was a great actor as spiderman. Its gonna be hard but I think this movie will be better than the originals. I think garfield will nail the role and the writers will nail the script. As for the villains I would like to see in this franchise, the , ones I wanna see see the most are electro, shocker, scorpion, mysterio, kraven, venom and carnage . I like rhino but don’t see him on the big screen. I wanna see dock ock and sandman again but we don’t need them because they were already used and there’s a ton of villains for spidey. My top 5 choices are ( in no order) 1. Electro, shocker, scorpion, mysterio, and venom. Who does everyone else wanna see?

    • 1 carnage 2 venom 3 hob goblin 4 scorpion 5 electro

      • cant make a movie with carnage or venom by themselves without eachother cuz that wouldnt make sense from what i understand. unless they fought by themselves in the comics (a part which i may have missed?)

  11. If Sony is looking for stuff, they should introduce Norman and Harry Osborn, J. Jonah Jameson, & Mary Jane in the 2nd movie and have Harry and Gwen hook up and have Vulture be the villian. Then in the 3rd have Green Goblin, Liz Allen with Peter, and all of them ahould be graduating high school. Gwen would get killed by Gobby and he would die and Harry would get mad at Spidey. Then in the 4th, have the symbiote suit, Black Cat, Kingpin vs Tombstone gang war, Eddie Brock, Mary Jane with Peter (break up). Then in the 5th, Harry would use his dad’s Goblin stuff to go after Peter. Venom would be the main villain though. Then Harry would try to help Spidy defeat Venom because he’s too powerful and dies trying. Venom dies as well and Peter and Mary Jane get back together and the movie series ends.

    • i agree with Shedlock for his first few ideas but wen he hit #4 it was crap. if the symbiote comes in u MUST hav venom/and/or link it to(spidey n venom team up to take out carnage) first,cuz thts the only way it was done. thn if u want king pin can play a role. but they gotta make sure gobby n spidey go at it with gwen on bridge(very powerful chapter) cuz we all know its coming.if they can pull together Shedlocks first 2 ideas n do som giv and take with mine they should have a ***PERFECT*** series.
      SONY LISTEN TO ME !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    • why not?


    The Amazing Spider-Man villains: Lizard (main) and Proto-Goblin (secondary).
    The Amazing Spider-Man sequel #2 (The Spectacular Spider-Man[?]) villains: Green Goblin (main) and Dr. Octopus (Secondary), Eddie Brock cameo but no Venom yet, Rhino and Vulture ten second cameos apiece in the beginning of the movie. Also the death of Gwen Stacy and introduction of Mary-Jane Watson.
    The Amazing Spider-Man sequel #3 (The Ultimate Spider-Man[?]) villains: Venom (main) [Carnage?], Electro (Secondary). Mary-Jane and Peter get married, NO SPIDER-KIDS LOL.

    • your plan for the next ASM is good but to kill gwen stacy is like to kill spidey.let her be spidey gf until 3rd ASM.and for mary jane watson i can’t figure who is best actress to take this lead. need somebody young and famous. emma stone was the perfect casting as she is young. yeah i know there is a lot of actress out there. just dont have the confidence if lets say that actress could not perform like emma. should be mary jane is alot more character than stacey.anyway your choice of villains is good.

  14. I think they are doing this whole Oscorp thing in the trilogy. Like in the first movie they have Lizard and Peters parents who work at Oscorp. In the second film they will introduce Norman Osborn (not as gobby), Mary Jane, and Harry. In the second Norman will try to recreate a spider serum but the accident will cause his fellow worker to become Doc Ok and cause Max Dillon to become Electro. In the third film they will have the goblin and he will kill Gwen and her father. Peter in anger will almost beat gobby to death but will stop, as with great power comes great responsiblity. Him and Mary Jane will bond over Gwens death but wont date unless they make a fourth movie. They shouldnt make venom as although he is a great villan, they cant fit the whole venom arc in a movie.

  15. I enjoyed the orignal series but Tobey didnt get the role of Spiderman right. Spidy is supposed to make funny jokes during fights. although he can be serous he shouldnt be all the time

  16. In my opinion I think they really should have the green goblin in the sequel and he would have to kill Gwen Stacy and piss off spider man
    Also they should make the green goblin be a real evil character more than the way willem dafoe played him more like evil incarnate similar to Heath ledgers portrayal of the joker that would be cool

  17. ASM was a bang!!!!thank you SONY for having faith on the reboot. so whats next????i’m a spidey fan & i’m getting to know what ASM 2 story would be like. for sure gwen stacy need to survive this 2nd movie. because of her sweet smile make spidey alive. not to mention in comics its spidey 1st love…or no need to kill the actress. why must we follow the old spiderman. for me if could ASM different from old spidey. coz in ASM some part of the movie follows movie spiderman. i feel it really kill the movie coz hey i’ve seen this b4. so just make a new one. that will bring more curiosity of the audience. this will make them feel eager to wait the next movie. for 2nd ASM, put villains like the Kane or Chameleon. next ASM3 put villains like the jackel for clone saga and bring peter parents.
    no need to bring green goblin.but in ASM “osborn is dying” need to deal with that first. if sony have more money make the 4th with goblin and doc ork. this is when gwen stacy dies…so more emotional involves here. end of story. how’s that?

  18. second movie should be hobgoblin BEFORE green goblin

  19. Look everyone’s comments won’t change hollywood films in general. We all know Spiderman films originally weren’t great as the comic books were different. Yes Amazing Spiderman is a much better story. Bottom line is Hollywood films are extremely commerical nowadays, they are running out of ideas very fast and personally I think most Hollywood films are s*** compared to years ago they were great and had the best screenwritters, directors and producers for the job.I hate remakes unless its been over 30 years from a original. I just don’t like remakes that come out a few year after the originals. Just makes Hollywood look crap, yet they make millions of money. To sum everything up, the american film industry is running out of good ideas for a film rapidly.

  20. Venom. Just Venom. Spider-Man 3 was a much needed film, I’ll give Raimi that much. But he went to push the envelope with Venom. He’s SUCH a deep character, with an infinite of potential. But, 3 things wrong with Raimi’s death trap of a threequel. A. He never explained or explored the character. The comics made him a man with nothing to lose. He had lost his job after giving the wrong story out, his home had been evicted. He needed a way out: Spiderman was his way out. But, Raimi rushed the character. He just made Brock an ass. Insulting Peter’s work, trying to take his job, and Topher Grace? Really? Great hippie, horrible villain. B. The design was sloppy, at best. Eddie had resulted to wanting to kill Peter after SPIDEY crushed his camera. PLOTHOLE. And a gaping one at that. The costume was strangely unenjoyable, with the moving eyes, which worked in the comics, but killed the CGI to the point where you could tell there was a computer behind it. And I don’t care how much you want to make up the lost face time, peeling back the Venom mask just to see Eddie’s face for a few short moments doesn’t make for a good ending. C. Emo Parker. Funky ’70′s dance montage aside, the suit was supposed to make you realize there isn’t always right and wrong, that the suit was almost fully in control, not make Petey a jerk to the point where you want to fight with Franco when he does that sarcastic, egotistic “ooh”. Plus, bad writing alert; if it’s attached to the suit, why is he naked when he struggles to remove it? If its attached to his skin, why is he able to hang it up in his wardrobe? Pull it together, wash the crap out of your frontal lobe, and for God’s sake, make MJ acknowledge the fact that he punched her prieviously, because she wasnt aware of the symbiote before hand. C’mon, any sensible female would nag a guy’s attention span to a bloody nub after taking a spider-strength jab in the jaw. She’d be a jabber-jaw(notice chance at pun, jump on it)! No, she wouldn’t. She’d be DEAD. Worm food. Pushin’ daisies, cuz the “proportional strength of a spider” should have kicked in. He was obviously pissed, so what does any man with a sack o’ balls do when they’re pissed? He hits as hard as God gave him the strength to. Adrenaline would have made it even harder, so MJ would be flipping him the bird from heaven. Ass to the hole.
    But enough rant. Webb did a fantastic job on the Amazing spider-man. Raimi did great on the first two, but Webb made me CRY when Ben was shot. No movie has ever done that. I dont cry. But I was a babbling brooke when the blood was on Peter’s hands, literally and ironically and metaphorically. So his writing was PHENOMENAL. He could redeem Venom. Also, he should follow something along the Ultimate symbiote suit. His father might have been working for OSCORP, developing a cross-species to contribute in amplifieing a soldier’s abilities, but was scrapped when it demonstrated symbiotic properties. This is ideal. I’ve had my say. (P.S. holla if ya want the sequel to be named “Spectacular Spider-Man”)

  21. more spider man part 5 no more of spider man harry will come back part 5 or is dad all friend what spider mam . harry dad what spider man part 5 putt me in the movie my name by bryan fife and spider man
    last movie part 5

  22. Actually to be honest I’m looking forward to a second amazing spiderman. I thought Andrew played a great spiderman I loved it. It had humor in it. I didn’t think Toby was a good spiderman way to serous and depressed. I’m totally in love with the new spiderman. Just my opinion everyone’s is different.

  23. amazing spiderman was a really great film and cant wait to see the second movie.

    I say in the second movie we should have venom and carnage but also have the introduction of the human spider mutation (that could be explained by the alien symbiote mutating his DNA when he had the alien costume on).

    This can lead onto the third film and in the third film have the lizard again along side with doc oct and kravan the hunter

  24. Thor was not a failure, i feel thar it was an out standing movie and that Chris Hemsworth did an excellent job…

  25. i think the reboot film…is the…the story plot is much real life of peter parker..that make the character fell live … i mean come on…peter is genius… right… ,on what i see… in the old spiderman movie…. no such thing gadget…can show him the way to be super heroes and they say on the movie… have to learn love stuff…. is difficult more then chemical lol…the reboot is more better from that old one…anyway in the spiderman saga from it first edition marvel comics… already have that kind of knowledge.. -_-’..what do you think…old movie…is more gay…not smart and genius enough?..for the record..i have see…the making..the reboot use the stuntman real actor on action…like real heroes on the road same like iron man movie…have to wear the iron clothes..damn.. i dare to say.. that the heavy one :)…

    in the future i want to see..scorpion,electro,rhino or carnage and keant with jackel.. hope maybe they will make..more cool stuff in peter web shooter =.=”

  26. but what i see..on the ending from the reboot version …may be morpheus is the good candidate for the second reboot on the amazing spiderman 2..:)

  27. That’s what i think it’s the better solution:

    If Sony will go for a trilogy, we know from now that MJ will be a sort of cameo in the second chapter and will play the entire role in the third chapter…
    there are several ways to do a trilogy:

    1) in the 2 movie, peter fight electro as a minor villain and goblin makes his debut and eventually kill off gwen; in the 3 movie, peter fall in love with MJ, with a possible battle with villains as Venom (the real one!) or/and Hobgoblin.

    2) in the 2 movie, norman can be just introduced, to get to know his personality. Meanwhile, Peter fight electro and know MJ, but do not likes her yet…Peter an gwen’s relationship gets stronger than ever, and that leads to…the 3 chapter, in which we can see Norman taking the role of goblin, in then kill gwen. If sony will go for a version like that, i think that goblin should be the only villain in the movie, because the story of gwen’s death is very deep and strong, it must be detailed…
    personally i think that if they kill gwen in the 3 film, the emotional part will be stronger than any other super hero movie, because in the 2 movie we saw them fall in love so deeply!
    and then, maybe the 3 movie can end in a way like this: after gwen stacy dies and peter blame himself alot…the screen obscure, and we see Pete and MJ together, after he forgave himself for gwen’s death.

    *but i think that kind of ending would be too poor for a TRILOGY…’cause the story between pete and MJ can’t be cutted…

    then i was thinking that maybe they will do a double-trilogy:
    the first one culminating with gwen’s death, and the secon one starting with Pete and MJ…

    i’m looking forward to see the sequel, and i want toooo much action this time!

  28. It was epic. Really good graphics

  29. I want Electro, Shocker, and Kraven, as villians for the movie and action figure toys for the movie.