Sony Schedules ‘The Amazing Spider-Man 2′ Release Date

Published 4 years ago by , Updated February 10th, 2012 at 12:16 pm,

The Amazing Spider Man 3D Logo Marc Webb Sony Schedules The Amazing Spider Man 2 Release Date

Marc Webb’s Spider-Man reboot, The Amazing Spider-Man, is still eleven months away but while fans debate how much first-person “Spidey vision” they’ll be seeing in the final film, Sony (through subsidiary Columbia Pictures) has been busy firming-up a date for another Spidey sequel.

While the jury is still out on Webb’s first Spider-Man film, as well Andrew Garfield’s portrayal of fan-favorite nerd Peter Parker, Sony is planning another round of web-slinging action for May 2, 2014.

The brief report comes courtesy of The Wrap – confirming “Sony has set a May 2, 2014 release for the second ‘Amazing Spider-Man.’

The announcement certainly seems a little premature, considering it’ll be almost an entire year before we know whether or not general audiences are ready to embrace an all-new Spider-Man franchise. However, given the number of superhero films already rumored for the 2014 slate (Captain America 2, Dr. Strange, and Ant-Man, among others), it’s not entirely surprising that Sony wants to mark Spider-Man on the calendar – ahead of potential competitors.

The Amazing Spider-Man trailer certainly hints at possible sequel potential (especially the mysterious exodus of Peter’s parents). Of course, at this stage of the game, any information about the sequel (director, storyline, etc) is purely conjecture – though, if Sony is listening, Electro (or a more satisfying version of Venom) would be near the top of out list of potential villains.

Still, there’s no doubt that, over the course of the last twenty months (since we first learned Sony would reboot the Spider-Man franchise), fan response to The Amazing Spider-Man has been somewhat mixed – with some moviegoers complaining about everything from the casting to the costume, the director to the use of 3D, and the list goes on. As a result, coupled with the short time period between the prior trilogy and the new franchise, it’s hard to know if general audiences will be just as picky – will they miss Tobey Maguire’s portrayal of the character? Will they be confused by the romance between Gwen Stacy (Emma Stone) and Peter Parker? Not to mention, in a genre over-saturated with origin stories, will moviegoers lose interest after sitting through a second Spider-Man creation narrative – only a decade after Raimi’s first film?

The Amazing Spider Man Trailer Sony Schedules The Amazing Spider Man 2 Release Date

It’s a strange time in Hollywood where even commercial failures like Green Lantern or lesser-known characters such as Thor (at least when compared with high-profile favorites like Spider-Man or Batman) have seen pre-production sequel development begin before a first installment has even finished a full box-office run. Time will tell if if studios can genuinely keep churning out sequels to superhero properties in rapid succession (get ready for Iron Man 3 and Thor 2 in 2013). However, given the exciting footage we previewed at Comic Con 2011, it’s likely that, as far as The Amazing Spider-Man is concerned, casual moviegoers – much like the press and fans in Hall H – will be won-over by Webb’s film, paving the way for Sony to make good on their May 2, 2014 sequel.

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The Amazing Spider-Man web-swings into theaters on July 3, 2012.

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 is web-shooting for a May 2, 2014 release.

Source: The Wrap

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  1. Interesting. Seems like a waste of money to plan on making a movie when you don’t know if it will succeed or not. So many movies are looking at becoming franchises now instead of just one good movie. I do have to say though, Ben, the web-swinging and web-shooting jokes at the end were kiiiiinda corny ;)

    • It’s easier to plan ahead and be prepared for the success, than to be taken by surprise and having to work around the actors’ other schedules.
      If it doesn’t succeed, they can always just cancel the sequel with minimal damages done.
      The advantages of planing early outweighs by far the disadvantages :p So I think they know what they’re doing, this is probably quite common.

      • But then you have the Green Lantern situation where the first one doesn’t do well, and now they are already so far in the planning stage that they will likely go through with a sequel, which is yet another waste of money. However, it was made by WB and they’re gonna make a lot of money off of The Dark Knight Rises anyways

        • They had ambitions to turn Green Lantern into a franchise comparable to Star Wars. If they break even (they have yet to release it in Europe), it still has potential under proper direction. Right now it was a mess with no proper direction, if they can address that, they can probably make it a more enjoyable movie.

          Some would give up, some still believe in their investment. They are either taking a bigger risk by not giving up, which could still pay off financially, or they end up digging themselves into a bigger hole.

    • My Spider-sensabilties must just be especially playful today!

    • I just want to say that carnage for the new spider man would be sick!

  2. The same thing happened with the previous Spider-Man series too, if I’m not mistaken. Spider-man 3 had a release date way before Spider-Man 2 got released.

    I don’t think it’s a bad move. It’s clear that Sony wants to keep Spider-Man as an ongoing movie franchise, and the actors are in no doubt contracted for more than one movie. Planning ahead only helps making sure that everyone is available when they need to, so there is no schedule conflicts and recasting.

  3. Meh.

  4. Such a money-grabber. Capitalists pigs. JK, but yeah, it seems a little fast and business-only oriented decision.

  5. Vultrue for villian,anyone?

    • Nah, I’d actually like to see Mysterio. I mean he looks stupid, but it would make for a trippy movie!

      • @cmb Not a bad idea!

      • yeah he would be a pretty good villain

      • I’ve always wanted to see Mysterio on the silver screen, but I’m actually hoping he won’t get into these current movies :(

        • He would have to be done very well for it to work. He can be very corny and melodramatic. I remember a run that Kevin Smith had on Spiderman many years ago with Mysterio as the villain. It was a great run and made me a huge fan of the character. If they do a good job with Mysterio there’s the potential to do something that really stands out cinematically. Plus who doesn’t love some good fishbowl head jokes?!

  6. Setting a date for the sequel is just promotional tool
    to help create positive buzz about the first release.
    As if what insiders have seen make it inevitable.

    I doubt any serious money will be spent before
    seeing how the first film actually performs.

  7. disney and marvel need to file lawsuits against fox and sony to get their properties back, this is ridiculous. marvel barely does a good job with their films but at least there is chance of seeing these heroes together.

    • There wouldn’t be a case: Marvel SOLD the rights for Spidey and the X-Men to Sony and Fox… everything is legal (lawsuits would be a gi-normous waste of time).

      I’m sure Marvel will eventually buy the film rights back (they have already started to do so), but for now, Marvel just wants to focus on the Avengers, and I think that’s a smart move.

      Oh, and before I forget ;) : “marvel barely does a good job with their films” – heeeyyyy! Don’t you dis Marvel. They do a GREAT job with their films ;) :D

  8. i wasnt so sure of alot of things about this film, but one thing i know is im probably going to really like garfields peter/spiderman. he gave a great little speech at comic con about what spiderman means and how much the role itself means to him and it upped my enthusiasm about him and the movie a whole lot.

  9. I’d like to see morbious or the maximum carnage story in the sequel that would be awesome and a better spidey suit

  10. Mysterio.

  11. Marvel Studios should get his rights back so they can incorporate him into the Avengers. I’m weary of setting up a sequel so soon.

  12. Possible Villain ideas for the sequel. Beetle (Abner Jenkins.) Boomerang. Supercharger. Electro. Jackal. Mysterio. Rhino. Scorpion. Carnage. Enforcers. Hammerhead. Hobgoblin. Hydro-Man. Kingpin. Kraven the Hunter. Mister Negative. Molten Man. Morbius. Shocker. Silvermane. Alistair Smythe. Vulture.

  13. Hobgoblin and Jackal, I mean they have teamed up recently in the comics.

  14. Mysterio would be an awesome villain,but I think/thought that they should have Tombstone as the main villain pulling the strings behind the scenes for the first two movies,kind of like how it is in The Spectacular Spider-Man cartoon.

    • I don’t know. Oscorp is in the first installment. I think that’s your string-puller.

  15. Im not to excited about this movie to begin with but if any villian is going to be in it and would makes sense as a follow to the Lizard then it should be Kraven and let the Hunt begin, still one of the best story lines in Spider man comics

  16. I think a variation on the Sinister Six or the Enforcers is a good bet for this franchise. I also think the inevitable introduction of Norman Osborn in the sequel(maybe teased at in this one) will shed light on the disappearance of Peter’s parents.

  17. Thor is’nt lesser known and it was critically and box office hit marvel is confident that’s why they planned a sequel!

    • You’re misreading part of that sentence – it says commercial failure OR lesser known character. Green Lantern is the failure and Thor is the lesser-known character. Two separate ideas.

      For casual moviegoers, until this summer, Thor wasn’t nearly as recognizable as characters like Spider-Man, Iron Man, or Captain America. If it wasn’t for his role in the Avengers, it would have been a lot longer before Marvel would have attempted a Thor movie. The point is they started pre-production on a sequel before they knew it was a critical and commercial hit.

      That said, I’ve updated the sentence to clarify my point – and avoid further confusion.

  18. As long as they don’t start production before the 1st movie is released I don’t have a problem with this announcement. It’s a small way of the studio saying that so far they like what they see with next years film.

  19. Really hope we get a darker gritty version of Dock Ock in the sequel and maybe introduce the osborns, and the symbiote being brought to earth and studied by scientist and parker, then in the following sequel maybe Scorpion, and Green Goblin. i just really hope to see Dock Ock again but done better,love that character and the Lizard.

  20. Someone is confident in themself…

  21. I didn’t know Sony got into the chicken counting business.

  22. how about stop making movies all studio`s/companies around the world for a while and look at the problem`s we`re dealing with, such as food and home shortages, diseases spreading all around the world, cancer(a.k.a., has any blogpage on this rant mentioned laura ziskin who recently passed from which type?) not only from viruses and bacteria but from air pollutions as well as water rottening and people dying in tsunamis and earthquakes and our economic/systematic straightness issues we`re striving to endure+stabilize?

    • @John k., while I agree with what your saying, there are sites and forums specifically geared to what your saying but this isn’t one of them. ANYWAY… WB do this same thing with Green Lantern,”Yeah , we’re planning a trilogy”, and look at what happened. It actually DOESN”T make a studio look GOOD by over shooting themselves like that, it makes them look bad. It may look “good” in the studio’s eyes but to the public, it looks like they are rushing to get the movies out no matter what without seeing the results and of how the public feels or reacts to their intitial production. You want to know how people react to your product FIRST, before you start making more or over shooting yourself too soon so you can correct mistakes, change tone or hire/fire people etc. That said, I hope Sony’s Spiderman bombs. Marvel Studios all the way. And Marvel Studios should’nt be helping or consulting Fox or Sony like they did with “X-Men First Class” all they’re doing is making the studios have a stonger hold on the franchises by upping the quality.

      • Although I agree with what you said (“Marvel Studios all the way!” :D), I do see why Marvel would consult on the Spidey film: Marvel has a lot to loose… if the movie bombs, the whole Spider-Man franchise will loose money – people will have less interest in the comics and the merchandising , but if the movie is a success… Marvel gets more people who are interested in Spider-Man (which means more people to buy comics and more kids to buy action figures, etc.)

        • Fact of the matter is, it’s all the same studio peeps that make all the Spidey films. All they did was swap out the director for a yes man and younger cheaper actors. Nothing wrong with that except the people behind it are the same tired old peeps calling the shots. All you have to do is take a look at the credits and you’ll notice all the same names. Pathetic.

    • I’ve said that before as well. But movies are buisness. They exist to make money for the studios. You might as well ask why Microsoft is spending millions of dollars on the next Windows, or why is Sony spending money on the next playstation? If you feel the money could be better spent, dont see the movies. Take the money you would have spent on movie tickets and dvd’s and donate it to charities which look after that sort of thing.

  23. is anyone aware that the side backround of this rant space blocks part of the comments we post?

    • I’ll talk to our dev guy John. I don’t have that problem, but we’ll try to replicate it for you – and see if we can get it fixed.

    • What browser are you using? Because I know it does that on Windows Internet Explorer 7.

      (Try using the latest version of Windows Internet Explorer 8 or my personal favorite browser: Google Chrome).

      • I wanna see the vice versa of your list I’ve been wanting to see Rhino from the beginning I’ve also wanted to see Kraven Scorpion Mysterio and Carnage, but I could care less about Electro and Motbius

        • Uummm, I have no idea what you’re talking about. Sorry man ;)

  24. Ok, skipping over the fact that I have serious doubts about this movie being able to fill the shoes of the first ones, villains I would like to see in future installments include Electro, Mysterio, Scorpion, & possibly Morbius (if he is not too intense for the kiddies). I don’t want to see rhino, Kraven, Vulture–losers like those. And we’ve seen enough Green Goblin already.

    • What about Kingpin? It would be interesting if they had a realistic crime lord in the Amazing Spider-Man Movie universe. If you think about it, that would be a smart way to go because in the comics Kingpin ordered for alot of the supervillains to be created to distract Spider-Man from his business….it would set up all of the sequels perfetly….and if SOny wants to go all “Harry Potter” on us, the epic conclusion can be Spidey finally taking down Kingpin and stopping most of the crime in the city…that would be sweeeet

      • They can’t use Kingpin. Kingpin is part of the Daredevil universe, and Fox owns those rights.

  25. ulik, the reason y i posted that regards one serious question: do we want to waste all our time, money, energy, and equipment and perhaps its energy making and/or observing a film we can`t guarentee won`t suck as a major advantage to deal with all the negative losses and/or missing needs we can`t afford to establish and/or revive? and all fictional films that have ever existed, they are not even part of our reality so what draws our interest in things that appear to but do not evolve in our existence? that we can get an idea of what it`d be like if it existed?

    • Okay, please stop with all this negativity. I completely understand what you’re saying (as do most of my fellow ranters), it really is a shame that so many people have to suffer on this beautiful planet, but complaining about it won’t make the problem go away!
      If you really care so much for those who are struggling, why are you wasting time complaining on this site when you can be helping people? – Put down the keyboard – go outside and volunteer at a soup kitchen (or even better, go to Africa and teach children how to read.)

      I can only speak for myself when I say, I do my part. I donate money, I help the elderly, when someone knocks on my door and asks for something to eat, I stop with what I’m doing, I go to the kitchen and make him a sandwich and give him a bottle of water.

      P.S. Once again, I can only speak for myself, but the reason I like to watch superhero/sci-fi films is because it’s nice to GET AWAY… to have just a few hours where I don’t have to thinking about all the bad stuff that happens in my life. I watch movies like Captain America and Iron Man because in those 2 hours I don’t have to think about my financial problems or my father’s heart operation, etc.

      So please, do ME a favor and stop being such a hypocrit.

  26. well i was not curious just bout myself but about everyone else`s opinions to be heard but if noone listens to them then i guess it doesn`t matter unless i`m mistaken. if i`m mistaken i don`t have any opinion to give yet as of thus far.

  27. Moving on… in my opinion, this is a really ambitious (bordering on stupid) move for Sony. We’ve only seen a short trailer for a movie that’s a year away, and the studio already sets dates for the sequel? WOW! ;)

  28. Quick question fellow screenranter’s. I am brand new to graphic novels as in never read any and would really welcome any suggestion as to where to start. P.s I’m a big fan of film noir

    • Hi,
      There are SOOOO many different types of comic books out there, so before we can give you some references we need to know what types of books you’re interested in… for example: if you like darker/gritty comic books I would recommend DC’s Batman or Batman Detective, but if you’re a little younger and just want to have some fun with your “introduction to comics” then you can’t go wrong with Amazing Spider-Man or Avengers.

      But regardless, I always recommend Marvel comics to friends who are new to the “comic-block” and so far I have only received positive feedback: try books like Captain America or Secret Avengers and the current Fear Itself is also exceptionally good (some of the issues have gotten to 3 printings). – The only problem with Marvel comics is that it’s hard to “fall in” to what’s happening in the current stories… almost every current Marvel story involves the previous story, which makes it really hard to understand and “follow” (but hey, if I can do it, I’m sure you can too ;))

      Although, that’s only my opinion… so if you have a comic book store in your area I would seriously recommend that you go there and ask for some professional advise (I wasn’t so fortunate to have a comic book store in my town/city so I had to do it the hard way… hours on the internet – browsing through websites – learning all the origins and current events in the stories)

      At you can get free previews of comics and some of them are completely free to read (click on digital comics on
      DC’s website doesn’t offer that feature, but you can still brows through their list of books:

      Hope that helps a bit :D

  29. Don´t care about Amazing Spiderman….completely unnecessary and pointless reboot…..