‘The Amazing Spider-Man 2′ Trailer (& Rhino Design) Explained

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Since the mysterious post-credits scene at the end of The Amazing Spider-Man it’s becoming increasingly clear that director Marc Webb’s vision of the Spidey film universe will introduce a variation of the infamous Sinister Six from Marvel Comics, a team-up of villains that plays into the film’s tagline, “his greatest battle begins.” And by begins, we now know what Sony is telling audiences thanks to today’s release of the first official full-length Amazing Spider-Man 2 trailer which not only gives more face time to Jamie Foxx’s Electro, but introduces and teases many other major characters from the books.

At this point it’s a guessing game when it comes to how significant the supporting roles are for some of the new cast members, from Colm Feore to BJ Novak. From the sheer amount of marketing surrounding Electro, it’s clear that Oscar winner Jamie Foxx’s role is that of the main villain, but as Marc Webb revealed today, there are “many adversaries that Spider-Man will have to face.”

In a series of video interview snippets with Total Film, Webb along with cast members Andrew Garfield, Emma Stone, Jamie Foxx and Dane DeHaan, help explain what fans witnessed today in the Spidey 2 trailer. The highlights include tidbits on how some of the scenes were shot and what we can expect from story arcs, but the most interesting discussion comes with the new adversaries being introduced in the sequel – including Rhino, Vulture and Doctor Octopus.

The Amazing Spider Man 2 New Rhino Robot Design The Amazing Spider Man 2 Trailer (& Rhino Design) Explained

On the controversial re-imagining of Rhino, Webb explains how and why the character may work in comic or animated art, but doesn’t necessarily work in the real, physical world. They still wanted the large beast in there but his origins are “only teased in the movie.” That’s something we’ve known for a while since Rhino will return for the sequel, The Amazing Spider-Man 3. Webb does confirm that the Rhino suit, while “majestic and quite powerful,” is something we can believe is built by Aleksei Mikhailovich Sytsevich (Paul Giamatti).

Continuing on the topic of villains, there’s an exciting and revealing shot of a dark figure walking by suits designed for Doc Ock and Vulture, and Webb explains that OsCorp is – or is on its way to becoming – an “evil empire” and is the source for these new super-powered enemies Spider-Man must fight. As to why they’re all after Spidey, we don’t quite know, but it likely has to do with the shady origins of the science and tech firm and the yet-to-be-explained backstory behind Peter Parker’s parents and their disappearance. Some of that is teased in the trailer as well.

Excited to see the Spider-Man universe blow wide open next May or does the trailer appear as if they’re introducing too much too soon?


The Amazing Spider-Man 2 opens in theaters on May 2, 2014.

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Source: Total Film

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  1. I knew it. The Sinister Six are coming!

  2. I hate it when they change the characters all them time they should have just left the Rhino like the comic books and make him look like a real Rhino I mean it worked out with the Lizard right?

    • totally agree. I hate this making things believable crap, wish the rhino would not be in a suit. Movie looks awesome though

  3. Marvel and Sony always do this, They did this with Hawkeye in the Avengers film and they did this Electro and Rhino Im tired of seeing alternated characters people want to see the real thing whats wrong with the comic book Rhino and Electro I actually like those better then the Preview I saw on the Trailer I hope when ASM3 comes out maybe they will have a change of plans

    • Actually Hawkeye looked pretty accurate to the Ultimate costume and the Ultimate Rhino is a mechanised armor.

      • I feel like the ‘ULTIMATE’ is made with a movie in mind, or perhaps even deeply in conjunction with the movies themselves… Not at all unlike how there is a new THANOS comic book series altering the original one significantly.

        • Because the ultimate line is a more realistic story line for characters, plus its also a line of comics that is not just made for young white boys. They branched out into other races and sexes, even sexual orientation to get more readers. And thats ladies and gents is why comic movies and shows are in high demand and so main stream – because marvel/dc/sony/cw/fox have done market research and found that people want to identify with their, race/gender/sexual orientation. And when they do they will buy comics, games, watch shows, buy tickets and dvds, and toys, etc.

          While they do mess with characters every now again in ways we dont like. If you dont know each universe (ultimate/616/silver age/zombie – to name a few) then you may think its stupid or bad, but then the people that read those comics love it because they are fans of that iteration of the character.

          People need to calm down about the way it looks and hope that its a good story, because i don’t care how good or true to a certain comic universe it looks if the story is trash.

    • They didn’t make the character designs up. A lot of the character designs being used for the MCU and the Spiderman Movies are inspired by the Ultimate Marvel Universe (e.g Hawkeye, Spiderman, Rhino, Electro, Thor, Captain America)

      • movie thor looks a lot like earth-616 as well.

    • People have said it already, but these versions of Hawkeye and Rhino are from the comics. just not comics you read apparently. For example Ultimate Hawkeye looks very close to film-version Hawkeye.

      • which is a good thing because old hawkeye looks soooooo foolish, same with 616 electro. Big stupid masks dont look good. Although i was hoping to see a Mission Impossible type face mask for the Green Goblin in this, mildly disappointed in that if its not, but thats ok, at least its not a hover board.

  4. Would make a nice change to have many enemies against one hero rather than Avengers etc

    • They already did that with Spider-Man 3. So…

      • No. They TRIED* to do that with Spider-man 3.

  5. Nice, this movie is sounding better and better. I also love Rhino’s interpretation, I think he looks great and am happy they went in line with the Ultimate incarnation. I’m also intrigued by the idea of not only having one villain drive the plot, but more like a cohesive plot driving several villains into a well rounded story.

    • And from everything i have read on this, it does not look like rhino is in a lot of the film. Hes a supporting villain more than the main villain. Which is cool.

  6. I’m not that crazy about the rhino suit, but I can deal with it. Definitely will check this out next year, but IMO Guardians of the galaxy, captain America “The winter soldier ” And Godzilla are the main event for 2014.

  7. Even though I am a massive Marvel Comics fan, I think ‘Man of Steel’ had raised the bar. Spiderman suddenly looks cheap.

    I blame Joss Whedon from not bringing Thanos into the next Avengers movie.

    • *for not

    • what do u mean by that? why should joss have brought thanos into avengers 2? dont worry im not trying to argue wit u, im legit curious lol

      • No problem Captain. When I made those statements, I was thinking with two different mindsets. I should have been clearer.

        First, before the Man of Steel movie, the science behind Superman was unexplained. I viewed Superman as a mythical being. Once Man of Steel added the science elements, Superman became a plausible alien species. Instead of seeing Superman as a knock-off Greek God, I now see him as an actual alien being. I am now referring to him as Kal-El.

        Man of Steel feels like a Star Trek episode.

        Second, if Joss went with the Infinity Gauntlet story in Avengers II, he would have drastically expanded the size and scope of Marvel’s onscreen universe. Do not get me wrong. X-Men is an awesome franchise; however, its story is stuck in the perspective of Wolverine. Infinity Gauntlet would have been from multiple perspectives.

        • i guess you should have read more comics about him then, because its clear as day that hes an alien in the comics. Even silver age stuff.

          • GizmoduckJP, I think you missed the whole point. While the comics make it clear that Kal is an alien, Man of Steel turned it into science-fiction. I never considered Superman as science-fiction. I always saw Superman as a mythological archetype.

        • The thing is, he may be expanding it and saving him for Avengers 3. That’s when Guardians of the Galaxy will have come out, which naturally primes us for the expanded galaxy universe (as did Thor 2) and sets a bigger, more epic stage that has become more familiar to us. To bring him in right now would be an overload. Too much supply w/ too little demand…stretching it out to Avengers 3 hits the sweet spot of that supply/demand graph.

          But on another note, it would be pretty cool if they did Avengers 3 & Thanos in a MoS style.

    • how would joss whedon have topped thanos in avengers 3? thats why he chose ultron

    • What bar did Man of Steel raise? the disappointment bar? that movie was such a fumble they are desperately throwing in batman and wonder woman to keep interest alive because they dont know how to make a standalone superman movie thats entertaining. This spiderman trailer was impressive as hell and showcased multiple elements that show spiderman at his cinematic best. the cgi still isnt complete just like the trailers for the first installment and will surely improve even more by its release date. Also im sure joss and marvels plans for thanos and the infinity gems as a major build up villain in avengers 3 is the smart move instead of blowing their wad early and using him so soon in the sequel. so far their planning has paid off in spades. Disagree with you on all counts.

      • MOS was great and nothing less. Of course butthurt Donner fans look at it another way. It’s the best superman film to date. If any CBM this year was a fumble it was IM3.

        • Nah, I saw MOS as middling and just ok, nothing more and nothing less. I liked the Donner movies but MOS was better than them because they just don’t hold up now.

      • Cannot agree with you more about Man of Steel. MOS2 probably would have done poorly, so WB/DC is trying to turn it into a giant teaser trailer for Justice League without any of the planning or foresight of Marvel. Can’t wait to see it turn into another Batman & Robin debacle and then have to be rebooted again. What they really need to do is reboot all the incompetent movie executives at WB.

    • Really? Haa. I found Man of Steel really hard to even watch. I just wanna say I really didn’t like Man of Steel or Amazing Spider-Man, or the DKR.

      • the only “bad” thing in MOS is how long it takes him to get in the suit – but i guess thats fine for an origin story. I would have just rather seen more Superman and less mopey clark.

      • So you don’t like anything and that says more about you than the movies.

      • All three of those movies were hard to watch because they were all terrible. Sorry fanboys, Dark Knight Rises was not a good movie – even Batman couldn’t save that script.

  8. What’s up with comic book movies putting in too many characters lately?

    • *tries to erase Spiderman III from memory*

    • All trying to copy Avengers success obviously, also keep up with the MCU/Avengers cause there box office continues to rise.

    • Trying to build up a world of multiple characters so it’s not just populated by the hero and one particular villain and everyone else is just an extra. Makes the world we get to see in the movies feel more populated and alive.

      I’d credit Nolan with setting the bar more than Avengers because he had fully functioning cities that you could believe were populated with all sorts and alive like every other place in the real world.

      People just credit Avengers because they can’t see past the money it made.

  9. It’s a bold, different take on Sinister Six, I’ll give it that.

    Not sure on that CGI, look extremely cartoony and actually inferior to 2004’s Spiderman 2. It will of course look infinitely better when the movie comes out.

    Still looking more forward to Winter Soldier & Guardians next year.

  10. I’m just hoping that that thing is just a prototype and we’ll have a real Rhino suit in the third one. It can be something like a bulkier Nonasuit from Crysis. That would be “realistic” without sacrificing the image of Rhino. That thing looks like something Tony Stark built,in a cave. With a box of scraps!! That’s not even a suit. It’s a tank.

  11. Actually after much pondering ( take that with a grain of salt, i didn’t just sit there thinking about that ) i like that Rhino, sure it’s way different from the comic books, but it’s more realistic, more menacing and less goofy to have this iron man in a cave suit / Alien 2 queen fighting robot than a over buffed with a tiny head and huge horns guyin a suit. Close your eyes… Visualize it… There you go.

  12. I am open minded about them changing villains costumes for movies. With that said with the CGI of today A Rhino suit true to the comic book could have been done. Was I happy with the Green Goblin outfit from Spiderman NO but I learned to live with it because the story was so Amazing.Really that is the only thing I am not happy with. Everything else in the trailer blew me away.

  13. Part of why they’re after him is that he’s a living manifestation of their research turning into a powerful weapon. That Oscorp spider did a real number on him and they know it. Of course they also want his father’s evidence against them.

    • They are after his blood. His DNA can be fused with Oscorp’s gene enhanced animals, and they know it. They were after Peter’s dad because he left them, after he realized Peter can be the key to the weapon. He had a choice to kill his own son, or make it seem he didn’t know them at all. Well, bad enough, they found out. I suggest playing TASM video game and reading Spider-man:gathering of the sinister six series before you see TASM 2

      • You basically re-hashed what I was talking about. I appreciate the details for other people though.

        Played TASM and read spider-man’s comics.

  14. Be believes having a biological Human/Rhino hybrid “doesn’t necessarily work in the real, physical world”, but a Human/Lizard hybrid is perfectly fine. Sure.

    • Because Rhino isn’t a hybrid. He’s just wearing a kind of silly suit. At least in most iterations. If they did go with a hybrid it would feel like retreading ground from Lizard.

      Just a regular skin tight rhinoceros suit probably wouldn’t work, but there is stuff in between that and a giant mech-tank. I don’t know why they didn’t start with a rhino suit and see how far they could take it instead of starting with the polar opposite just to say it’s different.

  15. Shouldve been a bipedal form fitting mech suit.

  16. I`m looking forward for Aleksei Mikhailovich Sytsevich A.K.A. Rhino, knowing how good of an actor Paul Giamatti is in any role he`s given I say he will be the funny villain with his psychotic look in the trailers. Now that mechanical armor looks crazy

  17. I will always want The old time classical Marvel costumes not The Ultimate Universe costumes. Like I said I am adaptable but my heart will always belong to the old school costumes.

    • How was Cap’s old school costume for you?

      • From the 1990 film?

  18. In the trailer it shows Spidy catching a car like it was a frisbee.

    Rhino is just another vehicle. So uhhh…

    • I don’t think you can compare a tank with arms, legs and a horn to a police car lol.

    • Why do you think he doesn’t last long in the movie?

  19. Marc webb said things dont translate well from the comics…maybe because he lacks imagination & vision…Nothing should be simpler to translate from the comics then Rhinos original suit. To me putting a mechanized rhino suit is just fugging lazy…same crap they did with silver Samurai in the wolverine. No one cares about the ultimate Marvel universe…so why would they try to forcefeed us this crap???? Im most interested in Harry osborne, I believe he will be the best thing about this movie…De hann is a tour de force.

    • I don’t think you work in the creative arts, do you? Writing, painting, songwriting, that kind of thing.

      I only ask because if you did and if you had a creative bone in your body, you wouldn’t have typed something so ridiculous and contemptuous about Webb’s reworking of Rhino in particular.

  20. optimus rhino, a secret spider cave, everyone knows spiderman’s identity… 50/50

    • I dunno… we’ll see if the personality of the character remains in tact. It’s still possible that Giamatti will undergo the traditional transformation in movie 3. He’s definitely slated to come back.

      The “spider cave” looks more like a secret lab that Richard Parker used to do his research off the record, away from Oscorp’s watchful eye. There’s this conspiracy theory angle on Peter’s parents and their death, with his dad being the conspiracy theorist who was actually right to be paranoid. It could be the case that Pete does some poking around and discovers dad’s old layer. It’s just speculation, but it’s more in line with what has been released about the movie so far.

      As far as everyone knowing Spider-man’s identity, that’s still up in the air. Peter is on their radar because he’s the son of Richard Parker, and they may or may not have video footage of him sneaking into a secured area. Surely someone noticed that the lightly irradiated spider room had been occupied and spiders had gone missing.

  21. If I were Spider-man I would rather fight a metal tank then the actual rhino from comics. Look all Spidey has to do is jump up on top of rhino and rip out what clearly looks like machine gun ammo loosely hanging from his back (see top picture)…I mean He could shoot web into the tanks sensors to blind it…metal retard rhino doesnt even have hands or windshield wipers to deflect the webbing. Honestly I dident care about rhino all that much growing up, so its really just an annoying tick for me because it makes me wonder what else they might have changed in the movie….due to lack of imagination.

    • they didnt change anything, ultimate is a mech. deal with it.

      • The guy says they have a lack of imagination yet he can’t accept when people use their imagination to bring something to the screen in as realistic a way as possible without ruining the movie and turning it into a joke.

  22. raise your hand if you want to see Mr.Giamatti in a oldschool original skin tight suit with a horn on his head.

    • That is definitely a possibility. I can totally see him dress up as a rhino for Halloween :).

    • It would be interesting…but…objectively…”Mr. Giamati” and “skin tight suit” do not ever belong in the same sentence together.

      • There is no doubt in my mind that I want to see Giamatti in a grey airbrushed unitard. Just not in this movie. Some Wes Anderson joint where he goes to work at the office and plays board games at the pub, as if nothing is weird, but the whole time he’s wearing an awkward suit that shows his bulbous body.

  23. Damn this movie looks entertaining, great cast too

  24. Im fine with Rhino having a mech suit. I just wish that they had made a similar mech suit as the one in the Ultimate comics. It would have been 100 times more intimidating and functional. Rhino needs to be bipedal and have functioning hands.

    • Maybe he will?

      They did say Rhino will go through various incarnations so I imagine he’ll lose a fight to Spidey, gain this suit, lose again then get himself an upgraded suit that’s bipedal.

    • Much more realistic. I like it. *smashes Rhino mecha suit on the cafe floor*


    • hahaaha jesus

  25. I don’t think that the problem with Spider-man 3 had much at all to do with the number of villains. It was just a boring story featuring boring characters.

    I’m excited to see how this story unfolds because if they can make it work, the more villains the better!

  26. Webb said in the article above that rhino suit was intented to look like something built by aleksei. Maybe he will fail in this movie and then hybridized with rhino DNA by Oscorp in the next movie.Seeing sinister six will contain animal themes
    lizard,eels(electro),rhino,vulture,octopus and bat (morbius).

  27. Gwen Stacey must die. I know it sounds brutal, but If it happens, like in the comic book, it will evolve Peter/Spiderman’s character drastically. That is why i’d like it to happen.

    • That’s probably why we have Goblin suddenly thrown into it when we were focused more on Electro and Rhino.

      Maybe Normal dies, Harry finds out who Peter is and goes after Gwen in an “eye for an eye” situation?

      • *Norman.

        Maybe that could be a way of identifying the Osborns, the non-crazy supervillain one is named Normal.

  28. I feel like the rhine is stupid. The way it is built does not seem like it can realistically keep up with spider mans agility. he can almost dodge bullets. they coulda followed the mutation just like the lizard. they coulda used similar design like the abomination of the incredible hulk. that would’ve been wayyyyy better. but a machine with no arms? just four legs? i mean thats more realistic? like nobody gone notice a rhino tank in the middle of new york? but whatever thats hollywood for you. at least stay consistent. if the robot rhino is realistic then shoulda did a robot lizard.