‘The Amazing Spider-Man 2′ Trailer (& Rhino Design) Explained

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Since the mysterious post-credits scene at the end of The Amazing Spider-Man it’s becoming increasingly clear that director Marc Webb’s vision of the Spidey film universe will introduce a variation of the infamous Sinister Six from Marvel Comics, a team-up of villains that plays into the film’s tagline, “his greatest battle begins.” And by begins, we now know what Sony is telling audiences thanks to today’s release of the first official full-length Amazing Spider-Man 2 trailer which not only gives more face time to Jamie Foxx’s Electro, but introduces and teases many other major characters from the books.

At this point it’s a guessing game when it comes to how significant the supporting roles are for some of the new cast members, from Colm Feore to BJ Novak. From the sheer amount of marketing surrounding Electro, it’s clear that Oscar winner Jamie Foxx’s role is that of the main villain, but as Marc Webb revealed today, there are “many adversaries that Spider-Man will have to face.”

In a series of video interview snippets with Total Film, Webb along with cast members Andrew Garfield, Emma Stone, Jamie Foxx and Dane DeHaan, help explain what fans witnessed today in the Spidey 2 trailer. The highlights include tidbits on how some of the scenes were shot and what we can expect from story arcs, but the most interesting discussion comes with the new adversaries being introduced in the sequel – including Rhino, Vulture and Doctor Octopus.

The Amazing Spider Man 2 New Rhino Robot Design The Amazing Spider Man 2 Trailer (& Rhino Design) Explained

On the controversial re-imagining of Rhino, Webb explains how and why the character may work in comic or animated art, but doesn’t necessarily work in the real, physical world. They still wanted the large beast in there but his origins are “only teased in the movie.” That’s something we’ve known for a while since Rhino will return for the sequel, The Amazing Spider-Man 3. Webb does confirm that the Rhino suit, while “majestic and quite powerful,” is something we can believe is built by Aleksei Mikhailovich Sytsevich (Paul Giamatti).

Continuing on the topic of villains, there’s an exciting and revealing shot of a dark figure walking by suits designed for Doc Ock and Vulture, and Webb explains that OsCorp is – or is on its way to becoming – an “evil empire” and is the source for these new super-powered enemies Spider-Man must fight. As to why they’re all after Spidey, we don’t quite know, but it likely has to do with the shady origins of the science and tech firm and the yet-to-be-explained backstory behind Peter Parker’s parents and their disappearance. Some of that is teased in the trailer as well.

Excited to see the Spider-Man universe blow wide open next May or does the trailer appear as if they’re introducing too much too soon?


The Amazing Spider-Man 2 opens in theaters on May 2, 2014.

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Source: Total Film

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  1. How did u come up with morbius bad@English? Is that the mystery character at the after credit scene? And if so what’s ur source ?

    • The mystery characters is ‘The Gentleman’ (Founder of the Sinister Six)

  2. This is looking really good, especially the doc ock, Vulture, Venom Easter eggs. The only other villains I would like to see besides these mention would be Kraven, and Scorpion. Hope to see a great story unfold in the next few Spidey films.

    • Where was the Venom Easter egg, I didn’t catch that one?

      • The touch screen computer had a bunch of info on it, if you screencap that scene and rotate it you can read it.

        • Awesome, thanks. I guess that’s why they call them Easter eggs, although Vulture and Octopus ‘eggs’ do stand out. There’s also a file for Dr Morbius and an Australia project file, which could maybe be a Boomerang Easter egg, although it could be something else (or nothing).

  3. Well in my books to look forward to most is…

    1) Guardians of the Galaxy
    2) X-Men: Days of Future Past
    3) Captain America: The Winter Soldier
    4) The Amazing Spider-Man 2

  4. I know many of the fans are upset with the new designs, but I love them. If you duplicated the villains’ outfits, they would look ridiculous on screen. I actually envisioned all the baddies as high-tech mercenaries when I first heard Raimi’s film was being made. I wish he’d gone this route as it would have eliminated all the crazy coincidences and made their origins a bit more believable…as believable as a comic flick can be.

    • You like the Rhino tank? Really? Stop it. C’mon. Stop it.

      • I like it. It’s better than having Giamatti in fancy dress.

        • Okay, now I know not to take you seriously. It’s obvious you’re not familiar with the comic books and your just making comments to promote the film.

          • Google Ultimate Spider-man Rhino…

          • And some take comic books and their movies TOO seriously.

            • F U! These “entertainment” companies take our childhood comics/stories and just wipe their asses with them.
              Disney is doing a great job with the marvel franchises they are portraying. I wish Mickey would just sit Sony and Fox
              Down and say “Ok ass-hats! How much?” and end the flow of diarrhea that fly’s out of their creative anus’s.
              I liked most of Amazing Spidey 2 until I saw Rhino. That was BS! If you can show The Hulk running around
              being huge then you can do the same with Rhino.

  5. that “dark figure” looks like “The Man in the Shadows” from the end-credits scene from The Amazing Spider-Man

  6. The Rhino is a joke! Why are they making it a tank with feet. That is absurd. If you don’t want to use the character then don’t use it; but turn it into a silly Transformer! Blasphemy!!!

    • A man in fancy dress isn’t absurd?

      • How is the Rhino costume any more absurd than a teenager in a red and blue spider costume or a Norse God (Thor) or a magician (Dr. Strange) or a Monster (Hulk)? It’s called suspension of disbelief. It’s what makes superhero movies watchable. You’re knowledge of comics has been discredited by your comments.

        • The Ultimate Marvel version of Alex O’Hirn uses a suit of armor known as R.H.I.N.O. that he stole from the U.S. Military.

          You obviously do not know all comics and who does? Try to have fun at these movies and in discussing them. Fictional characters dude.

          • That rhino costume sucks. This is some transformer stuff with exagerated and unecessary moves. The sinister 6 was lead by octavious, i dont think mysterio will ever appear just because the writters of this movie doesnt care for the original stuff, they want the cool characters with futue costumes to get the most money from idiot poeple who will believe this is how spiderman began.

    • Right now, stop what you are doing and google “Ultimate Spiderman Rhino”. While not exactly the same, it’s pretty much what they went with. What would you prefer? A guy with a skin tight Rhino suit?

    • well, my theory is this: although Giamatti’s character builds this particular Rhino suit, I believe that when the 3rd film is made and he joins the Sinister Six, their will be his real super bad ass suit developed by Oscorp that he will then put on. I think this tank suit is just preparation for the next.

  7. Ok, I’ve been a life long Spider Man fan for as long as I can remember. TASM in my opinion was absolutely amazing (no pun intended). I thought it was true to the original Spider Man character I knew as a child, and that was awesome for me. I know for a fact I am going to love this series. And I think the whole Oscorp idea will be a very good idea for a cinematic film series. They can’t put every little detail about characters in a movie. That wouldn’t make it a good movie at all. So in my opinion, this series will be truly amazing.

  8. It would be interesting to see maybe Rhino and Scorpion in Mech merch armor get beat and later Norman or someone else infuses them with the lizard serum, only the serum would be different and would be Rhino, and Scorpion serums. Maybe not anyways just looking forward to see how the story unfolds and what is going on with him and his parents.

  9. I kinda wondering if Peter Parker was an experiment and that is why his dad and mom took off.

  10. f

  11. I like how Marc is combining 616 Rhino and Ultimate Rhino into one character. And i say that because of Marc’s use of the mech suit Alex O’hirn wore in the Ultimate comics. I just hope he spends the majority in bipedal form and not in dog form

  12. I was hoping they’d make Rhino more like Lizard, a hybrid. I think a humanoid rhinoceros would be cooler than this fancy robot.

  13. Okay…so they think that a genetic mutation combined with a Rhino suit doesn’t work in the real physical world…but a human with super strength and can climb walls or a man that controls electricity does work? Bull s***. They could and should have made the design look like the comics.

  14. I don’t know. I wouldn’t mind to see that green dr guy from the ’67 series. He’d be good. Or something.

  15. I woulda liked if they made the villians more like the comics. The rhino shoulda been an expierment gone wrong not a huge robot, electro looks sweet but why arent any of the goblins monsters like they should look like? Im sure ill still enjoy the movie very much, but in my own opinion the villians are what made these marvel superhero’s so appealing. Hopefully they will pull out all the stops with these new dc and marvel films, id like to see shocker, a better venom, carnage, make them scary! ! And also clay face for batman.

    • I just read some earlier post i cant beleive i forgot scorpion!! I really hope they make good with him he was one of my tops! God i need to bring out the comics again im slipping in my old age lol.

  16. Marc Webb is terrible at all of these Amazing Spidey movies. The villians are all messed up wrong looking , the origins are basically scratched? Terrible , terrible.