Sony Testing ‘The Amazing Spider-Man 2′ Subtitles With Audiences

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Amazing Spider Man 2 Electro Faceoff Sony Testing The Amazing Spider Man 2 Subtitles With Audiences

To subtitle or not to subtitle?” It’s a tricky question for which there seems to be no steadfast rule, not even within the sub-genre of comic book movies. Captain America: The Winter Soldier, Thor: The Dark World and The Avengers: Age of Ultron have indulged in the subtitle format, but Iron Man 2 & 3 settled for simple numbering to distinguish themselves from one another.

Sony’s The Amazing Spider-Man faced the challenge of being a reboot that was pieced together in only a short space of time after the Sam Raimi-directed trilogy, which also happened to be extremely successful, and therefore having to distinguish itself. It seems like one simple way to accomplish that would be to eschew the simple numerical system of Spider-Man 1, 2 & 3 and instead come up with a creative subtitle for The Amazing Spider-Man 2, and it seems that this is exactly what Sony has in mind.

Just when we though Lucasfilm and Disney would have trouble subtitling Star Wars: Episode VIICBM received a tip from a reader, Jeff White, who claimed to have recently attended a screening of Captain Phillips at Mall of America. Prior to the start of the film, two representatives from Sony’s marketing department were asking audience members for their opinions on three possible subtitles for The Amazing Spider-Man 2. The first option was The Amazing Spider-Man 2: The Price of Power, the second was The Amazing Spider Man 2: With Great Power, but White couldn’t recall the last of the possible subtitles. This may well be a reflection on how memorable it was.

Both of the subtitles he could recall are a riff on Peter Parker’s mantra, “With great power comes great responsibility.” While it’s a great and memorable soundbite, it doesn’t necessarily make for a good subtitle and makes the film sound more like a political thriller than a superhero movie. If any Screen Rant readers have been quizzed by Sony’s marketing people at screenings, let us know in the comments if the third option was any better.

Uncle Ben and Aunt May in The Amazing Spider Man Sony Testing The Amazing Spider Man 2 Subtitles With Audiences

One alternative option would be to go the same direction as The Avengers: Age of Ultron and base the subtitle around The Amazing Spider-Man 2‘s main villain, but that is somewhat complicated by the fact that there are multiple villains being introduced. Teaser images have indicated that the Ravencroft Institute, an asylum for criminally insane and superpowered villains, will serve as the location of some kind of setpiece – most likely the breakout of a whole team of bad guys. Electro (Jamie Foxx) seems to be the most prominent new antagonist, but a title along the lines of The Amazing Spider-Man vs. Electro doesn’t really capture the spirit of a movie with a larger villain showcase, and one that could be leading to a Sinister Six introduction.

Do you like either of the subtitles suggested, or can you come up with something better? I’m hoping that they just stick with The Amazing Spider-Man 2; anything much longer than that is going to become a real pain to type out.


The Amazing Spider-Man 2: Subtitle TBC is out in theaters on May 2nd 2014.

Source: CBM

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  1. The Spectacular Spider-Man…. should be the title….

    • No I say! Save that for (hopefully) 20 years down the line when a new cast and style hits the series. Same with Ultimate.

    • I actually like ‘The Spectacular Spider-Man’ as the sequel’s new title. I mean it worked for Christopher Nolan- from ‘Batman Begins’ to ‘The Dark Knight’

      • I agree! Just start going through the adjectives!

        • If they go through the adjectives now though, it ruins all their options for future Spider-Man franchises and reboots. I doubt we get more than the currently-planned 4 movies with Garfield as Spidey, since he’ll be too old after that, so I would imagine they’ll keep names like “The Spectacular Spider-Man” and “The Superior Spider-Man” to distinguish future versions of the character on screen from their predecessors. When it gets to 2025 and they want to make a new Spidey movie, they don’t want to have to re-use a title or make up something crappy.

          • The Whang-Dang-Doodle-Slobber-Knockin’-Spider-Man?

            A sub-title would help distinguish which Spiderman movie and franchise is which for some viewers, so why not go with some kind of sub-title?

  2. They both kinda blow but if I were to choose: With Great Power

  3. The Amazing Spider-Man: Shock & Awe

  4. I kinda prefer it without any subtitle.
    But if they were to use a subtitle, they should drop the 2.

  5. Don’t really like either of them but if I had to choose, “With Great Power” would be my pick. I’m just happy they’re not thinking of switching it to Ultimate, Spectacular or anything like that for each film. It doesn’t really do anything, they all practically mean the same thing aha. I initially wanted them to have a subtitle but I’m perfectly fine with The Amazing Spider-Man 2.

  6. Both of them are kind of corny, but if I had to pick one, I’d pick The Price of Power

  7. It has Electro, right? Then the obvious answer is The Amazing Spider-Man 2: Electric Boogaloo.

    • I think this is really the only way to go.

    • Nothing they can come up with will ever top that subtitle. Might as well go with it.

    • Yes. Best. Ever.

    • So much yes. Shock and Awe was pretty awesome, too.

    • Spidey versus the Electric Light Orchestra?

  8. Amazing Spiderman To

    • Spider and Spiderer.

      • Amazinger Spiderman


  9. Subtitles would have been nice in the last Batman movie. It was hard to understand Bane.

    • i literally LOL’ed hahah xD

  10. Both of those sound pretty lame. There’s got to be something better in the works; at least I hope there is.

  11. Amazing Spider-Man: Electric Boogaloo

  12. I think with great power is perfect but doesn’t anyone else think these titles allude to Gwen Stacy’s possible death (especially with theprice of power) or am I crazy

    • You’re not crazy cause Gwen Stacy is definitely going to die in this second installment.

      • How can you tell? They cut the scenes with MJ, maybe because Gwen will die in the third film.

  13. Does “The Price of Power” refer to the famous Spider-Man quote or to Electro and his ark? I was thinking the latter until SR suggested the former. I like “With Great Power” better, but I’m not crazy about either.

    • “Price of Power”…check my electric bill..that’s pretty pricey!

  14. The Amazing Spiderman II: Web of Lies, Web of Secrets. It’s hard to come up with a title when you don’t know the story.

    • Or Amazing Spiderman II: Dangerous Allies

      • Bloodlines or Tangled Web.

  15. Thought the subtitles are cause some movie sequences and scenes are in another language ! If so yes please some subtitles for the non English parts !

  16. The guy above me had a legitimately good one, provided it be shortened to “The Amazing Spider-Man: Web of Secrets” anyways, other good ones are

    The Amazing Spider-Man: Death of Gwen Stacy Spoiler Alert
    The Amazing Spider-Man: Age of Electro
    2 Amazing 2 Spider-Man
    The Amazing Spider-Man Episode VII: A New Dawn
    The Amazing Spider-Man: Retaliation
    The Amazing Spider-Man: City of Bones
    The Amazing Spider-Man Saga: Breaking Dawn part 2
    The Amazing Spider-Man: Arkham Webs
    The Amazing Spider-Man World
    Amazing Spider-Men and Where To Find Them
    The Amazing Spider-Man: Chris Cooper is Dying
    The Amazing Spider-Man 2: The Untold Story (for real this time)
    The Amazing Spider-Man: Unresolved Questions
    The Amazing Spider-Man: Kurtzman and Orci Style feat. Hans Zimmer
    The Amazing Spider-Man 2: More Crying Ontop of Stone Buildings
    The Amazing Spider-Man: His Name Is Marc Webb And The Pun Is Still Funny

    I’d love if we could vote on this. Could someone get these to Warner Brothers, ’cause I’ve got some serious contenders on my hands.

    • It was meant to be that way, I just didn’t feel like typing ‘Amazing Spiderman’ every time. By the way it’s Sony not Warner Bros.

      • Oh, DUR, you’re right, Idk why I typed Warner Brothers. Sony’s always had spider-man.

    • I laughed way to hard at that last one xD

    • ‘2 Amazing 2 Spider-Man’ cracked me up.

    • I literally was laughing out loud over each of these. Bawling over 2 Amazing 2 Spider-Man.

    • 2 amazing 2 spiderman was hilarious haha

    • The Parker Identity
      The Wrath of the Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man
      Amazing Spider-Man: The Revenge
      Electro Unchained
      The Amazing Spider-Man 2: Dat Sequel Yo
      Reservoir Spiders
      The Amazing Spider-Man 2: Rise of Black Max Dillon
      The Amazing Spiderwick Chronicles
      Spider-Man (that’d really mess with people).

  17. The Amazinger Spiderman

  18. The Amazing Spiderman: World Wide Web

    • {Aw c’mon Goldilocks…don’t let boxcop see you crack a smile….!}

  19. “The Amazing Spider-Man” is already a mouthful of a movie title in itself and I really don’t think a subtitle is necessary. Nothing wrong with numbering them 2, 3 etc. and it also makes it easier then explaining what order the films go in. I had a friend who asked me last week if there was going to be a third Batman movie. When I asked what he meant he said that he had seen The Dark Knight and The Dark Knight Rises, but was there going to be a third one. He was genuinely shocked when I told him about Batman Begins. My point is, keep it clean, keep it simple. Focus on making a good movie rather than worrying about what it’s called… I mean, IT’S SPIDER-MAN!!!

    • One of my friends thought The Amazing Spider-Man was a sequel to Raimi’s trilogy. With us being movie fanatics, I often forget how many people don’t even know these kind of things aha.

    • I agree. The title is a mouthful. If you add a subtitle, it might be the longest name to a movie since “Its a mad, mad, mad, world”. Unless: You use just one word, as in; The Amazing Spiderman: Rebirth. Or, The Amazing Spiderman: Ravencroft. Finally, The Amazing Spiderman: Who gives a rats ass?

    • Yeah, above I never mentioned my legit opinion. Honestly, just number it, the title is too long already.

      Also, I’ve met several people who had never heard of Batman Begins (my personal favorite of the 3, and my favorite superhero movie ever next to Spider-Man 2). It’s shocking how out of the loop people are. It’s stupid.

      People are hilarious.

  20. The Amazing Spider-Man: With Great Power…I kinda like it. Starts to stick when you say it long enough.

  21. With Great Power: A Spiderman Tale based on the novel “Push” by Sapphire

  22. The Amazing Spiderman The Flame thower
    The Amazing Spiderman The T-shirt
    The Amazing Spiderman The Toilet Paper
    The Amazing Spiderman 2: The Search For More Money

  23. I’m really against ‘With Great Power’, because it implies that the classic Spider-Man mantra only applies to that film, when in reality it’s the defining concept of the character. It’s like if The Dark Knight had been titled ‘Batman 2: His Parents Were Murdered, You Know’.

    • I don’t want it to be called that title, and you have a point with the Batman analogy, but I don’t think that using that title implies it only applies to that movie.

      A). it’s already a well known phrase
      B). It IS the central concept and therefore simply represents the character not necessarily the story within that film
      C). It simultaneously references Max Dillon’s dilemma wherein his personal arc is the abuse of POWER

      Is it a good title? I think so. Still rooting for JUST “The Amazing Spider-Man 2. MY beef with the With Great Power title is that those words specifically were the ones spoken by Cliff Robertson in the original and in the comics, but weren’t actually spoken word for word like that in the first movie of the rebooted series. So it misrepresents itself.

  24. The amazing Spider-Man 2: f*ck you marvel, you’re not getting your character back, next reboot in 5 years

  25. It should go from amazing to spectacular to ultimate to the superior (1,2,3,4)

  26. honestly, i only use subtitles when i watch foreign movies or when i am stoned off my ass…

    • If you are a stoner, then you probably think sub-titles are the names of undersea naval ships.

      • I love you guys.

  27. I love both subtitles I think they are great i hope it gets one of the two.

  28. The Amazing Spider-Man: The Currency of Responsibility

  29. Both of those suggested subtitles make sense, but I just don’t think that they sound good (“cool”) for marketing purposes.

    The Spectacular Spider-Man sounds perfect, IMO. Should that be saved for a future reboot? Maybe, but that kind of seems like overkill. In the future, perhaps they could use the color-coding subtitles, i.e. Spider-Man: Red, etc.

    Maybe just “The Amazing Spider-Man: The Power” which is sleeker and could be a reference to Electro.