The A-Team: First Look At The New Van & More Casting News

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the a team logo The A Team: First Look At The New Van & More Casting News

Today we have a double whammy of new items from the upcoming movie version of the classic 80s TV series, The A-Team. They are a new piece of casting news (don’t worry, none of the already announced actors have been replaced!) and our very first look at the famous A-Team black-with-red-stripe-van.

First up, let’s take a look at the new A-Team van, by way of a photo from the set (from SplashNews) where the movie is currently filming in Vancouver. Die hard fans of the original series will be pleased to know that the new van isn’t all that different from the original (I mean generally – I suspect die hards will nitpick…), which I don’t think is much a problem since that was one of the less cheesier things from the series. It can easily be transferred almost identically to the 21st century movie update and work just as well. Take a look for yourself:


the a team new van The A Team: First Look At The New Van & More Casting News


For the rest of the images (in which those with a keen eye or amazing photoshop skills may be able to work out if any of the primary cast are driving it) you can head over to SplashNews.

Now onto the casting news:

We’ve already learned who will replace the original actors in their respective roles: Liam Neeson is Hannibal, Bradley Cooper (from this summer’s smash comedy hit, The Hangover) is Faceman, Quinton “Rampage” Jackson (the UFC fighter) is B.A. Baracus and lastly, Sharlto Copley (from this summer’s awesome District 9) is Murdock. Along with Copley’s news the other day, it was also reported that Jessica Biel is starring in the movie as an army general and ex-lover of Cooper’s Faceman.

the a team patrick wilson The A Team: First Look At The New Van & More Casting News

And now it seems (thanks to Entertainment Weekly) that Watchmen star, Patrick Wilson, will be joining The A-Team cast as some sort of CIA operative. It’s currently unknown if he will be helping or hindering the Team. Either way I’m always glad to see Wilson get more acting work: I personally think he’s adynamite acting talent to watch out for (if you’ve seen the both fantastic Little Children and/or Hard Candy, you’ll know what I mean).

In The A-Team, Neeson, Cooper, Jackson and Copley will play a group of Iraq war veterans (changed from Vietnam to place it present-day) who are trying to clear their names with the U.S. military which suspects the four men of committing a crime which they were actually framed for. The tone is being described as, “less silly and more slick.” Good news? It is being directed by Joe Carnahan (Smokin’ Aces, Narc) and written by Michael Brandt, Derek Haas and Skip Woods.

What do you think of the Team’s new van? What about the Wilson casting news?

The A-Team is scheduled to hit theaters on June 11th, 2010.

Sources: EW, SplashNews, Joblo, /Film and Wikipedia

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  1. dunno how you guys feel about it …but i’ll call this movie B-Team!!!

    There is only one A-Team ;)

  2. Glad Wilson’s in it, he’s a very good (underrated?) actor and I think this’ll need as many as it can get.

    Did you say Jessica Biel would play an Army General??? Wow. Fair one, every General I’ve ever seen looks like Biel…

  3. Horrible,,, waste of time.

  4. sweet – i can hear the start of the movie now with the gunfire – gug-gug-gug-gug=gug! then the music – dah da dah, dah dah da!

  5. Glad the van seems to have made a respectable screen adaptation (I was a little concerned they might try to update the look for superficial reasons).

    Also glad to hear the word on the tone. Makes me think of a “Sneakers” type team film.

    Now, all they need is for Michael Giacchino to adapt the original theme music and it’ll be primed for the big screen. (Of course, I think nearly every film should be scored by Giacchino, but that would likely kill him, so for the most part I only imagine how he’d score most films).

  6. Even if this had came out way back in 88 or 89 it wouldn’t have put me in the theater seat. At best its a rental. A great many TV shows just haven’t done well as movies. The A- Team show was a heavily formulaic actioner with a comedic twist, not a concept unique enough to put on a movie must see list. On top of everything else its been sooo long in development is it really worth the bother?? You know the bad thing about this is, you can make it cheap enough, sequels could be around forever. Groan…

  7. The only way I would see this is if they used the original cast as a foundation for a new A Team.
    Not using Benedict, Mr T, and the guy that plays Murdock is bs,,, they are all still around and could provide a cool substory/origin story for a new A Team…

    That’s the direction I would have gone I’m not into any other way, basically because they’re ignoring the original cast ,,,

  8. I love the van, and I WILL be seeing this movie. Just to see how it comes out, if for anything. Hey, at least it’s an ACTION movie they’re making and not ANOTHER vampire flick. ALso, it could be worse, they could be making a movie about “Small Wonder.” :P

  9. Wait for the trailer Andy, I’m expecting this to fall somewhere inbetween the half baked world of,” Charlies Angels, and “Street Fighter”. I’m sure its going to be PG-13 and will try to be cool, but ultimately get a 2.5 review…

  10. Ahh, but 790, sometimes the 2.5 rated movies are the most fun to watch. :D

    Oh, and please don’t tell me that you thought Charlie’s Angels was even worth a 2.5. I gave it a NEGATIVE 5. What a waste of my time.

  11. Haha no Andy I’ve only seen a few minutes of “Charlies Angels” and it looked like a uber gay music video.

    Didn’t step in that pile, :-

  12. I gotta agree with everybody’s concern about Jessica Biel playing an army general. WTF is up with that. Are you sure it’s not the general’s daughter? I’m interested to see how well Rampage plays Baracus, and hoping that his acting skills are as good if not better than his fighting skills. By no means am I a die hard fan, but the van should be jacked up more in the back end. IMO…………

  13. I used to watch the A-Team when I was 4 years old, so I’m a big fan. I’m still very sceptical about Liam Neeson, and now Jessica Biel… Tawnia Baker’s also still around, and still as pretty as 25 years ago.
    Anyway, I don’t see any difference between the two vans, and on a sidenote: Do you (Screenranters) have access to some kind of release list of when we can expect the first trailers for upcoming movies?

  14. how can you not like Liam Neeson? Jessica Biel as a general, that i can agree doesn’t sound believable.

  15. George Peppard had a great smile, Liam Neeson’s smile is horrible.

  16. are we talking about a chick flick or an action movie?

  17. Dos Things….

    I hope that there is at least one ‘shoot out’ where everyone fire off thousands of rounds and NOBODY gets hit or killed.

    Another is ‘last time I was on the Universal Tour the ORIGIONAL Van was still freak’n there!

    See you at the Doughnut Shop! ~ Stark

  18. My point with the smile is, Liam Neeson has an evil smile. When Peppard smiled, I smiled with him, he could laugh about another one of his outrageous plans, he was a bit crazy, but funny.
    Maybe I´m a bit colored by Taken, which was a good action movie, but Neeson was acting – especially in the beginning – so bad.
    And people did get killed on The A-Team, although nobody seems to remember that. General Fullbright died, and in one of the first episodes (in Las Vegas) someone was thrown dead out of a window.

  19. Why is the back door open on the van? Is that safe? If the driver is the only occupant, should he pull over and close it? Or should he run back and shut it while still moving but do it really, really fast? What if he trips on his way and falls out the back? Now you have a van with no driver and the door is STILL open! What kind of wreckless movie making is this anyway?

  20. As a die hard fan of the A-Team, I’m giving this new cast a chance. The only one I’m familiar with is Liam Neeson and I can see him as an updated Hannibal. You’re never going to duplicate the originals so we’ll just see how it goes. The van is also a pleasant surprise. They could have left it out altogether. They seem to be making an attempt at a remake instead of a redo. BUT! Jessica Biel in ANY ROLE??? Gag. She can’t act and she’s certainly not a believable General…or Colonel or Latrine cleaner for that matter. How to take the movie from potential to ruin in less than 2 seconds? Cast her. Or Tori Spelling.

  21. im not a biel hater, i think she is one of the hottest actresses, and not a horrible actress. i just don’t see her in a serious, military general role. maybe if she was older and a little more hardcore.

  22. Just heard that Rampage Jackson had a falling out with UFC President and actually backed out of a scheduled UFC Pay Per View fight because of his filming schedule of The A-team.