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ateam2 The A Team Movie Script UpdateA few days ago I posted a story that stated that John Singleton had just signed on to direct a film version of 1980’s television show The A-Team. I also stated that the last time anyone heard about the project was a couple of years ago when James Bond screenwriter Bruce Feirstein had been hired to write a script.

Now it seems that Feirstein’s script has been tossed, and a new script has been written by Lawrence Konner and Mark Rosenthal, with revisions made by Michael Brandt and Derek Yuma.

According to the new script begins in Baghdad in 2003, and from what I read in the review it sounds like it has as much to do with The A-Team as a daytime cooking program.

According to MovieHole, Hannibal, Face and B.A are set-up by some villainous soldiers who stage a heist in a Baghdad museum. Face cuts a deal and is set free, while his two friends are sent to a military prison. However, while in prison Hannibal and B.A meet and befriend Murdock: a crazy Captain with a bipolar disorder. Following a prison break, they set out to get revenge and clear their names.

Now, let’s get one thing straight, I’m no A-Team purist. I watched the show as a kid, and I’ve probably seen it four times in the last twenty years (yes, I’m that old), but this film sounds like it’s just another example of stealing the name of a television show to help marketing the movie.

I can hear you scream about other shows that have been changed, but I feel that a film like Miami Vice stayed true to its television show roots, by keeping key elements and updating the show’s style for a modern audience.

Even Starsky and Hutch stayed true to its origins. In fact, I feel that by making the film a comedy they were able to keep the original appeal of the show, because there have been so many “buddy films” since Starsky and Hutch ended on television.

From what MovleHole says, this film is aimed at The Fast and the Furious market, and they seem to have given no thought at all to fans of the show.

That’s my rant. I’m sure that we’ll find out more (bad) news soon.

What do you guys think?

Source: Moviehole

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  1. Holy crap. Face sells them out? Ouch man, that isn’t cool.

  2. Will Face be a woman as well a sell out in this updated version?

  3. This appears to be 100% fail. I love the TV show.

  4. How tragic. If any show was ripe for large-canvas revisioning it was The A-Team. It sounds like they’ve taken the basic premise of the show, but then diluted it of all the fine touches that made all of us love it.

    In short, this ultimately fails. And you know Singleton and the suits are all going to want Tyrese. Again, how tragic.

  5. I love it when a plan comes together but not this plan……
    That’s the outline? Boy how lame unoriginal and Face was never an outcast as far back as I recall. Face was the guy that went into locations and setup phony corporations and movie shoots before the A-team arrived.
    Now he’s the backstabber?
    So is this film saying that, “before our team began their tv hi-jinks they were involved in botched solder of fortune blunder where they all met basically Face sold them out and then at the end when revenge was at hand Face somehow talks his way out of it and they all laugh and Hannibal lights a cigar and says “I love it when a plan comes together” ” ?????
    How is it that the Writers strike somehow didn’t effect this one from getting produced???
    Any news on Welcome back Kotter, Vic?

  6. I pity the fools who screw with the A-Team. I pity them more when they don’t hire Mr. T as B.A.


  7. So let me get this straight. They actually stage a heist, get caught, escape and try to clear their names?

    Doesn’t clearing your name imply that you actually didn’t commit any crimes? That you were falsely convicted?

    And what about the “Soldiers of Fortune” aspect? That’s what I liked about the original concept, despite the absurd cookie-cutter plots.

    Potential: wasted.

  8. This film just sounds like a disaster. It really has nothing to do with the show.

    I’m not a big fan of Singleton’s work. The last time he remade something was Shaft, and that was shockingly bad.


  9. Man, this premise sounds like it sucks. I suppose there won’t be a teamwork section where they’ll do some MacGyverisms with available items to build something that will defeat the bad guys.

    I bet there’s gonna be just big explosions and the heroes hijacking fast cars and big guns to kick some ass.

    I pity this film.. the script writers should stop their jibber-jabber and engage the fans for our opinions and ideas!

  10. Alas, the MovieHole review been taken down so all I got is this synopsis to guide by thinking. That said, man, you pre-emptive haters have no imagination. Or memory apparently.

    Need I remind you the opening narration:

    In 1972, a crack commando unit was sent to prison by a military court for a crime they didn’t commit. These men promptly escaped from a maximum security stockade to the Los Angeles underground. Today, still wanted by the government, they survive as soldiers of fortune. If you have a problem, if no one else can help, and if you can find them, maybe you can hire… The A-Team.”

    Wikipedia provides the definition of that crime:
    During the Vietnam War, the A-Team’s commanding officer, Colonel Morrison, gave them orders to rob the Bank of Hanoi to help bring the war to an end. They succeeded in their mission, but on returning to their base four days after the end of the war, they found their C.O. murdered by the Viet Cong and his headquarters burned to the ground. Therefore no proof existed that the A-Team were acting under orders, and they were sent to prison by a military court. They were sent to Fort Bragg, from which they escaped before they could actually stand trial.

    Seems to me, setting the A Team up to rob the Baghdad museum (which in real life apparently was looted by everyone else in Iraq except the American army) is an audience accessible update for the “crime they didn’t commit”. It’s unclear from the above synopsis if Hannibal and B.A. bust out with Murdoch to get revenge on Face or not. My hunch would be Face’s “betrayal” is part of one of Hannibal’s plans being brought together. They know they’re screwed in the courts, so Face goes turncoat to lay the groundwork outside for the escape.

    I don’t think they’ll Starbuck Face, at least if they hold to notion that the A-Team are special forces (women still can’t fill that job in today’s army). However, there could be another outside contact, and strong female character, if they reboot “Triple A” Amy, the journalist who helped them out in the series. Have her as an embed with them in Iraq to cement in some bond between her and the team before she’s needed.

    I’m a little confused about all this news coming out in the midst of a writers strike too.

    Also, who thinks the film will hold onto the bloodless gun, explosive and car demolition violence of the series?

  11. CheeseSteak the Impaler,, I love
    your post name!

    And also your comments on this…A-team topic!!!
    It seems I forgot that opening line but now I remember it. Very informative info..!
    Maybe this could be good after all. I hope you right about Face’s double-cross being part of the plan.
    Cheers, as face would say…

  12. When I use to watch the A- Team as a kid I though it was pretty cool myself and I thought it gave a lot of respect to army soldiers who are not getting any respect out there to day.

    I know it’s my own opinion but after watching the show I thought how cool it would be if they made a movie out of it too.

    I believe the movie can make it too its just it needs a better script.

    We can still let it be in Iraq.

    I believe it should start out that General Stockwell gets killed in an very important mission that was so post to lead to the freedom of the A – Team and the new guy who join them during the last episode.

    The A – Team finish the last important mission but to find that there leader General Stockwell has been killed. The A- Team flees out of that country and they are back on the run in the USA. They do flee all over the USA and argue about all this again.

    However they did let there old friend Amy the reporter know. Amy felt she must really help them but during the years she has made a new friend in the government and she tells her friend of the government about there story and how they were under General Stockwells orders and were promised a pardon out of the missions they have accomplished for him.

    Amy friend said he do what he can for them and her. Amy friend from the Government checks out the story and found out about Generals Stock Wells body by another source.

    Because Amy trusted her friend of the government and she had no I deal what her government friend was up too and that she though he really wanted to help them out so she showed them were there true hide out was.

    Hannibal and the rest of the gain were pretty up set at her but knew she was only doing this to show friend ship and wanted to help but what she didn’t know that her friend of the government was putting the A- Team on trail for the murder of General Stockwell and for escaping the stockade once again but only by the help of Murdock and the new guy from the last episode.

    Amy dose give her Government friend a nasty look and really tells him off ands leaves. Murdock and the new guy from the last episode was rounded up too and put up to trail as accomplishes.

    During the trail Murdock gets really scared so he pretends to be a mad man all over again and get the court to believe he is insane again and that General Stockwell put him up too it. Murdock was resent back to the madhouse all over again.

    The A- Team confused about every thing and that they were under General Stockwell Orders however the Army court failed to find any proof of them helping him they were about to be accused of murdering General Stokwell just when Amy was getting the nerves that her friends were going to be found guilty she was a head of the game and found Colonel Decker it took a lot of convenience but she did it. Colonel Decker did admire them a lot and he still had his suspicions about them.

    But sense he found that many of our boys were being killed over in Iraq and US government was losing billions of dollars because of this Colonel Decker had another plan for the A-Team.

    So on the last day of trail Colonel Decker comes into the court buy showing new evident that he got by Murdock because Murdock was the last person to know the ware aboutsts of General Stockwell hidden headquarters it showed tapes and there missions and secret meeting of him promising there pardon.

    The court was impressed however still was dissatisfied about there old case about robbing a bank. Colonel Decker stand up too the court again and provides to the judge that the court really did not handle it so well and no real evidence was not provided and he also proved that because they were on the run all over the USA of all those years that they did serve there time.

    But the judge still wanted them to pay for something and Colonel Decker addresses the court again and had a secret meeting with the judge that the A-Team can serve there time by helping special forces in Iraq and by doing that they can have there pardon.

    After the secret meeting the judge pools the whole A- Team into discussion and about Colonel Decker deal the A-team looks at each other and they take the deal. The judge goes back in and admits to the court that did there time by running from the USA but by running from the USA they still were committing a crime and to repay the USA by there free credit of the USA the judge ordered them that they had to help on the sheriffs ranch up to a 160 days. This was to cover up the top secret mission to where the A- Team would help out the secret forces of the USA army in Iraq.

    Sense Murdock was so well convince he was insane he was to stay in the mad house and that they did have special forces that could fly the jets and helicopters way better than him.

    The A- Team was sent to Iraq and of course B A was still giving his nock out juice in his milk. In Iraq The A- Team was introduce to Special Forces army of the USA. They have fought many difficult and bloody battles and finishing many top-secret plans that the USA government and Colonel Decker came up with.

    However Hannibal feels that the missions were way to sloppy and to many men were getting killed because of his head commandment to avoid arguing and being discharge Hannibal talk to his own crew and they agree with him and that they did need there co pilot Murdock. So Hannibal nudges Face Man to go back to USA to spring Murdock sense the government blocked all excess to even to contact miss Amy anymore so that top secret mission could not be found in Iraq.

    Face Man dose spring Murdock but because of new developed alarm system Face Man gets capture and arrested. However Murdock was the only one who got away. He some how scammed himself a plane by imitating a soldier and finds his way to Iraq and the rest of the A Team.

    While face man on his way to jail he find out a roomer that the museum of Iraq was robed by the A- Team.

    Back in Iraq while Murdock tries to search for the A- team he finds out the roomer his self knowing that he knew his army buddies would never do such a thing he tries to find out witch stockade they are prison at. He found out that they were relocated to jail near Kuwait to ready to be expedite back to the USA.

    Murdock tried to find away to brake them out so he dresses up as a Kuwaiti guard and release them. He ask Hannibal and the gang what this all about they explain to him that while they were going to be successful on one of there last missions that his hi commander and his unit decides to take there selves some treasure by taking a lot of valuables from the Iraqis museum sense the USA army was not being so munch supportive of them these days.

    Hannibal argue with the commander and try talk him out of it and what a real solider was and what they were so post to be doing. His commander and his unit got in a huge fight with the A- Team and at the end Hannibal and his unit just decided to go on there separate ways.

    But the high Commander simple was just going to tell his superiors that The A- Team has gone A – Wall.

    Early that morning a few hours before Murdock got there The high commander and his unit though sense they were going to tell there superiors that they A- Team has gone A- Wall and sense it was from there past they have robed a bank why not dress like them and pretend to be them.

    So the high Commander and his unit did just that after brakeing in and the killing of guards in Iraq and the Iraqi police finding out that it was the anlagen A- Team who did this they had US forces out there trying too find these men and that they demand an explanation and apology from the USA President.

    The A- Team was haunted down by USA Soliders and locked up in a near by jail in Kuwait nor USA Army nor Kuwaiti guards wanted to hear a word they said.

    Back in the USA Face Man was being heavenly guarded and question by militarily intelligence, by Colonel Decker and many other men this time once the whole A – Team is rounded up they will be charge and sentence to death and will not be helped by Murdock or even the new guy from the last episode.

    After the A- Team conversation with Murdock Hannibal realizes that Face Man once again is in deep trouble and sense they are on the run again they do need to save them.

    Murdock and the A-Team comes aboard the Air plane that Murdock scammed earlier from the USA they give B.A his regular bed time drink and Murdock get them safely back to the USA.

    A few weeks latter The A- Team finds Amy again they find out were they have face man however Amy ravels how bad this really is and how Hannibal and the A- Team finds out that’s its just way to hard to free face man and to just to wait to see how things go for awhile.

    In the mean time Amy races up her reporters to find info on the high commander and his units they find out that they sold the vauboles to dealers from Europe. Amy found this out by other supporters. She try to uses the evidence against them however the high commander and his unit blows up the entire newspaper office destroying all evidence against them.

    Luckily no one was inside there there was a jauntier who was on his way that did spotted one of the mask men. Amy still had no real evidence for the police to convict them. who actually could have just been the A-team. How ever this is still a watch team of missionaries out looking for the A- Team in The USA and Iraq.

    The Janitor over heard Amy arguing at the police station and he had told the police and Amy about the mask men who had seen blow up the building he told them he was in hiding and was too scared to go anywhere or to inform the police. However he did tell them about a certain tattoo on one of the mask men and if they rounded them up he could point them out. So tones of army units were all being question and even the hi commander and his unit were find to quarters and sent to Army court-martials for question and suspicion about the stilling of goods from the Iraqi museum and about the blowing up of a news paper building.

    Luckily two days latter a guy did confess because his tattoo was pointed out and he was given a plea barging if he had given his friends up.

    To avoid the death plenty he told on his army unit and even on his hi commander.

    A court date was finally put together and the allege A- Team was once found again by Amy and there were sent to court again to be put on trail to prove there innocents.

    Face Man was put in trail as well but was heavenly guarded.

    The trail did start both sides pleaded there stories lots of arguments were throwing around finally the witness and the accused man with that tattoo was to approach the bench the one with the tattoo was asked certain questions and one of his answers was that it was true they did nock over the museum to steal there goods.

    But it was the A- Team Ideal and they got them in there and it was there idea to get caught so they would get out safely with the goods.

    Everyone shouting B. A stands up and says B. A dose not tell lies and he throws his desk like last time they seize the guards guns and they free face man and they all run out on the run again. The second reporter who helped the A- Tem in the other serious had
    B. A van and they all jumped in and got away.

  13. Cool ideas, Jonathon. I love it !!

  14. They could put in their big FX and all that, but if they take too many liberties, they will likely doom the show. Come on! Updating this one would be so easy.

    “Ten years ago, in ***1998***, a crack commando unit was sent to prison by a military court for a crime they didn’t commit. These men promptly escaped from a maximum security stockade to the Los Angeles underground. Today, still wanted by the government, they survive as soldiers of fortune. If you have a problem, if no one else can help, and if you can find them, maybe you can hire… The A-Team”

    And if they need to do so, they could modify the date/how long it’s been to correlate to either the 1st or 2nd Gulf War, or the Afghanistan War. They could have been accused of working with terrorists!

  15. I pity the fool who ruins this movie!

    As to Face betraying the team, he might have done it unintentionally, if trying to win over a local beauty.

    The TV show was hugely different from most contemporary movies in another way–every time there was a jeep explosion, or car rollover, there was always a cutscene that let you know that no one was kiled. If the A-Team starts killing everyone on the way to clearing their names, then they have erorded the moral high ground they held while protesting their false conviction.

    It would make more sense for them to fill in some minor back story–make them part of a black ops team–pilot, structural engineer, acquisitions specialist, and C.O. Show us how an operation went bad, the team goes down, and they are eventually charged with crimes relating to the event (“this was an unauthorized mission…”). Murdock had a head would and was not coherent enough to stand trial and sent to a VA psych facility (he comes to his senses there, learns what happened to his friends, and plays along with the nuthouse staff). Maybe there were other members of the team. B.A. is only minorly injured in the chopper crash, but sees some of his closest friends dead–he comes back with PTSD. Face would never be one to stick his neck out too far, in engagement or in the trial. While Hannibal simply tells the truth and trusts that justice will be served. [In time, perhaps it is learned that it was all a setup from a higher officer who did not like how this A-Team’s reputation was harming other uniits (making them look bad).]

    Sorry. I should have been a writer.

  16. Good points, Hikingstick!
    I don’t think I would want to see a prequel however.

  17. you’re all misinterpreting the script. that overview was vague at least. as in the show, Face cuts a deal and is set free, that’s how he is able to run the jeep into the side of the prison freeing both Hannibal and B.A.

    You all have nothing to worry about, the movie will stay true to it’s roots, but updated a bit for the times, exactly in the first example of Miami Vice and Starsky & Hutch.. Trust me 😉

  18. Face 343 , are you saying that this film will be as good as …Miami Vice and Starsky and Hutch?

    I hope you jest…

  19. face a girl???? lol

  20. NO Tom Cruise please, he has already been part of the wrecking of another iconic TV series (Mission: Impossible).

  21. After thinking about it, I agree with those not interested in a prequel. It would be interesting but a waste of time and resources. Interestingly, I think a continuation of the story line forward into time would not be so good either (remember, many feel that the final season was a lot weaker than the first four, too complicated and character-diluted). IMHO the best approach for a movie would have been yet another escapade set during the best years of the series, sort of a “lost episodes” approach.

    Also, as I look at some old taped episodes, I think that the photography (angles, etc) and music had as much to do with the uniqueness of the show as the four main chatacters did. I hope they don’t try to “update” the music to something different from that hard-charging full-band sound (please don’t take the easy way out by using guitar hard rock), and for God’s sake don’t use the “shaky camera” look.

    Remember, “The A-Team” was a hit. Frankly, if they sent a cookie-cutter replica of an episode to the theatres, expanded to 100 minutes, and simply tried to outdo the original “The A-Team” but with the exact same formula, I believe they would have a rockin’ winner on their hands.

    I truly believe this because “The A-Team” was all about setting and meeting expectations. All the potential viewers who wanted variation and deep nuance departed by the middle of the first season to watch “ER” or something. If you watched “The A-Team”, you knew that during the first 5 minutes the bad guys would assert themselves, then around minute 20 the “A-Team” would make its presence known, then around minute 40 the Team would be in trouble, then after eight minutes or so they would prevail, then say something funny and freeze frame and out. During those days this was one of the few things that some of us could count on to happen correctly and consistently every week. :)

    So just follow the formula, expand the minute marks out to fill a couple hours, and entertain us and take the money to the bank.

    Oh and by the way, for The Four use one big star, one crossover celebrity, one medium-successful actor and one relatively unknown actor. Ok I could go on but I will stop now.

  22. I hope the film will come as soon as possible. In my opinion this film will never present the real A-Team and bring up this feeling to us.