‘That’s My Boy’ Red & Green Band Trailers: Adam Sandler Does Vintage Dirtbag [Updated]

Published 3 years ago by , Updated April 5th, 2012 at 6:57 am,

Adam Sandler Donnys Boy Thats My Boy Red & Green Band Trailers: Adam Sandler Does Vintage Dirtbag [Updated]

[UPDATE: Check out the Green-band trailer for That’s My Boy]

You may have heard Adam Sandler’s newest comedy referred to as I Hate You Dad and/or Donny’s Boy, but the official title is apparently That’s My Boy and today we have a red-band trailer for the film to share.

After a string of critically-panned comedies (see:  Just Go With It and Jack and Jill - or rather, never, ever see them), the question is whether or not Sandler can still deliver comedy in the vein of his early hits, like Billy Madison, Happy Gilmore and The Waterboy. Unfortunately, the That’s My Boy trailer is not at all a guarantee that Sandler has gotten his groove back.

In That’s My Boy, Sandler plays Donny, a vintage scumbag who is facing jail time for tax evasion. When Donny learns that his son (SNL‘s Andy Samberg) is a hedge fund manager about to tie the knot (with Gossip Girl‘s Leighton Meester), he sees an opportunity to earn some quick cash to appease the feds. But when Donny’s wild-partying ways come crashing into his son’s buttoned-down life, chaos (peppered with father/son bonding) ensues:

UPDATE: Now check out the Green-band trailer, which gives a little more background on the story – namely that Donny conceived his son when he was about 13:

It’s clear what kind of character Sandler is going for in this film, the only problem is: the schtick just feels kind of dated coming from the actor. If this movie were coming out in Sandler’s ’90s heyday, it would be winner, perhaps – but these days we have a new breed of dirtbag ruling the screen (see: Danny McBride in just about anything he’s in). Watching Adam Sandler channel Kenny Powers? We’ll leave it to you to decide if that’s worth a movie ticket.

Source: Columbia Pictures

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  1. dont think i want to see this one. what happen to the days of longest yard, big daddy, anger management, heck even click. that was all just 5 or 6 years ago. what happened adam?

    • Anger Management? Longest Yard? …God.

  2. Jack and Jill wasn’t a romcom.

  3. He probably made this film like something in the 90′s b\c that’s what fans have been asking for.It’s no doubt his best movies were Happy Gilmore,The Waterboy,and The Wedding Singer and they were all from the 90′s.Sure he had a few stinker’s like everyone else who make’s film’s but i find most of his movies to be very entertaining.

  4. I’m in the minority, I know, but that looks awesome!

  5. Sorry, but Adam Sandler has lost all goodwill with me. I just don’t care anymore. And I think Andy Samberg is overrated.

  6. Adam Sandler plays someone looking for an effortless, easy pay day? So, a real life documentary then?

  7. Jesus Christ, somebody stop this idiot from making movies. How is he still relevant? How is he allowed to make movies and why do people watch them? Why do huge stars think that by being in a Sandler movie they’ll be credible as funny people when it’s the exact opposite? Why oh why? So many unanswered questions… so many…

    • Al pacino was the only one stupid enough

      • Jack Nicholson, Salma Hayek, Kate Beckinsale, Nicole Kidman, Christopher Walken, Marisa Tomei, Harvey Keitel, Woody Harrelson… And many more.

  8. okk so this one probably won’t go down as one of sandler’s best but at least it’s a step in the right direction! muuuuuuch prefer this one to bedtime stories, grownups, jack and jill, etc etc

    more than one can say for eddie murphy …

    • 11 razzie nominations is more than one can say for eddie murphy too….

      • heyy exactly … step in the right direction at least

        • I haven’t seen it yet but wasn’t Tower Heist a decent film as far as moving in the right direction?

          • My girlfriend and I thought it was decent. But it looks like it’s about to be cancelled out by his next one, A Thousand Words.

  9. Film making 101 – If the title keeps changing then you can sure that the film will suck,and that’s before you add Adam Sandler to the equation.
    In the 90′s he was great in the 00′s ok and in the 10′s shocking. Time to move on me thinks.

  10. At least the main character seems like such a likable guy :)

  11. I got bored watching the trailer….

  12. Love.Punch.Drunk will be Adam’s beat film. All the others suck!

    Now make a thread for ‘Only God Forgives’!

    The new info on the film:
    Cliff Martinez is doing the score for the film, new details about the plot and who will be distributing the film. Also a first look of Ryan Gosling in the film.

  13. I agree – just watched Happy Gilmore a few days ago and I really liked it. What happened to you, Adam? This seems so phoned in and just unfunny.

  14. I don´t know… I laughed. And that´s what it´s about, isn´t it?

    • I did too. Thought to myself, if you’ve ever wondered what would have happened had is character from The Wedding Singer gone completelly off the rails… well there u have it. Lol

  15. Danny McBride? He wishes he were half as funny as Sandler USED to be.

    • And that is exactly why it is so weird to see Adam trying to copy his schtick. Just perplexing. ??

  16. What is Adam thinking? Stop making these stupid movies….

  17. Who would’ve thought $50-$60 wouldn’t get you out of 3 years in prison? lol

  18. Best part was Nick Swardson catching whatever that was in the strip club. Adam Sandler will do anything for a pay check which makes him no better than, well anyone else here.

    P.S. Kofi

    • My highschool English teacher says your article should start with “You may have heard” ; )

  19. Your high school English teacher is right. Tell her after dozens of hours of Internet writing a week, daddy gets a little fuzzy sometimes. I made the corrections.

  20. I’ll wait for reviews and more trailers. Adam Sandler seems forced with all of the foul language. I guess it’s been too long since he’s dropped a proper f-bomb in a while. Then again I loved Funny People…so who knows. Basically, I’d be watching this because of Andy Samberg…he’s hillarious for the msot part. There’s no reason he shouldn’t be here too.

  21. Sandler’s been hit or miss from the beginning, it’s just been more miss of late.
    But like, dick infused with balls? That’s gold. The movie might end up sucking, but there will be titties, and there will be laughter, and I think s*****, tasteless jokes like that will make it worthwhile.

  22. I’m sure people are saying this movie will suck and @Kofi, I understand completely that this is surely something that probably would have been better in the 90′s. But, I have to say that it is nice to see Sandler in this type of role.

    Honestly, judging just by the trailer, this movie seems like a winner in my book. Maybe it’ll get the man back on track because to be completely honest he is the funniest interview I’ve ever seen. When he is on Conan it seems as if he is in his element. The stand-up, no script type of show. No one can say that Sandler wasn’t perfect on SNL and when he’s being interviewed it’s as if he can just say whatever because who gives a crap, it’ll just get bleeped anyway if he swears lol.

    This is the type of character that I love Sandler playing. The goofy bastard haha.

  23. Hell it made me laugh and that’s all that counts. I’ll be seeing this, probably not in theaters, but still:D

  24. Adam Sandler sounds like his Little Nicky character most of this trailer.

  25. At least Sandler is in a R rated movie again. This looks much better than his latest crap.

  26. That boy who do like Donny goes to my school

  27. Given that this is the first raunchy R-rated movie Sandler’s done under his company’s name (I think?), it might actually NOT stink. Still not entirely sure I’ll see this in the theater, but some of the clips I’ve watched are amusing enough. Hopefully this will be way better than Bucky Larson and/or Jack and Jill — neither of those were particularly great (IMO).

    I did enjoy reading through some of the That’s My Boy movie quotes: http://www.ranker.com/list/that_s-my-boy-movie-quotes/movie-and-tv-quotes

    Looking at some of those, it seems like maybe, just maybe, Sandler’s returning to his old (funnier) raunchy ways…