Josh Brolin is Thanos in Marvel’s ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’

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Josh Brolin Thanos Josh Brolin is Thanos in Marvels Guardians of the Galaxy

The collective Marvel movie news membrane is still trembling after this week’s hard headline that fan-favorite director Edgar Wright dropped out of directing Ant-Man, a project he single-handedly pushed for just about a decade. While fans wait for the official word on Ant-Man‘s new director, they can feast on some HUGE casting news surrounding the MCU: the actor who is playing Thanos in Guardians of the Galaxy – and maybe even beyond to films like The Avengers 3has been announced, and it’s none other than Josh Brolin.

Latino Review first dropped a rumor that has since been confirmed by Variety.

Thanos first appeared in the mid-credits scene of The Avengers (a motion-capture performance by actor Damion Poitier). It has since been teased that Thanos is acting as an over-arching villain whose machinations and presence will be felt all throughout the MCU – especially in a film like Guardians of the Galaxy, which further introduces Marvel’s cosmic characters and storylines. Following comic book canon, Thanos’ plot seems to be gathering together “Infinity Stones” like The Tesseract or The Aether, in order to form his Infinity Gauntlet, a weapon that essentially gives him the power of God.

Avengers 3 Infinity Gauntlet War Thanos Josh Brolin is Thanos in Marvels Guardians of the Galaxy

After the events of Thor: The Dark World, we spoke with Marvel head Kevin Feige about Thanos and his Infinity Gauntlet plot possibly coming to fruition in Avengers 3, where the Mad Titan will presumably take center stage, at last. We’ve also heard that Thanos will appear in Avengers: Age of Ultron, but how (and for how long) remains unclear.

Feige suggested about a month ago that the Thanos actor had already been cast, and at that time, we questioned what that late-in-the-game information meant in regards to how Thanos will be realized onscreen in Guardians. Will it be through CGI and voice work (like Bradley Cooper’s Rocket Raccoon)? Or perhaps through motion-capture performance (like Vin Diesel’s Groot)? Or, if they’ve had Brolin for some time, could they have already developed makeup and prosthetics for a traditional performance (like with Alexis Denisof, who played Thanos’ henchman The Other in Avengers)? And will the method used in Guardians stay consistent through future MCU films – or will the tactics change based on screen time, performance etc.?

Sin City 2 Josh Brolin Josh Brolin is Thanos in Marvels Guardians of the Galaxy

Brolin in ‘Sin City: A Dame to Kill For’

Since we don’t know yet how long Brolin has been with camp Marvel, the finer details about the nature of Thanos’ appearance in Guardians remain unclear for now – as does the question of whether or not this is a longterm casting, or simply more star power being put behind Guardians. However, knowing Marvel Studios, this chess move was almost definitely made diligently, with thought towards the future.

On a side note: this casting also knocks down one of two big rumors about Vin Diesel possibly having a bigger role in the MCU; now, with everything happening regarding The Kree alien race and mythos, it’s seeming more and more likely that Diesel could snag that Black Bolt role in Inhumans. Could Comic-Con 2014 be that very reveal?

Blackbolt Inhumans Marvel Comics Josh Brolin is Thanos in Marvels Guardians of the Galaxy

For Brolin, this marks a fifth comic book role he’s taken on in the last few years. He played DC’s Jonah Hex (2010); stepped in to play the young version of Agent K in Men in Black 3; was the lead in Spike Lee’s American remake of Oldboy; and he will soon play a pre-surgery version of Clive Owen’s character in the prequel/interquel film Sin City: A Dame to Kill For. Of course, when it comes to playing an iconic villain like Thanos, Brolin is definitely stepping to the next level of comic book flicks. However, it’s pretty safe to say that he’s doing so as an actor likely to have the majority of fan approval at his back.

Let’s test that theory:

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Guardians of the Galaxy opens August 1, 2014The Avengers: Age of Ultron on May 1, 2015, Ant-Man on July 17, 2015, Captain America 3 on May 6 2016, and unannounced films for July 8 2016 and May 5 2017.

Sources: Variety & Latino Review


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  1. Oh wow… he already looks spot on as the character!
    And his voice will make womens’ ovaries explode. GREAT CASTING!

    • This made me LOL.

      Speaking of powerful voices, Black Bolt’s will make EVERYTHING explode.

      • So Jim Starlin statin that Thanos would be in GOTG and A2 was actually spot on then eh? I’m excited!!!

    • “Ovaries explode”…(*snort, chuckle, chortle, gasp*….must…not…reveal…I…think…that…is…funny…MMPHF!!)

  2. Awesome choice! I hope they can do the Infinity Gauntlet storyline justice by showing how and why he is going after Infinity Stones. I think they should explain why Thanos is collecting the Infinity Stones throughout various films, giving Thanos his own villan film (much like what Sony is doing with Venom and the Sinister six), or explain it all in Avengers 3 and if they do this it should probably be split into 2 parts. Now who to cast for Adam Warlock?

    • They should just make A3 into two parts, like the hobbits last 2. Basically, we get an Avengers like hour of story and lead in, then an hour of Thanos beginning his advance, then he’s there and cut/

      Then part 2, a bunch of crazy sh’t happens, and awesomeness ensues.

      • That is what I keep saying. Should be released within a year of each other too. A3 will be too big to fit into one movie. It would be nice to see heroes die in the first installment and for it to look as though they are going to lose.

    • my guess … ANY WHITE GUY will get the role – even though an actor could be consider – ie. may be a person of color
      heck may be even consider a Latino or ASIAN GUY !!! (like that would ever happen)

      • One would think an extraterrestrial could be played by any ethnic actor, but seeing as how Adam is a popular, dare I say beloved, character among comic fans, I can already see the backlash if they cast a non-white, even if he’s blonde.


      • And when they do cast Adam, I wonder if they’ll keep the Jesus esque story.

  3. I’ve always loved THANOS & am so happy he’s going to be centre stage in the MCU ! Will we be seeing ADAM WORLOCK along the way ?
    I am also wondering where the other ‘cosmic’ heroes/characters stand now – as in THE SILVER SURFER & GALACTUS ? Will they still belong to FOX & future FANTASTIC FOUR movies or have MARVEL got the rights back?

    • They still belong to Fox. There was a rumour some time ago that Disney/Marvel was willing to let Fox keep the Daredevil license past the expiry date so Joe Carnahan could shoot his Daredevil film, provided Fox gave up Surfer and Galactus. Fox, essentially, laughed in Disney/Marvel’s face and said no way.

      • Can someone explain to me how this works? When can Marvel get their rights back?

        I get that with all they’ve got going on now, they don’t have time to maximize the property, but they’re going to want those properties at some point, right?

        • Its one of those weird deal that marvel made during a time it was basicslly going bankrupt. So it was a terrible deal but saved their bacon at the time. Essentially fox bought the rights to xmen and all characters that normally u associate with xmen and they got the rights to “mutant” naturslly and all that implies (thats why marvel cant use it today). Ff is same thing, they get all the characters comonly associated with that franchise (gslactus & ss being usually associated with them). Now provided they keep “actively developping” films for these franchises they can keep them rightsfor perpetuity (forever.. Literally). Daredevil illustrates a scenario that is required to happen so them to loose said rights, basically they have x amount to years between films where they must put another film of that franchise into “greenlight” active development/production mode or the rights revert. Some directors dropped and joe caravan stepped in and pitched his idea at the 9th hour alas fox didnt pull thr trigger and allowed to rights to pass.

          • “provided they keep ‘actively developping’ films for these franchises they can keep them rightsfor perpetuity”

            I just died a little, inside.

          • “in perpetuity” is the term you were looking for btw (just fyi).

            • yep, this is the little clause that is now causing all the problems.

              The other part to the equation that’s missing is, they need to be actively in production on a particular film every 4-7 years (each contract is different on the length of time and only Fox/Marvel and an army of lawyers know the length of each contract.)

              This can be seen with DD reverting…..they were approaching that magical “in production” date and were nowhere near ready. Marvel offered a deal for an extension, Fox told them to **** off, rights lapsed and DD came home.

              Too bad this will never happen with X-Men. Fox at one point used term similar to “cold dead hands” when asked about the X-Men franchise. In fact they went so far as to say they would rather make a horrible direct to video quickie just to fulfill the contractual terms rather than lose them.

          • Joe Caravan?

    • They tried to buy back the rights to Silver Surfer and Galactus back from Fox but Fox declined, they could probably substitute in Beta Ray Bill or something.

      • YES to Beta Ray Bill.

        • Phase 5 or 6 !! and hopefully also Rom: Space Knight and the Dire Wraiths

          • ROM would be incredible. Hog heaven.

        • Naw…he looks like the offspring of Thor and Mr. Ed!

          • Whats wrong with a race of equine like beings?

            • I’m with Goldie on this. Beta Whatshisname looks silly and over-the-top. That said, if they manage to make talking raccoons and trees compelling, they can certainly do it with Horseface as well.

  4. Boooooooo…boooooo…
    Its all about voice and I dont want to hear brolins.

    • I’d rather hear Brolin’s voice than NOT hearing Diesel’s if he’s cast as Black Bolt, as his voice is by far his most interesting quality as an actor.

      • @ bfg666.Unless he can hide that Southern Draw (which I’m greatly worried about) :/

  5. Great news. People at Marvel almost always know who can be the best actor to portray a character. DC, learn from the pros!

    • Well Marvel has been going for the right voice, DC is going by the right chin

      • Hahaha +1

    • You mean casting wife beaters?

      • I agree that wife beaters shouldn’t get a big payday like this…However, this is Los Angeles/Hollywood and those things don’t matter….Unless you can turn something into publicity.

        • I would recommend not paying to see his films then. That’s pretty much the only way he’ll stop being cast in movies.

          • Genius insight dude. Who said I have watched any of his movies? Also, speaking up is another way to get a message out there.

            • Who’s a wife beater?

      • Thats low of you.

    • Uh, what? So Marvel/Disney casts him in a comic book movie and it’s all “Oh Marvel is the bestest!”, but DC/Warners tries to cast him in a comic book movie and it’s “DC, learn from the pros!”?? Really?

      Do you honestly think playing Thanos (of whom I am a HUGE fan) is better or more iconic than playing Batman?

      Better question, actually: Do you think he would have played Batman better than he’s going to play Thanos? Or, more acurately, which role do you think his style and look would be more suited towards?

      • Honestly, I think Fox has gotten the best draw for actors for their X-Men franchise. All of those actors are pretty well known for their acting.

        I don’t think Brolin would have made a good Bruce Wayne, he doesn’t really have that playboy look, he looks a bit too rough cut to be Bruce. I mean, Bruce Wayne is really Batman’s costume, and you need that suit to work well especially for the dynamic they will likely be going for which will likely involve Bruce and Lex facing off with their respective enterprises.

      • Besides, Josh Brolin already played a DC character, Jonah Hex. Film was crap but his portrayal was pretty great.

      • Batman, at the point in time was a more physically demanding role, with Thanos, as we’ve been told, (at this time) he’ll only be providing the VOICE for Thanos, not his movements, expressions, ect. But, in any event, he still needs to ACT, and needs to be a menacing presence in GOTG and A:AOU, which I think he can pull off..

        • So… they’re not gonna mocap him?

      • I really wanted Josh Brolin to play Batman. He would have done a great job as a rugged old worn down Batman. I think he will do a great job as Thanos. To answer your question he can do both roles great. In my opinion I would have loved to see him as Batman.

    • “People at Marvel almost always know who can be the best actor to portray a character. DC, learn from the pros!”

      This statement implies that Warner Bros have made bad casting choices for their DC films, which would be false.

      • George Clooney was an awesomely awesome Batman.

      • Yeah and Brandon Routh was pretty extra great too.

      • Unfortunately, it is far from false. Warner Bros have made horrendous casting decisions (Fox is not much better). Just take a look at the new Batman flick.

        • No, WB has made horrendous director hiring decisions (Schumacher). Also, which new Batman flick? You mean BvS? That’s a Superman flick, not a Batman flick, and we can’t take a look at it until two years from now.

      • And Ryan Reynolds as Green Lantern.
        (I know ppl will agree bc they think he sucks as an actor, but I only think that he was miscast and there were better options to play GL.)

        But DC has made some great decisions too; a Superman superior to Routh’s (although I was nervous at first; Cavill didn’t impress me in Immortals), and I have hope for Ben Affleck (a competent actor whose worse films were over 10 years ago and has grown better as an actor and has been choosing better material ever since).

        Nolan’s Batman trilogy speaks for itself as far as casting. Even Tom Hardy was a great Bane, although I would have preferred a more direct Caribbean and South American influence, as well as a more personal motive (what happened to his fear of Bats? It would’ve been something else he shared w/ Nolan’s Bruce, and could’ve made for a great “This is what Batman would look like if he was evil” moment, since they kind of implied it earlier anyway)

        • The problem with Green Lantern wasn’t Ryan Reynolds but the script and tone of the movie.

  6. Didn’t think about Josh Brolin at all but this is indeed a great cast. I am more so excited now for Guardians.

    On a side note, Black Bolt played by Vin Diesel? Granted I seem to be ok with this, unsure why, but wouldn’t this be like the new Torch in FF4?

    • Not the same problem. Jordan might be a great actor but he’s miscast as Johnny Storm because he’s black. Diesel would be a huge miscast as Black Bolt because he’s a lousy actor whose main (only?) interest resides in his voice.

  7. Big win in a somewhat rough week for marvel. Brolin is great.

  8. I’d much rather see someone like Jim Caveazal play Black Bolt. The character needs to have an enormous range of emotion displayed through just their eyes, and I don’t think Diesel has those acting chops.

    But Brolin is cool!

    • +1 but I’d say Jim is Doctor Strange more.

      Hell, I just want him in MCU

    • Jim Caviezel? You mean Jesus? How awesome would it be if Jesus played Adam Warlock?

    • I wouldn’t count on it. Caviezel can’t keep his mouth big shut about the god stuff and Disney has proven time and again they will go to ridiculous lengths to avoid any kind of controversy. Did you not notice they did an entire movie where the bad guys were WWII Germans and didn’t show a single swastika? Its not like he’s Orson Scott Card or anything but why risk embarrassment for a marginal talent when plenty of A-listers are knocking on their door. I’ve also read several times that he is pushy and a nightmare to work with and right or wrong (no pun intended) we saw where that got Edgar Wright didn’t we. Thats before we even address subjective questions like how massively untalented he is. Maybe you like him but there are a whole lot of people who don’t myself included.

      • Refresh my memory, what WW2 Disney movie are you talking about?

        • Have you not seen Captain America: The First Avenger? I only ask because unless you haven’t that was a kind of daft question.

        • Sorry to snap. Thought you were the OP trying to big time me. But seriously if you didn’t realize they were fighting the German army I can kind of understand. Since aside from the Death’s Head and Iron Cross you did not see any of the insignia from the period. Thats my point they wouldn’t show a single swastika the symbol most closely associated with WWII Germany to avoid any potential controversy right out of the gate. Considering the primary target audience for these movies are kids I have no problem with that.

          • In fairness, throughout most of the movie Cap and the gang are fighting Hydra, who were separate from the Nazis and had their own insignia.

  9. Was kind of hoping that they would have stuck with Poitier, but alas, it was not meant to be. I just hope it turns out good. Wouldn’t it suck if his performance isn’t up to par? Pressure is on.

  10. He should have been batman!! he would fit perfectly into frank millers version of the dark knight.

  11. This made me laugh out loud just by reading it.

  12. Interesting development, very interesting,

  13. Nice choice.
    And this news arrives just when all the buzz is centered on X-men Apocalypse and who would play En Sabah.

  14. i was one of those hoping that he would snag the dark night role since brolin looks
    beatup, tired and hardcore drinking and then they cast a pretty boy for the bat.
    disney definitely one-upped dc on an actor that actually a regular person would be scared of to run into a dark alley vs jesse eisenberg (while a good actor) but could
    not even scare my seven year old son who laughed his behind off when he found out this was lex luthor.

    • Your kid reaction to jesse eisenberg is the same reaction me and my mates give literally all superman needs to do is flick jesse eisenberg away honestly batman vs superman is getting ridiculous

      1. Batman should have been played by richard armitage or benedict cumberbatch

      2. Lex luthor should have been played by either mark strong or. Bryan cranston

      3.they are putting too many characters in batman vs superman

      • Even if you had a Mr Olympia contestant as Lex Luthor, he could still be flicked away by Superman since he has super strength and all. Also, Luthor’s always been a dangerous character mentally, not physically. Eisenberg is perfect in that respect. Someone you don’t expect would last long in a physical fight but is too smart to play fisticuffs with anybody. Just think Kevin Spacey in The Usual Suspects, no one expected “the cripple” to actually be this nightmarish, violent, dangerous criminal that other dangerous criminals fear.

        1. You’d have wanted Benedict? Really? He’s more of a Riddler looking guy with his slender body and unusual looks.

        2. Strong to me will always be Sinestro and Cranston could only ever be Commissioner Gordon.

        3. You gonna have the “too many characters” complaint about The Avengers 1 and 2? About Star Wars 7? About Guardians Of The Galaxy?

        • Imo all benedict would need to do is bulk up get some muscles on his arms and the way he portayed khan in star trek into darkness was amazing the evil in his voice and the body language that he gave in it he would suit being batman

          Also when avengers are doing it the right way cuz they tie the characters into the story properly with dc universe they are just chucking characters in like cyborg and then john stewarts green lantern plus they have the opportunity to tie the flash series and the arrow series into the movie but they choose not to do it

          Batman v superman is basikly a justice league movie and then zack snyder is going to do justice league

        • Also i read that aquaman will be in batman v superman and that his beef with superman is that in man of steel he dumped this machine that zod was using into the sea and it killed all the fish apparently and now he is angry about that

        • +1

        • Jesse Einsenberg is a poor casting choice. I don’t know which comics or the many cartoons that had Lex in them you’ve seen but, Lex Luthor is both a mental AND phyiscal character. He is on the same level as Tony Stark but in a “no tech.” fist fight, Lex has it. Of course he can’t go toe-to-toe with Superman. BECAUSE HE IS SUPERMAN! These WEAK Lex characters are the movies’ trope. Luthor works on the idea he is smarter, richer, and in better shape than most men which gains him respect and fear except from Superman. Read a comic, watch an animation (series or film) HECK watch Smallville. [EDUCATED]

      • Men i understand what you are saying, eisenberg fooling no one, the only reason iam
        seeing it is best its the obligatory batman vs superman that wolfgang perterson
        Wanted to make so i want to see how the most expensive comedy off all time
        Will pan out. I could not stop laughing at the darknight rises.

  15. So…forgetting this casting, has anyone actually read any Thanos stuff? I personally don’t see the appeal of the character. He seems like an over-powerful character with teenage level issues. From the 3-4 comics I read about him, in Thanos rising, Death comes to him in some apparition form and needles him to essentially become this serial killer. He goes around the galaxy knocking up chicks. Death says she will love him when he kills all his kids that he had with all those women. He basically then goes around killing them and his former lovers. No way will MCU be including that, especially since one of their primary focus groups will be children. Read a few other ones where he just messes things up on Earth. Then there was this older one where he goes after the Infinity Gems fighting/outsmarting different people who possess some of the gems. Some of the fights were dumb because of how easily his opponents fell to hubris and the need to gloat mid-battle.

    What angle will they be taking here? I know they aren’t really following any comics too much, just the characters and reworking them for their intended audience. What is his journey/motivation/whatever going to be? Just looking for a good fight? Thanos seems a bit silly to me.

    • Im wth you, hes a rather terrible andboring character in and ofhimset BUT what he represent is a potentially “unstopable” force and think thats whats got people excited because ultra poderful villain vs avengers equals lots of special effects and explosions. Lets face it, deep down a little micheal bay lives in all of us. Lol

      Haha loved the “hes got teenager lvl issues”.. Thats why i stopped reading coming when i was a teenager haha got fed up with the stupid drama (xmen is what i mostly read) they were always playing the “poor me” victim card.. It got so effin annoying.. Seriously, they all look like fitness models, dont have to work, have infinity money and have super powers andthe act like its the end of the world.. Right. At least gambit was cool because he never bitched and actually used his power to impress women and get laid.

    • Speaking as Thanos being my favorite character in any form of entertainment you definitely shouldn’t base it off of Thanos Rising. Read Rebirth of Thanos and Infinity Gauntlet. Those are amazing Thanos stories. Thanos Imperative is also amazing. What you are referring to is not the Thanos Jim Starlin created. I enjoyed Thanos Rising but you don’t get a sense of the character from that. He longs to win Death because he was born a Deviant in a family of basically perfection. He had to use his mind to make himself into the powerful being he is, it wasn’t given to him. Yeah he is crazy and mad, but thats what makes him who he is. Mistress Death in his mind is only person who has ever shown him affection and he would do anything for that. Sort of a tragic character if you think about it. He is complex and goes far beyond wanting to mindlessly kill everything in the universe.
      I’m sure the movies wont use Mistress Death and they are probably going to make him just a psychotic universe seeking tyrant, but honestly being an enormous fan and having read everything he has been in, he is a great character. Not for everyone though, but that can be said with any character.

    • They don’t call him the mad Titan for nothing.

      MCU modifies a lot of things, so I’m sure they’ll tone it down to him just being a genocidal, interstellar mad man.

      • @Sage,”They don’t call him the mad Titan for nothing.”……or Massive Titan ;-)

  16. OMG !
    First good news since Wright left Marvel

    • Isn’t this the first news SINCE Wright leaving? As far as Marvel is concerned?

      • 1.Daredevil Show-runner left.
        2.No One Shot in CA:TWS DVD.
        3.Daredevil has been cast (by an almost Unknown actor which for me is not a bad thing but some people may consider it to be).

        All in all pretty eventful week for marvel I would say.

  17. Ehh, to me he always has an odd southern twang. Its not a fit for me

  18. Unexpected but i think Brolin is a fine choice for Thanos

  19. The one thing I am looking forward to, more then anything, is the inclusion of classic Golden Age characters like Human Torch (Jim Hammond) and Namor (I’m sorry, but seeing the someone playing him, riding the crest of a wave into New York City and shouting ‘Imperious Rex’ would make me die from happiness). The same goes with DC, be it on television or in film, I’d love to see the Justice Society get some kind of screen life. Yes they got that in Smallville, but that was through flashbacks. I’m talking about Green Lantern, and the Atom, and all the other members in their fighting prime. Is that too much to ask? For some Golden Age love?

    • Won’t be possible with Namor at Universal (which Marvel Studios kinda-sorta owns-ish, idk how it all works….) and Fantastic Four characters are at Fox.

    • DC-wise. Probably, as they seem to be basing all the new films on the New 52, unitl /unless they do those GA characters in the New 52 I doubt they’ll be in the films.
      “Palmer is a supporting character in the ranks of S.H.A.D.E. He still invented the shrinking technology that gives Atom his powers, but he seems content to remain on the sidelines while heroes like Choi and Frankenstein battle evil head-on.”
      (from )

  20. They should’ve used a CGI character instead. All of these characters should be so EPIC that no man can or should be able to portray them with just some simple makeup.

    1. Thanos
    2. Darkseid
    3. Apocalypse

  21. Great casting. Definitely has the voice and physicality to play Thanos.

  22. Way to go Marvel! They have certainly hit this casting choice out of the park! I wish a certain movie studio that is producing a “justice” film, would know how to do casting choices, lol. And let the whining begin by certain fanboys of that movie studio, lol.

    • I think most TRUE fans enjoy these movies for the characters that they love and do not care who produces them as long as they are enjoyable films. I think it is childish to not like one side or the other because one thinks they are not being “loyal” to the other. That kind of thinking will only lead to missing something very enjoyable just because of of bias. Disney/Marvel movies offer something that WB/DC does not as well as Sony. I think that limiting ones options is a mistake because they all produce great films. Just an opinion.

      • +1. This so-called DC vs Marvel rivalry is a construct fueled by sheepy fanbois who can’t think straight and it has no actual basis in the companies themselves. Marvel and DC respect each other and even have occasionally collaborated on cross-company crossovers. This fan-made feud is really getting old.

  23. Ok… I finally get it.
    From this day forward I will leave all the Disvel fanboys alone and just let them do their thing.
    I now understand.

    Go back a month, WB was RUMORED to have cast a no-name actor (Ray Fisher) for a C list character (Cyborg) and it got a bigger reaction than Disvel confirming a (relatively) big name actor playing THE villain in the MCU. They don’t have a bigger villain to announce. Ever.

    I see why y’all have let WB get inside your heads, you can’t even talk about the casting in your own favorite movies (as shown in this thread) without constantly referencing what WB is doing.

  24. Great choice, though I would love to have seen him as Batman.

  25. Wassup??? I was expecting a little more love for this. I was expecting the comment section to explode but…

  26. Play? A monkey with mocap thechnology can play Thanos, he is the voice of Thanos. Unless they have this stupid idea to go Thing route of past Fantastic Four movies.

    • No, a monkey with mocap tech can play a monkey. Mocap requires a little more acting chops than that to be done properly, ask Andy Serkis. Especially now that they’ve upgraded the technology with performance capture.

  27. Some guy on reddit knew about this a month before it was announced.

  28. Great news. So happy this is being done as a cgi character. There is so much cgi bashing going on right now. But I love it. Look at the Hulk in Avengers. It was fantastic. This whole Star Wars 7 thing has a lot to answer for. For starters, the only reason that is going on is because everyone hated the prequels & made the effects the scape goat, when the real problem was the story. Bet Abrams is kicking himself now though after they released that video clip with that rubbish alien in. Too late now, you’ve told everyone your doing it as practical. Anyway…. Josh Brolin…. Great choice…. Perfect!!!!!!!

    • Couldn’t have said it better. I enjoy CGI Yoda far more than puppet Yoda for the simple reason that his moves are far more realistic and they could make him do anything they wanted, like that crazy fight scene in the senate chamber. Yoda in the OT was much too obviously a puppet. His CGI version was, well, more alive.

  29. Marvel Fanboys/Girls, bunch of inconceivable wankers….pathetic

    • Being passionate about these movies is not pathetic but rather taking an interest in what one loves. Being rude and name calling would be consider pathetic by most.

    • Yeah…and I sure you don’t have clue what that word means lad… Sssssh… the adults and fans are chatting.