If you are somehow not yet familiar with Thanos the Mad Titan, you should be. The infamous Marvel villain is set to take center stage at the climax of the MCU’s third phase of films with Avengers: Infinity War and its sequel (yet to be titled). Thanos has made a couple cameos already; he laughed at the might of the Avengers at the end of the first movie, acted as the “behind the scenes” baddie in Guardians of the Galaxy, and appeared as a post-credits stinger in Age of Ultron. In the words of the Silver Surfer, “Thanos is coming!”

Being the big bad that he is and holding an unhealthy obsession with Lady Death, it’s only natural that the Mad Titan has killed his way through the Marvel universe since his creation in 1973. The character is most well known for the Infinity Gauntlet story that involved him getting his hands on all six Infinity Stones and completely wiping out the universe with the snap of his fingers. Another famous tale showed Thanos becoming part of the living universe itself! Yeah, he’s pretty hardcore. We’re here to keep a tally on this dastardly villain’s body count (so far). Here are 15 People Thanos Has Killed!

15. War Machine (and She-Hulk)

Thanos killing War Machine in Civil War II 15 Comic Book Icons Thanos Has Killed

Love it or hate it, Civil War II was a story that definitely changed the status quo of the Marvel universe. It starts when Captain Marvel and her team of Avengers agree to use the precognitive powers of an Inhuman named Ulysses to head off crimes before they can even happen. It’s a controversial decision that is only made more divisive in the aftermath of its first use.

Much to Tony Stark’s disapproval, Captain Marvel uses the Inhuman’s powers to foresee the return of Thanos to Earth. The Mad Titan (as per usual) was on a quest to find the cosmic cube. However, all he found were the Avengers waiting to ambush him. The resulting fight showed that the team had no idea what they were up against. Thanos causes War Machine’s missiles to miss and directly hit She-Hulk in the chest, sending her into a comatose state. He then murders War Machine by thrusting his entire fist through the hero’s stomach. When the dust clears and the Avengers are finally able to retreat, She-Hulk dies in the hospital as a result of her injuries.

14. Drax’s Family

Drax from Marvel Comics 15 Comic Book Icons Thanos Has Killed

Drax the Destroyer has shot up in popularity in the last three years thanks to the smash hit Guardians of the Galaxy. He went from a relative unknown to a lovable badass seemingly overnight. Thankfully, the Guardians films let us see both sides of Drax; we get to laugh as he tries to understand human jokes but we also get to see him get drunk and fly into a rage, going up against a literal army of Ronan the Accuser’s men. He has every reason to have this unbridled rage, as Thanos is the sole reason he was on a quest for revenge in the first place.

Though this is not the case in the MCU (they completely changed the character’s origin), Drax was once a human named Arthur Douglas. While driving along a highway in the desert with his family, Douglas came across Thanos in his spaceship. The Mad Titan, fearing that the family would tell someone of his arrival, attacks their car and kills both Arthur and his wife.

The Mentor (Thanos’ father) witnessed this event and took in Douglas’ daughter as his own. He also resurrected Arthur in a new Eternal body with the sole purpose of killing the Mad Titan. In the MCU, Thanos is still behind the death of Drax’s family, but Ronan is the one to actually do the deed.

13. The Mentor (His Father)

Thanos kills mentor 15 Comic Book Icons Thanos Has Killed