You know what’s even better than food and family on Thanksgiving? TV marathons! (At least that’s what many of you will probably be saying by the end of today.)

But there’s no need to worry about trying to find something to distract you from talkative family members, because this holiday weekend is filled with over 20 different TV and movie marathons.

James Bond? Check! Star Trek? Check! Alf?! Check!

And to help you out, we’ve made sure to note any premieres or finales that will be airing. Now you don’t have to worry about missing any of your favorite moments.

What will you be watching?

6:00pm – Turkey in the Straw, Part 1 (S3E6)
6:30pm – Turkey in the Stray, Part 2
7:00pm – Looking For Lucky (S1E3)
7:30pm – Baby, You Can Drive My Car (S1E10)
8:00pm – Wild Thing (S1E18)
8:30pm – Going Out of My Head Over You
9:00pm – The Ballad of Gilligan’s Island (S2E2)
9:30pm – The Boy Next Door(S2E13)
10:00pm – Someone to Watch Over Me – Part 1 (S2E16)
10:30pm – Someone to Watch Over Me – Part 2
11:00pm – Stairway to Heaven (S3E2)
11:30pm – Oh, Tannerbaum (S1E12)

9:00am – Bastogne
10:37am – The Breaking Point
12:19pm – The Last Patrol
1:48pm – Why We Fight
3:16pm – Points

10:00am – The Double Down (S2E2)
11:00am – Fool Me Once (S2E4)
12:00pm – Tick, Tick, Tick… (S2E17)
1:00pm – Boom!
2:00pm – A Deadly Game [S2 Finale]
3:00pm – Last Call (S3E10)
4:00pm – Nikki Heat
5:00pm – Poof! You’re Dead
6:00pm – Heroes & Villians (S4E2)
7:00pm – Heartbreak Hotel (S4E8)
8:00pm – Cuffed (S4E10)
9:00pm – An Embarrassment of Bitches (S4E13)
10:00pm – Undead Again (S4E22)

1:00pm – Perfect Record (S5E7)
2:00pm – Fracture
3:00pm – Gut Check
4:00pm Don’t Go
5:00pm The March
6:00pm – Texas Whatever
7:00pm – Always [Series (S5) Finale]

11:00am – The One Where Underdog Gets Away
11:30am – The One with the List
12:00pm – The One with the Football
12:30pm – The One with Chandler in a Box
1:00pm – The One Where Ross Got High
1:30pm – The One Where Chandler Doesn’t Like Dogs
2:00pm – The One with the Rumor
2:30pm – The One with Rachel’s Other Sister
3:00pm – The One with the Late Thanksgiving
3:30pm – The One with Pheobe’s Birthday Dinner
4:00pm – The One with the Male Nanny
4:30pm – The One with Ross’s Inappropriate Song
5:00pm – The One with Rachel’s Phone Number
5:30pm – The One Where Rachel Goes Back to Work

10:30am – Pilot [Series Premiere]
12:30pm – The Same Old Story
1:41pm – The Ghost Network
2:54pm – The Arrival
4:00pm – Power Hungry
5:10pm – The Cure
6:20pm – In Which We Meet Mr. Jones
7:30pm – The Equation
8:44pm – The Dreamscape
9:45pm – Safe
11:00pm – The Equation (S1E8)

12:14 am – The Dreamscape
1:15am – Safe

[Marathon resumes Saturday @11:30am]

11:30am – The Godfather
3:00pm – The Godfather, Part II
8:00pm – The Godfather

12:00am – The Godfather, Part II

4:00pm – America’s Greatest Feud: The History of the Hatfields & McCoys
6:00pm – Part 1
8:00pm – Part 2
10:00pm – Part 3

12:01am – Part 2
2:01am – Part 3

11:00am – Hot Air Balloons
12:00pm – Stop-Frame Animation
12:30pm – Large Format Cameras
1:00pm – Chocolate Coins
1:30pm – Bowling Pins
2:00pm – Tapioca Pudding
2:30pm – Handcuffs
3:00pm – Fish Replicas
3:30pm – Music Boxes
4:00pm – Clay
4:30pm – Cow Bells
5:00pm – Farmed Caviar
5:30pm – Oat Cereal
6:00pm – Drinking Fountains

[Marathon resumes Sunday @6am]

12:00am – For Your Eyes Only
2:30am – Dr. No
9:30am – Octopussy
12:30pm – License to Kill
3:30pm – GoldenEye
6:30pm – Tomorrow Never Dies
9:00pm – The World is Not Enough
11:30pm – Die Another Day

2:30am – Goldeneye
9:30am – Goldfinger
12:00pm – You Only Live Twice
2:30pm – The Spy Who Loves Me
5:00pm – Casino Royale
10:00pm – Quantum of Solace

12:30am – Live and Let Die
3:00am – Thunderball

2:00pm – View From Up Here (S4E10)
3:00pm – Stress Position (S4E13)
4:00pm – Zoonotic (S2E22)
5:00pm – The Gift (S3E3)
6:00pm – But Not Forgotten
7:00pm – Unrequited (S3E12)
8:00pm – Great Barrier (S4E4)
9:00pm – Magnificat (S4E7)
10:00pm – Silver Lining
11:00pm – Inert Dwarf (S4E12)

12:00am – View From Up Here (S4E10)
1:00am – Stress Position (S4E13)

1:00pm – Intoxicated (S6E19)
2:00pm – Abomination (S5E8)
3:00pm – Abuse (S2E11)
4:00pm – Monogamy (S3E11)
5:00pm – Runaway (S2E16)
6:00pm – Popular (S3E16)
7:00pm – Honor (S2E2)
8:00pm – Bad Blood (S1E11)
9:00pm – Wanderlust (S1E5)
10:00pm – Misleader (S1E17)
11:00pm – Entitled (S15E15)

12:00am – Tangled (S3E5)
1:00am – Rockabye (S7E9)


6:00am – The Good Samaritan (S1E14)
7:00am – Enigma
8:00am – Bete Noir
9:00am – The Truth is Out There
10:00am – UnSEALed
11:00am – Dead Man Talking (S1E19)
12:00pm – Ravenous (S3E17)
1:00pm – Iced (S3E19)
2:00pm – Untouchable
3:00pm – Bloodbath
4:00pm – Jeopardy
5:00pm – Hiatus, Part 1
6:00pm – Hiatus, Part 2 [S3 Finale]
7:00pm – Shalom [S4 Premiere]
8:00pm – Reunion (S7E2)
9:00pm – Power Down (S7E8)
10:00pm – Child’s Play
11:00pm – Ignition (S7E11)

11:00am – We’d Like to Thank the Academy (S5E13)
12:00pm – The Polarizing Express
1:00pm – Romeo and Juliet and Juliet [S5 Premiere]
2:00pm – Feet Don’t Kill Me Now
3:00pm – Chivalry is Not Dead… But Someone is (S5E4)
4:00pm – Shawn & Gus in Drag (Racing)
5:00pm – Viagra Falls
6:00pm – Ferry Tale
7:00pm – Shawn 2.0
8:00pm – One, Maybe Two, Ways Out
9:00pm – Extradition II: The Actual Extradition Part
10:00pm – Dead Bear Walking (S5E15)
11:00pm – We’d Like to Thank the Academy (S5E13)

Thursday (on CMT)
2:00pm – We Gather Together (S2E9)
2:30pm – Thanksgiving 1991 (S4E10)
3:00pm – Thanksgiving 1993 (S6E10)
3:30pm – Thanksgiving 1994 (S7E10)
4:00pm – The Last Thursday in November (S8E8)
4:30pm – What a Day for a Daydream (S9E03)
5:00pm – Home is Where the Afghan Is (S9E10)
5:30pm – We Gather Together (S2E9)

Friday (on TV Land)
10:00am – We Gather Together (S2E9)
10:30am – An Officer and a Gentleman (S2E15)
11:00am – Do You Know Where Your Parents Are? (S3E11)
11:30am – Thanksgiving 1991 (S4E10)
12:00pm – The Commercial Show (S4E19)
12:30pm – The Dark Ages (S5E3)
1:00pm – Crime and Punishment (S5E13)
1:30pm – War and Peace (S5E14)

5:00pm – Take Me Out to the Ballgame [S2 Premiere]
5:30pm – The Awful Truth
6:00pm – Freak Show
6:30pm – The Shoot Single People, Don’t They
7:00pm – Four Women and a Funeral
7:30pm – The Cheating Curve
8:00pm – The Chicken Dance
8:30pm – The Man, the Myth, the Viagra
9:00pm – Old Dogs, New Tricks
9:30pm – The Caste System
10:00pm – Evolution
10:30pm – La Douleur Exquise
11:00pm – Games People Play
11:30pm – The Sex Buddy

12:00am – Shortcomings
12:30am – Was It Good for You?
1:00am – Twentysomething Girls vs. Thirtysomething Women
1:30am – Ex and the City (S2E17)

9:00am – WhoBob WhatPants
9:30am – SpongeBob vs. The Big One
10:00am – SpongeBob’s Frozen Faceoff
10:30am – The Clash of Triton
11:00am – License to Milkshake; Squid Baby
11:30am – The Good Krabby Name; Move It or Lose It
12:00pm – Face Freeze!; Glove World R.I.P.
12:30pm – Extreme Spots; Squirrel Record
1:00pm – Patrick-Man!; Gary’s New Toy
1:30pm – Super Evil Aquatic Villain Team up is Go!
2:00pm – Eek! An Urchin
2:30pm – Hello Bikini Bottom!
3:00pm – The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie

12:00pm – Descent, Part 2 [S7 Premiere]
1:00pm – Liaisons
2:00pm – Interface
3:00pm – Gambit, Part 1
4:00pm – Gambit, Part 2
5:00pm – Phantasms
6:00pm – Dark Page
7:00pm – Attached
8:00pm – Force of Nature
9:00pm – Inheritance
10:00pm – Parallels
11:00pm – The Pegasus

12:00am – Homeward
1:00am – Sub Rosa (S7E14)

7:00pm – Episode I: The Phantom Menace
10:25pm – Episode II: Attack of the CLones

9:00am – Episode I: The Phantom Menace
12:26pm – Episode II: Attack of the CLones
3:59pm – Episode III: Revenge of the Sith
7:30pm – Episode IV: A New Hope

12:45pm – Episode II: Revenge of the Sith
4:10pm – Episode IV: A New Hope
7:30pm – Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back

1:30pm – Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back
4:42pm – Episode VI: Return of the Jedi
8:00pm – Episode VI: Return of the Jedi

How’s that for a list of TV marathons?

If you still want more to watch, you’ll be happy to hear that there’s actually quite a few mini-marathons of some of your favorite shows going on. Although those only last 2-4 hours at a time, still make sure to check your local schedule for any surprises in your viewing schedule.

Happy Thanksgiving!