‘Texas Chainsaw 3D’ Review

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Texas Chainsaw 3D Texas Chainsaw 3D Review

Texas Chainsaw 3D is an interesting idea but the execution of the film falls short in nearly every way imaginable.

Texas Chainsaw 3D is the latest attempt to revitalize the long-running Leatherface horror series – which already includes sequels, a remake, a reboot, and a prequel. This time around, director John Luessenhop (Takers) hopes to shed light on the man behind the masks with a more personal Leatherface encounter – while also providing the same chainsaw-wielding terror that helped the original Texas Chainsaw Massacre launch the horror villain subgenre (long before Jason Voorhees or Freddy Krueger entered the scene).

After nearly forty years of terrorizing helpless teens onscreen, and in theaters, Leatherface remains one of the most recognizable slasher characters of all-time but few (if any) of the subsequent films featuring the horror icon have provided an experience as provocative or creepy as the original. Has Luessenhop, with the help of 3D visuals, delivered a worthwhile Leatherface story with fresh scares in Texas Chainsaw 3D?

Unfortunately, an underwhelming mix of stale frights and familiar body horror moments coupled with a tangled narrative about “family” undercut any potential success in Luessenhop’s franchise offering. Every single plot beat is slave to the film’s “angle” – which aims to humanize Leatherface (named Jed Sawyer this time). Exploring a new side of the Texas killer is an intriguing idea, and the approach had the potential to bring a fresh perspective to the series, but the final onscreen product is an unsuccessful take on the concept – muddying the Leatherface mythos without even delivering quality thrills along the way.

Alexandra Daddario Dan Yeager Texas Chainsaw 3D1 Texas Chainsaw 3D Review

Alexandra Daddario and Dan Yeager in ‘Texas Chainsaw 3D’

Texas Chainsaw 3D takes place directly after the events of the 1974 original – when the townspeople of Newt, Texas enact revenge on Leatherface and his cannibal family members by burning their home to the ground. Years later, Heather Miller (Alexandra Daddario) discovers that her estranged grandmother has died – leaving the twenty-something grocery store butcher a sizable inheritance. Heather recruits the help of her boyfriend Ryan (Trey Songz) as well as friends Nikki (Tania Raymonde) and Kenny (Keram Malicki-Sanchez) to visit her family estate and collect the endowment – only to discover a long-contained evil in the Texas town. It’s a very familiar slasher flick framework – one that also endeavors double-duty with a more personal look at the motivations behind Leatherface and his murderous actions.

Texas Chainsaw 3D enjoys short-term benefits from the overarching Leatherface mystery but its attempts to humanize the serial killer only diminish the effectiveness of the scares – convoluting the onscreen narrative beats while, as previously mentioned, compromising the larger character legacy. Exploring the origins of an iconic slasher villain is always a risky proposition (just look at Jonathan Liebesman’s The Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning) - since efforts to ground nightmarish characters in real world drama can also weaken the strength (and scare potential) of their persona. Meaning, as a filmmaker tries to fit a well-known slasher killer into a believable or explainable framework they add context that subverts mystery and fright potential. For some films, humanizing an iconic antagonist can add new layers but, sadly, in the case of Texas Chainsaw 3D, an intimate exploration of Leatherface only confuses the primary movie story while at the same time undermining the power of the icon.

At the outset, Texas Chainsaw 3D paints Leatherface and the extended Sawyer family (the murderous cannibals from the original) as semi-victims – resulting in a murky gray morality that plagues the entire film. Numerous character choices fail to take into consideration the gravity of prior events in the plot and, as a result, come across as nothing more than unbelievable attempts to further a muddled concept. Nearly every cast member is an unlikable and hollow cliche accompanied with a bizarre (and story-serving) sense of right and wrong – each one driving toward twists and turns in the plot that audiences will see coming long ahead of their onscreen reveals. The actual portrayal of Leatherface (played by Dan Yeager) is enjoyable and Daddario is a competent horror heroine but, given the challenging character-focused approach of Texas Chainsaw 3D, the supporting cast fails to keep things grounded – especially with on-the-nose exposition machines Mayor Hartman (Paul Rae) and Sheriff Hooper (Thom Barry).

Dan Yeager Leatherface Texas Chainsaw 3D Texas Chainsaw 3D Review

Dan Yeager as Leatherface in ‘Texas Chainsaw 3D’

Horror fans who can look past the flat story and stiff performances will find a couple moments of gory chainsaw action but a few standout scenes of violence do not make up for the film’s larger problems and lack of fresh terror (compared to modern genre offerings). The movie received an NC-17 rating in its initial submission to the MPAA, so it’s possible that some of the best horror moments were left on the cutting room floor. Still, a shortage of graphic violence is not the movie’s primary problem considering Texas Chainsaw 3D aims for a deeper than average slasher storyline. Nevertheless, the film rarely says anything profound with its central characters or twisted morality and, as a result, spends way too much time meandering from one plot beat to the next without successfully setting the stage for tension-filled Leatherface encounters and fright-inducing payoffs.

Surprisingly, the worst choice in Texas Chainsaw 3D is the use of 3D filmmaking. The most interesting implementation of the format comes during the opening prologue – with post-converted Texas Chainsaw Massacre (1974) footage. The remainder of the film hardly takes advantage of the increased depth with only a pair of off-putting (and downright uncomfortable) chainsaw in your face shots. The 3D is so exaggerated in those chainsaw shots that a distracting amount of ghosting was also present in the image (think Clash of the Titans).

On paper, Texas Chainsaw 3D is an interesting idea but the execution of the film falls short in nearly every way imaginable. Luessenhop’s movie dedicates too much time to a messy character story without enough worthwhile payoff to be a fun (albeit brainless) slasher film. Worst of all, the film refashions Leatherface as a character that is actually less interesting than he was waving his chainsaw and spinning around in frustration at the end of the original 1974 film. This isn’t to say that a worthwhile exploration of Leatherface isn’t possible (see the About a Boy comics) but Luessenhop’s film fails on all fronts – as a quality horror experience or a competent evolution of the Texas Chainsaw series.

If you’re still on the fence about Texas Chainsaw 3D, check out the trailer below:


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Texas Chainsaw 3D is Rated R for strong grisly violence and language throughout. Now playing in 2D and 3D theaters.

Our Rating:

1.5 out of 5
(Poor, A Few Good Parts)

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  1. well honestly this is suprising. my question was how was Alexandra Daddario’s performance. ive been a fan of hers and am considering seeing this only cuz her. but if the acting is bad too then ill skip all togehter.

    • She’s good enough in the role. Honestly, a lot of the more entertaining and interesting moments do come from her character – even if everything around her is muddled. If you’re a fan, you’ll at least appreciate her attempts to hold the film together.

      • Sweet thanks Ben sounds good.

        Been wanting a horror type film maybe me and the wife will check It out.

    • to me this is going to be awesome when i see it next week

    • Worst horror movie I have ever watched!!! It was painful as a matter of fact it isn’t even over and I left the room because it makes me sick that somebody gets rich off of stupid trash like this! The blood looks fake and me and my friends predicted who was gonna die first and who would live and was right this movie was a joke!!!!

  2. Again, Ben sacrifices his time and sanity to review this sorry ass film.

    I have no interest or intention to see it, but the effort is appreciated!

    • Cheers! Glad the effort is appreciated!

  3. I often admire those who have the opportunity to write about and review movies but not today…
    Having to go out in these cold winter months and having to watch a movie like this with a critical eye has to be hard and crushing on a persons soul and well being.
    I feel for ya Ben. ;)

    • Thanks! I was actually interested to see it at first – because I am a fan of the original (and this one was a “true” continuation).

      That said, I wish I had better news to report back.

      • I don’t need to see it,I know enough to know that now this movie has kinda created an alternate reality within the story.I mean to say,Leatherface was heavy in the reboots 1&2 even in the prequel he was heavy and now he is not??So is this a pre-sequel between the 1st and 2nd movie??Why the hell can’t we just have a Texas Chainsaw story take place TODAY??I am so sick and tired of it having to always be in the ’70′s!

        • dude. this movie takes place in 2012. the grandmothers gravestone said she died in 2012

  4. “but its attempts to humanize the serial killer only diminish the effectiveness of the scares – convoluting the onscreen narrative beats while, as previously mentioned, compromising the larger character legacy. Exploring the origins of an iconic slasher villain is always a risky proposition (just look at Jonathan Liebesman’s The Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning) – since efforts to ground nightmarish characters in real world drama can also weaken the strength (and scare potential) of their persona. Meaning, as a filmmaker tries to fit a well-known slasher killer into a believable or explainable framework they add context that subverts mystery and fright potential. ”

    Good review Ben, but if I can offer some feedback, you may want to dial back the dense, convoluted prose and compound sentences. It just sounds pretentious and is difficult to read. Shorter, simpler sentences would get your point across just as well, and not come across as trying too hard to sound profound or erudite. Cheers.

    • I disagree. Not everyone in the world is incapable of breaking down complex words and sentences, and in a society where simple is better it’s actually kind of nice to see someone tacking what was supposed to be and was marketed as psychologically complex horror movie with an equally complex review. Keep doing what you’re doing Ben. It’s greatly appreciated.

      • Sorry, but that’s just silly. Have you read Hemingway? McCormick?

        The inability to express complex thoughts in a simple way is a sign of weak writing skills. Your readers should be digesting your ideas, not trying to parse and navigate your dense prose. Good writing gets out of the way. This was an intelligent review, but I found the language distracting and frustrating. The same thing could have been said in simpler, more direct and more concise prose. In addition to the needlessly convoluted paragraphs, the whole thing was 20% too long. Editing is a good writer’s friend.

        Just trying to give some constructive feedback.

        • In fairness, writing and reading is subjective ;) Some of your statements do come across as preference (“the whole thing was 20% too long,” “I found the language distracting and frustrating”). Plenty of authors have enjoyed success with dense prose, so there’s bound to be differences of opinion on both sides. Where one person complains about dense prose, another might complain about repetitive word choice or a lack of information.

          That said, we are talking about reviews here, so clarity is understandably important. We strive to be concise and are always open to constructive feedback from readers. However, in this case it’s not an “inability to express complex thoughts in a simple way,” both Kofi and I have a MFA’s in creative writing, so we’re no strangers to core mechanics and being mindful of reader experience. Still, keep in mind that because this film wasn’t screened for critics I had to hit a midnight showing, formulate my thoughts for an “intelligent review,” write the review in a timely manner, and then move onto other things that needed to be covered on the site today. Unlike Hemingway, I didn’t have time to toil over every sentence. In the busy news, reviews, editorial cycle at the site, sometimes we just have to put things out there and move on.

          Still, it’s a good reminder to hear that this one is, for some at least, a little too dense of a read.

          • lol Hemming way it is not, but I did not find the language confusing. I did not have the faintest glimmer of interest in seeing this movie but I like to read your (screenrants) reviews anyway because I find your input insightful and entertaining.

          • Haha! Are you people really criticizing a critic? And his writing ability at that? He’s writing a movie review, not poetry… There’s a jack *** is every crowd I guess. Honestly you people need to get a life. Just appreciate that he took the time to inform you of the movie and his opinion of it. Frankly, it’s sad that you have nothing better to do… WOW!!!

            • Yup! I mean,who criticise a movie?/A Critic will! And just who will criticise the Critic??…WE WILL!!Just like who will watch the Watchers??We will watch the Watchers!

          • Do your thing man (not a reference to you-know-what). I had no problem with it. Then again, I did not read it with the intent of deconstructing your sentence structure. I just came to see what your opinion of it was. Critics will never have a shortage of critics.

          • I guess MFA stands for M***** F****** Attitude? No, i agree with Etrigan, the whole piece reads like you DID toil over every sentence just to make it as hard as possible for the readers to follow. Keep in mind the internet and the english language are a worldwide medium and that less intelligent people from third world countries like Sweden also like to read a movie review. Youre just to damn intellectual Ben! That’s probably also the reason why you can’t enjoy this movie… On the upside though : You have a good name. What’s an Etrigan?

        • I disagree too, I did not find this review confusing, dense, and/or convoluted and the writing was not distracting in the slightest sense. I absolutely understood everything Ben meant to say and it expresses my entire feelings about the specific film itself. If this were a film studies class assignment on a movie review then I might see where you are coming from, but it is not. It is far from that. Maybe you should see if you can write this review in a simpler, more direct and concise way.

  5. Just saw the Texas Chainsaw 3D tonight, I thought it was really good! What is Alexandra Daddario’s Bra size?

    • We can tell you’re the kind of person that this disappointment, this absolute abortion of a movie would appeal to because you (in one sentence) stated that you thought the movie was really good (which isn’t a bad thing, we all have different opinions) but then go on to ask what an actress’ bra size is.

      • Whats wrong with asking the bra size of an actress? Are there more important things in a movie? Isn’t the bra size of the lead actress the very heart of every good movie?

  6. What is Alexandara Daddario’s bra size?

    • I think she would be the one to ask…

    • Double D! It’s in the name, man! Don’t you see it? DaDDario!

  7. People go see the movies for yourself and stop listening to one person point of view or reviews and be your own judge.

    • People say this all the time but I don’t think generalizing about film critics is valid anymore. We’re not a bunch of high-brow academy-mouthpieces that expect every movie to be award-worthy. If you disagree with our reviews and our analysis, there are more critic voices than ever before – and I’m sure a few will fit your perspective on film. Movie lovers should find people they enjoy reading, whether they agree or disagree, not just condemn all critics. It’s a subjective medium, so there’s room to argue but generalizing about all film critics isn’t a compelling argument, it’s just dismissive (in my opinion).

      A lot of readers have limited resources (time, money, etc) and can’t go see every movie, so they rely on reviews before making a ticket purchase. Not everyone wants to go see every movie and be there own judge – especially when there are so many subpar film offerings out there.

      • I know I’ve been guilty of the “listen to your own judgment” way of thinking myself many a time but that being said, I still enjoy reading reviews here on Screen Rant even if the movie in question doesn’t interest me because you never know if a review may help you change your mind.

  8. I just saw this movie tonight, and I couldn’t stand it. The acting was bad,(Painfully dull 70% of the time, overwhelmingly silly 30% of it.) the characters were stupid,(Not enjoyably so.), and the ending was such a load that I wasn’t even able to care. At that point the movie gave so little of a ****, that all I could think at the end was “There’s a year’s worth of movies left, they’ll make up for this. Man of Steel looks good.” Never before I have I seen a movie that cared so little that I wasn’t even able to get annoyed about it.

  9. I can’t stand when people say to “think for yourself and stop listening to critics reviews”. Or whatever. I do make up my own mind about what I like. I just like to get insight about what others thought About a movie I’m interested in. In the same way I look forward to asking a friend about his thoughts. Maybe they saw or realized something I didn’t. Or I just want to see how much we disagree on points. That’s all. Don’t tell me what I should or shouldn’t read about. I’m not an idiot

  10. This film is the first of the year ???…what a start !

    • A big part of it is knowing what you find appealing in movies and being able to compare and contrast that to what the reviewer thinks about it. For instance MANY critics did not like Super because it was too dark, however I really like dark movies, satire, and crazy f’ed up action. When I read the reviews, many of the things that the critics said were bad about the movie I thought sounded amazing. I also like to to go on rotten tomatoes and read a couple bad reviews and a couple good ones to get the best idea of the movie.

  11. Sooooo…does this completely disregard Hooper’s original (and awesome) “Chainsaw 2″???

    also, Daddario is playing a 38 year old??

    • Never heard of her before until now but in the pic used on this review, she looks about 38 years old or older.

      Which is funny because I know a 37 year old woman who looked 28 years old. How old is Daddario then in reality?

      • 26

  12. What a let down this newest addition to the Chainsaw franchise was. It was so bad. List of complaints follow.

    1. Are we to believe Daddario is near 40 years old?
    2. Bill Moseley and Gunnar Hansen only have like a minute of screen time.
    3. The writing was piss poor. The direction awful.
    4. Leatherface doesn’t even come off as menacing in this one and I thought his “face” masks looked terrible.
    5. The acting was sub par and downright bad from some of the “adult” actors, (think cops, townsfolk and Mayor)
    6. The 3D was “ok” at best. (There is no need fro a TCM film to be in 3D in the first place)
    7. The kills were pretty standard stuff I have seen done before better in better films.
    8. These one-liners made me shake my head in disgust, “Do your thing cuz!” “Welcome to Texas Mother**cker!”…really?
    9. Panning camera shots of Tania Raymonde’s ass and wardrobe putting the most revealing tops on Alexandra Daddario. It’s ridiculous and amateur. Yes, these girls are very attractive, we get it.
    10. Trey Songz. Really?
    11. Missed opportunity in the carnival scene to do something exciting with it.
    12. Some minor plot holes that are not fully realized and/or are forgotten entirely.
    13. Dumb characters/no development.

    I tried to come up with what actually worked, or what was “good” in the film and just can’t come up with much that is substantial. I did like Alexandra Daddario. I thought she did an adequate job for what she was given to work with. I can also say that the film makers had the right intentions for what this film should be, it was just executed very badly. The effects from the guys at KNB were pretty solid, albeit some CGI work taints it somewhat. It was nice to see a new Texas Chainsaw film back on the big screen (first in almost 7 years) it’s just a shame it turned out to be as bad as it was. The best I can say is that this film can be looked at as dumb fun at it’s lowest. I give Texas Chainsaw 3D a score of 2/5.

    The original Texas Chainsaw Massacre is my favorite horror film along with Hitchcock’s Psycho. Here is how I rank the films in the Chainsaw franchise to date.

    1. The Texas Chainsaw Massacre ’74
    2. The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2
    3. The Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning.
    4. The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (2003)
    5. Texas Chainsaw 3D
    6. Leatherface: The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 3
    7. The Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Next Generation

    • Alright I personally think Trey Songz did great in the movie, for it being his first real movie and second for the part he was given. Yes we all know he was used for his sex appeal and fans. What I can 100% agree with you on is “The writing was piss poor. The direction awful.” I mean Alexandra Daddario’s character was not believable to me. Her one liner “Do your thing cuz,” was trying way too hard. Nikki (sp?), Ryan, and and the dude that died second were the best in the movie. Also that cop that shot Nikki.

      What I really didn’t like about the movie though was the fact it went too quickly. I mean in what five hours movie time everything was done and over with. They get there and they die. It could have did a little something better.

  13. I tried to make a professional video review on this movie but I kind of lost my train of thought and went into an all out rant/bashing one of the worst things I have ever watched in a movie theater. If you wanna see me bash it click right here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ujlHWJSVSZU

  14. After “The Beginning,” I lost all interest in the TCM series. Ben seems to be right on his assessment of films, so I’m heading his words and avoiding this one, too.

    I will also avoid films that try to “humanize” villains. A villain is a villain, and that’s what I want. I don’t want to weep little tears for someone who eventually takes up weapons to mutilate people. I want to hate them and I want them to get what’s coming to them. It’s my only cathartic release from a world where they generally don’t.

  15. I just got back from the theater, actually. The truth is, for a movie…a movie in general… it wasn’t the greatest. Especially since the spectacular Django Unchained is still fresh in my mind since seeing it just two days ago. Maybe 2 stars.

    BUT, before you write it off, for a TEXAS CHAINSAW FILM, I’ll give it 5 stars! This is the most interesting and coolest thing the series has done in a long, long time! Many ode’s to the original. Actually casting some of the legends (Bill Mosely, Gunnar Hansen, and Marilyn Burns to name a few). This is the TRUE sequel to the original. And I think it was great for what it was!

    Sure, there were a few story problems. Some of it seemed rushed, and I think it would have benefitted if it were another 30 mins longer actually with more character developement, back story execution, and a few more deaths and violence would have sufficed. But all in all, this is my favorite “Chainsaw” film right after the original. And it beats the hell out of the horrid remakes done in the early 2000′s.

    I can also see why some fans of the series may not like it. It definitely chooses a different route for the story than all it’s predecessors, actually making you feel emotion for Leatherface. I can imagine some of the fans hating it. But try to be a little more open minded! What would you want? Just another remake? Just more kids going to the house getting killed? This went in a different direction and just went for it regardless of what people think. I kind of feel like they were attempting to do with Leatherface what Rob Zombie did with Michael Myers…but Rob Zombie succeeded a little better I think.

    A great Chainsaw film for the collection! But not the best film or best horror film by a long shot. Thoughts?

  16. I’m pretty sure the movie wasn’t that bad & i’m pretty sure that most of you are jumping the gun. Not every movie is going to have complexity. Sorry.

    • I can’t speak for anyone but myself, but I personally don’t look for complexity. I look for tolerable acting, a plot that makes sense, and a sense of effort from start to finish. In my opinion, this movie gets a F in all three categories.

  17. And as a complete surprise to absolutely no one….it sucks.

  18. Saw the movie last night. A definite watch for TCM fans however like many of you i left the theater kind of disappointed. This film had all the potential to be a great sequel to the original but was not able capitalize on the elements that made the first one scary. I knew the movie took a wrong turn when the original farm house burnt to the ground in the first 5 minutes of the film. Then we are supposed to believe that one of leatherface’s family members is a rich millionaire who lives in multi-million dollar mansion and keeps Leatherface in the basement. The idea of leatherface being over 60 years old is also hard to swallow. The movie does have a few good scares and chase scenes but the plot and plot holes make it difficult to accept the movie has a whole. The creators also focused too much on a story that doesnt make much sense when you stop and think about it. The last thing i didnt like about the movie was the end when we are supposed to feel bad for Leatherface. That takes away the movie monster feeling. I dont want to feel bad for Leatherface, i want to see him get his in the end. In conclusion i am still happy to have seen the movie and hats off to the creators for giving us a new TCM and trying to bring the story in a new direction. I still recommend seeing it if you are a die hard fan like me but just remember to leave your critical thinking at the entrance door.

  19. I’m just surprised that:
    1. Anybody actually went to see this film
    2. Anybody is actually surprised that it was crap. Really, what would you expect?

  20. This franchise well is dry. I didn’t like it. :(

  21. OMG this movie made me so upset this film had more plot holes than a Mithril Vest and why would I care that the family that just killed and ate 5 teens House was burned down with them in it and the chick forgetting that you CUZ just killed your boyfriend and best friend and now you make him dinner every night SMDH

  22. The end is stupid, Leatherface is a bad guy and should have been punished. So what if he protects his cousin? He killed many other innocent people.
    Also, there is a mistake in this movie. If the original episode happened in 1974, the new one is happening 38 years later. (The date on Verna’s grave says 2012). Does the main character look 38 years old to you?

  23. I saw the movie last night and so mad I spent 15 dollars on it…..I’m pretty easy to please with horror movie as I like most all of them. But this movie right here…… one thing that really bothered me was when they go to the store leaving a hitchhiker they just met in the house alone for him to rob the place.no one would have done that first off…. second, after the guy takes all the stuff he wants,goes downstairs,chased by leatherface,tied to the table, …… digs up is grandmother huge grave…..puts her in the master bedroom upstairs…..goes back down stairs to his cellar……. all in the time they went to the store? Really? Where the hell was the store at? That would have taken him hours…… but the REAL reason I hated this movie was because of one line. After the main character finds out she is a cousin of leatherface…. (keep in mind all her closest friends was just murdered by him) she sides with him……throws him his chainsaw and says……”do you thing cuz!” Hands down dumbest s*** I’ve ever heard in ANY movie….. ever……I would rather watch jason x before this crap again…. the only movie that I can think of that is worse is halloween 3…… fail…. stop making movies or at least stop casting rnb singers and rappers…….

  24. “Do your thing cuz!” Dumbest s*** I’ve ever heard in a movie…..

    • I actually think it will become a classic horror line. I just feel that the delivery could have been better. And yes, I am full of ****. Truly one of the corniest, most forced lines ever delivered in the history of cinema; yet … they had to have known.

  25. As a horror movie it was crap, I mean I saw an 8 year old watching it in the theater and he didnt even get scared. The acting was horrible, especially Trey Songz IMO other than him it was nothing to bad. I did have a big problem with the story, All the characters were assholes. Other than the chef boyfriend I wanted to see all the victims die. I mean I have jokingly rooted for the killer to kill because its cheesy but this was the first time that I felt every single person deserved to get murdered the writers somehow made leatherface a guy with family morals and they made the victims a bunch of cheaters and thieves and bible thumping rednecks. But Im glad they took this movie down a different route, honestly I like when the killer has humanity inside him. I didnt get how she would forgive him for slaughtering her friends, but at the same time she was supposed to be from a family of messed up monsters. I will watch this movie again, i dont know why but I know I will.

  26. The only attempt at making a 3D movie where beautiful girls are being chased and butchered by a chainsaw wielding idiot (What else are movies for!) should be applauded. There isn’t such a thing as a perfect movie or a perfect life. They who look for problems will find them… If not your wife passes away, your child will fall of a cliff! Come on! You can’t dwell on everything!?

  27. If this movie is joke, then how would you rate/rant it as a Comedy?

  28. This movie was terrible, but I have started working on a film that would make a great prequel to the original. We’ve started an Indiegogo campaign, http://www.indiegogo.com/projects?filter_category=Film&filter_country=CTRY_CA&pg_num=9

    Check it out, and let me know what you think of the trailer!


  29. Just watched this movie with my husband, both of us being hardcore horror and tcm fans. And we thought it was great! Loved the plot twists, the acting was awesome, and the fact you see a more human fragile side of leatherface was a welcomed surprise. I love character dynamic. So the more revealed about the past and backstory of a villain or serial killer the more I enjoy it. Also love the quirky humour. Don’t see why there are so many sticks in the mud on here. It’s a great movie, something different than all the rest of the tcm movies. Greatly appreciated by us!