‘Texas Chainsaw Massacre 3D’ Poster Teases Evil’s Many Faces

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Texas Chainsaw Massacre 3D Poster Revealed Texas Chainsaw Massacre 3D Poster Teases Evils Many Faces

Platinum Dunes’ remake of The Texas Chainsaw Massacre spearheaded a trend of slasher film reboots (including Friday the 13th and A Nightmare on Elm Street) that permeated the Hollywood release schedule for nearly a decade, spawning several successful releases and a few less than desirable ones. Now that the flash-in-the-pan appeal of these reboots has (hopefully) passed, new production companies are trying to find ways to keep these classics alive for modern audiences.

The first in the next round of franchise films will be The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 3D, a direct sequel to the 1974 original. With Takers director John Lussenhop now at the helm, Texas Chainsaw 3D plans to play on the nostalgia of the original, but also tell a story set several decades later.

A brief synopsis for the film suggested that series’ antagonist Leatherface might be traded for a mysterious killer or killers, but the newest poster confirms Leatherface is back, and he’s been busy. On the poster can be seen various different riffs on Leatherface’s iconic mask along with the tagline ‘Evil Wears Many Faces.’

The aforementioned 1974 film didn’t just place Leatherface at the center of its escalating tally of bodies, but used the entire Sawyer family as antagonists as well. This new tagline could be a reference to that idea, or it could mean that Leatherface has evolved, and no longer wears just one mask.

Texas Chainsaw Massacre 3D Poster Full 570x838 Texas Chainsaw Massacre 3D Poster Teases Evils Many Faces

Those early plot details also suggested Lussenhop (Takers) was going for a more mystery/thriller vibe than an overt slasher one, but given the draw of these films that seemed rather unlikely. New protagonist Heather (Alexandra Daddario) does discover a mystery hidden within her newly inherited Texas mansion, but exactly what is still unknown.

Still paying homage to the original, could the Sawyer family have been hiding out – waiting for a chance to cause mayhem in rural Texas towns and Heather’s arrival (or the mystery in her mansion) somehow provides an opportunity? Of course, it’s the “many faces” line could also indicate that Leatherface has been hard at work all the these years.

And then there’s the added boost of 3D, something that the Texas Chainsaw films, and many other slashers, have been looking to adopt. A trailer has yet to be revealed, but audiences can expect plenty of gore and viscera to be flying their way, as well as at least one shot of a chainsaw coming towards the camera.

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 3D is out in theaters on January 4, 2013.

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  1. Looks Nice.

  2. very macabre poster,i like it .

  3. How many of these do we NEED??! They don’t even try anymore, lol.

  4. I hope the poster isn’t the best part of this movie, but this is the third go around with this property and the whole 3D gimmick just puts it into potential 80’s shlock territory.

  5. Isn’t there enough REAL torture, degradation and murder in the world? Are these films kept alive by the usual Hollywood cabal in order to line their deep pockets, or are they produced with backing from agencies who have a vested interest in keeping the population safely observing mutilation to the point that it’s “cool”? Either way, this garbage isn’t “cool”. It’s cliche’d, spiritually dead and offers nothing of value. Spend the 2 hours of your lives that you’d throw away on this steaming pile doing something more interesting.

    • Lol. I can’t tell if you’re being serious or not

    • Cool story bro.

    • people who are watching horror or splattermovies are peacefuller and correct,then some people who are following such one way in their life. i get shocked and disguisted from the brutality that happens in the world,and if i see real death people or tortured people or real blood then my stomach turns and i can´t watch those pics anymore. but it doesn´t shock me in horror movies,because you know it´s just fake.

  6. why are they sort of rebooting this ‘franchise’ when the PD remakes/reboots are still pretty fresh (and downright BA) ?

    i liked both the remake and the prequel b/c they weren’t just violent, they also had a scary feel to them (but if you’ve seen the originals then you wont be as on end as you would watching them fresh).

    most of the 80’s slasher remakes have been pretty good at keeping the overall feel of the killers intact (some even increasing the intensity and creepy factor of said characters and the violence) whilst others (mainly elm street) has sucked a**, this will no doubt be hit or miss, but i find a sequel to the original to be weird and somewhat confusing since we had a remake/reboot to ‘restart’ the ‘franchise’.

  7. I liked the last two TCM films. Both were better than Friday The 13th & Nightmare On Elm Street remakes imo anyways. With this new film being in 3D & ignoring original sequels of the Original TCM film, i wish the film the best. Because the original was great but the sequels that followed were terrible. I only own the original plus the remake & it’s prequel on DVD. I hope this new film serves as a good follow up sequel to the original.

  8. Im in the rare minority that really enjoyed NOES and FTT remakes. I thought Jackie Earle Haley was outstanding as Freddy K. I LOVED RZs reimagining of the Halloween franchise. I will watch this new TCM, no doubt. I know ppl sometimes get offended at the idea of remaking a beloved horror franchise, and I get the principle behind that and definitely agree, but I don’t mind seeing a new version of an old favorite. It can’t be any worse than when said franchises made countless sequels in their original continuity (Jason in space haha)

  9. Friday the 13th Part 8 & Jason X were my least liked Jason films but i enjoyed them somewhat as they tried something different to do with the character. I have all the Halloween films except for the 3rd film since Michael Myers wasn’t in it. Even though Friday The 13th Part 5 didn’t have the real Jason, it had him in dreams despite a imposter posing as Jason.

  10. So, has Leatherface aged at all?

    • @ Ford Prefect

      The years were kind to Michael Myers in the original films.