‘The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 3D’ Plot Details

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leatherface texas chainsaw massacre 02 The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 3D Plot Details

Last month, Lionsgate announced that John Luessenhop (Takers) was in talks to direct The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 3D – and that the film would be a direct sequel to Tobe Hooper’s 1974 original, rather than the flashy 2003 remake from Platinum Dunes. Producer Carl Mazzocone indicated that he wanted to “re-conceive” the Leatherface character for a contemporary audience – so while it’s linked to the first film in the long-running series, the hope is that this interpretation will also serve as the foundation for a new franchise.

Kirsten Elms and Luessenhop have penned the most recent drafts of the script and initially all we knew about the story was that it involved a young woman named Heather traveling to Texas with her friends to collect an inheritance. Upon her arrival, Heather finds out that she’s related to Leatherface, and their family reunion presumably takes an incredibly ghastly turn.

What’s Playing now has some more detailed information regarding the plot of The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 3D and it sounds like the project may have undergone a few changes. For better or worse, this installment definitely doesn’t stick to the established formula that most of the other entries have followed.

As expected, the gorier moments are designed to take full advantage of the 3D format (with various appendages flying at the screen) – but instead of being just another stalk-and-slash affair, the film is evidently more of a mystery. If you don’t want to know anything about The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 3D before it hits theaters, you should probably stop reading now. There are no significant twists or other surprises revealed, but what follows is a fairly detailed description of the film’s set-up…









the texas chainsaw massacre 3d plot details The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 3D Plot Details

Early on, there were rumors that the film would begin with a prologue set immediately after Hooper’s original film and then jump forward to present day. It sounds like this is no longer the case and that the entire story takes place in a modern setting. It begins with an angry mob comprised of cops and townspeople descending on the home of Leatherface and the rest of his clan.

In this version, Leatherface’s real name is Jeb Stuart – and Hooper, the town’s sheriff, is willing to give him a fair trial for the crimes he’s accused of. However, mayor Burt Hartman has other ideas and he encourages the mob to dispense their own brand of justice. The house is burned to the ground, taking all of its residents with it.

It’s at this point that we’re introduced to our heroine, Heather – who’s described as “a bit of a hornbag” with “a taste for things of a darker nature” – which includes her rather disturbing collection of artwork. She learns of her connection to Leatherface and the rest of the family just as a new series of murders begin.

Hooper attempts to figure out whether or not Leatherface somehow survived the fire or if someone’s simply impersonating him. According to What’s Playing, this mystery element is one of the more impressive and successful aspects of the script.







What’s Playing‘s report also confirms that Bill Moseley (who played Chop Top in The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2) will portray Drayton, Leatherface’s father, in this installment.  Continuity be damned, I suppose.

As it turns out, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 3D‘s connection to the original film might be a little bit more ambiguous than the way it was originally presented. It now seems fairly obvious how this storyline could work as the jumping off point for a new series of films (the roles of Heather and Hooper evidently come with an option for several sequels).

leatherface texas chainsaw massacre The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 3D Plot Details

If there’s one thing the Friday the 13th series taught us, though, it’s that genre fans hate it when an iconic antagonist is replaced by an impostor or a stand in. Of course, we’ll have to wait and see if that’s the direction that The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 3D ultimately goes in.

If nothing else, at least this latest entry is attempting to break some new ground – while simultaneously serving up all of the mayhem one would expect from a film with the words “chainsaw” and “massacre” in its title.

Shooting is expected to begin soon, so we’ll keep you updated on the development of The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 3D.

Source: What’s Playing.

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  1. Seriously, why ?

  2. just retarded. another film that doesn’t need to be made.

  3. Really Hollywood, 3D? Shame on you.

  4. The 2003 remake was the scarctist movie remake ever.

    The plot of the new one seems stupid.

  5. Sounds to me like the pitch to have it occur immediately following Hooper’s original was the way to get it OK’d into the door until those approvers had forgotten the pitch existed so the writers could take it in another direction.

    I really wish hollywood would quit bastardizing our favoite classics with remakes and trash like this.

  6. I can’t wait for the day when American horror makes a comeback and is on top again. I don’t mind reading subtitles so I guess I will keep watching the foreign flicks.

  7. Id rather see a film that takes place between the remake & it’s prequel since the remake was great & i thought prequel was good imo. After reading this article of this new film, still doesn’t convince me to wanna see it. It’s like the Halloween franchise to me, i liked parts 4&5, not 6 really. I liked Halloween H20 which starts to ignore Halloween films 3-6. But While H20 was good, Halloween Resurrection was bad imo.

  8. You guys might bash on me now, but I really enjoyed Bay´s remake. Jessica Biel in a white, wet tank top. What´s not to like?

    • @ Scapegoat

      They’d probly bash me before you,lol. I liked both the remake & it’s prequel. I was hoping they’d make a sequel to prequel that would involve that hitchhiker & her family aswell as Jebediah & that one girl from the remake & how they got into the Hewitt clan.

  9. can’t be as bad as the next generation.
    i also liked the last two that were made. i think chopping his arm off was a bad idea. mutilating a main character is not a good idea for any movie wishing for sequels.
    why not make another chainsaw movie? people still love leatherface, he still has an audience.
    they need to let the real fans write the script. i have ideas for better sequels to friday the 13th and halloween to tie everything together.
    still waiting on an actual friday the 13th part 9….

  10. this doesn’t even remotely sound interesting.

  11. there gonna burn his house down like he’s frankenstein, wow… i really dont know what to say until i see the costume designs of leatherface and get a feel for the tone of the movie

    • It sounded more like Krueger to me . . . I’d prolly watch it. The prequel was really good tho.

  12. I guess there will always be money to be had in remaking a movie story to “update” it to the newest tech, whether its B&W to color, animatronic/stop motion to CGI and now we seem to be ramping up to “3D” everything. Too bad they haven’t perfected retrofitting 3D because that would add a new dimension to tons of older movies that do NOT need a remake and done at a fraction of the cost.

    I can only wonder what the next movie craze/fad will be.

    • Hopefully the next fad will be actual scripts and original ideas….

  13. ““re-conceive” the Leatherface character for a contemporary audience”

    Does that mean give ninja powers, dumb down any social commentary or other value of the origional and make it mind numbing torture porn for the fluoride heads of our generation? Sorry I’m just bitter at recent remakes and reboots…

  14. ok the 2003 remake was not scary its by michael bay an he ruins every good horror film i own the 2003 remake an i watch it every night it aint scary michael bay should be ridiculed for these terrible remakes in good movie history

    • @ dakota

      I have to say nothin beats the original film in anything genre, etc. Alot of the older horror films were scary to me when i was younger,especially the original TCM. But the sequel that followed that sucked so i didn’t bother watching the others as i heard they were just as bad.

      I wasn’t aware that Michael Bay made many horror films. I actually enjoyed the 2003 remake. Like others say, i too thought TCM: The Beginning wasn’t scary because it was more focused on the origins on Leatherface & his family. I thought that film was good but not great. I was actually hoping they’d make a sequel to that would surround the Hitchiker seen in the 2003 film & see how that film passes into the events of the 2003 film.

      I have to say i loved R. Lee Erney’s Sheriff Hoyt character in the 2003 remake & it’s prequel. He was cruel as he was funny while abusing the victims. Also loved Andrew, (how to spell his last name doesn’t come to mind) was great as Leatherface.

      Anyways, i hope this new TCM film turns out to be good.