First Trailer For ‘Terra Nova’ – Dinosaurs Attack!

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fox terra nova super bowl commercial First Trailer For Terra Nova   Dinosaurs Attack!

The first trailer for Steven Spielberg’s highly-anticipated science fiction series Terra Nova has finally been released.

Set in the year 2149, all life on planet Earth is faced with eminent extinction. In an attempt to save the human race, scientists develop a way to travel through time 85 million years and are sending groups of colonists back in an attempt to start humanity over.

Terra Nova picks up as Jim Shannon (Jason O’Mara), his wife Elisabeth (Shelley Conn) and their three children join the tenth group of settlers set to travel through time to establish a colony in the land called Terra Nova.

While any time travel has its risks, in this instance it’s the actual destination that proves most dangerous. Time traveling back to Earth’s prehistoric era brings a large array of creatures to the Shannon’s new front door – the most notable is, obviously, dinosaurs.

Of course, hungry carnivores won’t be the only danger that society’s new life-line will have to face. With an asteroid attack coming in 20 million years (yes, the one that killed the dinosaurs), the newly founded civilization at Terra Nova will have to figure out a way to combat any celestial attacks.

Alright, enough talk… Check out the trailer below:

Upon first look it’s easy to see why so many people have compared the series to James Cameron’s Avatar – especially with the casting of Stephen Lang as a commander – it’s hard for that comparison to hold up after viewing the trailer. Even though both have similar visuals and center around a far off destination, Terra Nova feels more like Starship Troopers meets an adult version of Land of the Lost than anything involving blue cat people.

From the looks of it, Terra Nova has the potential to deliver on all fronts, if given the chance to develop. Although, with visual elements like dinosaurs requiring longer post-production and a higher budget, I have a feeling that this series will have to hit the ground running in order for FOX to keep it around.

Hopefully more trailers will soon be released and we’ll be able to see what the Shannon family is up to when they’re not fighting off dinosaurs. Fingers crossed that it’s not something boring (which it probably is).

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Terra Nova premieres May 23 @9pm, on FOX

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  1. I will watch it but I can’t help having flashbacks to a similar, short lived show, about 15 years ago called Earth 2. That one also had a lot of promise but went downhill fairly quick. Hopefully Jurassic Park + Spielberg = win.

    The butterfly effect paradox still troubles me but I guess if they go back and don’t all immediately disappear then it’s ok? /makes brain hurt.

  2. I don’t quite understand the concept, they go back to the time of the dinosaurs to re-establish mankind in the past?
    That sounds ridiculous.

  3. It’s a stupid concept. Why not go back to a safer time? Why a races of women and only white men?

    • I agree with you, its a totally stupid concept. Wouldn’t the air composition be very different back in the dinosaur times for a start?

  4. i like the idea , this seems like it could be a good show that combines many intresting ideas and concepts, I see that a few of the poster above are getting hung up on the time travel, but , I dont think you need to , I look at that as more of a vechicle of transportation, rather then a plot point. I think if they keep time travel as a tool for transportation then they will be safer in their story telling. There are some amazing story potential here and spin offs that could be created.

  5. First off its not dumb to go back 85 million years if one were to do this. Going back say just 200 years could cause temporal paradox like issues. By going back 85 million yo leave a large enough gap to reduce the risk of stepping on Humankinds past.

    Second, there may be a techniocal reason (to be explained in the pilot or later) why they have to go back so far. Perhaps the way back is a fixed tunnel/wormhole that they have no control over so they have no choice on how far back they go.

    Lastly, I too fear this show may not last due to production costs. However I doubt we will see the special effects level in each episode that are shown in what I would assume is the pilot in this trailer. To make this wortk over the long haul they will probably have the ocassional effects heay episode spread throughout non-CGI hevaay episodes with the bulk of the episodes focusing on the human drama and interactions that do not involve expensive special effects shots. At least this is how I would do it so as to keep the season level production costs to an accteptable level.

    Kudos to FOX for giving this risky shopw a shot.

    • Not to get too nerdy, but their very presence in that time would have an influence on future events. Even if they all died within a few years, their bones and all of their supplies would eventually find their way to the future, where such discoveries could and probably would completely alter the flow of modern history.

      • not really, if the idea that the Meteorite that will impact earth later on will wipe out most of their existence. That mixed with the fact that Pangea would still be one giant content and the earth would still go through another Ice age as well as floods, im pretty sure they could cover their foot steps

    • The problem is the further back you go the more pronounced and far reaching the Butterfly Effect becomes.

      I believe the rationale will be that by going back 85 million years, the meteor impact “in the distant future” will wipe out their footprint on the landscape. This is a dangerous game because not all life (and evidence) was wiped out so what if they disturb that one thing that keeps the mammals from evolving? *poof* no more future.

      I think the end goal will be to somehow leave the planet before the meteor event but they will have to then completely erase their influence on the world lest some Archaeologist in the present find an odd artifact. Of course the kicker then becomes…….wherever they go they will then be influencing someone elses future. So maybe they create the tech to get off the planet and then jump pack to the present to leave? AHHH!

      In other words…….this show will require a LOT of suspension of disbelief.

  6. It does seem like a kind of an odd concept – although they’ll likley have some rational for going back so distantly in the plot (one would hope). Maybe if they go back only a few thousand years the “butterfly effect” would be more pronounced for those left “behind” (i.e in their future world)?

    My brain hurts…

  7. Ok what I hear from Spielberg, a noted Liberal, is that man “Once Again” destroyed the earth and now wants to go back and change things for the better. How many more times do we have to see global warming alarmists and eco environmentalists drum into our heads that Mankind is bad and will always destroy earth in the end. Get over it already.

    But here’s something to throw a wrench into their plans, what about the huge global events that would wipe mankind out after the dinosaurs went extinct, asteroids and Ice Age?? Did they forget about those events in earths timeline?

  8. I hate critics who shoot down a show based on a 30 sec. Trailer. Give it a chance! We need more shows based on the future, we are head there at break neck speed and everybody only thinks of now.

    • Don,

      Isn’t this show about the past?

      I kid, I kid… :-P


    • eh, we’ve been to the future haven’t you been around for 40 years? Its Star Trek ;)

      The reason why I am so critical though is because the premise ALONE is based on some extremely suspect logic. So asking me to overlook said logic and focus just on the show itself is a difficult proposition.

  9. I’m definitely gonna check this out. Stuff like this is my slice of pie!

  10. I imagine this will have to bring in some pretty big ratings in order to justify its budget.

  11. Awesome. We ARE the ones who wreck the Earth. And this small group of pioneers (read: show writters/producers) have the right view to get what mankind throughout history has gotten wrong. Sure can’t wait for Spielberg to drop those pearls of wisdom on us.

  12. I don’t know if the writers considered it, but there’s a simple way to get around the butterfly effect: a wormhole takes the “colonists” to a parallel universe (set at a different point in Earth’s timeline, of course). That way you mess with someone else’s past without affecting your own. Besides, quantum mechanics currently supports the idea of time travel through parallel universes (see the most recent Star Trek movie for example).

  13. Also, a parallel universe would add an extra bit of irony… since these people would be fleeing a polluted Earth… by polluting another timeline.

  14. Guys its a tv show not a science project.

    Holly crap. Lol.

    • …..Seriously 790.

      However to pull of the effects in post production, the Techs HAVE to have entire script in hand of all episodes and complete as much as possible (98%)before the final edits……Or ALL of you will be pissed calling the CGI, “lame, hokey and wanting.” As will I. What the Hell Guys, Dinosaurs in prime time Television. Let’s see what happens before say how weak the concept is.

      • True, I’m reminded of the Merlin TV show starring “Giles” from Buffy TVS as the father of King Arthur…. the post production graphics and editing were terrible especially that scene when Arthur had to fight a dragon with his uhm…”Team”…


    • Sorry vlad, that’s out of our control on embedded videos.


  16. Dinosaurs existed between 65 million and 230 million years ago and homo sapiens have supposedly existed around 100,000 years. Now depending on how far back these people go, they obviously wont have to worry about the cataclysmic event that wiped out the dinosaurs, for a very long time. As far as only white men on the show, go to the list of cast members on imb and there are men from all races on this show. You can pretty much pick apart any great piece of science fiction, if a person wanted to. I like Star Wars. But could a lightsaber really exist? No, it’s a beam of light. It can’t just stop at a certain point. But they sure are cool looking. So if you don’t want to watch it, don’t. Otherwise sit back and enjoy the ride.

    • Ah but if you use a magnetic force field to curve the laser light back on it’s self you’d….uh….burn your hand off. Wait. You could use antimatter to…no. That would just blow your arm off. Gotta be a way. I’ll get back to you on this.

  17. The butterfly effect is pretty much a load of hooey anyway. Throw a rock in a pond. How much does the ripple effect things. Very little. How much does it effect anything a few minutes later. None.

    I imagine you could wipe out half the butterfly population in the past with little or no effect in the future. That’s why there are so many of everything. Built in redundancies. God, nature or whatever doesn’t take chances when it wants something done. It creates so many backups it’s nearly impossible for it not to get done.

  18. I will definitely be checking this show out. It’s got dinosaurs in it AND it was made by Stephen Speilberg! If the dinos look as good as the ones in “Primeval” I will be happy.