New ‘Terra Nova’ Trailer: Welcome to Stargate Jurassic Pandora

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terra nova poster cropped New Terra Nova Trailer: Welcome to Stargate Jurassic Pandora

One of the big question marks on the slate of upcoming 2011 TV shows is definitely FOX’s Terra Nova, which has been cresting on the tagline “from executive producer Steven Spielberg” ever since it was first announced.

FOX has released a new trailer for Terra Nova, which only re-enforces the knee-jerk reaction from the previous trailer that this show is mashup of so many other sci-fi shows/movies that have come before…and not much else.

Before we get to the latest trailer, check out this synopsis for the show.

The story of Terra Nova begins a century in the future, where war and environmental disasters have ravaged the planet. Humanity huddles in its cities, as the scientific elite prepare for a mass migration to the only habitable place left: the past. Jim Shannon (Jason O’Mara, Life On Mars) follows his family on the tenth trip through the 85 million year threshold. They reach the unspoiled wilderness and the human settlement, where Commander Frank Taylor (Avatar‘s Stephen Lang) has taken control and protects the population from all manner of terrible lizards.

With that understanding, take a look at the latest Terra Nova trailer:


If you didn’t catch the snark in the title, this show basically looks like a mashup of Stargate, Avatar and Jurassic Park. The one-way portals, Dinosaurs attacking all-terrain vehicles and the unspoiled planet where Stephen Lang reigns with a militaristic hand? Yeah… doesn’t seem like they were thinking outside the box on this one.

In fact, without the Spielberg connection I’m not too sure that this show would even be on anyone’s radar, since it looks like something you might catch on SyFy, rather than in a primetime slot on a major network. As it stands, I can’t see how this series is going to last – the budget can’t be cheap what with all the effects work needed, and there doesn’t seem to be one fresh or original chromosome in the show’s DNA. Maybe the storylines will reveal something different, but the marketing surely hasn’t.

There’s also the fact that this show is premiering on a network which has become notorious as of late for canceling shows at the drop of a hat – even when those shows…er, show promise  (see: Lie To Me, Breaking In, Lone Star – oh wait, you can’t anymore!).  Given that fickle track record, we don’t necessarily see Terra Nova lasting very long on the airwaves. At least not at this point.

Terra Nova will finally premiere this fall on FOX.

Source: FOX

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  1. One does have the feeling that you have seen this all before.
    Which begs the question why would anyone want to see it again.

    • cause we havent seen it in a weekly tv show, and there is no good genre left on tv anymore, so i say lets see what they got , and its helluva alot better then another alien invasion show which we have another one starting the year as well in Falling skies. Seeing as they have cancelled V , the event , SGU , no ordinary family and just about everything else I look forward to something fresher then more doctor, lawyer, and cop shows. And a BIG HELL NO TO MORE REALITY TV

      • Good Lord, Lobo, it’s like you were reading my mind!!!

      • I wouldn’t mind more Doctor shows, though :D

        • More Doctor indeed!

          Torchwood proved that spinoffs can be better than the original (blasphemy I know but season 3 and 4 of Torchwood are omgwtfpwnbbq good!)

          As far a Terra Nova goes; I’m hugely excited to have some more big budget sci-fi on the small screen. I have a bad/sad feeling that it will turn out the same way as SGU…. great cast, great effects, no where for the story to go…… man I miss BSG

      • Yep I want Terra nova bock so fox show it and tell em to make another season oh p.s I am with u

  2. This is cool. Can’t wait to see this

  3. Nope.

  4. I’ll be honest, even though this doesn’t look like the most original thing ever created, you can’t fault the network for at least trying. Even if this doesn’t break out in the ratings, I at least give Fox props for trying and giving a show like this a gigantic budget. If the show can somehow make us care about the family, it might be better than what it looks like. Now, it looks more driven by hardware than humans.

    I also fear this type of show is too niche for a broad audience. I’ll expect maybe 10 million viewers for the pilot but it will soon drop to around five or six. This show will be lucky to get thirteen episodes.

    Can’t blame them for at least trying to break outside the cop/doctor/lawyer box though…

    • I think ur spot on with ur prediction. big initial interest then will drop off. Suppose it could be saved by truly interesting twists, great characters or great writing could propel to series higher or at least maintain its momentum, but everyone seems to be on the same page that though its a “new” series, it feels old, feels like weve seen it before.

  5. beh. are teens from the future complete idiots? if u know there are giant carnivorous dinosaur out there why in the hell would u o in the jungle.. or even skinny dip in a waterfall? i hope they all die for their stupidity. logic gaps like this make me wonder onyhe quality of writing.. what so in every episode some idiot will go outside the city and will have to be saved from dinosaurs? the other episodes being the boring politics of the city? gawd. I remember a show called earth2 that didnt go anywhere either.

    • One of the things that has helped humans get to the top of the food chain is their curiousity and their desire to explore. Do you think that, in the 19th century, the men who explored Africa said “Oh dear, there are dangerous lions and snakes, etc out there. I think I’ll just stay here where it’s nice and safe.”? Hell, no! They got out there and explored the Dark Continent.

      I cannot, under any circumstances, see teenagers from the future, where life was bleak and oppressive, arriving at a wonderous new home and thinking, “Hmm, it could be dangerous out there. I think I’ll stay inside this spartan compound and play soccer on the bare earth.”

      Of course they’re going to explore. They’re human!

      • i definitely agree with the exploration part. the scientists Have to go out. if not, why would they be scientists going back to that time anyways if they weren’t curious like that?

        and i can see one or two devil-may-care teens going out recklessly but once i knew there were F-ing t-rex’s out there, i’d probably like my cabin fever lol.

        but as for the initial set up, sure they know there are dinosaurs but so far there’s been no way to know what kind of area they live in. frankly, it could be hundreds of miles before they get into any territory with dangerous carnivorous dinosaurs. lol.

        but hell–the thing nic was bitching about–if you look a little closer–is them getting trapped by bad dinosaurs WHEN THEY WERE WITH AN ARMED CONVOY OF HUMVEE TYPE VEHICLES. it’s not like they were being wreckless. lol. they were just in the wrong place at the wrong time, and totally “out-manned” and unprepared.

        • You make some good points.

  6. I’m afraid I just don’t see the “stargate” thing. you’re going on that because they… walk through… a sort of “Gate” into the past? sorry. that’s a stupid comparison. if anything, the concept is taken from Julian May’s Pleiocene Saga.

    there are dinosaurs.. so automatically you’re going to compare it to… Jurassic Park? So I guess no one can ever make another movie about dinosaurs. That’s a shame, I like dinosaurs.

    Avatar? because one of the actors from Avatar is in it? Wow, I guess that dooms his career from the get go.

    I’m sorry, I just don’t agree with your “analysis”. You could make this type of silly comparison for ANY program or film. NOTHING is “original” if you look hard enough, or are willing to take the slightest resemblance at face value.

    • preach!

    • Thank you saying this Mike. If no one had, I was going to.

      Smh, Kofi, smh.

    • Thank you mike and I don’t agree with alan’s earlier comment that this show’s ratings will dwindle until it gets canned I mean if you look at the highest grossing movie ever you will realize that this show is right up the general audience’s alley and I’ll be one of the ones watching because frankly I’m glad that they’re trying something besides detectives and doctors and the idiots on Jersey Shore

    • I think the stargate reference is more to the setting and content. Most people don’t realize that a large part of SG1 (and SGA) took place in forested areas (fighting aliens/the occasional dinosaur-like enemy) that could easily be the setting for Terra Nova.

      I don’t really think of it as a negative though, it would be like saying that all cop shows are the same because they take place in large cities….

      As far as the stupidity of teenagers or the it being rediculous to go exploring; remember that this is a Spielberg project, what makes him great and yet is also his limiting factor is that he creates stories around the innocence of youth and the trouble kids get into. I mean, did anyone even watch Jurrasic Park or E.T.? You are getting what we asked for, just don’t expect something exotic meal when your being served a nice steak with mash.

  7. i think this is a very unique vision. stories today are all about using something old in a new and fresh way and i think this is a sensational set up and idea to bring dinosaurs and this great setting to life. if you look at a lot of things stephen spielberg is attached to, they are very often very simplistic ideas done in an interesting way with a lot of heart at the core of it. (ET, Artificial Intelligence, etc.)

    so to right it off as a simple copy-paste story i think is a very lazy way to look at it. and if it were a different actor in charge of the villaige (one not in avatar) there would be absolutely no correlation between the two for you.

    as for the stargate connection, it’s time travel. again, a lazy connection. one way portals connect to hell, Austin Powers 2. among dozens of other things.

    have faith, and wait to see. looks like it’s got the bubble gum pop to attract a huge audience and the intelligence/heart to keep them.

  8. @ Kofi……I have to agree with others that the SG connection is a bit flimsy. I would probably replace it with Earth 2. And maybe Land of the Lost instead of Jurassic park? ;) (just PLEASE no reptilian aliens!)

    We also know from reports here on SR that this thing cost 4 million per episode to make. So yeah, not cheap.

    I’m gonna watch is because it looks entertaining but the “new dinosaur” smell is gonna wear off quick so I hope the writers have more in mind than what is on the surface.

    And they are going back in time but can’t return?…..welllll, that really has me wondering what the hell they plan on doing in the past. I thought it might give them the time to figure out how to either cure or escape the future Earth but with no going back that theory goes out the window.

    • I concur.This show better be about something more than just killing dinosaurs every week to keep me watching.

  9. It was just humor guys. Stargate reference was just the look of the portal. No offense meant.

    I still don’t believe this will be a good (or lasting) show. But I may be proven wrong, for sure.

    We shall see.

    • you don’t watch much Stargate, do ya?
      I know I’m not one of the greatest fans of that show (although I loved SG-U), but even I know that the stargate has a liquid-like, mirrored surface… not just this blazing white light that just happens to be round at the end of a long tunnel that slowly spins… sort of… hmmm.. like Time Tunnel?

      I don’t mean this to sound like a personal attack, but really, it wasn’t “humourous” at all.

      Come on, you KNOW you want to give the show a chance ;) We all love Spielberg and hope his every endeavour is a blazing success, don’t we?

      • “like”

  10. will give it a go but its AVATAR the series =/ and didnt fox also cancell Firefly?

    • Dood i am only 11 and i loved firefly my dad download the hole series (you know the first seson) And now my favorite sesries are falling skys and i whant to se tera nova.

  11. It looks no worse than some of the junk on SyFy. At least the trailer makes me interested to watch it. With Capricia, I yawned every time I saw a commercial for it, then again, I never cared for BSG in the first place which might not have helped :D I will give the first episode of Terra Nova a chance.

  12. I agree with those willing to give Terra Nova a chance. I can’t see the point of bagging a new show before viewing a single episode.

    Personally, I’m delighted that there’s something a bit different coming to TV, something more appealing than the endless parade of cop, crime, lawyer and doctor shows. In addition, Terra Nova looks better than most of the so-called “reality” shows currently clogging the channels.

    I’m hoping Terra Nova works and will be viewing the opening episodes with my fingers crossed.

    • Amen, Phoenix!! The visitors and contributors to this site should all be watching this show, preferably when it is airing, to show that there is still an audience for this kind of original programming. If shows like this fail, we end up getting more crap like American Idol and H8R. I for one enjoy original, FICTIONAL programming. There are only so many cop/doctor/lawyer stories that can be made. As much as I loved Blue Bloods and Hawaii 5-0, I would much rather have a fun sci-fi show to watch. ESPECIALLY if it has dinosaurs in it!!

      Oh and Mr. Speilberg, bring on Jurassic Park 4!!!

  13. So, you say that this is not an original series as compared to blockbuster movies…
    But it is a TV show and compared to TV shows, lets see… do we want this or another..

    CSI/NCIS/Law and Order/Criminal Minds/Bones/Hawaii Five O/Blue Blood/Bones/Detroit 187…

    I mean. like 90% of network, non-reality shows are damn cop shows and you want to complain that a network is taking a chance on something non-cop, non-singing, dancing, flash mobbing, stuck on an island to make a million dollar reality show..

    Now that’s original.

    Sure, it is no Game of Thrones/Breaking Bad/Walking Dead/Sons of Anarchy/Justified, but I’ll give it a chance.

    • ^^This x 1,000

      I can barely stand Network cable anymore. Comedies are the only reason I even watch NBC, CBS or ABC.
      For drama, action, sci-fi, etc. I go cable networks all the way.

      • INK, you should really check out Blue Bloods. It is a very well written show and well acted as well.

  14. This looks like a Stargate/Land of the Lost hybrid remake?

  15. Looks like garbage.

  16. If this show is any good. How are they going to sustain a story for 2-3 years. Is it one of those, we can’t get out of this place or the series is over so lets milk it like Lost.

  17. reminds me of an episode of the show SLIDERS when a world they landed on was about to be destroyed by pulsars and they slid to a prehistoric earth.

  18. Nic wrote:
    “…are teens from the future complete idiots? if u know there are giant carnivorous dinosaur out there why in the hell would u o in the jungle.. or even skinny dip in a waterfall? i hope they all die for their stupidity. logic gaps like this…”

    Absolutely! Who’s gonna believe this far-fetched storyline where “teens “from the future” lose all sense and take risks to impress the opposite sex?

  19. I like it, looks interesting to me. I love that kind of stuff, going back in time, trying to survive in a era where humans weren’t meant to exist. With some good story lines and characters it could be a winner. Just please FOX, don’t pull a “Fire Fly” and cancel a promising thing.

  20. To bad one of the Cable networks who typically have more money to do this kinds of higher end series did not take this one, one like STARZ or SHowtime

  21. just 40 days left, and we will be able to watch terra nova on Tv

  22. It’s the one of the few new TV shows I am looking forward too. Very few shows nowadays are not a mashup of old ideas.

  23. The “time gate” isn’t the only similarity to the stargate(namely SGU).

    SGU was based around a portal that takes people to an impossible place(a ship that traverses the universe), however with no way back. Terra Nova also is based around a portal that takes people to an impossible place(pre-historic Earth in an alternate timeline) also with no way back.

    Both use similar plot elements: Military leadership vs. civilian/scientist, Man vs. supernatural wild(be it dinosaurs, aliens, or alien dinosaurs), and colony(military and civilians pull together) against opposing group of humans that appeared out of nowhere(Sixers/Lucian Alliance). Military and civilians get thrown into a difficult situations where they must reluctantly work together to survive.

    That said, I didn’t like SGU at first, but it grew on me. This is not a hate post to either show, I like both, but I am simply pointing out similarities that I have noticed. I was disappointed when SGU was cancelled, and Terra Nova looks promising. Hopefully it can bring what SGU would have had it not been prematurely aborted.

  24. Terra nova is my favorite show and alot of peoples as well and cancelling it got me upset after i saw only 13 episodes for a show and it stoped at an awful time . Alot of people agree with me im obsesed with the show and i wish that it would make a huge come back in another year or something . Garanteed fans will love it thats my one wish if anyone related to the show ever reads this then i hope u think about it