‘Terra Nova’ Series Premiere Review & Discussion

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terra nova premiere review Terra Nova Series Premiere Review & Discussion

Fox’s bank-busting showpiece Terra Nova finally lands tonight, with the eyes of sci-fi and action fans the world over resting upon it. Will it be the Avatar-meets-Lost extravaganza the network is hoping for, or will it simply die off come the next seasonal extinction event?

I won’t bore you with a lengthy explanation of Terra Nova‘s time-travelling origin story – for that, check out our impressions of the footage presented at this year’s Comic-Con. It’ll give you an in-depth look at the first hour of the premiere without spoiling the second half.

To make a long review short: if you’ve been looking forward to this show since the Super Bowl teaser trailer, you won’t need any encouragement to sit down and watch the two-hour premiere. Close your laptop, turn off your iDevice, start the microwave and enjoy a popcorn-worthy night of television. Terra Nova is far from perfect, but it’s a joy to watch and just about anyone should find something to like.

At its heart, Terra Nova wants to be equal parts Avatar, Jurassic Park and Lost. The unspoiled sci-fi setting gives the characters (if not the audience) the exploratory wonder of Pandora, while the monsters share a lot of creative DNA with Stephen Spielberg’s prehistoric opus. But these things do not a serial story make, and that’s where the Lost-style mystery comes in.

terra nova premiere shannon family Terra Nova Series Premiere Review & Discussion

There are several questions and conflicts established in the pilot, with the best among them being the rebellious Sixers. These anti-establishment pilgrims have their own agenda, and while not exactly evil, their past and present intentions could certainly be considered insidious. Since you can’t have all dinos all the time, look for this group to provide a lot of the human conflict throughout the first season.

The mysterious apparitions that point towards previous settlers of the supposedly uninhabited timeline can be taken one of two ways. It’s either a promising beginning towards a multi-season mystery… or a groan-inducing start to a multi-season mystery. While intrigue is always welcome, I fear that science fiction fans jaded after disappointing ends to Lost and Battlestar Galactica may be tired of the suspense-payoff game. You be the judge.

The more subtle aspects of the pilot are hit-or-miss. The squabbling between protagonist Jim Shannon (Jason O’Mara, Life on Mars) and his teenage son Josh (Landon Liboiron) falls flat, as do pretty much all of the adolescent performances. But the interactions between Jim, wife Elisabeth (Shelley Conn, How Do You Know) and their illegal daughter Zoe are genuinely touching, and given the events in certain parts of the world, surprisingly timely.

As a matter of fact, the Dystopian future world that the Shannon family is escaping seems at least as interesting as their past paradise. While the world of 2149 is collapsing, the civil authority still has control in some terrifying ways. The crumbling, Blade Runner-inspired sets and cityscapes are breathtaking. I hope there’s more communication between Terra Nova‘s separate worlds in the coming episodes.

terra nova premiere t rex carnasaur Terra Nova Series Premiere Review & Discussion

As far as speculative fiction goes, the show plays with some established big ideas without adding anything new. The bifurcated time travel idea is well-trodden, but not unwelcome (the show deals with A Sound of Thunder-type paradox quickly). The intrigue will come organically from the characters and the setting – while Doctor Who is throwing around fresh ideas every week, a more tame telling is probably appropriate for a broadcast audience.

Headliner Stephen Lang lights up the screen whenever he appears, and his character is complex enough to hold the viewer’s interest in its own right. Unlike the gruff marine from Avatar, Commander Taylor is hard, but strategically sympathetic. Likewise, the rebel leader Mara (Christine Adams, Tron: Legacy) is fun to watch. The interaction between these two is a highlight of the pilot, and should continue to be so.

The show shines on almost every single technical aspect. To say that Terra Nova is ambitious is an understatement of mammoth proportions. Never before has a network show attempted to create a serialized effects-heavy summer blockbuster on a television budget, even one as massive as this one. Every aspect of the production design oozes quality, from the huge on-location sets to the computer-generated dinosaurs that are the real stars. Make no mistake: Terra Nova would not be possible ten (or possibly even five) years ago. The movie magic on display, especially that of the tooth and claw variety, is far and away the best that’s ever been seen on television.

A scene inside a disabled Jeep is the high point of the episode. Panic-stricken kids facing Slashers (Raptors with more style) create an intense feeling of real danger for the characters. This is rare in a network pilot, and the short moments give the remaining screen time an edge.

terra nova raptor slasher dinosaur Terra Nova Series Premiere Review & Discussion

This isn’t to say that there aren’t compromises. To make the prehistoric setting a reality on a TV budget, the dinos and a lot of establishing shots are almost 100% computer-generated. There are none of the brilliant practical effect hand-offs that made Jurassic Park an instant classic – frequent moviegoers may find their jaded suspension of disbelief on autopilot. Compounding that, the scenes in the Terra Nova settlement are all beautifully realized, but sterile. They bring to mind a more earthy version of the Starfleet Academy campus from the later Trek series: too clean and natural to be real, especially considering the more wild segments on the jungle and grasslands.

That’s not the only thing Terra Nova has in common with Star Trek. The entire setting seems just a little bit too clean, a little too orderly (once they leave the future, that is). This extends to the dialogue and action – serviceable and at times exciting, but still a little stiff. I sense the hand of Trek veteran producer Brannon Braga. This may loosen up in future episodes as the cast and crew become more confident. On the upside, Terra Nova should be just fine for most children in the 10-12 range, a welcome decision for parents hoping to enjoy an evening with the family.

Aspects like music and costumes are… well, they’re there. The soundtrack is appropriately epic without being anything you’d hum the next day. The costumes and gear are typical near-future commando and natural warrior fare, though the futuristic vehicles and weapons make interesting viewing. However, the stalking monsters and beautiful setting outshine these more pedestrian parts of production. Some of the little details will nag paleontology buffs (“That’s not what an oviraptor looks like! Those pteranodons weren’t there for another ten million years! Wouldn’t a domesticated brachiosaurus need miles of grazing land?!”) but the overall effect will thrill the young and imaginative.

terra nova premiere cast Terra Nova Series Premiere Review & Discussion

On the whole, my complaints are nitpicks on an impressive accomplishment. Viewers looking for action will be satisfied and then some. While the dinosaur appearances are a relatively small part of the 120-minute premiere, their presence is felt throughout, and help to smooth over Terra Nova‘s dramatic wrinkles. There’s competent acting and storytelling to fill in the gaps, and enough mystery to keep people coming back for more.

The long wait was worth it. Terra Nova is the scripted television event of the fall, and with good reason. You owe it to yourself to check the premiere out.


Terra Nova airs Monday nights at 8PM on Fox.

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  1. I was very excited for this show (since I’m a sci-fi geek) and watched the episode last night. Somehow, the show peaked my wife’s interest (who doesn’t like most sci-fi shows) and I kept making fun of it under my breath. But, it is something we can watch together. However, I completely disagree with the review saying this show is ok for 10-12 year olds. A guy was eaten, slashers wreaked havoc on teens, guns, violence, bad acting…I mean kids acting out against their parents, a teenage girl invites a strange boy into their house (seriously, nobody else had an issue with this). This is not a show that I’d show the impressionable youth of America. Maybe if your kid was a little older or if you are just a bad parent. Mine won’t be watching this show.

    • My husband was doing the same thing , making little remarks like the critic that he thinks he is but we did finally watch something together because he hates the other shows I watch hello (BRAVO CHANNEL)!! I told my sister to watch it with her 4 year old son , wish I didn’t it had a couple of scarey things going on like the kids being trapped in the SUV !! I hope he went to bed by then ..Wish it was a little kid friendly because he loves his dinos !! But a parent has to tell their kids this is only make believe (DUH) !! Maybe (Land of the Lost) should come back !!

      • You can tell a kid the CGI dinosaurs are only make believe, but they still learn behaviors from watching others. I wouldn’t want my preteen being taught how to act out against me, I prefer them to learn that on their own.

        • That is a good point B-list porn star , my husband said the same thing , but it taught the son a lesson when he was stuck out in the woods with the big bad dinos..next time he will listen to his father that was the lesson the show was trying to convey , thou shall listen to thy mom and dad next time and not run off with a bunch of holligans !!
          And by the way the girl in the show fighting off the dinos , looked a little to calm and cool , not real at all I would have been screaming my head off if raptors were just outside to eat me !! Just saying …

  2. I thought it was OK, good enough to try watching a few more episodes. Some comments on comments here:

    1) Guns being mostly sonic and tranqs – this is a good idea when you have limited production abilities, and also prevents the issues of others have said about affecting the future much. Sonic weapons especially are a great idea since there is no physical resource involved in getting ammunition beyond power (presuming they have small nuclear factories or something like it).

    3) The equations and the mysterious “real reason” they are there – one of the characters said “he who controls the past, controls the future” – I think they are not in an alternate timeline at all, I think that’s a line being fed to them to make society think sending people back is safe.

    I am really hoping Lang turns out not to be evil as the old Book of Tired Cliches would predict. Surely they have enough cliches going already not to invoke that one? I’d basically love to see a more complex plot unfold as we go forward, there is some possibility of that which is why I’ll watch at least a few more episodes.

  3. While it held my interest enough that I’ll probably watch again next week, I wouldn’t say that it’s already got me hooked. The only pilot I’ve watched this year that’s come close to that is Person Of Interest.

    • Person of Interest is the ONLY show I think is worth the time watching.

      • I’ll admit that my opinion’s probably biased, because I’ve been a fan of much of Abrams’ work, but I really enjoyed POI a lot.

    • POI was fantastic!

  4. The show lost me when the kids were arguing over who got the biggest room.
    REALlY ?
    Plus, they missed an opportunity to educate young people about dinosaurs ,but, instead they used nicknames for dinosaurs instead of their scientific names.
    What a waste of an intruiging idea.

  5. the first episode was amazing!! i just hope fox doesnt cancel it

  6. I think I am the only one to catch that they are not in the past, but the far future. There was that bit at the end of the show where the family was looking at a HUGE moon. She mentioned that the moon is slowly moving closer to the earth (true fact). Given that fact the moon should actually appear much SMALLER 85M years in the past, not larger. I wonder if she will actually do the math and see that the constellations have progressed not regressed. It’s probably what the Leader’s son figured out. Now it doesn’t explain why Dino’s have evolved again, but it would fit the surprise that no one would expect.

    No where did I hear anyone talk about the guns firing tranq rounds. I specifically saw some rounds hit the Slashers, but not do anything. I would expect that a Tranq would actually put a smaller than human sized dino asleep. Perhaps they are firing rubber bullets for some stupid reason. The total ineffectiveness of their weapons was a real turn off to me. Though it does remind me of how Speilberg treated guns in the Jurassic Park movies. So it’s perhaps his bias that high powered rounds are somehow ineffective vs wildlife for some reason.

    It was a decent enough Pilot/First episode. If it can make it past it’s first season it will probably be a decent series to watch. The writers and actors will work out the awkwardness in their characters, and things will get better. It usually takes a few episodes for the creative types to hit their stride.

    • “”She mentioned that the moon is slowly moving closer to the earth (true fact)””

      Actually it’s the other way around…

    • Koim is correct.

      The Earth is increasing it’s orbit by roughly 1.5″ a year. This is based on the hypothesis that a small planet (dubbed Orpheus) side swiped the Earth very early in it’s life. The Earth managed to recover and the remnants coalesced into the Moon which has been moving away from the impact ever since.

      I did find it interesting though that the girl said the Moon was moving away from the Earth as about 1/2 centimeter a year. Score one for the fact checker? :)

    • nice! would explain why there’s no actual prehistoric vegetation.

      • You mean like oversized flora that was taking advantage of the huge amount of CO2 in the atmosphere? It’s called the limits of a TV budget. To actually do as you suggest would require large, expensive sets for everything or a lot of CGI overlay. Considering that each episode is already costing upwards of 4 MILLION, they had to make certain concessions for the sake of practicality.

        • yeah, of course, but one (or 2) plant(s) here or there wouldn’t hurt.

    • Wrong on them being in the future. Like others have said, and the show insinuated, in the past the moon was CLOSER not further. It’s slowly leaving its orbit with Earth and when it does… Well seasons will likely cease to exist as Earth may start wobble alot more in its rotation, (as in the south pole and north poles could have sunlight from directly overhead.

    • UUMM, I think you got it backwards. Do some research about the moon. It’s orbit is slowly moving farther away from the earth, not getting closer. Just thought you might want to know.

  7. Here is my two cents for what it’s worth. They really are not in the past but a worm hole taking them from their planet to preastoric Earth. The lost son of the group leader has figures this out through his equations written on the falls. So of coarse this will be our ancestors just like battlestar galactica.

    • If those are our ancestors, that would throw out evolution, since they are 85 million years in the past.

  8. I did like the show and reading the comments almost has me confused with the show and wondering if i should keep watching it..lol. I defiently need to rewatch for my dad is a talker when watching shows or movies even though i did not notice much talking but would do me good to rewatch. It is different so i will watch and as for no other scifi show on, do not forget Sanctuary will be back on Syfy in Oct. if you like the show..started watching it again..cannot wait.

    Hoping fox will not cancel it and will keep it at that for the words would not be polite toward fox and there ever ease of canceling shows.

  9. Was a little disappointed but it’s something to watch if you’re bored. A few things bugged me. For one, the fact that big bad future machine guns were inadequate against prehistoric animals made no sense to me whatsoever – the bullets would have torn them up.
    Compared to the mysteries and intrigue created by Lost, Terra Nova seemed lame.
    I utterly don’t care for this “sixers” thing, so dull.
    And the smoke-machine riddled depiction of the future looked hideously low budget and unimaginative.

  10. I wasn’t too happy with the first episode for a number of reasons.
    Firstly for people who came from a polluted planet adapted pretty quick. Like 1/2 an hour. I’d say it would take you a good week to aclimate if you travelled from a very warm to a very cold climate. Here we are talking about humidity, too much oxegen, a burning sun and 85 million years. You’d be well into the 3rd episode before you could started to be a usefull citizen.

    The second part was the teenagers acting like they’d just moved into a midwestern country town and were going for joy rides etc. Try this, stick a couple of city teenagers in the middle of a lion pride in Africa and see if any will sneak off to go for a swim. Really, put the story line in the right context.

    The third and worst thing was the introduction of the “OTHER” group, writing on the walls and the mysterious son. For a minute i thought i was watching “Lost” again. I hope the writers can do better than this story line if the trying for conflict.

    By God man, you have just travelled back 85 million years. The difficulties to over come are staggering without a group who looks like some right wing military/political dropouts stirring things up. I mean, does no one get checked before they send them back in time. These people would never have passed a psych test. Violent, anti-social etc etc.

    The story line here is endless if the writers just use their imagination and don’t fall back on the same conspiracy/hidden agenda’s etc etc. If they do people will get tired of it and it will end up with just a cult following.

    I can think of fifty sotry lines, short and long term without reverting to those plot’s . Building permanent cities, finding and island with no dinsaurs to live on, getting flyig crafts and exploring the planet. Finding safe places from meteor showers which would still be common during that era. etc etc etc

    • I just wanted to point out that the teens had been at Terra Nova for a while and at least one of them grew up there. I’m from small town America and I know that as a teen, I would have done the same thing. We would sneak off and get into trouble because what else would we do (and it isn’t like those kids have a television or X-box to keep their attention on). Now, I never made moonshine, but I did do some underage drinking. So, I can see kids doing this and the new boy just wants to fit in. Its cliche, but it is also life.

      I do agree with your point about them adapting from a polluted time to this fresh atmosphere, but that would make a pretty boring pilot watching them get acclimated to their new environment. And, I’m pretty sure the sixers didn’t look like “right wing military/political dropouts” when they arrived. There was 4 more pilgrimages after their arrival and they’ve been living in the prehistoric jungle. They have the right to look rough.

      I don’t think this is the best show on TV (it was my most anticipated), but I do think it’s better than watching a sitcom like Whitney or 2 Broke Girls (both written by Whitney Cummings – soon to be epic comedic failure). And by far, it is better than all the shows on NBC.

      • well said sir.

    • @ ErickTreetops

      You bring up some of the same issues with the show that I have,especially the teens,plus add that fact that their acting is pretty bad.

      Now I don’t know why people are having a hard time with this,but the daughter mentioned that the probe that they sent was on a different time stream because they put a message in it when they sent it to the past,but in the future the probe was never found,and that how they knew that the time stream was different from theirs.

      There are going to be some huge issues that they’ve already painted themselves into a corner with this show.Taylor said that he was the first one through the gate,and while the people that followed him were only minutes behind him,he was alone in Terra Nova for 151 days(or something close to that as I can remember off hand).Mathematically,since the father had to fight his way through the gate after his family was already through,shouldn’t at least a few day to a week have passed?

      And even if they are on a different timestream,does that automatically mean that the asteroid that wiped out the dinosaurs doesn’t happen?

      And Taylor mentioned something about sending a message to the future,but since the gate is only a one way trip,and the future of the timestream that they are in now,is different from the future that they came from,then his future would never get the message.

      Assuming that each pilgrimage is at least six months apart,and if a few minutes from person to person through the gate can equal a few months difference,wouldn’t the time gap between each pilgrimage equal something 322 years?(I’m extrapolating that from the time that Taylor entered the gate,and the time that the next person behind him entered,was a 5 minute difference.I’m going from what Taylor said that he was there for 151 days,rounded down to 150.) So if my math is correct,and let’s say each pilgrimage is closer than six months apart,let’s say every month,that’s still talking over half a century!

      I’m almost already done with this show because I can see that they are already forsaking and contradicting their own logic and physics.

      Yeah,this show is going to be a mess,and with the budget that it has,if it doesn’t maintain very high viewership,I can see this mess getting canceled by end of next season.

      • The probe not being in the future is easily explained: it was destroyed sometimes after it arrived in the past and before the 22nd century. But yes, the show needs to get better to keep me watching.

        • Or maybe this prehistoric past is actually a prehistoric future…its being kept under wraps because the world (that futuristic polluted world) is going to end very soon. The moon thing could be that the universe stopped expanding and is now contracting. The Earth has reset itself and is now 85 million years into the future which looks like the past which looks like CGI from the year 2011. “He who controls the past, controls the future” – get it…the past is the future. Or perhaps this is all just my own speculation. Or maybe I read H.G. Wells science fiction novella, “The Time Machine,” too many times.

          • Then the sun should be larger, since hydrogen is being used up, and since the universe is contracting, the sun would be closer to earth, which wouldn’t be good for life on earth.

            • The universe is contracting? Since when? It’s more like the universe is expanding.

              • B-List Pornstar was speculating that they were in the far future and the moon is closer because the universe is contracting in the future (it is expanding now).

                • I wasn’t just speculating…I was being moronic in my speculations. So moronic that they just might use it in future seasons.

      • You people are complaining way too much about a TV show; complaining that they don’t use scientific names of dinosaurs? Good grief. Do you use the scientific name of your cat when you say “my cat”? Of course not. In addition, the dinosaurs here don’t really exist, they were invented by a paleontologist as creatures likely to be found in that era. The fossil record is highly incomplete, so we only know of some examples of dinosaurs from various eras, we don’t know them all, so the show invented a few.

        Taylor waiting 151 days for the guy who was only a few minutes behind him: hopefully they’ll explain this comment more, but maybe the relationship is non-linear, and when they first opened the time portal, there was a huge delay time, but now it’s stabilized and this isn’t an issue any more. Does seem like it would have been better if they left that comment out though.

        Asteroid that wiped out dinosaurs: the answer is no. The asteroid that caused the K-T event and the Chixhulub crater happened about 65 million years ago. It should be safe to assume that it will happen on Terra Nova too, but it’s going to take 20 million years as TN is 85 MYA. That should be plenty of time for the new human civilization to build a better space program than our current sorry program and divert the asteroid. If 20 million years isn’t enough, then they don’t deserve to survive the event.

        Sending messages to the future: they haven’t explained this one fully yet, and ep4 even says the Sixers can do it, but it does appear that it can only happen when the portal is opened from the future. This whole portal-to-the-past thing is obviously a plot device that makes the entire show possible, so you just have to suspend disbelief and accept that this portal, when opened from the future, allows only physical travel to the past but communication both ways, for whatever reason. Wormholes of any type are entirely theoretical, so it’s pretty pointless picking this one apart, as long as it’s internally consistent (within the show). They never said the gate was a one-way trip for information, only humans (and probably any physical matter). Information is not matter. A better way to think of this whole thing is as a wormhole: they’re not traveling to the past, they’re really traveling to an alternate universe, which corresponds to a point in our past, but is not the same place.

        “contradicting their own logic and physics”. You haven’t made this case at all, except with the singular comment that Taylor made about waiting 151 days. Other than that one gaffe (which might be explained away later, perhaps with something like the idea I posted above), it’s been entirely consistent from what I can tell.

    • No, there were not more meteorites hitting earth 85 million years ago then there are now. The late heavy bombardment period ended 3.8 billion years ago, after that things settled down tremendously and while there were likely more than today with gradually diminishing numbers over time an 85 million year difference is not much in terms of meteorite history.

  11. Watch the pilot – good marketing.

    Watch the show for a few episodes – good pilot.

    Survive season 1 on Fox – good show.

    I’m in the second category as it sounds like many of you are. The “future timeline” conspiracy can’t have much play if the portal (not calling it a time travel metaphor since it’s being purported as a different time stream) is only 1 way. I believe by the beginning of December that someone will have a way to go back.


  12. I’m sooo confused with all the comments on the timeline etc., etc. that now I need to re-watch the show …

  13. My sister and I LOVE the show! It is one of the best sci-fi shows I have seen in years! Can hardly wait for the next episode and I am telling all of my sci-fi loving friends to check it out! Thank you Fox!

  14. I was so eager to see this show. Man, were my expectations not met!
    I mean, from the cgi perspective, it’s breath taking. But as a story, it bugged the hell out of me. It felt like a soap opera with dinosaurs…
    The main character is a cop who breaks the law to have a third child “just because”? What?? Nevermind…and then we have all kinds of twists and turns and whatnot that seem put there so we don’t realize the idiocy behind his action, that led him to break the law. Couldn’t wear a condom now, could he?

    I guess I won’t be watching the rest of the season…unless they bring some intelligent reptilian species in the mix…or aliens…that would make me watch.

  15. I greatly enjoyed the first episode. As there was no obvious reason the family should have a 3rd child — she’s not much in any respect — obviously there is something about her critical to the story.

  16. Watched the first two hour episode and thought it was pretty good! At the end they show an enormous moon shot and the girl says “blah blah blah the moon moves half an inch per year…. 85 million years…. do the math”

    I took this as a challenge. Pretty easy but I found that the moon would only appear 0.3% larger instead of the about 150-200% moon shown….. Looks like the producers didn’t DO the math.

    • Small correction….. I guess it moves at 1.5″ per year…. so about 0.9%….

    • I was going to post something I remember from Trek TNG about micro-blackholes passing between celestial objects but I decided not to because I’d look like a geek.

      Too late, petaQ!!


  17. As a big addict of LOST and avatar….. this is just what iv been waiting for!!!! :) and the pilot was amazing!!!! LOVED IT!!


  18. i thought the show was very good.great cast.great special effects.hope it continues.

  19. if you’re looking for a humorous take on the terra nova pilot, check one out here: http://www.thehonestmen.com/retrospective-television-review-terra-nova-genesis/

  20. i saw a litte about this serie and i don’t like at all.

    First, the review talk about an overpopulated world then some family jump back in time, in some sort of Stargate clone.

    Then, in this world exist some fortified town called Ark, Eden or some cliche like that. Inside the town, some people lives happily, they even have big houses to fool around. Then, from time to time,some people mess outside of the town, insert here a Jurassic park cliche and that’s it.

    My major complain is that in the people, the “captain” is cool but the rest of the sub-stories will be about how every character is involved with each other, ex-marriage, couples and so on, or you could say, Beverly Hill 90210. They killed Lost and most sci-fi series with the same, sentimental relationship amongst characters (in the very worst moment possible).

  21. I share the sentiments of many of the people who commented here. The points that affected me the most:

    The near uselessness of the weapons either the tranqs or those funny green light guns, they were all more than useless when the people were defending themselves against the dinos.

    CGI: For some reason the computer graphics felt ‘off’ as if they were from a dated computer game. I remember the scene where the commander and James were on a mountain or something looking at the magnificent scenery below and how the background looked blurred as if this was a cheap b-movie. Also some of the dino behavior just felt ‘off’ it felt artificial and staged. And lets not forget the massive Brachiosaurus (?) that was eating over that huge fence. I’m not even sure that’s even possible, judging by the way that giraffes move their necks and heads it does not seem plausible that a dinosaur could move their neck like that.

    The Commander Nathan Taylor being such a cool, calm and collected person while at the same time looking like he could beat you up within an inch of your life. He felt too mellow and even when the teens went ‘OTG’ he didn’t seem to mind it as much as I thought it would even though one of the teens respected him like a father. He seemed to have the attitude every teen dreams their parents should have but don’t, the ‘I get it you did something you shouldn’t have and see what happened’ , instead of “WHAT THE F^%*&* DID YOU THINK YOU WERE DOING!!!”

    Not enough of the ‘futuristic dead world’ : I really wanted to see more of the world they left behind much more than what was shown in the premier. Maybe I might see more in future episodes but that’s if I even want to continue watching this program. :(

    Some of the scenes didn’t feel realistic: for example when the family came to Terra Nova in the first place and James had a gun and the ‘soldiers’ saw him with it, yet he wasn’t detained as if carrying guns through the ‘time-warp’ is considered normal.

    Perhaps I’m being a little too needy but my requirements for my Sci-Fi needs are not fully met with this program which is still fun to watch though.

    BTW What’s the age rating of this program? One one side, swear words don’t seem to exist in Terra Nova and on the other people are ending up dino food?

    It’s still a good watch but just make sure to shutoff your thinking hat when you do. :)

  22. I want terra Nova back on tv it was a good exciting show that should not of been cancelled without warning