Netflix Interested in ‘Terra Nova’ Season 2

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terrra nova netflix Netflix Interested in Terra Nova Season 2

Just days after Fox canceled Terra Nova, the Steven Spielberg-produced series may have found a new home for its second season on Netflix.

While the negotiations between Netflix and 20th Century TV (the studio that produces the show) are still preliminary, the studio’s attempt at selling the series to another network (or broadcast entity) may turn out to be successful after all.

If picked up, Terra Nova would become the second canceled Fox series to be picked up by Netflix. Last year, Netflix secured the rights to air Arrested Development season 4, a 10-episode season that will lead up to the long-awaited Arrested Development movie in 2013.

If Terra Nova were to move to Netflix, the series would be free from any network expectations of ratings to help fuel advertiser’s interest. For Netflix, they’re looking more towards providing their millions of subscribers with the ability to find the series for years to come, so there’s no need for a count of initial viewers.

When Netflix premiered their first original series Lilyhammer this year, the company declined to release ratings information on the series. Here’s what Netflix COO Ted Sarandos had to say about what they’re actually interested in (which isn’t ratings):

We have over 23 million streaming members and they’ll have the opportunity to discover Lilyhammer not just yesterday, today or this week, but over the course of several years.

Of course, if Terra Nova does move to Netflix, it’s unlikely that the television’s familiar 23-episode season will follow with it. While Terra Nova only received 11 episodes in its initial order, its continuation on Fox would have resulted in a much longer episode order for its second season.

terra nova premiere cast Netflix Interested in Terra Nova Season 2

Fortunately, Terra Nova’s potential move to Netflix isn’t likely to bring with it a significant cut to the series’ budget. With Netflix already spending $3.8 million on the Kevin Spacey series House of Cards, it’s extremely possible that the digital streaming (and rental) service would be on board for the reported $4 million an episode of Terra Nova.

Additionally, with Fox footing the bill for all of the series’ visual effects, any previously created visual effects will be able to be reused without any additional financing. Of course, if Netflix wanted to shell out a few extra dollars, perhaps the series’ visual effects could be bettered for its digital debut.


We’ll keep you updated on the status of Terra Nova as news develops.

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  1. I hope it’s just cx completely. It’s a terrible show my opinion with a large budget and just not enough viewers. Sci Fi shows like this just don’t seem to make it on network tv.

    • for those who are scifi buffs i spent 1000s of dollars on their merchandise already and we still want it so plz leave comments like that for the haters page

      • This show was amazing i love dinos and going back in time to live a life would be so epic i really hope netflix picks it up b/c i really look fwd to this show!

        Really sg1, sga, sgu, star track, lost, bsg they are all big shows all them with over 100 eipisodes

        I really hope i can add this to my collection b/c its a good show!!

    • Sci Fi shows just dont seem to make it on network tv? You have obviously never heard of the Battlestar Galactica revamp, or Star Trek, or Lost.. I’m with donald on this. Stop Hating.

      • P.S network tv is for drones

    • if you would have given it a chance and actualy watched it in the first place you would have seen a show worth saving as it could have been as big as land of the lost or lost in space or even gilligans island all of which were intended as family orented shows that no one thought they would be a big hit which tera mova has that abillity to do so as well because we need more holesum family programing on tv un like some of the feltercarb that is on the network chanels like reality tv NOT WORTH WATCHING AS IT IS STAGED AND NOT REAL… And BORING… and 2 and 1/2 men same old prat falls and jokes Charley Sheen NOT FUNNY WHEN HE IS NOT ON DRUGS>>> COME ON THE NETWORKS CAN DO BETTER … they should have cancled some of that other stale crap they call entertanement and if teranova hade a better timeslot it would have had a better chance as well…

      • i like your comment about reality tv i as well hate it but i kinda like 2 1/2 men its funny at times. and terra nova rules

      • AGREED!! ^^^^^

    • this is one of the very few good shows on tv, most other shows sucks

    • so star trek wasnt on tv for two decades im just saying si fi dose well and with this hole nerd trend cool to be smart with examples like nerd rap and all the hipsters wearing huge glasses, si fi just gunna get bigger. you loved Jurassic park dont lie how meany people watched lost all sifi just saying we dont do that bad

  2. this is good news. it looks like all our complaining on the other thread might pay off into something good. especially if they can keep the budget. and hopefully hire some more skillful writers for season 2. the only problem is i dont have netflix. so i would have to find another way to watch it.

    • Or just get netflix. its like 7 bucks a month for the streaming. and extremely worth it

  3. Terra nova is an awesome show, i’m dying 2 see nxt seasons & naomi scott is my favorite, all the INDIAN fans r waiting for this show

    • Lol Naomi scott is my favorite too…. ;)

    • i agree. This show is my all time favorite show and deserves to be back on air. Everybody i know whatches this show and i am NOT indian. It is the best show in the entire world and i really hope they have a second season.

  4. I really hope this happens. Netflix may have screwed up last year with their handling of raising prices and Quikster, but they started making amends with the Arrested Development deal. If Netflix picks up Terra Nova, all will be forgiven.

  5. this would give netflix the boost it really needs to get back their subscribers also give terra nova its second season that it deserves,

  6. Hope this gets picked up!!

  7. Too bad they couldn’t have done this with AMC’s ”Rubicon.”

  8. we all pray it goes threw and it gets chance to air once again and for those haters we dont wont to hear it

  9. Really hope the show gets renewed. The first season ended well to set up a story arc for the second.

  10. God please yes, not knowing what happens makes me all itchy :(

  11. I am praying for this! I love the show and also want to know what the hell is all going on in the Badlands!!

  12. My family loved watching Terra Nova and we are hoping Netflix picks up season 2.

  13. I hope Netflix picks up Season 2 of Terra Nova, I really like the show. Networks are driving me nuts canceling shows constantly. We never get to see the end of a story anymore! I love Netflix! I cancelled my Diretv because it isn’t worth it anymore. I wish Netflix would pick up The Event Season 2, that’s a great show.

  14. I am hoping for Netflix to bring this back. I would also love to have Fire Fly brought back, just have to pry Nathan Fillion away from “Castle” lol.

  15. Anyone else think that since Netflix is picking up canceled Fox shows that they should pick up Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles?

    • Yes! Bring back Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles. I went through severe withdrawal when this series was cancelled!

  16. Hey Netflix…great news! If you are open to suggestions, how about creating new episodes of Firefly and Stargate Atlantis as well…

    • and The Good Guys

      • @B-List – Love The Good Guys. Sad that show didn’t make it to a 2nd season. *puts on some Foghat* Let’s go bust some punks!

        Paul Young

    • If Netflix brought back all those taken away from us such as stargate atlantis firefly and the lovely terra nova I would be the first in line to sign up again for netflix.

  17. I’m dying for Terra Nova Season 2!

    When Netflix raised their rates, I left the service. The movie and tv selection wasn’t worth the cost. They’ve done quite the turnaround in the last few months. I recently signed up for Netflix streaming and am happier with the selection. If they keep adding outstanding programming (like Terra Nova, Walking Dead, etc) I’ll stay subscribed. Original series will be great with Terra Nova; some of their shows lag the original broadcast by quite some time before they become available…very frustrating.

    With today’s technology, I don’t see why all shows shouldn’t just become available on a certain date. Waiting for an air time seems so dated. Hopefully Netflix can continue down this road.

  18. YES YES YES PLEASE, This is to my family the best show on TV we love the show and theres is a lot of backing in Australia. The little girl ZOE is our favourite we can’t wait come on NETFLIX DO IT YOU WILL NEVER LOOK BACK.

  19. I really liked this show and it was great family viewing. It might not have been perfect but hey what show is? Fingers crossed that Netflix takes it up and continues it for a number of years!

    • I don’t know how I will watch it, but I really hope it stays family friendly. So many shows start out good, then to get the ratings up they add in inappropriate stuff. I hope they also stay away from the soap opera crowd. I really don’t want another SGU.

  20. First of all…these networks have very little foresite. Star Trek continues to this day with different names of course, and so will Terra Nova. I watch this show just so I can see the fabulous Stephen Lang do his thing…he is so hot. The series, in general, is so well done that it is difficult to believe that the network cancelled. I suppose it is too high-brow for the general audience, which is sad to say…not too bright. Oh well…with that said, NetFlix will probably have me for a lifelong fan. And the network…the heck with them. I don’t look at TV…I only did just to see Terra Nova.

  21. More seasons please! This show is by far the most different, dynamic, futuristic and most interesting show we’ve seen. The story’s just pure genius!

  22. i cannot believe and still a bit peeved that season 2 of tera nova has been cancelled and i wont gt to watch it on sky one on sky in the uk, shocked is not the word i would use, havent even told me 13 year old son who loved all the first season he watched it every monday nite bang on time hoping that they will change their minds as it was very intresting esp for sci fi ,

  23. I loved Terra Nova. It had its amazing similarities to the most successful movie in Cinema history, Avatar. The characters are amazing and with the way they ended season 1, it would just suck to not have a second season. NETFLIX NEEDS TO PICK UP TERRA NOVA!

  24. This show is worth saving. Enough said.

  25. Please! PLease! PLease keep this show going! I enjoy watching it sooo much! Its one of the shows i get to watch with my boyfriend because we both enjoy it. I would love if it was continued on Netflix, that’s where we get most of our t.v. type stuff from anyway since we don’t have cable. I was so disapointed when i heard that this show might be coming to an end =[ so please make it happen and bring it back for season two!

  26. I LOVE THIS SHOW!!! Everything about it interested me, and I’m really waiting to see what happens with Wash after that last episode. She was just amazing, and I wanted to see where her relationship with Taylor went. Favorite couples: I have to say that I liked them all! No other words just fantastic. Story plot: Great, Family Oriented, barely anything inappropriate which I have to say would have been awkward watching with my mom.

    Terra Nova is just a great show for families, and it should be picked up again. It is nice not seeing a show that is apparently “funny” or “cool” I mean almost everyone I know thinks that Fox should have cancelled Two and a Half Men when they fired Charlie Sheen, but no, keep it going because it brings in “better ratings” now more than ever. Load of crap.

    Netflix PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE bring back Terra Nova, it was great and you would have many many many more subscribers if you did take the show over. PLEASE!!!

  27. Broadcasters just dont get the fact that tv is dieing and the age of on demand is essential to the future. The fact that netflix will pick up the show affirms they have a solid business plan. Im glad I am with netflix, even though they are slow to get licences for canada.

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