‘Terra Nova’ Canceled; Season 2 Possible (On Another Network)

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Terra Nova promo image 570x3202 e1294372224282 Terra Nova Canceled; Season 2 Possible (On Another Network)

The prehistoric adventures of the Shannon family in Terra Nova have come to a end on Fox, as the network has announced that they will not be renewing the series for a second season. Fortunately, Terra Nova may still continue on another network.

Simply confirming Terra Nova’s nonrenewal late Monday evening, no statement about its cancelation had been released by the network.

Taking to Twitter, series star Jason O’Mara announced the cancelation to fans:

Bad news guys, Terra Nova has been cancelled by Fox.

While Terra Nova may have been canceled by Fox, 20th Century TV (the studio that produces the series) is still attempting to bring Terra Nova season 2 to air on another television network, though no negotiations have been announced yet.

Returning to Twitter, O’Mara confirmed the plans to continue Terra Nova on another network.

Bad news guys. #TerraNova has been cancelled by @FoxBroadcasting – we’re gonna try and get another network to do it. Stand by : (

terra nova premiere cast Terra Nova Canceled; Season 2 Possible (On Another Network)

Premiering in September 2011, Terra Nova was considered a television experiment by the network. With high upfront costs stemming for lofty visual concepts, Terra Nova attempted to bring the beauty of theatrical visual effects to television audiences. With a pilot that reportedly cost $14 million, Terra Nova premiered to 9.2 million viewers. Unfortunately, by the time the first season of Terra Nova came to a close, only 7.2 million viewers tuned in.

And while Terra Nova may have lost its way (and its viewers) along the way, Fox’s president of entertainment Kevin Reily revealed that Terra Nova is actually considered a success for everyone involved, with both the network and studio making money on the project.

Though Terra Nova was a fiscally successful project, it’s unlikely that the series will find a new home on another network – at least on a network that could support the $4 million per episode cost.

Even if the series were able to continue on a new network – which would likely be on cable – the cost of the budget would be cut significantly, thus removing the series’ ability to ever reach those lofty visual goals that it originally had set for itself.

So while Terra Nova could continue on another network, perhaps its best to leave the Shannon family in the land of the lost.


We’ll keep you updated on the status of Terra Nova as news develops.

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  1. with! why would you cancelled this amazing show! it is so much better than heros! come on!

    • Someone comes up with real original idea for a sci fi show the network makes money from it but it still gets squashed like a bug. You network fools need to get your head out of your ass and stop worrying about speculations when you had a good thing going. Now that the first season is a available to see on Netflix don’t you think many new viewers would be looking for new seasons? You guys blew it.

    • Someone comes up with real original idea for a sci-fi show the network makes money from it but it still gets squashed like a bug. You network fools need to get your head out of your ass and stop worrying about speculations when you had a good thing going. Now that the first season is a available to see on Netflix don’t you think many new viewers would be looking for new seasons? You guys blew it.

  2. My kids and I just discovered Terra Nova on Netflix. WOW! It’s a great show. Fox messed up!!! Bring it back and maybe the network will make a profit.

  3. Probably the best show ever! BRING IT BACK!!

  4. if they do decide to put Terra nova back on , make sure that all the same characters play the same roles. DON’T CHANGE THE PEOPLE!

  5. Terra Nova deserved to be cancelled it had way to many logic and plot holes for me to watch anymore. Did space advancements stop in that time but we can bend space time? and that wooden wall it is near useless

    • That’s the incredibly wonderful thing about opinions, They’re like the human rectum: Everyone has one, and they’re usually full of manure!

    • What are you talking about, Wake? “We” – the citizens of 2142 – didn’t bend space-time. The fracture was a naturally occurring phenomenon. It was discovered, not created, as the show made clear.

      Also, there’s nothing wrong with the wooden wall (I presume you’re talking about the fence around TN). Made of cheap, available indigenous materials, it was almost certainly easier to build than shipping a LOT of metal from 2142 to the past via the fracture. Particularly if you factor in society breaking down in 2142 as is illustrated repeatedly in the show. Even more so if you consider the personality of Cmdr. Taylor. He would not want to be dependent on the future for anything they could build for themselves strictly on principle. Which is why cutting TN off from the future at the end of the season was such an easy decision for him to make. He knew the difficulties the lack of advanced tech and medicines would bring to the colony, but to him personally, that loss was nothing at all. He’d survived there alone with no technology at all for months. Remember the fishing episode? Such a life would be just fine for Taylor. Also, consider that until the discovery that the Sixers were hostile, there would have been no need or a high-tech wall in the first place. A sturdy wooden wall would feel less like a closed in fort and keep out predators. Which was its purpose. That’s why there were sonic weapons on the towers and not more lethal weapons. The idea was to keep out carnivores, not people.

      • Well put Joel what a series need series 2 now

      • Well put Joel what a series need series 2 now.

      • this show is awesome. the only thing that kinda bothers me about it is a few holes in the story. if they are back in prehistoric times, building all of this stuff and they have buildings, vehicles, weapons, electrical cables….. this sh*t technically would have been discovered by people in the future just like they have found fossils. think about it?

        • If i can remember correctly, they said they were in a parallel universe or altenate timeline or something like that. That way they wouldnt alter anything in 2149, such as themselves even being born.

        • As Jack commented, this is something covered in one or two of the early episodes. They ran a test and sent back something radioactive with a very long half-life (it’s in Terra Nova) and were unable to find it in 2149. They are pretty sure because of this test that the timeline splits when they travel through the portal so that outcomes in the past do not affect the present/future.

  6. This show, even though similiar to some other series, is in itself unique! The special effects and the story line were AMAZING and they should continue on with this series! I have been searching for it on my tv for the last year and a half! They could go so far with this series and even if its expensive they will overall make more money in the long run. As for the loss of viewers I have started a new series and didn’t like it at first many times, but that show then grew on me and now I still follow them and even enjoy watching reruns! This is turning into Jericho all over again. Continue the series please!

  7. This is such a great show and it would be a shame to see such a great idea go to waste!! Please bring back another season of Terra Nova! And like someone above said, if you do bring it back, please please keep the same characters. Little zoe will be a little old but I’m sure the brilliant mind behind this show will figure something out!

  8. Terra nova is an amazing show i love it and i think it would be a smart investment to continue the show

  9. Wow…really? Goal for Lofty visual effects? 2 decades after jurassic park(animation and visuals were muuuucchhhh better),4 million per episode, and your visuals are still painful on the eyes and horrifically sad?
    That being said, I really enjoyed the storyline and most of the acting.

  10. This show was amazing and I wish they would bring it back!!

  11. Just watched the first season on Netflix. It was a really well done show, great acting, great drama and storyline. Whoever canned this show shot themselves in the foot. Hoping A@E will pick it up like they did The Walking Dead, Longmire, Break out Kings and Breaking Bad.

    • The budget might be a bit high for A&E. It would be an excellent pickup for Universal’s Syfy channel Syfy is still very overloaded on “reality” tv in their programming, however, though I have somewhat high hopes for ‘Defiance’ (particularly if the video game is halfway decent and they pull of that tie-in). Syfy/Universal has the resources to continue the show and not skimp on the budget. I have no hope, however, as reality tv rules these days – even on Syfy.

  12. it was a great family show!!!!!

  13. We must find a way to go to fox and show them the erroe of their ways. We the fans must show them that that we still want a secon season and even futher with the same cast and if fox does not want to continue then there is only 1 net work that might listen to us, Si Fi channel!

  14. Fox….u r really missin,am just gonna advise u to bring the show back to air,as for me,that has been my best show ever and also my ppl…..must u even gain in evrytin??? Can’t u just continew terre nova for the sake of ur viewers

  15. I just watched the whole first season of terranova and it’s the best way better than any other t.v show I’ve seen yet if we could raise money to help the t.v cast that would be great as well in the show Taylor’s son was shot and then was gone so there has to be more to the story we have to fix this guys thanks. P.s Rome wasn’t built in one day to get a lot of people to watch it will take time

  16. My wife and I stumbled on it – Netflix. Yep… they should have continued the series. That is the thing about “new” viewers. You create a potentially great series, yet pull the plug before you realize there’s a “future” audience. Too bad Fox can’t go back 85 million years instead.

  17. Do everything you can this was the best show I’ll tell all my friends to watch it… I have a lot of friends. Bring it back

  18. We want to get back TERRA NOVA. We hope very soon we will watch season 2. We want it back please. Thank you.

  19. We want to get back TERRA NOVA. We hope very soon we will watch season 2. We want it back please. Thank you so much.

  20. Just finished watching this show on netflix and loved it!!! Ready for another season.

  21. Please bring this program back I really liked it

  22. Okay,think here people. Presumably 7.2 million viewers watched the show till the end. At 4 million dollars an episode, what if every viewer gave one dollar? Of course, not everyone would be aware, so even if one million people gave just five dollars, it would still succeed!

    FOX, Commander Taylor will get you. He will have revenge. No one cancels him and gets away with it.

  23. i think that if we get enough people to go to fox website and write that they should bring tn back they might think about it or get alot of people to like it on facebook maybe another company will buy it cause they will find out that they will make a lot of money off of it i really think they should bring it back i hate when they cancle tv show when they are really good please help me out and trying to get the show back on blog about it on facebook or twitter and get as many people a you can to like and blog about it.

    • Speaking of which, why isn’t there anything like a an FB page and/or twitter, etc for it? This is kind of backward for a futuristic/scientific series don’t you think? Good idea Shawna.

  24. Ok, so this series won’t go on on TV or big movies (big disappointment)…. So how about a first for Steven Spielberg and publish it in the form of books? Like a trilogy or something. I’m sure it will be best sellers.

  25. Just watched all of the first season on netflix in one day. That’s how interesting it was to me and by far my favorite series next to the walking dead and prison break.

  26. I would love for there to be a second season!!! I watched every episode and never once got boarded! This show was amazing!!!

  27. terra nova was an awesome show i was hooked after the first episode,the show continued to amaze me throughout the nor did it loose my attention in the slightest bit, they really should bring it back!!!

  28. terra nova hooked me when I saw the first episode. I never once got board while watching it, they need to make a season 2.

  29. Bring back Terra Nova!! Its such a beautiful show! Please… I am dying to know whats in the badlands…