‘Terra Nova’ Canceled; Season 2 Possible (On Another Network)

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Terra Nova promo image 570x3202 e1294372224282 Terra Nova Canceled; Season 2 Possible (On Another Network)

The prehistoric adventures of the Shannon family in Terra Nova have come to a end on Fox, as the network has announced that they will not be renewing the series for a second season. Fortunately, Terra Nova may still continue on another network.

Simply confirming Terra Nova’s nonrenewal late Monday evening, no statement about its cancelation had been released by the network.

Taking to Twitter, series star Jason O’Mara announced the cancelation to fans:

Bad news guys, Terra Nova has been cancelled by Fox.

While Terra Nova may have been canceled by Fox, 20th Century TV (the studio that produces the series) is still attempting to bring Terra Nova season 2 to air on another television network, though no negotiations have been announced yet.

Returning to Twitter, O’Mara confirmed the plans to continue Terra Nova on another network.

Bad news guys. #TerraNova has been cancelled by @FoxBroadcasting – we’re gonna try and get another network to do it. Stand by : (

terra nova premiere cast Terra Nova Canceled; Season 2 Possible (On Another Network)

Premiering in September 2011, Terra Nova was considered a television experiment by the network. With high upfront costs stemming for lofty visual concepts, Terra Nova attempted to bring the beauty of theatrical visual effects to television audiences. With a pilot that reportedly cost $14 million, Terra Nova premiered to 9.2 million viewers. Unfortunately, by the time the first season of Terra Nova came to a close, only 7.2 million viewers tuned in.

And while Terra Nova may have lost its way (and its viewers) along the way, Fox’s president of entertainment Kevin Reily revealed that Terra Nova is actually considered a success for everyone involved, with both the network and studio making money on the project.

Though Terra Nova was a fiscally successful project, it’s unlikely that the series will find a new home on another network – at least on a network that could support the $4 million per episode cost.

Even if the series were able to continue on a new network – which would likely be on cable – the cost of the budget would be cut significantly, thus removing the series’ ability to ever reach those lofty visual goals that it originally had set for itself.

So while Terra Nova could continue on another network, perhaps its best to leave the Shannon family in the land of the lost.

We’ll keep you updated on the status of Terra Nova as news develops.

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  1. Just like with John Doe and the Visitor, we are somewhat left behind wondering the mystery of Terra Nova if no network will pick it up…sadness.

    at least they did explain John Doe after fans complained

    • Very suprised this was canceled, considering all the other crap on TV. It was pretty good and had great potential. Hope it is picked up by another network.

  2. FOX sucks.
    That is all.

    • A-F*&%#N-MEN!!!

      Garbage like Jersey Shore, 2 Broke Girls and The Bachelor inundate the TV-scape while shows that are actually interesting like Terra Nova and Journeyman get cancelled because the general public is too dumb to appreciate good sci-fi.

      • bravo!

      • I KNOW RIGHT!! my dad and i said the same thing.

  3. FOXtv truly does suck when it comes to customer loyalty.

  4. I’d love to know what they did with the 4 million per episode. Where were these “theatrical quality” special effects? They certainly didn’t use them on the show!

    • I’m sorry but stfu they had the best effects for any show i’ve seen…it was harry potter worthy.

  5. Why even start watching new sci-fi shows anymore? The show will start off slow, get better, then the station will cancel it. Like INK said, Fox sucks!

  6. NNNNOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!! i know a lot of people didnt like it, but i enjoyed it and was looking forward to season 2.

  7. Too true. No patience for letting the sci fi shows grow. I enjoyed Terra Nova. Only to be dropped again.

  8. I figured this would happen. I enjoyed the show but I’d rather see it go than end up on a network that can’t afford to do it justice.
    It’s said but it seems like high concept sci-fi doesn’t work on network tv anymore.
    To justify the cost the show would need to pull in 15 million viewers a week at least. And there aren’t many shows that have that kind of drawing power anymore.

  9. They better at least release all the would be spoilers. I’m seriously bummed.

  10. fox you can go suck it, everyone time a good sci-fi comes up they have to cancel it!!!

    • WOW i love how Fox decided to just randomly cancel the show after most of us avid veiwers have been waiting to hear about a continuation for months. Theres nothing like getting your hopes up and then having them crushed. Fox is going to lose alot of veiwer loyalty now.

      How is it that they can have stupid shows like family guy, the cleveland show, the simpsons, BOBS BURGERS (seriously???? What the hell is this show???) american dad, american idol and what ever the heck Q’viva the chosen is but they get ride of and amzing show that has great potential? They sat there and said they are cancelling because itsmto expensive yet they made money from the show….. Well obviously if they made money shouldnt the show go on?

      • retarded cleveland show got renewed.

    • U said ir mare! best sci-fi in a LONG time

  11. Fox is almost as bad as NBC in canceling good shows…. they need to realize the more they cancel good TV, the less inclined people are to invest on their shows… most people are jaded already… Whats the point in investing my time on a good show, when I know Fox is going to cancel it anyway…. I want asnwer…. what is in the badlands.. whats with the figure head at the end…

    I loved all these shows just to see them canceld by fox

    John Doe
    Sarah Connor Chronicles
    Arrested Develpment
    Oh yeah .. and House it son it’s way out……so yeah fox sucks

    • I’ve been saying for years that a Werewolf: The Series remake would kill on TV today.

      Oh and Millennium is in my top 5 favorite TV shows of all time.

    • i.e. – Werewolf – I have horrible VCR copies (now converted to DVD) of the whole Werewolf series. Even through the depressing quality of the recordings make me cry, I still love it.

      • Werewolf was great. And then married with childeren came on. That was one of the original shows.

    • dang forgot Profit was on Fox and i trully wish they would make a Millenium movie.

    • Agreed… FOX…. STOP making Sci-Fi…. just come up with the damn Ideas and Give them to a network that knows How to keep a show going. We Do NOT CARE about who will be the Next American Idol

      • That would be BBC America. Syfy/NBC has only a few decent science fiction shows left. Ever since they got rid of Sci-Fridays to put WWE on in the prime slot, they’ve been going downhill the same way FOX is – by starting a popular show, then canning it for reality tv crap after a season or two.

    • You forgot Space Above and Beyond

  12. Sad… we really enjoyed this show…

  13. I liked it. Although I felt the family dynamic was a bit too much to cover each character in depth. And the dinosaurs were kind of left in the background, only as a threat or a nuisance when needed for a plot device.
    Too bad, as it had potential to improve…

  14. Really liked it. I was looking forward to the new season. Not much left I care to see on TV anymore. Great show,what are they thinking!!!!!!!

  15. I knew this show would be cancelled. i only watched two episodes because of that and the first one I watched was boring while the second one was pretty cool :) So it wasn’t bad or anything, I just knew that they would cancel it

  16. What the hell Fox?!
    Terra Nova is an awesome show (and it really showcases how far TV has evolved in terms of VFX in the last few years).
    They’ll regret cancelling it.

    I’m sure another studio will take the reins though… it’s too good to pass up.

    • Sadly Avenger, they won’t regret it. The plop a new reality show on in its place and the dumbed-down masses will flock to it and make it a hit. If anyone is to blame for the cancellation of this show it is mind-numbed reality robots that keep well-written shows from airing or even being piloted.

      • Amen INK. You are correct.


  17. Son of a….. It sucks that Terra Nova will have the same fate as Firefly. Why do I even bother watching sci-fi shows on FOX? Besides the X-files…the only other sci-fi shows they’ve kept for multiple seasons is Fringe (which is on the bubble annually) and Terminator: TSCC (which had two seasons but only 31 episodes). Maybe I should just stop watching Alcatraz while I’m thinking about this.

    I hope Terra Nova finds another network. USA has a slogan that says “Characters Welcome.” Or maybe Netflix can save it…like they are doing with Arrested Development.

  18. I’m not shocked! The networks basically show garbage! So-called “reality shows” and never knowing when the “new” seasons will be stopped in the middle of the season to air more such non-sense as American Idol.

    Other networks are just as bad. Thershold was a great show, axed after one season (don’t remember the network it was on, but in mid season they changed the night it aired). Now, Fox is chainging Bones to Monday nights.

    Other shows like Millenium were axed, the Lone Gunman and the list could go on. All great shows!

    No wonder more and more people look for website like megavideo (which the network exes in partnership with the government) moved to take down. Our cable channels show nothing but the same movies, over and over and over again,same old shows over and over again, day in day out. We pay out the roof and get nothing hardly in return. When we do get a good new show now and then it does not last.

    Makes me sick!

  19. They knew they were going to drop this show half-way into it’s run. They got good ratings initially and then managed to have to show not run in it’s time slot for three and four weeks straight at various points, causing the ratings to plummet.

    I had a hard time getting into some parts of the show and not even getting used to watching it regularly didn’t help. I had a friend ask me after it was bumped for the World Series whether the show had been cancelled at that point, then when it went off again for awhile it was easy to forget about it again.

    Fact is for the money they spent on this “experiment” Fox probably wanted ratings that were on the unrealistic side, and since they gauge things by shows like American Idol, a costly sci-fi show will always get the door before cheap reality fare.

  20. Wasn’t a big fan of Terra Nova but it was alright.

    At least it was better then Falling Skies.

  21. BOO Gutted big time really enjoyed season 1 as well :(

  22. I hope they cancel the river soon. maybe it should have been on fox.

  23. Dam it fox wat the hell!! Terra nova was a good show!! Better not cancell alcatraz!! Damm u fox

  24. What the hell!? Not only did I really like the show, so did ALL MY FRIENDS and we hardly ever agree 100% on TV shows. Even my girlfriend liked it and she is totally Anti-Sci-fi.

    I just want to ask (not being from America) how many millions of people have to tune in before a show is considered successful enough?? Seeing as 7.2 million is not enough.

    • But the amount of views dropped by 2 million views and it costed them $4 million per episode l.

  25. This is such bull how can u cancel one of the best shows to air on fox since 24

  26. Lmfao the best part of this horrible news is that the guy said it was actually a success… How ass-backwards is FOX, huh?

  27. I’m disappointed. I actually really enjoyed this show. It had potential, but these networks are never patient. I hope it gets picked up by another network, but I don’t want to see it do poorly just because the new network can’t afford the special effects and such.

  28. “…Terra Nova is actually considered a success for everyone involved, with both the network and studio making money on the project.”

    Makes perfect sense they would cancel it then.

    Would the chief executives at SyFy please pick up the white courtesy phone for a very important call.

  29. wow… someone finally creates a show that is imaginative, entertaining and somewhat good quaility effects. And decpite that it is produced speilburg it is actually a good show… I used to like the fox network finding more and more reason why i dont want my cable to include more wasted channels that I’m forced to pay for

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