‘Terra Nova’ Canceled; Season 2 Possible (On Another Network)

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Terra Nova promo image 570x3202 e1294372224282 Terra Nova Canceled; Season 2 Possible (On Another Network)

The prehistoric adventures of the Shannon family in Terra Nova have come to a end on Fox, as the network has announced that they will not be renewing the series for a second season. Fortunately, Terra Nova may still continue on another network.

Simply confirming Terra Nova’s nonrenewal late Monday evening, no statement about its cancelation had been released by the network.

Taking to Twitter, series star Jason O’Mara announced the cancelation to fans:

Bad news guys, Terra Nova has been cancelled by Fox.

While Terra Nova may have been canceled by Fox, 20th Century TV (the studio that produces the series) is still attempting to bring Terra Nova season 2 to air on another television network, though no negotiations have been announced yet.

Returning to Twitter, O’Mara confirmed the plans to continue Terra Nova on another network.

Bad news guys. #TerraNova has been cancelled by @FoxBroadcasting – we’re gonna try and get another network to do it. Stand by : (

terra nova premiere cast Terra Nova Canceled; Season 2 Possible (On Another Network)

Premiering in September 2011, Terra Nova was considered a television experiment by the network. With high upfront costs stemming for lofty visual concepts, Terra Nova attempted to bring the beauty of theatrical visual effects to television audiences. With a pilot that reportedly cost $14 million, Terra Nova premiered to 9.2 million viewers. Unfortunately, by the time the first season of Terra Nova came to a close, only 7.2 million viewers tuned in.

And while Terra Nova may have lost its way (and its viewers) along the way, Fox’s president of entertainment Kevin Reily revealed that Terra Nova is actually considered a success for everyone involved, with both the network and studio making money on the project.

Though Terra Nova was a fiscally successful project, it’s unlikely that the series will find a new home on another network – at least on a network that could support the $4 million per episode cost.

Even if the series were able to continue on a new network – which would likely be on cable – the cost of the budget would be cut significantly, thus removing the series’ ability to ever reach those lofty visual goals that it originally had set for itself.

So while Terra Nova could continue on another network, perhaps its best to leave the Shannon family in the land of the lost.


We’ll keep you updated on the status of Terra Nova as news develops.

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  1. I think it really stinks that Terra Nova was cancelled! Nothing worst than getting “hooked” into a TV show only to find out that it was cancelled after the first season!! Maybe if it had the chance on a “prime time” channel it might have gotten more viewers. I didn’t even know about this show until I saw it on Netflix!! Many time shows are on other channels (like Fox-I don’t watch much)viewers have no idea about it. I am not even a big fan of the “fanatsy” shows/movies but this one I liked VERY much, it’s too bad! Another good show bites the dust while more & more crappy “reality” shows take over…SAAAD!

    • like i was telling my mother the other day they cancel these shows after a season but everyone is either watching something else they spent years on and that most shows need two seasons to see how it it goes. i think that when new shows come on they need to put the advertisements on more then one channel for a wide view for those who may be interested and as a better chance of being noticed

      • Andi seem’s very right, they should have advertised it on other channel’s, and did 2 season’s, that idea may work for a lot of show’s that sadly went off air, well done Andi, it was probably never thought of by Fox, dang you’d be good to work their, maybe you’d save lot’s of great show’s. Lol.

      • I agree they need to do 2 seasons.

  2. lets air season 2 they can’t just leave us hanging we want to see what the phinix and the Sixers are going to do next and who found the camandors son ans helped him escape with no blood trail he must have had a vest on but he did get hit in the arm. we want to see wats in the badlands . And how Josh Shannon girlfriend survived the attack and got away but the sixes have her held captive to get to the camander to give them what they want

  3. lets air season 2 they can’t just leave us hanging we want to see what the phinix and the Sixers are going to do next and who found the camandors son ans helped him escape with no blood trail he must have had a vest on but he did get hit in the arm. we want to see wats in the badlands . And how Josh Shannon girlfriend survived the attack and got away but the sixes have her held captive to get to the camander to give them what they want. And Josh already thinks shes dead until he sneaks out and sees her when he axidently stumbles onto the sixes phinx es camp and sees her.

  4. I was the freelance writer that was not paid for my work, so I cancelled the show. Mind you the story was complete, when I did this. Many other projects of mine have been cancelled or altered in the decades I have worked. The world is just to greedy, so I will keep the work for myself from on and not write anymore TV, movies, books or music. As the most prolific screenwriter of all time… I quit. I had a stroke anyways and no one in the business even called. So I firing everyone starting with myself. I used to love writing but now I hate…

  5. This show really caught my attention. i never had gotten this exited over a show until i started watching it on netflix. i really liked it a lot and i was looking everywhere for a season 2 but then i came here and find it that it has been canceled for a very long time. it really sucks that this happened to a very good show. I wish i could help out any way possible just to be able to get the show back up.

  6. I recently started watching Terra Nova and I am really disappointed that this show canceled. But like other people said. I never watched fox and I discovered this show on Netflix. I think they should make a season 2!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Are you freaking kidding me! I get all excited and into the show to find out its been cancelled after the first season… grrr!! Exactly why I hate fox.. they keep stupid shows that barely get viewers BT cancel the good shows!! Somebody please bring this show back.. I need to know what’s in the bad lands

  8. Wait so FOX still has the horrendous show that is Glee still on, but they cancelled Terra Nova? This show is actually good!

  9. I just wish that the could air the second season. I just finished the first one(in two days, man it’s so awesome!) and I’m just soo curious! I would really hate it if there was no season two!:/

  10. This Terra Nova realy perfect show for me and why cancelled. Please make season 2 and more further.

  11. Terranova should return with season 2! You cant base how well a show is going to perform off one season, it hasn’t even gotten a chance to spread down the “social grapevine”.

  12. This is a shame, just plain out sad. Fox made the worst decision ever, but someone else will see that Terra Nova deserves a second chance!!!

  13. reallly nid to get ds season 2….im kept n suspense

  14. well fox lost a loyal watcher so tired of good shows getting shut down its just like Jericho will never watch another show by fox now

  15. Please bring back Tera Nova for at least one more season!!! So many things unanswered that need to be!

  16. I think that we should try to get them to air it again but on a prime time channel and then announce that it is moving to a different channel that way the network that it is with will be able to have a possabley big show with a lot of profits that run out of it.

  17. Just a good entertaining family show, yes far fetched but we have enough reality in our lives to last us forever. I see all the garbage the networks put out with reality housewifes, divorced couples etc etc, think it may be time to give up cable and just enjoy movies and music. Thanks Fox, you suits are part of the disdain we all feel for you in power of the almighty dollar.

  18. fox TV, you guys just killed my terra nova spirit

  19. please don’t leave me hanging!!!!!! is there a book that the series has been taken from because I need to know how it ends.

  20. Terra Nova was cancelled Because ratings dropped? I think thats Fox’s fault! Like many others I never knew of Terra Nova till I seen it on Netflix. Maybe they didn’t advertise it correctly or properly. Why should we suffer and be left in suspense over their oversight? So far, Fox shows many disappointing and pointless shows (Glee),yet cancel the really good ones. I want more Terra Nova!

  21. The Reason they canceled it because it doesn’t compare to the 30M Viewers the tv shows like Glee, Crap about the Kardashians and other TV shows that are the main reason teens today are so F’ed up in the head. Sh!ts going down heel. Creativity doesnt exist thus the stupid shows they come out with. I mean lets take a look at Disney channel and Cartoon network. Then I lived solely to watch my weekly shows. The CW is another example. thank god they finished Smallville and are still going on with Supernatural, which btw only has like a 4th of what Terra Novas views has. Fact is. Corperations care more about brainwashing people which sadly only cares about real life drama, then they care about promoting creativity. Fill the Network with shows about superheros, cooking, and anything that actually promotes creativity, Imagination and things that actually help the world. And i’m sure this world could change for a better place.

  22. We’re there only 13 episodes in the first season? They NEED to do the next season! :)

    • It’s long gone, now. The actors have all moved on to other projects. I’m pretty sure Fox has even cancelled the show they put in its time slot. Probably replaced it with an idiotic reality show.

  23. I never knew about the show “Terra Nova” until I searched through Netflix and I saw it. When I started watching it I got really hooked on it I watched it day and night but when the last episode ended and there was no season 2 I was so mad! You should try to put shows on a more advanced channel cause “fox” I don’t even watch and u should try and make advertisements on every channel of terra nova also its stupid to think that 2 season won’t be better than 1 it will and it will get more viewers with a higher channel. We need this show cause now a days there’s crappy reality tv shows and crappy shows But this show is the best and it should get more seasons cause this show will WILL top every crappy reality tv show and it will make more viewers!!!! Please make another season!!!!!

    • Same here. I got into Terra Nova by Netflix, but when I notice there is no season two.

    • Everything that is good recieves opposition but it must definitely come to past. we are waiting for season two to come to past no matter where

  24. I first started watching Terra Nova since the pilot and I waited for a very long time for someone to pick it up. It was only one season but it’s still one of my all time favorite tv shows. There has never been anything like it on tv. The visual effects were movie like and the actor Stephen Lang from Avatar was amazing on this show. I’ve given up on someone picking up the show. I’ve signed petitions online and Facebook, trying to get someone to notice what a colossal mistake they were making. Now I know that it’s too late. The Shannon children especially the little girl are gonna be way older and the actors are all probably working on different things. I mean they could replace a few people but not Stephen Lang and Mr Shannon. (It’s been a while I forget their names). I feel for all of you Netflix watchers cause you expected to watch season one and then find season 2 right after and watch it live like I do. So to anyone reading this that has ties to the Terra Nova tv show. BRING BACK TERRA NOVA. It had a 3.6 rating and over 10 million viewers on its first season. Just imagine what seasons 2 and 3 would have once everyone I’m the world actually knew of the show. I blame it’s demise on the people that were suppose to advertise. I only watched it cause I flipped the channel and it just started. If not I would never have watched it at all. I never heard or seen any previews. Sorry for the novel. LONG LIVE TERRA NOVA!!!!!!!

  25. I have just finished watching terra nova this afternoon. Watched it in 3 days. Ive seen that they had only made one season. My wife who never watches stuff like this really got into the show. When I told heard that there was only one season she kept saying they are going to leave us hanging at the end of the season. I like watching Jason O’mara. It seems like he was in a show called the Agency yrs ago with Paige Turco. I remember that at the end of the last season they left us hanging in a cliffhanger. Then cbs cancelled it. I was pretty upset over it. They didn’t even try to wrap it up as far as I know. I thought I seen Jason in a new summer show last sunday night. So I think he is trying to move on.

    • Watched the show on Netflix and enjoyed. I think networks like fox rely too much on ratings taken from target viewers that watch reality shows and have no clue on good TV shows that the family can enjoy. Not many of those now.

  26. Plzzz guys do some thing…. I have been waiting all since 1st end… one of my favorites all time. LONG LIVE TERA NOVA !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  27. Let the show go on it was good and they can’t leave us hanging

  28. Please make a season 2!!!! I love terra nova. You guys left us hanging! We know don’t know what will happen! Please!!!! 7.2 million people watched it and do you not think that’s a lot well guess what, it is!!! Just please make a season 2. It will make everyone happy and maybe if you guys decide to make a season 2, then maybe you should advertise it so more people know about it.

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