‘Terra Nova’ Canceled; Season 2 Possible (On Another Network)

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Terra Nova promo image 570x3202 e1294372224282 Terra Nova Canceled; Season 2 Possible (On Another Network)

The prehistoric adventures of the Shannon family in Terra Nova have come to a end on Fox, as the network has announced that they will not be renewing the series for a second season. Fortunately, Terra Nova may still continue on another network.

Simply confirming Terra Nova’s nonrenewal late Monday evening, no statement about its cancelation had been released by the network.

Taking to Twitter, series star Jason O’Mara announced the cancelation to fans:

Bad news guys, Terra Nova has been cancelled by Fox.

While Terra Nova may have been canceled by Fox, 20th Century TV (the studio that produces the series) is still attempting to bring Terra Nova season 2 to air on another television network, though no negotiations have been announced yet.

Returning to Twitter, O’Mara confirmed the plans to continue Terra Nova on another network.

Bad news guys. #TerraNova has been cancelled by @FoxBroadcasting – we’re gonna try and get another network to do it. Stand by : (

terra nova premiere cast Terra Nova Canceled; Season 2 Possible (On Another Network)

Premiering in September 2011, Terra Nova was considered a television experiment by the network. With high upfront costs stemming for lofty visual concepts, Terra Nova attempted to bring the beauty of theatrical visual effects to television audiences. With a pilot that reportedly cost $14 million, Terra Nova premiered to 9.2 million viewers. Unfortunately, by the time the first season of Terra Nova came to a close, only 7.2 million viewers tuned in.

And while Terra Nova may have lost its way (and its viewers) along the way, Fox’s president of entertainment Kevin Reily revealed that Terra Nova is actually considered a success for everyone involved, with both the network and studio making money on the project.

Though Terra Nova was a fiscally successful project, it’s unlikely that the series will find a new home on another network – at least on a network that could support the $4 million per episode cost.

Even if the series were able to continue on a new network – which would likely be on cable – the cost of the budget would be cut significantly, thus removing the series’ ability to ever reach those lofty visual goals that it originally had set for itself.

So while Terra Nova could continue on another network, perhaps its best to leave the Shannon family in the land of the lost.


We’ll keep you updated on the status of Terra Nova as news develops.

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Source: TV Guide

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  1. I think that it is well worth the money and should be continued

  2. Terra Nova needs to be continued! If only more people heard about this show they would LOVE it. It’s so suspenseful and cool. The dinosaurs are awesome! Plus the acting is great. I hate all those reality tv shows that people would rather keep continuing.. They’re dumb.. Who wants to watch something about court or something that always happen in life when you could be watching people get eaten by dinosaurs?! I mean come on.. Our lives are so darn boring. I love this show please continue it!!

  3. I want to know what happens in the badlands!

  4. Hi I’m from a small town called Queenstown South Africa…..All I can say is why? This series went world wide….I fell in love with it…our network MNet just said they could not get secound series…I decided to downoad it only to find out there is not one…Please U guys…..I have to know what’s in the BADLANDS U cannot keep us hanging….pls pls i loved the First series….so tired of all the same cops and robbers….court cases poitical who’s doing what to whom….this is adventure love love pls…..Gina

  5. Bring on season 2 for the love of all that is good! Gosh!! WTH!!!

  6. well that just piss’s me off that our good friend and TV Network FOX cancels one of the better TV shows because, THEY dont think its any good and we arent watching it. Funny how they decide when and what I want to watch. When Im the one paying the TV premiums. So this message is to FOX:
    Hey my good friends at FOX – EAT s*** you pathetic MONEY SUCKING Worms!. If you cant bring back the TV shows that are good to watch, family orientated and educational on the future and the past, comedy, drama and best of all love, then you seriously have no idea what your people want to watch.
    TERRA NOVA was a very good show it had movement to be better, the actors and the footage was great. This ws one of the better TV shows to watch other than that other crap you put out. I wanted to see as we all do to see season 2 what goes on in the badlands.
    So I no longer support you or any of the TV shows that you put out, as alot of us dont. So to get me back I would like you to write an appology letter to all the FANS of TERRA NOVA explaining that you FKed up and that you are sorry. Not because I said it but because you know that it was a good TV show for family. IF NOT!… then you have lost alot of good people as you have me, amongst many more to follow !

  7. Chai, if una no #bringback-Terra Nova, God hammer fox, need to see the bad lands o!

  8. I believe that if you create a second season then people will watch it because its a really good show, just like countless other shows that you have cancelled because you don’t think that people are watching it. so I ask this, bring it back on please and more a lot more people will watch it more then you would think.

  9. All i half to say is i bought terra nova in the store a couple weeks ago and have watched it a couple dozen times cannot find anything wrong with the season besides the fact of the way it was left off with the suspense of not knowing what happens you should all be ashamed of yourselfs for letting such an amazing tv series plot be thrown out the window and flushed down the toilet i think you should bring it back.

  10. Your a joke fox bring back terra nova u pathetic money hungry dogs…I suggest we all cancel any subscribtions we have with fox and not view any of there shows anymore so they loose all the money they have the dogs

  11. This needs to be continued, I fell in love and need to see more

  12. stopping this tv show is a huge mistake it was one of the best TV shows ever made.
    I hope (but afraid its not going to happen) that they still rethink their decision.

  13. For God’s sake!!! Plz bring on season 2……its indeed a very good show…..really wanna know whats in bad land…full of suspense and excellent visual effects…waiting for the next season fr past couple of years. ….plz…we really wanna see it….

  14. Terra nova first came to screens in 2011, but we haven’t forgotten I am only 15 and I would really love for season 2 to be brought back to fox

  15. TERRA NOVA NEEDS TO BE CONTINUED!! I was so excited to keep watching!!! I fell in love with this show!!! And Naomi Scott is absolutely GORGEOUS!!! THEY NEED TO BRING IT BACK!!! :’( it was awesome!!

  16. why do you not have a date and time when this post was made?

  17. I just hope this goes to fox tv! Damn u fox! Ingrates! Terra Nova was among the best series I’ve ever watched. Stopin it for no g***** reason… Twats!

  18. We need to start a protest to bring this show back :/

  19. What happen in Badlands?!!!! Bring back Terra Nova!!!! :*(

  20. man the show was awesome it must be continued fox is now a crappy network for cancelling it.

  21. Lets start a protest! bring back terra nova!!

  22. we want terra nova

    i registerd just for this post

    • Same here

  23. Bring Back Terra Nova!!!! NEtflix Lets go!! I got hooked I wanna know what happens!!

  24. Please bring us season two I’ve watched the first season over and over I wanna see more and know what happens there where great actors and motion pictures the dinosaurs looked real it’s was so freaking amazing please bring us season two somebody PLEASE!!!!.

  25. Great sci-fi. Nicely written and acted. Very sorry to see there’s no season 2. Plot and message so good the dinos are just the backdrop. Needs a friendlier producer. A film as a follow-up? Would keep it alive, it deserves it.

  26. Why do American networks keep doing this to us?
    Sky TV purchases a season, it gets decent viewing figures, then we discover season 2 is canned. If we knew this in advance we wouldn’t waste our time watching it. It’s like reading only half a book.

  27. Terra Nova was my favorite show when it was on. I would love to know what is out in the Bad Lands and how the colony is going to survive since they cut themselves off. I want to know where Lucas went and if Mira goes completely mental because she can’t get back to her daughter. I want to know if 2149 ever reestablished a connection. There was so much going for this show. That it needs to come back with all the original cast. The story needs to be told.

  28. I think Terranova should be restarted because it was a good TV show series and also it took you in different places of the world and different time. I loved it because it had romantic scenes an actual action this is one of the TV shows that should be restarted I suggest all the networks chip in so we could all see Terranova and because of this they would get more viewers but they would need to get the same cost cast and keep the romantic and actual fighting scenes alive including the visual effects and also try to keepThe base of the story alive so we can all enjoy Terranova together

  29. I have declined to watch any programing on FOX since the cancellation of Terra Nova. FOX never gave Terra Nova a chance. They made money on it. It had decent ratings. Yet, they cancelled it in favor of a reality show. It would be great if a network with some intelligence picked this series up and continued it.