Terminator’s Fate to be Decided by February

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terminator22 Terminators Fate to be Decided by February

The Halcyon Co., current owners of the rights to the Terminator franchise and the production company behind Terminator Salvation, issued a statement saying they expect to successfully auction off the franchise rights by February 1, 2010.

Check out the statement from Halcyon that Variety managed to snag:

“Over the past few weeks, Halcyon and its professionals have engaged in in-depth discussions and negotiations with numerous serious potential buyers, including several major movie studios… In addition, a number of attractive refinancing alternatives have also been presented. In order to maximize the value of a transaction for all of the company’s creditors and stakeholders, we are fully analyzing all these options.”

Huh.  Sounds like something a person with a college degree would say to his knuckle-cracking bookies.

Anyway, we here at Screen Rant have written quite a bit about this hot little topic, including an explanation of the legal woes that brought Halcyon to this point, the battle over the rights to the next film, and even the $10K bid Dollhouse creator Josh Whedon put on the table to acquire the Terminator rights after Halycon announced they were for sale.

Variety points out that the rights to franchise include everything from the movies to the TV shows (The Sarah Connor Chronicles) to lunchboxes, t-shirts and everything else that came along with Schwarzenegger’s greatest performance. It could be a hot commodity for whomever ponies up the money to snag the rights.

Arnold Empire Pic 570x363 Terminators Fate to be Decided by February“I promise you – I’ll be back.”

Our own Kofi Outlaw dug up the fact that Halcyon purchased the rights for $25MM yet expects to be able to sell them off for around $60MM.  Not a bad turnaround after unveiling Terminator Salvation, which was met with mixed reviews and underperformed at the box office…

Unless Linda Hamilton walks into the right boardroom reloading a shotgun one-handed, the immediate future of the Terminator is sealed.  Let’s assume a major studio ends up buying the rights (not one of the private parties currently eying the property.  Which studio do you think would do the most good handling this beloved sci-fi franchise?

Source: Variety

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  1. I just hope James Cameron buys the rights and gurantees us that no more crappy sequels(or any sequel) will be made.

  2. see this is why Avatar needs to be successful so that Fox can snatch up the rights and have Cameron back to work on his creation!
    The monster needs to return to Dr. Frankenstein!

  3. Cameron is not coming back to Terminator. He knows there is only so much he can do with a franchise and knows Terminator doesn’t have much left in it’s tank. Don’t get me wrong, I would love it but I just don’t see it happening.

  4. I bet the word “reboot” got thrown around a lot during the meeting.

  5. Hopefully if they did reboot the franchise they would be smart enough to reboot it after the events of T2 and forget about T3 and T4.

  6. I really don’t see what the problem so many people have with T3 is.

  7. I enjoyed T3, but only as a mindless action flick.

    The film has bad acting, Connor was horribly miscast, Arnold was too old to play the Terminator, T2 is stronger than the TX(and is only called that b/c it sounds “cool”), weak story and full of plot holes.

  8. I meant T-100 is stronger than the TX

  9. I love Terminator! But if anything is to be done with it in the future, they need to stick more closely to the source material. It was hard to believe that Salvation was set in the same future as T1 or T2. The 3 movies just didn’t mesh well.

    The best thing that could happen would be a James Cameron return to the series, but that won’t happen.

  10. I’m hoping Universal or Sony, or any studio that wont water the Terminator down again.

  11. I don’t know what I hope for this franchise anymore, after the giant turd that was Terminator Salvation.

    I don’t want a reboot. I don’t need to see a retread of the perfect first or second films.

    I want Terminator Salvation to not exist. So whoever does get the rights has their work cut out for them :-) At least the movies have time travel already. Maybe it is not that much of a stretch.

    If not, I would probably like to see a continuation of the story after the stupid climax of Salvation. Recast Bale or get a director who can get him not to use his Batman voice.

  12. As much as people hate Terminator 3, I believe the next and final film should continue after Judgment Day…
    The film should be. (A war epic like Saving Private Ryan) the story of how Connor trains Reese and ultimately sends him back to die for humanity. There’s some real cool directions they could take for the ending,,,

  13. For example I’d love to see Connor send Reese and the Terminators (maybe even a few we didn’t ever hear about) back through time and then sacrificing himself by destroying the time machine. In effect sealing up the future Skynet timeline…
    Maybe this is too high brow for mainstream Terminator fans?

  14. It will go to a straight to video production company. One of those Eastern European mafia owned ones that churn out Seagal and Van Damn films. You watch! I’m not kidding either mark my words.

  15. Uwe Boll!

  16. As to rebooting/retconning to have the next Terminator take place after T2- folks, that’s what SCC did. Wasn’t anyone watching? (No)

    The franchise is pretty much dead. There’s nothing more to say, nothing left to do unless they really go all out SF and combine the timelines of the films and TV show into one, making something really trippy. or do something really off the chart.

    The only money to be made here (for the time being) is the merch.

    It’s over. The cow is dead. Milk is gone.

  17. the last terminator brought it back to life if you ask me. the next film should have them sending reese back in time since there was no time travel in this last one,and the arnold machine must be sent back,and the other arnold machine has to be sent back to protect jonh conner from the liquid termintor that has to be sent back,and the other arnold machine has to kill john conner and be sent back to the time in in terminator 3 to protect jonh conner from the liquid and machine termintor that has to be sent back. there is alot of story that has to play out and then we have to see the end if the human win.

  18. This is going to sound as if I have been drinking heavily (wish I was), but what if Disney bought the rights to Terminator? Yep, Disney. Let the guys at Marvel have a crack at doing a great Terminator film in the next 10 years. I seriously think that Terminator needs that long of a break. By then, Marvel will have established itself firmly in the action/fantasy/sci-fi genre and MAYBE we’d get writers who care about the franchise who can give us the Terminator movie we’ve been clamoring for since T2. No more Arnold or Bale, in 10 years it’ll be fresh again.

  19. Dunno what you creepy fan boys who dont have social lives get out of running films into the ground with petty name calling. Salvation accomplished exactly what is was supposed to…revive a dead franchise that was living off successes from 15 years or more prior. Say what you want about the film but even when you look at T1 and T2 at the end of the day…they are just action films lmao no oscar winning performances some amazing special effects yes that at the time were sensational but now not so much. Kind of like transformers 2 in a way…but with a decent story !! Give me 5 reasons that arent pathetic or petty why terminator salvation is such a failure

  20. I didnt think T3 was all that bad. It had few flaws but every other movie does. And even if James Cameron does buy the rights doesnt mean there will be another great sequel aslong as a different director is directing unless Cameron changes his mind but i wouldnt count on it. I thought TX was just as leathal as T-1000 & ruthless as the first terminator was. TX was made both outta metal/liquid metal & having built-in weapons, and best thing was it could control other machines. I hope a studio picks up the franchise & continue on from T4. Id like to see the ideas Cameron had be in film down the road. Maybe in Terminator 6 would reveal to us the first terminator being sent & John Connor finding the T-1000 residue aswell and finds a room of un-activated terminators to send one back thru time. It was one the ideas Cameron had for T2 but couldnt film due to budget concern & pace of time in filming it. Anyways i hope they save the time-traveling etc. for the last film which would make more sense. Id like to see Anton Yelchin’s Kyle Reese become more of the man that is sent to pretect Sarah in the first film and see him & Bale’s connor lead the resistance into more harsher battles as seen in the flashbacks of the first two films. Mostly i hope to see the laser guns get developed, but no Time Traveling till the last film cause thats askin for the franchise to be terminated for sure.

    @ Byeman
    I agree with ya.

  21. 1. Bale was miscast.
    2. Weak story with more hole in it than swiss cheese.
    3. Bad acting.
    4. McG directing.
    5. Same writers from T3.

  22. I said that werent pathetic or petty. Bale wasnt miscast what so ever The John Connor in the future is supposed to be a badass who ruins skynet not some whiny skinny little b**** like he was in T2 and T3. Bale is the best actor around for the kind of character John connor is. The only good reason you have given there is McG directing. wouldnt have called it a weak story the first two are basically just as weak. T1-protect sarah connor T2-protect John connor lol

  23. Not one time did Bale give off the impression of being a badass leader. Edward Ferlong was whiny as Connor? Did you even watch the T2? Furlong’s portrayal was more badass than Bale’s performance, by a long shot.

    Yeah, but in T1 and T2 you could use your brain and still enjoy the film, unlike T3 and T4.

    And if you actually paid attention to the first and second film you would realize that there is more to the films than just explosions, unlike T3 and T4.

  24. T2 had a plot hole that undid the whole premise of the movie. In T1 it revealed that only living tissue could travel back in time and metal could only if encased in flesh. Technically that means that Reese and the Terminator should have arrived with no hair, teeth, or nails, but that’s forgivable. However, in T2 skynet sent a terminator…made ENTIRELY of liquid metal.

  25. “The only good reason you have given there is McG directing.”

    So, are you saying that pathetic acting(especially from Bale) isn’t a good reason to complain about the film? Even though EVERY film needs decent acting. And that lazy writing from the writers also isn’t a good reason?

  26. Pathetic acting ? Like arnie could ever act lol Al agree the character development was a little unbalanced but bales performance was not forced.
    Unbelievable ending- wasnt the ending re-shot due to the original being leaked on the internet ? which in my opinion wouldve been a miles better ending and real ironic.
    The first film makes you use your brain T2 to me is rather just a mindless action flick except for camerons directors cut where theres a scene with michael biehn and linda hamilton when shes locked up

  27. Yeah Arnie could actually act, and I never said pathetic acting,,, (copy and paste where I typed that!)
    You agree that character developemt was a little unbalanced, yet Bales performance wasn’t forced ?
    Lol !!!
    He was all over the place when it came to his dialog and characterization of Connor.
    Sam Worthington had more of a grip on his role, and he’s a new comer!!!
    Unbelievable ending is right,,, weather you prefer Connor being killed and the resistance using his skin to cover up, “no pun” his death, or the ending theatrical ending where he’s harpooned through the heart by a piece of serious rebar, and then given a life saving (oh boy?) transplant that’s your issue,,,
    Since you consider T2 a mindless action flick, and I’ve proven you wrong, I don’t see why I’m bothering with this conversation,,,

  28. Why are we even entertaining byeman’s question when he’s saying T1 and T2 were “just action films.” I’m sure he thinks Aliens was “just an action movie.” Or Blade Runner is “just a sci-fi movie.” Heck, Gone With the Wind is “just some drama movie.” Etc. etc.

    I guess he needs some awards show to tell him what’s good or not since apparently his own perception is a bit… messed up to say the least…

    Don’t waste your time guys, I know I’m not going to. Out.